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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  May 6, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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caught up in the scheme. >> it was nearly three years ago that gave remembers the beginning of the night fondly. the recording hard, doing shots they wanted to do the jacuzzi after that and the house. i knew i was waiting out of my league with the two ladies. according to oakley's interrogation transcript, a private investigator admitted hiring women to drink with then he was targeting. and some cases those nights ended with a man driving and doctors said on that night he was following the ladies for after hours, partying. fox big they were going over the speed limit, i got pulled over by don larsen and arrested for drunk driving. >>grant: a d y crushed his image in divorce court. >> it's a powerful tool they can use and it cost me my
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kids. even today three years later i don't get over night with my kids. the and >>jeff: jr. was 46 of the times of the thank you, cost him financially. >> she ended up with $300,000, i ended up with 30,000. it was rough. >>grant: said he knows he was wrong but it feels like he was set up. >> i was suspicious, a little apprehensive. professionals at the stuff they got me. >>grant: reporting live, kron 4 news. >>catherine: 4 man related to the task force had been arrested march this year. the commander of pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy, selling drugs and possession of drugs. county sheriff's deputy is accused of selling steroids. private investigator christopher butler is accused of coordinating the sale of drugs both are facing charges related to
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that dirty dui scheme. a fourth man involved with the task force was arraigned in a contra costa county court today. louis lombardi charged with several felonies including conspiracy to sell drugs, possession of the legal assault rifle. he is an officer in the san ramon police department who is currently on administrative leave. a scare for passengers on a flight bound for san francisco. this was after it was forced to make an emergency landing a loss vegas. kron 4 is a sfo, tonight passengers are finally beginning to come home. >>reporter: those passengers, some of them are finally arriving here a sfo. they landed about 40 minutes ago and i can tell you the very happy and relieved to be here in san francisco finally. let's show you video of the emergency landing that happened in lost vegas. the flight originally took off from miami and was supposed to
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arrive at sfo but halfway through the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. that forced the emergency landing in lost vegas. american airlines flight 431 landed safely with about 165 passengers and crew members on board. that landing happened at about 11:00 a.m.. some of them are now slowly coming here to sfo, i spoke to a few of them. >> several hours into the flight and we started smelling wires burning, no actual smoke that i could see and we were sitting up front. it was a little scary. people started getting nervous, people talking about it. we saw the story is going back and forth speaking to the captain. the captain got on the horn and we immediately new within 10 or 15 minutes from one to the action smelled something burning
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immediately we were notified in the process. >>reporter: it was a big scare but no one was injured and that is the good news. why don't know what caused the smoke or the burning. the faa is investigating that rate now and were told that some of those passengers are still stuck in lost vegas more of them will be coming here to sfo this evening. live sfo, kron 4 news. >>catherine: police and san jose say they're expecting more trouble in the downtown club district this weekend but say they will be ready for this after violence and vandalism at the annual party last night. rod shows us what the rowdy crowds left behind. class >>rob: repair trucks like this outside are a half- dozen businesses. did they tell the tail, sidewalk covered with broken glass after dozens of windows were smashed.
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>> it's not there, it's not right. >>rob: the enrollee crowd moved east smashing windows up and in trash cans. police used pepper spray on one group gathered at cane road. there were seven arrests, one man stabbed another carjacking and a cop shaken up after being knocked off his motorcycle. >> around 10:00 p.m. the crowd reached a point in the celebration where we believed they were going to become unmanageable. we did what crowds congregating in front of businesses. that's opportunity for fights and vandalism. we cleared out the streets and sidewalks that was about 10:00 for about two hours. >>rob: the council and land out of town troublemakers for the violence as he went door-to-door promising it will happen again. >> unfortunately we do have a weekend in front of us, we will be ready to. i have spoken to or chief and his
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indicated that we will be ready this weekend to uphold the law and arrest those that have come to san jose to wreck havoc. >>rob: police say they will be out in force in the downtown district through sunday. in san jose, kron 4 news. >>catherine: this is the police made an arrest in an early-morning rampage with a car that left one man dead, several cars damage. it happened overnight near the panhandle area of san francisco. jeff bush explains what happened. >>jeff: it happened here at the corner of masonic st.. they say a 55 year-old man was walking across the street when he was sitting killed by car traveling at a high rate of speed. the victim was from about halfway down the block. if police say the driver did not stop to help finance and instead took off and turn down the street. if that was just the first report of what would turn out to be several accidents by the same suspect. hereon traders
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treat. police say the driver crashed into two different part cars. by this time police were investigating several crime scenes of the same time try to put the pieces together. the mystery was solved shortly after the calls, the suspect car was found in another crash site here at the hospital. 23 year-old was a of san francisco was arrested at the scene and charged with a fatal hit-and-run and is being investigated for driving drunk. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>catherine: at 510 security scare hawk kind and now admits osama is dead and one there now threatening to target americans. at 5:25 p.m. when it comes to business california it is not booming it's a bust. where the state ranks. at 5:55 p.m. video chat, the new act that lets anybody with a smart phone chat away. how would works coming up. promise me low prices.
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>> job well done. (cheering & applause) >>catherine: president barack obama honoring the soldiers today. the president in kentucky up saluted the helicopter pilots and abc also executed the raid on behalf of america and people all over the world. called the fog of war or magical thinking, the original white house accountable some the death has gone through a major rewrite in the past four days of. it now appears the raiders took the hokkaido leader completely by surprise and that all of the shooting was done by americans. >> he was engaged in a firefight in he was using her as a shield. she served as a shield, here's osama as the calling for these attacks living in this compound. >>catherine: no white house security official didn't know much of old when he described the raid a less
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than 24 hours after it happened. the house was far from the million-dollar mansion was first described. it was big but hardly luxurious, probably cost a few of thousand. if that's the seals live in it were fired on by half in love as courier who is in the guest house. if the seals return fire and the courier was killed along with the woman with him. the courier was apparently in the only person offering armed resistance. the candor with the stairs this deal saw a half ago, who lunged towards them according to the new york times. he was killed. on the third floor they encountered was on his wife. she is not being used as a shield but apparently rushed the attackers on her own volition. she was not killed but shot in the leg. osama appeared in a doorway and then turned and fled. as for some were shot him in the chest and head. they said they feared he was getting a weapon. an ak-47 automatic rifle was found in his room
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will always several handguns. hawk fighter released a statement today that confirms his death. make has details about the statement what the new threats could mean to our security. >>reporter: the translated hawk kind of statement from as the u.s.. rise up in revolt. it goes on to say osamas death will be a curse that chases the americans and their agents and goes after them. meanwhile more informations coming no what more officials are calling a treasure trove of intelligence. thursday and hawk kind of plan to target u.s. railways wasn't covered parking lot from of home and security to issue a national letter. law- enforcement sources of the notice said the plant and not focus on any specific city or rail system. the infrastructure has been the theme that we've heard about for about nine plus years. it's no surprise. while intelligence works through new information gained by
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his compound of the president is thinking some of those was executed the mission. an official said the president will meet privately today with members of the navy seals team at fort campbell in kentucky. while the president is to dig them personally many americans want to offer their gratitude as well. many turning to online communities to offer their thanks. in washington, make and. >>catherine: with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the death of osama. in a lot in.
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>>catherine: the mississippi river is moving up inch by inch of flooding the city. by the weekend the river is expected to crest at 48 ft. above flood stage. if it's approaching a record set back in 1947. if you are being told to pack out and move up.out. if this could last
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more than a week. a large section of a highway in arkansas it is closed because of flooding. it i 40 is the big growth between little rock and of this. of what it is his truck route to the country. extensive flooding has caused a lot of highways. crews are working to get the roads open this and as possible. try to protect flooded neighborhoods from looting. for instituting a zero tolerance policy for anyone caught trying to steal anything from a flood damaged homes, deputies are patrolling the neighborhoods trying to reassure homeowners their property will be safe. in louisiana sandbags are all over. this is where record- breaking river levels expected there. workers at and sandbagging around the clock. if the water does go over that levy could flood the downtown area of the city. in use across california, a small brush fire have the attention of firefighters in los angeles county. late last night,
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the 5 a. fire burned out in a hillside covered in grass and trees. firefighters used helicopters and ground crews to attack the flames. the cause is under investigation. a controversial cemetery could be getting new grave stone markers. if those graves were moved from the cemetery and a town called negro hill just before saddam flooded the area. many of the headstones container racial slur. california's prison officials now suggest that in may to make new gravestones and get them installed in just a couple of days, no cost. the supervisors say they are looking at that proposal. >>jacqueline: how much cooler day of there today. temperatures dropping as much as 25 degrees in some spots. sunny skies of the golden gate to but fog has lingered along the san mateo coastline. still sitting in the south of the golden gate, fog will become an
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issue as we head over night. more than in a moment. temperatures today, a lot cooler especially for inland valleys, 64 livermore, 69 now, 58 oakland, '50s for bay shores and low 60's in the south bay. temperatures along the coast are cool. the majority of the cooling was all in our inland valleys and bay shores. tonight into tomorrow, breezy conditions this evening, fog will usher back into more morning. dense fog and drizzle close to the coast. by the afternoon the fog will clear from all spots except for the coast. will see breezy conditions picked up again and temperatures will be on the cool side. widespread fog tomorrow looking will be dance along the coast and in the peninsula and bay shores. fring it will be patchy for the inland valleys and north bay. clearing from the north bay and inland valleys. the fog
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wilson began into tomorrow afternoon. notice at 11:00 it hasn't budged much of the coastline. temperatures still on the cool side, 62 san rafael, 64 novato, 59 san francisco. 70 in napa, 71 concord, 75 antioch otherwise mainly in the '60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, continued cooling over the weekend, dense fog tomorrow morning and drizzle as we head into sunday the cooling continues. this will bring a sword cloud cover, cooler temperatures and a slight chance of rain sunday night. early next week, it temperatures resound but we will cool down into next week. >>catherine:a programming note, this saturday kron will air nbc programming while the giants air on nbc. chase will be shown at 8:00 p.m. and followed by the
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kron 4 news at 9:00. we'll be right back. úúúo
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>>catherine: the nation added nearly 300,000 new jobs. the dow gained 54 points. the economy might be slowly improving but a new study said it's not so good in california. the golden state or dead last in a ranking of the best dates to do business. that survey is best on voting by 550 ceos across the country. it appears and chief of the executive magazine. the best date to do business is texas, north carolina, florida and georgia. up a group work to save more than a dozen whale stranded off the florida keys. the family of bears its stuck in the trade. kimberly is here with today's edition of take a look at this! >>kimberlee: new video of this will watcher. 16 why
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whales stranded, how they're trying to keep and mammals,. it's difficult to sing as those mammals are about 18 ft. long, taken away from 12 to 22 lbs.. we have video from last night, you could see them try to move one of the whales out of the way. scientists still not sure why the whales are stranded in this area. take a look at this. that is a baby black bear come crying out to his mother for help. the family of bears got stuck in a tree about 80 ft. off the ground in pennsylvania. it caused quite a stir. a jammed up on highway. the commission asked everybody to clear out san the bears will eventually climb down once everybody leaves. and new baby rhinoceros' makes her debut in a wildlife park in florida. she tips the scales at about 50 lbs. but she
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will get a lot larger. the rhinoceros is the third largest land animals after african and asian elephants. >>catherine: take a look at this, the original 1912 bay to breakers trophy. this will be showcased. it this is all leading up to next sunday's 100th running of the zazzle bay to breakers. >>vicki: it's the 100th running of the zazzle bay to breakers, we have exclusive coverage pam moore will be hosting along with gary radnich, james kicks it off at the starting line. we will have cameras and crews all along the course. henry will be at the hay street hill, vern glenn will be right along side the runners and i'll be they're finding the wildest and wackiest costumes. jacqueline bennett will be seeing you at the finish line. the zazzle bay to breakers sunday morning may 15th starting at 8:00 a.m. right here on kron 4. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot.
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