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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 20, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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the heart-felt reunion which is being filmed to air later this month. >> deborah: such a . this is kron 4 news at 11:00. tonight a federal eye on pipeline safety, we show you how government officials took a look at the san bruno gas line explosion and work being done by pg&e to ensure it doesn't happen again. first a college student accused of killing a two-year-old girl and seriously injuring the mother. investigators say she was texting while driving. tonight we talk to the father of the victim about the case. >> kron 4's reggie kumar has the details in tonight's top story. >> just thinking of her, her glow about life was just so
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untainted. >> he is talking about his little girl, born on christmas day in 2007. >> so perfect. at 2 years old she could speak fluent chinese and english. she can't saying i want to go to school. so my wife said okay. if you learn your abcs you will go to school. >> reporter: this is where callie murray and her mother were hit while walking. they were going home, heading east after visiting the park. >> reporter: the crash happened on december 1. his wife and daughter water involved in a car accident. >> the doctors told me my daughter didn't make it and my wife was in serious condition. they are very cautious. >> reporter: the driver 18-year- old kaitlyn dunaway was returning to sonoma state
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university. this is a picture of her on the volleyball team. kaitlyn dunaway was not paying attention to the road and was texting while driving. his wife nearly lost her life as well. >> her left tibula was shattered so they had to do a bone graph there. her hip was shattered. he would wake updry crying. >> reporter: kaitlyn dunaway made her first court appearance on friday. her attorney asked for more time and the judge continued till next month. she has been charged with manslaughter. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. 7 months after this deadly pipeline blast in san bruno, officials are getting a closer look at the devastation first hand. transportation secretary ray lahood and other officials all took a look at work being done
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to make sure another explosion like this one doesn't happen again. kron 4's dan kerman has the details. >> i don't recall another time in my time when i felt as sad as i do today for what's happened to the families, the great loss of their loved ones, the injuries. >> reporter: transportation secretary ray lahood toured the site of the san bruno pipeline explosion and met with the victims on thursday. he later committed the full force of the obama administration to emprove pipeline safety throughout the country. >> we will redouble our efforts, beginning this august, we will require all operators of gas distribution pipe into. >> reporter: his next stop was san francisco where pacific gas
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officials gave him a tour of an area where crews are replacing aging gas pipelines. >> the pipe is what you will be putting in? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: ray lahood says in addition to new regulation he is counting on congress to pass its own legislation. >> we can do better in america. we will do better in america. working with congress we will implement very strong enforcement and hopefully work with congress on passing legislation so that every american when they go to sleep at night, get up in the morning has the ability to know that their front yard, backyard, their property, neighborhood is safe from a pipeline explosion. >> reporter: he was asked if he might wait till they issue its findings on the explosion before a reghalation, he said
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absolutely not. they are coming in august. >> reporter: dan kerman, kron 4 news. violence in one neighborhood, this is video from the scene where police say they received a tip that members of a gang were going to commit a violent crime. police say when officers attempted to stop the vehicle, three men amerged, two with guns. they shot and killed two of the suspects. the crime scene continued this morning where you can see the vehicle being towed as well as bullet holes in a presence. one woman said she tried to protect her child when shots starting. >> i thought they were shooting at my house. i grabbed him and ran. >> she is describing a frightening scene a police officer involved shooting that
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happened outside her window here. >> they were right there, in my driveway. i saw the car. shot up and the guy was on the ground, bleeding from the side. >> reporter: where were the police? >> the police were swarming him. >> reporter: she says a second shooting victim ran on to her property. >> i saw him in the grass. looking like he was shot in the head. they were swarming my house. they were in the backyard. you can see the lights. lots and lots of activity. i came out here and looked over. >> reporter: haaziq madyun, kron 4 news. new details tonight, more bad news for the san francisco police department after another drug case was dismissed today. that makes 85 cases drop in
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connection with misconduct allegations. surveillanceler appear to contradict what officers wrote in their official reports. the public defender say the viio show professors misusing their badges. they are now considering equipping officers with video cameras. you are going want to bundle up, it's going to be breezy overnight. temperatures in the 40s. couple 50s out there. 51 oakland. hayward 51. mountain view 51. fremont 50 degrees. as we head into tomorrow afternoon, temperatures are similar to today. so getting into the mid-60s, low 70s. 44 santa rosa. 74 napa. 67 in oakland. 61 half moon bay, 75 for los
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gatos and 72 for san jose. i will have a full look coming right up at your seven-day forecast. >> new developments in the scandal involving arnold schwarzenegger. it looks like the revelation of a secret love child may lead to a back lash of sorts [ male announcer ] it was forged from the fires of imagination.
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. tonight's headlines, international monetary fund head dominique strauss-kahn, he put up a $1 million bail to be set free, spending his charges involving a hotel maid.
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we will have to remain under house arrest. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is doing well after yesterday's surgery to put on hard plastic to protect her skull. doctors say the procedures was a success. gabrielle giffords was shot in january. president obama gave a major mid-east policy speech today. he embraced the 1967 boarders in the conflict with mutually agreed swaps to establish boarders for bothination. but he already rejected that idea. he will hold talks with president obama friday in washington. the president criticized syria leaders. i will have a full look at your forecast,
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. the fall out from arnold schwarzenegger six scandal, kron 4's grant lodes has the latest. >> reporter: new pictures are surfacing in arnold schwarzenegger sex scandal. arnold schwarzenegger former mistress mildred baena was ubtessed with maria shriver. sources say she would dress her maria shriver's clothing. mildred baena would request and receive marital advice from maria shriver. and tmz reports mildred baena would crawl into bed with arnold schwarzenegger when maria shriver left the house. mildred baena said she was more of a wife to him than maria shriver because she was always there for him. there are reports that arnold schwarzenegger funded a party for mildred mildred baena's niece. these pictures are from the
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event. arnold schwarzenegger picked up the tab. and there are other women out there, if you believe here, she said they had an affair that began three years after they married. she also says arnold schwarzenegger had more than a dozen women on the side. maria shriver hired a divorce lawyer. no word on if or when she will file. experts predict a mammoth pay day for maria shriver if they divorce. grant lodes, kron 4 news. now a look at other big stories around the bay covered by our kron 4 news crews. >> reporter: the coast guard is watching this abandon steel barge. they think it may be leaking oil. they spotted a sheen in the water. they are trying to get access
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to the boat. when they determine how much oil is leaking they will clean it up. fish and game also on scene here. rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> reporter: pressure island, the span of the bay bridge is closer to completion with the installation of the world's largest cable saddle. it is designed to align the cables that top of the tower. the work was slow and steady was precision is key, which is not easy when you consider how high up it is. jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> reporter: in another story, the mountain view social based media company linkedin made a splash on wall street today. its share price more than doubled. one says linkedin is reaping the benefits.
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he calls the stock overvalued because he says it's unclear if the company will turn a profit, maureen kelly, kron 4 news. breedy but overall plent conditions around the bay area. live look outside. pretty shot for you on this thursday night. look at your 24 hour forecast. tonight we are expecting breezy conditions around the bay area. temperatures in the gifts for the bay -- 50s for the bay and inland spots. tomorrow, cloud cover but overall sunny and mild outside. into the afternoon, conditions similar to what we saw this afternoon. today, meaning plenty of sunshine throughout the bay area. looking at your overnight lows. 40s and 50s out there. 49 for san rafael. 51 oakland, mountain view. 50 in los gatos and san jose. morgan hill 48 degrees.
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and as we head into tomorrow afternoon, 3:00, temperatures will be into the upper 60s, low 70s around the bay area. 72 for novato. 66 richmond. 67 oakland. half moon bay 61 degrees. 75 for los gatos. 76 for morgan hill and 72 for san jose. we will look outside at your seven-day forecast, mild conditions for tomorrow. temperatures expected to be in the mid-70s for the inland spots. 60s for the coast. as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday, partly cloudy, breezy conditions, we keep the wet weather out out of the forecast. partly cloudy for monday into thursday. the sharks are left licking their wounds after losing two in vancouver, hear what the players are saying and the giants need a great catch
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. all right. good evening, everybody. the play of the year saved the giants tonight inside dodger stadium. where are the fans? not much of a turn out again. giants fans and dodgers fans enjoying each other. san francisco 3-0. sanchez delivers a good -- giant night. madison hasn't won a game till tonight, he goes 8. can't get the final out. brian wilson on. two walks. loads the bases and the dodgers are going to win but nate dives and makes the play. at worst for the giants they lose, best case scenario would have been a tie game but he wins his first.
12:55 am
inate sheer holts, a great play -- nate schierholtz to win the game. david and he was having fun. not a good a's afternoon. they had 22,000 to see -- nice play by minnesota, they came in here with the worst record in all of baseball on wednesday night and they won two games. this is justin driving it out. final score minnesota 11, the a's 1. the bay bridge series, heats up tomorrow night. three games. friday night, saturday and sunday at at&t park the giants and the a's. dorch dern v. dur cant. dirk nowitzki brilliant. 48 points. with no lakers you got to get off on dirk nowitzki and kevin durant. throwing it down.
12:56 am
24. dirk nowitzki had 29. man that guy gets up. 106-100 and the series is even 1-1. sharks, a better win tomorrow night. snow secret, ben eager had five penalties, 20 minutes, lost his composure last night. mcclellan and clowe trying to find something to g to say. do or die. sharks down 2-0. >> we need to be stronger. give them credit. >> you want to win so bad, we get frustrated, lose composure, like last night. just got to respond. >> all right. that is 6:00 puck drop tomorrow night in san jose. meanwhile the boston bruins lead their series 2-1 winner tonight. two games to 1, bruins lead the
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lightening. five stages down at the tour of california, who said bicycle racing can't get physical. 135-miles and there is the big crash. and down goes larson and ben. both forced out of the race. peter had enough left to win the sprint to the finish. chris the american retains the yellow jersey, get the ladys to adore him and levi a three time champion remains in third place. tiger woods, for the first time in 14 years he dropped out of golf's top 10 rankings but he made about $80 million last year and forbes said he is still the most powerful athlete in the world, lady gaga the most powerful entertainer in
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the world. >> you are not on the list
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