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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 10, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:30 p.m. >>pam: the rebuilding is beginning in san bruno pure why. s leading the way. a large crowd cheered and applauded today. local and state leaders were there to commemorate the event including california congresswoman jackie's beer.
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jackie spear. bob and that's your the first couple to have a whole rebuilt. >> it's a huge debt and little bit scary but exciting. i just want to get back home. >> it speaks to the vibrancy of the trinity. what ever going to do. this community is coming back to life. we will never be the same, i do believe will be stronger. >>pam: 20 of their homes in the neighborhood are expected to be rebuilt. construction on the home starts later this month. if they hope to move into their new home within the next year. a bike accident near santa rosa has killed the five year-old child. the child was hit by a car while riding his bicycle on private property on enterprise road. this is video of the scene just
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after 12:30 p.m. we have a crew headed to the scene we will give you more details as they become available. in san as a police say a 69 year-old male was run over and killed by his girlfriend followed by an argument and thus get to say it may but an accident. as rock reports the 67 year-old girl from remains a suspect pending review. >>rob: the circumstances occurred here off can erode any san jose. investigators are trying to figure out whether the death of this man was an accident or something else. for now his girlfriend who remains a suspect in his death. san jose police have not released her identity or said whether there were witnesses to what happened. they have learned, that the to have an argument early sunday morning and the woman was trying to drive away here in her car. when it
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leaves tried to stop your apparent to grab hold of the side mirror and somehow ended up underneath the car and was run over. at that point investigators say the suspect in the case, then drove away only to return a short time later to find out what had actually happened. police interviewed her at the scene but that she was released. the cases been turned over to the santa clara district attorney's office who will make the final determination whether there will be criminal charges filed. he suffered head injuries and later died at the medical center. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: in other news around the bay, tonight a man who pulled over on the shoulder of highway 1 01 and raised in this morning was killed one another driver crashed into his car. it happened south of the parkway on rep. if the man was thrown 75 ft. and was pronounced dead at the scene. in san francisco
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a man suspected of killing a pedestrian in a hit-and-run accident last week was arraigned today. jose is accused of hitting james hudson near masonic and turks last friday. he fled the scene and police say struck at least for part cars before crashing into concrete planters in front of st. mary's hospital. in antioch, one man is under arrest. police are searching for his cousin in connection with a drive-by shooting. authorities did it to man got into an argument with the third man at a nightclub, a short time later the two cousins allegedly shot at the victim while he was parking his car. if the victim was not injured. in oakland, the pothole blintzes continuing, so far more than 1500 pot holes have been filled with 2000 ago. crews will fill potholes in east oakland this week. >>catherine: san jose police
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say they're still looking for a suspect in a fatal shooting last month. they say that suspect is mario hernandez. this is a mug shot. he is accused of killing a man who had been visiting with mario's girlfriend at the time. part of the reasons are showing the fog on the right they say he has a distinctive cap to on his chest. police say the man has a twin brother named gilbert and he might actually be using his brother's id. mario hernandez considered armed and dangerous and believe to be hiding with family or friends in the state. >>pam: san carlos mayor has died of a heart attack this morning. he was elected to the san carlos city council back in 2007 and selected to serve as mayor in november. he called nine and one that was pronounced dead upon his arrival at the hospital.
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>>jacqueline: it is cool at the coastline today. low to mid '50's down the peninsula. warm and our inland valleys temperatures up as much as 11 degrees over yesterday. warmer in santa rosa and napa but today. that will change, the sea breeze winds are picking up to date. sit 26 mi. an hour winds at sfo and teams down the east bay shores. we will see that cool marine air carried to our inland valleys over night to rehash crucial fog great wealth that will push towards our inland valleys over night. the fog pushes back to the coastline by newmont and were left with a few high clouds in cooler conditions into tomorrow. so i love more on temperatures neighborhood neighborhood coming up in a bit. hey marcel, watch this!
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>>catherine: the biggest deal in microsoft's history. gabe slate shares with us how this will affect this type users. >>gabe: from this acquisition skype us will improve and be available on more platforms. microsoft wants access to skype us 170 million users. they will not change anything that could result in upsetting people and prompting them to stop using it. microsoft will plan this type of video chatting and phone calling into their product. like x box they will build an skype us so people can do a chapter there video game consoles. microsoft emotional control of the connect is perfect for skype
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us. it has a camera tilted. skype us will be added to windows mobile smartphones giving people the ability to video chat on their full well on the go. microsoft is looking at adding sky the video chats about look 30 now program. if that will be really cool. >> microsoft and skied together will bring together hundreds of millions where as tony said billions of consumers and power them to communicate in new ways. what this big thing? they seemed pleased. it posted a statement on their block. here's what the ceo had to say, this allows us to extend not from hundreds of millions but to let charlie billions. we believe this is a platform and a set of services that could reach everyone in the planet. in san francisco gabe slate, kron 4 news. >>pam: apple ads any data
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that is transmitted back apple is anonymous, apples or vice-president testified before a senate subcommittee. at google executive also testified. if congress is demanding details from the smart phone companies about the tracking practices after researchers revealed last month that i phone is an android phones were secretly keeping track of user location. kron 4 is coverage of this also bay to breakers is a few days away. this year will have every highlight from the starting line to the finish line and everything in between. >>vicki: it's the 100th running of the is also bay to breakers. pam and gary will host, james kicks it off at the starting line. we will have cameras along the course. henry will be at the pastry dough. vern glenn will be alongside the runners and i will be out of finding the wild as
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costumes. jacqueline bennett will see you at the finish line. if this doesn't bay to breakers sunday morning may 15th starting at 80 am right here on kron 4.
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>>pam: new details and the capture and killing of osama bin modern. the united states was prepared for a fight when it conducted the raid in pakistan. president barack obama know it may have to fight if necessary. people were on standby as something went wrong. a oxide it is warning that the united states has committed a sin killing osama in calling on moslems to repent his death. osama sons have lashed out sing the u.s. violated the law by killing an unarmed man and saying he should of been put on trial instead of being killed. president barack obama made his first visit to the mexican border today. he's trying to breathe new effort life in to immigration laws.
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he talked about the role of immigrants and helping america stay competitive. >> a look at intel, look ago, look it yobbyahoo, all the jobs they've created everything that have helped us take leadership in the high-tech industry, everyone was founded by guess who? and immigrants. >>pam: after praising the role of the immigrants the president took aim at republicans who insisted on tougher enforcement as a condition for immigration reform. he said his administration has met every demand, tripling the size of the border patrol, building a fence and slowing the flow of illegal immigrants. >> for now they're going to say we to quadruple the border control or the wont hire fence maybe they will need a moat. maybe they want alligators in the moat. house speaker john bainer
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said he is not satisfied. he said ending the violence that live border becomes immigration reform. the president said crime is already down. it's dropped by a third, were consistently among the safest in the nation. texas congressman release statistics comparing the crime rates to painter's home state. ohio seven major cities are all in the top 50 most dangerous. compare that to the towns along the mexican border almost all of them are below the national average. the president's mockery of the republicans as a departure from his usual appeal to compromise and cooperation. some analysts believe he's all but given up any reform legislation before next year's presidential election. >>catherine: people who live in memphis tennessee said that city is practically unrecognizable as flooding continues to swamp homes and businesses. the report is
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destroying a lot of crops to. the crest is expected to roll through the mississippi delta and the next few days. in some areas the river may not peak until saturday. families in new mexico getting a first look at some damage from ongoing wild fires. at least three homes destroyed in the town of mae held despite the efforts of more than 200 firefighters. most of the town was scared. this is one of several wildfires and mexico. an elderly and lead to a woman is being hours recovering by being dragged on the street by city bus. it she said it happened as she was getting off the bus sunday night. she said it took off and her injuries include a broken arm. police say the bus stopped after a driver in a nearby car followed the bus hawking her horn. it's not clear if the bus driver might face charges. a 12 year-old in north carolina is accused of trying to hijack a school bus. he is the seventh grader in police custody. police said he had
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two loaded handguns, forced the driver to go off the route and not clear why he did it. the the school district is applauding the bus driver to get in the student to put down the guns and got off the bus. this is the result of a high-speed police chase involving two young teenagers. the driver was killed when he slammed into a telephone poll this morning. police say he is going add more than 100 m.p.h. when it happened. the passenger was thrown from the car and is in the hospital. that chased a police through two counties over a stretch of 20 mi.. a homeless man's visit to a trash dumpster nearly cost him his life. he got locked inside he was dumped in a garbage truck and compacted three times. it happened not far from sacramento. at the man operating the garbage truck finally heard the screaming and called for help. police say the fact the truck was not full probably saved his life. the
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world's largest passenger airplane arrived at sfo today. the double decker airbus touchdown just after noon. this is the first airline to operate and airbus a 380 on regularly scheduled daily flights to and from at sfo. the international terminal is one of a half dozen airports with gate stack and accommodate this jumbo jet which carries 525 passengers. we are seeing quite a bit of fog off shore especially along the san mateo coastline. this will push inland over night. tomorrow, a little bit more mild tomorrow because of the clouds. by noon slow or to warn that fog will move back to the coastline but temperatures will not be as warm tomorrow as the work today. to do is close to the coast and upper 60s away.
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neighborhood by neighborhood, 68 santa rosa, 58 san francisco, 66 vallejo, 69 fairfield antioch and 71. a 55 along the coast, low 60s for the bay shores and upper 60s in the south bay. much check the bay to breakers forecast this weekend. more rain sunday. a 40 percent chance of light showers sunday morning. cloudy and cool as the system pushes through. temperatures are going to be cool, 49 degrees to start the race and 55 by the time we get to the finish line. future cast, the rainbow sunday morning. as we head into the rest of the week temperatures will be pretty mild we will see that fog in the morning there's the chance of rain as we head into the weekend. we'll see
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cool temperatures that 30 percent chance of afternoon rain saturday, 40 percent chance of rain on sunday. looking more and more likely but we will keep you posted on that. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments.. promise me low prices.
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>>pam: former gov. onerous arnold schwarzenegger and his wife have separated. they say they came to a mutual decision to separate after a lot of reflection and prayer. they remain on speaking terms. arnold finished a seven your running out of gov. back in january. >>kimberlee: bay to breakers is quickly approaching and kron 4 has recovered from front to back. we will have crews and team coverage. when it comes to the costumes of i'm your gal. on the judge for the contest. tisch bay to breakers is known for awesome and wacky from costumes. we want to see your pictures and videos
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just head to the kron 4 face book fan page opposed your pictures from either your costume from last year and let us know if you plan on attending this year. were posted images of you getting your posture ready for this year's race. your pictures and videos could be featured in future kron 4 newscast. >>pam: caltrans will offer rider's special service for the bay to breakers runners. all trains are scheduled to run and san francisco by 6:40 a.m.. the will be to express trains leaving san francisco after the race. >>jacqueline: i live look up side, sunny skies right now but we will see fog in the city shortly. it more details and a cooler forecast for tomorrow coming up.
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>>kate: home sales this year reached a new low with no government tax credits to help struck demand. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >>pam: nearly 59 percent of all homes in the county are under water. jeff bush tells you the story of one family home that's on the market for nearly three times less that's a value before the bottom dropped out. >>jeff: this for veteran to bathhouses been a family home for 42 years and was supposed to be the place where an elderly couple will spend the remainder of the life. now it's on the market for a
6:03 pm
fraction of what it once was worse.worth. the family refinand the house to make improvements and get caught up in hospital bills. it turns out the refinancing was a bad deal and the payments ballooned a few years ago because of the interest rate going up. >> at that time the money was needed desperately because of the job market and things going out of sync with the house. you need upgrades, to maintain the house. >>jeff: with a new roof, a new heater and air conditioners the house is in good shape. today is on the market for $99,000. >> it's a great deal for nine and $9,000. >>jeff: he hopes somebody buys that before the bank takes said in the family loses what little equity they have. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: the yemen man who
6:04 pm
allegedly tried to force his way into the cockpit of sfo bound flight was denied bail by a federal judge this morning. kron 4 was in court as the federal prosecutors detailed why the government believed the suspect needs to be kept behind bars. >>maureen: he displayed little in court. in her argument the u.s. attorney says that the defendant yelled god is great in arabic several times during the incident aboard the flight sunday noting that the freed has been linked with several other terror incidents including the 911 terror attacks. the defendant had no check or carry-on luggage on a flight from chicago. he also had no keys or cellphone but did have a charger. investigators found several pieces of identification on the suspect including two new york learner's permits with different addresses, an
6:05 pm
expired driver's license and a expired state idea. he had two checks one for $5,000 and another in his name for a thousand dollars. the details of who wrote the checks was not released. he was allegedly going to stick with this family in vallejo who according to the prosecution did not know he was coming. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: this is a picture from on board the flight, one of the passengers to help to bring down the suspect was a former officer of the san mateo police force. dan curman is live at sfo for the former officer recalled what he did to help stop the suspect. >>dan: that officer of larry bright said he heard the suspect yellen arabic least 30 times throughout the entire incident. >> former police officer larry wright was aboard
6:06 pm
american flight 1561 sunday night. he said he realized something was amiss when he heard a passenger behind him scream. he saw someone running towards the cockpit. >> there's a point he is running towards the cockpit and he screamed in arabic. i knew there was a problem. i knew i needed to take action >>dan: this marker shows where larry was seated. he immediately jumped up from his seat and headed towards the cockpit door where the suspect was heading. i felt he was trying to take on the flight crew and possibly crash the airplane. when larry reach the suspect to several others took him to the ground. larry put handcuffs on the suspects hands and his ankles. he advised remembers against moving the suspect to the back of the plane. >> he had a contaminant of some sort it could of been on explosive by d.. i was in log
6:07 pm
beach on the twin towers fell, i swore to myself that i would never be a victim. what occurred here is simply a matter preparing myself for what could have occurred. i don't think we need to go ahead and be flustered by this. it's something we need to be prepared for. he said he wasn't the only one he said several others felt about any would expect others to do the same faced with similar circumstances. a live at sfo, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: current conditions vary " close to the coastline but away from the coast temperatures warm without the sea breeze winds in place. fog will be done
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>>pam: the mississippi river has had his high point and office of things probably will not get worse. look at these pictures of the memphis area. devastating flooding and to give you an idea of how bad it is. throughout this out thousands of people have had to leave flood damaged homes. thousands of people have had to leave flood damaged homes. take a look at his trailer park in memphis, no one will be moving back here anytime soon even that low, low, low price advertised on this one won't help move it now. this is the result of torrential rain. the national weather service said the mississippi crested tuesday morning just below its all-time record. it is expected to stay at that level until wednesday. president barack obama declared a disaster area in tennessee making five
6:12 pm
counties eligible for federal help. not everyone is leaving. this man decided to stay in his home although its surrounded by water. he gets around by boat and spends time shooting at waters snakes that get to close. this is tuna cop mississippi, the casino is now surrounded by almost 8 ft. of water. what used to be the valley drop now looks like a street in venice. eight other casinos are expected to be closed for one month. that's not good for anybody. >> were not buying food, beer, were not sending our linen out to be laundered so the effect is far more than just what we're experiencing here at the casino. >>catherine: the flooding and illinois it, this is one of the spots where a lot of farm land is under water. it the flooding is wiping
6:13 pm
out thousands of acres of cotton, rice, corn among other crops. more news coming up after the break.
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>>grant: we have an update on the oscar grant civil case. he is the man was shot and killed by a bart police officer in 2009. according to the attorney for oscar grants family a judge dismissed a civil case against bart. the judge upheld this of the cases against johannes mehserle and tony peroni. that is masterly use see on the screen. he is the one who shot oscar grant. some of the civil charges were upheld and some were dismissed against them. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: tonight we now know that more than 100 teachers will be without a job next year in the mount diablo unified school district. j. r. stone joins us from
6:17 pm
concord and the will be a meeting about this tonight. >>j.r.stone: there is in that meeting is set to start in about an hour. will things get he did? it's hard to say. many teachers are all over the state protesting. in the distance, he could see the multi gardens elementary school. this is one of more than 50 schools in the district that will be affected by budget cuts or job cuts. many of these kids in concord don't know the changes they could face next year. they don't know about the budget problems that teaches bosses are dealing with. those with the unified school district tell me 180 pink slips were sent out last month warning teachers that they may lose their job. today they announced 111 teachers will in fact lose their job. the atlanta losses on three things, lack of funds, declining enrollment and schools allocating their
6:18 pm
resources. but here live, you're looking at the building, this meeting starts at 730 this evening. it is important to know i have talked with a number of parents this afternoon about the story subjects. many were concerned, many upset. one woman to me that her son went from having 18 students in his class to having 30 students this year. where does it go from here, when i asked them about paying more on taxes, most said they were willing to do that, some said know. reporting in concord, kron 4 news. >>pam: elsewhere, some teachers are spending their after-school hours and the most unlikely of places. some of them doing the work outside the classroom. rob shows is why someone to the mall to do their work and make a point. >>rob: teachers across california have been describing what's happening to public education in recent months as a state of
6:19 pm
emergency. dozens of teachers here at the food court in east ridge mall in san jose holding what it called a grade in. they're here grading papers and working on lesson plans tasks they would normally do in the classroom right now. they're doing to dramatize that being a teacher is not a nine to five job. >> today were grading in the mall just to show you the school day doesn't end when the last bell rings. teachers work hard and are committed. >>rob: teachers here and other shopping malls have signs on their desk that say aski'm a teacher asked me what i'm doing. they're telling people to get in touch with the legislatures to support the extended tax reform. >>jacqueline: fog is been
6:20 pm
hugging the coast line throughout the day. satellite pictures along the san mateo coastline. balking at closer to the north bay it will still in board as we head over night. overnight patchy and dense fog expected. our inland valleys will see the dense fog closer to the coast. tomorrow the fog moved back to the coast at noon. will stay there through the day of the buys mostly sunny skies, cooler temperatures. future cast, fog tracker for what we can expect more morning fog bay area wide. by 6:00 flight going over the delta and inland valleys in the will scale back from there. a little slower to push back then today. 10 a m patchy fog for the north bay and bay shores. that fog hugging the coast line into tomorrow afternoon. it will be very similar to what we saw out
6:21 pm
there today. that will bring cooler temperatures bay area wide because we will get that sea breeze wind into the north bay and and for delta locations. temperatures in the 60s tomorrow, 68 santa rosa, 58 san francisco. low 60s and the cells, a little warmer antioch 71 there. the fog will be brief tomorrow. the bay to breakers forecast, better chance of seeing rain into the weekend, 40 percent chance of light showers sunday morning. cloudy and cool conditions at the race kicks off at 49 degrees. it will get much warmer from there. the finish line just 55 degrees. quite cool. a 40 percent chance of light rain. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, temperatures up and down fog in the morning, sun and the afternoon and over the weekend more cloud cover a chance of rain saturday
6:22 pm
afternoon lingering into sunday morning. >>kimberlee: right now were making it easier for you to watch the kron 4 newscast wherever you are. we stream all of them live on and we just added its streaming out on the kron 4 face book fan page. you can also sign a cure for e-mail reminders that will be sent out whenever the kron 4 news goes live. it is your way from the tv and want to catch the news just log on to facebook or go to i'm a curious seeker.
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>>catherine: 2 nonpartisan groups say the gop plan to cut medicaid would leave as many as 44 million people uninsured. we're looking at the house republican budget proposal they say it would cut medicaid over a third over the next 10 years. so far most of the attention us focused on a proposal to convert medicare into a voucher system for future retirees. the republican
6:26 pm
budget has no chance of passing in the democratic lead senate. gm is planning a big money to upgrade. there going to pour $2 billion into improving 17 plants across eight states. that move will add or save more than 4000 jobs. that hiring lists could begin in late summer and last through 2012. a first of its kind cellphone alert system was unveiled today in new york. it's called a personal localized alerting network or planned. it will let people get emergency messages a case of an emergency tax, a natural disaster or a major threat. the special travel loss of funds to get those pre alert. some smartphones already have the chip that starting next year all new phones will have it. the service will be available in your city and washington d.c. before eventually rolling out nationwide. navy chaplains will be cleared of the form same-sex marriages in military chapels. this
6:27 pm
will began when the don't ask, don't tell policy is lifted. it will happen only in states that recognize same-sex marriage. one catch, chaplains will have the power to choose whether or not to perform this service based on their own religious beliefs. pentagon officials are expected to sign off on the new rules probably a few weeks. >>kimberlee: bay to breakers is approaching, right now water facebook page we of the contest were years also bay to breakers pictures can help you when a $50 gift card t. go to the face book fan page look at the left- hand side and right here click on sisal bay to breakers photo contest. when you do that it will take you to a page that lays out all the different roles. it has information on how to download the app on your smartphones and tells her head up load your pictures. it check out other photos that have already been up
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loaded. this one already has two legs on facebook. it or not just picking one when there were going to have five. five photos with the most likes will win. and over kron 4 face book fan page for your chance to win a $50 gift card by entering in the kron 4 is also bay to breakers fought contest. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments.
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now, at 6:30 p.m., tonight's big stories in one big block of news. more crews, more stories. right now, today's top story. >>kate: the number of bay area homes that are under water continues to climb. last year 22 percent of bay area homes were under water, that has jumped to 26% this year. contra costa and some sonoma county of the most houses that the mortgage has
6:31 pm
sunk above thewhat the home is worth. >>jeff: this house and vallejo is a part example of how the drop in home prices has hurt one family. when the patriarch of the family died in 2005 his wife refinanced the house to make repairs. underpayments blown she was on able to make the payments on her fixed- income. now the families try to sell the house but is listed at a fraction of what it was once worth. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>terisa: new details in the case of joseph naso that you see right here. but investigators say they found more than 4000 pictures of women when they raided his home. sources tell kron 4 news that the photos were racy and showed women and strange positions and sometimes they were tied up. but investigators believe that joseph was a self- employed it photographer took the pictures. he's
6:32 pm
charged with murdering four women in the 1970's and 1990's. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>maureen: in san francisco be amended of food try to force his way into the cockpit of at sfo bound flight was denied bail by judge. this was after the u.s. attorney argued that he was a significant risk to public safety. the prosecutor said the suspected not have any luggage, a key source of phone with him on the flight. his family in vallejo did not know he was arriving either. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>dan: that former san mateo police officer who was a passenger on board that american airlines flight sunday night said he would knew was there was trouble when the passengers started running toward the cockpit yelling in arabic. he immediately sprung into action and brought passenger down. in fact larry said he sat on top the passenger until the plane landed safely here at sfo. dan
6:33 pm
curman, kron 4 news. >>haazig: family members of the man declined to >> on camera following his first court appearance for allegedly causing a disturbance on an sfo bound flight. the set was an overstatement for family member to suggest that all of the family members did know he was coming. is that he may have trouble without luggage due to an airline losing his bag on his first flight from yemen to the united states. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>j.r.stone: in concord, those of the mount diablo school district told me 111 teachers will lose their jobs next year because of budget cuts. as you look in the distance you could see the multi gardens elementary which could affect teachers at the school. this is one of 50 schools in the district with 100 and a loving job cuts more than two teachers per school will lose their job. reporting in concord, kron 4 news.
6:34 pm
>>rob: here in san jose at the mall, teachers are holding what they called gradations. there's your grading papers working on lesson plans and dramatizing the fact that being a teacher is not a nine to five job. to reaching out to shoppers and others in encouraging them to get in touch with the legislature's in sacramento to extend taxes to support education. in san jose, rob kron 4 news. >>grant: the san bruno and exciting and emotional day for bobbinet see. >> scary but exciting, i just want to get back home. >>grant: they hosted a groundbreaking, they are the first homeowners to rebuild the following the deadly gas line explosion and fire that leveled the neighborhood last september. among those in attendance tuesday, congresswoman jackies beer. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>gabe: google's big annual
6:35 pm
i owed developer congress and expo is going on at the miss coney center in san francisco. google kicked off with a bang, this morning unveiling a new music service called music beta. by google. a and free streaming music service that will take on i tunes and let you access your music anywhere in the world and on any device to you can listen on the android or smartphones. in san francisco, gabe slate kron 4 news. >>pam: microsoft announced that is fine internet phone service provider skype for a whopping eight and a half billion dollars. the deal will allow microsoft to break into the real-time video and voice communication business. the plan to use skype to support its existing product including the ex box and the windows phone. it's the biggest purchase for the microsoft company in its history. >>jacqueline: our big weather story tonight, cooler weather tomorrow. we
6:36 pm
that temperatures in the '70s and in. it was cooler closer to the coast, temperatures only in the mid to upper 50s. thank-you to fog the blinker along the coast road the day. the sea breezes are picking up, it will carry that cool marine air into tomorrow. starting the day a little bit more warm the what we saw today. it keeps us warm overnight and cooler during the afternoon. by 4:00 temperatures cooling into the upper 60s for inland valleys. everywhere else temperatures in the '70s. your extended forecast, not much change of the next few days. fog in the morning and sunday afternoons. over the weekend much cooler weather as a couple storms push through. 30 percent chance of rain on saturday and a 40 percent chance of rain into sunday. >>kimberlee: posted a story
6:37 pm
about how teachers in santa clara are passing out fliers to parents about the budget cuts. let's check out the comments of the day. it's such a tragedy pretty soon we will have to pay for kids to good public school. wake up sacramento, education on all levels needs to be a priority! if you'd like to check out the story only the, with your thoughts just isn't the kron 4 facebook fan page. stay with us more news after the break. [ male announcer ] try sizzler's new value menu!
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>>kimberlee: arnold scored snigger and his wife are now separating. two months ago two months ago is web posted a video about how to handle the transition in life? >> people come up to me all the time and say what you going to do? i hope you're getting time to relax and take a break. and like to have here from other people who are in transition.
6:41 pm
>>kimberlee: some is in the video was about her career at the time, many are wondering if it was foreshadowing to the split. this comes two weeks after the 25th at wedding anniversary. prince william and his new wife are honeymooning here at the island country in the indian ocean off the coast of africa. a source said there staying in one of the 150 and violence for 10 days in a secluded villa. u.s. authorities are asking european officials in gathering evidence against seven time toward france winner lance armstrong in a case related to the use of performance enhancing drugs. today we asked our viewers if they think that armstrong should face criminal charges. let's take a look at the pole. the viewers say no, 40 people say know about 12 say yes and only about 12 say there on sure. we want to know what you think. visit the kron 4 facebook fan page to vote.
6:42 pm
>>pam: the sharks try again to close at the detroit red wings. last year award winner was back on the field with the giants. gary has all the sports next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> he's played well. >>gary: what the hockey game. jackie are you watching? pam are you watching any. right now out is cordless. here we go _ unless it just ended after two periods detroit has doubled the shots on goal. two intermissions the
6:46 pm
sharks with the wind would advance to the ground for playoffs. i feel like i've played this game. i'm watching this and anybody who sits on their couch and even the men i talked yesterday, anybody that talks about semi violence on skates and claims this guys don't have that says creasy. their scorn this right now, detroit and san jose. i'm out of breath. it's unbelievable, when you live what i do in sports you're watching everything. you're not sitting up here have a live look, how were you? are we getting screwed? >> (laughter) >>gary: your living this board. right now brought the second intermission. everybody looks good tonight, and probably the third as looking guy out here. probably.
6:47 pm
>>pam: we appreciate that. >>gary: the giants have a some new players tonight verses arizona. thorez been on the disabled list they put him back on a hill be leading off in center field. been off with and a sore achilles' tendon. mandela is back. market will play third base tonight. >> i feel great out there and just stay relaxed and take good pitches and try to get on base. >>gary: giants and diamondbacks did for the first pitch around 7:15 p.m., will mismanaging the cargoes for a while, he was diagnosed washing goals and having test today. he is uncertain when he will return. he is the third
6:48 pm
manager in the history of the sport, tony is 66 years old in his 16th season as manager of the cardinals, the entire right side of his face has been swollen for a while. although he continued to head and get ready for games he was at practice during the last homestand not feeling right. he will be out. his daughter is going to be a raider cheerleader this year. this is just then. he home schooled as kids. both children they were in ballet school and all this stuff. >>pam: and he still involved in the community. >>gary: the safety of animals, the daughter just made the cheerleading squad for the raiders. when you guys are out here had a wide look? his management scoring as? i'm not here getting leads on stories.
6:49 pm
>>jacqueline: it's good to know you're in tune with the raiders cheerleading roster. >>gary: i have to of the older you get the more that she looks good. i will explain that she what i will keep the audience, other guys would panic by ad lib. i will explain why. the culprit in one of the most out of mind plays in recent nba playoff history has apologize. >> i want to apologize for my accident at the start of the fourth quarter with dallas on game 4. they don't represent me, my upbringing my franchise or any laker fans out there that want to watch and succeed. i want to apologize, and glad he wasn't seriously injured in the event and telecoms say is that looked at it as terrible and it definitely won't happen again. along
6:50 pm
with the apology, he was suspended five games next season and fined $25,000. it deals in reason why i'm laughing as he gets fined $35,000 for san set the against the referee, you knock a guy down could seriously injure him and you get fined 25,000. bubba had the nerve to say something against tiger woods. claiming that his problems are and as head. today at the pga public explains. >> i think tiger is going the wrong way, i told him he know me of good friends with you i've been a supporter of you the whole time that an approach in on you. i'm here for you but i didn't do anything wrong. >>gary: you figure now that
6:51 pm
tiger is second time around he might be able to laugh at of self but he still is the boss and that's why i think you get it going again. if you go head-to-head with them you always hear we all fear tiger. its media talk. he still the boss. >>pam: is that wrong that might be in his head? >>gary: let's say i have a bad show, i would hate for you to go to jackie if he got up here on time he'd be more relaxed. i would hate for you to talk that's talking behind my back. >>gary: have you ever done that? know you're the one person was like back chalky agassi in a fit, he put me on the spot i could undo the weather right. >>jacqueline: all survive, i have your back gary.
6:52 pm
>>gary: cal bush and kevin stay tuned for my explanation find for their actions on petrol after saturday's race at the raceway. the two drivers been placed on probation for the next four series. remember the dinner hour call bush and capt. happened fined $25,000 a piece. when we return we will explain why i've been ad lib, i will explain. you have to stay tunes. we will also have someone, the shortest visit by a guest in the history of the program. stay tuned.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>>gary: thomas is a raider hoping this lockout ends. 110 tackles a rookie,
6:56 pm
averages 100 the first four years in the nfl. his father played nine seasons in the nfl for the chiefs and cardinals. one of the members of the info. very good singer. how would is active in the community donated mining in san jose and running his own foundation to benefit children. he didn't show up tonight. thomas where are you? >>caller: i'm actually the house i got caught up here. >>gary: all i can say is you're always welcome to come down. i know my getting stiffed by guests, but when the call and say i can move talk and i help you. >>caller: do your thing my brother.
6:57 pm
>>gary: will call you. see what a lot o'clock. ♪ ♪ i want to see the sunshine ♪ ♪ take me where you are ♪ take me where you are ♪ afternoon ride ♪ afternoon ride [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. get high speed internet from at&t, just $14.95 a month for 12 months.
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then -- >> he's report lid worth $400 million. >> the $38 million jet. >> the nearly $12 million mansion. >> "indepth" on who gets what, with the prenup. >> and -- >> she's a kennedy woman and they always look the other way. >> tha


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