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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 12, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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sycamore drive corridor is telling that they are living in fear. >> there is a lot of shooting. >> the concern is that if i'm going to get shot if i go out to my door? >>reporter: right outside the sycamore drive corridor a rise in violent crime connected to gang violence. as you drive through the neighborhood you can see wall after wall with a gang tags. she is live in sycamore for a couple of years and the shootings have been overwhelming. >> there were four different shootings and 4-five days and at least in just this area it was just apparently gang-related. it needs to stop. >> when you live there you do not notice the gunshots. >>reporter: if he is getting used to this? with the
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parents concerned. >> i am word that they're trying to recruit them. they i am out-worried that is why i left oakland. when is this going to stop? who's the next victim on a sycamore is my concern. >>reporter: in oakland, of haazig madyun the antioch police say the one reason for the settlement is the influx of gang members and moving into the area after gam-and a final police have for suspects and the stabbing of a portola madera man when a fight broke out. near the san rafael community center near downtown the initial reports say a group of men were fighting wi sisticks and bats and they took off on a chase. soon afterwards, a
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young man had collapsed at her doorstep. he was taken to marin general and announced dead two others were injured. police believe that this was a gang-related incident. teresa estacio reports that residents are surprised that this is in their backyard. >>reporter: the fatal stabbing hepped near bristol park and a san rafael is an aerial well known for its community park. victorian homes and this city park and this is certainly alarming. >> we heard the sirens and my husband said that is scary. >>reporter: this is downtown san rafael and many restaurants and a popular farmers market and it is also just a short distance away from where this stabbing started. this business owner told us that the death of a young man so close certainly is surprising.
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>> that has never happened before. i was surprised. last night, that was the first issue for many, many years. >>reporter: police say that the stabbing is gang-related an investigation is under way. >> is a fact of life, not just here, but everywhere. we are trained to stay on top of them. we specifically have task forces working on that issue. >>reporter: in san rafael, teresa estacio, kron 4 news. >>pam: fake child abuse off suspect>>pam: a child abuse george rodriguez is on the police wanted for felony child abuse. police got a tip yesterday checking on a jeff bush. >>reporter: detectives are not releasing the details because it involves a child. an anonymous tip checking on a tour year-old girl. it led
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home to the ex-girlfriend export--friend. >>pam: a child abuse george rodriguez is on the police wanted for felony child abuse. police got a tip yesterday checking on a three year-old daughter of the former girlfriend of rodriguez that was seen at he was arrested and booked into the santa clara gel on a felony abuse charges. the child is in a child protective services rodriguez is not been found but it is likely that he is still in the san jose area. the police is saying that the girl is save which is good but the evidence against both of them is even disturbing even for seasoned veterans. >> any allegations of child abuse it hit home and in an incident like this if it makes every effort to locate the child. make sure that it is safe and that is our number one priority. if >>reporter: they need the public's help. if you see
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him? to call police. >>pam: the budget deficit including deeper cuts for the poor and asking state workers to take another pay cut. about 15%. republican lawmakers want to raise funds dedicated to early childhood development and mental health programs. governor jerry brown will release his revised budget on monday. >>pam: lme the transit fares. alameda transit fares, which it will go from a tug dollars to $2 is 105, seniors and disability will pave $1.50. they will pay $1.50 the youth paths will increase from $15 to the amount of $20. and the alameda transit fare is going up from $2, to the amount of now, $2.50.--$2.05
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seniors in this ability will now pa seniors and people with disabilities will pay $1.05 >>pam: a green efforts for more bikes... >>catherine: temperatures still cool along the coast >>jacqueline: with big changes in this weekend your detailed forecast and your forecast bayto breakers coming up, stay with us. if
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>>pam: the sharks to take on the detroit red wings. the stanley cup dreams are over if they lose. kerry? >> gary: get right to the point that pamela grew up in detroit! >>pam: i am routing for the sharks! >> gary: is the 20th year. and tonight it is going to be a big deal. >>pam: it has been a great series. jack holland knows hockey! >> gary: jacqueline knows just too much jacqueline-- [laughter] after missing game 6. one of the star players. sharks fans arriving even detroit fans arriving. those red wings
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stopping of the sharks shirt stomping. let's get this early violence! these two sharp players are ready to go a face off. fortune. and then glenn. >> we did not play well in games six at all but we will be better in game 7. >> you do not want to have any doubt in your mind or else you are pretty much a done before you get started. >> we are just looking ahead and get a chance to eliminate them. . >> gary: vern glenn is in san jose vern? how is everything look from your vantage point? >> 300 ft. away. and with tonight's game will start with sharks with that quiet confidence. certainly the
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fans are feeling it in the use of this earlier? the printed 18,000 of these playoff calls saying beat detroit. as the wife will follow these fans. there is a lot of hard red wings fans and they have a sweater about them. here is a sample of they have a sweater-- >> i have been born in detroit and it is over tonight. >> it is ours tonight! the red wings have nothing. >> i have woken up at 4:30 a.m. without a ticket and i am here. >> who are you rooting for? >> some of them have a swagger--the hockey puck will drop at 6:12 800,000 at the h p pavilion and it just for fun, i will give you
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another update. >> gary: it is a shame that all of our kron yours are going to miss the first period. because we're going to be on the air, or kron viewers josh.. will be here, mr. bayto breakers we will be spending some other to gesunday together. >> and also 6:45 >> gary: and going to talk about the ban on drinking! >>jacqueline: there is more than just that. >>pam: there is more the issues than just that? jacqueline? >>jacqueline: there could be rain for the forecast on a bayto breakers race coming up. (music)
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>>catherine: in world news we are learning in much more
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about how he was and hiding. how did he composed of hundreds of those e-mail's? typing messages with out an internet connection and using a career using a flash drive. using a fax- carrier, with over 100 flash drives have been recovered from u.s. navy seals. >>catherine: the earthquakes in southern spain with damaged buildings people in fear and 30 people remain and the hospital. >>catherine: and the hukashimi daiichi . they still had fear with one of the reactors with more badly damaged than anybody
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realized. (music) >> jacqueline: it was a pretty nice day today with a little bit of a wind. as we go towards tomorrow similar conditions without the fog. that when it cleared out the fog with clear skies and mostly sunny skies. that wind cleared up the fog. similar conditions with perhaps just a few degrees cooler. with neighborhood by neighborhood, 68 in napa, 78 inland, and som73 in antioch bayto breakers and how about forecast of the rainfall looks saturday night and early sunday pretty likely. wet start. cloudy, cool, showers. and only 49 degrees it will stay cool to of the race. through hay kill again we are expecting a wet " condition for hay street hill finiash
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line bracelet storms possibl and with isolated storms possible--and look at 10:00 a.m. perhaps some dry conditions at the end of the race. your extended forecast for tomorrow is looking similar for what we have today. thunderstorm chances with a lingering storm activity towards monday, tuesday. >>pam: just a few days away from the coverage of the bayto breakers from zazzle sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. and 99 years, only one african american has only victory and that was and 1950. it seemed like he was destined for a long distance store but that turned out to be his last.
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>> he belonged to the berkeley running the club at that time. you can see that from the beach, he tied at 41 minutes 52 seconds. >> gary: that was known as the cross city race. his father knew it well. >> he grew up in the south market area about one block from where he lived is where the path of the bayto breakers race. >> for the senior, the path began much earlier when he was growing up in alamos' atomic colorado. at the time, temperatures were well below zero and alamo's a, colorado. >> running there was like getting there, quicker and alamoosa he brought his 10 year-old son to california. the suhis son graduated which is
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now the san jose unified school district and he found out that his father could run forever. >> the reason why he was significantly of was this long strike. >> everybody believe his older brother was believed to belong the first black to bring this form and a mile. he was the first san franciscan for the first four-minute mile. half and -- stride. >> that was the california what occurrrecord. >> for the black man and the '50s it was not easy. the more even there were serious that were still not integrated. >> he prepared to go to college after the race entered san jose state and only lasted two months. he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. he spent the next two years in a sanitarium. >> i do not think he ran after that. he became a
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father, husband, and a role model. >> he was the neighborhood jack robinson. >> he died in 1975. before the freeze was once we was not given the appreciation to today's winners before that age was raised not known. his son appreciates his father's accomplishments. for >> and i wanted to find out how tough it was and i rode my bike for the entire course. he even that was difficult >>pam: more amazing stories with our exclusive coverage of the 100th running of the bayto breakers this sunday may 15th. starting at 8:00 a.m.. it is all here on kron 4. if you miss this? will replacing it at 7:00 p.m. (music)
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>>this just in to the kron 4 news room google could be in trouble fasheadquarters in
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mountain view, the u.s. government is investigating google for selling on-line ads for illegal drugs. this journal is saying that google has set aside $500 million to make money for a settlement. representatives have not commented. we will keep you posted. >>pam: the public relations firm behind a negative campaign against google has confirmed that it was working on behalf of facebook. and to the reporter, kimberly. what happened? it sounds a dirty! >> kimberlee: absolutely, and both companies not playing well that public relations firm was hired to spread anti-sentiments about google. let me show you that google social networking
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tool called social circle. the e-mail tools also friend of a friend in the pr firm and that facebook hired went to journalists reporting that social circle piloted user privacy and even violated privacy from the fcc. this backfired. this firm that not only declined but it went public with the information. and when confronted with the evidence facebook confirmed to the daily beast that the hired a pr firm for two different reasons. they said google is doing things that privacy concerns were being raised in a social networking. and also facebook represents what facebook does not represent. using personal data and if. both companies are now looking good in this kind of backfired.
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>>pam: massee. kron 4 news to 6:00 p.m. is coming up, next. massee--this messy ♪ you'll run outside
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just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services. no home phone required. >>pam: the latest in a series of attacks in napa state hospital. police officers accused of breaking the law. some apartments could be pretty in a culture of corruption. some- departments. >>pam: identification of the victim on the triple homicide. a parking garage
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on the fifth floor was the scene. when a domestic violence seen haag >>pam that a bloody rampage. >>reporter: 2 of them were graduating seniors accounting majors at the business school identified as 25 year-old mark corey, of san jose and 26 year-old thomas kyle williams of san jose third on the gurney is 54 year-old napoleon who was - napoli koran and the spouse of napil. and confirmed that it was a murder-suicide. >> it confirms that everything we have on the scene right now was the shooter was the husband who shot the victims. and then, he shot himself. >>reporter: motive of that happened on the fifth floor of the parking garage remains a mystery the
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motive. the university could not confirm if this was a romantic involvement. >> we do not know and we may never know the series of events would have been on a parking garage on tuesday night. but, we do know that we're dealing with a domestic violence. >>reporter: some of the business school, with most the mood was somber. of them set to graduate. not far, a note left to williams that your flame will never go out. the students were slated for graduation. rob fladeboe. in san jose. kron 4 news. >>pam: the students were ambitious, outgoing and that the student body and spoke about the relationship with hiwith her. >> glowing. she was a glowing she was an amazing
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person. .... i know she worked part-time she was bright and super smart and an honor student. >>pam: this to the prod---the student body president said that he did not know she was married she rarely talked about her personal life. >>pam: this second incident in the last one week at napa state hospital. live. dan kerman. >>reporter: we know about the incident with two different staff members on may 8th. now, with another incident on yesterday. in this case it was a patient on patient attack. let me roll the video. this suspect is victor mundo mandarao was
6:04 pm
>> when i first saw him my stomach, heart and stomach literally fell one i thought he was is dead. when i saw that he was breathing we provided treatment from there. but it was sickening. >>reporter: the victim was hospitalized and victor mundo mandorao has been involved with an incident with his roommate. the roommate was taken to about working here? >> it is very unsafe the staff something needs to be done. increased incidence is there still needs to be more staffing and we need to go back to the idea that we are dealing with criminal population. the need to be dealt with, accordingly. they need to be dealt with, accordingly.
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>>reporter: the patience /inmates need to be separated as far as aggressive nature. that would also help. reporting live from the napa state hospital, dan kerman, kron 4 news. hospital. >>pam: other attacks at the napa hospital. earlier, a staff member punched a technician in the face. earlier, an inmate died and in march and assault on a staff member. in december, 4 different skill fractures of your being beaten by a scull fractures patient. in october, a therapist was killed when strangled by patient. the department of health services that is reporting 574 physical attacks against staff over one year. ! >>pam: allegations of police misconduct in san
6:06 pm
francisco and copper costa county are contra costa county with under countr undercover raising new questions about the possible culture of corruption in contra costa county. >> tony is the police chief from 1992-1996. he works at the university of san francisco remembers all too well the psychological strain on narcotics officers. >> is a dirty underworld and it is very straining one officers. it makes them significant adjustments to their life styles. half prom >>reporter: a bay area cardoza >>pam: they put them in a high stress job or their lives are at stake. they're not exactly good paying but their high pain and they get around criminals and they get tempted at times. cover need more support >> they put them into high stress jobs for their lives
6:07 pm
are at stake. not exactly they get around the criminals and they get tempted at times. it is not exactly high-paying. they cannot attend to their psychological well-being. ability to go to psychologists, psychiatrists to see how they are doing. especially in narcotics that is what they should be looking at. signs of assignments in the police department-read only narcotics, things like that. rotation of these positions is critical. >> i am not sure what the numbers should be for the rotation? every two years, three years. >> there are a lot of police officers that there are certain simon'assignments that should only be short- term----tissue are leaving an officer in a vulnerable environment. grant lotus, kron 4 news. (music) >> jacqueline: alive look from our roof cam. sunny skies. parisi. temperatures for a bit warmer-breezy--55 degrees in half moon bay.
6:08 pm
still in the 70's and tell taught and along the fairfield and into the delta--what can we can expect tonight with breezy conditions. especially close to the coast. cool close to the coast. tomorrow, the fog is not going to return with clear skies. and towards the afternoon will warm-up to where we were today but the wind is going to kick right back in. , similar to a big changes for this weekend and what does that mean for your forecast bayto breakers. >>pam: thursday traffic look at the golden gate! no problems north or south. it could drive. and also checking in with a different story this is the james lick 80-1 0 1 split. southbound at the bottom of your screen towards the peninsula is only crawling.
6:09 pm
the top is the 80 towards the lower deck and it is also barely moving. more news coming up after the break. . hey marcel, watch this!
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>>catherine: president obama is asking congress to let robert mullen said stay beyond his two-year term. he has impeccable credentials, and experience the president wants and to stick around for the national safety. >>catherine: if you're going to l 8 fax?--lax these dogs are $60,000 each trained to sniff explosives. targetting suicide bombers. with atm cash machines. in the cement. under a garage. they
6:13 pm
conducted this through fresno that happened earlier this year. investigators say that there suspect, james ward is on the run. >>catherine: 20 students in massachusetts had to be taken to the hospital. pepper spray in the hallway. rescue workers treated the students on the lawn with i e pretend, coughing. it is not clear who did it and with causing by your tent. >>catherine: police and rhode island are saying that 250 gravestones and newport sunday night. a very historic summit tory. some of those are over 200 years old and they are not replaceable. two homeless men are being questioned. a historic cemetery in newport, rhode island. >>catherine: this diamondback is the deadliest staksnake the mother did not
6:14 pm
realize how serious this was until a neighbor told her to get into the hospital, immediately. he stepped on that diamondback in the backyard in florida. >>reporter: >> jacqueline: rainfall saturday, sunday, we will time it out on futurecast.
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>>pam: tricking is absolutely forbidden bayto breakers drinking-dashed the 100th race. and the past, the efforts in the past not been successful. it this year, much different. >>reporter: the first time, private security is being brought in. in an effort to put an end to drinking during the beta breakers. attempts to been made with
6:18 pm
people holding beer and hanging of the our call checkpoint signs the policy was not taken seriously or enforced. organizers say that will end now. it is zero tolerance with no more alcohol. police will be at a checkpoint along the race confiscating any alcohol pc. private security will be backing them up. and the alcohol-the sea. many spectators or running who are caught drinking. any of a hall of the sea. there will make a judgment come on two choices, an arrest for a silver intent. and for a sobering tent alcohol will be confiscated immediately.
6:19 pm
any of alcohol the authorities see. with full details >> kimberlee: bart, caltrain and the golden gate and opened alameda ferries will have that special schedules to help you get to and from the race on time. you are going to want to check out our videos, interview the first woman to the victorious and we also have the photo contest for a $50 gift card. if you want to learn more about that? >>pam: we have exclusive coverage>>pam: more amazing stories with our exclusive coverage of the 100th running of the bayto breakers this sunday may 15th. starting at 8:00 a.m.. it is all here on kron 4. if you miss this? will replay it at 7:00 p.m.
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(music) >> jacqueline: a little breezy this afternoon especially close to the coast. 29 mph in san francisco and at the airport. teens in half moon bay and oakland. a bit breezy but that is helped to push a out that fog this afternoon. the wind will be dying down overnight but packinand picking up again with0 m.p.h. in the morning. of strong wind gusting at 2:00 a.m. that blue is indicating strong wind. we will see conditions tomorrow of what we saw today. clear tonight with cooler temperatures 40's. towards tomorrow afternoon a nice warm up. temperatures in the 70's in fairfield but then cooler close to the coast. later in the afternoon upper 60s but some 70's, expected.
6:21 pm
neighborhood by neighborhood with 70's in santa rosa, 60s and napa 70's in concord. '70s in antioch and morgan hill. cooler close to the coast. fog of the forecast for the bayto breakers consistently the computer models have been put in rain for that free state. saturday night and into sunday. for the race- and a most showers expected. 49 degrees and it is not going to warm up much from there. 50s through the finish line and last year we had fought with the entire race. taking a look at futurecast we have fog last year and as this food race began--there's a chance of light rain-at 7:00 a.m. and it would start to peel back with drier conditions. here is a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay tomorrow is going to be
6:22 pm
similar as what we saw today. cooler conditions on tap. here is a slight chance of thundershowers. which could see pockets of heavy rainfall and dry conditions in the afternoon. by monday, lingering showers and as we go towards next week conditions should be changing. >>catherine: as the mississippi flood waters are facing a difficult decision. to spare a city that is spent still recovering from hurricane katrina the would have to this river is seeping through the levees of the french market and in two weeks is expected to crest. unless something is done the levies will fail. the army going of engineers say that if that happens the army corps is the
6:23 pm
alternative is the morganza gates, with 125 dates if that happens this will drown out this. going towards this gulf of mexico. >>catherine: that happened 30 years ago with new orleans spare but morgan city was not. >> this was where the water level was in 1973. >>catherine: a 22 ft. wall. >> are you confident these walls are going to hold it up? >> i have to be! >>catherine: the coast guard could even have to shut that down for tall ships. that could impact imports. stay with us, more news after the break.
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>>pam: the san jose sharks are taking on the red wings at the tank. if they lose?
6:27 pm
the stanley cup dreams will end up with historic fashion. vern glenn is live at the h p pavilion. vern? >> >>pamthe intensity they would not be leak. the players say they can feel the crowd as the game goes on the would not-delete the intensity. a few of the players. am i said it before i'm a big believer in home court advantage are not think today.. there is no place i would rather be than game 7. >> there is a lot of pride in this room. there is the obligation to step up their game. on each player. >> they have pride, and
6:28 pm
tenacity. back to you. >>pam: we will check back with you, glenn. checking walnut creek not too bad that the 680/interchange. we will be back.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
now at 6:30, our top stories. more news, more crews, right now our top stories. >>reporter: officials in antioch say that oakland, richmond are responsible for a rise in gang members moving into the city's sycamore drive corridor area. a recent rise in gang activity. to combat the problems they're conducting ongoing operations including swat team and undercover units. in antioch haazig madyun kron 4 news. >> another big story and marin county one person is
6:31 pm
dead and two others injured. it all happened after a fight broke out between two rival gangs. the scene when police found key evidence. a chase that led them to this neighborhood in bristol parked in san rafael. they have for suspects in custody and increase patrol in bristol park. and san rafael, teresa estacio, kron 4 news. >> >>pam: a child abuse george rodriguez is on the police wanted for felony child abuse. police got a tip yesterday checking on a three year-old daughter of the former girlfriend of rodriguez that was seen at his house. the mother was also that you see were missing for several hours. police finally found the mother and the little girl. the little girl is and child protective service. they have evidence that there were both involved in the abuse. >> and time again allegation of child abuse is it really right now. >>pam: police say that
6:32 pm
rodriguez is likely still and the san jose and any information? to call the police apartment. of campbell. we will be righjeff bush. >>reporter:officials at san jose state head of identified the victims. a triple fatal that a bloody rampage. >>reporter: 2 of them were graduating seniors accounting majors at the business school identified as 25 year-old mark corey, of san jose and 26 year-old thomas kyle williams of san jose. 26-year-old and the married to another students and confirmed that it was a murder-suicide. >> it confirms that everything we have on the shooter was the husband who shot the victims. and then, he shot himself. >>reporter: in napa state hospital, the patient on haitian violence. one patient beat up another patient. with assault and battery charges in the other is of the hospital suffering from major injuries. hospital employees say that safety is a big concern and what improvements. at napa state hospital, kron 4 news.
6:33 pm
>> in oakland, a bobtail tanker truck overturned with thousands of gallons of fuel. this accident left it to stop and go for most of the afternoon. the driver was taken to the hospital the extent of the injuries is not known. in oakland, charles clifford. police misconduct and contra costa county and san francisco it is raising new questions about why this is allegedly happening. several bay area attorneys say that more psychological testing and counseling is necessary for officers. especially if they are on a drug task force. former police chief sees that if you are on a task force? repeat assignments can impact their personal
6:34 pm
lives. zero >>reporter: alcohol tolerance. spectators, runners are going to of their alcoholic compensated with zero alcohol tolerance. a judge and will be made for a restaurant or a sobering tent. more or and-an arrest could be made. even private security has been hired. kate thompson, kron 4 news. (music) >> jacqueline: our big weather story tonight is this rainfall that could interfere with the bayto breakers. it is stationary but it is going to drop down offshore. bringing rain into sunday. taking a look at our extended forecast. sunny, breezy, temperatures on the mild a much cooler as we go towards the weekend. saturday into sunday that rain is going to roll in with the possibility of thunderstorms. it should dry out by the avenue in. the after-
6:35 pm
and perhaps by the reese finishing the rain could be dissipated >>this just in to the kron 4 news room in ac transit bus has had a van in oakland with injuries. video just in our newsroom. the entire front windshield of that bus is missing. it happened along fifth avenue near boulevard late this afternoon. a van ran a red light and the no. 40 bus that you see fit to the van. four people on the boss, the bus driver, and that hit that ban all had to go to the hospital. and the driver of the van. will keep you posted. live, grant lotus, kron 4 news. off >> kimberlee: the facebook fan page was the yet zero tolerance bayto breakers alcohol. we asked our viewers if they think this will impact them. the
6:36 pm
comment. william. he said it will not affect my day it will continue into the future and make this bayto breakers the premier running of bed in north america like it used to people for the boosters premier-event. before the-alcohol. off would like to know what you think. go to the facebook fan page of more news after this quick break
6:37 pm
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in the network there are no hard choices.
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>>pam: gabe slate's tech report >>pam: gabe slate's tech report google has a movie rental service. their annual development company conference was overshadowed by their new music service and the chrome. >> starting today they can rent movies from and recorded in instantly stream them use the cloud on their portable electronic componentry. starting thousands of titles available. competitive the priced at $1.99
6:40 pm
>>gabe: this is a big deal, that apple has offered this and now android cannot rent movies on their devices. renting to the and for market. now, and for is able to rent movies. after you make your choice. you have 30 days to watch it. and then you have 24 hours. after 24 hours it will expire. with streaming and the quality is great or you can download police to your tablet, or smart phone rent and watched! with the and tried marketplace. withthe android marketplace. and updates are coming soon for their additional accessory components using the
6:41 pm
android platform. >>pam: a picture has gone of viral just six months ago that a video showing six year-old getting it passed down. now, this pat down. this eight month old baby is being held. two of the two s eight agents. we have heard that this stroller set off the alarm. from these two of the t s a agents-this was taken by a pastor from kansas city and posted on twitter. it is been viewed by thousands. they have not made a statement. >>pam: it is no secret that bayto breakers from kenya but this year could be different the coordinator, josh is going to join gary.
6:42 pm
his prediction and giants pitcher had a scary moment in the batter's box. all of your sports moments coming up next with kerry gary radnich
6:43 pm
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6:46 pm
>> good evening everybody. >> gary: a nice ring, jacqueline. can you imagine how many people in the audience? [laughter] >>jacqueline: is overcast and marin county and i have to laugh and the giants! >> gary: they are on fire! the fifth straight win matt cain. they are doing this all by a single talent. matt cain, to da rosa for the arizona diamondbacks the replay a beautiful job. nate, for the first time to have a lot of depth. this play and look at chair ruled matt cain 7-2/3, with seven strikeouts. one- nothing. towards the seven, watched this cane came right
6:47 pm
at him. that patch. that is how they worked at. that pitch came right towards cain. he stayed in the game and after a few batters later. 82 run-single. two- out siegel and the san francisco giants with a to run single. how your lopez. a two-run single heaviof the-- javier lopez with 12-3. the giants beat arizona. >> you know, this is a goofy schedule but you deal with it. i will say that when we have a game like this you certainly helps put a halt to your ste--hop to your step.
6:48 pm
>> the giants start 11:20 our time >> tiger woods withdrew from the championship today. one of the major championship that he is played on. he complained of a kneecap and achilles' tendon problem that happened on the masters last month. he shot 42 on the front nine. he got into his mercedes and drove off. >> my kneecap acted up and the achilles followed. and it is just a full racket. >> how bad is the pain? one- 10? >> a difficult time talking. >> gary: tiger woods is saying that he is going to take some time off. perhaps six months. and >>jacqueline: scored!
6:49 pm
>> gary: what is great is that you've are always been attention. and with h hockey the sarina of williams' 13 grand slam winner has pulled out of the french open. she is still recovering from two different feed operations with blood clot in her long. different feet operations . when we return, the bayto breakers the king, he is here and pam i heard you say that he is going to make a bold prediction. >>pam: that is what i understand. >> gary: is that just hype? >> stay tuned to find out.
6:50 pm
>>pam: [laughter]! (music)
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> gary: the big deal on a sunday is not an understatement when it is the bayto breakers 100th and iosh, what is different, josh. this has to be something special. >> this race is completely involved with the history of san francisco. a great way to see how what the race is involved and a bald with the race in conjunction is a retro selective. at the museum open tomorrow and saturday you can check up the past memorabilia from
6:54 pm
the racist. when recent all the way back to the very first- races from 1912. >> gary: who has that first? trophy? >> the family that earned it. >> 55,000. a good turnout. >> gary: are you ready for this big prediction? >> let us here it. >> gary: i will save all of my predictions on sunday. >> from my perspective, the athletes that a been a dominant for the past 19 years. and the canyopeople from kenya, the canywe have a fantasc field led by an american as a matter of fact. jmeb is
6:55 pm
an olympic silver medalist >> gary: where is he from. >> domestic >> and one has the last time an american one? >> 1986. >> yes, 1986. >> gary: will this be business as usual for the women? >> i think there are a few contenders - of course the record holder is favored and the two-time champion. she knows what's going on. i expect for her to play a big part. >> gary: and in terms of costumes and rightfully so above the alcohol but what is the standard? >> there is no tolerance policy. >> gary: and relieve you are
6:56 pm
going to stick to this? >> we're looking forward to people coming out and looking and ford to sell bring in in a garment that is conducive looking forward to celebrating in a great and safe environment. >> gary: has been one of the craziest costume. ? >> i think that i've seen my fair share of all this and elvis, and of the most memorable it might not be the craziest. if >> gary: kron 4 will be out there and i hope that will make you happy out there. >> we will be okay for this year. and i spoke with the local runner here and bring him a copy of my book. this is a courtesy from meb and a copy for papam
6:57 pm
>>pam: ! we was yo11 we will seu 11:00 p.m. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. in the network you can take entertainment with you. mary tyler moore's brain surgery announcement today. and does arnold schwarzenegger have his wedding ring back on? i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> this brain tumor is something that mary has had for years and years. >> mary tyler moore's brain tumor admission. what we know about the 74 -year-old's life saving surgery. >> mary having diabetes, alcoholism will have memory problems. >> and is arnold reconciling with maria? why he put his ring back on. >> he still feels married. he really is trying to work it out. >> is maria sending secret message was their daughter?


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