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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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live, this is kron4 news at 11:00. >> the san francisco giants fan beaten by two dodgers fans is back in the bay area after spending nearly seven weeks in a los angeles hospital. bryan stow was flown back on a private jet today. tonight, kron4 has the latest on stow's condition, which bay area hospital he was moved to, plus reaction from his doctors, family and giants fans. kron4's reggie kumar has the new details in tonight's top story at 11:00. >> reporter: bryan stow's family and friends have been waiting for the long-time giants fan to return to the bay area, ever since he was brutally beaten outside dodgers stadium march 31st.
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watch as the 42-year-old leaves the medical center by ambulance and then is loaded into this private jet. employees from american medical response, the company stow works for, were on board the plane as it was flown. stow was then again taken by ambulance to san francisco general hospital, where he will continue his recovery. chief of neurosurgery dr. jeffrey manley says stow definitely wants to be treated here. >> we're known for many of the devices and imaging techniques that we've developed for brain imagery, the protocols are used throughout the united states and internationally. we have a lot of information to look at. he's been down there for a number of weeks. i want to congratulate the physicians for really proceeding with the treatment that saved his life. now, that he's here, we have to makeory own assessment. >> reporter: for six weeks, stow has been in and out of the a coma after suffering a
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severely fractured skull and damage to the front lobe of his brain in the attack. stow's family and friends says the paramedic's two kids will finally be able to visit him. >> they're so excited that daddy's finally coming home to be closer. they say that they want to go up and see him. so it will be a first. >> we're waiting for brian. we're waiting to see what he's going to do. it's up to him now. it's up to him to see if he's going to wake up and where he's going to go from that. >> reporter: while doctors monitor stow's progress here at san francisco general hospital, authorities in l.a. continue searching for the two men who attacked the paramedic. in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> a giants fan who does not know bryan stow personally was also at san francisco general hospital to welcome stow home. >> well, bryan stow, he's out there working, saving people's lives, and now he's fighting for his and all we can do for
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bryan stow is pray that he gets better. i saw his mom and dad today. i gave them my sympathies that he gets a full recovery. >> at a news conference yesterday, stow's mother spoke about the family's mixed emotions leaving los angeles. >> this press conference is very bittersweet, because we're taking bryan home. so on behalf of our family, we would like to say thank you to the community that has embraced bryan and supported him, the people of l.a. have been in our hearts during this six-week journey and your prayers and support have guided us through. we have made life-long friends. thank you doesn't say enough how much we appreciate you. you will never be forgotten. this is truly the city of angels. >> you can leave your well wishes and comments for the stow family on our website,
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just log onto and now to sacramento where governor jerry brown presented his newly revised budget today. the plan calls for additional revenue, which would mean more money for education and a smaller deficit, but as kron4's dan customerren tells us, the governor is calling for tax extension. >> reporter: while revenues in the state are up, the governor says the state remains in debt and it cannot be ignored. >> we still have a $10 billion structural deficit and a wall of debt to come. our finances were plunged into turmoil by the great recession and a decade of short-term fixes and fiscal gimmicks. this is not the time to delay or evade. this is the time to put our finances in order. >> reporter: with $13.4 billion in spending cuts already approved, and additional revenues of $6.6 billion, the governor says the state's debt is now down to $9.6 billion. but he says tax extensions must
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still be passed to prevent further cuts and future debt. >> $20 billion next year. so that's back into the hole again. and i think that's bad. i think that's bad in the country, it's bad in california. i want to see balanced honest budgeting and that's what i'm proposing. >> this is the place to start. >> reporter: while initially indicating the revised budget is a step in the right direction, republican leaders still show no signs of moving on the tax issue. >> in terms of compromising on tax increases, i don't see any place to go there. >> reporter: talk like that from brown's key opponent on the opposite side of the aisle doesn't give one much hope that the two sides can reach an agreement. still, brown is optimistic a budget can be passed by june 15th. at the state capitol in sacramento, dan customerren, kron4 news. >> we continue our budget coverage tonight. we see how the budget uncertainty is creating tension
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at one bay area school district. >> reporter: these are trying times for steve staves. staves is the superintendent of the school district. he's encouraged by the fact that governor brown's revised budget proposal includes $3 billion more funding for k-12 but without concrete answers, he must prepare and present a budget for his school board without knowing how much state funding he's getting. he says he'll have to present the board with three scenarios, a best-case scenario that cuts his budget by $9 million. this is another, which has cus between 9 and $14 million and a worst-case scenario that cuts more than $14 million. the worst-case scenario would play out if the tax increases are not extended. but he is thinking about that, hoping he does not have to cut things like after-school sports and support programs and
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decrease teacher salaries. dozens of santa clara teachers already got pink slips. he hopes for the best but prepares for the worst. as he put it, in my 46 years in education, this is the absolute worst it has been. kron4 news. we have the governor's entire revised budget on our website, just head to and click on the news links. a live look outside from thegolden gate bridge this evening. we're continuing to see showers through parts of the bay area. let's take a look at some of our rainfall totals this evening. santa rosa nearly .5 inches of rain this evening for the past six hours. napa, .33 inches of rain, .25 inches in oakland, and .20 inches in mill valley and less down the line. most places only saw a few hundredths. here's a look at what's going on in the storm track, rain still going in our inland valley. walnut creek still getting a little bit of rain at this
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hour. we are going to be seeing scattered showers continue through the overnight hours into tomorrow and that's the way it's going to stay for most of tomorrow but towards the afternoon, more rain approaching. we'll time that out on futurecast. i'll tell you when it's going to hit and if it will affect your evening commute. new tonight, police in santa cruz county are searching for a man accused of breaking into an apartment and watching a woman sleep. this is the sketch of the suspect. it happened at an apartment complex on 14th avenue and east cliff, just before 6:00 this morning. police say the suspect entered a woman's apartment through an unlocked door. when the woman awoke, he was at the foot of her bed, staring. deputies could not locate him. officials are advising all residents in the area to keep their doors locked. in san francisco, police have identified a man suspected of using the bank account of a murder victim. police say craig ogans is a person of interest in the death of joseph williams. ogans is accused of
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accessinwilliams' account at atms. williams was found dead in his home last thursday. medical examiners ruled his death a homicide but have not released the cause of death. meanwhile, a woman is being accused of being the master mind behind a very large identity theft ring. police say they found fake social security cards, fake driver's licenses among other things. we'll have a look at how the alleged i.d. theft ring worked just ahead on kron4 news.
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tonight's headlines, the head of the international monetary fund was denied bail by a new york judge, until his next hearing. strauss-kahn is accused of trying to rape a maid at his hotel. prosecutors say they are investigating at least one other similar accusation. his attorney says he is innocent. strauss-kahn had been widely
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viewed as a french presidential contender. the space shuttle endeavor took off on its last flight. gabrielle giffords' husband commander mark kelly led the flight on its final mission to the international space station. donald trump is not running for president, after all. the real estate mogul and reality show star has been toying with the idea for months. his main focus -- our planes start flying when it's dark. and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours.
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there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ]
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and now a look at other big stories covered by our kron4 news crews around the bay area today. here in santa clara, the hunt continues for the killer of 62-year-old luistavara. police revealed on monday they leave he was bludgeoned to
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death last thursday morning. they went door to door here this morning and took the unusual step of stopping cars in the hope that somebody might come forward with some information that could help crack the case but also offering a $5,000 reward. in santa clara, kron4 news. it's been four months since joe hernandez was attacked and killed at the temple knight club directly across the street. today, his family was given his honorary degree because today, he would have graduated from medical school. for now, reporting in san francisco, j.r. stone, kron4 news. here at oakland police headquarters, opd teams up with the u.s. secret service to takedown the biggest identity theft operation in the city's history. 40-year-old michelle williams of heyward has been arrested and charged with over 20 counts in connection to identity theft, including forging checks and making phony driver's
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licenses. now, so far, there's only one victim in this case. however, investigators say there are likely to be more. at oakland police headquarters, kron4 news. in san francisco, many neighbors who live along the beta breakers race route say this event was a vast improvement over last year. they say, even though there was a lot of drinking and partying going on on there were a lot fewer reports of public urination and other bad behavior on private property. they are very happy with law enforcement, the increase of porta potties and how quickly the police got the streets cleaned up afterwards. kron4 news. rain continues at this hour around the bay area but mainly scattered as expected. the steady rain has pushed to the east. we're seeing scattered showers filling in behind this. we are going to be seeing steady rain again into tomorrow. let's take a look at when. overnight, the rain continues
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to be showery, a couple of areas of more moderate rain. keep the umbrella handy because you can see the spotty showers throughout the bay area until the 6:00 hour. that will continue into the noon hour and through most of the afternoon, we're going to see scattered showers like this. but as we head towards the late afternoon, evening, notice it's starting to fill in along the coastline. we're seeing heavier rain push towards the coastline and more widespread rain. that's going to continue tomorrow evening through the overnight hours of wednesday. so now through tuesday afternoon, here is what we're going to be seeing. we already saw nearly half an inch. could see up to nearly .75 inches, up to an inch in the mountains and this is including what we've seen in the past six hours. let's take a look at temperatures into tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be quite cool out there tomorrow and breezy into the afternoon as that rain approaches. temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s for the most part but just 54 along the coast, 64 in
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concord and 62 in san jose. a look at your kron4 seven-day around-the-bay forecast, again, showers through most of tomorrow but steady, heavier rain going to push through into the evening into wednesday morning. winds will accompany that storm. by wednesday afternoon, calmer. warmer thursday and friday. the as battle the angels and the rain tonight in oakland. gary has highlights straight ahead. and tim lincecum struggles in colorado with one of his worst outings in quite some time. gary has that story and all the sports, he is next. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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all right. good evening everybody. tim lincecum didn't have it tonight in colorado. 33,228, they still do the wave up in denver and torres is ready to go. boom. and the giants behind early, tied the game at two and
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moments later, and this is the sixth inning, schierholtz, torres and cody ross tonight, two-run blast is 4-2. bottom of the frame, though, lincecum, not a very good night. gave up seven runs, only three earned. he had an error, that was fowler's rbi, and then the big blast. carlos gonzalez to dead center. lincecum, 5 2/3, nine hits, six walks, that ties for the most walks in his career. giants lose 7-4, rockies are within a half-game of the giants. they'll play at noon tomorrow. as and angels, you are in luck. on your way home, you can stop by and see the end of the game. they're still playing at the oakland coliseum. tell your friend you stayed at the coliseum. mark ellis grounds out and the angels back and forth. the as had a 1-0 lead. oh, my gosh, look at the action
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here, but all of this is just window dressing. there was an hour and a half rain delay so they didn't get started until oh, about 8:40. the angels got a 4-3 lead in the 7th and then daric barton has just delivered the game- tying single, coco crisp scores, and i'm not joking pam, it is 4-4 in the 10th inning and again, if you are a fan of your community, you root the as home. >> we used to carry the games years and years ago and the as game would always carry on. >> pete would walk up and down the aisle because you can't go on jackie until the game is over. >> yeah. >> and pete was really blunt. the rest of us would pretend go as, but pete could say, this damn baseball and he would swing with his golf club. they would go about three and a half, four hours.
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time for news at 2:00 a.m. and nobody cares then at 2:00 a.m. the sharks with a couple of days off before game two on wednesday night. niemi was real good last night with 35 saves. i love this. spread eagle, yes. and then sedin scores late here, sharks lose 3-2, but the best of seven, todd mclellan, what do you say? >> they eventually beat us at the type of game we wanted to play. they won a lot of races. they sustained offensive zone time, and they wore us down. >> there will be football at candlestick park, college football. fresno state's pat -- hello, pat. and cal, head coach jeff tedford who once upon a time was -- headford was a quarterback for them as well, cal's stadium of course is
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being redone. they're going to play their games at at&t, except for this one, september 3rd, it will be at candlestick park, and then they'll tear up at&t. you already know our favorite. we'll give you $200,000 for it. you want a tractor puller, go ahead, for every cal game, they'll have to play for this year, except for september 3rd. i don't think that's on your way home. you'll miss that one. stanford athletics has won another championship, it's women's water polo. they beat cal yesterday, 9-5. it's their second-ever championship. and what do you do in football, they dump gatorade. in water polo, you jump the coach into the polo. uconn went to the white house today. they're the national championship in basketball, president obama breathing easier now that donald trump has dropped out of the race so
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he is able to honor a basketball team tonight. >> have a good night everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. ow#ç3
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