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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 16, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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and then coming up of top stories, the giants bandp that was beaten will finally return. >>darya: santa clara police looking for the killer of the churchmen. we will have details. >>mark: this based shuttle endeavor, we covered the blastoff at an hour ago. coming up. >>darya: let us look at the weather. >>james: it will take a few days for the rain to the end of our system. here is a look at the james lick freeway. you might be heading out thinking oh, great it will be a dry day. but, no. this afternoon rain will pick up. it is pointed grow in intensity and in
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growth. rain will be heavier on the second half of the day. a more detailed look at the forecast. >>george: slower traffic only from the 80 over crossing. not too bad of a back up. it is not backed up at all. a round of debate, hot spot free. there could be problems updating in san francisco. coming up. >>mark: the latest now on crime still, the beaten giants fan. the 42 role--yr old was beaten during opening game. it happened at the giants stadium. he is being
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taken to the trauma center in oakland. the family has mixed emotions about leaving los angeles. >> this is very bittersweet. we are taking brian home. on behalf of our families we would like to say thank you to our community that has embraced brian and supported him. the people of l.a. have been in our hearts during this six week journey. clear support has guided us through. thank-you does not say enough of how much we appreciate you. you will never be forgotten. this is truly the city of angels. >>mark: they are still looking for the attackers. hundreds of these billboards went up all over california.
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>>darya: san francisco police are looking for any clues of a murder for a 62 year-old man that was known as the " churchman " he was found dead thursday morning. he was killed in the 34 blocks of lafayette street. he was walking with the bible as he was often known for. he was bleeding from a head wound. they're investigating and hoping a $5,000 reward for information leading to the killer helps them jocks the memories and get some witnesses to come forward. governor jerry brown has a look today at the revised budget. it is likely going to include billions of dollars in tax revenue. democrats say the revenue bond is so slight it does not solve the state's long- term imbalance of revenue and spending. they're still
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trying to stabilize the budget. >>mark: one hour ago at the space shuttle endeavor launch from cape canaveral florida. it is now on its way to the international space station. it is the last flight for this particular shuttle. the 25th and final one. commander mark kelly, the has been the commander giffords. you will bring you live pictures from space right morning. >>darya: the weather here canceled the first stage of the race. you couldn't not ride a bicycle and like a whole because it was snowing. and >> they're looking for any
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weren't from to adjust to 1 ft. above 7,000 ft.. >>james: it will be interesting as the tumor gets under way. they will need to get to move on before the system rolls in. noontime, 61 beers brewed by this afternoon who will bump up to 63 degrees. there will be rain. looks like a certainty at this point. satellite images, a lot of activity going on. it is all funneling in and the rainshowers our throats california. north of clear lake. you can see on the radar. down to the bay area we're not seeing too much in the way of rain. it is expected to change. 9:00. future test for projecting light rain and by noon a close bay area right. be airborne to see intensified in the north bay. moderate cells are popping up. by
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4:00 p.m. it grows. look for heavy wind across the bay. it will intensify in the santa cruz mountains. be careful, it could be a very but aside for your commute. but mid-90s will break up. we are still looking for more rain so it will not let up yet. it could go into tomorrow. were seven day forecast will show that rain will be here tuesday. wednesday it will taper off and we will see a better second half of the week. here is your view of the ride. >>george: still, no hot spots. there is an unusual back up for delay or a major incident. what we do have, at is an impact in the
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bridge. the west bound, 280,000 cars a day. this morning they are doing well. the backup has built up slightly and it reaches to just beyond the 80 over crossing in the toll plaza glass. san mateo ride looks good. no delays. golden gate bridge won a one southbound, no problems. driving in from the golden gate all lot of traffic is coming from lombard. there was a police action when taking place because of an accident. the police department had guns drawn at this intersection and somebody has been taken into custody. instilling from an accident that
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occurred at the intersection. delays on lombard. >>darya: thank you. there is only a little bit of clean up the remains from bay to breakers. the weather held and as you concede tens of thousands of people participated in the 12 k foot race. there was no new restrictions. no floats. noel hall. people were still drinking but only 25 arrests. >>mark: coming up, one of the most important people in the world, the head of the international monetary fund is being arraigned on sexual assault charges. more coming up.
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and the amount we are back, is 7:11 a.m.. currently and in san jose we have dropped a couple degrees. we're at 49 degrees. we're expecting to go out to 61 degrees as are high. >>mark: we are looking to preserve and valley oaks in
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san francisco to. let's go live. good morning mary, >> reporter: good morning mark. the tree is about 350 years of age. it is at risk of being cut down this morning by the nsf pc. the pc did not give the neighbors notification of destruction until friday. it is at 4:38 p.m.. they're coming perilously close to the roots of this tree. we're looking at getting a restraining order to stop them until we can discuss what the options are for cutting this tree down. >>mark: why do they want to cut it down? >> reporter: because, they're lying a pipe. it has been underway for three years. the problem is they have not been opened and
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truthful with us about this particular tree. there was options for cutting it down. you want to sit down and talk about those options are before the cut it down. we want a couple of weeks still to look at the viable options before the cut it down. >>mark: are you and your neighbors plan of staying out there all day. >> reporter: if yes. i myself will step way to go to the county to get a restraining order to make this official and everyone else is going to be under the tree to make sure they do not cut it down. >>mark: thank you for your time and good luck in your endeavor. >> reporter: thank you. >>mark: we will be right back.
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>>mark: will come back. we're looking at the flooding of louisiana. they're opening up the floodgates of the organs of it spillway. their 20s the flooding. but opening up this bill with their flouting of thousands of acres of cajun country. they're forcing people from their homes. our reporter in baton rouge is showing the flooding that does happen so far. all lot of flooding
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that has happened is taking over towns and people are heeding warnings and leaving. here is a real people packing up and moving. many of the people were going to beat it additional victims of the tragedy by having to open up the spill in organza. this is a town of three mile like. they're getting their valuables out before the flood waters are leaded. he doesn't people evacuated from the area. there continue to open up your gans the spillway. >>darya: we have our own rain we're keeping our eye on. james? >>james: we are seeing a chance of rain here, off and on. not much going on. it will increase as we had the afternoon hours. the rain becomes heavy pair possible downpours. preconditions and it continuing into the overnight hours as a cold
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front pushes too. this system is affecting the stock short. concede that is bringing rain to a good bit of more than california. the bay area's not sing a whole lot at the moment. we are ok for now. feature cast for has as changing that as we head into the 9:00, 10:00 hours. by 4:00 p.m. it was just explode. we're rolling onto the same pattern all day. we will get to much relief and it will hit us small as well. we are mild in terms of temperatures.
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this afternoon we are born to pump up our eyes to the low 60s. the rain is what you're dealing with. the first half of the day looks better than the second. wednesday, thursday, friday bumping temperatures out. will be a nice weekend. >>george: it looks at your ride of the bay bridge. we have learned of the stall. they got to clear the road. captan moved off quickly enough for avoiding a back up. no problems at the west bound ride. the commute to marin county as good as well. interstate 80 and that the short freeway are starting to show slowing.
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this is where you're hitting slowed traffic. it picks up to berkeley kerf. area? >>darya: thank you. please send us the in the murder of the man named of the churchmen. list tomorrow was found dead. it was last thursday. police have set up a roadblock this morning and kron4 news craig is there with the latest. our solo reporter with the best news later. >> reporter: at the a broken down the road block. their
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turn deceive anybody was around thursday and saw anything on the attack. their canvassing the area. they're trying to see if they can find out what happened. he was a very popular guy in known as the churchman because he went to a lot of services and was well known around here. >> he was known as the jewish man because he goes to church every day and was holding a bible in his hand. he is willing to talk to anybody about his religion. >> this is the sidewalk that he had worked down when the murder happened. he was attacked here. there is a moral flowers left ear. some people walking by, that is an officer or to detect and crews plotters. get any
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tipster kinds of these in this case. 25 officers and detectives are here from small police departments because this man was popular. the help of all homicide cases the this is a guy that allow people were shocked to see murdered at the site. >>darya: us that story and a big mystery. and that we will be right back. you about, this saturday we will airing "chase" right here on kron4. and then the kron4 news will be on after that, because the giant's game will be airing on nbc.
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>>mark: will come back, watching wall street. pal is up eight points. the nastic is up nine. the police have
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arrested the head of the international monetary fund. one of the most important and of the world. he sexually assaulted a hotel maid. attempt it rate and the police made pick come out of the lineup. he was taken off of an air france flight that was about to take it off of jeff k. airport was taken into custody. his client denies any wrongdoing and will vigorously denies the charges. he is a married father of four and has been seen as the strongest contender for the next president of france. >>darya: the ford fiesta can launch up to 10 ft. 4 and if
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it is not on the seller or placed firmly on the break. there has been to hundred and 38 complaints and they have been called the 2005 through 2000 and eight model. there's been one injury to they are investing in us in deciding if a recall is necessary. >>mark: a quick break. we will be back in two minutes to live look out side at this time as a bridge. beyond look out for some public showers.
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>>darya: 7:29 a.m. and the peak of sunshine. we've seen some great, dart shots and we have seen some sunny shots. >>james: that was the son the shot and here is the great shot. cloud cover and
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fog. light showers in the north area. temperatures in the mid-40s low 50s. it will beat cool and damp. this afternoon things will change for the worse. especially if you're driving. a lot of rain. primarily for your afternoon commute home. keep to for your fall forecast >>george: a back up. a back up that is inching towards democracy remains. no hot spots for the drive but a complete check coming up. mark? >>mark: had beaten giants fan brined still will be heading back to the oakland area. he is leaving around 10:00 a.m.. the 42 year-old
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paramedic has been in hospital ever since he was brutally attacked. he will be taken on a middle called jet to sfo and his mother spoke at a press conference today about the mixed emotions of him leaving. >> (inaudible) a memo we do not have that audio for you. will tran was there this morning to get reactions from friends and co-workers. >>mark: >>will: now that he's coming back to san francisco it will be much easier to see him. >> we are just happy to have
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him home. we miss him so much. >> it will be good to have come close enough to visit. this is where he worked and lived it and hopefully that will give him a push that he needs in his recovery. were looking for 2 his strong recovery. >>will: when they say they have not forgotten, they mean it. there are pictures of him ever wear. they have fund-raiser's they sold this ribbon in his honor. speaking of a yellow ribbons they printed out his badge that all of the paramedics at well when they're out in the field. >> reporter: do you have any well wishes for brian as he returns to the bay area? here a few of them. :
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and a comment from chris sims 3/8: if you would like to participate go to our say. >>darya: san francisco police are looking for a manned access to a bank account of a man that was murdered this week. this was at the bank of america on union street. there are several other locations where the man is seen on surveillance video. we will freeze as you can get a better look. he tapped into the bank account of the man that was found dead. investigators believe that this is when the banking information was stolen after that man was killed. he is driving a gold or a beige sedan. could be a mercedes. 80 7:33 a.m. and we want a full and depth of the workweek. we're starting out
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on landing at the other. james? >>james: absolutely. a live shot. brilliant blue sky. san francisco, not the cases some of the other parts of the bay area. current temperatures 51 degrees in san francisco pier overlooking 453 degrees. couple degrees warmer by noontime. 56 degrees by this afternoon. it is born to be wet. is the radar imagery at storm tracker for. a lot of that activity is offshore. we are seeing some pockets here and there. mainly down by a moderate rate. the heart of the day is dry right now. is expected to change new features it has is that nine men. it will begin for us in by noon in google bay area wide. watch as we advance the clock to 3:00 p.m.. it's really
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appalling intensity. a pocket of rain and then it gets bigger. the, huge. not saying a whole lot of change. the of montgomery rain will be the main thing that you are concerned about. it will linger with us to tuesday, wednesday will dry out. all right, let us see how good the commute is. good morning george.
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>>george: backed up, not have topless). there is nothing up there. slowly more blocking the traffic. metering lights were slow to call the install. this is why we have the backup. the 80 grampus lower this morning than usual. your ride to the san mateo bridge has been a good one for the better part of the morning. it is a sunny right here with no delays and other west one. the reds had northeast said. it has been an easy ride and it continues to be a smooth trip across the span. we are getting word of an accident on the nimitz freeway in oakland. >>mark: we will be right back. here is a live look at the back on a bridge.
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and the here we are tests 739. most of the brain activity and 61 degrees. 54 by lunch time. we are expecting to the rain to intensify. bring your umbrella. more weather and a minute. >>darya: thank-you james. we have had snow in the area. the bicycle race was supposed to start in south lake tahoe and the canceled because of snow. they're supposed to started again today at squaw valley but due to uncertain weather conditions and said the starting at squaw they're moving the race over to nevada city. they're looking for a start later this afternoon. it's as close be 131 mi. in their shortening
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it to about 60 mi.. they're going to start the stage here in nevada city. here is the video from over the weekend. do not forget the race is always in february and they moved it in the from better weather. writer scott all the way to the starting line before the made the decision to drop the for stage. >> it was really windy. and them that they are hoping that the raise would bring in $300 million to the area by the snow is going to impact that figure. the tour will make its way through the area on wednesday. >>darya: the time now is seven of 40 1:00 a.m.. we will be back with more a few minutes. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge.
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some sunshine especially when you get into a san francisco. we will be right back.
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and then the giants then the and i am still will be heading back to oakland. he has been in the house will ever since he was brutally attacked in the parking want of it stadium. >>darya: space shuttle endeavor.
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>>mark: mississippi river, not over. still flooding. cars underwater. abandon cars and trucks. president greco, heading to the region to meet with flood victims. >>george: tracking a hot spot. no delays yet for the
7:47 am
southbound down. but james? >>james: live look from the roof camera. a chance of leah train. the left light rain at. breezy as a cold front pushes through. here is the satellite shot. it is all finally our way. rain to the northern portion of the california. the it happens
7:48 am
at 3. vain. by 48 grows. buy it sex, your ride home a lot ----by 6:00 p.m.. your ride home it will be writing quite heavier. -- weening quite head here.--raining. cool start this afternoon. getting into the 60s and upper 50s. maybe some low 60's at best. the rain will be a dominating feature of the forecast. tuesday's much of the same. wednesday, thursday drying in it. we will start to warm things up by the end of the week. daria? >>darya: new this mark, but a bazaar hit and run.
7:49 am
involving custom incidents. to get even more news faster here is jackie sissel was live. what happened at the question mark (inaudible) we're having some audio issues. we will have more as he tries to find the details of what happened. you will check back in just a few minutes. cars are getting by but there are still some investigators. the motorcycle is lying here on this street. i'm sure they're interviewing people. we will see if there are any injuries. mark? and >> bay to breakers yesterday with exclusive coverage. they said there would be zero tolerance for alcohol. it did not stop to many people from getting busted. 25 people arrested. 17 for public intoxication, 34 cells, two for burglary
7:50 am
and 34 auto burglary. >> at this point in the race i saw a lot of people guzzling for reasons of things tallboys. >> for the time here in the route i am running my mobile to kilobar. it has been not noticeable. >> they would not say how may officers they had all but there were more than yes year. here is one officer roaming, square, compass kidding beers and pouring them out. here is a private security guards hired by the organizers. >> what is this? what is this? they taking them away ? >> isabel: they try to sneak floats in. >> a wood platform with
7:51 am
amplified sound was escorted off. then met and got kind of crazy. it has been tame >>darya: 7:51 a.m. and will be back. we have a programming change. dr. philip. as of may 30th it.
7:52 am
on kron4 news is moving to 4:00 p.m..
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>>darya: we have fix our problem with their communication with jackie sissel. he is covering a hit and run. customs agents and a car. jackie what happened? >> reporter: we are going to try and set it out. it was a road rage gone wrong. d.c. that motorcycle? it was hit by a car on lombard. between franklin and off. after the accident a card decided he saw enough. he was going to take off and the guy that was hit said know you are not going anywhere. he jumped on the roof of the car. they ended up here at the corner of this comfort to end at lombard and van ness. >>darya: ok wait. so the guy was well enough to jump onto the car that had them! he was on the roof as the car
7:56 am
drove up the block? >> reporter: @ yes, and there was to federal agents that saw this whole thing go down. the yanked the guy at of the car. this man in custody, he was taken into custody a couple of minutes ago. the gentlemen on the head of the cart sustained injuries and was taken to the sfo general. it is to my understanding that they are not life-threatening. this person is being booked on felony hit and run charges. it is like a scene out of the streets of san francisco with the guggling 40 m.p.h. on the hood of his car. and then i did you hear anything that happened on his side? >> reporter: know he was very quiet. they whisked away very quickly. it is a
7:57 am
pop today half but according to some witnesses this speeds were up to 40 m.p.h.. the sky wanted to get rid of there quickly. fortunately he had a body on the hood of his car. >>darya: you always wonder, who is the motorcycle guy. what does he do for a living. >> reporter: a stuntmen that needed to get where he was going to. it was a bizarre scene. it they shut down traffic for a while everything was ironed out. you can see the car that the gentleman was driving. it is still here. the patrol officers are rounded. it is still in place. a slowing traffic down a little bit. for the most part it does not have a lot of the fact on lombard traffic. i'm sure george will talk about it later. >>darya: thank you, that is a crazy it story. net say. thank you so much. the time
7:58 am
-750 7:00 a.m. will be right back.
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>> mark: 80 a.m. top stories were following right now the giants fan severely beaten six weeks ago will be returning to the bay area this morning. the latest on his condition. >> darya: santa clara police looking for the killer of this man known as the churchman by locals. >> mark: lift off for the space shuttle endeavor on its way to the space station after the blast off we saw live on the air before 6:00 a.m. this morning. >> darya: all the very latest news in just a few minutes first the weather and traffic as we wait for things to warm up just a bit. >> james: we will see it around noon bay area wide that is at least the expectation right now. sunshine and the city right now at least a decent start for the
8:01 am
day a chance of light morning sprinkles and breezy out there that afternoon were that rain is expected to get into the moderate category in terms of rate. tonight the cold front passing through we look for more rain again tomorrow. tonight's commute will be a wet one more on that coming up. first check on traffic >> george: slow commute on the bay bridge. backed up to the edge of the macarthur maze for the toll plaza flat spirit some slowdown hot spots in a report coming up. >> mark: been giant fan is headed back to san francisco this morning. he's been in the hospital of persons he was brutally attacked by two men in the parking lot of doctors stadium opening day about six weeks ago. he will be taken by
8:02 am
medical jet to sfo and then to the san francisco trauma center. his mother spoke at a press conference yesterday >> it is bittersweet because we are taken brian home. on behalf of our family we would like to say thank-you to the vanitcommu. the people of l.a. has been in our hearts during the six week turn be the person and support has guided us through. we have made life lot of friends think he does not sure how much we appreciate you ever be forgotten. this is true in the city of angels. >> mark: his attackers have not been caught hundreds of billboards when the $100,000 reward now being offered for information leading to the arrest.
8:03 am
>> darya: santa clara police are looking for clues into the murder of a 62 year-old man who residents called the churchman because he was known to be going to church and walking through st. caring his bible. he was doing that last thursday morning when he was killed police found he had a head wound and was bleeding hit they are not giving exactly what happened beyond that. he was known for going to church every day, the community is very upset. $5,000 reward to try catch the killer. jerry brown issues his may budget reversions today they're likely to include billions of dollars in tax revenue. $2.5 billion a head of projections through april but the democrats say it is so slight it doesn't solve the state's long-term embolic between the revenue and spending. governor brown will maintain the call for the continuing the higher taxes on
8:04 am
the vehicle sales and income to stabilize the budget. >> justine: live in kron 4 news from life pictures out of memphis where president barack obama has just arrived, he will be talking to flood victims as well as giving the commencement address at a high school there. this is live pictures of the president in memphis. the u.s. government has reached a milestone today we have hit the debt ceiling the cap set by congress by the dead the federal government legally borrow as of today they have reached the limit treasury secretary told congress that bookkeeping maneuvers and an expected revenue will allow them to delay and the fault to the national debt that will happen by august 2nd. that is latest. >> mark: live on our air space shuttle endeavor launched its
8:05 am
way to the space station. it blastoff on the next to last shuttle flight for the entire program. it is the 25th and final launch for the shuttle under the command of mark kelly the husband of gabrielle gifford. she watched the launch in private as at the space center. >> darya: the weather held out for that hopefully will hold out today. yesterday it worked out for bay to breakers it depended on where you were. >> james: they got snow actually on the higher peaks. they expect more snow in the sierra again today. could be a foot of snow with the storm system. right now we are getting a brief break that is good news currently 49 it will get up to 58 by noon, 61 this afternoon.
8:06 am
there is a rain of the way we have a lot of activity gone on in the pacific funneling moisture are white. most of this thing to the north. future cast 4 shows find 9-10:00 p.m. showers organize in the north bay. they will be light but there. by noon it will be bay area wide. by 3:00 p.m. it grows, by 4:00 p.m. it gets even bigger, by 6:00 p.m. widespread across the north bay with light to moderate showers. bring umbrellas as you can see we are looking for possibly a very wet afternoon commute for you these conditions last into the evening even until midnight before we see break up. and hesixth tempee in terms of the temperatures hayward 54, slowly
8:07 am
but surely we are warming up this afternoon upper 50s very low 60s so chilly afternoon and a wet one. that is the minmain e away. tomorrow similar, once we start crying and out. >> george: tracking some hotspots we like to give you that information off the top so you north traffic is lower than usual or whether you have a big incident to get past. in this case is a couple of slow down hotspots for the ride and pleasanton down towards an all on 680 southbound. 580 lead in the commute still pretty heavy an accident leaves traffic slow getting into livermore backed up nearly to the tracy interchange. it is a slow ride all through the altamont pass as you head into livermore for 580
8:08 am
westbound. a bridge check for you as you go to the bay bridge still recovering from an earlier curring stall but the at&t approach is much improved. -- 880--san mateo ride is still good no problems there a bit too quick to jump away i want to show you both sides. now the golden gate bridge in looks great in for marin county there is some slowing between 37 and central san rafael. >> darya: it was the 100th running of bay to breakers some would call it the most successful. things worked out well tens of thousands of people ran in the 12 k foot race some of them in costume, very few had to much to drink. this year's rules were strict about no drinking and no floats. when
8:09 am
all was said and done there were 25 arrests made the majority for public drunkenness. and you think about the tens of thousands of people there that successful. >> mark: we will be right back after the break. a live look over san francisco a bit of everything today in the early morning of a rain and then more rain this afternoon.
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>> darya: jose's pot clubs is
8:12 am
bringing in a strong source of revenue at a time when the city is looking to close a $115 million budget deficit. san jose's finance department released figures showing that medical marijuana collectives paid $290,000 in march, the first month of the city's new 7- percent tax on dispensaries. it is a songstrong source of revenue. san clara county will hire more firefighters. more firefighters will be hired in santa clara county to help manage an expected increase in wildfires during the summer. despite increased rainfall in the bay area during springtime, humidity is expected to decrease and temperatures should go up, which will dry out grass and make wildfires more prevalent. cal fire will hire crews to staff six additional fire engines in its fleet to address summer fire risks. fire officials are reminding bay area residents to clear their properties of combustible material now in preparation of the summer. >> mark: latest out of men well parker group in san mateo county one and to preserve this tree. it is estimated to be over 200 years old. yoli will explain.
8:13 am
>> reporter: >> mark: that and work for us the neighbors received word the tree was going to be cut down today to make room for pipeline. neighbors surrounded that tree providing crews from cutting it down. we will check with yoli in bed. we will be right back. >> darya: we have lots to talk about with gary, the sharks and we will have fun video. programming out as well coming up on friday we will air nbc's dateline on kron 4 because they have the giants. then you watch kron 4 news item p.m. we will be right back.
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>> darya: with the sharks giving people tortured it's actually that it caused me to tweet. i'm quitting. i decided what do people think about things. >> gray: somebody made to tweet? >> darya: i was bracing for horrible comments and stuff like that. >> gray: game loss one against a team that is favored to beat them considering if you watched the game vancouver was down in
8:17 am
the sharks and the majority of the contest. sharks lucky to be one goal behind. >> darya: people are saying it was three out of four. is it going to come back? >> gray: if they had a 2-1 lead. if one plays the loss to the and the third . . the sharks' home and there. >> darya: i just wrote alaska once. wednesday. >> gray: in the playoffs if you lose at home then you start wondering what happened. but first game on the road and you lose by one cool to me hard to find fault. >> darya: what happened to the heat it wasn't by one it was by anton. bulls kill them and then i thought gear rose came out and said it was my fault. that
8:18 am
didn't help. >> gray: there were tied at halftime and all the sudden it exploded. when you have the two best players in the games, maybe two of the three. people expect to win. chicago has a good all- around team. >> darya: they were able to fire themselves up in the bulls didn't. did you see the real bull. if you call one second and a half and doing it. would you do it? $10,000 for charity gets on a 1,500 lb. ball. it is so fast. he lasted one and a half seconds. most of that spent falling because that counts. they wear helmets. >> gray: they spend half hour
8:19 am
building him up and then he went to second. >> darya: he jumped like crazy but it almost up on him. >> gray: this guy got a week's worth of attention. i forgot about that. you've heard him talk about it. if you're going to do it when you be embarrassed. most of us are smart enough to stay away from it. if you're going to take attention can he stand for what more than one second. >> darya: it shows you how hard it is. usable riders and you think a seconds big deal. it is a big deal. he said he couldn't cross it off his pocket less and never again. --he could
8:20 am
crossette-- >> gray: he played soccer, and this. all kidding aside its lucky to get head and head. >> darya: he said that his bosses what killed him if he would of been hurt. >> gray: there are probably upset he was doing this to begin with. >> darya: off-season you have people finishing college degrees which is so cool he graduates with the class on friday. that's great. >> gray: promised his parents? >> darya: he got from and he wanted to go and finish his degree. >> gray: is that a beautiful head of hair. in the nfl you watch him he stands out he's got a helmet on in you can see the faces but you don't have to know
8:21 am
the numbers. >> darya: that luscious hair. he has a degree in history. >> gray: let's see what he does with the >> darya: it. is something to fall back on. he's not an afterword ridable.going to have >> gray: i'm sure we talked about this to me the worst. nobody's injured worst deal is your parents loan you all the money or you borrow money you go for years or four of five years of college and there's nothing waiting for you. >> darya: time came out with a worthless degrees in all its number one? journalism. i'm not kidding you. journalism. it's a
8:22 am
degree that will help you. peter jennings reaches the top of his profession and didn't graduate high school. >> gray: when these came out and they thought it was can be great all these jobs. but it's really just alluded everything to give somebody was breathing. >> darya: we don't need and journalism degree just put carry on in his pajamas. >> gray: you're one of the few that can say the same thing over for seven your hours and say it did from white. you're one of the only ones. she's 25 peron and have read. you're one of the last of the barnstormers. >> darya: a 20 2:00 a.m. we will
8:23 am
be right back.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> james: blue, or you can very window as well. forecast coming up in a bit. quick check on traffic. >> george: bay bridge ride we see big improvements. a 80 approach to the top of your screen hardly any back up at all. a check of the rest of your bridges and any hotspots coming right up. >> mark: continuing to follow the slow fallflowing disaster heading louisiana. down towards borland's this is the the new og
8:27 am
up the spill ways to flood hundreds of thousands of acres of cajun country. seven parishes facing severe flooding to halt at and rouge. small towns like this one and being and as residents seek higher ground. most people heeded the warnings the governor asking and another 11 parishes piat but illega. we will be back as g morthe kron 4 news continues ina
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> darya: look from mt. tam nice and breezy looks at all of those clouds and fog. james is a battle its trend be sunny out. >> james: look at this shot above this the have the view at mount kmart's cloudy, below that breaks of sunshine here and there. we have a threat of rain this afternoon. san francisco 51 your highs today will be 56. as i said we have rain the main weather point today. rain this afternoon likely going to be a good soakers to make your way home from work today. >> mark: following the latest
8:31 am
with brian stall he is headed back to the bay area this morning. we spoke to a nurse at usc medical center is that he will be leaving at 10:00 a.m.. he's been given in the hospital after being attacked at dodger stadium six weeks ago. he will be taken by a medical jet from lax to sfo and then to the trauma center. before he had to fight for his own live he was saving lives working for paramedics. will tran was there getting reaction from friends and co-workers. >> will: his co-workers say until now it's been hard to visit with them in los angeles because they won respect the family and give them room and the other reason is it is so far away. now that he's coming back to san francisco it will be much easier to see him.
8:32 am
>> were happy have him home. we miss him so much. it's great he is well enough to be back. >> is gonna be nice to have him back close to home we can visit. this is where he lived in more hopefully that will give him a push in his recovery >> when they say they have not forgotten grindstone they mean that their ventures run the building. they're having fund- raisers even selling this yellow ribbon in his honor. the also printed off this badge call the paramedics where when they are in the field. will tran kron 4 news. >> louisa: we asked on the face books rampaged you have any well wishes for brian still and we have had a lot of comments. here's a few of them judith
8:33 am
says my thoughts go to youth and a speedy climb back into your life. the world will not be the same to you recovered fully. a comment from less of their race you have so many people who have been affected by this horrible event thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. if you want for dissipate just go to facebook and we will try to read your comments on there. >> darya: san francisco police looking for a man who access the bank account of a murder victim. take a look at this surveillance video captured from the bank of america. it shows a suspect they're looking for he tapped into this bank account of a man who was found dead in his apartment days earlier. they are looking for this man they think he may be driving possibly are mercedes. >> mark: jerry brown releasing his revised budget. he is
8:34 am
proposing eliminating the unemployment insurance appeals board, it's been criticized for providing positions for term doubt lawmakers. each making more than $128,000 a year to meet once or twice a month. the move is expected to save $1.2 million a year. in another cost- saving move the closure of 25% of the state's parks. 70 are closing as $22 million has been cut out of the state's parks budget. some including candlestick point, stay reparation, tried it yet, jack london state historical park. the that was the scene just before 6:00 a.m. when carry this live space shuttle endeavor
8:35 am
blasted off on a 16 day mission endeavor blastoff the next to last in-space shuttle program. under the command of martelli the husband rep gabrielle the difference. >> darya: i don't know how long the weather's going to hold out before we see rain. >> james: to maybe three-four hours. level right now south bay shows us blue skies, you saw the camera shaking around we have some breezy conditions those winds will top out to this afternoon expected to be nasty. satellite shows a system in the pacific pulling in the cold air mixing in with tropical moisture. the satellite is not showing this whole lot in the way of rain " well to our north we are expecting showers to
8:36 am
build as we head into the nine- 10:00 p.m. hour. future cast 4 by 9:00 a.m. north bay showers organizing just a bit and then as we head to new light rain goes beria wide in the north bay is going to watch, as we it fans towards a 3:00 p.m. more showers appear, by 4:00 p.m. and explodes, by 6:00 p.m. heavy rain and fairly decent rain everywhere else, light to moderate through the senate for his mountain. be ready for that as you drive home its ties with us the evening hours by 9:00 p.m. widespread light rain. are temperatures renown not that kind of what we experience over the past couple weeks, you're beginning to warm far east bay antioch, fremont, san jose you are in the upper 40's now you are in the '50s. more '50's and
8:37 am
40's but still a tough time warming it up. 7 day forecast shows warming up to a maximum of 63 today everybody below that. chile wet day is the main take away. tomorrow more rain, wednesday it tapers off gradually warming up the drying out towards the weekend. as checkered commute. >> george: if hot spot on the nimitz freeway we've been tracking this for a while now earlier accident on 680, in southbound direction at 16th. the north bound ride has been slowed even. delayed on the nimitz freeway from 980 down towards fifth, 16th, those exits close together. so earlier than usual northbound minutes delayed. the bridges look good let's start at the bay bridge westbound, almost the end of the
8:38 am
back up here the 880 approaches your best one to get to the toll was 05 this morning. if san mateo bridge is still good drive and the golden gate bridge heavier traffic now but still no major delays during county or cross the bridge. >> darya: taking a peek at the big board the doubt is bouncing back in materials and financial companies erasing earlier losses and right now so you can see the dow is up 35.3 now, corn and cotton and up 3% in morning trading that is helping. the dow in positive territory bu. >> mark: they are trying to start the race again today but the move to once again it was supposed to start in squaw valley this morning for 131 mi.
8:39 am
race due to weather they are now moving their race over 50 mi. to nevada city. they're pushing mr. back to noon it will cut the stage and half today. this is where was supposed to start is south lake tahoe. snow yesterday. this is the first leg, they lined up with the starting line waiting for the decision at the last minute they dropped the first stage. >> is the which thought it might rain or windy, but we did not contemplate snow. >> mark: lake tahoe city officials hoped it could bring $30$3 million for that. the move this race to make for the better weather and here we have snow.
8:40 am
>> justine: these are live pictures following out of chicago and new mayor is going to be sworn in, live look outside right now at millennium park he will be sworn in at city hall, he will be chicago's first mayor and two decades. he was the chief of staff. some of the people we expect to be there secretary to the nightmare and vice president joe biden. we are watching the vips going on to thithe podium. quick break and n 4 news will be right back.
8:41 am
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8:44 am
details and just a moment. right now san rafael 50 right now year high today 57. >> mark: police investigating murder of a man called it churchman. he is found dead thursday morning in a 3400 block of lafayette they set up roadblocks passing out fliers and asking questions crags is live on the scene with the latest. >> craig: this was the scene earlier all life at the man was walking down the street thursday when he was attacked he died from his injuries. this is immoral that has been left. will show you pictures from earlier, please route canvassing the area to see if anybody saw anything at the time they have flier's
8:45 am
they handed out to people police and the police department say they had strong feelings about this. >> he went to church every day, he carried his bible in his hand and was willing to talk to anybody about his religion is a man who worked hard and was loved by is charging community. >> craig: earlier you could see they were doing a road block all lafayette stop and people to see if they sign anything can missing but they're out here the same time of morning than the incident took place soak if any commuter sign even in my opinion could informational. one new information is that he was hit in the head and that is what caused his that. they are hoping somebody will have information but have a break in
8:46 am
this domestication. >> darya: we will be back with more likable and is a live look outside, san francisco and we've been watching these clouds bear down on the blue sky that we have. we are waiting for that storm to move them to get everybody wet. we are tracking that. programming note, unchanged with dr.phil when you're used to seeing in in a certain spot. or moving him starting may 30th at on kron 4 dr.phil at 4:00 p.m. we will be right back.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> james: watching the weather storm trackers 4 is centered at the sierra. winter storm warning enough fat we expect a lot of activity in terms of snow frofa.
8:50 am
nothing to the bay just yet the we see a pop up out near sonoma and napa, light step over the hills and on a lot with it but we expect that to change here. we are approaching the 9:00 a.m. our already predicting we would see organization in the north which would grow by noontime to be very wide with even moderate rain beginning to build. by 3:00 p.m. against bigger, 4:00 p.m. all lot of moderate rainfall expected at that hour. that continues through 6:00 p.m. so that will be the play as you head home for more. more than likely will be wet. just a kid relieving today and it is dry dobie's price when it turned what on your way home.don't be s
8:51 am
out wet. temperatures in this slow warm-up because of the cloud cover 49 san rosa, 52 san francisco, south bay 51 in san jose near afternoon highs will not get terribly warm. warmer spots 63 every day well below that. most of us the upper 50s low sixties for most of the day today. the rain is the takeaway will be wet this afternoon, tuesday wet morning, when state transition date as we move to a dry weather pattern. it's 50 1:00 a.m. george following slow spots. >> george: than the mets slower than usual traffic in the southbound. that has been
8:52 am
cleared canal. caltrans will be doing some guardrail repair of the northbound is starting to pick a bit as well. this this is now not an unusual back up. normally we would not call it a hot spot. hotspots are breezy and usually slow traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza things are clear now nicely as we picked up our live camera here and starter bridge check. almost the end of the back up for the west bound bay bridge. san mateo bridge ride commute is where it is winding down nicely. 8:52 a.m. time for a break at kron 4 morning news will
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> darya: 8:55 a.m. a lot of
8:56 am
people recovering from bay to breakers a success all round with tens of thousands of people but stricter rules and still about a handful of 25 people arrested for not following the rules. you concede to break down mostly public intoxication of for the most part everybody had a great time. >> reporter: you can see the party did not stop here at a pastry shell despite the crackdown on public drinking this year. i saw a lot of people drinking some in brown bags some without. >> i haven't seen any checkpoints. i have all mobile tequila laurbar. >> reporter: did it say how many officers only more the last year. can see one officer roaming the square confiscating.
8:57 am
your here you can see a private security guard hired by the organizers taking away alcohol. >> obviously everyone is willing inebriated. >> reporter: officers watched for open containers for those trying to sneak chosen as well the were banned this year. >> and a fine sound was escorted off also all mobile vehicle was escorted off. >> reporter: they read their taken to attend or a police van. >> people uncooperative are not gonna be a candidate for superintend. >> reporter: many said the tight rules made a difference. >> this year it's been time i think the floats was maintaining law level of normalcy. >> it's a lot better the accord
8:58 am
nation is better the police are on their game. >> mark: we will be right back as the morning news continues [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
8:59 am
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9:00 am
>> darya: 9:00 a.m. the giants fan who was severely beaten six weeks ago it is going to return to the bay area today the latest on his condition. >> mark: 2 hours from now jerry brown will unveil his may buy jet >> darya: endeavor is on its way to the space station blasting off live on our air this morning. details on this mission. >> mark: bay area weather and
9:01 am
traffic first. >> louisa: gloomy shot of mt. tam socked in the cloud cover shifting into the bay. we are expecting wet weather today details on the timing straight ahead. >> darya: the giants fan who was beaten in l.a. he will come back to the bay area he will transfer to a hospital in the bay area to continue his coverage. we spoke with a nurse who said he should be leaving at 10:00 a.m. he has been in hospitals and was brutally attacked by two men in the parking lot at dodger stadium. now he will be taken by medical jet to accept boat to an end to the trauma center. before he had to fight for his life he was busy saving lives working as a paramedic in san jose. >> will: bryans knows co-
9:02 am
workers don't just think about him they really show it whether it is the signs on the wall, a fund raiser reminder or the yellow ribbon badge they all wear in the field. now he will be that much closer. >> it's nice he's well enough to be where he's at. >> it will be nice weekend visit him. this is where he lived and worked, hopefully that will give him a push. we look forward to this strong recovery. >> will: none of us knew him before this happened can you describe him to us. >> his uplifting guy, very good paramedic he was always a go better, perfect for this job. >> will: even though he is in
9:03 am
the bay area and they will continue to respect the family by only seen him when it is best for the family. one paramedic told me years ago her daughter was also in a coma with a brain injury-use of high school getting a's and b's. she says miracles can happen. in san jose kron 4 news. >> mark: sacramento governor brown issuing his revisions today likely to include billions of dollars in extra tax revenue. two and half a billion dollars ahead of print ejections through april for the amount of tax money they took in. democrats say their revenue is so light it doesn't solve the imbalance between revenue and spending. $15 billion in the whole the share. governor brown will maintain his called today for extending those higher tax rates that are about to expire on vehicle registration sales tax and income tax to try and
9:04 am
stabilize the budget this year. this was the scene just before 6:00 a.m. this morning in denver blasting off on its 25th and final voyage. --endeavor--. this was the second attempt last month an electrical problem halted the countdown. it will arrive on wednesday at the outpost $2 billion magnetic instrument that seeks out start energy in the universe. after this endeavor will be anna lost
9:05 am
angeles museum. six astronauts are expected to land on june 1st. >> darya: 90 5:00 a.m. everybody loved the bay to breakers is now history. it happened yesterday a big success with tens of thousands of people turning out to celebrate and participate in the foot race. this year there was new restrictions that worked out well. no alcohol or floats. everybody was warned about this so they on had to cut and a couple float and only 25 arrests made. >> mark: on to weather with lislisa >> louisa: we have to start on his clouds headed our way with that we are expecting chance of wet weather. showers starting in the north bay as we head into
9:06 am
the afternoon but better chance of wet whether for ready, heavy downpours at times this afternoon getting a bit breezy as well. chance of on and off again rain through the evening hours right now storm tracker for not showing any return. as we take the white lookit this storm system taking a turn in through our area. we will see the moisture headed our way are ready to the northwest seeing wet weather. expect that to shift as you head into the next few hours. towards afternoon we pick up a chance of wet weather, towards the 3:00 p.m. the evening commute certainly expected to be a wet 1, this area of yellow shows moderate downpours, is still some towards 4:00 p.m. even by 6:00 p.m. consistent downpours through the north bay. everybody expected to get a chance of rain headed through good portion of the day today. by 9:00 p.m.
9:07 am
continuing with wet weather and then after that we will taper off into the evening hours still keeping a chance of wet weather around in too early to more appeared 52 san francisco, by the afternoon bringing those has been to the '50s and '60s warming up in to about 60 napa cannot richmond. tomorrow expect a wet day numerous showers through your day tuesday lungren of burn to one state but after that will dry out. >> george: no hotspots right now we did have one on the nimitz freeway but it cleared up and the southbound direction. look at the bay bridge for any delays getting from the bay bridge, one stall in the
9:08 am
early morning hours for while it pushed the backed up nearly to the macarthur maze and them to bridge ride still looks good no delays in either direction. eastbound, westbound traffic moving at the limit. when no one's out the problem free. san francisco james lick freeway for another view it is light on the imm on central, no delays word joins the skyway >> mark: we will be right back as a news continues after this break.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>> mark: dow jones's up seven. , may builder sentiment dropping as well as a drop in the manufacturing index. the dow was up 8. it is the illege
9:12 am
issuing of $72 billion in bonds and notes today the government now reaching its 14.3 trillion dollar limit. secretary to mandate says he is going to start dipping into federal pension funds preventing from a default on the national debt into law this happened. >> darya: we will be back with more of a couple of minutes a look at the toll plaza very quiet just a couple of seconds way.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> darya: in santa clara police are arresting getting who killed the churchman. he walked through the neighborhood with a bible on his way to a church that is the way he died. thursday morning he was killed in the 3400 block of lafayette
9:16 am
street. today more news faster we go to a solo reporter craig who is talking about how they are trying to find the murderer today. >> craig: this was the site what he was walking on when he was attacked read about this point were you see the memorial is where he was hit on the head and later died. from 5:00 a.m. this morning police had a road block or it check to see if anybody saw anything it's about the same time he was attacked so commuters may have seen something but unfortunately they didn't see anything. police say he was very popular in his community. >> he went to church every day, he carried his bible in his hand and was willing to talk to anybody about his religion. he was a man who worked hard and was loved by this church and community. >> craig: soon after 25
9:17 am
officers and detective camass the neighborhood asking if anybody seen anything handing out fliers to see if something could happen here when you lose somebody like this it is hard on everyone. police are hoping they can do that this is a memorial in memory of him. good walk down the street every day with the coffee and bible this was his routine. >> mark: other stories considered one of the most important men in the world. making a court appearance in new york into alleged sexual assault in york city. lawyers for dominique strauss-kahn says he denies any wrongdoing in the new york attack over the weekend. he is taken off at air france flight about to take off and taken into custody. there's new
9:18 am
allegations in france a lawyer for a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by him nine years ago says she wants to file a legal complaint against him. he is considered to be the front runner to be the next president of france. on to bay area weather let's get the latest. >> louisa: we all know it's coming, you can tell lot of cloud cover is building and dark clouds moving for the bank. we expect to see showers starting the north and south. more widespread rain expected into the afternoon so you're evening commute is going to be what one, winds are also picking up in to the afternoon as well. storm tracker for shows you what's happening now the bay area at dry but there are showers to the northwest. we could see some of that had our way. by about noon we will see some sprinkles it starts off light but then starts to pick up the intensity.
9:19 am
by 3:00 p.m. the area of yellow through san rosa at that actually shows a bit more moderate rainfall and and it picks up as we head towards 4:00 p.m. from san rosa to a san rafael up until now we see the heavier downpours. it continues through the 6:00 p.m. hour and it could also seek heavy rainfall off around santa cruz area as well. towards a 9:00 p.m. we are seeing wet whether a special through the napa valley place in the north bay but we will see. this of on and off again rain continuing three or eight late evening hours. your evening commute time the intensive except the most. current temperatures 50s across the board 54 in mountain view, san jose, the afternoon '50s and '60s soul will be a cool afternoon on top for you. here's the 7 day lingering raindrops
9:20 am
and your wednesday after that drying up and warming up. >> george: we are no longer tracking any hot spots, the bridges look good, the bay bridge toll plaza west bound along are back up here and no delays on any of the approaches just a few cars deep for the left hand cash lane. san mateo bridge still heavy on the westbound side and no delays as you had over towards foster city and san mateo. cooling gate bridge ride still problem free and there ride through marin county now nearly at the limit from 37 up to the golden gate bridge. >> darya: 2 flood gates at them organza floodgate were opened. the water is dashing through the bays in bat and ruche, there are open to spare several highly
9:21 am
populated cities from disastrous flooding. he means seven parishes are now facing severe flooding. our reporter near baton rouge got this. a lot of small towns like this one have emptied out as everybody has evacuated looking for higher ground the governor asked 11 more parish's be added to the 22 king gets extended flood assistance. >> mark: >> my goal has been to talk to the leaders here about how to manage this critical relationship more effectively. how to open up the opportunities to put this relationship back on track, where isolated episodes no matter how profound don't
9:22 am
jeopardize the larger relationship and a larger goal. >> mark: he did not elaborate but he said two officials would soon visit the country to expand on the work. that visit will be followed by another visit from hillary clinton. prosecutor asking judges to issue an arrest warrant for mold market off feet for his alleged crimes against humanity spirit to the other members are also included in their request prosecutors are saying that they delivered to dy targeted civilians. >> darya: 9:22 a.m. back in a couple of seconds, we want to lay in all but a programming change for friday will the giants are in mtc we will run the line here on kron 4 at 8:00 p.m. following that you can check out a special edition of kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>> mark: chicago has a new mayor his just being sworn in as a new mayor. let's listen. >> than any place in our country the city of chicago is ready for change. (applause & cheering) >> for all the parents who deserve the school system that expects every student to learn and the palm of your the neighbors who deserve to what all on safe streets, for all the taxpayers that deserves a government that is more effective and cost less and all the people in the hardest working city in america who deserved a strong economy so they can find jobs or create jobs. this is your day. (applause & cheering)
9:27 am
>> as your new mayor it's an honor to fight for the change we need and a privilege to leave the city we love. we have much to do but we sure first knowledge how far we've come. a generation ago people were writing chicago off as a dying city downtown was failing, new roads were level. >> darya: there you see him being sworn in the first new mayor in more than 20 years. taking over for the daily's who have been chicago politics for the generation and the one before. this is a historic day chicago dea. we'll be back with more a couple of minutes 9:27
9:28 am
a.m. we will be right
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> darya: thank you for joining us and 9:30 a.m. mondays starting out with weather and traffic right off the bus. we went through everything yesterday and we have more rain on the way. >> louisa: notice all the rain a cloud cover rolling and we will have the timing of when to expect that coming up. >> mark: brian stowe is going to be headed back to the bay area this morning. we spoke to a nurse who said he would be leaving around 10:00 a.m. and then he wilhe has been hospitale
9:31 am
opening day six weeks ago. he will be flown on a medical jet to asset file headed to the generals trauma center. >> darya: governor brown will releases revised budget. he will propose to eliminating the unemployment appeals board is criticized for creating and highly paid. eliminate unemployment insurance appeals court and each member makes about hundred 28 70 of the state's 270 parks are closing some popular bay area parks to close include candlestick point, china camp,
9:32 am
jack london. >> mark: president barack obama visiting memphis tennessee checking out some of the damage from the mississippi river flooding. right now he is making a surprise move visit to a high- school on graduation day. a lot of seniors stunned, surprised, and crying. the president congratulating them. >> darya: space shuttle endeavor is headed to the space station. there's the launch. endeavour blasted off on nasa's next-to- last shuttle flight, thundering through clouds into orbit monday morning as the mission commander's wounded wife, gabrielle giffords, watched the liftoff in private. with kelly at the helm, endeavour and its experienced crew of five americans and an italian are headed for the international space station. they will arrive at the orbiting outpost wednesday, delivering a $2 billion magnetic
9:33 am
instrument that will seek out antimatter and dark energy in the universe. our representative gabrielle speaks for her. >> she looked up and said could stuff. --good stuff--was more about cheering and clapping. >> darya: she traveled from texas to florida. >> mark: full checks, there was " to a forecast >> louisa: club covers moving and, expecting rain to increase we could see heavier downpours at times during the afternoon,
9:34 am
but evening commute going to be wet 1, we expect the wind pick up as well. renowright now spoty showers through the napa valley but we are keeping it dry for now. continuing to see the wet weather move then.ln. future ca4 shows everybody standing in chance for wet weather. it will pick up by the afternoon by 3:00 p.m. shows moderate downpour's three-year 4:00 p.m. hour we will continue with that as 6:00 p.m. you can see heavier downpours up for the north bay down into the south bay as well. up in the hills as well. towards 9:00 p.m. it tapers off a bit we will see pockets of heavier downpours but it's hit
9:35 am
or miss showers towards evening right now temperatures holding steady into 50s 535 francisco, 52 san rosa, a 54 from around u.s. and on-site. by this afternoon the highs getting into the low 60s and some of the warmer spots rain continuing through the day today and especially through the afternoon hours by tuesday fairly chari most location by wednesday continuing to see raindrops' cling on appeared thursday, friday that sunshine comes back that has happened to the '60s and '70s. >> george: the kind of to me we like to see at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound as we start our bridge check no delays here. no hotspots at this hour everything is moving smoothly even on 580. head and down to the bay bridge a looks great, continuing a bridge check with
9:36 am
the san mateo bridge volume is high but traffic is moving smoothly. no delays and i the direction. golden gate bridge rights of trouble-free here southbound traffic, it looks like someone there headed our way as we have been talking about some dark clouds there. so far dry commute. >> mark: one of the most powerful men in the world. held in new york city jail without bail. on accusations he sexually assaulted a made in a hotel suite. he was taken off of an air france flight and was arrested. he was a front runner to be the next president of france but a judge ordered him be held without bail in jail in new york city. >> darya: we will be back with more a couple of minutes alive look from our mount tam tam, this has cleared up all lot, you can see sunshine in back. we are
9:37 am
keeping an eye and for the rain. ♪ [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service than comcast can give, now's a great time to switch to at&t u-verse tv. make the switch! [ female announcer ] call to get at&t u-verse -- now with free hd -- for only $29 a month for six months. or get $300 back via promotion card with a qualifying u-verse bundle. [ male announcer ] u-verse tv lets you record
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9:40 am
>> darya: live look at the golden gate bridge traffic is gone everything is moving well but those clouds will increase. >> mark: flight recorders from the air france jet that crashed two years ago there are readable. the black box material was retrievable. it will take several weeks to analyze what's on them. all people were killed when it crashed into the atlantic june 1, 2009. it was coming from rio to paris. >> darya: providing $50,000 to the pakistan talent and your one
9:41 am
of the men were arrested in a hotel on saturday the u.s. attorney's office making the announcement about the rest just today saying the man and his two sons have been arrested, they don't think the moscow they are connected to it have any wrongdoing. they also want to religious school they are accused of training militants that. >> mark: expert selling back growth is on the economy this year appeared a survey predicting the gross domestic stick product will only grow 2.8% this year the group will look for consumer spending and housing market were weekend. they say this because of high oil prices that will remain near $100 a barrel through 2012. your home owners are making late payments are no payments it all on mortgages. delayed linseed rate fell for the fifth quarter
9:42 am
and a row. >> darya: 9:42 a.m. back and a couple of minutes. we have up for ramming change dr. phil he has a new time slot starting may 30th at dr.phil moves to 4:00 p.m. each day and kron 4. we will be right back.
9:43 am
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>> darya: san francisco giants fan will be moving closer to home the family of brian's dough
9:46 am
is transferring him back to san francisco general hospital which has a top trauma center. he has been in critical condition since march 31st attack which has forced his doctors to put him in a medically induced,. police are still looking for the two suspects that attacked him. >> darya: jerry brown offers a reminder of why he believes is necessary to renew the tax hikes. he says that will help balance the $15 billion deficit. even though there is a better outlook he still says that's needed. to release a revised budget today. >> mark: dominique strauss-kahn just been ordered by a judge to be held in new york city jail without bail under accusations he sexually assaulted alameda in
9:47 am
his hotel suite. he is taken off of an air france flight that was when to be taking off from jfk and arrested. the married father of four was the front runner to become president of france. >> louisa: changes this morning but the clouds inch their way and we are expecting to see wet weather towards the latter part of your day picking up a few sprinkles the list morning in some isolated areas appeare. ine north of us we are picking up some range for the napa valley as well. heading for the day in a better chance of wet weather headed our way by noontime everybody could pick up sprinkles starting off with light rain and picking up intensity by the afternoon by 3:00 p.m. san rosa getting heavy downpours this continues into the 4:00 p.m. hour, by 6:00 p.m.
9:48 am
the heavy rain to the northwest the south bay as well. continuing with wet weather through the evening hours as well. temperatures sitting in the '50s, right about 53 san francisco, 55 along the coast for markehalf moon bay. towardse afternoon same story a mixture of the upper 50s and low 60s. 60 oakland, hayward, redwood city. 7 day around the bay another wet day lots of showers and we did see some lingering rain shot into your wednesday. >> george: starting with the bridge check because where are not tracking and hotspots free drive around the bay area. even the nemesis looks good now. no back up or delayed for the west bound ride the meter lights are still on. san mateo bridge ride
9:49 am
is thinning out in the westbound direction and there was it has been a good ride all morning. cool the gate bridge still problem free here though it looks like the rain clouds are gathering but so far it has been a dry and stood commute you. >> darya: 100 running of the bay to breakers was a success unless it would be the same without a few people behaving badly. even though some of the race was much tamer there were still some people call with their pants down. >> reporter: alamo square was filled with parks and wrecked folks, cops, and residents that took them on themselves to trying to prevent people from relieving themselves with all the answer is it wasn't enough to stop public urination. skies were taking care of business in bushes and trees. with poured
9:50 am
upon the steps away yes there were lines at times to use a restroom so many couldn't wait like these girls. it took off their cautiousness like the ride home and began to urinate on this hillside with a playground filled with children right below them. this girl didn't think anybody can see her with her pants down. watch as this woman walks by and says the aunt's disgusting. luckily for the garage to pull her narrow before the cop walk by. look how will this girl is. standing here and doing well you can see what she's doing. crowds of people walking around. this guy walked around while jumping over the barriers. he wasn't drunk. there are those that did appear drunk. some told me they just walked into the route without registering on ahead of time and they say nobody checked their conscience for alcohol.
9:51 am
>> i showed up in the cabin more than it was a lot more security this year. as long as you're not being an idiot your being find your aunt >> reporter: from dazzling gwine to drinking beer and broadcast top of the alcohol consumption left things people do things they probably wouldn't do of their sober like jumping on the top of this roof to the spiriths girl looks like she's gonna lose her cookies. people who continued to drink or harassed to other poor the drink out or the officer took the better of their hands. this group brought a water grunfeld with boos. many say this race was not as crazy as it has been in the past. >> usually people are crawling
9:52 am
over each other getting wasted. people or were actually running this year. >> this is the person that can't osama bin laden signing off from the park. >> reporter: i don't think so buddy. kron 4 news. >> mark: outside of new york city court room that had of the international monetary fund being ordered held without bail on accusations he sexually assaulted a maid.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
looking at the 7 day monday, tuesday was a we have rain, and by the weekend the rain chances gone. >> mark: by now you have heard of seal team 6 credited with killing osama bin laden it is now are registered registered trademark. they trade market two days after the bin laden mission in means that disney holds rights to the words seal team 6 on everything. so for the navy has not challenge the claim, the pentagon has never acknowledged the existence of that team feared >> darya: donald trump and announces he will not run for president in 2012. he is speaking at a press conference talking about his reasons, he
9:57 am
got lot of publicity forced the president to see his spurs certificate now he says he's not born to run. >> mark: he said there would be so impressed when we saw his balance sheet. >> darya: we will be right back into moments as the news continues. james and just being with top stories
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> justine: top stories include the giants fan severely beaten six weeks ago will return to the bay area this morning. >> james: one hour from now
10:00 am
jerry brown unveils his budget proposal. he will keep pushing to renew tax hikes. >> justine: endeavor on its way to this nation station right now, we had a blast off live on kron 4 this morning. >> james: more on this just a second first check on weather and traffic beginning with lisa >> louisa: expected rain >> erica: all you know when straight aheaderica no hotspots with the wet weather looming that could change traffic straight ahead. >> james: 10:00 a.m. breaking news just crossing the wires a few moments ago donald trottrump says he will not run for office. he says after deliberation and
10:01 am
reflection i have decided not to pursue the office of presidency it does not come easily or without regret. ultimately businesses my greatest passion i am not ready to leave the private sector those words from donald trump. >> justine: been giant fan is headed back to the bay area this morning we spoke to a nurse who said he would leave los angeles around 10:00 a.m. he could arrive in around noon here. he has been in hospital of for since he was brutally attacked by two men in the parking lot said dr. stadium. today he will be taken by jet from lax to sfo. then to san francisco's general trauma center. before he fought for his life he was busy saving life working for paramedic in san jose. will tran went down
10:02 am
there to talk to his friends. >> it has been long time we miss him. >> will: his co-workers don't just say they think about and they really show whether it's the sign on the wall, a fund raiser reminder, light or yellow ribbon badge they wear in the field. now he will be that much closer. >> is great he is well enough to be where he's at. >> we can visit him, this is where he worked and lived hopefully that will give him a push he needs in his recovery. we are looking forward to a strong recovery. none of listen to none of us knew him before this can you describe him. >> he was out of lifting guy, a good attitude of very good netiquette paramedic. he was those ago killealways the go ge
10:03 am
>> will: the co-worker said they will continue to respect the family by only visiting when the family says they can. another co-worker that was works here says she had a daughter with a brain injury she is and now school with days and these she says miracles can happen. >> james: gear governor jerry brown issue his budget revision today including billions of dollars in tax revenue the state is running $2.5 billion ahead of projections ahead of april democrats say is so slight that it doesn't solve the stock stays long-term balance between spending and revenue. he will maintain extending higher tax rates on vehicles, sales, income to stabilize the budget. we expect that in the 11:00 a.m. ouhour. space shuttle endeavor t
10:04 am
of here on its way to the international space station. it blasted off on his final mission under the command of mark kelly the house permanent of gabrielle she is about one added congresswoman at cape canaveral to watch it was a program. this was the second attempt the first law was last month. this morning everything well. endeavor will arrive wednesday delivering $2 billion magnetic instrument that seeks out antimatter and our energy in the universe. 16 day mission they will land on earth on june 1st. >> justine: 500,000 people was
10:05 am
that the launch. one of them was gabrielle gifford. for all represented of talk about her reaction to watching the left off. >> she said at the end and she said good stuff. that's when i remember but there was a lot of talking at the moment there was more cheering and clapping. >> justine: a check on whether and it sounds like it's raining. >> louisa: we expect the rain to pick up toward the end of your day to day right now if you spot the raindrops in the napa valley. breezy conditions for everybody into the afternoon as well. right now you're radar shows not much in fact we are
10:06 am
seeing a few spotty showers just kind of picking up bridge for wine country places like st. helena but nothing really much. by about noontime that will change we will see a chance of rain drops fervor body by noon. watch as we head toward the afternoon hours by 3:00 p.m. this area of yellow shows a moderate downpour's so we will feel that the intensity level-as we head into the afternoon in the near evening commute hours. by 4:00 p.m. through 6:00 p.m. we see heavier downpours up in to the north bay and the south bay and the hills as well. chance of whether around right through the evening hours fairly wet evening at into tomorrow. right now temperatures starting to creep up there we are at 53 symphysis go, 54 redwood city and mt. view, 52 livermore. afternoon highs brings a mixture of '50s and '60s today. 56
10:07 am
downtown san francisco keeping temperatures in the low 60s right through the east bay and down and the sad fate. now much fluctuation and temperatures right now. here is the 7 day around the bay, much more another or what date with showers through tuesday, wednesday, clearing out thursday, friday. >> erica: a great writer on the bay area no hotspots, if you're headed to the impression the bay bridge toll plaza looking good out of oakland to san francisco meter lights are cycled off. no way that the pay gates. san mateo bridge and has been a nicely ride throughout the morning, no hotspots here meaning no delays or accidents. goulding gate bridge 1 01 ec
10:08 am
conditions--golden gate bridge easy conditions--. >> james: a quick break when we come back more headlines for you. checking in from mt. tam you can see low cloud cover out there and we are still waiting for the rain.
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
>> justine: 100 running of the bay to breakers race was a huge success. thousands of people celebrating the 12 k foot race. this week no slogans--this year--they warned they would
10:12 am
crack down on public drunkenness. in all 25 arrests made the majority public intoxication. >> james: watching the big board you can see it's been back and forth started negative going positive now we are off on the dow 23 points to the downside. nasdaq uoff by 34. meanwhile its official the government hit the debt ceiling today at cap set by congress by the amount of debt taken illegally borrowed. as of today it reached the 14.3 trillion dollar limit. gag nurse and bookkeeping maneuvers will allow the government to delay the default on the national debt until august 2nd but they have to have some plan by then.
10:13 am
>> justine: john kerry is trying to defuse tense relations in the wake of the commando raid that killed osama bin laden. >> my goal is to talk to the leaders here about how to manage this critical relationship more effectively, how to open up the opportunities to put this relationship back on track. isolated episodes no matter how profound don't jeopardize the larger relationship and the larger goal. >> justine: she did not elaborate but said two senior administration would visit to expand on the work and visit would be followed by another one featuring hillary clinton. >> james: international criminal court prosecutor calling for an arrest warrant for khaddafi for his alleged crimes against humanity. prosecutors are
10:14 am
saying they deliberately target civilians. they must evaluate the evidence before to confirm the charges. just crossing the wires with the last hour the head of the monetary fund is going to jail without bail on allegations he sexually assaulted a hotel maid. lawyers for dominique strauss-kahn says he denies any wrongdoing. there is a new allegation against him in his native france a lawyer for a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by him nine years ago said she was to file a legal complaint against him. he was considered the front-runner for the next president of france. he will remain in custody in new york until his court date. >> justine: much more ahead on kron 4 news alive look at the golden gate bridge this storm clouds are starting to moving to the bay area, rain is expected
10:15 am
for your evening commute. we will give you a better time line for the rainy forecast on will give you a better time line for the rainy forecast on the white. in a matter of secon. hi. hi. you know i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock. lifelock is the leader in identity theft protection. relentlessly protecting your personal information to help stop the crooks in their tracks before your identity is attacked. protecting your social security number, your bank accounts, even the equity in your home. i didn't know how serious identity theft was until i lost my credit and eventually i lost my home. [ male announcer ] credit monitoring alone is not enough to protect your identity, and only tells you after the fact, sometimes as much as 60 days later. with lifelock, as soon as we spot a threat to your identity
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10:18 am
>> louisa: in just a filicide to see what's just haveo know what's coming widespread rain. intensity could pick up in the north bay wind picks up and saw towards the afternoon. it will give breezy and there. storm tracker for breezes dry conditions in most spots, as we take into the north bay spotty showers creeping up over the hills. certainly nothing as we head towards the afternoon of a better chance of picking up showers in most locations. towards 3:00 p.m. your evening
10:19 am
commute intensity will pick up heavier downpours from san rosa down to san rafael this last through 6:00 p.m. so noticed all the area of yellowish showing moderate downpour's 33 to 6:00 p.m. hour in the north bay and portions of the south bay as well. still the chance of wet weather spotty purees of rain as we head into the evening hours early morning tomorrow morning. 54 san francisco warming it up to about 57 places like kathleen bey, hayward, mountainview, mid-50s through the livermore valley and up in san rosa as well. your afternoon highs breezes '50s and '60s now much change in your temperatures from place to place today 55 along the coast and 61 in san jose. tomorrow another wet day,
10:20 am
wednesday leaves us some breaks of dry weather starting off with leftover raindrops but after that clearing. thursday, friday bringing out the sun and temperatures in the '70s. >> erica: your commute is practically over no hot spot on the bay area. no significant delays or accidents to tell you about. he approached to the bay bridge toll plaza in los wall from all the approaches once you get to the toll plaza flaxen no way that the pay gates the meter lights are cycled off. nice easy ride at the san mateo bridge no problems to report their in both directions and 92. golden gate bridge southbound 1 01 loss of space between our smith stands between the toll was our overall great conditions. walnut creek we have a track that is a hot spots yet lots of space between cars. continuing through the san
10:21 am
ramon valley easy enough condition speeds over 50 mi. an hour, westbound 24 that's a clear shot. public transit nothing to report. >> erica >> justine: 2 more flood gates have been opened up. darrow been in an effort to steer some heavily populated cities from disastrous flooding. in means seven to parishes are facing severe flooding in that larouche you can see what that can do towns have completely emptied out as residents look for high ground. most people paid attention to the warnings which is good. another 11 parishes will be added to the 22 which will get expanded flood
10:22 am
assistance from fema. this is video people packing up and moving out residents living in the three mile lake community were rushing to get their valuables loaded up in cars, mandatory evacuation notice issued sunday for 2000 people in this area. heavy flooding as a direct result from the opening of the snow white. >> james: we will be back with more in just a minute alive look for more andmorgan creek. at ths point sunshine in the state. more and your mother, traffic, news in just a moment.
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
>> justine: president barack obama of delivering the commencement address to seniors that booker t. washington high school let's listen.
10:26 am
>> broaden their ideas about what is possible. parents, politicians and the media at to see how success is possible. how is happening every day. that's why came today. because its success can happen here it can happen anywhere memphis. (applause & cheering) >> if it can happen in my office again happened and tennessee, if it happened in tennessee it can happen across america. (applause & cheering) ever since i became president my administration has been working hard to build on the progress taking place in schools like the spirit we have to encourage the change that led not by politicians, not by washington d.c., but by teachers and principals, parents, entire
10:27 am
communities. by ordinary people standing up and demanding a better future for their children. we have more work to do, so every child can for fell his or her god-given potential here in tennessee we have seen progress tennessee has been a leader one of the first winners of the nationwide race to the top to reward the result you're getting here and booker t. washington. this isn't just an issue for me. i'm standing here as president because the education are received. as chris and my father left my family when i was 2 years old. i was raised by a single mom. sometimes she struggled to provide for me and my sister. my mother, grandparents, they
10:28 am
pushed me to excel. they refused to let me make excuses and they pushed me the expression on those rare occasions.. >> justine: president barack obama says the no excuses when it comes to education we will take a quick break and be right back.
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> justine: all live look that gabrielle gifford plane landing. her husband is the commander of the endeavor. it looks like she is back to havthe rehab center.r and has thus covered on weather and traffic. >> erica: rain is on tap for today, scattered showers through
10:31 am
the bay area, on and off showers for tuesday, wednesday dry air and warmer conditions from thursday on. i do well argue to a hot spot so, no one. --i do want to alert you--more on traffic in just a bit. >> justine: brian still is coming back to the bay area this morning we spoke with the nurse who said he will be leaving l.a. and about 10:00 a.m. possibly getting here by noon. he has been in hospital since he was attacked by two men in the parking lot at dodgers stadium six weeks ago today he will be taken from l.a. axed to sfo and then to san francisco's general trauma center. before he had to fight for his life he was busy saving lives of other people working for paramedic. will tran
10:32 am
went down there today to talk to some of his friends. >> will: his co-workers say until now it's been hard to visit him down in l.a. one because it won respect the family and give them plenty of room, the other reason is it is so far away. now that he's coming back home it will be easier to see him. >> we are happy and have them home it's been a long time and we miss them. it's great that he is well enough to be where he sat. >> you'll be nice to have him at home so we can visit with him, this is where he worked and lived hopefully that will give him a push that he needs in his recovery. we're looking forward to a strong recovery. >> will: when they say they have not forgotten brian they mean that there are pictures, you can see them having fund raisers, they sold this yellow ribbon in his honor they also printed this
10:33 am
bad all of the paramedics where when there in the field. reporting from send us a kron 4 news. >> james: governor brown will release a budget proposal to close the 15 and a half billion dollar deficit we expect happen in the next half-hour. eliminating the unemployment insurance appeals board it has been criticized for providing high position for term doubt lawmakers looking for words. each make a hundred and $20,000 a year even though the only meet once or twice a month at most. it will save $1.2 million a leap year.year. >> justine: we are waiting for the rain an idea of one that will start. >> erica: the rain is the big story around the bay area live
10:34 am
look at the golden gate bridge, dry get away to but we certainly have rainfall on top expected for later this afternoon. a look at what's expected over the next 24 hours through the rest of the morning light showers in the north bay, breezy conditions are expected as we head into the afternoon rain intensity increase costing up to 35 mi. an hour for san francisco county. as we head into the evening hours cold from pushing through bring in with a cool temperatures for tomorrow. right now live look aside at storm trackers 4, mostly dry throat most of the bay area but as we slide the map up to the north bay scattered showers mostly light rain along highway 1 01. we will set to injured future cast 4412 widespread rain through the bay area light green indicating light downpour as we head into the evening hours by 3:00 p.m. on for those getting
10:35 am
out of work that rain is not going anywhere. the yellow and decays rainfall will be intensifying yellow indicating moderate rainfall, that won't go anywhere by 4:00 p.m. in fact it will increase three san rosa, petaluma, san rafael even the napa valley. by 6:00 p.m. the heart of your evening commuter drive with extra caution out there on the roadways hazardous reconditions in the north bay. some portions of wet weather down in the south bay as well. as we head into the evening hours you can see the rain is definitely holding on for most of the bay area, a first chance of clearing will be closer to midnight free tuesday. dry conditions mostly along the coast. temperatures aside right now still slow to warm most in the '50s 55 in san rosa, 53 napa, temperatures really are a crime to climb as we head into the afternoon you can see only giving up to 59 san rosa, 57 for
10:36 am
richmond, lower '60s around the media bay area up pretty chilly here by half moon bay coming in at 55, 63 for antioch, 61 in livermore. 7 day around the bay shows you rain is the word around the bay area, moderate conditions all-around temperatures only in the '60s for your inland sponsored the '60s around the bay '50s for the coast. tuesday, wednesday you can see on and off for scattered showers expected around the bay area, dry things out there stick, friday. temperatures more seasonal. at last check was following a hotspots the nominal one the central freeway but you can see conditions have it cleared out nicely is still is sluggish past the scene but no longer calling it a hot spot. a
10:37 am
look your bridges the persian bay bridge toll plaza is empty make your way out of oakland and san francisco, metering lights are cycled off drive time of 10 minutes from the foot of the maze and fremont street san francisco. san mateo bridge is nice and light westbound and eastbound 92 in the golden gate bridge ride south them one-on- one those clouds are moving in but traffic is moving well. 25 minutes out of novato and the city limits. >> james: alive look this morning this is the aircraft there represented of gabrielle difference was using to slide to houston shoes in florida to watch shuttle endeavor launch, of course under the command of her husband mark kelly. this is a private jet that just landed in houston. that's where she's undergoing physical therapy. we have not seen a picture of person's the shooting so lot of folks keeping an eye on this
10:38 am
watching to see if we came get a glimpse at this point she may have already been taken off the planes were not sure. endeavor on its way to the international space station this morning it took off earlier in the morning about 5:56 a.m.. lets take a look is that her coming out? no well will have more of that coming up. we will talk about the final mission. >> reporter: blastoff for space shuttle endeavor monday morning on its final mission to space. the crew will deliver $2 billion physics experiment called the gulf of magnetic spectrometer to the international space station. they will also perform the four space walks appeared >> we appreciate the team that worked over the last couple of weeks to get endeavor ready.
10:39 am
>> reporter: among the 500,000 people attended the lunch the wife of a shuttle commander mark kelly gabrielle gifford her incredible recovery from an attack in arizona has at times overshadowed the bittersweet significance of the launch. marks the second to the last mission. many nasa employes got layoff slips this week. endeavor will return june 1st the same day atlantis is beginning the world to the launch pad. at the space center. >> justine: much more had a live look inside this we are waiting for the rain to start moving, look from the golden gate bridge you can see storm clouds moving.
10:40 am
we will be right back. [ woman ] everybody's looking for deals these days,
10:41 am
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>> mark: tour of the race will start again today was slated to open up as well valley but because of the uncertain weather conditions they moved it all away over to novato city. that's where they will start. it is pushed back till noon so everybody can get out there and set up. you look at this stage today in half. we had snow and frigid temperatures over the weekend at lake tahoe that forced canceling the first tory yesterday, today is the second stage and it will have to cut that in half. riders were at the start line when they stop their race. >> we thought of my rain, we thought might be windy, 40 degrees, but we didn't contemplate we would have snow. >> james: lake tahoe city
10:44 am
officials hope it would bring in $3 million to the area but the weather conditions could impact that figure. the figurethe wedny they will start i >> justine: all live look from san francisco we are waiting for rain. don't forget your umbrella today it looks like you're evening commute might get wet. programming note to tell you about may 30th month dr.phil will be on at 4:00 p.m. we will be right
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
>> erica: welcome back to kron 4 morning news get your number allow you will need it throughout the day. a live look at the mt. tam kamm, clouds are building and you concede the whether headlines increasing clouds throughout the morning,
10:48 am
as we head into the afternoon widespread rain all around the bay area, heavier rain specifically in the north bay. towards the afternoon winds will increase getting up to about 30 mi. an hour for san francisco county. a one h o u storm tracker for not muci want to shm tracker for not much activity right now but that certainly will be the case in about an hour we have set future cast 4 for lunch time it is bay area towards the evening commute it will stay with us. by 3:00 p.m. widespread rain is not going anywhere, heavier downpour through san rosa, the yellow indicating more moderate showers by 4:00 p.m. that will increase. by 6:00 p.m. the height of your
10:49 am
evening commute you are not going to catch a break out there so driving conditions could be hazardous to. towards evening hours by 9:00 p.m. you concede the wet weather sticking with us, heavier rain in the south bay and as we head towards amid cnidaria scattered showers through most of the bay area we will dry a closer to the coast. temperatures outside right now pretty much all around 50, 55 currently in san rosa, redwood city, 56 in oakland, as we head into the afternoon we really won't warm up by much. 60 degrees for novato, napa, 57 fairfield, 57 richmond, 60s for the immediate area. chilly along the coast 55 expected for half moon bay, 63 morgan hill, 61 expecting for san jose. 7 day around bay shows rain is pretty
10:50 am
much the bookstore for the rest of the day scattered showers through much of the bay area. dry things up by thursday into friday partly cloudy conditions saturday, sunday we do see warming trend '70s inland, '60s around the bay, fifties for the coast. you're bay area traffic no hotspots to tell you about the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza looks good in these ride at of oakland to san francisco same with the san mateo bridge was found 92 lots of space between cars. your golden gate bridge ride said al 1 01 no problems to report just get a dry that awaits out of the north bay approaching san francisco. >> justine: bay to breakers organizers said there was going to be zero tolerance for alcohol during the race but that did not stop people 25 people were
10:51 am
arrested at the event lot yesterday the majority for public intoxication. despite the pleas presence we found people being badly treated >> reporter: you can see the party did not stop here despite threats there would be a big crack down on public drinking a share. at this point i saw people of the sizzling '40's. some with brown bags some with a net. >> i am running a mobile to kilobar that has been not really any noticeable cracking down of any form. >> reporter: they would not say how many officers they had only more than last year. here you can see one officer warming alamo square confiscating bears and pouring them out. here you can see a private security guards hired by the organizers take away alcohol from the
10:52 am
builder runner. >> there taking away? everyone is well in the break it.inebria >> some type of motorized vehicle was escorted off >> reporter: those that were too drunk went to the sobering tents are taken to the several pleas vans parked nearby. >> if your uncooperative you're not a candidate for some burned at your >> reporter: many said the tighter rules made a difference. >> last year got crazy this year it's been tamed as far as the elimination of the floats. we love the floats but it's maintained normalcy. >> i think is better than last year. the police are on their game. >> james: also making headlines
10:53 am
pg&e is being hit with another lawsuit related to last year's pipeline explosion in san bruno, filed in san mateo superior court last week from one of the victims families who died from injuries suffered in that blast. they claim poor maintenance resulted in a inevitable explosion of the pipeline. >> justine: your home owners are making late payments are no payments on mortgages, the leak was the rate fell for the first quarter in a row, standing at 6 percent compared to 7% year ago. tillich was see rates were the highest in florida. the numbers are in your screen right now. 14 percent in florida, same with nevada, california just under 9%. these were the states hit hardest by the housing meltdown. >> james: 10:53 a.m. giving out
10:54 am
quickly as we head off a break. cloud cover up there and rain on the way. i'm gonna use less honey. i'm gonna text less. well, i'm gonna use less bath tissue with charmin!!! [ female announcer ] with charmin ultra soft you can feel good while using less. charmin ultra soft's ultra-cushiony design is soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand.
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ahh, using less never felt so good. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft. enjoy the go.
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>> james: by now you have heard of seal team 6 now that name is a registered trademark and the navy doesn't own and it belongs to disney, they trade market two days after the bin laden mission. a move means disney holds exclusive rights to that phrase. they can branded on anything. if anybody wants to use that they have to pay disney. so far the navy hasn't challenged the claim, and the pentagon hasn't acknowledged the team exist. >> justine: are you going to buy your kids the toys. >> james: a little g.i. joe
10:58 am
competition. that's it for us we will see tonight at 4:00 p.m..
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