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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  May 5, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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anniversary of the september 11th the tax. the royal road derrik-in sidhe had plans to possibly impact the real root system of the united states. this the real road. the robert system of a united states. the railroad system of the nine states. this is what the outside of the bin laden looks like with high walls, barbwire. earlier, and we showed you inside pictures with blood on the floor. from the navy seals. the believe that this plan was air actually only aspirational, with no active plan for such an attack to be carried out. and possible locations, no information or specific targets. live,
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reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >>pam: with this new informational it is frightening for real travelers. she is live the thand for real ac >> in emeryville. the tracks go south to los angeles and north towards portland, seattle. to chicago, and even. there were getting on the other evening commute about their reaction about this possible plot against the railroads. >> i mean, your odds are getting better to be hit by a train and getting blown up. >> a little scary, yes. i do not want is a terrifying but if it was really going to happen i would probably on the train that day. >> what you going to do? guards thousands of miles of reels, bridges, buildings? everything is at risk. even railroad lines--
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>>reporter: overall, the people were not overly concerned about the plot. it was surprised that there are not fearful in any way. that is the latest and emeryville. packwood you in the studio. >>pam: the caltran station this is a live picture we are gathering more reactions from passengers we want you to know that we have contact with the major public transportation in the bay area. caltrain, amtrak are also not commenting at this time. we will continue to work to get an official statement for you and give you the information as soon as it comes into our newsroom. kimberly sakamoto? >> kimberlee: pamela, we've been getting twitter and facebook and each comments.
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if they did not seem surprised he wrote " anybody can come and go as they please on a train ". we would love for you to leave a comment on our facebook and page. >>reporter: president obama was at the footprint of the twin towers were over 3000 people were killed and 2 out of his head after a ceremony of silence and meeting with the victim's firefighters that lost firehouse the lost the 15 firefighters. the visit was up beat. there was a little bit of banter back and forth, with a light conversation. the sacrifices that the military is making for the government now. sacrifices of the government makes now oversees. >>pam: there will continue >>reporter: this is the 10 a
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year anniversary oof 911. osama bin laden's will also be meeting with the navy seals the team that was responsible for taking down osama bin laden. grant lotus? >> so far, three officers and one top cop. protest. they have been related with a narcotics task force. one was the commander, and the crimes that there were arrested for possession of stolen guns, dealing drugs, and including steroids, met and but a means and also conspiracy. michael cardoza is representing one of the cops. he says that he has
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heard at least one more officer will be a rested before this case is closed. >> weather that is true or not?--arrested? but that is what right here on the street. >>reporter: do you think those are reliable sources? >> i think it is fairly reliable because i heard that this was coming up. and i was even told their name. they were in fact, correct >>reporter: i spoke with a high ranking force in c contra costa county and the to not think that this is a widespread problem. it is an ongoing investigation. they think there will not be more arrests made in this case. >>pam: what is scheduled to happen? >> and perhaps there would of said that five months ago, six months ago do not suspect anybody. what they've said that six months ago? we cannot suspect anybody. however, they're coming to find out that as a rather bold statement.
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perhaps one is true that not suspect anybody but i did nothing they can be naive. they have to keep your eyes open. not just blanket protect every officer. >>pam: what is scheduled to happen next? >>reporter: no charges have been filed in this case. if those charges are filed but could takes several weeks even months. the source also said that it is 99 percent of our officers are good, honest hard-working cops. one officer doing anything like getting arrested is not indicative of a problem. they are looking to all of the case work. they are going to proceed and we will keep you posted. >>pam: okay, alright. (music) >> jacqueline: taking a look to the palace of fine arts. a beautiful night in san francisco. with plenty of sunshine. at the palace of fine arts and much more comfortable coasts
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temperatures. the inland valleys upper 80s, 90s. 90 in concord. and to in antioch. 30 degree difference on the spread with 61 in half moon bay. 72 in oakland, someone in san francisco, a bit warmer a short while ago. '70s in san francisco, and also tend to going to change as we go towards tomorrow. we still have fog along the coast this evening and elsewhere potential the warming this evening again. overnight, the sea breeze will kick back in. fog along the coast. filling in. and also temperatures are going to be much, much cooler with 10, 15 degrees cooler and the wind will be picking up. your detailed forecast coming up in just a bit. >>pam: you are looking like that the caltrain station with the new word coming out that al queda was considering a tax on a u.s. railroad a tax-for whatever
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osama bin
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>>reporter: please pardon the interruption--this is the case of the assassination of german tourists. 50 year-old matt was struck by a random bullet. when gunfire ran out after a high school party near union square. he was in town visiting with her family from germany. last week her husband came back to speak with the district attorney on the case. a
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robber synod of from the german consulathe representative german consulate. >> with the talks that we have had with him last week. i am sure that he will be pleased to hear that it is getting dealt with. >>reporter: $1 million-$7 million for bail all seven were back on may 16th to enter a plea. in san francisco, kron 4 news. they could be even be facing the lifdeath penalty. they could be pacing the deat facing the deat. reporting live, teresa estacio. >>pam: alleged serial killer was back in a court room in >>reporter: and marin county, joseph nato is still in custody. earlier, he was
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should represent himself. cameras were not allowed in court. this his meso told the judge that he has his reasons for wanting to represent himself but would than he says he does not trust the ethics of attorneys and he cannot afford one. he has about $1 million. the judge ordered him to meet with a public defender and to come back on friday to see if he still wants to represent himself. your forecast after this
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>>catherine: the san francisco mayor taking a sledgehammer. >>pam: this will be the new target store. you can see this on>> today that new target in downtown san francisco part maureen kelly will show us one of that $30 million renovation. fourth and >> this refurbished will be target but the book is smaller version of the big block people are used to shopping and. this will be targeted towards the urban consumer. >> many of our consumers will be on the foyt. and instead of having an extensive--we know that the
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consumer will be entering the store on foot. and some of them walking out with large pieces of furniture, perhaps a grill that they can carry. to use on the there patio. restaurants, retail shops are planned for this new building. the completion is expected to bring 1300 jobs. the movie theater also be getting an upgrade for early next year. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. this is expected to bring 1300 jobs. >> 600 construction jobs for the renovation that will happen immediately. and another 700 permanent jobs that are reflected not only store with that target store but also 20 different new restaurants/venues. facing from mission street. flye >>pam: the street level of is slated to open in 2012. wal-mart is still going strong. fortune magazine says that for a $21 billion in sales helped it earned its place on top. for $21
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billion, $42 $1 billion = # 14 wal-mart on fortune magazine. $41 billion $41 billion $9 four two on (music) >> jacqueline: what we can expect with our temperatures? let us take a look of the fog. it is going to fill into our bay shore. this projection could be a big aggressive. and it is going to clea by the bit quicker. the fog tracker is also showing that this is offshore at 9:00 a.m. it is likely to hog the
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coastline. into the early afternoon. temperatures are going to look like this with 80s. tomorrow, low 70's for the most part. 76 and santa rosa. 67 and some rafeal. temperatures will be cool with the sea breezes in place and the fog in the afternoon. low 60s. 62 in san francisco and a bit warmer for the east bay. the the five in oakland. the biggest it will be in our inland valleys for the temperatures will be in the '90s. we are going to see quite a bit of big changes with 77 and inland valleys tomorrow near oakland. 75 and santa clara. a big change from 90's today. your kron 4 7 day around the bay that fog is going to becoming quite extensive into over bayshore. the sunday will be cooler
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temperatures, and a slight chance of rainfall as the storm passes to the north. that is looking less likely and the cooler temperatures towards next week will dissipate. the warm up next week. >>catherine: and world news, the air france 2009 french police have caught in the first body from the wreckage in the atlantic. to do eight people were flight from rio de janeiro to france were killed. also found the cockpit voice recorder. a church group is mourning the death of two different teenagers in costa rica. part of a mission group. they are heartbroken, the teens were working at an orphanage and a drug rehab amber sweat it out by the strong recurrent. there were ripped out as from a strong rip
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current off the coast of costa rica. >> a 5.8 earthquake off the pacific . >>pam: inman is protesting the sentencing of this top official. >> this is the world war one survivor from england, living in perth. there is only one left, she is in england from the world war one survivor. >>pam: the newly wed,
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couple, will tour canada, and in the united states. the itinerary appears that they will get through los angeles!. >>pam: a programming note this saturday kron 4 will let nbc programming of the giants will be on nbc. chase will be shown at 8:00 p.m. kron 4 news at 9:00 p.m. will have much more news coming up after the break. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
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>>pam: a thief does not let bulletproof glass stop him. there's a real a camera at the waffle house. right off the top, take a look this virginia this bulletproof glass of a pawn shop. he used his truck to ramp inside this. he is carrying a hammer, pillowcases inside the surveillance video shows him holding the
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pillowcases. he empties the store of jewelry, silver, gold. police are still looking for him. take a look at this and texas. a scary moment for these restaurant patrons three men rushing in. this wall full house waffle house. these were ransacking the store, looting and robbing the store, and some frightening the customers. take a look at this. something ganassi every day in texas. with this rainbow-something you do not see every day. this is cost from high clouds and ice crystals and the sky. this is caused from high clouds.
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>> vicki: may 15th, the 100th running of the bay to breakers. tune in to kron 4 on sunday, may 15th where we will have continuing live coverage of up along the path. james fletcher, bo vern glenn will also be there, pam moore, and jacqueline bennett will also be seeing you at the finish line. sunday, may 15th at 8:00 p.m. right here on kron 4 news. (music) úo the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: 5:30 live pictures from the caltrain station. we have word that al qaeda was plotting attacks over railroad lines across the country. information gathered from the raid on sunday. we checked with the three major railways i


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