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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 11, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:30 p.m. >>pam: massive tuition hike of more than 30 percent that could be unavoidable for thousands of university students. as kate thompson explains, the university system says that if the state cuts more funds in its hands will be tied. >>kate: possibly facing a billion dollars in cuts from the state, the california state university system said they have no choice but to raise tuition 32 percent or $1,600 a year. currently tuition is about $4,800 a year, with the proposed increase in ad on campus fees the cost of the year at csu could reach more than $7,400 a year. the increase is approved it, that means the cost of attending see as you would of doubled in three years. the big question facing csu
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is if there $500 million in cuts that it approved will grow to become a billion dollars. that all depends on whether not the governor's proposed tax extensions are approved. if they're not, without the extension besides raising tuition, csu would also have to cut back on the number of students it can afford to enroll. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >>pam: san francisco school board approved more than 100 cuts last night including 139 certified employees such as teachers and nurses and counselors. 13 administrators, and 120 paraprofessionals and 34 civil service employes such as secretaries and nutrition experts. last night the antioch law school board it voted unanimously to lay off teachers. these labels will go into effect for the 2011 and 2012 school year in order to halt the budget
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deficit of $12 million. cuts to education are the center protests all across the state of california. schools rallied in union city this morning, the students joining in. on june 30th at the state schools are expected to lose $4 billion in funding if tax extensions are not passed. in alameda, the protest was not his blog go the message from the teachers' group was just as strong. >> it is real, very real and we don't want to wake up tomorrow and have the education of california devastated. by the loss of school days, the cuts, the increase in class size. our children at our future, they will be what keeps our states. we need to educate them. that means we need to pay for what we believe witches public service and education. >>pam: in march voters
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approved a $12 million parcel tax the hell the district to balance the budget. on friday opponents of the tax issue the lawsuit against the school districts running an unfair tax gov. jerry brown is battling lawmakers over its plan to shore up the state budget deficit. the governor has proposed a mix of spending cuts and tax extensions to close the budget gap. it is expected to provide a revised plan on monday. the governor wants a special election so voters can decide whether to extend increases to personal income, sales and vehicle taxes for five years. those increases are set to expire july 1st. new details this evening, an uncle is reacting after hearing news that his nephews cavalier will soon be released from prison. after spending less than a year behind bars. kron 4 has been talking with the family of oscar grant and community members in oakland to were more than upset. >>j.r.stone: this is a 22
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year-old oscar grant, killed back in 2009 when he was shot by a former bart officer johannes mehserle. a man who is to be released from prison next month. six >> he should of done 14 years and then maybe he could of addressed us as a family. >>j.r.stone: grants uncle is upset and not shy about his feelings. >> this is the race issue, bias policing and racial profiling. >>j.r.stone: grant's death was caught on self on video, it's hard to see but at one point johannes mehserle shooting kills grant. he said the accidently grabbed his gun instead of his taser. he was given involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to two years in jail. >> he committed perjury along with all the other officers. >>j.r.stone: those in the community say that when he is released they will rally for justice. >> i was their best friend, he is gone he will never come back. >>j.r.stone: johannes
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mehserle family did not return our phone calls. those who loved and lost oscar grant say this case is not over yet. >> would make me happy is of the department of justice picks this up. this is the justice we need to close the and give the family and friends the closure that we deserve a >>j.r.stone: . jerad stone, kron 4 news. >>pam: san francisco is softening its stance on immigrant juvenile swore arrested on felony charges. mayor ed lee said the city will no longer automatically report immigrants to authorities if they have enrolled in school and show family ties to the bay area. police are stepping up patrols in sacramento after a homicide suspect was spotted there. michael is wanted in the fatal shooting of a 24 year- old man back in december in antioch. investigators believe she visited a
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friend on campus yesterday. in watsonville man suspected of robbing a woman is in custody. police say chat robinson followed two women at about grocers storm monday and snatched a purse. witnesses attempted to follow the suspect but lost him as he started jumping fences. an officer spotted him later put him under arrest. in livermore police suspect the same and have pulled down the paths of numerous lone female doctors. six cases of reported since 2007. the women range in age from 19 to 43 were not physically injured or sexually assaulted. this city of now but in public works crew are replacing a large section of the city's main water line that rupture tuesday afternoon. it caused a widespread drop in water pressure from many customers until the break could be located. >> we were able to turn on another plan, water plant
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and the water back on for most of the customers about two hours after the break. >>pam: the directors said some customers may experience brown water for a few moments after they open a faucet. they say it will clear after a few additional moments and the water is not a health hazard. >>jacqueline: temperatures were cooler today as the sea breeze winds made it all the way to the inland valleys. the fog will were turned over night moving back into the bay this evening and by tomorrow morning patchy to dense fog bay area wide. if it is expected to clear by the afternoon and along the coast. i will tell you how long the war to last coming up in a bed. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments. hey marcel, watch this!
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>>catherine: that information shows osama had to say in many of the threats over the last few years. so far u.s. intelligence hasn't found any information that suggests another attack is forthcoming. >>pam: to earthquakes hit spain today killing at least 10 people, dozens other injured. this was stains high as quick related death toll in more than 50 years. the first quake was off 4.4 in the second of 5.2. the emperor and efforts of japan met with the tsunami in quake victims today. they arrive today by military cophelicopter. they visited
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gymnasium where 600 people are staying and they've visited a city that is badly damaged by the tsunami. the trial has been delayed again for the two americans being held in iran when it has been on charges. the officials aren't saying why. shane and josh and several were arrested during a hiking trip back in 2009. sarah has been released. all three denied espionage charges against them. i human rights group said the syrian army had shelled residential areas as part of an effort to stop the seven week long uprising. activists say at least 18 people have been killed including an year-old boy. this footage was shot yesterday. european countries have met with syrian ambassadors to threaten sanctions. >>catherine: a man who survived a terrible accident and loss figures with
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reunited with the doctor helped save him. andrew leslie fell asleep at the we will and a pipeline through his head. his surgeon said if the pipe were a few centimeters underside he probably would of died. will be right back after this break.
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>>pam: the sharks won away from moving on to the next round of the nhl playoffs. the loss three in a row against the red wings. kron 4 sports reporter vern glenn is here to take a look at tomorrow night's game. >>vern: was at practice today i can tell you that why and the alternate captain was not on it pays. his status will be a game time decision tomorrow. let's roll practice today where we can show what expecting the auto factor.
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are they on their heels? they were on the ice for about a half-hour, i wonder if he would show up with points tomorrow. they're going to need him to stand on his head as they like to say and hockey and deliver tomorrow. the overall prevailing feeling is the captain joseph gordo thorton. here is the mood at the clubhouse. >> confident, extremely confident. were held in the ranks and will use our fans and cried for advantage. >> it doesn't matter how we got here, whether it was a 3-0 lead what matters is the input we put in tomorrow. >>vern: detroit made san jose look ever so small last night in that 3-1 victory. there's no such thing as
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momentum in hockey. games 7 they will drop the puck in those first two minutes you might read little bit into who's in what so more than the other. the sharks like their chances at home. >>pam: tickets to games and went on sale last night and this morning fans lined up early to get their hands on the tickets. kron 4 and stub of our partner and to give away a pair of tickets to thursday's game 7 at 80 billion. for a chance to win good a kron 4 facebook fan page and like us. and get a former you can enter want to win a pair of tickets to thursday night's game. >>jacqueline: the fog was extensive out there this morning. boxer the north bay by 9:00 and inland valleys. by noon it still back to oakland and hayward but was still long the peninsula and coastline. falk to the coast at this hour. it will stay
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there and be there all day. will we see at push back to the inland valleys all my. 6:00 at were widespread fog. it will peel back a lot faster than what we saw out there today. but it o'clock scaling back, by 10:00 virtually gone. you could see over here in hayward and fremont were seeing lingering fog and that should clear into the afternoon. it that will mean a lot warmer temperatures tomorrow. 70 vallejo, 60 san francisco, 59 along the coast. slightly warmer for the bay shores and in the south bay. 69 san jose, 72 los gatos. the bay to breakers forecast, were watching for rain, the computer models consistently putting it into the bay area on sunday morning. it is expecting cloudy and cool conditions as well a steady light rain through the race. it starting off 49 degrees
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as the race starts, 52 at the hay street hill and not warming much to the finish line at 55 degrees. let's take a look at the rain. early in the morning heavy rain and land, right over the city were seeing steady light rain continuing through the 6:00 hour and the end of the race. the not o'clock how were lightening up but the rate expected to go all the way through the race. in all conditions over the next couple of days, much cooler this weekend as the rain push is in sunday night and saturday. nicer conditions expected next week. >>pam: starting today highway 50 is closed at echo summit and it will stay that way for about two weeks. it's all to replace an old rock wall which prevents people from dropping off the side of the cliff with a new modern barrier. here's a map of the route which is highway 88. it adds up to 35 mi. to the trip of
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sacramento. even after the road opens delays are expected to continue for about a month. in the east bay commuters are not happy about the new express lanes on interstate edie. it runs from highway 84 to highway 237 in milpitas. carpoolers can use the lane for a freeze but so drivers pay a fee. i new study shows those drivers only save one minute on the 14 mi. stretch. charles clifford is their live to show us the problem. >>reporter: right now you're looking at a live picture of the cells, lanes of interstate 680 before the all will accident. the toll lane is on the left side of the double white line. the problem is occurring during the southbound morning commute between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.. several drivers i spoke with believe there morning drives have gone long dirt and is told lane is to blame. >> it seem like the traffic
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was backing up farther into pleasanton. >>reporter: brad has been commuting for years, he said when the toll they won in last fall things slow down. >> were all stopped in the all three lanes and a commuter lane is wide open. >>reporter: the transportation commission said the toll lane is working exactly as planned. it to say the average commuter uses it twice per month and they are on track to collect as much quality as they hoped for. they also said they believe the reason morning commuters might see delays is because over the past year santa clara county's unemployment rate has dropped from 11.7% to 10.3% meaning that thousands of additional drivers could be traveling on 680 each day. the slowing down the commute. back live, the empty sea want to remind drivers that this lane is always 24 hours a day free it has a carpool lane. the
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lane is free for everyone from 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m.. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: checking traffic on the james lick slow in all directions. will be right back. [ male announcer ] try sizzler's new value menu!
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>>pam: google made a major announcement today in san francisco, unveiled a new computer. gabe slate has a look at it. >> every crumb book is instant to turn on. >>gabe: google tuned up with samsung and made with a laptop should be they're calling it to crumble. if unfortunately google and samsung did not have any new crown books on site at the show for the press. for now here's what i can tell you about this new type of laptop the crow about. it is truly unique computer that will not use windows are mac operating systems. it will run on gogol's new operating system called chrome. chrome is totally web based, this
5:57 pm
laptop will not use any software. if documents, games anything you do with the normal computer you can do on this using gogol's free web based software and programs. think of it as an internet based notebook. everything you will do you will use the web. the major advantage? it's why fire and three g service unable to you could take anywhere in the world and all your computer digital life with you. in that sense a kind of blend the smart phone with a net book. the crown books has a 12.1 in. screen, a full-size keyboard and an oversize multi touch trackpad. it comes into colors the dark silver and white. it uses a solid state hard drive so it puts up superfast it takes only eight seconds to turn on and get to surfing on the web. the new card where its but what gives it a long battery life up to 14 hours. it has a built-in web cam. the samsung google crawl book goes on sale june 15th and
5:58 pm
cost $429 for the wife i only version and $499 for the y 5 + 3 g. version. gabe slate, kron 4 news.
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>>pam: police officers accused of beating up the man and another case of alleged misconduct for the s.f. pb. kron 4 has team coverage on covering the new video and we talked to the victims involved. the search for the shooter at san jose state, three people killed on campus. we'll live with details on the man hunt in who was killed. it off new details on the man accused of tried to storm the cockpit of his flight. if the new questions being raised about how he got past security. facebook admits information about you and millions of other users was leak. what the social
6:01 pm
network suggest you do to keep your personal information private. >>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 6:00. >>pam: at 6:00, new video of alleged misconduct by it san francisco police officers. this is surveillance video from the jefferson hotel in san francisco. you can see officers going in here after a man they are detaining him. some say the officer seen here are actually crossing the line, they were in the wrong. all this follows a string of situations where police up and accused of misconduct at residential hotels. in looking at other videos that have been brought up to the public's attention. people who live there say officers and to their rooms without warrants. >>grant: the public defender's office said this is the fifth video they have released since march. it
6:02 pm
shows police misconduct. not a public defender is calling on san francisco new police chief to implement as zero tolerance policy for police misconduct. public defender jeff has uncovered what he calls more troubling surveillance video showing san francisco police misconduct. this video is from a drug arrest at san francisco jefferson hotel in december 2010. he said one of the alleged victims fernandez santana is seen here in the lobby of the hotel. officers say they saw crack cocaine in his hand, he claims the video shows his hands were in his pockets. police said there were given permission to search the room but he said video of santana shaking his head no disputes that. while police were searching his residence, he said a friend of santana's walks by and officers proceed to tackle and choke him. officers let the man go after searching him. the police report describes the incident as a brief detention. after he was
6:03 pm
released from jail, he said santana noticed some electronics and a black dufflebag were missing from his home. he accused hotel employees and filed a police report but he said this video shows an officer leaving santana's home with the black duffel bag. his attorney said the bag was never booked into evidence or mentioned in the police report and that bag is still missing. it's also important to note that those drug charges against santana were thrown out. a judge threw them out because an officer who was subpoenaed to testify never showed up. live in san francisco, grant kron 4 news. >>pam: the public defender's office said police misconduct is a growing trend that's become a serious problem. a victim
6:04 pm
tells police and kron 4 news that the video answers a lot of questions. >> you saw the sheriff, that's my bag and answer to the apostle. a police officer taking a baguette of my room. >> and there were no badges saying no, no identification. >>pam: san francisco snood chief of police held an impromptu news conference immediately after the public defender release that new surveillance video. he said he is acting swiftly to look into the matter. >> this situation will play out as soon as possible and i will consider the officers in this innocent until proven guilty. it if they did do something wrong there will be held accountable. the investigators are proceeding. i do not think
6:05 pm
that this is a widespread signal to the entire police department. i think the officers again to a really good job under difficult circumstances, they know now that virtually everything they do is on video, we have instituted training to let a no exactly how to do it. many of them feel this was unnecessary because that's the way they conduct or have always conducted business. the >>pam: stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the alleged police misconduct case. what a any time for the latest information there. a triple fatal shooting on the san jose state university grosz. rob is live there tonight with the latest. >>rob: still a lot of unanswered questions here tonight. we know for sure three people are dead, all three of them are affiliated with the university. we don't know what their students.
6:06 pm
officials came out and said they identified two of the three, until they identify all three they're not boy to release names. let's take you to that parking grosz and get a closer look. it happened on the fifth floor of the grosz at about 830 tuesday evening when shots rang out. it would please rush is on two people dead inside of the park. a third victim elsewhere thought to be the shooter that person transported to a hospital where he later died. beyond there's still lots of questions. >> we've learned that this isn't a sedateis a it isolated o other people involved, were quite certain there are no other suspects out there. we're still looking into how thithese three individuals knew each other. what we shared
6:07 pm
so far is that there were two individuals in a car and a third individual outside the car. with respect to the exact timing, what people heard in the grosz that information was still collecting. that's about as much as we can say at this point. >>rob: isolated incident a telling us they believe this was a murder-suicide. as far as what people heard inside the russian student housing listen to this here is a couple people who said there were cooking dinner at about 8:30 p.m. >> it was standing outside of the balcony and out of know where we heard 10 gunshots. at first we thought it was gun shots, then my neighbor said know it can't be. two minutes later a bunch of cops paul lott, they come running in with guns. as beat i was talking with my roommate and
6:08 pm
i hear six pops. i looked at my roommate and i asked him did you hear that, was that gunshots? tents' seconds ago by another 10 shot clock. we come outside the rose already 50 people outside, everyone coming out side. >>rob: there has been some criticism on campus from students and others as to how the rest of the student body was notified about what was going on. rain kelly has a time line on who was told, how and when. >>maureen: it was 8:50 p.m. 20 minutes after the shots first ran out here that the university announced via the p a system this message. despite the police presence of the garage your state. at 920 a text message was similar formation was sent out. a 10 of five students from this e-mail inside your in box with this audio recording. the first indication there and in a shooting on campus. some
6:09 pm
students say they wish they had more informations center. >> they say it say about how we know? what are you investigating? it makes us wonder are we save? tell us that and how you know we are. >>maureen: they said they gave limited informations out because of what they know about the crime. >> the university said there looking into how to get more information out to it students in a more timely fashion but they believe there were first responder is handled appropriately. >> when officers are brought it there were three bleeding victims on the fifth floor. the first priority had to be medical care, it's the human response and that's the response we always want. hey marcel, watch this!
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>>catherine: in antioch police have arrested three men today on drug charges. one of them facing weapons charges. they say it happened after research and a home after complaints of shootings and violent crimes in that area. the swat team was on the scene. it's a one man brandished a handgun before being subdued. all three men live there and have been booked into the martinez jail today. the charges include possession of cocaine for sale. >>pam: in the south bay police are searching for three-year-old to made a victim of severe child abuse. authorities say the girl was last seen with her mother at her mother's boyfriend george rodriguez. police say the free world was discovered missing when they arrived at the family home in campbell. if they were there to provide a well this check. if the child is believed to be some more in san jose. up privacy licet facebook. at the social
6:14 pm
networking giant said that its applications accidently open up access to your personal information mainly to advertisers. what security firm said it had been happening for years. facebook disputes the accuracy and they say and new production system is being developed and if you are worried that your personal information to get out you should change your password. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments.
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>>pam: dan, and looks at some of the possible red flags that may or may not alerted security personnel in advance. there are several things in hindsight which don't give the indication of maybe some red flags people should of notice. we've been told that
6:18 pm
he told yemen passport. we know we bought a one-way ticket san francisco and we know he checked no bags nor did the happening carry-on bags. all of that could appear to raise red flags. federal officials say it doesn't quite laid out that way. first and foremost wealthy andwhile he was attornes say the itc had on him were all from the u.s.. to you and north. a california driver's license, it to new york state learner's permits and one expired california i.d. card. there's no way for the t s eight agents to know and not an indication of a security risk. no red flag there. the transportation security administration says there agents would have no way of knowing he had no bags as the suspect went
6:19 pm
through security. no obvious red flag there. the best line of defense is its terrorterrorist watch list, they say he was not on that list. that leaves us with security checkpoints and a big focus to make sure that passengers are carrying anything on plants are having anything back to our passengers. and as casey did not. >>pam: did you go through a secondary check? they said there's no way of knowing, don't keep track of that. he is in federal custody still being detained back in court friday. >>catherine: a major new effort to find the man who beat up brian stow has been lodged. the giants fan from the south they attack to march 31st outside dodger stadium. in southern california the new campaign to find the suspects will be hard to miss. by the end of the week 200 billboards like this will be going up,
6:20 pm
plastered with the composite sketch of the two men wanted for the attempted murder by the end of the month there will be another 100 billboards. they have a detailed plan right down to a map showing where the 300 billboards will go on southern california. the story of what happened to brian stow after the dodgers' opening game has been told many times. the los angeles company felt another big push was needed to keep this story alive. lamar advertising is donating the billboard space, the los angeles police gave the okay making sure the $100,000 reward was a big part of the message. as for his condition, doctors have been lowering the amount of seizure medication they've been giving him. so far no seizures for nearly two weeks. doctors say that's good and stow may be stable enough to be brought back to a bay area hospital as early as next week. the next dodgers giants game will be wednesday may 18th, the los angeles police will
6:21 pm
give every fan who enters the stadium a flyer version of the billboard. brian's family is said to be really grateful for this new push to get suspects, anything to get them. the billboards will be up for a month. >>pam: relatives of osama the law and are speaking out in a published letter. they're calling for an investigation into the up side of leader's death and accused in the united states of breaking the law. cement the reports. >>reporter: his photograph on the fbi's most wanted list now says deceased. relatives of osama bid lot and are questioning whether that's true and calling for an investigation. in a statement published in the new york times, sons of the terrorist leader said " we're not convinced on the available evidence in the absence of a dead body, photographs and video evidence that are natural father is dead. the his fourth son names himself in
6:22 pm
a statement was also condemns united states claiming that if the terrorist leader is dead, international and u.s. laws were broken. omar who admitted he stood against his father's violent acts, said he should of received a fair trial like that of saddam hussein. gene who helped zero more been law and write a memoir said he attempted to defy his father. >> omar was an optimistic person about peace and stopping the killing. he is a young man, the only person around osama was brave enough to actually argue with him about the path he had taken. >>reporter: in response to the letter, the white house said the mission was justified. >> we feel very strongly that the successful mission against a mass murder of americans and people around the world was entirely justified. >>reporter: also wednesday a
6:23 pm
u.s. official say documents taken from the compound were been lot and was killed in sure he had been in to vacation with other up item numbers. in washington, samantha hayes kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: the pictures are much cooler today as we saw our sea breeze winds. the drop our temperatures inland by more than 10 degrees. for starting to cool down and fog is spilling over into the peninsula. it right now temperatures in the '50s and '60s and we will stay about 50 degrees over night tonight into tomorrow. the fog will make it in and push again tonight, patchy to dense fog expected but it will clear it a little quicker out there tomorrow been clear all the way back off the coast. temperatures will be warmer tomorrow afternoon. a few low seventies expected inland. thursday night mostly clear conditions, friday should also be a nice day but we do have big changes as we head into the weekend. more on that in just a moment let's look at fog out there tomorrow morning. by 6:00
6:24 pm
patchy fog expected for the delta and inland. through the morning of fog already starting to peel back. by 11:00 in the morning virtually gone. in to the afternoon hours that fog will proceed off the coast line. temperatures for tomorrow, 73 santa rosa, 75 fairfield still sing a little cooler close to the coast but temperatures in the bay shores warming a few degrees over what was sought today. 59 have monday, 72 los gatos. that's at the bay to breakers forecast for sunday. rain is looking likely as we head towards the raise. cloudy and cool conditions, a steady rain expected through the events. you will see periods of more moderate rain, the rate starting at 49 degrees and not warming up much. 55 degrees at the finish line and this is where we will set through the afternoon on sunday as the rain
6:25 pm
continues to fall. our extended forecast, ma conditions over the next couple of days, cooler weather on tap for the weekend. the rain pushing in late saturday and go all through the race into sunday afternoon and a possibility of more moderate rainfall and that could link or into monday morning. conditions will improve next week. stay with us we'll be back after this break. i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia.
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i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
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>>catherine: the chp identified the body of a little boy that was driven over by a truck. it happened outside of a home in sonoma county on enterprise road. he see the officer looking at a bicycle, officers say the 4 year-old was killed as he rode a bicycle. they say he was riding behind his all calls dropped he began to overtake it and veered into the path of the pickup. the man was going about 5 mi.
6:29 pm
per hour on a dirt road but the truck hit the little boy on the bikes throwing him under the truck. more news coming up after the break.
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6:31 pm
now, at 6:30 p.m., tonight's big stories in one big block of news. more crews, more stories. right now, today's top story. >>grant: in san francisco the public defender in these and other video out that says it shows police misconduct. a public defender said this video shows an illegal drug arrest and search of a home last december. he also said the video reveals on wanted brutality on a bystander. and and officers dealing the bag from a man after he was wrongfully arrested. public defenders calling on the new police chief to implement a zero tolerance for police misconduct.
6:32 pm
>>terisa: san francisco police chief this that that he has commanded internal affairs to focus their attention on this video that has been released. he said the as the zero tolerance for any police misconduct. he will take swift action if necessary. in san francisco, teresa kron 4 news. >>rob: san jose three people dead following a shooting at san jose pull university. police say they found two people dead and a car and a third victim elsewhere who later died in hospital after thought to be the shooter. the names of the individuals have not been released pending the identification of their families. investigators believe this is a case of murder-suicide. in san jose, kron 4 news. >>maureen: the school to not let students know their good shooting on campus until about an hour-and-a-half after the first shots rang out. sundstrand said it would like to know more details about the police
6:33 pm
activity as it was happening. school officials say that because they knew early on no one of his safety was at risk of the focus more on medical attention for the victims. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>haazig: a double homicide of proxies neighborhood tuesday night after residents here heard multiple gunshots. one murder victim found in the front seat of a car while a short time later a second murder victim was found outside the home right there in that driveway. this a lot of county sheriff said the motive for these two murders is still under investigation. in vallejo, kron 4 news. >>dan: in san francisco federal authorities continue to look into the man who raced towards american airlines cockpit and began pounding on the door sunday night. he had a yen a passport, no bags and he had a one-way ticket official say that's not necessarily a series of red flags. in fact a federal official says that he was on no terror
6:34 pm
watch list. he'll be back in court friday. dan curman, kron 4 news. >>jeff: public works crews hope to have this section of water main in place soon. it will replace these sections of the city's main water land which ruptured late tuesday. many in the city experienced low water pressure and what officials which would the the treatment plan the rush of water temporarily produce brown water. officials assure customers the water was safe. in napa, kron 4 news. >>kate: to wishing to go up as 32 percent for california state university students. they say the huge tuition hike is unavoidable that the state doesn't extend tax increases. the university had its budget slashed by $500 million and is facing another $500 million cut if the tax increases are not extended. that would mean tuition costs would double in three years. kate
6:35 pm
thompson kron 4 news. >>j.r.stone: you may remember this off on video from january of 2009. in the video it shows oscar grant been shot and killed by a former bart of mr. johannes mehserle started he was sentenced to 10 months to go to two years in jail although he is likely to be released in june just one month from now. oscar grants family members say they are up said and they say that this is unacceptable. reporting in the newsroom kron 4 news. >>reporter: in fremont drivers say says a new toll line 1 and there commute lines have gotten longer. the mtc says elaine is working exactly as planned the reason why drivers may be seeing longer commutes could actually be the falling unemployment rate and send a clear. or people working could mean more congestion along the roadway. in fremont, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: of big weather
6:36 pm
story tonight less fog into tomorrow morning and also slightly warmer temperatures here's a look at tonight into tomorrow the fog moving into the bay this evening. by tomorrow morning will see patchy to dense fog but it will be a little more brief it will push back to the coast a little quicker and offshore in to the afternoon temperatures will warm tomorrow afternoon getting into the '70s for inland valleys. we will see changes over the weekend and that means changes for your bay to breakers forecast. cloudy and cool conditions as well a steady light rain. the computer models have been consistently been putting rain into the bay area for sunday passing all day sunday. starting the race at 49 degrees 55 at the finish line. it's going to be chilly race and a wet one as well. mild conditions for the next couple of days in changes into the weekend as changes pushed through late sunday into early sunday.
6:37 pm
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>>pam: former california governor arnold scored snigger is talking publicly about his separation from his wife maria shriver. if his vote tuesday night at an awards ceremony celebrating israel's independence day. >> before i start the night i wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank the many friends and family for the tremendous amount of support and love and prayers that i've gotten over the last 24 hours. i hope that maria, we were both saying the same thing were amazed to be extremely blast to be surrounded by so many wonderful people and some wonderful friends. we both love each other very much, the were very
6:41 pm
fortunate to have for extraordinary children. were taking one day at a time. >>pam: they announced their separation on monday, they had been married for 25 years. oprah wants to be on broadway, she tells the chicago tribune she has a stack of plays that she's looking at right now. rep has not sent any formal announcements to star on the great white way. the sharks try to bounce back from three straight losses to the red wings could gain seven tomorrow night. gary has a preview on the street ahead. one of the war's most surprising players joins carry live in the studio to talk about some hopes. kerrey has all the sports coming up next. kron 4 is giving away tickets to the sharks' game tomorrow. we party it up with stockpot to give away a pair of tickets to tomorrow's deciding game 7 at the h-p pavilion. for the chance to win go to kron 4 facebook page and like us.
6:42 pm
he contended for more enter to win a pair of tickets to thursday's game. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments.
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6:45 pm
>>gary: i can see and say bad and good news for the a's. it appears dallas break and season is over he will undergo soldier surgery monday. keith from texas tech yellow for a grand slam in the third inning texas leads oakland 7-0. then it started to rain, then it rained and rained more. after two hour delay, they a's are trailing 7-0 but they call the game so everything wiped out, the a's trailing 7-0. it does not count. this is really sad, capt. went to a high school located, tried to
6:46 pm
hang on he's been suspended 50 games following a positive test under the minor league drug policy. they signed a contract with the phillies in april, he has been in the triple a farm system hitting 321. at his age 28 if you have and made it that's old. it now he has a 50 game suspension, a good kid but read between the lines never really made it a try and hang on, it took whatever means he could and it backfired today. tim lincecum is flying high these days. last night he through a brilliant shut out against arizona during his time on the hill. he was aboard an aerobatics flight he flew over at&t park and other bay area landmarks. he was glad to give in this one of the
6:47 pm
kind of ride. they've been notified to hundred 30 mi. per hour. he has landed. another one bites the dust, the celtics are through. shaq stow money this year, 2 million to look good in a suit. --shaq. the game just ended, live from james this guy is too much. --lebron james. miami eliminate the boston celtics in five games. it for everybody who thinks james's to arrogant, they're saving the nba right now. the miami heat. they will await the leader. his contract is up, he could coach may be the lakers, the
6:48 pm
next, he coached the warriors if you wanted. or going to find out to the border coaches tonight. we've got a guy and this guy knows everything. dramatic game 7 the bay area tomorrow night the sharks after losing last night in detroit. even if they lost three straight after winning the first grade, the puck drops around 6:00. the the sharks have record of 3-2 in their history in deciding game 7. i can hear a few bubbles from the sharks. from the spot tomorrow night. >> very confident, extremely confident. you will come in tomorrow and refocus where at home in our ranks we'll use our fans in crowd tore advantage. >> does it matter how we got here, what matters is the input would put an end tomorrow
6:49 pm
>>gary: . as always, pam stole my thunder, he seemed to be missed ticket giveaway. >>pam: free tickets to the game tomorrow night, go to the con facebook page, go to like me, there is >>gary: i feel like i'm being phased out, why can't i do that. it is this force thing. no, no, and all i'm not quite to share anything. we have a question from our audience it's called hate gary set in. why don't shoot and henry go so let toyota while you're at it. >> of the sharks going to break my heart again. >>gary: with your heart you want to see the sharks are playing at home but if
6:50 pm
you're putting down $500 which you bet on. hisif you had to that you would bet on detroit. i think detroit is a hotter team. when we return we promised to demand that was at the miami heat celtics series for the game. he is a team member of the golden state warriors and he is here tonight to unlock the biggest secret in bay area's sports. let's make the announcement. will you be planned for next year? >> (laughter) >>gary: you have three minutes to think about it and remember folks what do we get our struck tickets? >>pam: facebook fan page >>gary: cosell lookout she and henry. will be back in a moment.
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>>gary: reggie, you have a pen? >> no. >>gary: i think that's the first thing you need to get when you make money, of bands. >> i have a chat. >>gary: here with the heat and celtics, miami close the mill, braun and wayne going all the way? >> i think so. i think they're too good, nobody can stop them. >>gary: to think they have been good for the leak? >> i think so. since people been watching this season they bring a lot of excitement. >>gary: they're both great, at the end of the day lebron is you the best in the leak? >> he's the best overall player in the late, i think kobe is the best ad points.
6:55 pm
it's a tough matchup, lebron is 6 ft. 8 in., to under 50 lbs.. >>gary: to think miami will go all the way? >> >>gary: after they lost it they need to revamp the entire roster what you think? >> i think they just ran into a good team, the dallas team was hot. different teams cause different matchup problems. dallas exploited those matchups. you sit at home you watch basketball in my job is to play basketball and not been able to play right now is tough. >>gary: you been doing a lot of good work at the warrior basketball camp. if we have a clip of that. how old are the kids? >> for five years old. >>gary: so you can't stop
6:56 pm
anybody at that age. >> no i can't. (laughter) >>gary: here is reggie doing something, he takes into the hopes. watch this reggie, on a five year-old! you have your own basketball camp in virginia. >> yes in june, something to go back home for the community i always wanted to do something. >>gary: everybody said it you don't forget where you came from. to be nice if he had some of those friends is that i need 10 grand though. those are kind of guys you want to forget. are you did she because you don't we're coach will be? >> yes, a tough situation. coming into this season with coach mark i knew the system.
6:57 pm
>>gary: enjoy the rest of the summer and the next season good luck. we will see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
is arnold fighting to win maria back? >> "the insider" investigates as schwarzenegger speaks out about the split? i'm brooke anderson. >> i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> arnold schwarzenegger -- >> told a dinner audience he hopes they can reconcile. >> we're taking one day at a time. >> was maria holed up in a beverly hills hotel room during his speech? >> as their daughter and the stars speak out. >> it's sad when people break up, it really is. especially when they've been together that long. >> plus, the kennedy family's disapproval, was it doomed from the beginning? the "backstory." >> arnold was a pot-smoking body builder who used steroids. >> my family was like, what are you doing? >> romeo out, is kirstie next? >> i definitely went out with a fight. >> will smith's blockbuster causing a ruckus in new york.


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