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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 4, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> james: good morning, top stories, new details emerged about the death of osama bin laden. why president obama may have never seen the shooting. >> justine: and intent pittsburgh neighborhood is under lock down as police search for a suspect. >> james: several hundred people are rallying against the state attendance to force more than $20 million in fines. we will tell you what will happen today. >> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. >> justine: pop will get all of these stories in just a minute we are expected to be hot out said today. will
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check with louisa. >> louisa: clear conditions, light winds later today we'll fill those temperatures rise. this is how much warmer temperatures are expected, compared to yesterday about 9 degrees warmer in concord, 15 hayward, 10 in livermore san francisco, 15 degree temperature increase today it is going to be hot out there. in the afternoon close to 90 degrees and places like santa rosa, fairfield 90 concord 80. around the bay mid-and upper 80s about 90 degrees in antioch. certainly want to keep that some strain handy. half moon bay, close to 80 court to stay along the beach. we did down to their
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40's, 50's overnight still holding on to the ford is currently 48 napa, fairfield, antioch starting in nice little climb into the '60s. 57 degrees mountain view. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. temperature still stay warm in to tomorrow, whole bunch of '90s inland. eighties are on the bay. friday, temperatures start to slide downwards continue with that cooling trend into the weekend. patchy morning fog friday, and your weekend more cloud cover. temperatures climb up as you head into next week. overall kate try looking forecast be prepared for those hot temperatures. >> erica: no news is good news. no hot spot or slowdowns. only a handful of
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cars headed west mountain to san francisco traffic moving wall from all approaches. san mateo problem free. very few taillights in the commute direction. golden gate southbound extremely quiet. certainly no slowdowns top speed for your entire ride giving you that standard drive time of about 23 minutes. >> james: developing story the death laughton. cia director says president barack obama never saw the exact moment when the bonds was shot. they were getting a direct video feed of the raid there was a period of about 20 minutes with those inside the room did not know what was happening. it was very tense moments. he thinks it's important that the photographs of dead
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osama bin laden be made public. >> reporter: this exclusive video obtained by cnn shows the inside of osama bin laden's and million-dollar compound soon after the bloody firefight. officials believe the leader may have lived there for more than five years. >> one clear message has gone out, there's no place to hide. there's no place to tonight. cia director says he believes the voter sure lifeless body will likely be released by concerns remain surrounding the graphic nature and the backlash that could spark. questions remain to weather officials new osama bin laden was living in that compound in providing him a safe haven will some officials say
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pakistan has been a good partner in the u.s. the call to end financial aid is growing louder. >> you can't be asking for bid to billions of dollars without this happening. >> reporter: law officials turn heightened alert for any possible retaliation despite the septet physical security there currently no specific threats against america. president barack obama is scheduled come to ground zero toman to me with family members. former president rich declined an invitation to join president obama here at the site. -- president bush. >> george: are getting information about the team that was said in two here red hat osama bin laden. >> justine: police had an
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entire pittsburgh near red in lockdown after a share. it happen the intersection of railroad and the atlantic. police say that for the suspect got that of his car opened fire. >> reporter: in pittsburgh and said that has ended with a suspect in custody. he is a parolee, did serve time for armed robbery. he was held up on a home on the street. police for communicating with him while he had a cell phone in his possession. this all started early tuesday afternoon when jones was being pursued by a police officer he was in a gold cadillac when officers pulled him over. take that out of the car, shooting of that officer the officers not hit. jones flee the scene to this, where police were finally able to coax
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him out. he was taken to a medical center for a gunshot wound to his leg. the search continues for suspect in another place to raise this time and oakland police are looking for the person who fled from officers in a stolen car. it ended with a crash near 82nd and read still street. police say they suspect the driver hit another car that had a woman, two children inside. the children were slightly injured, woman taken to hospital suspects still at large. >> james: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. only come back we'll see while prices coming down. does that mean dross prices are falling? we will take a look. a programming note to tell you about, this saturday we will airing "chase" right here on kron4. and then the kron4 news will be on after that, because the giant's game will be airing on nbc. kron4 news
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will be an 9:00 p.m.
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>> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 news. 4:10 a.m. a live look outside, a little breezy. a bit warm up is expected. don't forget your sunscreen, glasses, shorts. we are looking at almost 90 degrees today even 85 by the bay. we'll get a repeat of that forecast on thursday before things start to cool off. louisa is here with her fall forecast we'll check the return of that. wall street, stocks are mixed after struggling a bit yesterday. aol, calif, time warner and news corp. wall street is also looking for
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latest readings on the service sector that is due out this morning. overseas, portugal has reportedly negotiated a bailout worth about 1 5 billion. wal-mart says it will invest 702 to 5 million to expand operations in brazil. gas prices? or the going got? although, they continue to rise. in the meantime the national average rate near $4 a gallon in the bay area, of him more. san francisco the most expensive. >> justine: still had a home invasion that led to this discovery of a large marijuana a growing operation why the suspects are a little different in this case. >> reporter:, water, water
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everywhere fled to continue to ravage the midwest. i will have that story coming up.
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>> justine: 2 of the largest rivers in the united states are pushing up against each other. in some cases there spilling over their banks. the mississippi and the ohio rivers could threaten people that live in nine states with a record or near record flood levels. there's only so much you can do to fight mother nature. >> reporter: the mighty mississippi and ohio rivers are swollen beyond their pranks. this sending the waters falling across memphis. putting lives address. the national guard had to say and a 93 year-old woman as the black river overwhelmed her car. the me were the highlight of the mississippi law low-lying and faces a high risk of flooding. that is why the
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army corps of engineers blew a core late last night intensely diverting swollen waters into to a hundred square miles. i really don't know. that was followed by another controlled explosion with the third breach planned for wednesday. as the ohio roll since the mississippi and a large returns suffered their washing away previous records. >> record high amounts of water. it's important to know this is expected to be slow moving. it means the danger may linger. >> justine: much run the story for you today to get the morning. written to updated now on your weather forecast. -- let us give you the update now on your weather forecasts. >> louisa: it is definitely
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shorts weather for today and tomorrow, we're talking about the heat wave. temperatures 10-20 degrees above what we should typically see. it looks like that more mobile continuing to tomorrow, and two days with temperatures warming into the '90s. 90 in places like concord fairfield, santa rosa. sam is as good could even come in and 80 degrees. beach weather, absolutely gorgeous. inland, temperatures climbed into the upper 80s. 90 degrees for antioch, 85 oakland, los gatos 90 degrees as well. hot in san jose today and in around you if your heading on the peninsula be ready for this temperatures to climb. they certainly did dig down overnight, clear conditions overnight.
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56 san francisco, 51 oakland. mid-upper 50s, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. another warm day on top temperatures cooling down slightly inland still staring into the '90s significant cool them by the end of the week. more clouds roll in. raindrops of the forecast. >> erica: nothing to report for your ride around the bay area and no hot spots. bay bridge looks good. traffic is moving well from the shore freeway, was provided zero and in the northbound direction meeting lights are not active. traffic is moving well. same story at the san mateo bridge. no weight at the toll plaza. once you make your way mid span traffic does float
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freely. drive time is 13 minutes. southbound 101 pretty quiet in to san francisco. no problems to out of novato pass highway 37. crosstown freeways, look good, good to go where the james lick meets the inbound southbound toward the peninsula is in very good shape, drive times clocking in under 15 minutes. james? >> james: thank you, news around the bay home invasion led to discovery of an enormous marijuana growing operation in the home of two elderly women. that happened yesterday and neighbor called police after seeing two men break into the home. police say they caught this to suspects in so san francisco they say they were driving a bmw scene at the break-in, they found inside
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the vehicle $12,000 in cash and packaging material for marijuana. the return to the home in san bruno, as the investigation ended up there arrested 72 year-old in 65 rows of virginia upon. after officers say they've heard 800 marijuana plants, $3,000 in cash and electro bypassed used to steal electricity. all four suspects are in jail this morning. the triple murder trial of the your black muslim leader will be resuming today. the only plan to call a few witnesses. yesterday's the prosecutor rested her case. each year charged with three counts of murder for the death of chauncey daly and two other men in oakland and the summer of 2007 funeral services will be held at
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10:00 today for bill jenkins who was killed during a shooting on april 26th. the 27 your leaves behind a wife and eight to your daughter police have not made any arrests in the shooting that killed dinkins and another man. >> james: a measure goes before the assembly that would forgive the oakland school district from paying millions of dollars of fines that it owes the state. several hundred people turned out to enforce this. they're supporting the bill that would eliminate those fines. the superintendent, board members all showed up for the mass rally. oakland school district was put under state control in 2003. >> justine: the bay area voted on a parcel tax in a special election 12 taxes reported on many of them still close to call. san
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mateo, voters in oregon with city nearly a firm to the measure with 68 percent in favor. san carlos easily passed with 81 percent, the measure for the jefferson union failed with about 60%. alameda county in union city, and the pleasanton unified school to restrict both to close to call with 65 percent in both reporting this morning. the measure for the job site university failed with about 60% in santa clara county, joint union high school district pastor's 72% sunnyvale past with about 69%. cupertino passed with 70%. los gatos
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elementary school district still too close to call with just about 67%. the board of supervisors unanimously approved a budget for the two dozen 11, 2012 fiscal year including 47 million in cuts. they come on top of the 2 $5 million the county has cut our last three years. the new cuts require the elimination of 138 positions including 42 of them from probation department, 28 from shares, 12 the district attorneys. other cuts include 33 positions from other departments in the county. although they passed it issues on where the cuts will fall still need to be worked out. big decisions ahead in san has say as they face a massive red ink. it's estimated that 1.5 $2
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million worth of budget deficit they need to make app, the city has released a budget plan that calls for massive cuts to services, city jobs. >> reporter: the latest numbers released paint a grim picture for virtually all city employees. as many as 588 city workers could be affected. that includes 195 sworn police officers 64 firefighters, 182 people working in neighborhoods and 72 full and part-time librarians what's more the city says the number could be higher and less all city workers agree to take a 10% pay cut. but to hearings get underway later this month with the final draft due out in june followed by any and all laos on the first of
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july. >> james: the mayor says the only way to fix it is to rein in what he says art run away employee retirement costs. >> the city spent $63 million on retirement, this year it's one of its 50 million. just for retirement. as we continue going up by about $50 million a year. that is not the worst case, that's just the reality we face. those kinds of increases are driving our share of payroll up over 50 percent. no end in sight. that is making dramatic impacts on our ability to provide services. >> james: san jose is not alone, of three of the bay area's major cities face a budget deficit. oakland faces $58 million deficit,
4:25 am
san francisco 306 and our deficit. >> justine: coming up, a checked this out for this lady is getting down we will tell you why she got her groove on coming up. she does is way better than i can. (laughter) i love the characters san francisco, we'll be right back with your potential record-setting temperatures.
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>> justine: this is not something you see every day, the first lady is getting down. busting a move. this is virtue is tearing at a washington d.c. middle school it's all part of her " let's move campaign ". >> james: get active.
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>> justine: getting kids moving, having fun. to know what size shoes didn't you? it was fiancee's move your body. >> james: you can move your body to,don't forget kron4 has exclusive coverage of the 100 zazzle, bay to breakers on kron4 that will be sunday, may 15th, beginning at 8:00 a.m. we have cameras all along the course and we will replay the event sunday night at 8:00 p.m. serious posting here, albeit the starting line. we will have jaqueline bennett at the finish line we will all be out there. there will be a lot of fun. get out there, get your groove on. our coverage begins at 8:00 a.m.. we will be aired that same evening. we'll be right back.
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>> justine: good morning,
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that the send screen, the assurance and the sun crosses. >> louisa: it is worth getting at a bed or crawling insect. not to put the that they're ready yet. and filling calcic rainout in fact. san mateo bridge, to get how much warmer temperatures are expected to be compared to yesterday. about a ninth victory jump. hayward 15 degrees warmer, livermore 10 degrees, 49 via 15 degree spike in san francisco. we can certainly set some records for today let's take a look at those numbers, we will actually see those numbers climb into the '90s we will see highs reaching the upper 80s into places like santa rosa 92 trees in two places like concord. 88 for rounder park. places like mill
4:32 am
valley low 80s. we could even reach 80 degrees in downtown san francisco today. lots of sunshine, along the coast really nice. east bay, 85 is expected in oakland 86 degrees in castro. san ramon really close to the 90 degree mark in fact could even screes 790 degree reading of places like pleasanton, sunnyvale, cupertino. all could climb into the '90s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow inland continue to climb into the '90s are around the bay '80s. the next couple of days will be the nicest days of the week. friday cool down. by the weekend, quite a bit of cloud cover. temperatures a little bit
4:33 am
cooler we will stay dry. >> louisa: >> erica: thank you, no slow spots, hot spots or delays. bay bridge looks good. no way. san mateo bridge, nice, easy ride of hayward and foster city. the last out of hayward into foster city. 23 minute trip at of nevada want to make it to the golden gate bridge traffic flows freely. no hot spots, a live look at trumbull this occurs. very few taillights up towards santa clara same thing goes for all assets bay freeway is not tracking any delays. >> james: >> louisa: developing story
4:34 am
of the death of a modern. >> james: developing story, the death of osama bin laden. president barack obama never actions of the moment osama bin laden was shot. there was a. about 20 minutes with the did not suit was happening on the ground. he described those moments as very intense. >> justine: the head of the cia says he believes it's important that photographs of it that osama bin laden be made public but it is also making it up to the white house. officials say the curse of totals are taken into afghanistan injuring osama bin laden's burial. some say would convince doubters that the terrorists are dead others worry that could inflame passions against the u.s.. obama administration says no decision has been made yet as to whether or not this
4:35 am
service should be made public. the fbi is warning against unsolicited e-mail's that allegedly it say they contain photos of the killing. they may be a virus. this offer can then be passed on monday by a friend or family member. >> darya: >> james: new details and to the compounds that osama bin laden was hiding in it is 3000 square feet. it was built seven years ago. some three dozen people including 23 children shared that home which would make it awfully cramped. 18 ft. walls topped with barbed wire. the people inside rarely strayed outside, to amend or running errands routinely. people work here is about those living inside
4:36 am
but then the crew to believe there were religious and conservative. we're told that the new york police parliament has seen a jump in reports of sincsuspicious packages since the death of osama bin laden. a week ago on monday there only 18 reports. although false alarms. it is not unusual for a spike in suspicious package reports. george heavier pressure will not returning president obama at his meeting with 911 families to mop. president obama invited him but president bush's spokesperson says he appreciated the invitation but chooses to remain at of the spotlight. it also said president bush continues to celebrate with all americans this important victory. be sure to stay with kron4 for continuing
4:37 am
coverage on the debt of osama bin laden's. the russian death. --death. >> justine: a man is in custody after an intense police chase in pittsburgh. it started in last evening in the intersection of atlantic and road. the suspect drove off after a traffic stop. after a short chase the driver got out opening fire on police. no officers seriously injured. he then took off and a manhunt was under way. he did surrender to authorities just before 10:00 last night. kron4 did get a chance to talk to some neighbors who had to evacuate. >> they said they're looking for the tall, black dude. we needed to evacuate. >> justine: he is a parolee,
4:38 am
serving time for armed robbery. >> james: we will take a break, back with more in a minute and the latest on the pacific gas and electric company smart meters that have been overcharging some customers. the latest with your weather and the hot temperatures we're expecting in just a little bit.
4:39 am
4:40 am
give >> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 news. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. is going to be hot today. >> james: here's a quick look at the bridges, a bridge, your approach looks good. not a lot of traffic get there. hallway 92,
4:41 am
moving well in the directions. one final look, the golden gate bridge just a handful of headlights. not even thought to talk about. they have approved the delay sending out renewal notices giving them more time to work on a budget that maintains a tax on vehicles. if the governor approves the bill they will delay renewal notices for least one more month starting with drivers to of registrations due july 1st that is the date that the temporary increase is expected to expire. new details this morning about the very controversial smarm meters. a small number of those leaders are defective. kate thompson takes a closer look.
4:42 am
>> reporter: they would over he misreading the temperature and overcharged customers. the million smart readers have been installed. 1,600 m have been found to have this defect overheating if they go up over 100 degrees. all affected customers have been contacted and are received a $40 refund and a $25 credit. all defective meters reed being replaced. >> justine: a programming note to tell you about, this saturday we will airing "chase" right here on kron4. and then the kron4 news will be on after that, because the giant's game will be airing on nbc. the kron 4 morning news will be right back..
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>> james: alley to the lead to the navy's top secret or your force known as seal
4:45 am
team-6 they're getting credit for killing osama bin laden. this morning we're learning more details about how they were able to carry out a mission impossible. >> reporter: navy seal team 6 was born of a failure more than 30 years ago in an effort to rescue the hostages ended dressed asleep. aid that the force members died. still the team six was created to be the first full-time counter- terrorism unit. its members come from underwater demolition teams. even so only a handful make it through the tape training. they can go on around the clock for six days straight. the seven month course includes an unarmed, but defensive end driving, training as a rival, evasion, resistance and escape. a canada in
4:46 am
nonperforming is returned to its previous year. it was deployed to grenada and somalia taking part in the fight for trade in the film blackhawk down. in 2009 there were back in africa taking down the pirates who hijacked a tanker three sniper shots. they have been in afghanistan for nearly 10 years. in 2008, they rescued american businessman held by a war alert west of the capital. last october there were said to rescue a scottish aid workers held hostage. it ended in failure, he died of injuries from a grenade explosion. it later determined to be drawn by one of her would-be aggressors. >> justine: disinformation is just coming in, the seal
4:47 am
team that can of osama bin laden will likely be honored but only in a way that search are overt group can be in private, no one but themselves and their commanders. we would like to know more about the forecast, it's going to be warm. >> louisa: all you need to know is it will be hot today, tomorrow, lots of sunshine were talking about temperatures climbing into the 90s and some of the inland spots we could be 10- 20 degrees above the typical temperature. we will still stay warm as we head into tomorrow. afternoon highs, looks like we or close to 90. 87 in sonoma, fairfield, 86 in vallejo. san francisco could climb to about 80 degrees. as you head south temperatures could get to 90 and places like palo alto, east bay. 87
4:48 am
degrees expected for hayward, fremont. san ramon valley temperatures into the upper 80s could climb to 90 in concord, pleasanton. it is trying to be hot if you're heading down to places like mountain view, san jose. 90 degrees is expected here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow we could continue to hold on to some nineties, a lot of sunshine by friday, things start to shift we will notice patchy fog rolling in it may get cloudy in the morning. this will continue through the weekend and it looks like that cool down will continue sunday barely escaping the '60s. let's check with erik at. >> erica: we're wrapping up the hour, still not falling in the hot spots. volume is
4:49 am
steadily building here at the approach to the bay bridge more cars on the road that we sought 10 minutes ago leading lights are not active. drive time of 8-9 minutes. no problems to report for your ride across the bridge. traffic is moving well in both directions golden gate, says bound looks good. and for your entire ride not checking any delays whatsoever as you make your way over to novato. if you're thinking about taking public transit we're not experiencing any delays. >> justine: taxi drivers staged a noisy rally yesterday at city hall they're angry over these new credit card fees that drivers are being charged that kicks in when a passenger plays with a credit card. in their protests some cabdrivers
4:50 am
circle around city hall in their taxes. there were honking their horns where others crowded into groups to voice their concerns. the captors are calling the fees and fair, claiming it cuts into their earnings. >> 5% is a double what a standard sergeant levine is. most of these drivers feel that they've done on the taxes they should not to play anything. with even if you could justify a charge back 5% is too much. >> its established by the credit-card company. it's 5 percent total, 3% goes to credit card companies, to present to the vendor. --2% to the vendor. >> justine: the fees go towards video screens that was shot advertisements and allow riders to strip their part to play. cap to rescind
4:51 am
the new fees to cross them hundreds of dollars that they can use to pay for other costs such as gas, insurance. >> james: plans to turn treasure island into the nearest neighborhood has cleared another hurdle. newest the neighborhood. they approved the $1.5 million plan that would have approved 8000 hosing units to that former naval base. >> justine: sports, history was made yesterday, minnesota had the first no- hitter of the major-league citizen.season. he walked six, n though i molal wondering how that works because he did walk six. this was his first complete game in 95 career
4:52 am
starts. last year there were six no-hitters in the majors. >> james: it was a better day for the giants, leadoff homer in the 10th inning, there is. he is out of here. the giants snapped at of their slumber beating the mets 7-6. the defending world series champions shut out three times review six games. sycamores offense and the league. still plenty more of the season left. >> justine: in oakland, a tie-breaking r.b.i. single in the night. but the cleveland indians beat the a's 4-1 yesterday for their seventh straight victory. >> james: much more straight ahead, as we go state to end,don't forget kron4 has exclusive coverage of the
4:53 am
100 zazzle, bay to breakers on kron4 that will be sunday, may 15th, beginning at 8:00 a.m. we have cameras all along the course and we will replay the event sunday night at 8:00 p.m. adm, sunday may 15th. we will reach erik for you. -- 8:00 a.m.. -- we will read in your id for you.
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>> justine: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it is hot today, hot on thursday. we're looking for a high of 90 degrees upper 80s closer to the bay. cooling trend is on the way after these few warm days. the one to see apple's mac? here is. >> gabe: apple has released a new idea-mac. they're now
4:56 am
on sale. apple is not letting the media into the stores to get their hands on the new machines there ought to focus on their customers. it is apple's most popular computer. it looks the same as the last generation packed full of new features. much faster processors. apple claims they will run up to 70% faster. it has a high resolution camera on the front for face time video chatting. the graphics card is beefed up. ryder, a shopper, a cleaner image. --british insurer. a new type of data part, thunderbolt. this the local, it's a lightning bolt, this is what the cable looks like this is what the port on the computer looks like. is that the next generation
4:57 am
of u.s. beef. a thunderbolt cable can transfer data at up to 20 times faster than the u.s. be. process will go quarter with the new thunderbolt. its price the same, calls windows and holocaust or the some $199, 27 in. $1,699. >> justine: much more ahead, we'll have the latest on our top stories including the death of the lot and will we ever see a picture? gas prices are on the rise. i big warmup in temperatures. it will be a hot one out there. and live look outside for mar mount tam diem. the real story is the hot weather. we will be right back.
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5:01 am
president barack obama did not see the moment that osama bin laden was shot to death as he was not getting at direct heat of the raid at the time. osama bin laden was not armed but did put up resistance. the question of whether pakistan knew whether osama bin laden was living there is still an
5:02 am
answer. in the meantime lot officials here in the united states some heightened alert for any possible with retaliation. officials say there are no specific threats against america. we're told the new york police department has seen a jump in reports of suspicious packages. be on monday alone there were 62 reports across the senate including one at times square bid where there was a faulty car bomb a year ago. i monday 18 false alarms. police officials say it's not a unusual thing for a spike. vampire >> darya: a man is in custody after hand >> darya: a man got out of his car, police say he opened fire. reggie kumar has the details. >> reporter: a stand that
5:03 am
ended with a suspect in custody, that suspect is a parolee, did serve time for armed robbery. he was in the attic, police for communicating with him when he had a cell phone in his possession. this all started early tuesday afternoon when jones was being pursued by a police officer was in a gold cadillac when officers pulled him over he got out of the car, started shooting at the officer. the officer was not hit. jones did flee the scene on foot to this summer police finally coaxed him out after several hours. he was taken to the medical center for gun chairman to his leg. >> mark: bay area weather, that's the big story of five lectures at the golden gate james has the forecast and the warm temperatures for your neighborhood.
5:04 am
>> james: he will like a we have for you today this is a live look from our roof camera today, take a look at how much warmer this afternoon will be. hayward 15 degrees warmer, 10 degrees warmer in livermore, 15 and san francisco. a marked increase in the temperature. it will be hot. make no mistake about it. a quick look at where we expect the highest ago, starting off in the north bay, 89 degrees and santa rosa, 89 in fairfield, 82 in san are well. even san francisco up but about 80 degrees. all and all, not bad. near a even along the coast. 86 castro, 87 fremont. warmer still as we headed to the san ramon valley. they should talk better 90 degrees and pleasanton. 7 they come
5:05 am
equally warm. 90 in campbell, 92 in campbell. toman much of the same, we will have your current conditions coming out. antioch, 60 degrees. we are pretty much what brought this hour that we were yesterday. he will feel that when you head out the door. tomorrow, curving copy of today. friday in changes once again that we start cooling things off. today, hot. that's all you need to know. >> george: good morning, a good start, no hot spots. not tracking any major delays. bart is experiencing 10 minute delays from macarthur. also
5:06 am
of torts pittsburgh, up eight. . did did track maintenance. they're looking at a few delays but they're wrapping that. it shoulbridge c, light traffic, yes it would've been a very light commute. we will watch for that this morning. san mateo looks good, no problems here. both westbound, east bound, headlights coming taillights. golden gate, 101 we saw the tracks of their moments ago. as they are now reconfiguring all lanes for both north and southbound directions. adding the fourth plane in the south bend direction. but for the earlier reoccurring problem as the position they're trains no other problems reported. mark? >> mark: thank you, coming
5:07 am
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>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. gas prices are on the rise with the national average at 398 we are way above that here in the bay area to get to more news faster return to jackie sissel was out in berkeley. did you have to hunt for these are comprises or is this typical? >> reporter: this is pretty typical for dollars, up 255 i've seen much higher prices in the bay area. there well into the 430 range over in that area even higher than that in the city of san francisco. gas prices are on the rise again on maybe they've never stopped going up. national averages at $3, 985. that is at $10 over last week we and i getting anywhere near that price
5:11 am
here in california. $4.28 is the average during california if you do the math, back to 2009 according to the energy administration the average american pays about $1,200 more a year and gas and they were back in 2009. let's take a look at the bay area, what you will pay, san francisco, $4.31. arad's it out at 4 hours 275 it all has to do with the price of oil. the unrest in the middle east along with the new emergency countries supply and demand, the demand is up, supply is down the prices continue to skyrocket. don't feel bad,
5:12 am
first quarter profits for exxon is up almost 60 percent. so often about for everyone. >> darya: we're all chipping in with a common goal in achieving that profit for them. that is good. >> mark: its matches the oil companies is now extending to many stores as manufacturers raised their prices to offset the production and shipping costs. >> will: things like diapers are going up, the manufacturers say it now costs them more to produce this product which when they go to cell to places like target, when you go to the register it will be more expensive other things include soft drinks, snacks, toothpaste, soap. the mannish gestures say they want the very fine line. they cannot raise their sub products so high that we will buy as much because they're too expensive. in
5:13 am
fremont, will trent, kron4 news. >> darya: we will be back with more rising flood waters that are becoming a real problem. take a look at our on whether coming up james lick, nice, clear and traffic is light. record heat, a big pot in the temperatures. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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>> darya: good morning, will come back, take a look at the waters along the river expected to crest at a minimum of 48 ft. by next tuesday these a rising waters have really been warning people in tennessee. this is video at of memphis where the flood waters are overtaking houses. many people of had to evacuate officials are rising others to be ready to leave. the governor has asked obama to authorize emergency funding to help the state and local authorities. and dramatic
5:17 am
rescue caught on camera. take a look at that, you're watching to guardsmen as they say by a 93 year-old woman. this happened yesterday. she was trapped in that car. she got stuck in the black river waters or she was trying to drive across a quarter covered by way so they used a safety line. that's how they got her out. the antis evaluated and released her. in arkansas federal assistance heading to flood soaked area's president barack obama has designed a declaration for that state. it comes one day after the governor asked for help. days of heavy rain turned many arkansas highways into l.a. clearing, come up businesses underwater. and
5:18 am
that people in towns heading for higher grounds whitewater most more than 10 ft. above flood stage. >> mark: the bay area, weather is quiet but warm. >> james: warm-up will be the theme for the day today hot this afternoon, golden gate, started out by breaking down the way we expect first, clear, to start school in some spots really warm and others. above normal temperatures this afternoon's light offshore breeze that will set the stage for near- record heat. it will be beautiful even at the coast today is deftly beach weather. sprawly the best day of the week. here are your eyes, we will begin a fire around the bay in the north bay, topping out at 89 degrees, 89 also and fairfield. 87 in fairfield. san francisco your warm to,
5:19 am
84 in san mateo. at one base 78 degrees. oakland mid- 80's. slightly warmer in fremont. san ramon, 90 degrees. 89 in the creek. 88 in livermore. says state upper 80s, low 90s. nineties expected for santa clara, los daughters, sunnyvale even warmer in cupertino. plenty of sunshine out there. current conditions are pretty good, we are in the '50s where is yesterday in the upper '40's. this morning 55 in san francisco, lookit antioch, fairfield 68 already warming up considerably were expecting nothing but hot temperatures this afternoon it will continue into tomorrow. there is this
5:20 am
similar to today. then we cool down dropping off and land by sunday not getting out of the '60s. enjoy it will last. >> george: pretty good commute, and no promise yet for the ride around the bay area no hot spots for your commute pretty light traffic. and for their ride on highway 4 westbound let star you a separate check, westbound ride as you can see looks good. no delays coming in from the macarthur maze or the shore freeway. san mateo bridge is a smooth one. the right side is the westbound direction no promise for your trip over towards foster city, golden gate, looks good, take a look at our live camera no hot spots, the ride is a pretty light one. drive time is about 24 minutes down to the toll plaza. minor delays
5:21 am
from bart as the position trains, laid track maintenance at the macarthur station those are residual delays in looks like it or get back on time pretty quickly. >> mark: state assembly bill that would forgive some millions of dollars to the oakland school district is facing its first major hurdle today the bill by state assemblyman would forgive about $22 million in fines for when the school district was under state control. it goes before the committee on education today. >> darya: unanimously approving a budget for the fiscal year that includes almost $47 million in cuts, the cuts come on top of turn and $50 million the county has cut from the budget over the past three years there require the elimination of 138 positions. they include
5:22 am
42 positions from the probation department, 28 from the sheriff's office 12 from the district attorneys. other cuts include 33 spots for other departments of those supervisors did pass the budget issues of where these cuts will fall still need to be worked out. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. the votes are income of the bay area voted on school partial taxes yesterday we will have the results coming up after the break. a programming note to tell you about, this saturday we will airing "chase" right here on kron4. and then the kron4 news will be on after that, because the giant's game will be airing on nbc. home ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. 5:25 a.m. today will be hot, a decrease in san francisco, 86 redwood city as a slide the maps to the set at the bay, he will see oakland
5:26 am
cops out in the mid '80s. 84 and union city, this is not as high as it will get. area's in the north bay comedies bay, some of bay low 90s. mark? >> mark: voting yesterday in the bay area, parcel taxes voted on, 12 taxes voted on, many of them still too close to call. voters narrowly affirmed their measure, 68.4% voting in favor. the district partial tax easily passed 81.1%. he alameda county measures addressing partial taxes for the new haven unified school of history. and the pleasanton unified school district book too close to call. the measure for the jobs when unified district failed
5:27 am
only 59.3 percent in favor. lafayette they passed with 74.3%. los gatos, joint union passing 72.6. sunnyvale passing just under 70%. cupertino passing as well when 70% los gatos, to close to call. >> darya: wall street, stocks are mixed after stumbling yesterday on weaker corporate earnings. on deck, a well, news corp., kao corp. kellogg. -- kellogg. overseas portugal has negotiated an international bailout worth $115 billion wal-mart says it will invest 702 to $5 million to expand operations in brazil. >> mark: we will be right
5:28 am
back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. ally of a cure from our roof camera and san francisco's guys are brightening. it is expected to be a warm day right now 55 and san francisco high around 80 degrees. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff. looks like it's bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪ [ child ] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. in honor of amtrak's 40th anniversary, kids ride free for 40 days. details at
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>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. banks story, first off, high temperatures, that just says it in a nutshell. 10-20 degrees above the average. it will certainly feel more like some of the spring. hot, a 10-20 degrees. what were expecting temperature
5:31 am
rise, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. forecast coming out. early check and traffic with george. >> george: the ride to the bay bridge is pretty light rain now. >> darya: the developing story, and that that the osama bin laden. that president obama did not actually see when osama bin laden was shot dead. he reportedly was not getting director of video see. it was about 20 minutes when those in the situation room did not know of was happening. it was some very intense moments. it's important that photographs of dead osama bin laden be made public. new
5:32 am
information coming out. >> reporter: dishes the inside of the compound, soon after the firefight. i think one clear message has gone out the rope, there's no place to hide. -- it brought out to the world. >> reporter: he thinks of further showing lifeless body will likely be released at some point. concerns remain surrounding the graphic nature of the pictures. questions remain as to whether officials knew been lauded was living in the compound providing him a safe haven. the last living in the compound. will some say pakistan has been a good partner to the the the state's the call to end
5:33 am
financial aid is growing louder. >> we cannot expect them to get it without serious discussion. >> reporter: law-enforcement officials are on heightened alert for any possible retaliation threats despite the visual security officials say there currently no specific threats against america. >> reporter: president barack obama is scheduled to come to run zero tomorrow. the last to come to ground the zero tomorrow. former president bush declined an invitation to join president obama. >> mark: the navy seals credited will likely be honored in secret. military officials say it's the only way such a covert group can be honored. in private with only the sales and their commanders present. the navy has not confirmed that sales carried that the raid. navy officials say the names on the force will not be
5:34 am
revealed for their personal safety. president obama speech on sunday night brought in a lot of years. 56 million people tuned in. the nielsen rating companies as of bombings of evidence was recently larger than prime-time addresses. even though, did not begin his speech until after 11:30 p.m. >> darya: seeing a director is saying he believes gaddafi said debt led to the air strike that reduced much of the compound. it reduced to rubble. gaddafi has not been seen in public since saturday's attack which libyan officials say killed one of his sense. gadhafi was in the building but survived. they won't give any details beyond that. gaddafi met with tribal leaders yesterday. >> mark: bay area weather, if you like warm weather you will love james today. >> james: take a look at the
5:35 am
roof camera, a beautiful shot, the son is making its appearance. today will be fantastic, warm. warming yesterday. concord 9 degrees warmer today than yesterday. hayward 15, mountain view 14, several cisco 15. you can just tell it to they will be beautiful day. -- san francisco 15. get out there and enjoy it if you can. let's talk about our expecting today, highs this afternoon fantastic. he will see, at temperatures approaching the 90 degree mark. which will be nice for us. let's go ahead and switchover, show you where we will see temperatures flying around, north bay, nice, 89 degrees in santa rosa. in napa. fairfield
5:36 am
89, san francisco 80 degrees. a lot of folks will take their lunch of side today. 85 for you and oakland. 84 union city. it gets even warmer, 89 in walnut creek. 90 in pleasanton. antioch, but murder, but is recognized degrees for you. 90 in santa clara. -- antioch 90. here is a k at your 7 day around the bay. similar conditions for tomorrow. >> george: morning james, cuddy's a traffic report no hotspot, pretty good writer and the bay area. the purchase look great. bay bridge, light traffic westbound, now back up, problem, delay. -- no back
5:37 am
up or call for delay. golden gate, 101 looks good. so does the ride during county. --through marin county. >> darya: thank you, drunken-driving convictions are in jeopardy because of a faulty breathalyzer used during traffic stops. craig sklar has more. >> reporter: at breathalyzer device designed to help police determine whether they can arrest someone turns it to be faulty it could jeopardize the number of drunk driving cases. these a the devices in question, san as they please just send back 60 of these to the manufacturer after they determined they
5:38 am
sometimes give up all two readings. there is a pre scanning for dri cases out on the field. the suspect with the reading is high enough for the blood of alcohol content all they could take it to the next up reviewing all cases involving the machine determining if some cases will have to be returned, over tried, reviewed. the city of palo alto also uses the son survived although it's not clear how will affect cases there. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. ♪
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>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. everyone is getting the message some warm-up is headed our way, people are in the nfl. >> reporter: slate morning chil
5:42 am
it, it is the beginning of a great day. >> mark: thank you, you can see how, the bay is a check but james >> james: if your head without the ball park to catch the a's game against the in thing let's wish they had better luck today. it will get starry up there. this was so easy.
5:43 am
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>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. continuing coverage of osama bin laden's death, new details on the compound. they found the 3000 square foot house was built in an upscale neighborhood. some 23
5:46 am
children lived in san back home, surrounded by 18 ft. wells. -- live inside of that home. the people inside rarely went outside according to neighbors. but to men were routinely seen running errands. people were curious but, over time this is critically their family was very religious and conservative. we're learning that the former president will not be in joining president obama at ground zero. in a statement president bush said he appreciated the invitation but chooses to be remaining added the spotlight since his presidency. he continues to celebrate with all americans the supported victory in the war on terrorism. >> james: onto weather, talking about the heat wave.
5:47 am
but today he way. nevertheless we will take it. -- 82 day heat wave. upper 60s in some spots,-- a 2 day heat wave. it is a fantastic day to be outside, tomorrow much of the same. temperatures, we're expecting temperatures to warm up considerably in the north and east bay. 89 in santa rosa, 84 in nevada. 89 in fairfield. san francisco, 80 degrees at good afternoon to take a stroll, a break. 85 in oakland. 87 for you and fremont. warmer as we head into walnut creek. you get the idea. the east bay will
5:48 am
be hot. as well will be the south bay. 90 in campbell, sunnyvale. 92 in cupertino. already warming up, 55 in san francisco. east bay, 68. already a warm spot to the day. it will hold up to these nice, hot temperatures in to tomorrow. friday, the wind changes cooler breeze. i temperatures take a dive. by sunday we are not at of the '60s. enjoy this weather while it lasts. let's check the ride with george. >> george: gray ride around the bay area, pretty smooth commute on folding. will start the project, a live camera, no hot spots. the westbound ride looks good. hardly any volume buildup.
5:49 am
your ride to the san mateo bridge, a little more volume we stand see anything in the way and delays or problems. for all lanes on the southbound side. early morning hours, a minor delay as the position trains. >> darya: state attorney general has submitted a brief to the supreme court arguing that state law does not give them a successful ballot initiatives the right to defend the measures in court. it is critical over the flight in profit eight. they had asked the ninth
5:50 am
circuit court of appeals to allow them to step in what the appeals court passed. >> mark: city of oakland is paying $92,000 to settle police misconduct case. in the second case oakland has agreed to pay three added $50,000 in attorneys' fees from two men involved in a suit or the unlawfully searched a home where mama was being grown. >> darya: the triple murder trial of your black muslim patriot leader resumes today. attorneys for bay and the iraqis say that the only plan to call a few witnesses today yesterday, the prosecution rested its case. they're both 25 years of their culture trent three counts of murder. and two
5:51 am
other men in oakland in the summer of 2007. funeral services will be held for bill jenkins was shot and killed on april 26th. the 27 year-old jenkins leaves behind a wife and eight year-old daughter. police has it not made any arrests. >> mark: home investigation leading to the recovery of. a neighbor called police after seeing two men break in and drive into. --the, the two suspects, they were driving a bmw scene at the break and founder 1200 thousand dollars in cash and packaging material. police then returned to the superdome and investigated the home invasion ended up arresting people. after an
5:52 am
electrical bypass used to steal electricity. all four suspects remain in jail. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. program in though,a programming note to tell you about, this saturday we will airing "chase" right here on kron4. and then the kron4 news will be on after that, because the giant's game will be airing on nbc. a live look at side may now up san francisco on this what's going to be a hot day. but he waived by the heat pop. we will start cooling down. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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>> darya: taking a live look cheered san jose, traffic is light. waiting for the sun to come up. 56 degrees, almost hitting 90, 89 degrees we're thinking.
5:56 am
>> mark: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. as we see the hot weather today, tomorrow, fog rolling in thursday night. cooling things down for the weekend. don't forget your mother, sunday is mother's day. baseball in minnesota, no hitter yesterday. he offered the first no-hitter of the major leagues this season fanned two, walked six, no hits. 1-0 victory. it is his first complete game in 95 career starts. last year there were six no-hitters. aubrey half ending 0-20 slump. he heads a homer, in the tent, the giant snapshot of their slumber. scored seven runs, beating new york 7-6 spirit hovering for the giants, they've lost eight
5:57 am
out of 11. shut out three times in the last six games, entered with the second worst offense in the national league. they finally put some runs on the board. oakland, tie-breaking r.b.i. single in the night. he won for the third straight time. they beat the a's four-one, the indians have the best record in baseball right now, seven straight victory. >> darya: alldon't forget kron4 has exclusive coverage of the 100 zazzle, bay to breakers at 8:00 a.m. we have cameras all along the course and we will replay the event sunday night at 8:00 p.m. we will be right backh the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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