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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 18, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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[music] >> at 530, we are turning to budget cuts, santa clara county is beginning budget cut negotiations in this is very gloomy. we have a because some of the cuts coming. >> work is getting underway at santa clara county, to close a $200 million budget deficit blamed of the weak economy and tax revenues.
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about 100 employees to be laid off at about 500 can be limited to a combination of layoffs, of retirement, and the most affected by this, could the low income and the affected with social services and health. this could mean deep cuts in the budget at the department of corrections, the county officials warned that the numbers can get worse depending on the outcome of state budget negotiations in santa clara rob fladeboe kron4 news. >> have a school ltd. traders said this school will likely have to raise tuition nearly 32% for the winter 2012 term is the state does not extend the temporary tax increases. under that scenario, california residents will pay nearly 15,000 in tuition to attend one of the uc's 9 campuses. a carjacking
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almost became a kidnapping if not for the quick reaction of one of the victims. this happened last night in belmont. kelly has more on the case. >> of a woman and her five year-old daughter will park here in the pizzeria about 9:00 p.m. tuesday night. that is when a man got into the car, demanded the keys and pushed the mother out of the car. it was while the suspect was trying to get the car started that the woman was able to quickly get a child out from the back seat before the suspect drove away. luckily the one in the little girl were on her, the suspect took off he eluded capture for five hours, until the stolen honda civic was found on highway 1 01 with the suspect still inside. police say that stephen confessed to-steven confessed to stealing the car. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> of a burglar resident,
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kron4 jeff pierce tells what happened. the >> did not get close to it. with only a baseball bat, he was keeping his distance from a machete burglar. >> i stayed away from him with my little bat, i was not want to confront him but i want to protect myself. i found the kind the backyard, he took a bicycle and he and my machete and assault. i tell them that it cannot have a bicycle so he came at me. sucked my roommate handed me a bad, i backed up the driveway and then he went to st. i told him that i would follow him wherever he went and he called the police. he broke the window with my machete and climbed in by that time the berkeley police came. >> the berkeley look--police were able to handle the suspect. >> they handle him very well. i knew that he was sick, that he had a problem and they were very patient with him, i was very proud
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of the weighted they handled themselves. >> in berkeley, kron4 news. >> this nevada man body was found in his backyard back in february, did not find any evidence of trauma or poisoning, that is according to the corner, the body of 74 year-old dale smith was found a neat the recently installed a brick patio. his wife remains the person of interest because she was the last person to see your husband alive according to the police. the >> a piece of naval history is recovered after the thieves tried to cash in at a recycling plant. the employees who spotted the stolen goods tells kron4 is reported that it was not hard to do. >> he thought that he would sell the piecing get cash for. >> that is what marcel said after someone was caught trying to get cash for this naval monument. you cannot
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help but notice that the monument was missing. it sits right here in the open at the interest of the park. it was not long that someone called reported that it had been stolen. oakland police said they are not sure if paradise actually stole the monument, but he was caught trying to get paid for the weight. he did not even try to distance the goods in another city, he drove it all less than 1 mi. away or a common piece of brass brought in for recycling look something like this. >> they are typically a lot smaller. >> and a lot easier for reputable recyclers to notice when they come in. however, paradise said that he did not steal it, he said that he founded where else, on the internet. >> become a there were in trouble, they claim they had purchased a piece of a trend-creek list, but that was their story. if there were pretty shook up when the police came. >> writers that take the muni line will get some
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release net--released next month. the problem is overcrowding during the commute hours. the operators have to pass of stops because the train is at capacity. muni hopes that the buses will be the answer to that problem. >> we are talking about in the morning the bus will leave every 10 minutes, we would do that with about nine buses. you have a.c. did load of around 20 or 40 or 50 people on the bus. more are able to stand, but we want to make sure the people downtown as quickly as possible. >> the experiment will last for about six months at the end of that time, the muni officials will make adjustments were needed. for the transit board of directors is calling for a hearing, that may be a precursor for declaring a fiscal emergency for the third straight year, the agency is facing a $14.9 million shortfall to help cope with the budget problems ac transit has
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already adopted accruals, cut back on expenditures and introduce a hiring freeze. and now a ban has been placed on circumcision and if passed, there will be a ban on it, this is a form of mutilation and should not be performed on the chao, proponents say that this is a violation of constitutionally protected religious freedoms. >> now there is more weather for the next couple of days, we will see cloudier and cooler conditions into the weekend i will tell you why coming up and you can always get the full forecast right now on kron4. to be right back after this. [music]
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made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do. >> a son fathered by arnold schwarzenegger with his housekeeper was born less than one week after his wife maria shriver gave birth to
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another arnold schwarzenegger son and that is according to birth records obtained by cnn. orders have swarmed a bakersfield home and-- reports that it belongs to the mother of his job. we looked into some other political sex scandals in recent memory. >> at no. 10, gavin new some, he made headlines for all the wrong reasons in 2007. place for elite-- playfully nickname mayor mc hottoe he had an affair with one of his top aides. " >> #9, he lied about an affair that he was having with a city official. >> at no. 8, the former house official admitted that he had an affair then he launched a political
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campaign of his own or earlier this month. >> at no. 7, a scandal in a bathroom stall. it allegedly poked press his foot against a man's foot in the stalled next to him, allegedly the other man was a cop and he recognized that he was trying to engage in lewd conduct. number six, and the florida congressmen that sent two messages to pursue a 16 year-old reportedly read it a ruler and measure it for me. at no. 5, south carolina gov. mark was not hiking the apple action trail when he disappeared from his family and state in 2009. he was a boy and his interest for a week visiting his girlfriend. he served as governor until his term ended earlier this year. and he recently resigned after alleged infidelity and now faces criminal charges in the cover-up of the affair
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after details of the senate ethics probe or release. number three, remember elliott, the new york governor said it despite being married, he was a politician who also enjoyed prostitutes. he was nicknamed 'luv guv'made a nickname for this up because he prostituted rings. at no. 2, john edwards, the vice presidential candidate to express--admitted to having an affair with riel hunter. this all went down as his wife elizabeth was battling a terminal cancer. john edwards blamed his actions on self focus. >> and no. 1, the political sex scandal william jefferson clinton. his exploits with monica lewinsky landed him in hot water with ex-wife monica--
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his wife. he remained popular and is now one of the most popular presidents. kron4 news. pamela kron4 will be airing news while the giants 0 here. we will be back. [music] >> i hear that you won a prestigious award. >> we won the 2010 award in real-estate. we have helped so many people usually people that have property under water, and what we have done for many people is that we have assisted them with a short sale. these are individuals that are massing out credit-card, bringing their savings, borrowing
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money and really can no longer tolerate trying to wait for the real-estate market trying to turn around which could be years. >> is a secondary home consider something as a short sale. >> a primary residence secondary property. >> do you have to fix them up or any fees in the short sale. >> there are no out-of- pocket fees paid to us by the homeowner, how we get paid is at the in only if the short sale is approved by the bank. sucked the property is sold as is, the homeowner does not have to put any type of money into fixing it up and getting it ready for a short sale. >> so there is no refurbishing. i know that some people say if you see a sign saying foresail out in front. >> the short sale is a private matter. we are believers that this is private and no one that needs to know your business like your neighbors. so did not play sign out in the arts. >> so no signs, that is great. if you are someone
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that needs suzanne's help, give her a call at cal home research call her directly at 1800-893-6665 or check out the web site listed above, or you can e-mail them help @calhome research.ocm [music]
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>> the sharks are looking to bounce back from an opening game loss. bob is live in san jose where the fans are--vern is live with the fans are lining up. >> that is right, you cannot have a stanley cup playoff without coming to you from stanley's scorch mark. now this is where the sharks practice. this ice, this is where vancouver will practice tomorrow and on the other side is a another
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rink and that is where the sharks will practice tomorrow. anyway, i am told there will be more than 250 people all through here for a number one in which you think, are you ready for this? [cheers] absolutely. the this is what the sharks have to do. they have to go after robert earl. they have to count on him right from the get go. i'm not talking about it. one, or. 2, it is like the dating game 1, because they do not, ryan kessler the twins, they certainly scared me, they're fast and quick. talks broke down and as we like to say he didn't short, simple and clear. >> we have to find a way to get energizes a hockey club. that starts with the mental part of it first, then come back and play better in game no. 2. >> before we say goodbye, let us bring in the gm of
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this is john, tell me about this or the like. >> they're fantastic, the further the sharks go the more people come. this is a great place, i hope everyone comes down to enjoy the game here. >> if it goes to gain seven you would not be disappointed in that. >> absolutely not. >> denver to is coming up, the pulp will drop a few minutes after-puck will drop in a few minutes back to you. >> at airforce one, the president on board made an aborted landing attempt. this is in connecticut, is said that the pilot was in the process of landing but because of the gloomy whether it decided to circle the runway again, this said there was never a risk to the president. the reporters on the rain sit--the reporters on a plane said they were not aware of the maneuver. the president was on the way to talk to the coast guard graduates and he told and that the coast guard has become one of the nation's first responders helping people to get to higher ground in the
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mississippi flooding the president thanked them for helping to keep america safe. united airlines apologize for briefly reusing the flight numbers from 911, a name recent flights like flight 93 and 175, and of course, those were two of the flights hijacked by the terrorists back in 2001. the airline called it a terrible misstep, and has retired the numbers. [music] >> a live look outside from the golden gate bridge, sunny skies, we see a little cloud coverage over the hills. take a look at the latest satellite picture and i will show you what i mean. we saw a few isolated showers in the north bay, some weak thunderstorms pushing down there, you can see that the cloud covered almost dissipated. over the santa cruz mountains and the diablo range. for the most part, that is gone. here's a look of the storm track for, everything is pushed to the east, you will still-still-
5:51 pm
see a few isolated showers over the sierra, will be done for that for a little while. now here's a look at the current condition sitting and mostly the '60s this afternoon it is warmer, temperatures from 5 to 15 degrees over yesterday. 58 in san francisco, 57 and half moon bay. 57 down in the south, and we will warm up even more as we head into the next couple of days. the temperature trend, swarming into the low 60s thursday and friday in san for cisco, the low '70's in san jose and the upper 70's and santa rosa. we will cool down a little into saturday, the temperature will dip 70 degrees in santa rosa and if you in san jose. will have a little more clout coverage and cooler temperatures. tomorrow we can enjoy those clout temperatures--can enjoy those temperatures, 75
5:52 pm
in clear lake, and 73 in napa, and down in the '70s in south bay. the forecast has some out conditions and the fault should return to the coast especially by saturday morning-fog should be returning to the coast especially by saturday morning. stay with us will be right back after the break. [music]
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>> biologists believe they're getting closer to figure out what has been killing the leopard charts across the bay area. most of the animals have been found along the shores of redwood city. that is where reporter trawls spent today looking for answers. >> the california department of fish and game suspect that what may have killed more than 100 leper charts with some rain fall from the past winter. they believe that although freshwater wash into the bay, it diluted the hot water in the places like the canal. leopard sharks are very cents---sensitive to changes in the salinity. they think that is what killed the
5:56 pm
sharks. they ruled out pollution because only the sharks and the bat rays were affected. other fish in the same area they survive. the chemical--chemicals are also unlikely because the sharks have been found along the shoreline and also in the bay. they do not believe that disease is a problem, this is all a theory, the biologists are taking samples and waiting for test results before making any final judgment. in redwood city trawls, kron4 news. now kimberlee is here with today's edition of take a look at this a turkey burger. >> take a look at this, a woman in her wedding gown dangling off the balcony of her seventh story apartment, you can see her in her wedding gown, she was threatened to kill herself because a few days earlier before the wedding her fiancee marry another woman, with the help of someone the low and someone else inside, they were able to pull her
5:57 pm
in an attacker to the hospital for evaluation. take a look at the michigan home that looks like it was burglarized. see the debris and the feathers, yes offenders because the turkey broke inside into the basement, eat and see this line from the inside of the house to the outside. schnapp taking a look, you saw president barak obama his birth certificate, now you can wear it. theobmama- obama campaign are selling insurance is made in the u.s.a., and on the back is his picture and the birth certificate that was from hawaii. they're being sold for about $25 each. >> we have a change to tell you about, dr. phil is moving to 4:00 p.m. that begins on monday may 30th. we will be right back. [music]
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>> at 6:00, good news for the giants fan that was the into a coma. we have team coverage on how he's doing and how his family is coping. >> i have this inside feeling that their voice and touch will help brian. >> new details about arnold schwarzenegger a secret love child and with the mother may be. >> we know that she has protected arnold in this from the beginning. >> the details about the child. >> he really looked like arnold schwarzenegger. >> why there is a new push to put ronald mcdonald out of a job. >> live this is kron4 news at 6:00. >> new details tonight about brian stowe the giants fan that was badly beaten. this is video of him being transported from a southern california hospital this past monday, he suffered a fractured skull and damage to the front section of his
6:01 pm
brain in the attack. he has been in a medically induced coma since a march. today at a news conference the doctors revealed how they have successfully taken him off of one of the seizure medications to better assess the condition. --acess his condition. >> doctors say after a very successful transport here to san francisco general, they say will be a day by day way to treat brian. >> the chief serologist explained that he has a long road ahead. >> this is a long slow road to recovery, this will not happen next week, this will not happen next month, the medication that he is on right now are very high levels it is difficult for us to acess is low-- neurological gains at this point. he is stable, we are
6:02 pm
treating him as if he will make a recovery we are being very aggressive, but time will tell. >> he is shown right here in the picture with his two children he is 42 years old, the doctor said that his agent will play a factor in the recovery may be because studies show that younger patients have a better likelihood of recovering from a traumatic day--brain injury. theresa, kron4 news. >> as brian recovers in the hospital his ex-wife is preparing the children to see their father, a father that the men are recognized. a reporter spent the day talking with ex-wife saying that the children were eager to see their father. >> brian was a giants and, a paramedic, a survivor and above all a father his children have been left to wonder what will happen to that. >> their biggest fear is that that will not remember them. jack kheel kane is
6:03 pm
bright and ex-wife. the kids have not seen their father since he was beaten outside of the giant state-owned-- stadium more than six weeks ago. >> it is really important that they see him, i have the inside feeling that the voices and to touch will help brian recall some sort of memory. >> those of the hospital plan on showing bryans kids an empty room so they can get an idea of the amount of equipment used. in the 12 year-old son in a year-old barber will be taken to see their father. it is unclear if brian will have something covered part of his head. >> my kids know that that has had a brain surgery. they know that his goal was fractured that they removed part of it. either or i am ok with it. >> jackie said she has tried to keep life as ordinary as possible for the two kids. she is and her best to answer all of their questions there is one that even she does not know the answer to. >> why are dead. out of all
6:04 pm
the fans there why him? i just tell them i wish i had an answer. >> our kids will be out here at the ballpark a big playoff game. the plan is to get them to san francisco general hospital to see their father in the next few days. j. r. stone kron4 news. >> new details, arnold schwarzenegger secret out of wedlock ciao this is a picture of the woman patty baena. we are learning new details about the child. kron4 grant has details about the child, grant. >> we have pictures just like this one showing arnold schwarzenegger and his mistress on the toddler and the picture is likely arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver is younger son was born the same week
6:05 pm
that the 13 year-old whose true father was revealed this week. >> no more privacy for the governor's baby mother, patti baena's pictures all of the web site. to emc plans to be the first. her 13 year-old son's picture is there to his face was obscured. >> the boy is very athletic he does charity work everyone thinks he is a great kid, you really look like our most fortunate. >> tmz revealed pictures of the mother house she lived before and during the pregnancy. >> the boy was born one apart from maria shriver ran on 0-arnold schwarzenegger son christopher. arnold is not listed on the birth certificate of the board. her husband at the time is listed but we know that she has protected arnold schwarzenegger in this from the beginning. >> the couple's separation papers were filed three weeks after the boy was born here is how the story
6:06 pm
unfolded. in 1991, the mother to be began to work for arnold schwarzenegger and his wife at their mansion in brentwood. for 60 years later, she gives birth to arnold schwarzenegger tau. she separated from her cousin the same year the two of them are not before it until 2008. in the petition for divorce, patti declared that they have no children in january of this year, she leaves her job although other sources say that she simply retired, radar online claim that she was fired and that made her so mad that she threatened to go public that prompted arnold schwarzenegger to tell his wife, his wife moved out of the house and the scandal became public. finally let us go to chicago where fans lined up for the taping of oprah winfrey's second to last show. inside maria shriver was making her first public appearance since the news broke of her husband's infidelity. she told the talk show hosts that you have shown love and support
6:07 pm
and wisdom and most of all, there was a big because and then she said the truth. >> arnold schwarzenegger reported purchase his wife's home where she lives in bakersfield californian the news crews were camped out up and down her block today neither she nor her son made an appearance. pam. >> pictures per--shown on my page shouldered governor and her child. then of the web pages right here, a little more open not as private as the facebook page, so let us check out and see what has been posted. as you can see there are two albums the public can access. the first left says my sex itself and the other one on the right- hand side says my fauteuils. those albums were posted in october of 2008. she checked out some of the photographs of the boy that we believe is arnold schwarzenegger a child. here's a picture of
6:08 pm
the boy by himself and since he was a minor, we blurted out his face to protect his identity but many people on line that have seen the photographs talked-about the formal--closely resembles the governor with his where the fine jaw line a big smile, here's a picture of him and his mother, says the story has broken, people are flocking to my space page to check out the photographs of many have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. we want to know what you think, visit the kron4 facebook fans paid to the commons. >> the rain is out of the forecast, more mild conditions are moving in, we will cool down slightly this weekend i will tell you why in a little bit. if you want to get the facebook forecast log on there to facebook viacom. [music]
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just a month foe first six hs -- dvr uded. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. >> around the bay, the former san francisco city
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workers that withheld city password has been ordered to pay nearly $1.5 million, terry childs was arrested in 2008 from prohibiting city officials from accessing computers-computer-networks. >> new restrictions on the yellow pages in san francisco, the board of supervisors approved the legislation which required that the low pages ask residents and visitors--if they would like a copy of it before leaving on doorsteps the program may not take effect until next year. now coming up, kron will be hearing in d.c., that means they line will be shown a p.m. on kron4, it will be followed by a special edition of kron4 news at 10:00 p.m.. we will be right back. [music]
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>> duties tells about a
6:16 pm
story that we first brought you last night. u.s. airways passengers were picked off of the charlotte flight as they were about to leave san francisco by who they call a belligerent flight attendant. we have more of the story that is resonating with viewers, dan. >> every cent i posted this story to our web site, 27,000 people have read about it. 2 passengers kicked off of a flight. they say it was interference, but the passengers say that the flight attendant was rude and out of line. now we have learned that one of the flight--people kicked off with a flight attendant herself. >> u.s. airways was when mia two-part san francisco, but due to bad weather the three actually boarded the plane and that is when the trouble began. >> the second that we got on
6:17 pm
the flight, there is this serious panicked by the flight attendant. >> they said the the flight attendant that on the intercom and said that if passengers did not intercede in if the plan was not on the air intended as they would miss the connection in charlotte. >> the way that the flight attendant glared over the intercom multiple times of the flight was overwhelming. see >> i verbally said that we boarded us one hour later i said that to the people around me and the guy beside me. the flight attendants ran over and said what did you say? >> i was appalled to see that i would look at a flight attendant as someone to be caring and hospitable. as >> i repeated it again i said the new board as one hour late and you should be held accountable. >> he expressed his point that if you were not an hour late on boarding us, you cannot have this issue. >> then she said you are gone, then she kicked me off of the flight. >> she was very aggressive.
6:18 pm
>> sandra came to hazel's the fans, the flight attendant told her to get off the plane as well. >> she kicked him off and then she kicked me off as well for making the point that she could have approached the situation very differently. >> u.s. air raids refused to answer questions about the matter the only issue the statement saying that the passengers interfered with the flight crew and with the interests of safety they had to be removed. >> the head of flyer said that this kind of thing happens regularly and she wants specific criteria so that passengers know what they can and cannot do. but as for the young lady she took a flight in arrived at 6:00 a.m. this morning but she said that a u.s. airways customer service representative that she ended up finding apologize to her after hearing her story is but she said that she and he planned on writing and seeking a more formal reaction from the
6:19 pm
airline. >> as we mentioned, this is a hot topic on kim has a closer look at that. >> this is really a hot topic with our viewers. take a look at a couple of the comments that people have left on my, joe writes that flight attendant deserve to lose her job, she is obviously incapable of dealing with passengers a different personality types and use this situation to flex our power shame on u.s. airways. another rise that i have had several experiences with these flight attendants that the they are a guide, they think they have all the power that a a u.s. airways should definitely apologize. the final responses of it looks like i will not be flying u.s. airways anytime soon, if i reacted like the flight attendant on my job, then i would be fired. you want to know what you think, visit kron--kron4 chou, and
6:20 pm
leave your comment. >> a five year is review on the catholic church has been released. >> a lot of people have been waiting and waiting for this i am not sure that this is the definitive answer that people have been hoping for, the capital bishop's paid for half of the cost roughly 1.8 million, you can boil down the 300 pages to this, the study concludes that the sex abuse crisis was caused by poorly prepared priest in the midst of the socially sexual revolution of the woodstock area in the '60s and '70s, critics said was that begs the question why with them in the train to know that it is not ok to molest, or rape children. look, preparation is that? the study looks at cases from 1950 up to 2010. that is the bishop from spokane, he made the announcement. onlthe study says
6:21 pm
that homosexuality or celibacy did not cause the problem but a lot people are angry and confused by what they called the plan would stop argument. and of the tell that some people find odd reports that most of the abusers are not pedophiles. but they're basing that on the definition of children age 10 and under. a lot of psyche iraq-psychiatric- authorities make that cut off at 13. that would mean that a vast majority of the cases would be defined as the crime of a pedophile. here are the numbers, since 1950, nearly 6000 half the courts have been--publicly accused of sex abuse, there been more than 50,700 abuse claims that we know about and get--and it has cost the church more than $300 billion--more than $3 billion. they say that this takes them away from the
6:22 pm
other crimes. they're talking about the bishops in the bureaucracy that have covered up and in able to be used for many years. >> it does not sound like that happy about this but what does the church expect to happen. >> i think they want to make it better and they're hoping that this will make a better but that may be too little too late for a lot of people. >> ok. [music] >> a live look at outside, the roof camera, overlooking downtown san francisco, see the clear skies. see the cloud over the hills, that is pretty much broken down at this time. radar pictures are showing clear conditions, the rain is pushing down to the east. warm and dry area will build over the bay area in the next couple of days, it means warmer temperatures. it was already one out there today, in the '60s this afternoon and upper 50s coast-to-coast live, 69 and
6:23 pm
fairfield, 68 in concord. it will get warmer as we head into tomorrow, here is a look at tomorrow night with a glance. the cloud was starts to dissipate it will see mostly clear skies and tomorrow morning, " temperatures as well. should the temperatures will warm back into the '70s and a number of spots. 7:00 in the morning there are low fifties expected, into the 40's a couple of hours earlier. later in the afternoon the temperatures will warm up quickly 68 in san jose, a number of places in the '70s by tomorrow afternoon, san jose, napa, take a look neighborhood by neighborhood. 75 santa rosa, 73 and napa, 59 along the coast, 70 down--the peninsula, here is a look, there's mouth conditions over the next couple of days. we will see the ofog
6:24 pm
both along the coast. there will be a little more clout coverage. >> we have a programming change to tell you about. dr. phil is moving on monday may 30th as we will be right back. [music] [ jerry ] look at this!
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>> gabrielle different under when surgery to close book hole harsco, she was shot in the head over to a month ago, the doctors had removed a portion of first " to remove pressure on the brain, the doctor said that she will receive an implant to protect her brain in her skull. the doctor said that they will give an update on her condition tomorrow. closing glasses issues that belong to the unabomber are now up for auction. people can also purchase his manifesto, his driver's license and his diploma, the proceeds will go to the victims. he was behind a string of male bonding--mai
6:28 pm
l bombings. it killed three people and hurt more than 20 others. he is serving a sentence in jail. the online auction goes to day until may 2nd. that must be june 2nd. >> of mcdonnell's is under pressure to fire ronald mcdonald. they have a letter that is going to run in several newspapers they are asking it them not to advertise to children, that requires firing ron macdonald. they say that he is not retired and he is at the heart and soul of the ronald mcdonald house charities. we will be right back. [music]
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
the >> now at 630, tonight's big
6:31 pm
stories. >> pictures of arnold schwarzenegger and his mistress are flooding the internet. will thises and photo of arnold schwarzenegger and his mistress patty beaeena-- people believe that this is maria shriver's son, birth records show that he was born the same week as patty's son. oprah-on oprah she said you have shown love, support and most of all the truth. >> here in san francisco, the doctors and other special news conference updating the condition of brian stowe he is the giants' fan that was critically beaten, since this transport year, they have reduced the number of medicines that he is on, they are the crossing his
6:32 pm
medications a day-by-day basis, they said they are optimistic. in san francisco to reset kron4 news. >> brian stoll ex-wife is preparing the children to see their father for the first time more than--when he was attacked more than four weeks ago that reunion when i happen to my but it will happen in the next few days. j. r. stone @ kron4 news. >> here in san francisco to passengers trying to board a u.s. airways flight said that the flight attendant overstepped her authority when it kicked off of the plant. the passengers said they were just questioning the rude manner which she was russian people aboard a plane that was already delayed. u.s. airways says that the passengers interfered with the flight crew and they had to be removed for safety reasons, the passengers said they disagree and they're demanding answers from u.s. airways. dan, kron4 news. >> in belmont, woman was able to free their five
6:33 pm
year-old daughter from the back seat of a car after it had been hijacked, the incident happened here on camino royale. the woman and the little girl were unharmed, there were found on the side of the car. the suspect has been booked in the jail, but here in kron4 news. >> to suspects recently taken into custody for trying to recycle and 1100's pound brass parts. >> 48 year-old michael paradise remains in the possession of a police after they saw the size of the peace, looked up and saw that it was recently stolen from lakeside park, in oakland cram was kron4 news. >> we have staged four of the angen. american
6:34 pm
cyclists cross the finish line, the winning time was three hours and 27 minutes and 51 seconds, he is not the overall leader, the next stage to mar from seaside to pasa robles fladeboe with kron4 news. >> now commuters have been dealing with trains on overflowing for a long time, the writer so bad that the transit agency has to pass up some signs. they believe that the muni will have a way to relieve the pressure, the buses will stop a few times in to town and then will stretch from the montgomery station to 19th avenue in san francisco chef with kron4 news. >> here in san francisco, we're beginning to believe what killed dozens of leopard sharks along the canal across the bay was heavy rainfall from the past
6:35 pm
winter. they said that fresh water rain may have diluted the salt water of the bay, leper charge are particularly sensitive to the changes in salinity and that may have caused them to act directly and eventually die. scientists are hoping that the test will confirm or deny the theory with and then-within the next couple of weeks. in redwood city kron4 news. >> the big weather story tonight, dry conditions take a look outside from the amount tancam we have clear skies and temperatures are warm this afternoon--to see the warming trend. we have 57 and half moon bay, 59 in san francisco. warming up in san francisco into the low--low 60s, and the low 70's over the next couple of days, santa rosa will be in the upper 70's, will be cooling down, take it with
6:36 pm
the extended forecast, mouth conditions, the fog will return to the forecast by saturday morning. it looks like to have colder temperatures, a little more clout coverage, and that will keep us as we get into next week. >> today we announced the winners of the photo contest right here on the kron4 facebook page. five people 1 $50 gift cards to rei. first off, we have a leash, see her photograph the group on the race, they had relief fund outfits, they had a sign that said 100. and then i love this one, you can see a man with a cheese head tax, and then people dressed up as mice. there gazing at the head. and then jenny, she won with 18 likes they
6:37 pm
were having a great time at the race. over 100 photographs were submitted. congratulations to the winners. if you like to take a look at all of the photographs that were submitted take a look at kron4 photographs. more after this. [music] hey marcel, watch this!
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>> you can get a good perspective of the black smoke coming from the plane. see the flames, see all the black smoke, three people were on board when the plane went down fortunately all three suffered minor injuries from the plane crash a spokesman from the air station where it took off said the plane is mainly used for refueling operations, we will keep you posted and bring you the very latest we get them, i
6:41 pm
am grant, at kron4 news. >> in world news, the head of the monetary fund could be released from jail on bail after a hearing scheduled for tomorrow if the deal from the defense is accepted, the head of the imf, he is one of the most powerful men in global economics, samantha has more information on the case in new information from the accuser. >> the woman accusing one of the world's most powerful moneyman of sexual assault was prepared to testify before a manhattan grand jury yesterday-grand jury yesterday. dominique strauss-kahn has drawn much attention to this case. ray kelley stands by the detectives were. >> based on the experience, this is all the detectives
6:42 pm
do, they investigate these types of crimes. >> prosecutors said that he forcibly grab the victim a hotel employee between the legs and forced her to perform oral sex on him. the defense attorneys claim a different picture they will say that the encounter was consensual. that is hard to sell according to some experts. >> reportedly she thought the room was empty he came in-she-came in and then he came out. >> he may have his own theory in an april interview with the french newspaper, he discussed a setup, he said that he imagine a woman that will be raped in a parking lot and then the promise 500,000 or 1 million your rose to inventing a story. the attorneys for the accuser said that his client is not involved in the conspiracy. >> there is no other intent but to tell the truth and be able to live her life the way that she did before the event took place. >> and washington i am
6:43 pm
semantic a's with kron4 news. that money was trying to drop way knows it is difficult we're here with patrick porter, what makes this hypnosis' different. >> i think it is getting the ingrained new habit in place, when they come to the clinic will find it we are
6:44 pm
there to support them and change their minds. >> what is the process? >> we train them to relax, most people know how to let --lacks the they do not know what to think when they relax. we teach them how to do that. >> they say that every today's it really takes that long to break the bad habit how long will it take to make the changes? that's my thinking will immediately see the changes, but this is for permanent weight loss not quicken fast. the >> so you are trying to combat the yoyo syndrome. what else doesn't affect? >> stop smoking, eating, we can do--a with anything with stress. >> so you are able to help turn of the crown? >> yes. >> let us hear from the client. >> from the time i came home i would eat. now i do not young anymore, i lost weight because it was so
6:45 pm
easy change the way that i look at food and my attitude. and >> it is nice to hear that someone can actually take control of their lives. that is why hypnosis' makes this permanent. we change their outlook. >> so this is about having a positive outlook. >> yes, it is about changing lives. >> thank you very much a doctor, for more information you can give them a call, or find them on the web site at positive changes .com
6:46 pm
the >> of the sharks upstroke first. this is a game too. the sharks have just or, 2 to 2 game no. 2 in vancouver highlights later this evening. will be the new coach? and brian shaw has been interviewed by the laker, excuse me, by the wire hierarchy. it took place yesterday in los angeles. the owner was not there, he was in new york city for that lottery draft with brian shaw, you cannot say enough. does he have any-the-does not have any marks on him, he never fails. he's always been taught not with the lakers. we will wait and see. kareem abdul-jabbar, as great an intelligent as he is, he has
6:47 pm
never gone an a-plus in public relations. he says they feel slighted by not having a statue outside of the staples center. abdul- jabbar said that he was offended and said that being the linchpin for five world championships is not significant enough, and the comeback is that he never won until magic showed up and 80. a great player but when you say i won a statute, that is a tough way to go about getting one. magic johnson, and jerry west are the only players with statues outside of the staple center. now down the road toward difference--de france. what did i say, i mean this is the core of california. now there were dominated by a 39 year-old chris, and he'd be out teammate a santa rosa resident and three-time
6:48 pm
california chicken, warner began an 21st place in took of the lead by 75 seconds. his friend right behind him, and he is in the richard the tour of california this will go on for a while. the california soccer team won 50 straight at home the women's team, then went into the match today against japan. amy rodriguez gives the united states a 1 nothing lead, then here comes heather o'reilly finding space. she's using her left foot, the usa women's 2 to nothing. they won 51 games this goes back nearly seven years. >> tiger woods career may be in a down slope, but look at this. according to forbes is still the number-one celebrity break in the world. he is measured as one of the most powerful people in the entertainment business no. 1 overall the great lady gaga she is still
6:49 pm
in the dawn of the spotlight, followed by oprah and justin beiber. the proposed lockout has people scared. no question, the insurance firm says today that a number of nfl players are starting to take out loans including one unnamed player that borrowed $500,000 at 23% interest and the raiders, i do not know if you heard this this was interesting instead of doing a furlough for the lockout and this includes the assistant coaches, i did not think the head coaches, the assistant coach, secretary and front office people they want them to go out and sell season tickets for 10 percent, if you want to keep 10 percent of your salary otherwise she would lose 10 percent unless you go out and sell the season tickets. >> really? >> will there will be a lockout so there's no fault of their is no activity. the
6:50 pm
raiders, i do not knock them, they say either you do not be paid you will lose 10 percent of your salary or maybe have furlough, or you can go out to sell some season tickets and make up what will be lost. so someone knocks on your door is not the girl scouts, is the raiders they are looking to sell you football tickets. if someone comes to you and said you'd rather lose money or we would give you a chance i do not know, for which you do that if kron4 came to us and said will cut your salary or you can go and sell some ads question mark. >> would you do that? already did it, i went to some sales thing.. >> news people are not supposed to do that. >> well i already did. see you are a journalist i admire you for that. >> i don't know about that. memo when we return, we will introduce you to former
6:51 pm
u.s.--is a basketball player turned coach. booker t. harris. you are undefeated so far. >> i am, happy to be undefeated. we will talk to the new coach next. >>
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> this is in local athlete that made good, booker t. harris played high school basketball in the city of san francisco. he then went to, you sf to play and after running around a little bit and metro stake in denver past year, he got a job to date with announce that he will be at dominican college, that is a nice place to live, i do not care how many games you win, that is a nice place to live. >> that is definitely a beautiful place to live. >> i should not say that it is--it does not matter. >> that is right but it is
6:55 pm
mom and dad right down the road. >> they are, >> their right down the road. >> how did you did the job? >> just by grinding of the last few years, different stops. sucked >> that is a grind, but i believe you were probably the recruiter, they liked to go into the home and meet the kids. >> yes in pasadena have personality the kids got along with me. >> is that one thing that the kids like, and dominican, you have to try to shake hands and hope you did the right one. >> you want to look for a student that is a great fit, but you want to get good students but you will not the ones that are going to colorado. >> i don't know if you heard when he said, but he said i would love to hear those old stories we were going to vegas. you probably were not able to get into dominican. but they often the student athletes. >> definitely. the academic
6:56 pm
part is a big part of that. we're trying to get the whole student athlete. >> and the last time that you sf went to the playoffs, you were playing. >> i was. wow you all have a time machine to find that one. i remember being on television with you after that tournament. >> that is right. now which of my old stories have you enjoyed through the years. [laughter] >> definitely the one with a black-and-white footage. >> seat pam, you could've left out the black-and-white footage. >> that is very vintage. >> all kidding aside, but anytime you have something to sell, come back, i wish nothing but the best. >> thanks. i greatly appreciate that. >> booker t. harris, dominican college, then have someone that knows basketball out there, the sharks are now 2 2. you did
6:57 pm
not play any hockey coming up? but >> no i did not. >> i took a guess that when. see you at 11.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the alleged mother of arnold's love child surfaces. >> as maria hits the oprah stage, i got back from chicago and saw it all. i'm kevin frazier. >> kevin had a front-row seat to all of the action. i'm brooke anderson from times square. >> "the insider" is on. >> they expected her to look like a beauty and she doesn't. >> she's the family maid. >> the reported misery woman, revealed today. >> maria with oprah, her first words on the love child scandal. >> i was there in chicago as "the insider" investigates arnold and maria in crisis. did maria spend private time with the maid's child before finding out? "the new york times" reports. >> the house keeper on the son's resemblance. >>


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