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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  May 9, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: at 4:30 a plan to route drivers on the bay bridge over the memorial day weekend. today, how this plan is going to impact you. j.r. stone. he is going to tell us who was going to be delays. >>pam: you are. during the memorial day weekend if you're going to oakland from san francisco. you can see the real video in the aerial pictures of this section. specifically called the oakland touchdown. . is
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right before this touchdown before oakland. west before the toll plaza keeping this some of the east all lanes are going to go from the old lanes to these new ones. a switch from east bound, coming from san francisco and going towards oakland. westbound drivers not impacted. here is the catch. at night on more of the weekend on a saturday, the 28 and a sunday, may 29th. the goal is to be finished by sunday before tuesday. because of this all five of those east, is to be closed at night. you'll be able to get through but do not expect this to happen, quickly. this could be standing still traffic at times. we spoke to a number of drivers. you are going to hear what they have to say at 5:00 p.m. for now, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >>pam: a busy day, a busy
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morning for san jose firefighters battling two different fires this morning. degrees fire at the kfc degre--8 oil-fire. the weather at a house and san jose on south fifth street. the only took two hours, with over $100,000 in damage. classes were not interrupted at the nearby university. >>pam: pg&e are testing their gas lines around the bay area to identify any potential weaknesses such as the san pronounce the explosion. rob fladeboe 3- san rafeal--last fall to avoid any complications like the san bruno gas pixe--rob? >> brian, is this the gas line what exactly is the
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testing procedure? we are testing 1 mi. section in mountain view. with walter to basically see the high drug-testing as one put it completely full of water, eliminate the air altogether. increasing pressure by introducing small amount of water into the pipe. the water is not to impressible but the small amount will increase the pressure to want to test it. the water is not-pressure able. these pipelines have similar characteristics of age during the san bruno explosion. we do not expect issues. if there were any leaks? it would be similar to a minor flooding. we have similar working crews and the field ready to respond if there are any leaks. >>reporter: mountain view, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news.
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>>pam: a san francisco shooting last halloween has killed himself after several shoot outs with police in texas. this was the scene in san francisco after last fall. police say three different people that night were shot including a toddler and a grandfather. authorities say that this 40 somebody spotted a man, 21 year-old jesse brown with a gone at a bus stop. two different officers were then treated. jesse brown was spotted with a gun at a bus stop in texas. they believe that he was going to georgia where he has family. >>pam: the pain at the pump but it might not last. analysts say there could be some relief and just in time for the summer vacation season. gas prices could drop by to 25 per gallon. the latest numbers from the national average and $4
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although aaa says that the national average has gone to $3.26 and it could drop by 505. in the bay area, $4.32, in oakland, $4.26. triple a is reporting the national average o$3.96 to >>pam: in april, the fast passes were eliminated
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>> >>catherine: 600 people out trying to flee and libya
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trying to flee to live-be of many of the passengers were able to get to shore. eventually, they were all rescued but still some did not make it. the president itsyrria is the president of syrria is hoping that this current protest and strategy will be over soon. rebel forces have been operating homes and arresting hundreds of citizens. >>catherine: in the southern indonesia, flooding and mudslides with eight people killed and other five are missing. thousands of people of lost their lives. in half of dozens of villages. taking out 2000 homes within three hours. >>jacqueline: taking a look at our extended forecast
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warmer weather tomorrow. a lot of changes. >>pam: please pardon our earlier delay of closed captioning. we will be back.
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(music) >> jacqueline: a live look with sunny skies but cloud coverage over the hills. isolated showers should not impact the bay area or the central valley. taking a look into conditions for tomorrow. we will start the day in the 40's with cooler. grab your jacket/sweater. warm up in the afternoon but even warmer today. with 70's tomorrow but the wind will pick up in the afternoon. we will see when speeds in the teens and gusting up to the 20's. temperatures will be 74 degrees in santa rosa. 75 in concord. '70s through napa and towards the south the bayshore the upper 60s, low 70's. 73 and san jose,
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74 in los gatos and also in livermore. 73 in san jose-- with great anticipation on saturdays race cloudy, cool, 30 percent showers chance. temperatures will be 49 degrees. it will be cool. the elite runners perhaps would like this because will not be too warm. towards haiti street hill--hay street hill. mild and breezy with pretty much the same to thursday. a coacooling on friday--the chance on saturday's rain and a sunday. will keep you posted publicly that chance will be as we go towards the closer how likely that chance will be of rainfall
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closer to the end of the week. >> and the nasdaq rose and closed at 2008. the strain of the apple ipad-the strength--it is overtaking google according to this 2011 brands study. apple top-ranking product and the google foended four year lead of google. the value dropped by 2% to $111.5 billion. ibm is no. 3 and mcdonald's was no. 4. number five was microsoft. facebook his number 35. the west apartment of transportation will pay $2 billion in road projects the u.s. department of transportation will pay over $2 billion in rural road projects. for the san
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francisco hi ray rail project for road projects come on road projects. railroad projects thank-you this will spur economic development and in the long run it wilrestore economic prosperity with world-class roadways. >>pam: republicans turned down this transportation funding from the federal government. >>pam: federal authorities are looking at fuel tanks an older model ford trucks at- 1501997-20 01. there have been all, aren f 150- 11997-2
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001. ford is standing by each recall, promising a repair. the actual harness of the fuel tank around the housing unit gives way. >>pam: stake asiastay cation >>pam: samantha hayes has more >> the american is planned that florida is the number one destination for the u.s.. california is second in the new york, north carolina and texas. travelers going outside the bahamas is a top choice and
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also north to canada. europe is also popular with italy, the united kingdom and france in the top five. the increase is a good sign because people have extra cash to spend on a vacation. they're not getting any trouble breaks. gas prices have eased a bit. they're not getting any travel breaks. the airlines have already had multiple price increases over the past couple of months. even higher prices are not stopping americans from going to the beach. allison cox in york >>pam: 2011 will graduate with more debt than before the wall street journal released its finding that when you add up the student loans, and their parents loans. the average senior this year will own $22,000.900 that is 8 percent more than just one year ago. 22,900. 2290traffic
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moving pretty well. we will be back.
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>>catherine: whitney houston has returned to rehabilitation on an out- pace in the 47 year-old out- patient. she canceled a tour dates in 2010. she was been penned in several reviews with complaints about her voice and performance she was hand--meredyth viera has confirmed that she will be leaving the today show in june. curry will replace her >> thror
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thor, coming in at no. 1 at the box office over the weekend. also fast for. and " jumping the broom " and " fast four" also maintaining its holding strength
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: fear in the sky a passenger pulled from san francisco flight try to get into the cockpit. team coverage on the response and how passengers to tackle the man on the plane and a look inside the flight. plus, who this man is. a family member speaks out only to kron 4. >>pam: passengers watch this unfold ahr


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