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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  May 16, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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walking to work. last thursday morning has always come with as bible and hand he stopped for coffee. it's just like he did every day. >> he was a very nice guy. i do not see how he could have all offended anybody. >>reporter: after his coffee, he continued to work to this machine shop where he worked for the 10 years. >> never late for work. never missed any work. i do not understand why anybody would want to do this. >>reporter: they did the extraordinary step of stopping traffic and one door to door fleshin passi out-fliers. >> he was known as the church man carrying the bible and talking to anybody. >>reporter: he spoke to him many times. >> he would always show me
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and explain how things would go. but he was a very sweet guy. >>reporter: because he walked the same route, day in, day out, they're hoping that a $5,000 reward would come forward with information to crack the case. in santa clara, rob fladeboe. kron 4 news. >>pam: the man killed in east oakland last night has been identified as 32 year- old antwon knox, they're walking on 66th near bancroft avenue the girlfriend has only minor injuries. they did not have any information on the suspect or motive in the shooting. >>pam: pg&e has another lawsuit the latest. from the pipe line explosion in san bruno. the complaint was filed in the san mateo
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superior court by the family of the victims who died from injuries suffered in the san bruno explosion. the family of james frenkel says that poor maintenance and construction would result in the inevitable explosion. they are requesting an unprecedented amount. >>pam: alcatraz island injuries when something went wrong on board the tram that take people up to the main cell area from the dock. >> the was an accident involving one of our trams and it is atrium that we used to use accessible-court cockatric >> the alcatraz, trams have been operating for several years. however, this is a new work model the we're not
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have been using for that long. >>pam: today was the first to the park was using a new seating system for the primary tram. it is still not clear what caused the accident. the use of the tram has been suspended until an investigation is complete. (music) >>pam: a wet day. video from san francisco. the cars are wet. the streets are wet. you can see how what the streets are. jeff bush traveled around san francisco to see more of what the weather was like earlier. >> can you believe this? it feels like january instead of the month of may. gray sky you could barely see the skyline of san francisco into the distance for your family, to the north you can see the there is a big, giant clouds forming more to the rainfall for the, there is
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simply an the action and full house of of the coast. if you are tired of this rain? there is not much of into about if adjusted an umbrella faj. family of we are waiting for the sunshine phil >>jacqueline: these first storms, with heavy rainfall through san francisco. and also san rafael. through the east bay, plenty of yellow is indicating a high at least one-quarter of an inch per hour. you just saw that embarcadero shot. heavy rainfall through oakland, and through the richmond bridge into richmond. this
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court is sitting right off to the peak-core of the storm is off to the shore and waiting for the next few hours to push into the bay. " temperatures, a bit warmer in concord, again in san jose. cool, wet. , at a glance, '50's. scattered showers and continuing into the afternoon. another round of rainfall. we will take a look on futurecast coming up in just a bit. >>pam: the city's hangover is not quite as bad. with the zero tolerance of alcohol. the hot spot for trouble is the panhandle. many people said this was
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much improved. >> it was very slow impact on the community this year. very little fresh. the difference over last year is of the security. carole little-crash. a stronger police presence. less trash. >> when i came home i just hosed it down my area and picked up some beer bottles and that was it. >> having cleanings crews on hand helped. and even port a potties nobody was destructive or out of control everybody was getting along nicely it was a good time. >> i think it was a stream, fun success. >>pam: the san francisco police department says the 26 arrests and 17 were for public intoxication. >> kimberlee: the ultimate photo contest is still taking place. for the facebook
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rampage. some have already been uploaded. the photo fan page on facebook fan. this group is wearing bright, colorful costumes and the sign is spilling out 100. spelling out 100. and this is made of the black duct tape. and it this one. we are not just one level one, five photographs! with each kidding a $by the 0 character certificate. to applaud. each kidding a $50 get a certificate to-up load. each are getting a $50 q does to ticket to upload sup >>pam: the motorcyclist kept
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a driving for several blocks-- a rear ended vehicle spun into oncoming traffic ali, has been a crested. >>pam: earlier, a motorcyclist was taken to hospital. his motorcycle was on the hood of a car. that driver of that car kept on driving. and then stopped.
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>>jacqueline: the rain. continuing to come down. >>pam: the 8, barely moving. crawling self. the 880 barely moving and southbound, it is-crawling ..
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>>pam: been in business news stocks lower. the dow jones was down 37 points and the nasdaq lost a 36. fewer homeowners are making late payments or no payments on their mortgages. trans union since the delinquency rate fell with consecutive quarter. delinquency rates were highest in florida. at 14.37. pala by nevada at 14.19, arizona at nine. and california at 8.5%. those were the hardest hit by the housing meltdown. just in time for summer. been there a little bit of relief at
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the gas pump. the national average is $3.95. that is down about 35 from friday. one analysts predict that these prices will range from $3.25 and $3.75 by mid june. and let us hope that person is correct. as usual, it is a bit higher in the bay area at $4.21. >>pam: the we water is about to change. the were you- what-your- >> get ready of and dining. tablet computers can peruse the menu and split the check and order the drinks - e -la -carte has been the
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technology has boosted sales. by 10%-20% capitalizing on binary impulses. they do not charge restaurants instead it will charge them a monthly fee of $60-$80 per restaurant. this startup is that there is a people topthe wrist- competition. with the table top interface. however, he thinks that the technology of the pub to be updated. >> jacqueline: more rain today, tomorrow, your futurecast coming up.
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>>pam: we have a programming note. coming up this friday we will be having nbc programming will the giants will be on nbc. that means at 8:00 p.m. right here on especially edition of kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. we will be right back.
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(music) >> jacqueline: it is going to be a wet afternoon. through walnut creek. the camera lens is showing that steady rainfall and even on the pavement. increasing the through walnut creek. also steady at to the embarcadero. people are prepared. and it is lightening up a bit to the embarcadero. the stormtracker 4 that was going through san francisco is pushing to the east. heavy rainfall through san rafael, richmond. towards walnut creek. about one- quarter of 1 in. per hour. a
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whiter view as this impact the bay area. the larger view-from northern california to the bay iraq into the salt. as this pushes through-the bay-area to the south. -- >>jacqueline: intensifying among the coast. indicated by the yellow. with more moderate cream sells to the east shores continuing to 8:00 p.m. with moderate- weather cells in some densifyinintensifying with more scattered activity, bay-area wide. with the north bay seymour. scattered activity as you go out with them may -- >>gary: keeping your umbrella handy >>jacqueline: keeping your umbrella and the. these are pretty impressive totals
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with one-inch. three- quarters in the north bay. the little bit less in the south bay. we will continue to see rainfall through tuesday night. a look at your extended forecast with showers developing in the tuesday, dissipating. when the on wednesday. as we go towards wednesday at in, they will improve third, for becoming morefifth thursday, friday, it will keep improving. >>pam: snow and alin lake tahoe the decision was made to drop the competition. >> with rain, we did not think that it would be that much wind. >>pam: lake tahoe was hoping that race would bring $3
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million into the area but in the weather could impact. the tour will return on wednesday. phase 4 = livermore towards the san jose over mount hamilton. (music) gabe slate's tech report >>gabe: the droid smart phone made by samsung on the verizon network is a big deal. these droid phones have been very popular for verizon. now before she. tune in tonight. with a four-g. unique, " features on the phone. gabe slate's tech report >>pam: checking traffic, the top is when 01. the 80. also barely moving.
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programming change. dr. phil is moving to 4:00 p.m.. dr. phil, monday, may 30th we will be back. ♪ you'll run outside ♪ i'll pass you by ♪ ♪ i want to see the sunshine
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>> kimberlee: wrec springfie rick springfield was arrested in malibu earlier this month arrested he was very angry after the deputy said that it was a 1963 corvette would be towed. law-enforcement said that he yelled at the deputy and he said that he will " kill you and your family. he is deciding weather or not to charge him with dui. >> kimberlee: rhianna, is following her boyfriend-ex-
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boyfriend. some are criticizing her. >>pam: tenant and followers on twitter from 10 million from laday gaga, first with a 10 million on facebook. in the first with 1 billion of views on you tube. 10 million viewers on twitter. >>jacqueline: the slow- moving system over richmond, and to the north bay. the news and 5:00 p.m. is coming up, next.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: crisis in california as the state budget stalemate continues. today, governor jerry brown on bills is the budget plan's provisions. team coverage on the unveiling of the budget crisis and what is in the budget. when the governor is more optimistic this time round. plus, the impact it could have on you. we begin with dan kerman. he was on hand as the governor discussed is prprovide deposit budget. >> the coming california is looking pretty good. not as good as it has been but it is on the mend. >>reporter: acknowledging that the state revenue is up the california is still in debt. it would need to put his housing finances in order. >> the will of that has to be brought down. my plan will do that.


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