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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  May 5, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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fire. jeff bush was there with one woman who live in an adjacent building that was also burned. >>reporter: it cut of the park hotel and displaced many people but that is not the only building impacted. checking out the fire that went across the roof and on the roof of this apartment building adjacent to the park hotel. naomi have been living there for the past two years she had 10 minutes to get in. and get what she could. >> it was a- experience. >>reporter: only a box of cds was able to recover. >> the entire roof of my apartment collapsed. i went and and i could barely walk to the apartment. it was pretty, essential with water damage and a huge pile of rubble >>reporter: naomi is still in shock with all of the things that she lost.
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>> i am major wicked out and--have had things and i'd say this as a child. >>reporter: even though she lost most of what she had she is lucky to recover what she could. she is like a dish to be able to stay with her mother in the east bay. others were not so lucky. they have no place to go. in san francisco, jeff bush, kron 4 news. if >>pam: in santa rosa, a shelter in place has been lifted. for a neighborhood where a fire burned a pile of debris included a leaking gas cylinder. firefighters responded on occur in the street early this morning. they say that gasoline and keary place they were told to stay in their homes, and bring their family pets inside. >>pam: new details of the home invasion. six people, and one juvenile are in custody in connection with
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the degree incident in santa clara county. investigators say that the investigators ---these people ambushed him in order to gain access to his home and say. they tied him up, and he was treated for life threatening injuries. bin them nurses off the job at children's hospital. the replacement nurses are in place what contract negotiations are in place. caltran? >>reporter: the good news is that if you are preparing to. --will tran? the hospital claims that over 1 dau 20 replacement nurses should be fine of this strike continues. the video of the replacement nurses they will be here every day until tuesday. when they will be returning back to work. the nurses is upset because the hospital is asking them to contribute $4,100 to their
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health care benefits. that is basically asking them to take a pay cut. they are being compared to pilots to fly for free. they should be allowed to bring their children to the hospital free of charge because they are employees. the hospital said that it is not unreasonable. they make an average of $67 per hour. $1.62 per hour for their health-care benefits package. by the way, this is two different sides with the latest arguments for over one year. reporting in oakland, will tran. >>pam: pg&e could even charge you more to make up for profits lost once marketers were installed. the california public utilities commission in that shareholders can do to be compensated the old leaders were pulled out of homes and businesses consider to still be usable in those
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old-meters were taken out of existing homes and businesses. there were still " usable ". >>jacqueline: closer to the coastline, still hot in most locations with even records possible. santa rosa, the official record comes out. as i mentioned, much cooler tomorrow. when ossi temperatures like this and the low 90s inland valleys with 86-one of the towns like this--89 degrees in san jose. with 63 in half moon bay, 70's in san francisco, 60s/70's tomorrow. temperatures for the most part are rather were, yesterday the exception of the coast. seven degrees cooler on the coast, eight degrees cooler in san francisco but it is going to be a bigger decrease tomorrow. how cool it is going to get in your weekend forecast coming up. >>pam: new details of osama bin laden one of his
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daughters is getting a different account of the raid that played out on monday. she said that she saw her father getting shot, killed by u.s. forces on the first floor of the compound, not the third floor. it is believed to be 12, 13 years old and is one of eight-nine children or living at that compound. we have a closer look at the family. >> even as navy seals descended he was surrounded by family including his youngest wife. and their three children. she was from yemen and he married her when she was 17 after a $5,000 delray to our family. now, 29 years old she is the the one that came between the wthe troops. >> the wife was rushing between the navy seals and osama bin laden and was shot but not killed.
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>> another woman was killed and suspects that she could of been a another white the mother of one of the children, one of his grown sons died in the assault. >>reporter: he wanted to have his wife with him, near him, living in the same house. if he was indeed in this compound for seven years he would have wanted his wife to be there with him to look after his children. to bring up his daughters, and any sons there were still with him at this point. >>reporter: the osama bin laden written by national security alle enologist th feast--the first wife, the marriage in 1974. with a highly religious family and she was " counseling pregnant ". and also
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constantly pregnant--and he divorced his second wife. the third, a educated wife. in the fourth the we just spoke of. the wives are generally this took described as a devoted and also they have believed to play a part in homes near afghanistan and elsewhere at times simona occasion.seeing hiy occasionally. >> and how many family members is still unknown? however, 20 children were believed to bee produced. >>pam: the 101, headlights =
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>>pam: gasoline prices are surging and it is impacting the household. the national average is $3.98 a gallon. in the bay area is always higher. take a look of the average price is in san francisco at $4.32. oakland, san jose, $4.27, $4.20 respectively. do these high prices mean that consumers will change their spending? >> a new study shows american households spent an average of $368 milliomillion dollars, that is nearly one- half of our income. states impacted most difficult,
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mississippi, spent 14% of its total income on gas. gas prices have surged 30%. above the national average is hovering around $4 per gallon that it is impacting consumers because t.. gasoline sales actually fell to%. they are cutting back on their driving habits as the sales fell by 2 percent. gas prices will average $3.70 per gallon in 2011. that means that the average american household will top over $4,300 worth of gasoline this year. in a yourand york. >>pam: taking a look at this direction the 80 towards the lower deck it is crawling. not much better at the bottom of the south 1 0 1 as people are going towards the peninsula.
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>>pam: a programming note this saturday kron 4 will let nbc programming of the giants will be on nbc. chase will be shown at 8:00 p.m. it will be followed by the kron 4 news at 9:00 p.m. coming up after the break.
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(music) >> jacqueline: it is a hot day around the bay area. sunshine however, fog with sea breezes coming back. impacting our coast temperatures. 71 in san francisco, still low 90s inland. and 90's in the south bay. what we can expect tonight and into the fog of pump up. it will mean the state along the coast and pumping up its through overnight. into overnight, a high cloud coverage and much cooler. breezy conditions in the afternoon. temperatures will be downtown, 15 degrees in that fog is going to be more extensive as we go
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towards saturday morning. taking a look fell fog tracker where is this fifth headed? perhaps this prediction is a bit aggressive not all the way to antioch but it will push back quickly. 6:00 a.m., a few areas of lingering fog and the bay shores and along the coast. it is also clearing dead by 9:00 a.m. i do not think is going to be that quick. it is going to be bumping up until least the early afternoon hours. cooler temperatures. . a prepared is, low 60s to start today. the futurecast is showing upper 50s, low 60s. and inland temperatures are going to be low 70's for the most part. '70s in pair killed one of our warmer locations cooler along the coast. '70s in oakland---- are warmer location. here is a look. 78 in santa rosa. 66
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and concord, richmond, and upper 60s, low 70's for the bay shore. they look at the south bay and the if your kron 4 7 day around the bay cooler weather tomorrow with more fog and even cooler temperatures as we go towards saturday. this cooling trend will continue with cloudy skies as the storm passes to the north. a slight chance it could clip the north but a last chance as we progress towards monday. >>catherine: companies making big financial boost the fortunes of a convert is out. listing the biggest companies. fortune 500. >> rob: typically, these companies to pretty well some are better than others. wal-mart tops the list. >>catherine: the second to consecutive year that it is from number-one >> rob: a couple of other
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indicators. the one thing about wal-mart is that of the ultimately make money from volume, volume, volume. they have made a couple of mistakes. they have not expanded internationally that well. they took back from their better other items. >>catherine: oil? not surprising. >> rob: a few weeks ago about a lot of companies that earns billions of dollars. and the art reporting their best quarter ever. basically, they are considering as corporations. as entities, these companies are big, slow, like a titanic but the meat tons and tons of money. >>catherine: not just how much the money money they make? but the-make tons of money-- >> rob: with fannie mae for example. it is government sponsored. the democrats are
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fighting about fannie mae, sallie mae, freddie mac. should the government be involved in the loan business? with competition, are they for profit? or are they impacting the economy. with conflict of interest is at stake. >>catherine: i am not surprised with exxon or wal- mart what else did surprise you? >> rob: people forget berkshire hathaway, it is a holding company. they hold other companies. inside of it you have of warren buffett knowledge of acquisitions and i think that is a great company with a long term, a patient investor. and you can error on the side of caution. you can air-the side of caution, a dairy queen makes tiny little perhaps yogurt. >>catherine: the it and around forever! they have
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been around forever, the fortune 500 and generated 10.8 trillion dollars. and that is up 10% what does that tell us? >> rob: from the investment standpoint is were i look at it from. with companies bin or run since you and i were children. they will probably be around since you and i were a little children. they will probably a round when we are told it. with manufacturing, and other companies on that list. >>catherine: thank you. more news coming up. [ jerry ] look at this!
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>>pam: we are < onlymay 15th, the 100th running of the bay to breakers. tune in to kron 4 on sunday, may
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15th where we will have vern glenn? >> we have been on everywhere, covering several of these. customs. participating. coverage, a cloud, wearing a straight jacket, what ever! but i cannot wait to be in that sidebar with the elite runners so close that i can touch them he i will bring you the entire coverage from start to finish. >> kimberlee: we have you covered from the castleadazzl zwhen it comes to costumes, an action going to be a judge. we would love to see your pictures. perhaps if you were them last year? or if you or corn to attend
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this year. you can go to the facebook fan page of kron 4 and it could be featured on the newscast. (music) >>pam: may 15th, the 100th running of the bay to breakers. tune in to kron 4 on sunday, may 15th where we will have continuing live coverage of the event, with cameras set up along the path. jacqueline bennett will be with me, gary radnich will be with me, do not miss it. 8:00 a.m.. a replay and at 7:00 p.m. that night. checking traffic on the golden gate bridge medium speed. northbound, cellphone, no problems. walnut creek, the 680-24 interchange. things have changed. the golden gate northbound, no problems, southbound, no problems. the james lick in san francisco, the top is 80 towards the
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lower deck of the bay bridge it is just inching. south, 1 0 1 towards the peninsula is also crawling. we will be back with more news. kron 4 after the break. (music) [ woman ] everybody's looking for deals these days,
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: from the pakistan the raid that killed osama bin laden tonight, we have a new targets and new attacks on u.s. real system. part of the u.s. security warning. at the rail system--reggie kumar b begins our coverage >> >>this just in to the kron 4 news room al qaeda was plotting to tamper with real


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