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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  April 26, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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slate francs down the increased penalties at this new law becomes law. >>gabe: bill 28 becomes law it will really give the handsfree loss and sharp teeth. if a person a cited toys for handsfree violation of they will have a plan added to the driving records and every time being cited after the second offense will mean another point on the license. it the cluster coming off, now talking points on drivers' records that's hundreds of dollars for traffic school to get a plan removed. the price of auto insurance goes way up the points on the record. nowadays a lot of employers will hire people with points on the driving record. the fines for the hands frantic in all driving law will double with court fees the total price for first violations will be $160.210 dollars for the second violation. one other change,
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the whole handsfree law would also apply to people riding bicycles in california. however the funds toward his son was cited for this wall on a bike in no plans would be added to the driving records. the bill will go to the assembly for consideration, if approved it moves up to the governor who could sign it into law. it these new increased penalties could be of reality within a matter of days or weeks. gabe slate, kron 4 news. >>stanley: this driver behind the we will of his car on marin his on a self on. normally the story would end here, except i'm not alone. this officer of the california highway patrol and he's flagging down the driver to chat with him. finding cellphone violators is so easy that all officer has to do is stand on the street and flag the driver down. this driver was pulled over for a texting behind the we will. as the officers
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stood next to the car and watched. this driver was also seen texting behind the we will. again while the officer simply stood there and watch. with the current finds the way they are i often wonder if the fines or increased would change the habits? i talked to a couple of drivers that were pulled over. >> i think it well, once they see the funds are going up it would consider it twice before talking on the phone while driving. >> at expect it would once again cited for. >> i'm definitely going to stop now. half the >>stanley: fact is the fines don't seem to deter many drivers that this driver was on the phone with the officer watches. the terms of this is our second ticket, the first coster $150 that $20 for the find and the rest in court fees. the second ticket will cost her $50 as a base and court fees it will be over $300. in marin county, stanley
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roberts kron 4 news. >>pam: new details about that deadly shooting at a restaurant in oakland. it it happened at 12:45 p.m. monday morning. the restaurant manager david ward released a statement. we want to extend our condolences to all the families and friends of the victims involved in the tragic shooting incident. the perpetrators were trying to rob somebody outside, the people the outside burst into our restaurant seeking refuge from the gunman. the gunman followed it sprang several rounds wounding in killing several innocent people. kron 4 spoke to investigators about the case. >>haazig: one thing is not adding up that's how a police source close to the investigation describes a recent multiple shooting killing two people and wounding four others here at sweet jimmy's restaurant on broadway at oakland's jack london square early monday.
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this is video recorded at the scene. police investigators are looking into an attempted robbery jimmy's. that spilled over into the restaurant with the shooter followed the victims inside. oakland police say in order for that theory to work the attempted robbery victims need to come forward. at this time investigators say no one has done so adding it is not clear that any of the shooting victims were involved in an attempted robbery. also not working with this theory is the fact that the shooter pulled the trigger on people sitting down at dinner tables in the rifle indiscriminately according to investigators. oakland police say an attempted robbery outside here is one of several have happened before the shootings occurred. investigators say a robbery at this time does not square up as a motive for what happened here. in oakland, kron 4 news.
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>>pam: this man is accused of shooting a 26 year-old who was a roommate with his former girlfriend. it happened last night on time that way. the woman told police she escaped from the home after her former boyfriend's shirt seven showed up and got an argument with the victim. if we talked with the woman's neighbor who helped her to call 911. >> she is she went out the back window to get away, all she heard was the gunshots. if all i heard him say is you shot me, you shot me. >> (crying) >> all i have to say is everyone in this town, this needs to stop. everyone
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needs to stop the guns. >>pam: little shooting makes at least for in the antioch and the last month. some people living there says enough is enough. cherrystone joins us live at a stop the violence rally in antioch. >>j.r. stone: some of the rally years got out here, they started around 5:00. they're holding a sign and they're standing there saying quite frankly, stop the violence. it's hard to see with the sign say but it's all about stopping the violence. if they don't see any more shootings like we've seen in the past few weeks. antioch police officers spent part of tuesday looking for clues. a section of town where a man was killed last night. i talked with realtors of the area and they tell me they've seen more and more people moving to brentwood and some other nearby communities because of the violence. one person told me home prices of dropped considerably here in antioch. the house going for
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four to thousand in 2007 as now planned for $100,000. the new trend is for owners to come in, buy it and rented out at a low price. sometimes the folks for section eight. the parents of the neighborhoods have changed quite a bit because of this. you're looking at the el portion where they are rallying. as we pan over, you can actually see the section they have set up for kids and students who come here for after-school programs. they can get help with those after-school programs, this is a place that tries to get them off the streets. today there on the street trying to preach their cause of stopping the violence. at 6:00 i did talk with the women today who said she has lived here for years but enough is enough, she is leaving town. you're going to meet her at my 6:00 story. reporting live, kron 4 news.
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>>pam: 3 people are being treated after an explosion in santa rosa today. daniel has a look at what happened. >>reporter: around 1030 this morning fire officials that a call that an explosion involving chemicals at agile and technologies. when emergency crew showed up they found to employees, one with critical injuries. you can see investigators looking around the building where the explosion occurred. one firefighter was also treated for injuries related to the explosion but it's unclear with those injuries are. the second employees' injuries were considered minor. has met technology makes technology equipment, the building where the explosion took place holds about 100 employees all of them were allowed to go home for the day. the building remained closed as investigators try to figure out what caused the explosion. in santa rosa, kron 4 news. >>pam: 5 5:10 p.m. rising
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prices from gasoline to diapers. why you will soon be paying a lot more for just about everything. at 5:30 p.m. sharks on sale. after last night's big when it's time for round 2. how you can get your hands on tickets. >>grant: facebook is expanding again, this time you could save money, you might have to spend some first. i will have that story coming up. ñ# ái hey marcel, watch this!
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>>pam: layoffs are coming to san jose. they started notifying 600 employees. they could be laid off or transferred all in an effort to balance the budget. the hardest part is simply not knowing whether she's going to get one of those things lips are not. >> most people know it's the third year of layoffs and bumping and we don't have
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definite information. even with the pink slips we don't know for sure what's going happen. it's devastating, it doesn't seem to be as much of a concern just yet to because we don't really know. they pull seniority list before the layoffs so we can look and see where were standing. we don't really know who's affected yet until after they give out the notices. you can stress about it and worry but it's not going to get you anything. >>pam: the exact number of layoffs will not be known until the final budget is released in may. if all city workers refused to accept a 10% pay cut the mayor's office says there will almost certainly be a second round of layoffs. the layoffs are expected to result in a deep cuts in serviccity services across san jose. last night the san
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carlos city and voted unanimously to create a joint fire department with a redwood city. the move is expected to save at least $1.5 million every year. a contract between the two city still has to be finalized. >>jacqueline: today, temperatures really nice, tomorrow it may cool little bit. that will continue until thursday. a big warmup it into the weekend. all will have a big forecast coming up in just a bit. i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all.
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i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
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>>grant: this is a patient a hospital submitted april 11th, he said to be in fair condition. they found him on richland avenue near san jose avenue. they say he is a latino man in his '40's with short black hair and brown eyes. he is 5 ft. 4
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in. and weighs about 150 lbs.. he is not been able to tell the hospital, nurses or officials his name. they want you to let them know if you know who this individual is. call san francisco general. live in the newsroom, kron 4 news. cats >>pam: the land prices are up again. prices have climbed for 35 straight days even though industry surveys show americans have started to drive less. the national average hit $3.87 a gallon and that is up more than a dollar from last year. it's not just gasoline. everything from diapers, to let this is jumping in price. hompson explains how much more everyday items will cost. >>kate: the average cost per gallon of gasoline in the bay area is $4.27 and it has really gone up just from last month he could see in march was $3.96. more than a 305 increase in from the, to
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your morning coffee. starbucks has raised its price or a bag of coffee by 12 per cent. it's now about $10 a bag, it's not just the core may stuff. the craft will start charging 20% more for maxwell house. it many grocery stores are also going up, lettuce, meeting in diapers are going up pampers will rise 7%. 100 diapers will cost about $3 more. procter and gamble is also increasing its prices on paper towels and toilet paper. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >>pam: turning to the wicked but there in arkansas and least 10 people are now dead and more harsh weather is expected. the weather service prediction center has issued a high risk warning which include severe storms and a tornado. southeast missouri has received a 15 in. of rain in the past four days. it is proving to be too much for a
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levy which is keeping a swollen river from inundating the town of popular pilaf. 1000 homes have been evacuated. but some have been flooded by water from the black river which has poured over the levee in about three locations. in tennessee, heavy winds left behind damage last night. at church steeples atop this baptist church, has blown off when the fast-moving storm swept through the region. another church in a different section of tennessee it also suffered damage when a tree fell on the building. this if your weather on leash tornadoes in north texas. but television news helicopters captured this on a cloud as a the form did near dallas. storm spotters reported at least a half- dozen twisters. most of them landed in isolated areas. these are live pictures from texas right now, where the severe weather warning
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system under way. he could see the thick dark, ominous clouds overhead. people in that area are being told a tornado and severe weather watcher and a fact. >>jacqueline: much calmer weather here locally. gorgeous gunny skies, temperatures on the mild side and went breezy. were going to see changes over the next couple of days. we've been seeing clear skies today the notice the clouds and starting to sag slowly to the south. this will affect us tomorrow, increasing cloud cover today, cooler temperatures and wind picked up. right now temperatures starting to: the number of places. upper 60s and low '70's, now cooling in san francisco to 60 degrees, 59 san rafael, 65 napa. upper 60s still for inland valleys and also down in san jose still 64 degrees. winds are breezy especially if you're close
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to the coastline. 23 mi. an hour winds in san francisco. if these are sustained wind speeds, gusts are stronger. winds will continue but should died down overnight. tonight into tomorrow, clear and breezy this evening but clouds are going to push and a little bit over night. them we will start the day's with those, temperatures in the '40's, into the afternoon increasing cloud cover partly cloudy skies temperatures cooler. tablatures for tomorrow, 67 santa rosa, 60 san francisco, 70 in fairfield little less cloud cover for the delta and inland valleys. 58 half moon bay, low 60's in the bay shores, upper 60s and even though '70s in the south bay tomorrow. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, the cooling trend continues thursday we will also have breezy conditions thursday as well. take a look at
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those temperature readings into the upper '70's near 80 degrees for inland valleys and mid-70s for our bay shores. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments..
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>>pam: internet reporter kimberly is here with today's edition of take a look at this. >>kimberlee: 6 look at this, a motorcyclist rear ended by car outside dallas. the bike was crushed between the two cars, the 25 year- old was thrown into another lane, he broke a rib and four vertebrae. he had to have this clean removed. more than a month later the rider is still recovering. he said he doesn't have any plans to get another one. take a look of this, dear swimming, the deer were seeking higher ground because there usual habitat, has been disturbed
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by the rain. the danger is in over there yet. it the city remains under a flash flood watch. take a look at this detailed model san francisco using 100,000 toothpicks carried artist scott weaver calling this whirling through the bay. the model follows several tours of the city they pass sites such as alcatraz, fisherman's wharf, the golden gate bridge and the trade marcoses on steep hours hillshills. >>pam:don't miss kron 4 exclusive coverage of the 100th running of the zazzle bay to breakers on sunday may 15. we will have cameras all along the course capturing all of the fun. the 100th running of the zazzle bay to breakers sunday morning may 15th
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starting at 8:00 a.m. here on kron 4. we'll be right back.
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