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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> we are free of hot spots around the bay. evangeline good ride on the bridges. no backups orderlies for any of your crossings. >> thank you, george, a developing story of the east, along police are investigating in officer involved shooting. it is deadly. the three dozen block of current revenue. officers were searchinserving a search w will tran is on scene now.
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>> there were two officers involved in gunfire. we are not sure if the suspects fired first, but the officers if i spoke to said that obviously they felt threatened. the coroner's office on just arrived. one suspect died, the person is in hospital with injuries right now. a third person fled the scene but was eventually arrested here on current ave. the investigators are still here, it has been about seven hours since the shooting occurred. there is still seeking measurement. the investigators are here try to find out more into this case. they did recover some weapons. we are not sure why they were called in the first place, i can tell you that one person has died. the coroner's office is waiting for the all clear to go into the scene. back to you. if >> we will check that you as you get more information, darya.
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>> the family of the giant gannett was been on dr. stadium opening day is seeking help for the first time since bryan stowe was moved back to the bay area. take a look at the video of the ambulance as it leaves kelly kemi medical center on monday and then the private claim and that another ambulance arrived that had been transferred over to san francisco general. he suffered a severely fractured skull, damage to the from the will of his brain. yesterday doctors to give all one of five seats in the case. it's all there is a sister sadie are seeing signs of >> improvement> we are wondering if he can hear us, he is fighting his way back, if he feels trapped. i have all that winter my head. it is hard as he is trapped in there and fighting to get his way back. >> he moves his lips but is not
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trying to make words, he just moved his lips. it is hard to see, but it is something. doctors say it is encouraging for him to have that much >> movement> bryan stowe remains in critical but stable condition. now the key is that in the bay area, his young children will be able to visit him. >> the weather forecasts, finally we have some nice weather. >> which he will finally to beautiful these guys in bright sunshine. it is going to be a nice day today. a live look at walnut creek. temperatures are a little chilly. a lot of people looking out to upper '40's instead of make up for then i saw it. here is a look at where we are outside right now. there is the mount tam camp, led that in most. talk about headlines, we are weedy of this morning in
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temperatures, especially in north bay, mid-40s. all in all it is 28 to restart as it is: to be in a couple of other spots. here is a look at the falcon temperatures. not too much to worry about. here are the temperatures. 43 degrees in redwood city. 43ity. upper seves in a number of spots, of a clock tower. concord, vallejo, 78-79 degrees. 75 in san francisco. oakland, 69, cell 8 mid-upper seventies. 75 in san jose. 78 degrees in the delta. antioch, brentwood, it is war for you. here is your 74 pence. we're looking for a truce to stay nice. a beautiful day to be
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elvis alive. here is george with traffic. >> is hot spots free. we had an expanded bridge is a checked as we start with the bay bridge, your westbound lane. no metering lights yet. the are no delays for the westbound drive. it looks good to the macarthur mes. there is a san mateo ride. lighter than usual. there is traffic heading towards its foster city. your ride to the golden gate bridge, one one- celled bell common a problem or delays. an easy trip across the span. here is a look at the dumbarton bridge in your ride to the toll plaza. westbound there is no backup on the approach or delay coming over through. darya. [foreign language]
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>> there is a bit of a new message from osama osama bin laden, reported days before he was killed. it freezes the uprisings in the middle east and encourages muslims to fight corrupt rulers and the west. sometime between april 4th and osama bin laden death. in the meantime, the united states and pakistan are trying to repair ties. there are too high level officials of the obama administration in a pakistan the envoy, director of the cia, there would to meet top civilian and military leaders today in islamabad. pakistan officials will meet only with an intimacy. >> coming up, 4 morning news, commander, from states about the condition of his wife, congressman congresswoman gabrielle giffords. it was taken here traffic controllers, here are some recordings of a skier in mid air. here is a live look
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from san francisco, a beautiful looking morning around the debate.
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>> and we are back, 6:11 a.m.. the sun is out and leaving things up gradually. if history to let out there. 65 by this afternoon in san francisco. a full look at your forecast coming up and a few minutes. darya. >> thanks a lot jaynes, good news this morning for an arizona congressman get the difference. the rep is recovering well after undergoing surgery to repair a hole in her skull. she was shot in january. the procedure they didn't take place a hard plastic implants to replacprotect her brain. >> her husband spoke commenting
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on his wife's condition from the space shuttle earlier this morning. >> i have the chance at the end of the day to call her mother and her chief of staff and my brother periodically as the surgery was going on. she is doing really well. everything went as planned. her neurosurgeons are happy. she is recuperating and getting back to their peak today. it went really well. >> before the surgery, a difference was in surgery watching endeavor blasted off on his final mission. we will have more on that mission a little bit later. we will be right back as the kron 4 news continues.
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>> full combat, the latest on the flooding in mississippi continuing, concerns a growing about the flooding as you see the waters are rising. water was diverted from mississippi and is now headed towards this town of
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about 12,000. morgan city has a 20 ft. flood wall that is expected to protect the town but workers don't want to take any chances. they are putting up sandbags. here is the army corps of engineers in desperate to save that ruched. they have opened up in organza spillway, that is sending some of the flood water over towards morgan city. the mississippi governor's lake house has not been scared from the flooding. here is the governor's only cows on the house a river. many of the tributaries are backed up that are feeding into the mississippi. the governor tried to fight the flooding with sandbags but there is water up to the second floor in his home. other homes are also under water. the floodwaters are affecting the casino business in tunica, mississippi. many of the casinos have been closed for two weeks costing millions. the gold strike is the first casino back open. the inside of the casino was scared after a 1 mi. long
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perimeter around the resort. the barges that many casinos sit on respected and given the ok to be open. >> 6:16 a.m.. we're just wondering when it will be safe to rotate and take our shorts out of the closet. >> after today, you probably could. this is the view from the roof camera looking back at san francisco. the sun is coming up. in gorgeous way to wake up and head out the door. partly cloudy with to builders in the low 50s and upper '40's. warm this afternoon in getting our target is to the upper 70's, almost 80 degrees. this evening local back down into the '40's. this afternoon will be fantastic. 50 degrees in san francisco, chilly of north, 43 for santa rosa, now also in the low '40's. 48 in san jose. otherwise the heart of the bay is right around 50 degrees. 50 in san francisco, 51 in oakland. let's talk about this afternoon. that is the main
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point of the weather for today. it is warm. 77 degrees in the bottle and now appear in 79 in fairfield, 75 in santa rosa. mid '50s --mid-60s and san francisco. the immediate they will be right around the 70 degree mark. 71 degrees in redwood city, 72 in hayward, 72 in fremont as well. warmer at the south bay. 70's in san jose and upper seventies for the delta. here is your seventh day forecast. the warm weather continues into tomorrow. not as warm as a really nice. this weekend is not bad either. if you more clouds, the wind will pick up just a bit. all in all a fantastic looking seven days ahead. at 6:00 a.m. 18, --at 6:18 a.m., let's say hello to george. >> traffic right now is still pretty to light in the westbound direction with no delays coming
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through the macarther maze. no problems of the lower east shore freeway. there are no hot spots for his driver on the bay area. let's continue our bridge attack with a look at the san mateo. lighter than usual traffic on the west outside which is the right side of your screen. the golden gate bridge ride is smooth. across the bridge and to san francisco, there are no delays approaching the toll plaza. in walnut creek, interstate 680, no backup or delay in the southbound direction for interest in downed. heading south out rather into the heart of the san ramon valley... >> they do, george, 6:19 a.m., a near collision of the aircraft is at any time. the one under investigation at o'hare airport happened minutes after vice- president joe biden landed. our reporter has more on the investigation.
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>> monday, 9:20 a.m., and arrivals and departures are slowed or stopped as air force 2 carrying vice-president joe biden and his wife landed in chicago. however over the airfield, and e helicopter. the security topper cause controllers a bit of confusion. >> eight minutes later, controllers are trying to bring communications back to normal, a regional jet carrying 29 passengers was on final approach after flying in from michigan. unbeknownst to the pilot of the arriving flight, another regional jet full with 50 people was cleared for
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takeoff on a runway that almost intersect. the two planes came within 300 ft. vertically and 400 ft. horizontal of hitting. the washington post reports that one controller said many expletives. at this point, though eyes president's plane was already off of the active airfield. they were heading downtown for on emanuel's and admiration and aware of the near collision that happened minutes after their arrival. >> we are told the vice president was never in any danger but the to passenger planes involved came close to a dangerous situation. the ntsb is investigating. >> we are right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a beautiful looking morning especially around the bay.
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>> 6 6:24 a.m., here is a live look at the 70 forecast. things change. 79 degrees for the inland areas. warmest temperatures, the best day we've seen in a couple weeks as far as he. we slide down a little before tomorrow and by the weekend we lose that nice and warm weather in the struggle to reach 70. the breeze kicks in, we have some clouds coming in as well. then, we have to start this climb all over again for the next work week. governor jerry brown says it is time to pay down california debt which he calls a deep drag on the state. when you look at the debt, a temporary loans and delayed payments, he estimates the debt from past budgetary borrowing at $34.7 billion. california has also repay 81 billion in bonds sold for public
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works projects. not even included is an estimated $181.00 billion worth of unfunded pension obligations and retiree health-care costs owed for decades in into the future. santa clara is trying to close 821 $20.00 million deficit. as many as 100 county workers could be laid off by this latest round of cuts. another five positions eliminated through retirement and attrition. the deepest cuts are expected to be in the social services, health care and department of corrections. >> senate republicans in washington may be handing president obama his first defeat on a denomination as they appear to have enough votes to sustain a filibuster. democrats have decided to force a vote today to end the gop blocking tactics. it does not appear the democrats have enough votes to stop the filibuster. lu was nominated for
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the san francisco-based court of appeals. "
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>> plainclothes officers must archemorus so that they will have their own record, a video record of what police are doing. the cameras would cost about one of the $25.00 a piece. >> birth records are showing that patty ginsburg to the child up earlier than people thought. more than a decade ago. but both children are 13 years old.
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radar on new-line claims that she was fired which made her mad and she threatens to go public. that prompted its words never to tell shriver. >> camera crews have been swirling around this bakersfield home where since baina lives.
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♪ and tempered by 125 years hoffman >> , and welcome back, all eyes on the bay area weather. highs near 80, 70 around the bay and '60s at the coast. today is probably the warmest day of the
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next seven. a few more clouds, a little breezy this weekend but it looks dry starting today. >> new details this morning, to mothers of ucla hikers held on espionage charges are starting a hundred stripe. help mothers believe that their sons are fasting so the mothers are going to fast in solidarity. they will pass as long as they can. the third hiker and hours of fiancee, sarah who was released by the iranians on bail said that she will join her strike on saturday. >> president obama is going to be weighing in on the revolts in the middle east. a speech in the state department, the president is expected to defend sanctions against syria's leader. mr. ober, will offer new financial help for nations that support democracy. in the meantime, hundreds of omar gaddafi
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supporters are showing support in tripoli. demonstrators are spring gunfire in the air, they have been waiting green at libyan flags celebrating claims that the rebel insurgency is nearing an end. the rebels are still controlling the eastern half of the country. >> 6:42 a.m. is the time, we are back with more and a couple of minutes. let's take a look at the debris extension project. we will have a live report and update and a couple of minutes. currently of this and is the nineteenth and i was under you'll so i had to close shot of the first and and maybe that's why what i've been back
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>> >>
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>> tfuftuift
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>> is that the cable subtle? -- saddle? >> this gives you an idea of the size of the cable. >> those to loops that you see on top, those are just to carry. the cable itself is about 4 ft. in diameter. it is multiple strands, tens of thousands of strands. it will route all land [crying] --it will grab all around.
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>> that just hold it. >> yes, to carry it into >> it is big. look at the size of that. mark. >> new details this morning, a man from berkeley died while hiking in yosemite. 34 year-old jason dunbar died from a heart attack not from falling. earlier reports said that he suffered a head injury after tripping and falling while running down the use in the fall trail. family members told him that he collapsed and could not be revived. dunbar was a sous- chef's in san francisco. at age 34 he was very active and have been climbing yosemite since high school. dunbar is death was the second in the park on friday. a university of texas professor drowned after slipping
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and falling into the river. >> transportation secretary is going to be in san bruno to tour the explosion site where the gas line exploded. he will be there with represented jackie sphere. they will take a look at the site where the pipeline is quick to be replaced. the tour will include a lot of officials with the california public utilities representatives, transportation officials as well. >> supporters of a circumcision and in san francisco have gathered signatures to put the measure on the november ballot. proponents submitted more than 12,000 signatures, election officials verified over 7000 of them, right over the minimum to get it on the ballot. if the circumcision and it is approved, physicians that performed the procedure on a minor under the age of 18 will be fined up to $1,000.00 or spend a year in jail. opponents say when it infringes on
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religious freedoms and constitutional rights. voters will decide on election day, november 8th. >> 6:52 a.m., we will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>> 6:55 a.m., in hollywood news, michelle williams is a good which, at least producers are hoping she has been offered the part of the gland of the good witch in the upcoming remake of the wizard of oz. it is titled o comez of the great and powerful. she will join james franco, he plays a salesman who finds himself over the rainbow and becomes a was a vase. the film starts filming this summer. >> just in the dirt is taking some time off from his asian tour to meet with special fans. nine children, survivors of the earthquake and tsunami. the children are from some of the hardest-hit towns. >> there are only good times to
6:57 am
come. >> the pop star wanted to perform a concert in the tsunami hit areas. that proved impossible, the embassy set up this meeting. there are two concert scheduled in japan this week. >> 60 6:00 a.m. is the time. will be back in a couple moments. we're going to take a live look outside. this is treasure island, sunshine and just a few clouds. more to come. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>> investigators are on the scene of a fatal shooting involving officers and oakland. scene of a fatal shooting involving officers and oakland. coming up, i have the details.


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