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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  May 16, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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spending cuts already approved in additional revenues of $6.6 billion. the governor says of the state debt is only a $9.6 billion. the revision is calling for $2.5 billion more for education. and the elimination of 5500 state jobs. closing the debt is still difficult and at the incoming sales tax and the vehicle license fee. however, because of the increase revenue the extension would be delayed one year. the governor would hope to do with that tax extensions to the boat of the people in june but was blocked. to the vote-as this was blocked the legislators will vote on the tax extensions first as part of the budget. if approved? jerry brown with still put it to the people hopefully to the fall. he is hoping the budget will be passed
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by june 15th. at the state capitol in sacramento, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>pam: republican reaction was mixed. applaud, and some steadfast and some saying that they would refuse any type of tax extensions. >> i am delighted that the governor is acknowledging that one detective not have to be increased. only, temporarily that only-one text is not have to be increased--and increasing the spending cap. if that is progress. but, there is still problems. >>pam: governor brown, the latest provision calls for a first in california history to close dozens of state parks including many in the bay area. that is not necessarily mean widespread job cuts. grant lotus continues 14 coverage of the state. >>reporter: estate parks from the chopping blocks. and this proposal,
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up to two dozen bay area state parks would be shut down including candlestick point recreation area. the new budget plan would save the state about $11 billion. 200 permanent jobs would be technically be eliminated. the california parks department currently has 500 job openings. at this time state officials and the union that represents park rangers do not think that any full-time, permanent employees will lose their jobs. that is assuming the tax increases are extended. grant lotus, kron 4 news. >>pam: off for a complete list of the park's. news links. new details, the san francisco giants ran the was severely beaten outside dodgers stadium is now in san francisco. this is video of the police escort for brian stow. he was moved by
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ambulance from los angeles to the airport where he was flown by small, private jet to san francisco. he has been in the hospital and los angeles since march 31st. to resell it is light. teresa estacio--is live. therese? >>reporter: a news conference tha took place one yea hour ago. in the next 24-48 hours they're going to be going over the medical records to make sure the gets the care he needs. they say that moving him has taken a great toll on his body. family members are grateful that this day has finally come. watch has crews carefully left brian stow from the plane that brought him to los angeles at sfo. it is been a very long journey. how beaten after the first game of the season at doctor's stadium.
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he has been in and out of a coma for weeks after suffering a severely fractured skull. damage to a frontal lobe of his brain. he will undergo treatment at a san francisco general. the family, including the ex- wife, and the mother of his two children, seeing in this photograph tell kron 4 that everyone is glad that he is back. >> so excited that he is coming back. they both told me that once the can go up to see him. >> this is going to make it easier for everybody. his mom, his dad, his sister. the entire support group. >> brian stow is a paramedic and a show of support a large group took the day off to welcome him home. >> the committee wants to come together and the we are supporting him. the community wants to come together. i've never met brian stow. but when i heard
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about it, i donated what i could to the website of www. brian when i first heard about it and wanted to show my support any way i can. >>reporter: with family, friends, there is also some fans to welcome brian stow. as a ride in san francisco general is still in critical condition but the plan to do everything they can for this giants fan. as the-arrived in san francisco general. reporting to you, teresa estacio. >>pam: his mother spoke. >> bittersweet. we are taking brian home. on behalf of our family i would like to say thank-you to the community. that have embraced brian and supported him. the people of los angeles have been and - in
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our heart but since this six week journey. our your prayer--guided us through. we've made a lifelong friends and thank you does not say and of how much we appreciate you he will never the city of angels. >>pam: leave your message for brian stow. a soggy month in may. video earlier at san francisco. you can see the wet pavement is running right now! jackson will explain that how long? >>jacqueline: put the next several hours. jacqueline. -- >>pam: is this the last day of this week? blog >>jacqueline: absolutely not. it is unusual but we're going to get a full dose of rain. a look of the stormtracker 4 radar. the green is representing like
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to rain. the yellow is representing heavier. the heaviest at this hour will be 1/4 per inch and a san rafael. you can see it is still through which men and one- quarter through richmond's, and vallejo towards the north. this band of rainfall through the delta as you can see that it is moving to martinez about 5:30. through the east bay. taking a look at the weather headlines. turning into showers by the overnight hours. , showers expected in keeping your umbrella handy with a rock another round of showers possible details coming up to 6:00 p.m. >>pam: 5:10, blast of the endeavor takes off for its last mission into space. a very special guest watching the launch. 5:20, internet
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>>pam: raging rainfall continuing. we will keep you posted on developments. this wet monday in san francisco. the space shuttle, endeavor is on its way into the international space station. after taking off from cape canaveral earlier. catherine is that the space cape canaveral. >>pam: lift off. >> blastoff for space shuttle endeavor for its final mission to space. >> roger,
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>>reporter: they were pleased to see how it went. >> it was tremendously pleasing to see how it went. >> 8 $2 million >> 8 $2 billion the a medtronic - the alpha mendromida, on board towards hubbell. gabrielle gifford was witnessing giving a thumbs up. saying " great ". they could even >> the timing is a bit unfortunate that we all know that it is been coming. >>reporter: surely before liftoff, they are urging americans to keep the
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pioneering spirit of nasa, a lot. >> this represents the power of the commitment of space exploration because of the great country to reach for the stars and explore. gabrielle giffords is expected to speak your husband once will he is commanding i and n commanding endeavor as it returns to space june 1st. >>pam: programming change. dr. phil is moving to 4:00 p.m.. dr. phil, monday, may 30th we will be back.
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>>pam: since the opening of beef yorganza the evacuations te mississippi. >> of river, a picture of what is in store for cajun country. of the mississippi river is 56 ft. above flood stage and expert. the imam of water in places that many people ever wow this will be cricresting above them were not to have the we did not have much choice.
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>> the water diversion seems to be having and cresting in debt and ruched. lowering by 2.5 ft.. in- baton rouge. and barack obama presented the graduating ceremony at booker t high school. usually, the keynote speaker introduces the nex-- giving thegiving the crowd, and a in a idea, a fact, that somebody else does not know. however, i think everybody knows something about this person of lthis race to the
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top high school commencement challenge. the president said that this is a great example for the united states. >> today booker t. washington is a place that is proven that we cannot accept excuses, and the excuses when it comes to education. any excuses when it comes to education--and in the united states we should not accept anything but the best that our children has to offer. a >>pam: the children is in a difficult memphis neighborhood is of the graduation rate drastically improve within three years of implementing education reform and adding variety to its curriculum. >>pam: donald trump will not be running for president. the real-estate mogul announced that he will not seek the republican nomination. his chance received was jeopardized
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when he questioned the citizenship of president barack obama. >> mayor daley has been replaced. after 22 years in office. declining to seek a sevseventh term. rahm emanual, was sworn in today. >> the international monetary fund has been accused of sexually attacking a meet at this high and exclusive posh $3,000 prehnite new york
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city hotel room. the york city--posh-- >>pam taking a look at the storm tracker. it lit up this afternoon. the yellow is indicating moderate tack. the satellite and radar is showing that this storm is intensifying towards the coast. and another for tomorrow. what we can expect in terms of rainfall. it is picking up and moving towards the coast. towards 6:00 p.m., with heavier rain cells north, and to the east bay. taking a look at this evening, with continuing moderate. with more scattered activity to the south. this will be more scattered bay-area wide overnight tonight. lightning to the north bay by 10 pm as you head out the door, notice that just some scattered cells remaining over the bay area. it will stay that way until the late
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morning hours. the early afternoon before another round fall pushes and later. taking a look of these totals expected. three- quarters of an inch expected in the north bay. after the santa cruz mountains and even one-half inch in the central and east bay. pretty impressive! for the last month of may. last-week of may, for 60s. with 60s along the coast in half moon bay. 60s in fremont, san rafael and taking a look at the rain turned showers overnight. the wind will also pick up. wednesday afternoon we are going to see things dry out. thursday, friday, a dry out. the storm passing saturday, with slightly cooler conditions. and more cloud coverage. stay with us. we will be back.
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>>pam: a new craze over the web is called as planking, claiming a life in australia over this weekend. and what planking all about >> kimberlee: it is this where some other stomach and their arms to the side. they will do this in the unusual positions or sometimes in dangerous situations. and posting these videos on the web. taking a look at this facebook page. it is all about planking with over 141,000 king this. and some of these are funny. he wants-liking this, and they say that it is not dangerous but you can see that this one is dangerous. planking on a thin branch or a chimney opening, the cars
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whizzing by. authorities say that this was very dangerous and the seventh story balcony was plunged to his death in australia. as this gains in popularity? there to be more deaths. there could be more deaths. >>jacqueline: wet. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: san francisco police tell us that made an arrest in the case with a medical student was killed at a nightclub in january. police believe the 22 year-old tracy was attacking one of the friends with a high heel. a larger group that d


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