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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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(music) >>darya: a minute before 6:00 a.m. and a top stories that we are following. the bay area could see record temperatures. in the '90s. we have your full forecast coming up. >>mark: we are learning about the details leading to the death of those some of the modern. also what the other countries are saying. >>darya: faulty breathalyzer is could lead to hundreds of the white cases being dropped. the war on the story. >>mark: more to pay at the pump. gas prices are on the rise. when will it stop? before we get to the stories we have a quick check on bay area weather. >>james: alliance will get a golden gate bridge. it beautiful shot this morning. it will beat nice and mildest beat start today. let us look at what we are looking at today. first
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off, clear and cool. already getting warm. we will show that to you. above normal temperatures. offshore breezes that will set the stage. near record temperatures this morning. it will feel like summer. we will break it down coming up. a quick check on traffic. >>george: good morning, a quick check is all that is required. we're not tracking any hot spots. be of no problems right now. at the bay bridge toll plaza since we have an incident free there is no backup, delay or much traffic heading towards the bridge. give a complete check coming up. >>darya: new details continuing to come in in the wake of the killing of osama bin laden. he did not have the gun. they're saying that the president did not actually see the moment when he was assassinated. he
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reportedly was not getting direct video feed at that particular time. there was about 20 minutes windows and the situation room and watched the operation unfold did not know what was happening. it is likely that one photo will be released from the debt. stay tuned for that. we also have the details. highly trained navy seals and two helicopters were the ones that greeted his compound. it lasted 40 minutes for the operation. vice-president joe biden is impressed how top-secret this mission was carried out. >> as vice president at united states and an american i am in absolute all. all. the intelligence community and the cia and the seals, it was extraordinary. what is even more extraordinary was that, i am sure it the former administration officials will create this with
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anyone, there was such an absolute overwhelming desire to accomplish this mission. although, for several months we were in the process of planning and there were as many as 16 members of congress that were briefed on, not a single, solitary thing leaked. >>pam: he was shocked when he made a threatening room and all five of the approximately others and the compound were killed as well. navy seals are credited for taking him down and will be honored in secret for the raid. military officials say is the only way the covert group can be honored as it is a private ceremony was only the seals and their commanders in presence. >>mark: the chairman of the intelligence committee is
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challenging pakistan. he's saying but the discovery of bin laden is embarrassing. he's looking to the terminatation of u.s. help. week intelligence it should've known that he lived in their nets. pakistan has strong information gathering abilities. the defense ministry it spokesman for afghanistan to is the logical conclusion is that they had known where he was hiding all along. >>darya: of " the best allies there is going to be cancelling many -- eight felt the breathalyzer is being recalled because condensation can build up in the tooth. they're also used by the palo club police. the
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district attorney says that to continue cases they will not be able to any more so they will be dropping them. the fault the breathalyzer will take at least a month to research. a man is and, after a an intense she did. it started last night near atlantic and railroad ave. a traffic stop lead to confrontation. the suspect drove off. after a short chase year-old jones, the driver, got it and opened fire. he was found that the house a few blocks away. he surrendered to authorities around 10:00 a.m.. >>mark: let us get the forecast. >>james: allied look here from the roof can. is it not a pretty child? the sun is coming up. it is pointed be
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a beautiful day. a lot warmer than it was yesterday. it is one to beat nine degrees warmer than easter day afternoon. 15 degrees warmer in a word. 10 in livermore. san francisco and santa rosa is 50 degrees warmer. all the temperatures will be 10-20 degrees of better than normal. look, and that was already in the 60s in terms of their current temperature. 66 in antioch. eveready else's in the west pardalotes to mid '50's. we're starting at one of the record to get downright pot. here is the fly round up the day. it is that shows the temperature. come 3:00 p.m. santa rosa is looking for 90 degrees. 89 in fairfield and san francisco is 80 degrees. all lot of folks will be taking their lunches out side. 84 in san mateo and right around there and oakland you're looking at mid-80's as well. 87 and a word. 87
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in fremont. warmer still in walnut creek. 9 d in pleasanton. 90 in antioch. 89 in san jose. 98 in campbell. 92 in cupertino. we have a forecast coming up. now i checked with george. >>george: things are cool. we're not tracking any hot spots. will get you the information off the top. could this is. the incident free. demeter and whites are likely to be activated. -- of the metering lights are likely to be activated. taking all look here there are no delays in either direction. the golden gate
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bridge ride on 101 from marin county is an easy commute. take a look at the sensors, no delays. (music) a sluggish commute durante on highway 4 but that is no surprise. we will take a break and be right back. osama bin lade
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>>mark: allied let your walnut creek. let us talk about the east bay. at 1:00 a.m. on that day. the temperature in livermore is going to get up to 88 degrees. do not be suppressed the baby at touch of 90. a real possibility. currently 50 degrees and off to one star appeared give a complete look coming up with is the little bit. mark? >>mark: thank-you james. gas prices are continuing to rise. 398 and we're paying at the pump and prices are a lot higher. more news faster
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and we're turning to a solar reporter. watching gas prices. >>mark: you can see that it is at $4.25. that is about the state average. you talk about the national average is $2.98. it is up 10¢. california's averages of the above 20¢. it is continuing to go out. it has everything to do with the price of oil. 110-$111 a barrel. supply and demand. the arrest in the middle east with all of the emerging countries out there. the demand is way up and the demand and supply is down. the prices will continue to skyrocket. let us take look at the gas prices are around the bay area. according to aaa in san francisco $4.31. oakland
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is $4.26. and san jose's $4.27. it took about the state average. the energy information administration did a survey and found out that if they went back to 2009 the average household right now is paying $1,200 more per here in gasoline than they did in 2009. it is becoming ennis' strain on the economy. everybody that is involved. >>mark: thank you for the update >>darya: it is the pain at the store as well. manufacturers are raising the price to offset shipping costs. will tran picks up that part of the story. >>will: things like diapers are going up. the simple thing is because of the cost for producing the product. when i go to sell it to target guess what? it is more expensive. other things
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going up, soft drinks, snacks, toothpaste and soap. there is a fine line because building want to recover their losses it cannot raise their prices too high that we will not buy it. in fremont will tran. >>darya: 6:14 a.m. will be back in a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: said morning and welcome back is 6:17 a.m.. it peaked at alcatraz. remember, it could be worse. good morning james (laughter) >>james: good morning. if you are to ring alcatraz it will be beautiful. here is a little edge names like. here is a look at the james lick it.. we are going to be in hot
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territory with temperatures approaching. their record to surpass the 90 degree mark. cooling-off tonight it will be nice and mild all week. if you're heading to the a's game it will be nice. we're in the upper 60s right now for now, 66 and nt upgrade once starred for folks out there. a little cooler in oakland. 53 in san rose eight. while claiborne. we're seeing the effects of hot weather beginning right now. temperatures will go at 3:00 p.m. 89 degrees. 89 in fairfield, 86 and vallejo. the beat degree weather in downtown san francisco, 83 and brad wood city. mid-80s across the bay. 87 and fremont. '89 and
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'90 degrees on the east bay. temperatures near 90 and cupertino getting up to 92 this afternoon. resource 74 cast pur milwaukee for it. today's hot weather will continue and friday it will all change. literally. it is the 60 degree range, nobody getting out of that. 619 and let us talk to george. >>george: there's still a look traffic. we have a hot spot for a, a problem for the morning. no delays yet. some slowing for the 580 coming out of the all to not pass. otherwise, and very nice ride. let us start with a bridge attack as we pick up our cameras at the toll plaza. looking first at the bay bridge toll plaza. leading lights have yet to be activated. we're usually
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within a minute of the usual activation time. traffic is very light. the ride to the san mateo bridge is problem free and so is the 80 and 92. so is the one on one of the '92. no delays across the span. the golden gate bridge ride is looking great. the ride for the ones out onto the bridge is clear. as you can see traffic is looking great. no problems. let us set out to the 680, caught across the country. looks great. 18 minute drive time back to pleasanton from highway 24. mark? >>mark: waiting for the opening bell in 10 minutes. the dow was up seven points right now sox have a small
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percentage of the game. quarterly earnings for aol and time warner. wall street is looking at a latest readings for the service sector. we have a few private payroll jobs that and added and expected for the month of april we are also waiting for the government report on oil supplies. we are reporting that they negotiated development for portugal and wal-mart will invest $75 million to operate in close brazil. we're looking at an assembly bill but will predict the district of millions of dollars in fines. the state is facing its first legislative court today. mary swanson would forgive about $20 million in fines from when the oakland school district was under control in 2009. the bill
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goes through today. >>darya: there is a unanimous approval of a budget for 2011 fiscal year. it approved $70 million in cuts. the cuts come on top of $250 million that the county has cut from the budget over the past three years. the new pact requires the elimination of 138 positions. let us look at some of those. 42 positions cut from the probation department. 28 from the sheriff's office. call from the d.a.'s office and 33 positions from other departments. they have passed the budget put the issue of where exactly the cuts will fall is still being examined. 6:22 a.m. we will be right back. here is a program note that we want you to know about. we are running at an nbc program chase because the giants game is on.
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>>darya: we all remember these images of the trade of that slammed into alabama. more than 200 people died. it was a deadly twister. now, there's italic on happening. a is raising funds for victims of last month's tragedy. it will beat going until early thursday morning the phone number if he need to help is 1-855-205-help. if you call in you can request that your contributions go to any state that was impacted. >>darya: looking at the
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mississippi river, it will crest 48 ft. by next tuesday. can already see so many buildings under water in tennessee. this is video coming from the and this. the flood water is overtaking and innovating houses. the town has already evacuated. tennessee's governor has asked the president to authorize emergency funding to help the state than local jurisdiction to aid the flood evacuation. now, let us take a look at arkansas. federal assistance is go into be having their disaster declaration baseline. this comes one day after the governor of arkansas as for the federal help. days of heavy rain is turning many arkansas highways and to lakes. people are looking for higher ground. they're very
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concerned. there is a way to help. >>mark: we will be back with the opening bell.
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and then all lot of that, bell is being run by rembrandt. china's largest social network. at a future and has been mixed, naked it is regarding private payrolls. the numbers will be brought in through the morning. >>darya: at triple live look at the conditions this morning. you can tell by the shot how it will be. we can break a lot of records. >>james: look how one man is in napa, fairfield and antioch. upper 60s for some of these spots. it is 6:30
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a.m.. pretty incredible. san francisco is up 56 degrees. oakland and south bay is 53. the only colt spotted santa rosa and half moon bay at 40. let us show you how hot it will get. in the north bay, petaluma is 34, a petaluma is 34. 80 degrees, sunny. a lot of folks will take their lunch out side. across the bay is equally nice. plenty of sunshine, blue skies, 87 in fremont. as be toppled for the oakland hills you will see 89 degrees. pleasant 10 it is a nice day as well. look
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at cupertino. showing off. 92 expected. quit check at the seven day forecast. great temperatures. hot weather pure enjoyment. it will last until tomorrow. mother's day forecast will be at cool one with inland time teachers getting into the 60s. 6:32 a.m., but to see how it is doing. >>james: not many problems for backups. the 580 ride is improving a bit. not the same slowing we had in the altman passed. live camera checked. bridge attack begins at the toll plaza. metering lights are activated but it is affecting only the center lanes. not much of a back up
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at all. good news, still incident free for the bay bridge. it affects almost, will it affect more computers than any single point in the bay bridge. your ride to the san mateo bridge looks good. both directions, especially it light traffic. the golden gate bridge ride, 101 southbound is problem free. of course, no delays on the stand. at o'clock get san francisco as the pickup our camera and it shows light traffic on the inbound central freeway with no delays. there were some early morning minor delays it for barked but they have been doubly free. there are no problems for cal train. >>darya: thank you. it now to the developing store which is the dow osama bin laden of a photograph that will be released but no decision has been made.
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panetta is now saying that president barack obama did not see the actual moment when osama bin laden was shot to death. there was 20 minutes lost when it happened. the ball was not armed but he did put up resistance. the question of whether pakistan knew that and on and was living in that compound is still i answered. in the meantime u.s. officials are worried about retaliation. there are no specific threats against americans. president george w. bush will not be joining president barack obama at his meeting with 911 families that ground zero. paris and at what had invited mr. bush but a
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spokesperson for mr. bush says but he appreciates the offer he would like to spend his pro post presidency out of the spotlight. the speech on sunday night announcing the death of osama bin laden brought to an invigorating spree 56 million viewers tune did. the audience was larger than reasons for other speeches. polybius beach -- of the libya speech. >>mark: there was a faulty breathalyzer use during traffic's stops. >> reporter: santa fe police started using these breathalyzer is. they are faulty. they have misread the blood alcohol level. the d.a. says they will need to
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review 900 convictions to see if they will be overturned or retried. the device are used as a prescreening messages the charges should be filed. all six beat sensors have been sent back to the manufacturer. the city of pelt the uses these as well. they're not sure how it will affect cases there. >> this just in, a small earthquake struck central california this morning. a magnitude 3.7 quake struck at 1:00 a.m.. this is the seismograph. you cannot feel anything because it happened in a tiny town in your own slate. no energy injuries or damage reported. and then we will be back. here is a live look from san
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jose. beautiful start to the day.
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then of we are back. here's a look at the is forecast. clear and warm. 76 degrees at 7:00 p.m.. sunset throughout the game. 930 will shave off some degrees and the 70 degree it forecast will and the game. >>mark: don't forget kron4 has exclusive coverage of the 100 zazzle, bay to breakers on kron4 that will be sunday, may 15th, beginning at 8:00 a.m. we have cameras all along the course and we will replay the event sunday night at 8:00 p.m. 3 b publicists.
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>>janu: a race is no place at fort drum good behavior. a series of youtube announcements have been posted as a media campaign to get the word out that there will be zero tolerance for this year's eight breakers. the target audiences young people who people see this event is a frat party and not a foot race. wacky costumes are encouraged and clothing is still optional. they do not want a strong could operate which leads to the bad behavior you see here. people vomiting, croupier and defecating in the streets. people live in the neighborhood complained loudly about the mess that score participants left behind. there's a catch phrase of of we are serious.
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most of it will tout open containers of alcohol in public. maureen kelly for kron4 news. >>darya: don't forget kron4 has exclusive coverage of the 100 zazzle, bay to breakers on kron4 that will be sunday, may 15th, beginning at 8:00 a.m. we have cameras all along the course and we will replay the event sunday night at 8:00 p.m.
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>>darya: wear full length of the latest case to see if the u.s. will release a flood of osama bin laden there are doubts that he is
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indeed dead. 900 drunk driving cases are in jeopardy after a breathalyzer have faults. they're going to review the drug driving address to see how many people need to be tossed out. errors were on the devices displayed. >>mark: we are following the heat. one of our solo reporters is in san francisco at christie field. people are enjoying the good weather and getting exercise. >> isabel: could morning, it is gorgeous and here this morning. i'm not much of late exerciser but today i want to go for around because it is so nice out. at around four in the morning i have my sweater on edges had to take it off because it is really nice figure. it is all it going to get hotter. get used to
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it, we've been waiting for it and it is here. go to enjoy it. >>darya: i usually you can count on and going out to work out. it might be too hot. >>james: especially, if you are in our inland spots. will get to 90 degrees. we are looking good. right now we are in the '50s and '60s and it is an optimal time to get there. this afternoon is sunny and hot. in his court to cool down little bit to get into the fifties. a business and mild. his the reset button and enjoy it tomorrow as well. but the temperatures are here right now, 56 in san francisco and l look to our north or not but is 66 degrees. it is 56 degrees in san francisco. temperatures will go here in the 3:00 hour. or it is
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looking at 88 degrees. 87 degrees in sonoma. one country will be gorgeous. get out there and enjoyed the winery's. in san francisco it will be 80 degrees parallel lot of people will be heading out side for a break from work. as the header across the bay, not bad. we will be in the mid-80s. 87 in a word. 87 in fremont. the beach in livermore valley. everybody in the south, at the 90 degree mark. san jose will be at 89. sunnyvale at 90. but to be at 89. look at cupertino. strutting its staff. all right, and or seven day forecast. let this get a check at the ride. >>george: likely a little boring. it is good news for you. no hot spots to alert you to. the drive around the
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bay area looks great right now. it is falling on the 580 and highway 4. that is expected. with barbara check the conditions are favorable for the drive. the swelling has been confined to the middle lanes. it is backed up to the east parking lot and incident free at the bay bridge. your ride to the san mateo bridge is problem free. the approach looks good lp 80 at 92. the golden gate bridge has no place. the commute to 19th avenue is connecting with 280 and looking trouble-free. >>darya: thank you. is 6:49 a.m.. oakland is paying $900,000 to settle two separate cases police misconduct. the state is paying 586 for a boy who was
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shot in that act by a oakland police officer. and as second case 350,000 will be paid where an officer it was accused of i'm awfully surgery and home of where marijuana was growing. >>mark: attorneys for bay and mackey are only calling at few witnesses today. yesterday that prosecutors rested their case. they're both 25 years old and charged with three counts of murder for the deaths of journalists and two other men. funeral services will be held today at 10:00 a.m. for bill jenkins. he was killed at speech a means on april 26th. the 27 year-old weeks behind a wife and two year-old daughter. police have not made any arrest in
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the shooting. >>darya: there is an approved a delay in sending vehicle registration renewal notices to drivers in california. this gives lawmakers more time to decide if they are quick to keep the tax on vehicles or fit will drop. as the governor approves this bill the dmv will delay the renewal notices by one month. it will be a temporary increase that is scheduled to expire july 1st. he will not get the expired increase he will need to wait and they're hoping that this will keep the tax increase level. if you are pending before this date that you will be paying more. there is an argument over estate lot for prop. 8.
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the question is critical and a legal fight to how will this help? prop. 8 sponsors and have asked the u.s. state of the appeals to step in. the appeals court has asked not to supreme court. i'm >> and new details the seacia has survived that air strike and libya. you can see pictures of that compound blown up by nato forces. gaddafi has not been seen in public and officials say that his son has been killed and three of his grandchildren. he was in the building and they're saying that he has survived. libyas deputy foreign ministers has had a meeting with tribal leaders on wednesday. there was an explosion of the crown criminalize of
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mexico-. i guess one exploded and officials say that five bodies have been recovered. there is little hope that to anybody else survived. five victims were quickly found and it was set up the search will still continue for the others. >>darya: we will be back with more and a couple of minutes. a programming note to tell you about, this saturday we will airing "chase" right here on kron4. and then the kron4 news will be on after that, because the giant's game will be airing on nbc.
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>>darya: 90 degrees weather outside setting records for
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sure. make sure you send the kids with sunscreen. there on the playground and heat of the day. we're. o'clock friday. so suddenly that the temperatures will drop to barely it 70 degrees. it is not everyday that you see the first lady bus i move. look at michelle obama. she looks good. it it was part of her " let's move campaign " she is tackling childhood abuse city. she got down to move your body. the onset made this long because michelle, is for the physical fitness. here is a better shot of the move. >>mark: i like the colors coming back. i have the ski jacket from the 1980's that i cannot wait to bust out. i
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look at the toll plaza, starting to look back up.
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