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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 29, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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(cheering & applause) (music) (cheering & applause) (music) >> mark: there now the duke and duchess of cambridge >> darya: . >> justine: they said their ideas in front of the 1900 s. including david beck and, 1 million people packed
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the streets and london to watch. 2 billion people watching across the globe. there is not so much as a word said. it was a smooth wedding. we wanted to know a lot about catherine middleton's dress. the lace way down with a low neckline that she wore was designed by sarah burton of alexander mcqueen. it was kept in a huge secret. her something bart, the tiara handed down by queen elizabeth from turkey 18th birthday. --from her 18th birthday. >> james: the couple is supporting the character that will carry them from westminster abbey to buckingham palace. this is an historic view. it was
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built for king edward in 1902. there are five horse- drawn carriages that will take the new bride and groom and the queen and the middleton family. away they go. >> justine: is the first time we get to see them smiling and relaxed photoperiod the wedding is certainly did not disappoint. one of the things were watching is we're wanting to see, the now duke what his reaction was. we saw him whisper to her on the altar you look beautiful. >> james: they did look a little nervous. as anyone would be.
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>> justine: 2 billion people watching. (cheering & applause) >> justine: getting their first glimpses now at the newly married duke and duchess. they were worried about the weather, it is still about six degrees, slight chance of rain. we were worried it would rain for this part of this ceremony and there have to be in a glass covered carriage. but they're not. here we see the queen, camilla, and that is catherine middleton's mother. the maid of honor. (cheering & applause) (no audio) (no audio) (no audio) (no audio) (cheering & applause) (cheering & applause) (cheering & applause)
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(cheering & applause) (cheering & applause) (cheering & applause) (cheering & applause) >> justine: the duke and duchess of cambridge have said their ideas. well i will see. worse of cheers from their fans. photographers as we watched
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the iconic image of them making their way to the palace. >> james: here is the queen in the enclosed carriage. this is the newly married couple in the open carriage. >> justine: it is led by four horses, too footman. security guards, they're not taking any chances. the one that they are writing in was the same one that was used by the prince and princess of wells, princess diana and prince charles on their wedding day back in 1981. it took them from st. paul's cathedral to buckingham palace is a way to have dianne then in today's festivities. they're passing
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through the area filled with sand. in their fairy tale wedding carriage. i am so glad it is not raining. we get such a better view of them. >> james: there are about halfway through the riots and the way back to buckingham palace. all along that road has just been set every >> justine: it is about 1.5 mi. ride from the the abbey to the palace. so many fun things are happening at the palace, it is little nervous for wedding ceremonies. once it is over you can breed, relax. now they get to
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celebrate to huge party is planned for today. both at buckingham palace one was 650 guest hosted by the clean. it is a lunch. >> james: very formal and delicious. the some fantastic food. >> justine: the vip ticket is a 300 person dinner and dancing party hosted by prince charles. >> james: a lot of fun with that. you grab the food, 15,000 canapes they're making little order from a 24 chefs, working in the 2000 square foot kitchen. they cannot get started into the guest arrived they want everything as fresh as possible. they will be scrambling to get everything ready. they're rearing to go. (cheering & applause) >> justine: there were also be to wedding cakes. one is
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a fruitcake. dream come always sing, strong british floral theme. it's got to feed 600 peoples of assuming it will not be small. the second is a chocolate biscuits cake that was requested by william. they'll use 1700 biscuits to make it and the world's finest chocolate. we're watching the duke and the actress making their way over to the palace. they are now officially husband and wife. >> james: they are being escorted by the richmond to. the group of soldiers surrounding their carriage is the captain's escort. the members of that escort were handpicked. fellow soldiers that served with prince william. he has a personal
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connection with those surrounding his carriage. this is the final stretch. as they make their way towards the palace. whethe (cheering & applause) >> justine: they really are the iconic images that will take from today's marriages their money. and now the procession. these images of that last a lifetime. there's prince harry, with some of the flower girls their next in line. they follow behind. his royal highness prince william of
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wills and catherine milton making their way. what are some of the things you expect once we get there. >> james: the balcony, it's around 5:00 a.m. our time. they have a lot of the formalities. again at 5:25 a.m. it is tradition that the bride and groom stepped out onto the balcony, give it this. as the crowd cheers on. >> justine: what i could kiss could it be? the hand, a cheek, lives, how long will it last? >> james: i don't know. but i am sure it will be a very conservative pact. >> justine: you may remember from freggie's wedding to
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egg them on. we will see a that rabin's. this year,--we will see if that happens as well. the duke and duchess of templeton on their way to buckingham palace. being escorted by horses, soldiers from the kids, also here now is the queen. she has a big party to host. she watches over every single detail very well. >> james: she is a stickler for everything being proper. >> justine: it has to be royal. (cheering & applause)
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>> justine: they're the future king and queen of england. (cheering & applause) >> james: this day has been a long time coming they had been dating on and off for eight years. i read somewhere that was the longest job interview ever. for catherine milton. obviously it came to a wonderful apex here this morning. a ceremony without a hitch. a lot of camera angles. this is professionally produced television broadcasts. >> justine: look to many people with cameras, cell phones taking video. this is a very 21st century wedding.
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i remember how many of those pictures will end up on facebook >> james: . >> justine: they met in 2001 while they were university students. just think, i wonder what they that the minute they met. did they ever know that they would be hearing now? getting much closer to buckingham palace. >> james: reading about the bacharach about them during that eight year period, there had been a couple of breakups. they took a break, i was reading it was not by her trace. he wanted to take a step away. he was worried about her. whether not the media coverage was getting too intense. he didn't want her dragged into that. his car one out at the end. it was in kenya that he
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proposed. >> justine: seeing gauge measuring that his mother die and no more. it was his way of bringing her to today's ceremony. it really was a beautiful, beautiful ceremony. 1900 s, flowers brought in from the queen's gardens as well as 24 trees, everyone was addressed to the nines. royal red carpet. >> james: there they are entering the gates, the first to arrive. surely to fall of the queen herself, and then the rest of the royal family. >> justine: just to recap, i know a lot of people wanted to know what this catherine where? the dress designed was by certain here's the creative director of the
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fashion house alexander mcqueen. it was set in place, partly sat in dress with a police sleeves. it covered her shoulders and her arms. -- police sleeves. >> james: there she is arriving. >> justine: the address with place, it also covered her shoulders. the sierra was one that was handed down to queen elizabeth on her 18th birthday. that was for something borrowed. >> james: in about one hour
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from now, 5:25 a.m. we can expect to see the marriage or balcony. everyone is expecting a kiss. >> justine: that we'll get to see the royal air force jets thousands will gather go >> james: 4 minutes from now we expect the royal air force to conduct a fly over. >> will: she needed little help with her dress there. >> justine: bunsens up and down the back. place a blinding her veil. talking there was some of her young bridesmaids.
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>> james: you know the minute they're behind closed doors there will let out a huge sigh. >> justine: toasted champagne. >> james: and there is the queen.
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>> justine: there kron4 news special coverage of the royal wedding will be right back.
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>> justine: the kron 4 morning news special coverage is back. the queen is arriving. there have
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french charles and his wife >> james: any moment we will have the royal fly over. there will fly in box formation. the queen is
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hosting a 650 guest luncheon. that is one of their cousins. surely get about progress had. you'll see the well-wishers and outside maybe there will cassettes or opening. everyone wanted to see the newlyweds i wonder if catherine is going to change. what do you think?
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>> james: there wouldn't be surprised she has a lot of different functions to attend it would be a long train to care and all day. again, a steady stream almost like a parade of cars, vehicles waiting anxiously it one by one entering the gates. >> justine: let's recap what has happened on this very tell day. this is catherine middleton are arriving. wearing a dress designed by sarah burton. san with lace sleeves and shoulders. small bouquets. she took a four minute walk to on the aisle. she made her friends at
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westminster abbey. so spectacular to see the inside where all of these guests have gathered. her sister, her maid of honor, helping to carry her train. and this year is catherine, holding her father's hand will she walks down the aisle. >> james: a symbol bouquets. nothing outlandish. very classic look. >> justine: how many tries to think of how bouquets just like that one. >> james: i wonder how long it will take before we see copies of that dress popping up in stores everywhere. that was even earlier in the morning on the left and prince william and harry arrived. anxious as you might imagine. >> justine: they're both
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wearing their formal military attire. taking a walk down the aisle. here is the queen. queen elizabeth the second also are rising. >> james: a lot of people waiting to see what she would wear as well. >> justine: she looked great, everyone looked great. irish designer philip tracy made most of the hats that the royals war for the wedding. 36 and all including 01 that prince charles' wife camilla of war. philip tracy the designer of most of the fantastic catches of the vip guests include this couple,
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david and victoria. we were hearing she wore a design of her own. their close friends with the newlyweds. >> james: of the right-hand side there are live pictures of westminster abbey the rest of the guests continue to file of. a good many of them will be heading to the palace for that luncheon with the claim. most of them were invited to the wedding only. not the reception. there on the left, sir elton john are arriving earlier this morning. >> justine: there also close friends of the couple. we're
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the 16th row couple. it is
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gorgeous on the inside. >> james: here we see more of their guard. they have been exporting the gas. we're still waiting for that flyby it is expected to happen any moment. whether we take a quick break come back with more live coverage in just a moment.
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we'll be waiting for a little more than an hour for that to happen.
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>> justine: we're waiting for them to step up on the balcony. they seem to be quite an time for things. >> james: if you happen to miss the bus from earlier, because it was awfully early. we will play them back here for you. >> to be my wedded wife. to have an toll from this day forward for better or for worse for richer or poorer in sickness and health. to love and to cherish. to death us do part. according to god's holy law, and there to i give the my trophy. >> i catherine elizabeth,
4:43 am
take the william arthur philip louis to be might read it has been to to have and to hold from this day full board. for better or for worse. for richer or poorer in sickness and in health. to love and two chairs. to death as to part. according to duchess holy loch, and there to i give the. >> james: and there was. back to live pictures again. one of the things that catherine did not say all they. >> justine: which was a sign of zero more modern marriage. they did that stumble, there are no of news, of this, stumbling
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words. no deep breaths. >> james: it was a fantastic ceremony. the whole thing about her removing that obey was right in line with her personality. when it was mentioned heard a function that she was awfully lucky to be dating prince william she said no, he's lucky to be dating me. >> justine: and that is the truth. >> james: that is something he loves and respects about her. >> justine: also there is the exchanging of one ring. in accordance with the couple's wishes, the ring was given from prince william to catherine, prince william has risen not to wear a wedding ring. we understand he doesn't like jewelry. i don't know why he wouldn't want to wear a piece of gold welch rain
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taken from queen elizabeth's gold stash. even so he's chosen not to wear one. catherine is now wearing a ring made of will scroll. >> james: let's listen in to some of the ceremony taking place outside of buckingham palace. (music) (music) (music)
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(music) (music) (music) (cheering & applause) (cheering & applause) >> james: very see the crowds obviously cheering as they celebrate the union of prince william and captain middleton. we will be back with more coverage in just a mi.
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>> justine: you're watching live pictures and london, maybe even 1 million people lined the streets celebrating the marriage. of william and catherine. the newly named duke and duchess of the cambridge. they are officially man and wife. >> james: this is a live picture from outside of buckingham palace. ec that long stretch of a pathway on either side flanked by the british flag. most of their royalty and dignitaries that attending this 300 gust luncheon. >> justine: the lunches 650. >> james: that is right, 300
4:50 am
for the private party. who's on the entity millis for that? you can just call her
4:51 am
the duchess of cambridge. she >> justine: wants to be catherine now. if she might be the cleanup england sunday you surely do that. >> james: still lots more to come, as we rolled near 5:00 we want to update you on whether. so for that, we will go over to louisa. >> reporter: what did you think of her dress? can we get some feedback? >> reporter: i think it's gorgeous. today looks like a gorgeous problem downtown san francisco little bit of a breeze. the wind is still a contender. keeping those
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temperatures in the '60s. really good-looking forecasts. clear, cool, breezy into the afternoon. we have a wind advisory in the delta today. and nice little warm-up by the weekend. current temperatures, starting of cool, most locations in the '40's. napa is down to 38 degrees. by the afternoon, highs in the '60s for santa rosa, fairfield, concord. 66 san rafael, 61 san francisco. such bay, upper 60s. coast 58 degrees. we have a wind advisory in effect to this entire area of blue is highlighted. from 11:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.. expecting those wins to get up to 25 mi. an hour. when guests reaching 40 mi. an hour. we expected to peak
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mid-late afternoon. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. morrison china had the best, nice little warming trend by the weekend. upper 70's-'80s. once we get into the 80s that is where we stayed. we could get close to 90 on wednesday. >> darya: weather, traffic come by. there is showing strong when the fire >> george: azeris for the bay bridge road plaza. >> erica: as was the dumbarton bridge. traffic is still pretty late. no problems at the toll plaza. . strong wind advisory is in affect over here at the san mateo bridge. changeable message signed has been activated. drive time of 13 minutes. golden gate, looks good, some of bound. no problems reported. 23 minute
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trip from novato into san francisco. >> justine: thank you, we are covering the royal wedding live free right here on kron4. we've been on since 2:00 a.m. to bring you every moment and read these are live pictures of the 1 million people that have gathered to be a part of this historic moment. they do love the monarchy there. a lot of them are walking towards buckingham palace so they can watch the newlyweds on the balcony with their families. we're hoping to see them kiss. that is in the next 30 minutes. were expecting it around 5:20 a.m. our time. >> james: as for british tradition, row weddings are an automatic national holiday. everyone out there getting a holiday. a lot of them in the streets to take it in firsthand. we will
4:55 am
take it a quick break and be back with more just a minute.
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>> justine: welcome back to kron4 special coverage of the royal wedding where they are celebrating the marriage of william and catherine. the newly named the duke and duchess of cambridge. >> james: a live look at the long stretch of pathway suggesting from buckingham palace to st. james park. what she once was the barricaded rate is filled with hundreds of thousands of people who showed up to watch the procession. they're walking in the streets headed towards the palace. waiting for an appearance by the newly married couple. >> justine: they were so concerned about the weather. will it been so gorgeous for the week, these guys some
4:58 am
'60s they were predicting rain for today. >> james: they did have some overnight. >> justine: there were worried about it for now. it is not raining, the son and broke through the clouds. that catherine middleton stepped out of their gross forest with her father. talk about timing, maybe someone, something in shining down them. plaintiffs >> james: dishes to how large the crowd is in the spot. folks are gathered in parts of throughout london. the ad giant jumbo trounce set up so people could watch the ceremony. when they did find they give their bows in the church, and the reverend said basically i burnett's demand and light. you could hear all the cheers of side as everyone was watching. on
4:59 am
the left, that is the newly married bride and groom walking down the aisle. headed out for the carriage. >> justine: they get to hold hands there. there is no he may kiss the bride. we're hoping to see them too little something maybe. on the balcony. at buckingham palace coming up in 20 minutes. we do plan to bring that to you live right here on the kron 4 morning news. i would like to talk about kate stress. we have learned that sarah burton at alexander mcqueen did indeed make catherine's dress. with its low neckline. highet lace collar, heard a train was over 2 m along. she also
5:00 am
wore her hair half up, how it down. very dramatic avail. -- half up and half down. >> james: as for the prince, you see him wearing the red uniform that is the irish bard. he held the rank of colonel. some are it disappointed that he didn't wear the light blue he decided to where the bird because he served in that for a time but, they just came back from a recent tour in afghanistan. he wanted to pay homage to them. but he did but the wings of the air force on his sash. we currently serves as a helicopter pilot. they are and that beautiful carriage. right of a disney fairy
5:01 am
tale. it has been around since 1902. >> justine: it was the same one that was used by the prince and princess of wales back in 1981. they are very happy today that to use it, if it was raining they would have to be covered, with the class carriage. they didn't, they got to be opened. many got a much better view. >> james: that carriage is the most used one in the royal. it's often time used by the clean to make foreign heads of the state when they arrive. and there you see the queen. >> justine: she is with her daughter-in-law camilla and catherine sat middleton's mother carol. tasty it's
5:02 am
just hard to taken all of this ceremony, the splendor of their uniforms, the outfits, the dress, the costuming. just a fantastic events. if you want pro-life your path 51 though it went off without a hitch. everything from the bride and groom to the bridesmaids, to everything. (cheering & applause) >> justine: almost six dozen street parties and in london, cable gathering i had some are having on take- tails. instead of cocktails.
5:03 am
(cheering & applause) >> james: don't forget we are also talking live on our website. the part of the discussion. wigan during that all morning long. a lot of folks in london to, are treating as a >> . i am reading one, it came in just a couple of minutes ago saying while what a procession. you can just see the level of trudgen tree involved. there is catherine middleton's mother arriving. to the
5:04 am
wedding of her daughter. >> james: we just saw william n. caked and then the queen and prince philip in another twist. we do this so well. referring to the pomp and circumstance involved in a royal wedding like this. in the amount of preparation that went into this. >> justine: the dress was designed by catherine walker of the fashion has. -- house. sky blue in color. i'm sure a lot of mothers of the brides wear something similar to that.
5:05 am
>> james: we're talking about have his wedding at a potential $2 billion worldwide. >> justine: that is a third of the world's population there expecting 51.5 million viewers in south africa. >> justine: i know in times square they put in a big tv for people to gather and watch. and we thank you, used all for watching the weather -- wedding. >> james: it was early but worth it. >> justine: i would in the
5:06 am
business. the less i would not have missed this. >> james: we expect them to make their appearance on the balcony in 20 minutes. you can only am i asked how the the roar will be. i suppose i should say prince william and catherine. >> justine: look at the see of people in the streets. it is a great day it doesn't seem to be dampening their spirits. catherine and william r. r. d. inside the palace. we're taking a minute to see everything
5:07 am
going on around them. they are there with their families. and some or elk members--in december or royal members of the family. they're there for lunch there will be hosted by the clean. dinner and dancing parties for three and a people. i am gonna go, straight from europe, i'm going to be embedding crusher. wedding crasher. >> james: we anticipate the appearance shortly of prince william and catherine. we'll be back with more in just a minute. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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in honor of amtrak's 40th anniversary, kids ride free for 40 days. details at >> james: live pictures of
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his london, you can see the groups will well-wishers have been allowed to come right up to the front gates. you see that red sash, across the front gate. that is the border along the balcony that we expect prince william end catherine to emerge from. the video shows them preparing it earlier this morning. putting out the proper appointment along the balcony. you see them working. it has become a tradition that the bride and groom step up their. and get a kiss. >> justine: this is the city is of them bring it before. i don't think they're just going to let them roll up their. they definitely need to make sure it was prepared. >> james: we believe that a
5:14 am
parent is said to happened around 5:45 a.m.. -- 5:25 a.m. is one that will happen. we've been watching the fashion, the hats. we've seen quite the rate of the hats. >> justine: this when i believe has already been written up. it's one of the favorites because it looks like a red flame was licking her face. that's what i read. the hats were a huge part of this. some of them looked like dinner plates. a lot of them made by the same designer. philip tracy. >> james: keys then all of the royal headwear. >> justine: when you have to make some 40 something hats you can't have them looking alike. there was pressure to have them be different.
5:15 am
>> james: and they were certainly. she never did not wear hats? >> justine: the prime minister's wife. i marty starting to reach people criticizing why she did not. -- i marty starting to read it. it is not good when you do not wear a hat to a royal wedding. >> justine: the also notice when you do wear hats. it goes both ways. >> james: look how big that how it is its 2 ft. across. let's go through some of the changes, life is going to be different for catherine middleton. we prepared eight graphic that what will be she is not officially a princess
5:16 am
because she was not born into royalty, she was the duchess of cambridge, she's not a allowed to vote, she can't play monopoly, back in the day the royal family would fight over the game so they ite can't eat shellfish because they're afraid it may be poisoned. she has to finish her dinner, >> reporter: but when the queen stops eating you're done. if you're having dinner with the queen and she's finished that's that. she gets to travel
5:17 am
meeting with dignitaries, doing a lot of charity work. she is not accepting wedding guests they are asking people to make donations to charities. >> james: one is an anti bullion jerrcharity, she says she suffed from that social wanted to see what she could do to help. >> caller >> reporter: we want a get you updated on our local weather. >> james: a fantastic forecast, looks like we'll get sunshine as
5:18 am
well. >> louisa: the golden gate bridge, are roil bridge in san francisco, temperatures are cooler today to start you off. temperatures in the 30's and '40's, towards the afternoon the winds will pick up it will give breezy towards the delta, the dalton getting testy. we have a wind advisory to talk about, 47 as an francisco, 38 and up but, south bay temperatures into the '40's, 41 and livermore. towards the afternoon the highs are in the '60s. 68 san rosa, 66 napa, temperature in the mid east bay mid to upper 60s half moon bay 58 down in san jose 57. terms of the wind advisory through the delta you can see highlighted in blue, those winds will get up to 25 mi. an hour. those are
5:19 am
sustained winds, gusting to get up to 40 mi. an hour. the wind advisory will kick and peaking in to the late afternoon hours. the from the windsor the dots up. through the next couple of days the weekend is gorgeous, looks like we will climb into the 80s, those numbers will keep moving upwards by wednesday of next week we could reach 88. >> erica: no hot spots to tell you about, we are not off the hook, we have a strong wind advisory for the bay bridge, but he should bridge, the good news is no accidents. --benicia bridge--san mateo bridge you
5:20 am
can see that taillights the changeable message signed is activated tracking the drive time of about 14 minutes between 880-1 01. golden gate bridge nice and light, traffic is pretty quiet at this hour. top speed spot of novato pass highway 37 and down to the waldo grade. >> james: 5:20 a.m. we are under five minutes away from seen the royal couple emerged so we will take a quick break right now and come back with that live coverage in a moment.
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>> justine: welcome back to the royal wedding, we anticipate for fear the next two minutes kathryn, william will set out on
5:24 am
to the felt duty there, whthe b >> james: we see the ringing of the bell and people standing. we understand they will be joined by the queen and the middleton family. we see more people streaming towards buckingham palace. just to be in that space at this time to witness an event that will be remembered by millions of people around the world. like the charles and diana wedding. >> justine: don't you think you will always remember where you
5:25 am
were when catherine and will you will get married. you were with me. out in you forget. >> james: at 2:00 a.m. >> justine: they should be stepping out in about two minutes. it was a gorgeous ceremony that took place. skilled with 1900 of their closest friends and family. we are waiting for the balcony appearance and some receptions today. 600 person launch the queen is hosting inside of the palace. all lot of preparations to make that happen. that will be a formal affair, this evening williams-will throw him a party where they can let down their hair and a bit. 300 closest friends and family. here
5:26 am
they are the future king and queen of england. >> james: oh wow! >> justine: they looked very happy. (applause & cheering) >> james: there you see the queen and the mendelssohn family coming out on the balcony. i see prince harry off to the right. with catherine's sister made of
5:27 am
honor. >> justine: they are the duke and duchess of cambridge. >> james: we expect them to chant and cheer for the to to kiss. >> justine: moments after that the past by the air force. >> james: that was a quick one. maybe they will do it again. >> justine: encore. >> james: it was neat to see her, out and be awestruck at the crowd that was out there that had gathered to see them. not a normal thing for catherine to witness hundreds of thousands of people cheering just for her.
5:28 am
she will have to get used to it. a lot of things about her life that will be changing. are they saying to us again? >> justine: those are her parents along with camilla and prince charles. prince william is letting catherine l. any moment now the air force will have a fly over in their honor. that will happen in the next couple minutes. we should see a few aircraft modern jets and vintage planes as well. >> james: this is what they see from a balcony. (applause & cheering)
5:29 am
>> justine: catherine's dress was designed by sarah burton who also made her special shoes as well. it is made out of satin and lace. herbert k. made of flowers of le ly of the belly ivy, and marveled. it has been a tradition for royal still have in their wedding bouquet. >> james: there is another kiss. that pleased the crowd to no end. here is the fly over. i
5:30 am
think we are waiting for some jets to fly over as well. so
5:31 am
there was the flyover, the queen is making her way back into the palace, soon to follow will be everybody on the balcony. (applause & cheering) one last wave to the crowd.
5:32 am
(applause & cheering) >> justine: not just one kiss but to. now they get to celebrate. >> james: now they get the party started. i think she will have to change out of that dress for the rest of the day today. >> justine: she doesn't have to register assumed she is now the future queen she could have some outfit changes. she is a couple of parties to go to. why not? >> james: we will take a quick break and be back with more in just one moment. hey marcel, watch this!
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hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >> james: we are back at 535 via wood again more live pictures of london where w5:35 a.m., we're h
5:36 am
more pictures. they were out on the balcony giving each other to kisses, they are having a lunch now with the queen and 600 guests. >> justine: they are in the fountain. >> james: we will continue the coverage inland. we have under headlines, for stock president barack obama does plan to visit alabama where the storms hit the hardest on wednesday. large sections of town is wiped out 36 people were killed in that town including to university of alabama students. he has signed an disaster declaration to help residents cleanup. 200 people have been killed and several counties in i think six states. the president will be out there
5:37 am
to assess the damage. after that they will head to florida for the final flight of weld is the second funnel flight of the endeavor. strong thunderstorms loss nine dropping hill delayed the launch preparations. everything is expected to go on as playoff.planned. jaycee dugas she is relieved philip and his wife nancy pleaded guilty it will keep them and her daughters from having to testify at trial. they are likely to spend the rest of their lives in prison. 49ers look past missouri quarterback dwayne and picked
5:38 am
his lesser-known teammate instead. san francisco police of counseling special in alden smith who was selected by the club. 49ers may go free agency route to fill the order backspace. let's get a lot looked at him francisco as the sun is coming up. >> louisa: temperatures are dropping off, cool and then we were this time yesterday. downtown san francisco of james let, this afternoon those winds will pick up a special through the delta. nice warmup toward so weekend. we can forecast as a nice one. let's start off with your current temperatures in the '40's, in the 30's some spots. half moon bay 39, 37 napa, fairfield, 393 livermore valley.
5:39 am
temperatures elsewhere in the '40's, but this afternoon upper 60s for places like santa rosa, 61 san francisco, upper 60s through the delta of. in the south bay 67 in mountain view, in to san jose as well. that wind advisory in fact from 11:00 a.m. until about 8:00 p.m. those winds will pick up to 25 mi. an hour of gusting up to 40 mi. an hour. it will peak mid to late afternoon slot of the sun shine in store for scale used to it. highs of copper '70s and low 80's by the weekend. --a burst '70s-upper 70's-- >> erica: not a single hot spot
5:40 am
to tell you about. there are strong when the advisory as for dunbarton branch, the nation bridge, and along the upper deck. the meter lights are off no accidents or incidents to tell you about a live look from the incline you can see the camera blowing around. chp cautioning in to watch your speeds and drive with extra caution. your ride to and from the san mateo bridge the changeable message sign has been activated here, you can see the volume building out of hayward and foster city. tracking the a good drive time of 14 minutes across the span. no worries for your ride out of the north bay in san francisco, alive look from the golden gate bridge still very light, no accidents top speeds through ring county
5:41 am
and a drive time of 23 minutes. >> james: live pictures out of london showing you the crowds. they're breaking up after we saw the dutch and duchess of cornwall >> justine: the future king and queen of england. cambridge did i say cornwall? i have to get it right or it will be off with my head. we will take a quick break and we will be right back.
5:42 am
ñ# ái
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5:44 am
>> justine: life pictures and outside of buckingham palace, we have been covering the royal wedding since it started at 2:00 a.m. this morning. the pair are
5:45 am
officially married, they have sealed it with the two kisses. >> james: as we watch for more to come out of buckingham palace, let's relive some of the better moments from this morning. here are the exchanges and of the ranks. >> justine: just one ring, the couple chose not to wear one. it is our rain made of gold. it is tight. but it is made of welsh cool, made from the family is mine. one ring, you are seeing also catherines dress made by sarah burton of alexander mcqueen. lace and satin and gorgeous. >> james: i don't know if we
5:46 am
have the video of the exchange and of the house, we will show it to voluntarily. maybe we will listen. >> till death us do part, according to god's will. >> james: we have all longer club and we will show you that throughout the morning. in any event it was a great ceremony from start to vanish. >> justine: they will attend a lunch reception at the palace for 600 interesting guests, followed by a evening party for 300 friends and family. that is considering the vip ticket of the day. >> james: look get that hat. elegant hacks and more creative ones. >> justine: some pictures of
5:47 am
the queen are arriving for grandson's wedding, she was wearing in july kelley. all late yellow color, some hand beatinbeating. >> james: >> markon the right-hand side sl a huge crowd. >> justine: it is a national holiday there. here we have prince charles. camilla's dress a shipping colored coat. >> james: everybody very stylish this morning. >> justine: the designer of her pasthat.
5:48 am
>> james: that is outside of the hotel you see a boarding rules royce. blinders were put up to keep people from getting a good look at her dress. >> justine: we did see enough. a plunging neckline, it is rather. sexy. it was probably the closest hardesguarded secret. >> james: their honeymoon has been shrouded in secrecy. they will go to st. james palace near buckingham palace. that's where they will hang out into lending permanent plans. the video on
5:49 am
left, catherine being locked up the aisle by her father. fantastic menu by the way. the shots we have seen it illustrated the grandeur of that building. along history in the country. it has seen kings and queens since 1066. the trees. >> justine: 20 ft. trees they brought in. >> james: they were at the request of catherine they were supposed to line the aisle. they're very big on the outdoors and enjoying nature. it was part of their family
5:50 am
crest they created. >> justine: this is one of the two royal kisses that took place. >> james: few notice how almost how bashful he looked three the whole ceremony. he was blushing and had a smile. excited to no end. >> justine: the duke and duchess of cambridge and they got married at westminster abbey, a live look at buckingham palace right now, we will take a break. this was so easy.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
>> james: life centers from london, outside of buckingham
5:54 am
palace tariff. we net witt misse wedding. lets replay the plows. >> i william alter to look believe take kathryn elizabeth to my wedded wife. to happen to hold for this day forward. for better or for worse, for richer or poorer. in sickness and in health. to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to god's holy law. >> i kathryn elizabeth, take
5:55 am
the william author philip the week, to my wedded husband. to have and hold for this day forward, for better or worse, poor richard for poor, in sickness and health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to god's holy loch, i give thee my truth. >> justine: there you were watching, the duke and duchess of cambridge exchanging vows. they did not say i do. they said i will. >> james: they didn't say all bay each other. and that is fitting. there they are writing off in the vintage coach,
5:56 am
historic mode of transportation particularly for the royal family. >> justine: it has been used several other times for historic world events. the queen along with camilla. you can see live pictures coming out of london as well. people are still celebrating this magical day. they are 8 hours ahead of us in london, these parties will continue into the night. the pictures you see now are from when they arrived at buckingham palace. in her stunning dress made of silk and lace, william in his military attire. >> james: there are couple of
5:57 am
parties, 600 guests lonluncheon >> justine: its second 650 keep leaving out the 50 people. >> james: and then the one hosted by prince charles. >> justine: and two kisses that's not really, when they're on the balcony catherine and william kissed two times. the icing on no wedding cake. those are iconic images. we are so glad we could bring it to live right here on kron 4. it was fantastic. >> james: we will continue with the news and press on until 11:00 a.m. coming up in the next hour market and darya.. mark and
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