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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  May 11, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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misconduct. the latest video is from a drug arrest in the jefferson hotel in december of 2010. he said one of the alleged victims of is seen here in the lobby of the residential hotel and the police report officers say they saw a crack cocaine in his hand, he claims the video show his hands were in his pocket. police say there were given permission to search the room but he said video of santana shaking his head no disputes that. while police were searching his residence, he said a friend walked by officers then proceed to tackle and choke him. the officers let that man go after searching him. the police report describes the incident as a brief detention. santana was arrested for attention of sale of crack cocaine. after released, he said santana noticed some electronics and a black duffel bag were missing from his home. santana accused hotel employees and filed a police report. he said this video
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shows an officer leaving his home with the black duffel bag. santana's attorneys said the bag was never booked into evidence or mentioned in the police report and that bag is still missing. the public defender's office said those drug charges and gains santana were eventually thrown out because the narcotics officer who was supposed to testify in court never showed up. live in downtown san francisco, kron 4 news. the public defender jeff had thought she said he is fed up with the alleged police misconduct and one victim tells kron 4 news he is out bridge. >> in every instance where we've been able to match a video with a police report, we have found that police officers are committing perjury. >> what i saw the video i started to cry. that's my baggage the answer to the puzzle. that's a police
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officer taking my bag of the room. this big the new police chief held a news conference immediately after the public defender released the news surveillance video. he said is acting swiftly to look to the matter. >> guy immediately initiated an investigation, we pretty much shut down on all the other cases because i believe that the character of our officers is paramount. it is my intention to find out what they're not this didn't happen the way that he alleges. so that the officers can continue the work they do. i do have a press release and mr. dodge she said officers were caught breaking the law will bhave no place serving san francisco. i agree with him 100 percent. i will tell you the members of the sentence is go police department agree with him 100 percent. >>pam: stay with kron 4 for
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continuing coverage of this and you can go to any time for the very latest information there. new details tonight on a murder-suicide that left three people dead. it happened that a san jose state parking grosz. rob is live in san jose tonight where officials wrapped up a news conference not long ago. >>rob: we had hoped to learn the identities of the three victims here. university officials held a news conference here in the quad about 30 minutes ago but now telling us what we will have to wait until tomorrow for more information. we do know three people are dead and they are affiliated with university. it happened right here last night at the 10th street grosz between stanford and go and santa clara street between ninth and 10th. neighbors in the area, students telling us they heard to burst of gunfire about five shots each ringing out. a short
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time later the place was crawling with police, paramedics and fire trucks. two people found dead inside a car on the fifth floor of the grosz, a third victim found elsewhere in the crash and is presumed to be the shooter. that individual is taken to hospital and later died. this is being investigated as an apparent murder-suicide. it recalled a was an isolated incident and at no time was anyone be on the garage in any danger. here's a question put to the university official about the timeline what actually happened inside that grosz here is how she responded. >> what we've been able to ascertain is that there were two individuals in a cart and a third individual outside the car. with respect to exact timing, when people heard of the grosz that information were still collecting. that's about as much as we can say at this point. >>rob: that's the university
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spokesperson, she tells us they hope to know the identities of those three individuals by tomorrow morning. they have been unable to reach two of the three families until they know the identities of all three. reporting live in san jose, kron 4 news. >>pam: is our team coverage continues with maureen kelly. she is a time line of how campus authorities spread the word it >>maureen: it was at about 850 p and 20 minutes after the shots rang out inside the crash that the university announced via the p a system this message. >> despite the police presence at the crotch you are safe. >>maureen: a text message with similar information was sent out. students from this e-mail in error in box with his audio recording the first indication there been a shooting on campus. >> there has been a shooting in the north grosz, >>maureen: some students said they wished they had
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more information sooner. >> had we know it safe? while we know is there investigating something. what are you investigating? are we safe? it tells us that and how >>maureen: they gave limited information out because of what they knew early on about the crime. >> it was clear to the officers that this was almost certainly isolated. >>maureen: university is looking into how to get more information and to a student in a timely fashion. they believe their first responders handled this situation appropriately. >> in this case there were three bleeding victims on the floor, their first priority had to be medical care, it's the human response. >>maureen: reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: a double homicide rocks a quiet neighborhood in vallejo. it happened on our map on race street. we show you the crime scene. >>haazig: two dead bodies found here and vallejo.
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behind me you see this a lot of county emergency service command center set up their leading the investigation. neighbors described they heard. pal, pal, paul and that was >>haazig: defend a man dead in the front seat of this white ford taurus, and later on deputies found another deceased shooting victim at the outset of all home a short distance away lying in his driveway. his body covered by this blue tarp while forensic specialists when over the crime scene. the woman who for the shooting said this is unusual for this neighborhood. >> i haven't heard anything like that around here, by daughter said she never heard anything like this. >>haazig: the share department said the motive for this double homicide is
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still under investigation. in vallejo, kron 4 news. >>pam: tonight at 5:10 p.m. flight disturbance new concerns about security in the air after a series of incidents on airlines. >>j.r.stone: i've traveled at the sonoma coast to introduce you to a woman who some say is the most famous when it comes to the bay to breakers race. >>pam: google expo by hot new gadgets unveil today, we have a preview coming up. hey marcel, watch this!
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>>pam: new details of the investigation of a man who raced down the aisle of the san francisco bound american airlines flight and started pounding on the cockpit door. he remains in federal custody and charged with interfering with the flight crew. dan curman looks at some of the possible red flags that may or may not alerted security personnel in advance. three pieces of the information put together to raise red flags.
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we've been told that he holds the yen and passport. he bought a one-way ticket to san francisco and we note rejected no bags and didn't have carry-on bags. all that could raise our red flag. federal officials say it doesn't lay out that way. the u.s. attorney's did the suspect carried several ideas, they did mention the yemen passport. the itc had on him were all from the united states. one york state driver's license, one expired california i.d. card in one california driver's license. the name of a boarding pass match the u.s. driver's license. it no red flag. as for the luggage, the security administration said it would have no way of knowing he had no bag as he went through securities on the red flag. same thing for the one-way ticket, no way for the gsa agents not knowing. it's not always an indication of a security risk. the gsa said the best
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line of defense with the watch list is one official speaking on the condition of anonymity sang he was not on the terrorist less. >>pam: what does that leave the travelling public? the gsa san make sure no one is travelling with anything on them are in their bag that could harm anyone, in this case he wasn't traveling with anything that could harm. >>pam: any indication whether he went through the second screening? the tse said there's no way of knowing, they don't follow that. he is due back in court on friday, hopefully we will get additional information and more information about the possible motives. >>pam: a massachusetts man allegedly tried to open an emergency door on a delta flight from orlando florida to boston. police say that robert had been drinking and appeared upset when the
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flight was late. he pleaded not guilty today to interfering with the operation on an aircraft. >>jacqueline: current conditions, temperatures cooler than yesterday. we will see fog again over night but it will be as cold as today. all have that detail coming up.
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>>pam: tonight hundreds of workers along the mississippi river are shoring up levees all as flood waters move south from memphis. you can see the crews that are trying to take care of things before the waterfloods any more areas. millions of acres of farmland are under water as the river near record levels. >> a came in so fast in my house is completely submerged. >>pam: an hour drive south of memphis to endicott is the latest community to feel the force of the mighty mississippi. hundreds of homes gone, the water has
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inundated the nine casinos. the town's biggest employer. on the other side of the ripper the waters are rising in arkansas. people can see the river are now finding it at their doorstep. the slow- motion disaster has pass through memphis where the waters have already crested at 15 ft. above flood level just inches short of the all-time record. by the beginning of next week, green fell mississippi could see a 65 ft. rise that's 17 ft. above flood level. after that levels are predicted to reach 47 ft. in louisiana. to protect populated areas, louisiana may have to flood some of its farmland. the state has mobilized hundreds of national guard troops. >> we have search and rescue teams, the apartment of
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wildlife and fisheries. the national guard positioning in the northern part of the state. >>pam: to give you an idea of this size of the flooding think about a football field covered in 44 ft. of water. that's 2 million cubic feet. if you're standing at the edge of the mississippi river that's just how many water would be flowing past due every second. >>jacqueline: on the upside down on the city this afternoon, sunny skies and a little crazy. were seeing the sea breeze winds yet again this afternoon. it temperatures are much cooler today because the sea breeze winds. the region and land, temperatures in the '60s. cooling down quite a bit today. a 56 san francisco, 60 oakland, 61 fremont. conditions overnight will be about the same as what we saw last night with the fog.
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it will clear quicker into tomorrow afternoon. patchy to dense fog over night and the fog pushing back in. it will clear all along the coast as well. temperatures warm tomorrow. thursday night mostly clear skies expected. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures are expected to be a little warmer than today. temperatures leading into the '70s, 70 napa, 72 concord all along the coastline temperatures in the upper 50s but our bay shores will warm up tomorrow. the upper 60s and low '70's expected in the south bay. we're keeping our eye on the bay to breakers forecast for sunday. the computer models have consistently put rain in the forecast. a steady in light rain expected, a start in that race at 49 degrees, up the hill 52 degrees. 55 degrees expected the top of
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the hill. cooler temperatures this weekend as the frame rolls through. the rain will last throughout the day. will be back after the break.
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plus get this document shredder, free! but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >>pam: weird days away from the coverage of the 100 and walls zazzle bay to breakers. it is the best known foot races of the world. you can watch your right here on kron 4 on sunday at 8:00 a.m.. when women were first allowed to run back in 1974. chairs don't introduce you to the first woman to officially when the race. >> i believe it's 100 this year, for women and this race it's only 40. >>j.r.stone: you better believe that dr. frances conley knows her stuff when it comes to bay to breakers. she was the first woman to officially when the race in 1971. >> there was a look of
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disbelief. you hear the patter feet. trying to come up and get ahead of me again. usually as i do that they're gone their toast. >>j.r.stone: it's not why she chose to raise that year or any of that matter. i came from within our love for writing a will to succeed. i ran the bay to breakers for the first time in 1968, three years before they allowed women to run a. i had a group of men around me who protected me so that they would not chased me off the course. we'll the obstacles may not seem to fight it was the little things that kept her going. >> as i was running along, a couple little girls were out there watching and and get so excited, they said maumee, there's a lady of their running. >>j.r.stone: of lady
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although retired and living a quiet life with her husband is quite knowledgeable. in fact, she's the pioneer in the medical field she became the first neurosurgeon in the united states while at stanford university. our reason why she still laughs at the newspaper headlines announcing her bay to breakers wind. >> housewives-star leads a double life. give me a break. she even beat her husband fell, she works as brain surgeon also. (laughter) there's me of racing against death. >>j.r.stone: schmid and is in the 1990's when she resigned from stanford after facing years of sexual harassment. today that is in the past, she is still running and stow very modest even when i did the unthinkable and ask how old are you? >> how did you get this
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assignment? all know i have to meet this aging old woman. i'm 70. >>j.r.stone: she still makes running sound and look as easy as ever. >> i've never been a coach, i just put 1 ft. in front of the other and you do it as fast as you can and keep going. >>j.r.stone: what she hasn't competed in person for some time, she has seen the headlights' sometimes a bit over the top. she said she has no plans to go and watch the race and person but maybe some day. >> may be for the 100 women's running. if i run still have discovered the fountain of youth. >>j.r.stone: reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: our exclusive coverage of the 100th running of the zazzle beta breakers is the sunday may 15th starting at 80 on right here on kron 4. it if you miss it we will replace all of the action again at 7:00
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p.m.. more news ahead. i am a sneeze whisperer. i am an allergy analyst. bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i am a dander decoder. chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief.
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