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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 11:00 >>vicki: it's been 1 weeks since the president announced osama the law and was dead the president police osama had a support network in pakistan. he's not sure the pakistan government was involved. in pakistan it is now monday, the prime minister is expected to address his nation's parliament in a special session over the next couple of hours. the nation and promised an internal investigation as to how he lived in the country for five years without their knowledge. u.s. authorities want access to his three widows, they live with the law and that the house he was captured in. it's believed the women could reveal details about his day-to-day life. at home authorities are beefing up
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security in san jose. an anti-terrorism group called viper teamed up this afternoon at the stanford and a light rail system. it was no threat, but they were doing an exercise to focus on making people feel safe in their presence. >>j.r. stone: the law enforcement officers were out here sunday spent a good portion of the day looking around the tracks for possible hidden spots. that's not all. the officers who were out here also spent a portion of the day looking in the bushes or any hidden spots on the property. >> it's a good thing >>j.r. stone: he likes the idea of a practice control, this is more. this is a law enforcement team called viper made up of the psa and homeland security agents. a counterterrorism group monitoring on this day, the san fernand a light rail station in san jose. >> to say al-qaeda is close to blow up a bridge not to long from now. it it's a
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good thing to have them out here. >>j.r. stone: group is done exercises like this thousands of time according to those in charge. the will pickup in the transportation places is at random and look for things that are of the ordinary and act as a visual deterrent to someone who might be thinking of doing something bad. sunday the train station was busy at times as fans made their way to the sharks nhl playoff game. most appreciative of the security, hopeful that of works in deterring criminals. >> to we know they're doing something, you see them every day you know they're doing something. it's good to see them. >>j.r. stone: in san jose, kron 4 news. >>vicki: the state is in just about cards and gifts for some long clothing with a tragic loss of the child. it doesn't the mothers who lost their sons and daughters to violence gathered in front of the
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city hall today. they rallied with a group called the healing circle to put an end to the violence. each mom was given of rose and had a moment of silence. michael spoke to some of the grieving mothers today. >> how can we honor mother's day when we don't have for children. our children are being murdered, they should be bringing us flowers they should be sang happy mother's day. when we wake up we don't have that. my son was murdered in 2006 to a semiautomatic gun 30 rounds let that gun and went into my son because he hollered out and said run. >> i've lost two sons to gun violence. both 21 years old when the were killed and two years, seven months and 33 days apart. >> at a one another mother to go through this, i wouldn't wish this on the perpetrators parents. >> if i see a mother that has gone through what i have gone through and we can
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talk and we can help try and find a solution. we have to come together as mothers out there violence. there is no guarantee they're going to see them tomorrow. we need to stop thinking about this niche culture. nobody wants to say anything. i anderson and you want to protect your family, you know what to come fourth because you're in fear also. how long are we going to be in fear before someone does something, don't let it take your home before you do something about it. >>vicki: more than 50 percent of murder cases in san francisco remain unsolved. a san jose city councilman it is apologizing for his actions this weekend. the councilman was arrested saturday morning for d y. city's drinking with friends of thought it was ok to drive. but his way
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home to see each people come over. it's shows his blood alcohol level was 0.12, the legal limit 0.0 eighth. after his release he told other city officials of his arrest. >> one of the reasons i wanted to come out and let the community know and let my council colleagues know and apologize to them is that i realize we have a lot of serious decisions to make. i did not want this to be a distraction and that's why wanted to come out and fully it meant my responsibility. he >>vicki: will appear next month in court and he will attemptaccept guilty in a verdi. temperature >>brian: is in the upper 50s and low to mid 60's. concord to 66, the warmest spot. 59 for san rafael, san
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francisco in the mid-50s. all temperatures below average. were starting of the morning with readings in the '40's most everywhere. we could dip into the upper thirties and the coolest north bay valleys. there will be low clouds and fog into the bay even in linda over night. the fog she cleared away quickly. by 9:00 a.m. mostly sunny skies of the clouds clearing. temperatures starting out on the cool side in the '40's. by the afternoon, sunshine, gusty winds and temperatures just slightly warmer into the upper 50s by the coast, low seventies inland. we will get warmer over the next few days. >>vicki: mississippi is days away from cresting. we will show you damage in tennessee as residents continue to evacuate for had the sharks will another chance to eliminate the detroit red wings. we'll show you fan
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>>reporter: the record is 48.7 ft., officials are telling residents to
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evacuate kuwait. this is a serious event that is dangerous. by and large our communities are functioning. the mayor says to use good judgment when deciding whether or not to pack up. >> use common sense " the back door if the water is there that wasn't there yesterday should be concerned. >> tourists are worried the be stranded if they don't leave town. >> we're very concerned because we realize it's all unpredictable. we do not want to be stuck here in memphis. we don't want to have to flee in a hurry. officials now say the river will crest late tuesday night and day earlier than originally predicted. barbara hall, kron 4 news. >>vicki: sharks suffered heart rate despite the minutes from the next round. coming up will show you how fans on both sides are keeping the faith. the list apple computer is now on the
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>>vicki: the sharks smell detroit blood in the water. fischer's cannot close of the series. tonight it pulled out the victory this series is expected to trade for tuesday despite tonight's loss, sharks fans are excited about the play of success. we join the rally outside h-p pavilion tonight. >>reporter: tough loss the red wings came back to win the game. the for sinking six. how tough is this loss for you guys? >> it's heartbreaking but we have face. were going keep detroit! beat detroit!. >>reporter: fans excited about game 6 am were going to talk to some more fans inside the tank. all love affair between the fans and the sharks. year after year
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they sit in row 17 at each team pavilion to watch and support the folks on ice battling it out. >> for we've been ticketholders for 20 years. since 1991 we were at the cow palace. >> (cheering & applause) >>reporter: over the years they have seen plenty of winds and any losses. many of the fans remain hopeful not just on winning the series with the ultimate prize, the stanley cup. the shirts of never won a championship. >> this year will be san jose is here. were going to
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do it all. >>reporter: people compare the sharks to the san francisco giants. recall this torture hockey. >> we're ready to be done with the red wings. there driving us nuts. >>reporter: the shirts are confident they can close of this series of these guys are hoping for something different. what you think will happen in detroit? >> it's going to be a battle with the two wings will pull it out. if both sides are hoping their team can pull this out it should be a fun game. >>vicki: and extending the bay to breakers will have a lot more rules in place to keep alcohol and bad behavior and of the race. kron 4 has found websites that are encouraging people to break the rules. >>maureen: check out this training video that has been posted on save the bay to breakers pushing it kick up hill and touching people wearing fun police uniforms. age is a tip of had a drink of the race without being caught which reads and camelback which is like a canteen instead of full pack. porta-potti into the bush. if you're discreet in not disturbing the neighborhood he should be fine. >> to choose to drink you need to be discreet because
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those checkpoints are going to go after the low hanging fruit. if you're trying to we'll cut came to around if that's something that will stand out. if you're discreet there's no way they can enforce the on 100,000 people. >>reporter: exercising while intoxicated posted this article entitled why you should still crash the bay to breakers even though it's will though. despite the race organizers thing they will crack down on unregistered runners i spoke to the spokesperson said people who drink the 12 k run the risk of being arrested. if he also said the reason behind the tough rules this year is a because some runners have with the future of the race in jeopardy we want to stop people from drinking and misbehaving, hurting themselves and others. there may not be hundred and first bay to breakers that's why it said anyone would publicize the website how to break the rules. it's important we in for some
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this year so this please can go for another 100 years. >>vicki: the race kicks off next sunday you can watch it live on kron 4 starting to see all the kron 4 personalities including me, camp and carry. if you're in the race are sleeping in need to watch the replay of the coverage of 7:00 p.m..
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eatings into the '70s that's what we have for sonoma, fairfield a high of 70 degrees still cool at the coast we will feel the sea breeze. mid to upper 50s for the beaches. 60 san francisco so those numbers running below average. will the mid-60s he shore. the warm spots here in the state inland sections like antioch and pittsburg. low seventies. a little breezy, look for mid to upper 60s for the south bay and san jose, morgan hill close to 70 degrees. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, a warming trend tuesday into the upper 60s by the bay. not incredibly warm but
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temperatures coming up a few degrees. some clouds and drizzle early wednesday morning and partly sunny. a fairly column weather pattern for thursday and friday. the chance for what weather is coming up towards next week in late saturday possibly into sunday. >>vicki: abdul and simon are reunited in on the judge panel. here shelby lynne with today's hollywood minute. >>reporter:: don on the x factor in her new role she will be reunited with former american idol judge simon. nicole would put her performing musical skills to work as a cohost. the x factor it's the prime time lineup this fall. competitors will buy for $5 million recording contract. jerry seinfeld fans are click away from accessing
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