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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  May 9, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>>catherine: and unruly flight to towards a san francisco with a team coverage on the response. who is this man that caused this bay area home. how passengers help subdue him. -calls this bay. -home and the other two flights that were diverted this weekend. live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: tonight, a bay area man is in federal custody. he was subdued on a plane heading towards san francisco. dan kerman has more. >> american airlines flight 1516 left chicago o'hare 7:00 p.m. towards san francisco. 156 passengers,
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four flight attendants and or tpilots. as the wind abovas they flew above san francisco, the passengers sat behind started making his way towards the first- class cabin. >> the flight attendants tried to anticipate where he was going. perhaps he was going to the ford laboratory. at that point the canpassengers started to strike on the cockpit door. >> the flight attendants tried to get them away from the cockpit door. >> when he refused to the flight attendants did a bear hug time to take him away. >>reporter: the call for help in american airlines within seconds and american airlines pilot who was a passenger came to his aid. with another flight attendant. a retired san
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mateo police officer, and a retired secret service also helped command to the ground, cuffed and secured in a first-class seat for the pop final 30 minutes final 30 minutes. >> we are going to need priority landing. >> air americ traffic control priority planting. >> you are receiving it. >> thank you. >> prior to landing. if the suspect was taken to the san mateo jail with ultimately transferred into the custody of federal authorities. >>reporter: interference with flight crew members in attendance. he is scheduled to be arraigned in a federal court tuesday morning. at s f o, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>catherine: off >>pam--haazig madyun is saying that this is a math
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teacher, not a terrorist. >> he does not give any ties to al queda or terrace, i do not think he knows about anything about terrorism or- terrorism or even knows how to shoot a gun. he does not care about politics. he does once to learn the english language to was a big misunderstanding, that was the bottom line. . >>pam: they have not heard from the suspects since he was taken into custody. one passenger, isnapped photographs and posted them on twitter the suspect was shoving something as he was going down the aisle. shouting something-and passengers taking off the flight putting on a gurney. and the third picture was and the terminal interviewing a number of witnesses. this is not the
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only fight if that was- flight diverted-a dip delta airlines from detroit to san diego made a stop in new mexico. the fbi said it was a security scare. no suspicious items were found and no arrests were made. a short time later, a continental flight was diverted in sinkless. a man tried to open a door during the flight. from st. louis- he was not charged. >>pam: a man tried to rape a woman late on thursday on the 1300 block of san mateo avenue about 10:40 5:00 p.m. police said the man grabbed the woman from behind. 10:45--and he's-tried to pull her into the bushes and she slapped him and the suspect was seen running south towards san bruno.
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(music) >> jacqueline: the live look outside from our roof cam. that cloud coverage is showing it perfectly mostly sunny skies but still, the cumulus of the clouds are forming. the old diablo range, and the central valley and in terms of showers. quite a bit of shower and the storm activity eroding down and rotating down-and some showers nothing too intense. no severe weather expected. although there is the possibility of showers in the delta and the hills. mainly in the ellen diablo range. right now, the current conditions in the el diablo-with 60s and mostly sunny. 72 degrees in fairfield. 78 in san jose temperatures are up from yesterday and will continue this warming trend towards
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tomorrow. nine degrees warmer in novado, eight degrees warmer in antioch. ketose coming up. >>catherine: new details with the pricpakistan is saying that it is a absurd to think that there were trying to protect osama bin laden. they're even tried to blame the u.s.. >> allegations of complicity, it is an absurd. >>catherine: the american people to not agree. for americans out of five americans it is likely that high-ranking palestinian officials knew that osama bin laden was residing. and even obama is a skeptic. there has to be some type of support network for inside pakistan. the
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u.s. is going to interview the three wives of osama bin laden. the youngest wife who was shot in her leg. >> it could be very incriminating for the pakistan government. i am not surprised that they are reluctant to allow access to these women. >>catherine: american intelligence officials say that these videos and documents represent the single mark largest selection olargest collection-of terrorist digital-- affirmation. >>catherine: another this newspaper has a policy of banning all pictures of women, and the woman for fear that there would be
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essentially suggested. there is a white house policy forbidding the digital alteration of photographs of government officials. the newspaper has apologized for that action. >>catherine: more news after this
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>>pam: memphis tennessee is bracing for flooding. meanwhile, the u.s. army going of the engineers is opening eight new orleans spillway to ease the system make and has the latest on the evacuation efforts and prevention. >> in memphis, anxiety grows as the community waits. the army going of engineers are the army corp of engineers is waiting to do with the can. the mayor is releasing a statement with mandatory evacuations, installations
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of up to 30 floodgates' along the city's levee and sandbags assembly to support those plug datflood gates. so f, 50,000. >> we think we have a good hold on it, with evacuate foreign people. 1300 people or in low lying areas and we have evacuated already 400 people. >> 14 ft. above flood stage in louisiana, they even have evacuate it their inmates. the mayor has taken and requested. personal evacuation's. >> we anticipate and the worst, and are planning for the worst. >> down stream. the army corps intentionally lead out
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more water. >> this flow in this stage that you see art in exceed tens of the flood of 1927. >> in washington, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: conditions warming up tomorrow. a warm up towards this week but then the rain chance is coming up your full forecast. >>pam: the james lick on monday is relatively good particularly on the 80 which is of the top of your screen. the lower deck of the bay bridge is showing no problems. the south on the 101 on the bottom of your screen is beginning to back up. stay with us.
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sale of personal income and vehicle taxes that will expire by june the 30th. , that is why record to occupy the capital and we are going to strike until the republican legislators get the idea that this is not an open strategy for them. >> we are looking at an all cuts budget. we need some change to help the public education situation. >>pam: without the royal governor brown is warning that the state will be forced to make spending cuts so deep they will impact the lives of every californian. further eroding the public- school system. they will reconvene on friday. >> a council member is- cholera was of rested on saturday morning for 80 why
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he thought he was okay. on his way home to a dui. the preliminary test showing that is b a l was 0.12. legal limit is 0.08. after he was arrested. >> one of the reasons i wanted to come out and let the committee know and my colleagues know and friendly apologize is that i realize that we have a very lot of important decisions in the next couple of weeks. i do not want this to be a destruction. i fully understand what happened. >>pam: he plans on pleading guilty. >>catherine: the florida woman trial began she was beginning to get emotional when her sentencing charges were being read--with
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capital murder on her two year-old daughter. that will begin in orlando next week. >>catherine: human relatioremains found on a new york highway are leased the hawork of two different serial killers. with hand and body parts have been found with two different people killed on the eight people in his jurisdiction. under this circumstance is no suspects have been identified. newt gingrich is going to run for president. after months of public 14 for the bid. he was house speaker in the 1990's before he faced ethics questions and resigned. he is telling the supporters on facebook to watch fox news on wednesday when he will make a formal statement. >>catherine: the first
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complete face transplant took place with 15 hour surgery in the month of march. the texas man had muscles, nerves, nose, cheeks, he was injured and left lying when he hit a power line connected to a church and 2006. >>jacqueline: a pretty nice day but mainly to the hills. at the slight chance of isolated showers but it should not be severe. perhaps isolated sprinkles and then it will try out. clear skies and try temperatures warm, dry air with triton's-and try temperatures. and a dry out. dry temperatures think yoyou could see 72 in fairfield,
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and the warming trend in the later afternoon. with even 50s along the coast. here is a look at the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood with th7474 in the inland valleys the delta will be the warmest. 75 in concord, antioch and also nice, mild temperatures in the south bay. even through los gatos, texting = alting coastline at 59 degrees in half moon bay--to take a look at the your kron 4 7 day around the bay breezy and mild tomorrow afternoon with plenty of sunshine. by wednesday that sea breezes going to return to the forecast with fog on friday morning. temperatures are going to be cooling down by friday with the 60s bay- area wide. this weekend, bringing chances on saturday and then on sunday with a toyota percent chance of showers. we will keep you posted a 30 percent chance--
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pam? >>pam: henry tannenbaum has a chance to provide coverage for the bayto sponsored by zazzle. i think i get the best spot, that people are trying to reach the top of the hill, and what to mills great costumes i am looking forward to these bay to breakers. >>pam: the exclusive coverage is on the sunday, may 15th at 8:00 p.m. right here run kron 4 news if you miss it? will play all of it at 8:00 a.m.--and and 7:00 p.m. on may 15th we will begin coverage on may 15th
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last night the sharks had a chance to close it out. there is a jeremy will get to him in one second the real story was the sharks with a 3-1 lead in the third period. the red wings tied it up. and there was some playing against the board.
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it set up the game-one shot at the red wings were victorious. three-1 in the third and it is over the sharks are going to be going to the western conference. however, 3-3 tied up by the red wings. and then display the spot light it. marlowe's got the hockey puck. gets a way, is skating away, said it set up and falls from. for the first folstrom chastised by his former teammate. >> douglas, cutlass performance by patrick. - gutless-gutless--we will talk about that later but it is unbelievable. >> sponsored and it is difficult to believe that he is pa? he is hurt all right,
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right here. he is hurt. >> i think that onced federset there is nothing i can do about it. people are going to say things and what i can control is how i play and how i get ready for the game. >> and i and a round him cents every sense his career started. since--and he's of the same thing. he is a flat line type of guy. he is one of those guys that say i show what i do by the manner some of my play. he knows that he can play better and it is going to have to get better if it is when to close out tomorrow night. >>pam: night what is their biggest challenge tomorrow night? in flight to the goes? >> i think they feel some inflated egos- >> i think they feel some pressure. but this is all on
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collins he has to deliver a fire in princeton message. >> fire and brimstone message-- >>pam: thank you, vern we will be back, with much more news, ahead.


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