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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  April 27, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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business area are run macarthur boulevard in fruitvale. in response to crime, the merchants are considering joining together to create a surveillance camera not work. is the diamond district ready? kron 4 went to find out. >>haazig: crime overall may be down and oakland diamond district according to the oakland police department however shopowners at this merchant meeting said local businesses and their customers are still having big problems with criminal activity for saying in uptick in commercial burglaries quite a few assaults, that are troubling. >> we have four cameras in the back area. stan >>haazig: manages the bakery, he said a network of cameras that the system he said now is the answer to deterring crime and said it's time to get that message to his neighbors. >> i'm not trying to spread the word, i've had a system in place for six weeks, i can go in and record things and give evidence to the pleas to carmen within
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minutes. >>haazig: there were mixed reviews among shop owners. >> i don't see a need for at this point, maybe a free why fine network, we would be more than happy to connect to the system. >>haazig: the way the shop owners have to work this out for themselves, city leaders say there are no funds available to help pay for security cameras for open businesses at this time. in oakland, kron 4 news. >>pam: we now learn the 24 year-old man who was killed at a san jose residential care facility last night appears to have been strangled. now this man 20 year-old alex has been arrested in connection with the murder. there may have been some sort of confrontation or a dispute between the man earlier in the day which led to the murder. the motive still remains under investigation.
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police in over and up are looking for these two suspects, accused of burglarizing a homes, this happened on monday about 11:30 a.m. on our road. numerous items are taken including an atm card simply say that card was used in richmond and canals and after it was stolen. in just the past six weeks there have been 11 burglaries in the city of foreign debt. colgate parka's once again been the target of vandals, police say it happened overnight sometime during the weekend. marin kelly shows us what's damage. >>maureen: looking at to picnic tables stacked atop one another waiting to be repaired at the golden gate park main this year. you can see that somebody took assault and sought the seat on both of these tables right in half. it was here with live band list and took place and it wasn't just park benches that got hit. take a look over here you could see there are two trees they used to stand you could see the one red plum
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trees lange on the ground here. right down the hill you could see a third. take a look of this young sapling lange on the ground. if once again if you take a look you could see these trees were cut down with the sock. on the other side of the net of you could see another tree that was hit it's still standing but here you could see the cut mark. this is one of three redwood trees that were hit on this side of the park. all this vandalism was discovered monday morning. all the trees and fall for the young trees. there were planted just over a year ago. they believe will ever did this is a deranged individual will hopefully be caught soon. rain kelly kron 4 news. >>pam: there have been other incidents similar, last summer there were 44 young trees and three dozen rose bushes were cut down causing thousands of dollars in damage. police are stepping up patrols and they're asking the public to report
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anything unusual they might see going on in the park particularly at night. at 5:30 p.m. we will tell you what other steps the city is considering to improve the park safety. >>jacqueline: mostly sunny skies this afternoon but winds are picking up. temperatures slightly cooler today. it better than what we saw yesterday in many locations except for antioch is 74 degrees. cooler closer to the coastline, 56 san francisco, 57 half moon bay, 60 in hayward and 61 in oakland. 22 mi. an hour winds in san francisco, a team for the bay shore. we will continue to see breezy shorewins for the rest of the day. mostly clear skies tomorrow mostly clear but the winds really picking up especially along the coast line into the afternoon. temperatures will go for a couple more degrees than what we saw today. we will
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start are warming trend friday but especially into the weekend. i will have those details coming up. >>pam: it is official online retailer over, has acquired de name rights of d coliseum. they will close their first game under the name on friday that's when the a's post texas. the six year deal covers the stage in which is home to the oakland raiders and the oakland a's. to sports stories to tell you about, one involving the sharks and the other the warriors. san jose sharks got into the next round of the playoffs. >>vern: detroit red wings. game one most likely will be friday although nothing official yet. they're thinking friday and may be sunday. the red wings have
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had a long rest and these are two teams that are pretty much the same. they played each other for time in the regular season let's roll out some of the sharks practice from today. they're getting their legs back in shape for it. sharks 3-1 in the regular season, they won both games in detroit. game one most likely will be friday night, no time official yet. the sharks base in the skies for the fifth time in the post season. each team has not the other one out of the playoffs twice. this is going to be something. game one into a h-p pavilion then they go to your home town in detroit for three and four. >>pam: the other news about the war years. >>vern: the got the news this morning leery met with members of the media like myself earlier this afternoon, he really didn't
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say anything and lightning. but i will say this, he is been with the team for eight years as an assistant and head coach, the players like him and to his credit he came in late notice and then improve the team by 10 winds. a team that does not play defense. all they said if they want a guy in here who will emphasize defense was no timetable. i bet you it will get a guy just like keith smart only new management hiring their own guy. keith smart has the lineage to don smart. right now he is at home weighing his options. i have to coach somewhere but my home will be in the bay area. >>pam: it's taken back to the sharks because kron 4 is pardoninpartner rainwith stub h
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>>kimberlee: go to for facebook page if you want tickets. split the ticket sweepstakes to get to the next page. it in order to enter the contest, you have to be a fan of the kron 4 facebook fan page. if you're not, click like it wants to do that a new image will pop up saying we like you to click here to enter for a chance to win tickets to game 1 at hd pavilion. once you click that you have access to a special kron 4 entry page to win the golden tickets. a coach or face book fan page, click like and enter now. >>jacqueline: some spectacular pictures coming at of alabama. also in tennessee, let's take a look at the radar picture and a live picture coming out of alabama. the radar is lit up at this hour, heavy rain and thunderstorms producing tornados. on this
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picture you could see debris being lofted, that means tornados are tearing through the area. this is northern alabama also central tennessee, were seeing wicked weather. earlier today the national weather service issued a dangerous situation tornado watch which means they're expecting several strong tornados and that's their fine at this hour. this is a live picture out of alabama. we've seen several tornadoes touched down. we will bring you the latest on this development. stay with us we'll be back after this. [ wheezing breaths ]
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>>pam: bart is looking to experiment with trains that run later on friday. it up project will be presented to the board on thursday. if the idea is to run bart trains one hour later on friday nights. that may be good news for folks to work late and take part. but, the later and time would affect
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the schedule on saturday morning. trains would start running an hour later on saturday. of riders say they see the up and the downside to this experiment. >> it's cool to a certain extent, people who wake up early they're going to be mad. the people who get off work late they're going to be happy. >> with nice to have fewer people out drinking and driving. it would be beneficial for people who don't drive people like me. it would be easier to go places. >> the idea of running the translator is a popular one will in fact there's even if his book page dedicated to getting hard to run 24 hours a day with 23,000 users like the page. card said because of the time needed for maintenance each and every night, they simply cannot run around the clock. don't miss kron 4 exclusive coverage of the 100th running of the zazzle bay
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to breakers on sunday may 15. we will have cameras all along the course capturing all of the fun. the 100th running of the zazzle bay to breakers sunday morning may 15th starting at 8:00 a.m. right back.
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>>jacqueline: spectacular images coming at of alabama and also out of mississippi and tennessee at this hour. take a look of the tornado he could see did base a bit just tearing through forcing a number of tornados in this area right now. go ahead and look at the radar. you can see here all the red on your screen indicating severe thunderstorms and a lot are producing tornados. there is about a dozen tornado warnings in the area you're looking at. this area really under the gun right now. alabama and tennessee border seeing plenty of thunderstorms plus tornados. let's zoom in closer. i could show you the signatures of this. you
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could see the hooking of this storm, those are signatures of tornados. he did see the pictures that we were showing you of the wicked weather. its continuing at this hour. i doesn't tornado warnings in effect and the weather system did something pretty rare this morning, they should the case of beer tornado and thunderstorm of books for deal breaks were seeing now. locally, nothing like this. very calm just a few high clouds streaming through into the bay. that will continue into tomorrow but will also get fairly breezy into the afternoon. tomorrow morning, wind speeds will generally be pretty light bulb will seek us in the teens for the most part. this storm passes to the north, you will notice by 11:00 or seeing gusts up to 22 mi. an hour range in san francisco, san roof fell in redwood city. nearly
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every location same gas in the '20s. it will be breezy tomorrow through the afternoon into the evening. temperatures 60 degrees and fog, 58 san francisco, 66 vallejo. antioch 69, 57 along the coast in 55 in san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, cooler weather again tomorrow but things warming up into friday. the big warmup occurs this weekend and next week. it the temperatures well into the '80s mind next week even for the bay shores and temperatures in the '70s along the coast. >>catherine: time for the e- mail with rob. map says i have 20 years left before i retire should i find the 41 k or an ira? >>rob: it doesn't have to be one of the other it if you're in a higher tax bracket now you can lower
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your tax bracket by matching your 401k. it lowers your taxable income, you don't pay federal taxes. you've already spent 10 or 20 or 30 percent of your income taxes. you're using old money but as it grows it will come out later in life tax-free. it's tough to say, no ready answer. if you think you're going to be wealthy in retirement you go with the rock, if you think it will be me to go with a 41 k. i would go with a little bit of both. >>catherine: you always scared me when you talk about how much money we should have before room threebefore we retire. >>rob: 40 in need between hundred and $400,000. he
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knew about a million dollars by the time you retire. when you start talking to spending, veterans and a $30,000 in income. a million dollars doesn't get too far in life. >>pam: and it doesn't get you very far in the bay area. >>catherine: should have ice silver? >>rob: basically you're saying i see gold, i see silver high he asked the hunt brothers really pushed silver market higher in the '70s. we don't have mass of inflation. once the fed say a word on helping out, you will see the dollar firm and then silver will take a dump. i think it's speculative, i think it's amateur if you really want to do cold. " gould. if you
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want to put it into the dolls come up has dispensers, silver fine and distillate the idea. >>catherine: going to show you the address for you could set broadening out. and you're going to talk about the royal wedding tomorrow. >>rob: i can't wait, and the romantic one of the they'll news team. i can't wait to see what she wears. the queen of england. >>catherine: he doesn't care, stay with us we'll be back with more news after this.
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>>pam: of comment book highlighting prince william and kate little to and romances set to be released soon. kimberly has details. >>kimberlee: i have two things to show you. the first one, is the royal wedding, called the royals.
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prince william and kate described as giving context to perceive the fairy tale lives and how one a year romance flourished in such a fishbowl existence. it to 32 page comic book will cost $3.99. the collector's edition will be $7.99. the next piece, a trailer for the motion comics. it was a special credit for the i pad, i phone an android devices. the high death motion comex that you're looking at is about 20 minutes long and at lunch today. kron 4 has your coverage of the royal wedding, joined as bright and early at 2:00 a.m. to bring you every moment of prince william and kate middleton's a day. this friday right here on kron 4. >>pam: tonight at 5:00, giant controversy baseball game at the heart of the new controversy, what happened and who is accused of misbehaving? coming clean, or response to concerns about tracking on the i phone. problem that could
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:00. >>pam: our big story tonight at 5:00 on the and is under arrest after a decomposing body was discovered in an apartment in santa cruz. grant lotus was able to go inside the apartment a story you will see only on kron 4. >>stanley: just after 7:00 tuesday night santa cruz police got a call about a bad smell coming from a unit at the shoreview apartments. when they went inside, they found it the decomposing body of the 30 year-old woman. i was allowed to go inside and take a look. as you can see in this exclusive video it's a studio apartment and it does still smell. police say the man who rents this


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