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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 13, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> james: did hear from a san jose accounting professor who confirmed what reggie said they were not romantically involved but did work together a class projects. they said that thomas williams was likely just giving marcory caliguiran are ride home. more news more trouble for new forssmann team. norman, chris, and stephen all along with danville police officer louis lombardi face allegations including drug and weapons charges and two are thought to of operated abroad fall appeared to of those officers are linked to a wrongful death. it revealed
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he was not a suspect in the briefcase. at the time they sued the police department but it was said to be a justifiable shooting. now the judge has reversed that decision and will allow the dog lawsuit to proceed. mitchell's mother said she is pleased with the decision. >> justine: i feel somewhat relieved i was concerned they throughout of court because there'a said there was not enouh evidence but i don't think there review the case. . >> james: they will decide
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whether the case should go for to trial. a quick break, much more straight ahead. quick look for mount tam showing you san francisco in the distance. the scene what will be the 100 running of the zazzle bay to breakers starting at 8:00 a.m. here on kron 4. if you miss and don't worry, we will have a replay at 7:00 p.m. we will be out there all of us. i will be at the start line. we have vicky at the costume party. join us.
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>> james: said crews forensic evidence has led to an arrest. 18 year-old arabia who you see on the screen sexually assaulted and beat a woman last october.
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officers say after the attack he dumped the woman in watsonville. dna sample was managematched wi. campbell police are looking for child suspecbeen abuse suspect.t started when they were looking at a three year-old victim >> reporter: they're not releasing details because it involves a child. they were called and asked to check on the welfare of a three year-old girl. the tipster and let the home of the ex-boyfriend of the mother. george rodriquez appeared with the police arrived they found evidence of child abuse but nobody was home. five hours later they were found at a shopping center wednesday night. she was arrested on felony child
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abuse. the child is in child protective services. rodriguez has not been found it is likely he is still in san jose area, the lead detective says he is happy the guerrillas safe but the evidence against the jews suspect is disturbing even to season cops.the two suspects is >> we make every effort to locate the child to make sure they are safe that is the number one priority. >> reporter: they say they need the public's help in finding rodriquez. >> james: more violence at the napa state hospital, the latest in a series of attacks against patients and employees appeared than carmen has more. >> reporter: morethe second time in a week patient on patient violence scared one patient
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attack his roommate. >> when i saw him my stomach felt. when i first glance at him i thought he was dead and then i saw he was breathing. it was sick. >> reporter: the victim was a hospitalized with major injuries. this patient has been arrested and charged with assault as well as better rain causing serious bodily injury. hospital employees say something has to change. >> the lack of staffing, lack of police support, there is more now but they're sold his to be more staffing, we need to go back to the idea we are dealing with a criminal population so they need to be dealt with accordingly. >> reporter: the patient's need to be better separated not simply by behavior but by the
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degree of aggressiveness. at napa state hospital damp kron 4 news. >> james: for quick break, a live look showing you this guideline of the city.
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>> louisa: welcome back to kron 4 it news. for 5:00 p.m. the golden gate bridge a lot of fog burned off appeared breezy today we will watch clouds on the increase towards later part of your did today and then we have a shot of rain as we head towards the weekend. your temperatures in the '40's and 50's, 49 it said francisco, napa valley is chile low '40's. 51 in oakland, hayward, 49 in san jose. 63 san rafael, a few
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degrees warmer that novato, '70s and '60s around the bay. about 66 in san jose. we have the bay to breakers forecast for you showers free sunday, certainly the beginning of the race could start off with wet weather. from 4:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. a good shot of picking up thunderstorms. 7 day around the bay you can see the wet weather setting and on your saturday. rain chances for sunday and the beginning of next week. 2:00 p.m. let's check in with arafaar traffic. >> erica: a bridge check the
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approach of the bay bridge toll plaza of no way that the pay gates the metering lights are cycled off. cemetery bridges and nice and easy ride in both directions especially into foster city. --san mateo bridge--paroling did bridge ride so, no one a coupl of golden gag well. crosstown freeways quiet at this hour were the james lick meets the amount central major problems to report here. 16 minutes from the shot to the san francisco airport. >> james: new details on the mounting accusations of police misconduct from san francisco to prosecutors in claiming police mostly under cover the narcotics officers are using their badges experts say the
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mental told that these roles take on officers cannot be overlooked. >> reporter: tony is in francisco's police chief from 1992 until 1996. >> it's a dirty underworld, it's straining on officers. it makes significant adjustments to their lifestyle. >> reporter: so world attorneys agree many narcotic officers need more help from bosses. >> high stress jobs were lives aren't stake, they are good paying might not high-paying and then they get around criminals. they get tempted at times. they don't tend to their psychological well-being. >> the biggest threat is narcotics, they're so much money involved. >> reporter: when you're dealing
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with the drug task force you need to rotate officers because of the high strained that the job put on them and family spirit >> are rotation policy and not sure what the number should be every two-three years. >> a lot of police officers will tell you certain assignments in the police department that should be short-term. you leave an officer and a unit for too long certainly things happen. >> james: 4:21 a.m. alive look from san jose as we go traffic is moving well. look at whether traffic coming up.
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>> james: two days away from coverage of the annual zazzle bay to breakers race appeared in the 99 years only one african american has ever won and that
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was back in 1950. he is seemed like he was destined to be a long distance star. but it would be his last race. >> he belonged to the berkeley run in all but the time. from the ferry building to the beach. >> reporter: back then it was known as the cross and the race. his father knew well. >> and corrupt in the area one block from where he lived was the path of the bay to breakers. >> reporter: the path began much earlier when he was growing up in almost a colorado. wintertime temperatures plunged below zero. in 1940 at he moved to san francisco to work in the ship's bow your spiriyard. the track ie
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found he had a talent for distance running. >> he could run forever. what made him better than others was his long stride. >> reporter: everyone believed his older brother was destined to become the first black to beat the four mile. >> that was a california record at the time. >> reporter: the next year she he began that cross city race it wasn't an easy decision >> there was areas that were still a boundary tool. >> reporter: after when the race he prepared for college. he only lasted two months. he was
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diagnosed with tuberculosis instead of school he spent two years in a sanitarium. >> i don't believe he ran after that. >> reporter: he married and became a family he became ascot map scoutmaster in a role model. he died in 1975 before the bay to breakers was well known. he never got the appreciation given to today's winners. his son says he's never run in the bay to breakers but he appreciates his father's accomplishments. >> i rode my bike doom the whole course and just righting of course on a bike was tough. >> james: exclusive coverage coming up this sunday that's right this sunday's right day may 15th we go on the arid a day am bringing you the latest. if you miss the we have a replay at 7:00 p.m. that same night. we will be out there despite the rain we will have cruised
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around the area. we will have p.m., and gary in the studio and people along the course. tune in for that. if quick break much more ahead. a live look this morning on the golden gate bridge. we will talk about the traffic disruptions expected with the bay to breakers as well. we will be right back.
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a (applause & cheering) >> james: that's how it came down for the sharks fans appeared lot of nervous moments but the sharks bullet out. they are in the final four. will go down as the most even matchup of
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history. patrick knocked home the rebound with 747 to play. it clinched the victory over detroit. fantastic job goaltending. the fans in the tanks coming not of their skin there were so excited. it starts sunday night in vancouver, you can get a whole lot of folks watching that. two days away from our coverage of the 100th annual bay to breakers following all angles to the story. watch and hear last it begins at 8:00 a.m. following through the entire race. drinking is forbidden. if they have said that in the past but organizers say this year there is no
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looking the other way. >> reporter: the most police ever on the course and for the first time in its 100 year history private security is being brought in. in an effort and to attend have been made to stop or keep it under control, but as you can say the policy was not taken seriously or in forced well. organizers say that bans now. zero tolerance no more alcohol. police will be stationed along raised confiscating any alcohol they see. private security will back them up stopping any of the runners or spectators who are caught drinking. those who are drunk and belligerent police will make a judgment call to make an arrest, or send them to attend where people will stay until they sober up. zero
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tolerance for any or all slope. they are used as a portable bars and are finished. they will be confiscated the immediately. >> james: we will see how that goes we will be there with their cameras on sunday at 8:00 a.m.. if you're in the racing you think you are in camera turned and that night if we will have our reach airing of that. hopefully a sober one. for 30 2:00 a.m. let's look at the weather. >> louisa: i hopyou can see it w clouds out there but clear conditions. 49 degrees rate fell a bit chilly as you head toward the afternoon upper 50s, your highs today 61 back into the fifties by 8:00 p.m. elsewhere
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in the '50s and oakland, hayward, mountainview and san jose. half moon bay 39 degrees low 40 for the napa valley and san rosa. 50s through the delta. afternoon highs '60s and '70s so we will stay in to the mid-60s and san rosa, novato, 71 for fairfield. tempters warming up in to about 74 los gatos, morgan hill. 73 in antioch. everybody wants to know about the bay to breakers forecast. sunday starting off with showers temperatures into the low 50s, chance of thunderstorms around from the early morning hours on your sunday all the way up into the afternoon as well. keeping the shot of wet weather around potential for heavier downpours associated with the thunderstorms. 7 day around the
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bay, it really is saturday night that brings us a first chance wet weather gear so few have plans for close to fast it will be ok.oyster fast it looks lik'l be okay. >> erica: friday light currently no hot spots on the radar, no major slowdowns, the bay bridge toll plaza westbound looks good as to make your way out of oakland to san francisco. traffic moves will from all the approaches, was fell 580 and the northbound direction of the nimitz freeway for those of you headed to the san mateo bridge it's a great ride, we are in good shape out of his word into foster city pyriform golden gate bridge out of marin county if quiet along the span just a couple of cars making their way into san francisco. drive time of 24 minutes into the city
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limits. if you're headed out to the zazzle bay to breakers 7:00 a.m. race of lookit your street closures along the side streets at hey pahayes to hell. >> james: in san jose state university has identified the victims in tuesday night's triple fatal shooting. two students come down employees believe the gunmen killed himself. robb has the names of those involved and what may have led to those. >> reporter: two victims were graduating seniors, they are identified as 25 year-old >> janu: of samarcory caliguiran
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jose. and thomas williams . the man here on it is napoleon lavararias caliguiran. a university confirmed it was a murder-suicide. >> based on everything we have right now the shooter, who was the husband and the situation shot the victims and then shot himself. >> reporter: the the motive remains a mystery. they hinted that a possibility. >> we don't know lot and we may never know a lot about this series of events that led up to what happened on tuesday night. we do know we are dealing with
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some domestic violence here. >> reporter: the mood was somber they were set to graduate in a few weeks, not far away somebody left this for williams. in san jose kron 4 news. >> james: this to student films were outgoing and ambitious students. >> she was a nice person, she steadied she was glowing, never any problems. i think that top accounting firm was planning to hire herschel was working part time there. she was super smart and honor student.
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>> james: he said his friend the victim rarely talked about her personal life, he wasn't aware she was married. for 30 7:00 a.m. for a live look outside for u.s. the gulf. this time seeing a mild start for friday morning. this sunday bay to breakers
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>> james: four suspects have been arrested in the stabbing of a man is served when a fight broke out near the san rafael community center. police say reports describe a group of men fighting armed with sticks and bats. witnesses said they took off in a chase, a resident called in to say a young man collapsed at her doorstep he was
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pronounced dead at hospital. they believe it was a gang- related incident. residents say they are surprised appeared >> reporter: the fatal stabbing happen here in san rafael. it is an area well known for its community park where children play. residents say this incident is certainly alarming. >> we heard sirens in my house i was saying. >> reporter: home to many restaurant and a popular farmers' market. it is also just a short distance from where this down and started to unfold this business owners and the death of a young man so close by certainly is rising. >> we never had an issue. i was surprised. last night was the
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first issue in many years. >> reporter: they say it was gang-related investigation underway. >> it's a fact of life in this day and age. we work hard to stay on top of them, that's why we have a unit specifically directed to that issue. unfortunately can happen everywhere. >> reporter: kron 4 news. >> james: 1 we come back a look if your forecast not for today but if you're participating for bay to breakers run we will have a full figure race day forecast paralle.
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>> louisa: time right now is for 40 4:00 a.m. breezy this
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afternoon but it will be dry and breezy. increasing clouds tonight chance of rain as we head towards weekend. we are off to a chilly start, have been vague cooler than that in the 30's, napa holding on to the low '40's, 50 in oakland, hayward, mt. view and san jose appeared by the afternoon into the '60s, napa valley could warm to about 72. the further inland the better chance in to the '70s. 60s through san jose mountain view, 64 rid the city. bay to breakers starts off the race at the 7:00 a.m. hour in the low 50s cloudy conditions and the chance of showers here we have a chance of seeing thunderstorms through the early morning hours
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all the way into the afternoon. even by noontime we see temperatures upper 50s chance of showers, thunderstorms, a potential of small herhail. best chance of showers and the evening under sousaturday. by at 4:00 a.m. sunday chances of instability thunderstorms popping up throughout the day. periods of dry but keeping thunderstorms and wet weather right up into the evening hours on your sunday. you're 7 day around the bay shows once that wet weather kicks than it looks like we will keep a chance of showers right through the beginning of next week and all the way until about wednesday next week thursday the sunshine comes out warming up. >> erica: wrapping up the 4:00 hour with no hotspots. bay
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bridge out of oakland to san francisco meter lights are still cycled off. san mateo bridge traffic is building in both directions. still a nice easy ride free of accident and incident spiri. 101 easy enoughn francisco no major slowdown. eastbound direction of the bay bridge to the lower deck we have some overnight construction and affect between fourth and the san francisco and bridge. >> james: well drivers are shelling out $4 a gallon for gas big oil will get tax breaks.
4:48 am
>> reporter: the democrats call see bought last for close the big oil tax loophole act. democrats have their own picture exxon mobil was the most profitable fortune 500 last year with more than $30 billion in profit. chevron was no. 3 making 19 billion. >> american driver it is paying this profit. >> reporter: eliminating subsidies would save $21 billion over 10 years. that money could go to reducing the deficit. the idea has no chance of approval by the republican controlled house but it didn't stop the senate from calling and executives of the five top oil companies. >> is it wise to continue these
4:49 am
tax breaks? >> reporter: the unanimous answer was what's good for oil is good for everyone. >> you will produce higher cost per gallon and less implement. >> james: cutting the subsidies will not reduce prices at the pond in any event. google is going hollywood, they want to give u.s. avenue to tinseltown. >> craig: google launches and movie rental service they announced in san francisco this week but it was overshadowed by their unveiling of the new music service. >> starting today you can rent movies from and right and stream them to their computers or their and right devices appeared
4:50 am
thousands of titles are available to rent, competitively price starting at a $99. >> craig: awful has used this and now android tablet and tablet can read them. on a pc you go to the marketplace look for the movies, have you make the choice of renting movies you have 30 days to watch it. want to play you have 24 hours to watch the movie. movie can be watched nhk, or you can download the movies to your tablet or fall, if you want to watch them when you're not connected like in an airplane. you can rent them and watch them through the end ride marketplace, later this week an update will go off and labeling them to read and watch movies appeared in two weeks into right smart phones can let them read and watch movies. >> james: we will take a break,
4:51 am
look at the james lick freeway and traffic is moving well.
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>> james: we are a couple of days away from the 100th running of the zazzle bay to breakers appeared that countdown is on. we have been profiling people. we talked to one runner who was blind. >> reporter: early morning at the ymca getting ready for the bay to breakers the way he has done since lyndon johnson was in the white house. harry holds a
4:54 am
record 44 consecutive years, that is not all that makes him unique. blind but hardly disabled, not many years ago he was the fastest 500 to finish the bay to breakers. he remembers the reaction. harry was not always that confident as a teenager he was not allowed to take this said, he credits a counselor at the camp for the blood for taking him to the lake and putting a rope in his hand >> in the amount of time you say hit dead ends up on the gas i was a water skier. i figured if i could waterskiing i can do anything. >> reporter: that was in 1958, 10 years later he entered the bay to breakers taking home a trophy for his courage. well he might not be as old as the hills
4:55 am
he has been running since the most feared obstacle. 200 ft flop climb was added to 1968 as a part of the detour routes of construction. >> he wears a sign saying i get my thrill at hayes st. hell.ill >> i get the spotlight but if i didn't have partners i couldn't do any of it. >> reporter: besides helping his steps he provides a commentary. >> he asked me who is around, whose bias. >> reporter: even though he can see his fellow runners he has no trouble sensing the excitement. >> it's almost a carnival atmosphere imagine what it's like when you're strapped into a roller coaster in anticipation of wondering what the coin to be
4:56 am
like when it starts moving. >> reporter: the moving mass has grown a lot in 44 years. >> 900 when i first ran that when i got to 2000 we thought this was getting out of control. >> reporter: he has taken part in an ira man and marathons'. he says bay to breakers will always be special. >> it was the first foot race i ever ran it's a matter celebrating health and fitness appeare. >> reporter: at an age where people are looking back on their lives, he is looking for to a new milestone. >> i want no. 51 i run my bay to breakers. >> james: we began coverage of the running of the bay to breakers race. i will be at the
4:57 am
start line, henry is on haze untihis health and of course bus tracking the elite runners. feet from them as they make their way through their race. read airing at at 7:00 p.m. today to watch it at night. we will take a quick break at 4:57 a.m. much more straight ahead.
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>> mark: we hear from friends of the victims. >> darya: dozens of people dead and that caliban claims responsibility in pakistan. a (applause & cheering) >> mark: sharks move on to the western conference final. >> darya: taking a look at the weather and traffic as we head into the weekend. >> james: put the nice bow on this friday with another nice forecast for today. let's walk through what we will see in terms of the weather today, increasing clouds by tonight, cold front headed our way for
5:01 am
the week, clouds will be part of that so will the cooler temperatures and chance of showers for the weekend. a breakdown of your forecast coming up in a moment. >> george: a look at the bay bridge ride as we start the morning with light traffic and looking for an easy ride of course this being friday. westbound no delays across the upper deck, the approaches look good, all the bridges look good right now, currently no hotspots. complete check coming up. >> mark: top stories who says torture is just for giants fans appeared nervous moments but the sharks are in the western conference finals. one of the final four in and nitro. one of the most even matt johnson history.even in the nhl history2
5:02 am
victory over the detroit red wings. they got the winning day seven in seven days. shark'' fans were coming on glued with all the excitement as big as this one was based on a week ago. >> i wouldn't say it's the altamont yet, everybody is excited game 7. let's keep things in perspective we've been here before and we didn't do the job you'r done. >> mark: fans celebrating in san jose into the early morning hours. >> as long as they keep this up it will be great. just like anything they have to keep going and make sure the bring it home. >> it builds tension but i have
5:03 am
faith they can bring it home. >> mark: now time to go rest they start the finals this sunday against vancouver >> darya: we want to see what's over for the weekend today looks nice but it will hold on long. >> james: good for today but they will be changing over the next 24 hours, live look from mt. tam, you can see a low cloud cover all week we've been dealing with. it will intensify towards evening. we expect a system to move through saturday night into sunday. quick look at temperatures mild, 49 and san francisco up in the north bay 41 in san rosa, at south bay warmer 50 degrees there and about 52 in antioch. we are in the upper 40's low 50s to start off this morning. this afternoon
5:04 am
temperatures up to where there were yesterday 67 in napa, oakland 62, 73 in antioch and brentwood. not that warm just about everywhere else. maybe into the load to mid-70s in los gatos and morgan hill. to enjoy out weld last saturday night into sunday we have been talking about this the running of the race on sunday we have the chance of thunder shower activity the rain lasting for the first half of next week. sunday your bay to breakers forecast 7:00 a.m. as the race time, low 50s, possible thunder shower activity the rain is building up over night. by noon upper 50s possibility of
5:05 am
lightning throughout the bay area. specifically in san francisco it's hard to predict. in our next update we will show you where the rain will fall. now check on traffic. >> george: great start to the commute no hotspots right now. with that out of the way we start with a bridge check the bay bridge right here cameras positioned around the bay area, light and easy ride to the bay bridge. san mateo bridge commute a good one no delays in the east or west bound direction, smooth traffic. golden gate bridge what no one southbound easy ride for marin county no delays yet reconfiguring the bridge now and adding the fourth lane. >> darya: 5:05 a.m. new details of this morning about the deadly shooting that happened in the san jose state campus in the parking garages. it was a
5:06 am
double murder so side, a man fatally shot his wife who was a student, and a classmate. marcory caliguiran there she is on the left. thomas williams who you see in the middle they were both shot and killed while sitting inside of her car. police say that is the shooter on the right her husband. he turned the gun on himself after shooting them. authorities believe is domestic violence, they have not said what the relationship is between the wife and the other student. only that they are counting students and were expected to graduate in the next few weeks. but friends say the couple was happy and didn't think the house bill was a jealous person. >> you see them together you know they love each other. she
5:07 am
is not the type of girl that would do that. he's really cool, we wouldn't think he would do that. >> mark: a professor says they worked on projects together and were not involved in a romantic relationship. >> mark: tell ben claiming responsibility for a pair of explosions in pakistan and military training center killing 80 people. officials say nearly all the dead were required spirit caliban's thing they conducted the attacks in retaliation for osama bin laden step. >> mark >> darya: we will be right hey marcel, watch this!
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>> darya: 5:10 a.m. two dozen schools in california the teachers were arrested outside of the state capitol yesterday, there were protesting cuts to public education, and next
5:11 am
year's state budget. the teachers refused to leave so you can see they were being arrested and escorted out. 28 people arrested in charge with trespassing. republican state lawmakers released their proposal to close the budget deficit, the budget includes deeper cuts to services for the port and pass state workers to take another pay cut about 15%. republicans want to raise funds dedicated to early childhood development and mental health programs. jerry brown will release his plan monday. >> mark: the dow finished paused of yesterday's stock futures are up again this morning, later we will hear from labor departments. mortgage rates hitting lows for the hearing could soon hit the low of last year. an incentive for private
5:12 am
carbuyers. facebook and google e in a public relations war after facebook had hired a from criticizing kugels privacy services. it backfired when the firm declined and went public. facebook had asked that its identity was kept private. >> darya: we will be right back the golden gate bridge in very
5:13 am
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5:15 am
>> darya: the gates have opened in southern sorry southeastern louisiana. the mississippi river bearing down on new orleans, engineers say it is opening more base at this bill way which
5:16 am
diverts water into lake pontchartrain. national weather service says the river was 2 in. above flood stage cresting may 23rd at more 19 ft.. catfish farming in mississippi facing grave danger from the flooding. threatening the economy that generates to honor million dollars in sales. an industry that is. it is the leading producer of farm raised catfish. floods could spur more farmers to quit. some farmers built levees but many can't afford that. >> mark: bay area weather live looks from mt. tam. james is watching the forecast. >> james: you can see the fog around the city will be a
5:17 am
beautiful day it will burn off before too much longer. pleasant afternoon lot like yesterday a great way to end the week before the storms come in for the weekend. here's where the temperatures are right now upper 40's, low 50s. 50 oakland, 50 san jose, cooler to the north with 41 in san rosa, warmer in the delta 52 and antioch. this afternoon look at these temperatures lot like yesterday san rosa 65, san francisco 59, 68 in concord, oakland 62 and everybody right around the media bay will be in that range between 62 and 65. 56 at half moon bay warmer inland, 73 antioch, los gatos and morgan hill 74. 7 day forecast as we said all week the week will be
5:18 am
fine, the weekend the cold front moves through and we will see showers fall saturday stretching for sunday. sunday is the bay to breakers race let's walk you through what we expect in terms of rain. 7:00 a.m. sunday widespread showers light in nature but widespread. we might get a break at 10:00 a.m. that might be good news, as we move forward to the end of the day the showers stay away moving off to the east, maybe by 10:00 a.m. we might see relief. more in your forecast in a minute now check on traffic. >> george: as we start off this report with no hotspots at the news, friday light traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. for little traffic here no delays either through the maze or from the shore freeway. your ride to the san
5:19 am
mateo bridge has looks well no problems here eastbound or westbound, no delays getting on to the bridge. golden gate bridge ride also looks good and for marin county. bay to breakers street closures this sunday the biggest one is going to be beale streefell st. the re streets howard, most of those closures will be lifted by 10:00 a.m. on sunday. if you have to get across the city use the embarcadero for crossover drive through golden gate park. >> darya: vallejo meant accused of carpet causing a disturbance will be in court this morning a
5:20 am
yemeni native is charged with interfering with the flight crew on board a chicago flight headed from chicago to sfo on sunday night. he touched the door with a shoulder and yelled something in arabic. it ihe is considereda flight risk. >> james: workers at napa state hospital are looking for more support. the latest incident wednesday when a patient attacked his roommate of victor scene here was arrested for assault and battery. the victim is in serious condition. >> it is on stable. the lack of staffing, the lack of police support on the union, there's more now on because of increased incidence. but in is to be more staffing. we need to go back to the idea we are
5:21 am
dealing with a criminal population the need to be dealt with accordingly. >> mark: the second time this we get attack happened. >> darya: to victims that were killed on tuesday night here is video the crime scene. we went out there on wednesday about this video appeared the victims are 30 year-old ramon of loss angeles, 29 year-old of san rosa one of them were found dead with a gunshot wound in a car parked and the other man was found shortly after that. friends and family of san carlos mayor are going to attend a memorial in his honor this afternoon he became mayor nov. died suddenly of heart attack on tuesday morning. his memorial is at the museum on skyway road in san carlos it is at 3:00 p.m. this
5:22 am
afternoon and open to the public. >> mark: we will be back as a news continues after this break. the great highway in san francisco the bay to breakers finish line being set up. a live report operations coming up.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>> darya: >> darya: bay to breakers is two days away and yoli is at the finish line >> reporter: this is when you hear it cheerchariots of fire ig down to the finish line. you basically go right here and this is where the finish line will be. they basically cannot put up the official banner until saturday night. they've done as much preparation as they can do internally to the finishing touches. that will happen saturday night. a lot of changes
5:26 am
this year. at the starting point they will start earlier this year 7:00 a.m. and because so many people have joined bay to breakers they have developed almost a metering lights system. if you have your number check what time you start. there will be four different time starts in eight locations. you have to check again, see where you will start. it is by mission but there is different points where you start and different starts. >> darya: so will we see that famous mob shippeshot. >> reporter: you'll have your
5:27 am
speed runners starting at 7:00 a.m. i think they start at their regular location. it is not going to be as crowded as before. there will be eight different locations to start the race. and again at four different times. >> darya: another thing to point out if you're born to be out and about early there will be a lot of traffic affected. >> reporter: you are not in their race you may well look at the route so you can stay away from that. plan how you will get across to the city to get from you there off of the golden gate bridge and go through the city to a coworker you have to go. definitely do that. another change at the end of teresa everybody goes to foot stock, is usual in the polo fields but not the share. now beset speedway meadows. you will have to walk a
5:28 am
bit further. >> darya: good changes to note. so it is affecting tens of thousands of people if you're not one of them out in that you can watch all of the highlights and our coverage on kron 4. get up early with us sunday may 15th. our coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. if you miss the you watch it at 7:00 p.m..
5:29 am
5:30 am
>> james: all lot of changes over the next 48 hours, but today will be nice, look out for san francisco clear in some spots but we have slope of fulld cover in some spots. by this
5:31 am
evening clouds roll in an advance of the rain coming in. complete breakdown of the rain coming down in a full check of whether a moment. first check on traffic. >> george: bay bridge we have light traffic through the toll plaza from the maze. no delays across the upper deck and so far this morning hot spot free commute. complete check coming up. >> mark: details in the deadly shooting at state university's campus. it was a double murder suicide. the man fatally shot his wife who was a student and a classmate. 25 year-old student and wife who went by marcory caliguiran and 26 year-old thomas williams they were both shot and killed while sitting in her car. police say the shooter
5:32 am
was her husband to napoleon lavararias caliguiran on the right. he shot the two and then turned the gun on himself. they believe it's a case of domestic violence. they were both sent to graduate in a few weeks. student body president spoke about the relationship with her. >> she was a glowing person. she was hard-working she was hard steadying. one of the top accounting firms were planning to hire her i know she was working part time there, she was really super smart. >> mark: student body president says she rarely talked about her personal life and he was not aware she was married. >> darya: a judge demy it denies
5:33 am
the bid to stop the memorial for the jones massacre. senior pastor who lost 27 family members and that mass suicide filed a lawsuit alleging the cemetery officials went back on a commitment to have hurt installed on memorial there. the pastor has an issue with the memorial because it includes the name of the rev. jones. he's the one that led the mass suicide that left 900 people dead in 1978. >> george >> james: a quick look at walnut creek clear and things will warm up nicely for those in the san ramon valley. temperatures in the moment we are mild starting awful lot like yesterday in the day before '40's, low 50s. cooler to the no. 42 in napa
5:34 am
valley, 52 and antioch. dennis san jose this 50 in san jose but when you little los gatos its 44 right now. it is a chilly start as you head out this morning get nothing at you are not unfamiliar with. this afternoon it should look familiar in line with where we're were yesterday. 62 in oakland, as you travel to the south warming it up as we go 66 for san jose. we will be in the upper 50s for most of the coastal areas. 70 forecast walking you through the changes saturday, sunday we begin with the showers and then we see they extend through sunday, temperatures taken dip below 60s and land, right around 60 around the bay. mid-50s along the coast, bay to breakers is sunday the day this rain is supposed to happen. here's a closer look at the forecast low 50s to star
5:35 am
with every time thunder showers began during for a am our so should be wet. by noon upper 50s and pop thunderstorms here and there dicey day coming up on our next update looking at the rain in one we what might see a break. >> george: looks good around the bay area no hotspots, bridge check free as we started the bay bridge westbound still very light as you see with no delays in their to the bridge for acrostic, san mateo bridge ride easy in both directions no delays east or west bound. golden gate bridge ride problem free from ring county. public transit enjoying a good ride no delays so far for any of them. >> darya: and go sharks, they had nervous moments but they are in the final four right now. it will go down as the most even matchup in history, they found a
5:36 am
way past the detroit red wings it was his back spectacular. he knocked home rebounds. they finally knocked out the detroit red wings with a 3-2 win. he made 38 saves for the sharks, we caught up with the team after the victory. >> when the buzzer when i was excited it lasted 10 seconds. almost immediately used to thinking about ok, we have to suit up in a few days. >> reporter: he for scored his first points in his series with the school that show h p pavilion. >> it was big. we have another
5:37 am
month to play and we will get better. >> we believe can him, for him to end up with the winning goal is special for our team and him . i think the monkey will be off his back and he will be better next series. >> reporter: game one sunday in vancouver. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. >> mark: two days away from the annals cecil bay to breakers. you come watching at 8:00 a.m. sunday morning. drinking is absolutely forbidden. attempts to control it has been not very effective. but as we report is sure there is no looking the other by.
5:41 am
>> reporter: the most police ever on the course, for the first time private security is being broadened. all in an effort to put an end to drinking during bay to breakers. since 2006 attempts have been made to stop drinking but as you can see people holding beer and hanging off the all all checkpoints signed the policy was not taken seriously or enforced. organizers say that and now. it is zero tolerance and no more alcohol. police will be stationed along the race route confiscating any alcohol they see private security will also be backing them up. stopping any of the 55,000 runners or spectators caught drinking. those who are drunk and belligerent please will make a judgment call to make an arrest or send them to attend or people will have to stay until they sober up. zero tolerance
5:42 am
for any and all floats along time tradition is meeting an end. organizers say they are used as portable bars and are officially kaput. they will be confiscated immediately. >> darya: we will be back with more moment alive look on friday morning traffic through san jose pretty light right now. we'll be right back.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> mark: nice looking friday morning, is this friday the 13th? it is. let's go to james with of forecast. >> james: a breakdown of what we expect to date low clouds and sunshine during morning hours, almost exactly like yesterday. whatever you experienced yesterday put it in your mind that's where you have today. upper 60's, low '70s more fog rolling in a cloud cover by
5:46 am
tonight in advance of the storm system. right now robert '40's, '50's no changes in the numbers before sunrise, they may grow bigger barrier to before we finally see the warming, all in all your mild. this afternoon warming it up nicely temperatures of carbon copy of yesterday topping on the mid- 60s, los '70s for vallejo, oakland 62, los 60 degree range around the media paid it will be to get to the south bay before you get into the upper '60's, low 70's. livermore 66, that's where we will see the warmer temperatures today. 74 cast will include saturday, sunday instability. france coming through and saturday night the showers began, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday we hold on to
5:47 am
the sprinkle spiris. here's whee expect the rain to fall 7:00 a.m. why rain bay area,--wide-- we might start drying up by 10:00 a.m. we advancing beyond this point and you can see the ring goes away at that point. heavier stuff in the morning tapering off into the early afternoon and late evening hours. a quick look at the bay to breakers forecast. check on your commute with george. >> george: we will have your bay to breakers strip closures as well. first of all we have to tell you about hotspots but thankfully we don't have any. we will start with a bridge check the bay bridge toll plaza westbound no delays, easy ride on all the approaches, san mateo bridge looks good both
5:48 am
directions head lice are eastbound coming back towards hayward no problems there. ec for your golden gate bridge note delays through marin on 1 01 southbound. but look at their race route, some of these closures will begin closing the day before the race to. the rest of the street start closing at 9:00 p.m. on saturday night for the better part of the early race. they reopen by 10:00 a.m. on sunday morning. along hayes, fell, a number of those closure should be lifted between 10 and noon. so if you need to cross use embarcadero or crossover drive through golden gate park it will remain open >> darya: 7 cruise forensic
5:49 am
evidence taken from assault and kidnapping has led to an arrest. the woman was attacked he is accused of dumping the woman of several miles away in watson's bill. dna sample from the crime was matched to a sample taken from him when he was previously arrested. charges of sodomy, kidnapping, battery. the government will auction the unabomber's stuff off. starting next week, there will be an option on the general services administration website. they will sell the original version
5:50 am
of his manifesto. >> mark: shooter out in the financial district tomorrow. we are not predicting the news there is the tv commercial being shot. a warning to the area if you hear gun shots don't call 911 it's a commercial, creating a car chase from the 1968 film bullitt which is set in san francisco. it will take place between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.. all day saturday and sunday. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
>> darya: taking a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast as we head into a nice but breezy friday plenty of sunshine high of 73 to cool down comes in the breeze bringing in a chance of
5:54 am
showers saturday that temperatures start to drop but then on sunday 62 is the best we could do when we have thunderstorms and showers expected we don't really get out of the chance of showers monday through wednesday the clouds will linger in the chances well. then suddenly we are back on track mid-70s and sunshine. next week and will be great but this weekend is the bay to breakers. >> mark: it's always fun. you can catch it here on kron 4 is the race begins at the embarcadero. the race goes up howard street making the turn across market and up hayes street hill. and then a slow climb on fell over towards jfk drive out over toward the great highway is to make the turn
5:55 am
south for the finish line. we will be along the course bring you the latest round sunday. it should be great race. >> darya: in 99 years only one african american won it in 1950. it seemed like he was destined become a long distance star but the race would turn out to be his last. >> he belonged to the berkeley running club at the time. uc from the fair building to the beach. >> reporter: back then the bay to breakers was known as the crossing the race. his son said his father knows well. >> about one block from where he lived is where the path of the bay to breakers run. sash >> reporter: the half began much earlier when he was growing up in alamo said colorado.
5:56 am
wintertime temperatures plunged below zero. in 1940 his father moved to san francisco to work in the shipyards bringing his 10 year-old son with him. ellen is eventually attended high school now the home of san francisco unified school district. the track is where he found he had a talent for distance running. he could >> he could run forever what made him so significantly better than others was his long stride. >> reporter: everyone believed his older brother was destined to become the first black to have break the off for a mile a minute barrier. he was the first one to win the championship of four minutes and 25 seconds. >> i believe that was a record. >> reporter: then he tried to cross in the race for black men in 1950 it was not an easy decision >> even as progressive as san
5:57 am
francisco was there was areas there were still a boundary line. >> reporter: after winning he went to college and during san jose state in the fall battle lasted two months. he was diagnosed with tuberculosis the city school he spent the next two years in a sanitarium. >> i don't believe he ran after that. >> reporter: he went on to marry and raise a family he was a scout master and a role model for his son and others. he died in 1975 before the bay to breakers was well known and so never got the appreciation given to today's winners. his son says he is never run in the bay to breakers but he does appreciate his father's accomplishments. >> i wanted to find out how tough it was and i rode my bike the whole course. just riding the bike was really tough. >> darya: the stories are amazing. all the people that
5:58 am
have participated in this historic race over a hundred years. now the 100th running his here is this sunday, may 15th to come watch our coverage on kron 4 live starting at 8:00 a.m., replaced some p.m. we will be right back.
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