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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> darya: the death toll jumps after another round of severe storms pommels the south the latest head. >> mark: as we follow the stores will have updates, but first weather and traffic. >> james: this is 880 through oakland, the lasky is lightening up mostly clear morning all the we see high level clouds in some shots appeared the wind is picking up in san francisco don't be surprised if this afternoon they get up to 30 mi. an hour or stronger. big warmup for the weekend to they will be cool but beginning tomorrow into next week we have fantastic weather. full lookit your forecast coming up.
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>> george: no back up, hot spots, delays better than usual ride at the bay bridge toll plaza for the west bound commute. we are 20-25 minutes away from seeing the metering lights activated. complete traffic check straight ahead. >> mark: are developing story police officer shoots and kills a transient. >> will: it is a man in his 50s, well known to the police department as well as the sheriff's department. for a half hours after the shooting investigators are still here. focusing on that white s u b that's where it ended. that's where the 20 year veteran on loaded her weapon and killed him on the spot. they're waiting for the coroner's office to identify him so we can get his name. it
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started at 1:30 a.m.. the officers whose name is not been released said she spotted a suspicious person and the era. four minutes later she said she had to fire at the suspect. she was hit multiple times and ahead, they are not saying whether it was with this or a weapon. they want to talk turbotrain now she is at the hospital being treated for injuries. they're not a life- threatening, her car is in the parking lot at this time. the car with the engine still running. as 6:30 a.m. a live interview with the sheriff's department. >> mark: we will check back with you. >> darya: severe weather in the south, with the sun up they will be looking for more victims.
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twisters to carry through five states now. if you look at the death toll as off toll 193 deaths this morning that number could rise in five different states. alabama 128 deaths. president barack obama has our east declared a state of emergency in alabama. tornadoes leaving damage in all of the states. bornholms in businesses, on the right to seek destruction in birmingham. witnesses say tornadoes touched down in birmingham as well. they think the twister was probably 1 mi. wide. to the south more video
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coming in from atlanta, a people have been killed, you can see the thunder and lightning--eight people have been killed--. national guard is being deployed. georgia declared a state of emergency as well. that will be the response as they tried to clean up the damage. >> justine: pitchers coming and most of them are from alabama. we assume this woman is standing outside of our home looking at the damage. they will have the hard task of going through the debris and wreckage seeing if there's anything left. there's also this one of the funnel cloud, look at how mass of that is. these were down for almost two hours as they ripped through
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parts of the south. the have this one people standing outside of the damaged car. power lines are down, parts of trees have been ripped up from roots. a man possibly a woman standing in what once was a home. it's hard to tell what is left. more pictures in alabama we will bring them to you in a few minutes. >> mark: tracking these violent storms are local weather is well. >> james: national maps following that heavy band of showers stretching from florida up all the way up to new england. first on georgia and the carolinas, it is in affect till 7:00 a.m.. they are not real ones dealing with this system. virginia, maryland also
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under tornado watch now, they are calling for not only severe winds gusting to 70 mi. an hour or stronger but hailed as well. lightning embedded with this as well, for there to the north through new england new jersey, new york, vermont, new hampshire severe thunderstorm and effect. we will follow this through the day, don't be surprised if we see airport delays. we are watching that. here locally is mild. 50 degrees in san francisco 53 in oakland, 43 in san rosa, 50 in san jose, future cast 4 showing 21 mi. more sustained winds at san francisco, by foreign the afternoon those wind speeds
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increase steady with 40 mi. an hour gas off the coast. by 7:00 a.m. those winds are still very strong. windy today in cooler. 68 in san rosa, 68 vallejo, napa, 61 in san francisco four year high, as we slide the maps 664 livermore. let's get a check on your ride with george. >> george: we are not tracking in the hot spot right now, normally we start with those. at the bay bridge we are getting word there may be a problem on the upper deck with an accident. so far meter lights have not been activated, this is a first report but it could mean problems later on. good ride
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across the san mateo bridge lighter than usual traffic in the golden gate bridge ride problem free for marin county. 1 01 through marin county looks good as well. the closure of dublin boulevard is affecting the rep from 680 southbound on to dublin boulevard it is not expected to reopen until 7:00 a.m. so far no backup for delay to eastbound 580. we will take a quick break the news will be right back. i'm done with all these lists. and driving all over town. i want one list. for one store. [ female announcer ] at safeway, you get it all.
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-genius. -fast. easy. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] quick and easy atm deposits. with bank of america. >> james: a breakdown of your weather today, beginning today mostly clear, not a big difference from yesterday. this afternoon it will be breezy, but this afternoon we could see gust 30 mi. an hour or strum
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for.stronger. starting tomorrowo the weekend " warm up in store. >> mark: a new number of people filing for unemployment, applications jumped 25,000 from the week before. the highest number since january. that is assigned the job market's recovery is slow and uneven. the economy slowed in the first months of the year. the dow is pointing lower this morning. chrysler's st. they will take out bank loan to sell debt to repay $6.6 billion in bailout loans. the company san details are being worked out, it
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would bring government closer to getting the bill money back. chrysler owes $5 billion to the government. >> darya: the way to iphone for is on sale today, apple, verizon, at&t stores or apple's web site. it was supposed to come out when the black one came out but there was the least. you might one a week longer, they will unveil iphone 5 in june. who knows, it seems there is an adjustment that makes the new one better. we will be back in a couple of minutes. justin has more. >> justine: more out of the weather that went through the area, this is coming from
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georgia. you can see the trees are ripped up from the root spheroid this was so violent storm 194 people dead. ♪
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>> mark: top stories of violent night of whether one of the worst tornado outbreaks in history killing almost two 200 people. daylight has hit and the death toll is at least 128 in alabama, mississippi 32, tennessee 14, eight indoor track, eight in virginia. --8 in georgia. -- >> there has been massive
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devastation against alabama, these tornadoes really tear up the landscape as well as homes, especially in homes that are not very stable, we are looking for people first. >> mark: the death toll has been raised to 131. 2000 national guard troops doing search and rescue across the state. >> justine: new live pictures of the storm damage right now. this looks like a woman trying to pieced together what happened. we have seen her looking at pieces at one. sitting down, possibly crying. these pictures are coming from georgia, this one no roof and the car beside it creche.
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rescue crews will try to find survivors actor about a dozen buildings possibly more have collapsed. 1 million people without power because of the storms. we will continue to monitor this on kron 4 morning news. >> darya: we are looking at national weather as well as local weather. temperatures will shoot up by the weekend and could derangement of this whole thing. i don't know what you did to pull strings here james. >> james: right now you can see we are cool like yesterday. 50 in san francisco, 43 napa, san rosa. as i say we will warming up this afternoon even
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though this will be the coolest day of the week it will still be pleasant for you. dealing with the wins, you will notice that today will be gusty. future cast force that 4:07 a.m. 20 mi. an hour winces san rafael and fairfield, 21 in san francisco. watch as we advance the clock, at the winds at its strongest 31 sustained, gusting to 40 mi. an hour just off shore. it will be breezy along the north bay in the peninsula coast lines. dusty and the hills primarily. wherever you will be it will be breezy day. your highs will be fined 65 in novato, 68 in concord, 66 hayward, fremont, 57
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along the coast that happened bay. let's show you the 7 day forecast. the weekend not bad mid to upper '70s by saturday, look at what happens as we head to the middle of next week your highs into the upper 80s feeling a lot more like summer. let's see how the ride is feeling with george. >> george: we are feeling slower at the bay bridge toll plaza. concern about whether not it might become all hot spot. there is an incident at the inclined, a left shoulder not much concerned, this however is the slower traffic leading up the incline section headed out to can believe a section and through the island. the right lane is blocked with what may be a disabled truck. the right lane
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is blocked westbound. it is now filing backing up across the bridge, that means they will activate the metering lights e early or once activated slowing them down. we could be looking at a developing hotspot. problems on the upper deck westbound west of the island. san mateo bridge ride, a great alternate no backup or delayed. easy trip to the bridge and across to appeare. one of our ts is an officer of all shooting in dublin, that interchange has been closed. here's a look at dublin interchange that intersection has been shut down while the investigation continues. it is not expected to
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reopen until 7:00 a.m. the good news is, it has not backed up traffic from 680 south. keeping our eye on the bay bridge to see what develops there. >> darya: 6:23 a.m. as santa cruz man is in custody after police say they found him living in the apartment with the body of a woman who had been dead for least a week. he is being held on parole after a neighbor called to report an unusual smell coming from the apartment. police when and discovered a body that was so decomposed they couldn't discover the cause of death. >> mark: we will be right back as the news continues after the break. clouds for now, looking for sun later today. ñ# ái
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>> mark: details of libya the death toll in libya after two months of fighting could be 30,000. ambassador to libya's says it's hard to gauge how many has died. just this morning libyan dr. reporting and nato air strike killed 12 rebels and the city of ms. randa. >> darya: 250 people thought firearms in 2010 they're connected to terrorism. they were allowed to buy weapon went through background checks but some are calling and egg terror gap in gun laws. 3 >> reporter: >> mark: we will be right back, bay bridge toll plaza
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looking light. we will be back into minutes.
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>> mark: opening bell on wall street thursday morning disappointing numbers, a jump in unemployment last week, in the economy slowing in the first three months of the year. numbers for the dow and nasdaq all point it down. our big story right now, severe weather ripping through the south death toll is climbing again 200 to appea2. this tornado in alabamaa mile wide and stain on the ground for two hours. the death toll in alabama is 131. this
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town of 80,000 is devastated after this tornado hit the town. 137 tornados broke out over night. dozens of roads are on possible over 1 million people without power in alabama. national guard soldiers are on search and rescue this morning. this is tennessee a woman killed in a house when a tree hit the roof 14 people killed in tennessee. we are monitoring the situation. >> justine: live pictures right now of what is happening, one twister if measured 1 mi. wide. this is the alabama of possibly even georgia. one of the hardest-hit areas, what i am reading is a mayor who went out to assess the damage said he didn't recognize anything he was
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seeing. this is a better idea of what happened when tornadoes hit the area. the roof is just ripped off, but the house is shredded to pieces. even part of that route is split in half, taken off and lane on the ground. we will monitor these pictures for you, they are breathtaking to look at in the hard way. we will continue to get the latest information as we follow the story this morning. >> darya: we will continue that because james is tracking that in national radar as well as local weather. >> james: starting with a national view. from florida all the way up the stern seat board we focus in on the south where we see the most damage and destruction. it is moving
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through georgia in through south carolina, that's where the tornado watches and a fact. we have them in the fact all the way north says the d.c. and maryland, gusting winds 70 mi. an hour stronger, he'll coming down with this one engine and half in diameter. --hail coming down--. new jersey, new york severe thunderstorm warning spirit don't be surprised if you see delays as airports are dealing with the severe weather. we will keep an eye on this if we see delays we will bring it to first here. as for our weather, we are looking okay. 50 as their francisco, 53 across the bay in oakland, san jose temperatures coming in at 50, 53
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in antioch, along the coast have been bay 50 degrees. your highs this afternoon cool of the industry will still be pleasant. napa 68, 62 richmond, san francisco 61. oakland 65 for you, right around there into san jose 66 in san jose. that's where temperatures are this afternoon by comparison, you will like it it will get hot. 7 day forecast coming up in a bit. >> george: try to come up with ilorin enthusiasm will you? we thought this would become a hot spot to separate incidents on the bridge and it turns out there were three, thankfully all of them more quickly cleared before it had a chance to do much damage. right now the upper deck is clear, a grizzled old
6:35 am
accident on the left hand shoulder as you had passed the metering lights but it has zero impact on the traffic. a 80 approaches not backed up, at the toll plaza the only backup is the center lanes, those cars will make it up once they get through the metering lights. really dodged a bullet for the bay bridge westbound the upper deck has been cleared. it doesn't look as though they will slow the meter lights down too badly. san mateo bridge ride a good commute no delays here is you continue your bridge check. left-hand side and right hand side of your screen traffic looked scared. golden gate bridge still a pretty easy ride. watching top story police shooting of ofhas shut down thep to 680. here's a look at that
6:36 am
intersection this is dublin boulevard, that intersection and shut down, because of that the rep closure it is in place. it has not backed up traffic on to the freeway. >> darya: developing story in dublin where sheriffs have shot and killed a transient. will tran is live following the investigation. >> will: the shooting took place five hours ago, investigators are still here, this started around the middle of the roadway right around that dwight suv. that suv is parked in the dodge dealership, this started at about 1:30 a.m. one and sgt called back and reported she spotted somebody
6:37 am
acting suspicious. three minutes later she says shots were fired. for more information let me bring and sergeant j d nelson. do you know what started this? >> she went off on a suspicious person, she spotted him, very quickly and violently he turned on her and attacked her apparent character, punching her, trying to stop her head into the cement. >> will: do know how she freed herself? >> she was able to get free from the attack, able to draw the weapon and fired the around the shot and killed him. >> will: you said you note informational and he's not a stranger to the police department? >> is well known around the
6:38 am
dublin area, he has been arrested for small left, fighting, drunkenness. the officer is in the hospital, this was a violent attack, she was bloodied when the and their deputies got here, she has been taken to trauma center for observation. her name is not being released. >> will: do we know how long this will be shut down? >> will: >> reporter: >> reporter: >> reporter >> it will be a while. >> will: thank you very much just to show you how much longer this will take, the surgeons car is still in the parking lot there, the unmarked car that is running from at least 1:30 a.m. much more coming up. we will also let you know as soon as
6:39 am
this scene is cleared. >> darya: thank you for the latest information. 6:38 a.m. back with more a couple of minutes. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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>> mark: new controversy about lawyers excess baseball game. quinn claims he threatened him with the bat, >> she turned and said what you have been told witches kids don't belong at the effing ballpark. then i gestured, people were highly upset not just myself but parents and kids including my own kids, they were able to see what was happening already. at that point he turned completely towards bay, grabbed his bat and ask me how much my
6:43 am
teeth were worth to me. >> mark: it happened before the game last weekend at at&t park. an apology he said that he apologizes for responding to the heckling fans. >> darya: you notice gloria was over his shoulders. the yankees say they created an areerror. se personal e-mail's were accidentally sent to recipients. the yankees told ticketholders the information does not include prevenprivate data. we are tracg the traffic and weather, james we are waiting for that warm up. >> james: plus give you a quick
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break down for the day today mostly clear this morning, windy this afternoon cool tonight. that is quick and dirty look, we will focus more on the winds that is quick and dirty look, we will focus more on the winds will we come back. that is quick and dirty look, we will focus more on the winds will we come back. we need to solve the problem. the state budget crisis threatens our economy...
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>> mark: all live look from georgia some destruction, worst tornado break-in history. 200 dead after 137 tornadoes touched down across the south east. the search and rescue operations under way this morning as we continue to follow the latest. >> james: back to the bay area, giving you cut on the weather today, a dusty for you today. golden gate bridge the sun is out there, it will feel great but it is windy. 21 mi. an hour gusts, 31 at the peak. wind will
6:48 am
be the main theme today, while we expect the when to do future camps for we will see the strongest winds, 31 mi. an hour sustained winds, 29 in san rafael, 25 in redwood city. the colors behind it is the gust. 40 mi. an hour gusting potential off the coast. if you are by the coast it will be breezy for you, you'll get wind today so will be breezy on that front, temperatures will be a bit cooler, '50s and francisco, 42 in san rosa napa, a chilling off their just a bit. this afternoon we will be a touch cooler than yesterday it still will be pleasant. 68 in vallejo, 61 in san francisco, out in concord upper 60s. oakland 65 and in the south bay
6:49 am
66 and san jose. here's a quick look at the 7 day forecast, the warm-up is still in place, upper 70 saturdays and land, low 80s by sunday, every day we rag raise the temperature just a bit. >> george: still keeping an eye on a hot spot for a commute. the bay bridge we had incidents early this morning, metering lights were activated at the usual time. this 880 approaches not backed up all, these lanes at the heart of the toll plaza backed up at the worst to the baby over cross. not a bad ride. problems read san mateo ride no delays on either side, the golden gate bridge ride also good through marin county and across the span. tracking the
6:50 am
commute in dublin where an officer involved shootings here still has the intersection shutdown, that means the dublin boulevard off ramps has been closed. but the nimitz freeway as we take a look here passing hagen erode the traffic is still moving at the limit. late in d.c. ride for the nimitz freeway. >> darya: oakland police release an update oakland police released an vehicle they believe was used by the suspects in a shooting at a restaurant near jack london square early monday that left two men dead and four other people wounded. police now say they think the suspects were in a four-door, white, newer- model toyota camry. based on initial witness descriptions, police previously said they thought the vehicle was a dodge avenger. investigators described the suspects, who are still at large, as four black males in their late teens or early 20s. william jenkins, 27, of oakland and 22-year-old adam williams of san leandro were killed in the shooting at sweet jimmie's at 311 broadway at 12:42 a.m. on monday. two male victims are still in critical condition. two
6:51 am
women were hit by gunfire but their injuries are non-life- threatening and they're no longer receiving treatment. she said there are no additional details on the shooting at this time. people who have tips about the shooting should call the oakland police. . a trial continues today prosecutors told jurors that she believes bay ordered bailey killed because he wanted to stop him from publishing an article about the vagaries financial problems. >> darya: h p teaming up with nasa, it allows them to provide computing services to nasa, they say what they will want arise the computer system. it will last for years with two additional three year option periods available. 49ers have chosen a company to help them sell the naming rights for the senate clara stadium.
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