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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  April 6, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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men are working hard out here with this charcoal grill. all the hot dogs it's delicious. joining me now is adrian, you train to try and as in the empty? what do you think you would think of all of this today? >> he would be amazed at the outpouring of love. or family would be er personnel, please officers and firemen. we had 500 people here and most of them were strangers. they did need to know pride. we were all in shock how many people came here and said we heard about the story, we felt for him we want to show our support. it shocked by what's happening, what are your feelings about what he is going through. >> i'm hurt i can relate, he has kids and i have kids and that's for my heart goes out to his kids. all we could do
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was just wait and pray that he gets better. >> the goal raise as much money as possible, the medical bills stacking up. it's not stopping here correct? >> we're going to keep on going, we of stuff going on with the giants and were going to keep on doing this. whatever it takes to help brian, and his kids. >>kate: thank you so much, one of the other events that will be going on is that she going to go on an l.a. it has was san francisco on monday. hundreds of the chiantis and paramedics will be going through the stadium both dodgers stadium and giants stadium and collecting cash from the crowd it will be called phil de flu. reporting live in san is it, kron 4 news. >>pam: a prayer vigil will be held for brian tonight in felton. it will be held at st. john's catholic church
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on russell avenue and highway 9. the special service will begin at 7:00 p.m.. this is not the first time in the tense rivalry between the dodgers in the giants turned violent. kron 4 kimberly is here now to give us a look. >>kimberlee: look at youtube, look up giants dodgers fight and a lot of different videos come out. will take a look at one of them. the dodgers fans pushing each other, shoving and throwing things at each other. a little later you see the security guard in the please come in and try to get some of the fans out of the way. the fight continues, punches keep going. he realized it was in the middle of the fight it was a giants fan. the person who you see there is wearing a giant shirt and hat. he even tried to cover himself from the blows. let's take a look at the second video i have for you at&t park. he see the confrontation, drink splashed in the person's face, this took place by the railing by the cove, the
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bystanders trying to get in there and get the people out of their budgets to the fight still continuing. it at 6:00 i will have a look at more baseball fan fights are found on youtube. visit our news line sectional for donation information for a giants fan brian. >>pam: turning to the federal budget battle as the friday deadline gets closer, a partial government shutdown is looking more likely. the president said he is not seen enough progress in the talks and is meeting with leaders tonight. it is as republicans and democrats continue to fight over cut for this year's budget. >> every time we agreed to meet in the middle the move for the militias. >> the president isn't leading, he didn't leave on last year's budget and he's clearly not leading on this one. >> we need to come to the
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table, we need to sit around and act like rational human beings. >>pam: the sticking points in the budget, negotiations, proposed cuts to health care reform, federal funding for planned parenthood and the environmental protection agency. a government shutdown could have a major effect on the country, just as here now with a look at what could close its more than just office buildings. >>jonathan: it's pretty much anything known by the federal government including museum, washington monument, here's a list. national parks that includes alcatraz, irs refund checks it might take awhile. immigration verification which means if you applied for a job that crosses my be delayed what your prospective employer just to see if your legal work in the u.s.. also epa approval for construction projects and environmental pollution. web site updates anything that ends in .gov, also
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blackberry service for governments employees. we heard many federal ploys will have to give up their blackberries. here's the short list, the postal service thankfully will stay open, the tax deadline that will not go way that will still be bullied teens. a couple extra days because of the federal calendar but she was taught deaf pile your taxes are face a penalty. it home and security will continue operate, please may have to work without pay, medicare at least for now will continue making payments to hospitals and doctors. >>pam: there's even some talks of the military might not get their checks. how long? >>jonathan: the blasted a few hours to a few days. they're debating that on military on the floor of the house possibly extending checks to the military cuts this shutdown could last for weeks. the long this one was
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in the '90s that lasted for 21 days. if there was a shut down the remains to be seen. >>jacqueline: a breezy afternoon around the bay area, current wind speeds, san francisco international's been seen once in the 30 mi. an hour range with gusts up to 51 or 1 mi. an hour. wendy along the coast, when the through the north bay, fairfield a 30 mi. an hour sustained winds immersing the storm approached the bay area. winds will stay breezy through the evening, the core of the storm off to the north. it convents' almost into the north bay and the rain is going to kickoff into early tomorrow morning. those clouds moving in this evening, rain starting after midnight. it tomorrow, scattered showers and thunderstorms could even see small hail as is pushes through. thursday clearing out, temperatures dropping off we will time so for you and look your extended forecast coming out >>pam:. tonight at 5:00, the
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>>pam: closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow in the very funds perjury trial this after the defense rested its case today without calling a single witness. dan curman has details on the federal courthouse. >>dan: confident are the attorneys of barry bonds? so confident the defense rested its case without calling a single witness. >> i was not surprised, they're relying on the lack of evidence produced by the prosecution. >>dan: for beer the judge dropped one of the five counts against bombs. four remain. he's the luckiest of obstruction of justice,
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lying to the grand jury when he said, he never knowingly use steroids, or human growth hormone or when he said greg anderson had never injected him. >> to comes down to credibility and that's what the defense will hammer on in their closing arguments. >>dan: analysts say for the jury will come down to this, would you believe? on what side if barry bonds on the other his accusers. his former business manager steve hoskins, a former girlfriend kimberly bell and his former personal shopper kathy hoskins. all of the accusers against barry bonds that testified have a motive to get him. that's what it will suggest. >>dan: closing arguments are set expected to get underway 830 thursday morning it will begin with 60 to 9 minutes the defense will take three hours and in the prosecution will wrap up before the case goes to the jury. the federal courthouse in san francisco, dan kron 4 news. >>pam: stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the
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bonds perjurer trial. at 5:25 p.m. attorney michael cardozo is back with a look at what happened today and the closing arguments coming up tomorrow. accused kidnapper, felt that is expected to enter a guilty plea in court tomorrow. he's accused of kidnapping j.c. dugard when she is 11 and then holding her captive for 18 years. gregos wife is expected to go to trial on the she gets a better plea deal. >>jacqueline: tomorrow will be a wet and windy day possibly with tail. we will talk about that plus a warmer weekend coming up.
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>>pam: new details tonight a fighter jet crashed near this central california air base and has killed two people. the official say the faa team aircraft went down in the afternoon and a field about half a mile from the base. turning to world news, libyan leader gadhafi is making a plea to stop the
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allied air assault on his country. in a three page letter sent to president barack obama he called it the war on just. he said democracy cannot be built with missiles and his country has been ravaged by the attack. he refers to mr. kohl, as our sons and wished the president luck in his reelection bid. in the ivory coast fighters were trying to store the presidential residence had their attack repelled. a spokesman for the armed groups said his men got close but were not able to oust the leader. a rebel forces said the will continue to try in and remove the incumbent president who lost a recent election. the opposition group is trying to install the candidate who won last fall. in japan, small progress is being made in the effort to contain nuclear fallout. a radioactive water has been gushing into the pacific ocean, the leak is now contained. the crews of an pump water into the plant to tranquil the reactors and now technicians are trying to prevent future explosions
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that could cause more follow. crews are pumping nitrogen into the plant in an effort to neutralize the reactors. it could be a rough year for hurricanes, forecasters are predicting an above average hurricane season for the atlantic ocean. the forecast issued today is a slightly scaled back one of the one issued earlier in december. researchers predict it 16 named storms that of 17. nine of those are expected to turn into hurricanes, five major. >>jacqueline: of view from the gold gate bridge most studies skies a few clouds turning to stream in. it was the cloud a few more clouds push and as rain approaches the bay area. it will be rainy thursday with rain starting after midnight. scattered thunderstorms possible mainly in the morning. rainfall totals up to a quarter of an inch of rain, not a big rainmaker but definitely a cold spring storm. there's the tail end
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of the system, approaching the bay area. the increasing clouds in the north bay first in the rest of the bay area to the leader evening hours. 3:00 a.m. areas of heavy rain are going to be pushing it with the ledger cells, you could see the yellow indicating heavier rain selareas of rain. intensifg by the 4:00 hour, 5:00 still seeing the areas of moderate rain but later on in the morning commute things look like they will try out. still scattered storms to the rest of the morning and the possibility of scattered thundershowers. tomorrow will be a cool day, winds will kick up again, temperatures the low 50s. , a couple of our warmest locations 52 san francisco, 52 half moon bay, 55 in san
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jose. we'll see fresh powder in the sierra into tomorrow and 8 in. of new snow at lake level and 04 ft in higher elevations. snow showers will continue until friday, things will clear out into the weekend. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, showers and windy tomorrow also cool with the potential of small hail. the conditions will improve in the weekend and there is a slight chance for rain sunday. more springlike weather into next week. >>pam: a modern-day bonnie and clyde meet their match and a police officer goes beyond the call of duty. >>kimberlee: today's edition of take a look at this. take a look at this, all modern bonnie and clyde a leading north carolina pleas on a wild chase. the pair dodge three roadblocks in gunfire before the were finally stopped. >> this is one of the wildest things we've seen, they stole four vehicles, to
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or three home invasions, shots fired. >>kimberlee: the couple was arrested and taken to hospital for evaluation. in florida and were caught on his feet save the life. officer michael came upon this car accident and fell one driver trapped in is burning car. he heard the explosion knew he had to act fast. the officer forced open the car door pulled out the driver you see him doing that right there. take a look or listen to this. >>kimberlee: auditions are under way for the next voice of the affleck stock. thousands of mine for the job. the comedian who provided the voice fired last month when he made a inappropriate tweets following the japanese earthquake. it >>pam: don't forget april
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10th that 10:00 p.m. kron 4 has a special encore presentation of baseball by the bay. an in-depth look of the giants as they make another run for the title. gary sits down with the a's general manager there's sure to talk about the look of the a's. that sunday will 10th great you're on kron 4. we'll be right back. ♪ you'll run outside
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>>pam: turning back to the very funds perjury trial. another unpredictable days. the defense called its case without pulling up a single witness. not a single witness some might call that overconfident? >> some light but smart. he start putting people want you open yourself up to problems. they think the government has improved a barry bonds is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and we certainly were going to put very on a special with his attitude. you get him out there and those attorneys would be sitting on the edge of the chair and i take that chance. snowberry no
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evidence. one charge was dropped that was one of the charges that happen before 2003. the judge told the prosecutors yesterday that she was going to dismiss it but they today said we will >>pam: do itpam the prosecution has spent millions of dollars at a number of years how would you assess the prosecution's performance? >> as an attorney and as a trial attorney i hate to criticize other lawyers because i know how tough it is to be in the court room. bottom line, we as the people did not get our money's worth in this case. they did not do a good job. they had seven years to prepare. when the but stevie hoskins on he was impeached by dr. arthur ting. it didn't go after dr. arthur did in bring steve hoskins phone records in. there's all sorts of things they can do to go in after tank. they
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didn't do it. after open to a lot of criticism. >>pam: was the most credible of the prosecution people? >> kathy hoskins, she got on the stand she said i don't want to be here, my brother through meat under the boss on this one but i did see barry bonds be injected by greg anderson. the jury hears that, you don't want to be here, you were waterbury's best friends and you're saying he saw him get shot with the needle, there probably going to believe that. that's the one count to might get convicted on terry and >>pam: closing arguments tomorrow, what to both sides have to do? >> the prosecution has to get up and talk about truth and justice. why perjury cuts right to the heart of our criminal justice system. you can't have that going on. but the government will give up, the defense still get out there and make it about steve hoskins and kimberly belton and will be
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bonds vs. bell and hoskins. if >>pam: the witnesses who allegedly have reasons to be mad. >> the thing we're losing track of a times is, remember barry bonds urine tested positive for steroids. that is one area that the government has in their quiver and it will have to pound that at the jury and make them care about this. you will see what happens. i think he will walk on a bunch, maybe get convicted of one count to >>pam:. thank you michael cardozo, stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the bonds' perjury trial. it will stay with this story throughout the trial. of course you could always get the latest anytime on if will be right back.
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:30 p.m. >>pam: at 5:30 p.m. the clear blue skies over san francisco boy it's a beautiful picture in a beautiful day.


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