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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  May 4, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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another warm day? >>jacqueline: yes if you're away from the clothesline. definitely for the inland valleys. lots of babies on the board, it will be that way inland began tomorrow but on the coastline a little bit cooler. right now 78 san francisco, 73 half moon bay enjoy it because tomorrow will cool down about 10 degrees in those locations. operatives in the north bay conversing of brady's down in the south bay. just a warm day of there, taking a look at the change over the past 24 hours. 13 degrees warmer in half moon bay, 16 and oakland, 15 fremont. overnight, it will be quite a warm evening out there tonight. if your dinner plans see what really need the jacket it's going to be nice out there. tomorrow sunny skies and cooler temperatures by the coastline. even for the bay shores they will drop down
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into the '70s. thursday night, the sea breeze winds return and so will patchy fog. we have much cooler weather on tap over the weekend. >>pam: it has been more than a week now and opd investigators are still trying to piece together the events which led up to the deadly shooting at sweet jimmy's restaurant in oakland. investigators a acknowledged there are counts of attempted robbery prior to a gun and entering that restaurant killing two people and wounding four others in april. investigators say that remains one of several possibilities leading up to the shooting. if today an oakland resident killed at the restaurant was buried. kron 4 shows you how he was remembered by his love ones. >>haazig: family and friends of 27 year-old of the jenkins gathered for his funeral at the tempest church in east oakland. he was one of two men murdered
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by gunmen back on april 25th at sweet jimmy's restaurant in oakland. the bishop presided over the emotional gathering he said jenkins was an exceptional young man. speaking to the streets of oakland but was dedicated to doing the right thing, was tenacious and ended up going to university completing a degree he did everything right. >>haazig: served as an example for many friends upon returning home from college with a degree in mass communications. it went to church together, we raise together and i was inspired that he finished his degree. then to see this transpire by something senseless and the violence in oakland it is insane. speaking is behind a wife and a two year-old daughter. in oakland, kron 4 news. >>catherine: kron 4 has learned that another law enforcement officer is under rest now in connection with
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criminal activity inside the contra costa drug enforcement team. it crippled the officer is on the san ramon police department. that department holding a news conference in about a half-hour at 5:00. the former commander of the enforcement team another officer and a private investigator have already been charged in connection with the scandal. it will have the latest details coming up at 5:00. >>pam: blizzard trying to identify suspects of forced away into an elderly woman's home before robbing and assaulting her. it happened here in san mateo. police say three men entered the home of a woman who was in her 80s. when she confronted them they assaulting her and forced her to sit well they stole a items from her home. they fled in a green as you feed. san francisco police have released the name of a 45 year-old man they say attack and be an elderly man at fisherman's wharf. marcus was been held in suspicion
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of a grenade assault and elder abuse. police say he grabbed an 84 year-old man and through him to the ground. witnesses say he was practicing crotty just before the alleged attack. the victim was taken to the hospital and has since been released. it all high-school swim coach will be arraigned next week after being charged with having sex with a 15 year-old girl on the team. 20 year-old jonathan mathis is pictures on the screen was arrested on suspicious of engaging in sexual intercourse with a minor. a student told the teacher they were suspicious of his relationship with the girl. police are investigating whether there are other victims. tomorrow 700 nurses at children's hospital oakland are set to launch a five day walkout. the nurses association and hospital had been negotiating a new contract for the nurses for nearly a year. late last week the talks broke down. joining us live from oakland it is more of the who is a registered nurse at the children's
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hospital and also a member of the nurses' associations negotiating team. we want to ask you about the negotiations but first of all how will this strike affect the patient care at the hospital? >> as you know nurses don't want to strike it's our last resort. we give the employer 10 days' notice so they can prepare and get the patience if they cared for. they will bring in other nurses and reduced the census and differ collective surgeries. we also have the patient protection team where it's something happens or they need a special dinner sticking come to the picket line and we will provide the appropriateness. >>pam: what are the key issues right now? >> the key issues are severe reduction in our health benefits it will make it difficult for a nurse to bring her own children to children's hospital. it will make it prohibitively expensive and we think we
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give very good care and we would like to continue the health plan that allows us to bring your kids to tilden's.childrens. the hospitad they can't afford this right now and they have already implemented these takeaways for at the workers and they want to impose it on nurses. we think it's inappropriate, we give good care and we want to be able to say our children get good care as well. we met on march 21st and we were scheduled to meet on april 26th and the employer canceled. we have been available 24 hours a day during this tended. it was still available until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow until the strike starts. >>pam: thank you for your time martha. with the california nurses association. children's
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hospital officials released a statement, they say the hospital will remain open during the nurses' strike, replacement nurses have been hired. those notices will work along with the non striking employees at the hospital. some elective surgeries have been rescheduled due to the strike, the chief nursing officer released the following statement. the cna is out of touch with changes occurring for the country related to wages and health care benefits, and out of touch with the fact that as a safety net, not for profit medical center, a children's is financially strained. she says we value our nurses but the leaders are making demands that are out of touch with the current economic realities of our hospital. health officials meantime and contra costa county are warning of a particularly high rate of a whopping cough. according to court later with the county, cases are up 10 t
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compared to 2009. whopping cough is a highly contagious illness and could be deadly for instance. -year record high 205 cases were reported in the county and that's compared to 78 cases already so far this year. health officials are advising the public to get vaccinated and a new state law requires that students in seventh through 12th grade show proof that they have received the whopping cough vaccination before they begin classes this fall. a programming note, this saturday kron will air nbc programming while the giants air on nbc. chase will be shown at 8:00 p.m. and followed by the kron 4 news at 9:00. we'll be right back. hey marcel, watch this!
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>>pam: the sharks (other when it as they take off green detroit red wings tonight. the putt drops in about 15 minutes. vern glenn is here to talk about this.
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>>vern: are already up 2-0. what they did at hd pavilion is going to be a tough game. you see how much love they have between each other. if the sharks when they're in the driver's seat. game for would be friday. san jose wants to keep that momentum going. here is a couple of guys, this is my favorite. i just love that. (laughter) here's a couple of sharks. >> a turning point in the series, were going into unknown territory. and to get both wins at home is his confidence and helps us relax. >> it's important we establish our game and comes out, they're going to be hungry, they're going to play harder. >>vern: the san jose sharks
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have won four out of the last five games at the joke. the next two games will be at the arena. it came by ship we need it will be sunday in san jose. >>pam: thank-you for in. kimberly is here with the look at sharks fans getting into the spirit of play off. >>kimberlee: seeing costumes and face cane. look at these pictures, big smiles on their faces and look hats of looks like they have those swirling lights on top. the sky looks like he has a stuffed animal glue to the side of its hat. the sky with a face paint you could see the wicked little teeth marks painted on his face. it looks like his hair is painted or dyed to match his jersey. it it's not just people getting into it and dogs, cats, looks like this guy has a custom jersey. we want to see pictures just go to the kron 4 facebook fan page to post pictures and videos. or if you're going to a party tonight take
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pictures, video and posted on the kron 4 facebook fan page. stay with us more news after the break.
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>>jacqueline: a gorgeous day to day, here at the beach at the very nice, plenty of sunshine people out enjoying it. temperatures warmer specially pirko said. the temperatures in the upper '70's. it will be in the low '60s this evening and to the low 50s. 70 degrees for tomorrow. temperatures were pretty warm bay area wide today. a couple record temperatures. san francisco at the airport 83 degrees, oakland broke a record 83 degree degrees. san jose and saa rosa a few degrees shy of their previous record.
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tonight as we head into tomorrow, mild to warm evening depending on where you are. tomorrow morning temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50's, could get colder in some other spots like in the north bay. afternoon, cooler spots close to the coastline the sea breeze winds will kick back and that it will push inland. still quite warm inland over. tomorrow future cast that for 7:00 temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60's. quick warming into the afternoon especially inland. by noon 84 fairfield, at 81 san jose. 65 san francisco so cooler into the afternoon tomorrow close to the coast. the later afternoon at wears more edie's creeping into the north bay and into the south bay. 84 santa rosa, 70 san francisco, still pretty warm in concord 88 degrees.
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87 for field, 85 livermore, 85 san jose, 89 morgan hill. cooler along the bay shores and the coastline. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, tomorrow will still be on the warm side. our sea breeze winds will kick in into the afternoon that will mean cooler temperatures and fog for friday morning. we will see those low clouds of all along the coastline saturday and temperatures will cool saturday afternoon. a cooling in some other day with a chance of light rain late sunday into early monday. >>pam: new report out on climate change and there are a lot of things in it which affect the bay area. jeff bush explain some of the challenges we can expect in the future. >>jeff: the report paints a grim picture of what is likely to happen in the next century. the report said this level will rise a yard and that could mean a lot problems that will affect
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everyone. let's put this in perspective. i've already market what yard looks like. imagine if the bay rose as much it would be enough for downtown san francisco to fly when a major storm came through. the report said that both sfo and oakland airport would be under water as well as highway 1 01 and many other bay area highways. the problems are being seen already. this erosion at ocean beach is being blamed on higher than normal sea levels. there needs to be a plan to deal with this. is the most obvious is start making see balls and other barriers high enough to keep the water where it is and off the land. the good news is that obviously this is levels will rise at once and there's time to prepare. the bad news is this kid is broken having trouble finding many infrastructure improvements. the report is not meant to scare people it is meant to get people thinking about the future one needs to be done. in 7 cisco, jeff. >>catherine: rob is back with his e-mail. what do you
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think about tesla motors earnings? >>rob: bay area collector car maker. they came out with earnings, their ipo is about $20 to $50 back down to $26. to manufacture cars. i don't care if they make cars that flow, fly, run on gas they manufacture. that's where you start getting the rug. not a lot of money in manufacturing. they did better with some of the parts is sold to gm but it lost $40 million. at a portfolio of 20 stocks this could be the worst of the 20. this is a dog with fleas. i personally wouldn't but they understand people see electric cars as the future. to meet its risks. losing to much money in such as making a lot of money cashing out shares. they did
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ok did did 14,000 vehicles that's cute. when it comes to investment dollars i want money. it can't thinking about fern into a company that makes that amount of money. >>catherine: let's go to a question from the lane, which you by the s&p 500 today? >>rob: i would but i would expect only 4 percent of side. it's 20 percent of the portfolio i would buy today i would accumulated for the long term up to 40 years. lower your expectations because is already up%. >>catherine: you could send me an e-mail to rob and will be right back. ♪ you'll run outside
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>>pam: i reminder, and don't forget were less than two weeks away from the bay to breakers. kron 4 we have special team coverage of the event. vicki has more on what we have in store. >>vicki: it's the 100th running of the zazzle bay to breakers we have exclusive coverage pam more will be hosting along with gary, james kick off at the starting line will have cameras in crews all along the course. henry will be at the pastry dough, vern glenn will be right along side the runners and albeit they're finding the wildest costumes. jacqueline bennett will be seeing you at the finish line. the zazzle bay to breakers sunday morning may 15th starting at 8:00 a.m. right here on kron 4. >>pam: suspect arrested, new details of the murder of a german tourist murdered in san francisco. we have the latest. rebuilding san bruno. a new start for families whose homes were
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destroyed in last year's tax law and explosion. a waiting game, why you may want to wait if you're thinking about picking up a video game consoles. coming up.
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:00. >>pam: this woman was murdered last summer near the union square. officials say they have made an arrest. kron 4 reggie is live in san francisco with the developments on the story. >>reggie: s.f. pb just read the media and they made seven arrests in this case. you could see the chief coming in to talk to the media about the arrest. seven individuals, five adults and two juvenile. five arrest warrants were served in san francisco, to


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