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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  April 27, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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they say he was living here with the woman who police suspect was here decomposing for several days. the medical examiner will help officials have to proceed. for now it's a suspicious death. barbara owns and manages the complex she said she knew the suspects very well and was stunned to hear what police found inside. >> i don't expect anything like this. i'm 77 years old and here witnessing this. this snow. it bothers me. you get that smell in your nostrils and fixed in your brain like it is and me he will be the same. i would say he was in his late fifties or early 60s something like that. he was very nice. as far as i'm concerned he was always polite to me. >>j.r. stone: was on parole
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and currently being held pending deal, the investigation. reporting in santa cruz, grant kron 4 news. a to >>pam: 15 year-old woman murdered at her home late this morning, police arrested 33 year-old jason otis monroe outside the home. he had blood on his hands and his clothes. the woman whose name has not been released has been stabbed. police say the crime was not random and that monroe and the victim knew one another. we will have a live report coming up on kron 4 news this evening at 6:00. the new details tonight on the cold case murders of alleged serial killer joseph naso was back in court today and there was a bit of a twist during his hearing. cameras were not allowed inside today. this video is from an earlier hearing. he told a judge that he wants to be his own attorney. he said he did not trust attorneys for ethical reasons and he added he'll once to see the evidence against him. joseph is charged with four counts of murder and two of the
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alleged killings involved bay area women. case is being tried in marin county and today the district attorney confirmed that he has the right to defend itself. spf the law requires that he understands the dangers and pitfalls of self representation. they're going to go through an extensive advice and with the next week, if that is still his intent before the court that's find he has a constitutional right to represent himself. >>pam: will be back in court next week to find out of the judge will allow him to represent himself. one man will lead the san francisco police department. capt. greg sir sworn in today. though his presence is not new, it's an added 5:00 we will find out how he does impact of the department in the past, we will show you the challenges he will face as the new chief of police. reiser was sworn in this
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morning as san francisco is new police chief, the captain of the police department's bayview station was selected by mayor ed lee after a month-long search. that's when former chief cast: it took over as district attorney. jerad stillness here now with a look at the challenges that that the new chief faces. >>j.r. stone: spoke with him one-on-one face-to-face. i asked him when did you find out about this position? he said yesterday. is it great he said. obviously this is something new for him as well. it definitely is exciting. i think he along with leaders realize some serious issues to face in the road ahead. big decisions to come. with that he was in the books as san francisco is new police chief. chief greg sir takes leadership of the department at a very important time. several big issues facing his office. for one, budget
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cuts. a 10 percent cut could threaten to take some officers of the streets. when i sat down with the chief he vowed to me he will keep as many uniforms on the streets as possible. >> i don't think that the economy necessarily needs that we take officers off the street. he takes leadership at a time when several san francisco police officers have been scrutinized for misconduct. an allegedly illegal search. >> during a speech, he came close to tears several times. 30 years on the job but nothing quite like this. >> mr. mayor once again at a cue for the opportunity and i can't believe it. soro >>j.r. stone: said when it comes to working with the
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unions they have to realize things are a certain way when times are good and when they're not so good like right now. i also talked with a lot of officials today who were at this meeting, a lot of people with the city you will hear from them at 6:00. >>pam: he's reportedly well liked. we will look for your report then. it has been a career of a up and down for a chief sir. kate thompson has the highlights and all lights of the city's new police chief. >>kate: is 30 year career greg sir has gone from a beat cop in the tenderloin to chief of police. and in between he is been promoted, demoted and indicted. in 2009 he became captain of the babies station. overseeing the city's largest district, last year he had to tackle a string of attacks on muni and deal with public outcry by using community of reach and putting undercover officers on the train. he has also
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served as a captain in the mission and deputy chief of field operations overseen for 200 officers to give it was then in 2003 he was indicted for trying to obstruct the investigation. an incident where three off- duty officers allegedly beat up to men for their take-out food. he was cleared of all charges. two years later he was demoted by police chiefs have their fault after an officer was injured during a protest. he was sent to oversee the security for the city's water supply. he is also credited with starting sports programs for gang members and serves on the board of directors for the san francisco boys and girls club. kate thompson kron 4 news. he is >>pam: starts his new position immediately. in a controversy tonight over slurs hurled that insurance gamat a giants game three. he
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claimed he was threatened with the bad. >> she proceeded to turn and then say you've been told, kids don't belong at the ballpark. he proceeded to turn towards me as a gesture and people at this point were upset, not just myself. is there quite a few people including parents and kids. who were able to see what was happening. at that point, he turned completely towards me, grabbed his bat and it adopts a nasty how much my teeth worth to me. >>pam: all happened during batting practice when the braves played the san francisco giants on april the 23rd. newton at 5:00, security breach, gamers be where the new problem that could cut you at risk. at 515, birth or nation president barack obama tries to put an end to the long- running questions about his birthplace. at 5:35 p.m. air
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>>catherine: the place station network allows subscribers to play on-line games, stream videos, by and goods. so you believe someone hack into the network in the service between april 17th and 19th. the compromise the information includes personal information like names and addresses. also credit card numbers. they also security questions and but passwords. it does not include the 3 and 4 digit codes that can be found on
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back of cards. the bbc in time magazine believe the group anonymous or hackers associated with anonymous may be involved. anonymous made headlines after hacking pay pal and mastercard in retaliation for clothes in the accounts of wiki leaks founder. on its website anonymous claims no responsibility for the sony hack. regardless of who's at fault, this will cost sony. a data security research firm said the debris to cost $338 per compromised record. it was 77 million accounts, the firm believes this could cost sony $24 billion. one tech analyst as saying he doesn't expect the sales of the place station three to be affected. he thinks most people will really lose anything except for several days of online gaming. sony is hoping have the network running again in the deer to.
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>>jacqueline: wicked weather right now in tennessee and northern alabama. there is a tornado thunderstorms out break right now, really easy to see how dangerous the situation. all of those circles pop up on your screen are were tornados are occurring right now. we will have your local weather coming up.
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>>pam: new details, a young barack obama. you see him on the beach taken in hawaii, it today president barack obama tried to put an end to the long-running questions about his birthplace. the president, the birth certificate, and the donald. >> i want to look at it, i hope it's true. >>pam: after requests from the white house the state of hawaii released the long form of the president's birth certificate. it's been
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the target of the president's opponents ever since he started running for office. >> at the puzzle to the degree of this thing. >>pam: the latest poll shows only 57 percent of americans believe the president when he says he was born in the u.s.. among republicans the number drops to 33%. in recent weeks, donald trump has breeze new life into this controversy. just a few days ago he told cnn, >> i been told recently that the birth certificate is missing. i've been told it's not there and it doesn't exist. >>pam: conflicted with the real thing, today he quickly changed. >> i am really honored, frankly to a played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully getting rid of this issue. >>pam: he then raised a new issue, how the president managed to get an ivy league education. >> a word is he was a good student and the end of getting into columbia and harvard and i would like to
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know how does he get into harvard and columbia if he is in a good student. >>pam: president has not released his undergraduate grade at columbia but he did graduate from harvard law school and he was the editor of the law review. you can look for yourself and see the president's birth certificate, just log on to our viewers have and weighing in on president barack obama is decision to publicly release is birth certificate info. kimberly is here with the look of commons. >>kimberlee: is a bit conversation taking place right now. let's take a look at a couple comments. vanessa rights i cannot believe were still back to the birth certificate single especially when we are still battling severe economical issues. so fresh train. nick says now that we have that squared let's see real exit exit strategy for
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iraq, afghanistan, libya and a commitment to not getting involved and syria. the ftse help for the american people, not for corporations. we want to know what you think, visit kron 4 facebook fan page to join the conversation and leave a comment with your thoughts. >>catherine: federal reserve chairman said as long as the fed continues to say the rates will remain at historic lows for an extended period, the rates will go up. he also says any additional steps to try and lower unemployment rate now might raise other risks like hyperinflation. president barack obama is sending people to the pentagon to replace robert gates. he is replacing him at the spy agency with the high profile commander with the afghanistan and iraq war.
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gabrielle gifford said to watch the launch of the shuttle endeavor, it's been demanded by her husband. this was her arrival in florida, they're shielding her. the doctors gave their ok for her to travel to the kennedy space center from houston. that is where she is recovering after being shot in the head. please recover the body of of this in new england woman from a pond. about a quarter mile from where her car was found in the ski area. 20 year- old was last seen last friday her baby daughter was sleeping in the back seat of the car when the car was found. her family is offering a $3,000 reward for information in that case. >>jacqueline: live lookout side, this evening a few clouds streaming over especially offshore. we will see if you high clouds this evening. here's a look at tonight into tomorrow. breezy out there now, those high clouds into tomorrow
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morning mostly clear skies and by the afternoon winds coin to be picking up tomorrow. temperatures dropping a couple more degrees, then we will starter warm up as we head into the weekend. radar pictures showing the storm of to the north not really affecting us accept cooling from the high clouds. tomorrow really going to affect us in terms of wind. starting the day wind speeds not too bad that they will increase in the later morning and early afternoon hours. winds getting into the upper 20s in san francisco and the gusts even stronger than that in the afternoon. temperatures again a couple degrees cooler tomorrow afternoon. 58 san francisco, 60 said roof fell. 57 half moon bay, 55 san jose and 54 in fremont. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, cooler temperatures
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>>gabe: they are blocking the location of wife i hot spots in cellphone towers that are close diaphones to maintain a database in an attempt to improve location base services and apps. apple also said it cannot track individual users with the location information that is sent to the company because it is sent apple fan in an ominous and encrypted form. apple does not know where you've been the not tracking you. the did mess
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up because the tracking data was stored in the i phone and i pad with 3 g and the computer these computer devices sink up with. the said it's a mistake to call the above if that they have to fix. they will release an update in the next couple of weeks that will get rid of the problem. soon the location data will not be stored on your computer who, i phone or i pad with 3 do. members of governments to one answers as to how and why apple let this happen. this does raise larger questions of how the locations of mobile devices are tracked and shared by companies like apple and google and whether federal laws provide adequate protection as technology has advanced. if you keep jobs that app intends to participate in discussions with federal legislators and regulatory agencies to reassure them about apples practices in. apple posted online that question and answer page on location tracking and the products for customers were still concerned. if you'd like to
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look this from apple, log on to and look for my text page. gabe slate, kron 4. >>pam: it to the white color the i phone 4 is finally here it will be on sale tomorrow at apple, of verizon and at&t stores and online to topple website. it was supposed to come up the same time as the black i phone 4, due to design flaws it was delayed. the i phone 4 phone is the same price as its counterpart. apple will unveil the next generation and the i phone 5 in june at this www d.c. conference in san francisco.
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:30 p.m. >>pam: layoffs in san jose efforts to close a $115 million budget


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