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tv   Kron 4 News at 10  KRON  May 20, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news aa special edition. >>pam: are you ready for the rapture, will show you products in sold to help you prepare. plus was all christians are protesting the prediction. the sharks take a bite at a vancouver. we will show you the fans and take a look of long road ahead carried first, and the rest made in the murder of a well-respected san jose man known as the churchman. kron 4 has the details in our top story at 10:00. >>reporter: santa clara police arrested this man, thursday night they believe
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he killed 62 year-old police. >> we knew he was attacked and died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. if we knew the suspect to swallow of baseball bat. >>reporter: the victim was well liked in the community, his devotion to god it earned and the nickname the churchman makers say he carried a bible on him at all times. police say he was killed on his way to work last thursday. kron 4 viewer send in a picture of the crime scene. >> this not an incident of gang violence. it looks like a random act of violence. >>reporter: of the churchman red daruma in this building. his roommate say they're happy if the rest as been made. here is how one neighbor describes the suspect. >> he didn't seem like he was capable of that. he was just a weird quiet guy. he
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would talk to themselves up and down the street. >>reporter: perce the suspect and victim did not know each other. now he is facing one count of murder and violating his probation. when santa clara, kron 4 news. >>pam: an astonishing one- third of oakland police officers had to turn in their brand new funds this week after it was discovered in new weapons were not working properly reggie explains this new problem arose as the force work to resolve another problem with its communications equipment. >>reggie: first oakland police officers couldn't communicate properly. then they discover the guns were malfunctioning and had to be recalled. if this is what the weapon looks like. i am here at the station, the problem was discovered while they were being tested. if the police chief will not sit with the issue is with the gun. >> it was discovered during
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training, and none of the officers were in danger of all. the staff decision they wanted to recall the new bonds. this way officers will not encounter any malfunctions. even with the other issues with the radio, we responded and the city has invested a lot of time to fixing the problem. at no time was the public ever at risk. >> it is a little bit of both, we have to deal with and we found it, we discovered it ourselves during training and are making corrections to fix that problem. >>reporter: the officers of guns were returned to them for the time being. did she said the new guns are under warranty and been sent back to the manufacturer to be repaired. in oakland, 4 news
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tended >>pam: undercover sting operation has uncovered, inside information led to the suspect being set up before the rest. >>haazig: stood trying to sell a little high-powered firearms to undercover officers. if that is what oakland police say 37 year- old joseph tried to do man out of sight in this apartment building. that he was moving illegal weapons in the city's fruitvale neighborhood. if they get a search warrant and set up a sting operation where eventually he was taken into custody for allegedly trying to sell an ak-47 assault rifle. in fact, she is a prior criminal history that includes weapon charges and narcotics. if opd spokesperson talks about why this was a significant
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arrest. >> there is a serious gunna problem in the city of oakland so anytime we can secure these weapons were making the city safer, the system safer. >>haazig: in oakland, kron 4 news. >>pam: as it turns out joseph is one of 15 men named in a proposed gain in traction. oakland fruitvale neighborhood, would be off- limits for the so-called gay members during a preset hours. opponents say gang injunctions are another form of racial profiling. in the south bay, san jose is getting praise for its efforts to push back against gangs. rob reports tonight, sandoz is anti and proposals. >>rob: this day the anti gang task force is the best in the nation. we want to
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look at individuals, youngsters and deal with the issues that they are confronting. it's the way in which the nation will get a handle on the problems that for too long have been great. >>rob: helps at risk youth finish school and get work. and it was former gang members who said joining a gang is just way too easy. >> you'd have to kill someone, a package of 10gettingo in. >>rob: we heard heart wrenching stories about the things that the young people have overcome. the successes that they have had. the
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great future is that they will have been not only for them but for this community and for this nation. >>rob: the visit comes amid gloomy budget cuts and police layoffs which could have an impact on the city's efforts to maintain the gains suppression efforts. in san jose, kron 4 news. >>pam: in san francisco one man has been taken to hospital after being stabbed several times on a muni bus. he was attacked as the bus, he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. there is no word that anyone has been arrested in this incident. in union city dozens of people turned out for a peace march in the wake of the murder of anthony ramirez. family and friends marched from the family home to 8 street where he was shot to death last weekend. our allies of the rally say enough is enough. this into the lives of the loss as a result of
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gun violence. >> we want everybody to know that this kind of violence is not welcome in our community. i have lived here for 40 years in the same house, i've seen people come and go. it's a shame for this to happen here. >>pam: no arrests have been made in this murder. >>jacqueline: here's a preview of what the store for the next 24 hours around the bay area. mostly cloudy conditions and to the weekend. the wind gusted up to 15 m.p.h. for san francisco. tomorrow morning patchy fog along the coast. tomorrow afternoon partly cloudy with temperatures in the '60s for your bay locations. mid-70s for the inland areas. coming up but i will have a full look at your 7 day forecast. >>pam: is a 10:00 is just getting started. just had a
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sharp 10 victory. we'll go live to san jose where fans are breathing a sigh of relief. riled up over the rapture. if was some question as to the streets in protest in one day area city. inside a troubled hospital, kron 4 takes you inside napa state hospital where employees and patients have been attacked and killed. demanding an apology. a passenger remove from a u.s. airways flight said he wants the airline to say it is sorry. wrestling ring shocker. if fans react to the death of macho man randy savage. coming up on kron 4 news. ♪
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combined. we have a lot more work to do. >>pam: it was a close one tonight but sharks fans are leaving a tank happened tonight. the sharks to down in the western conference finals cold but a win in front of the hometown crowd. vern glenn it is their live tonight with the look of the victory and was the head.
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>>vern: right back in it, that's the san jose sharks. whoever said there's no such thing as momentum it is 100 percent right on the money. it's as if game one into never existed. they made one mistake that cost onto schools or that 4-3 margin of victory carried take a look at these stannousfans, they were happy about the outcome. >> at great game for the sharks carrie. >> yes, number one goal sharks! >>vern: there were several screams coming out of the h- p pavilion, we didn't ask them to win the series
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tonight we just ask them to win one game. can they win another one? gary will have more exports later on. from the parking lot of h-p pavilion, kron 4 news. >>pam: we will take a break and be right back. [ male announcer ] it was forged from the fires of imagination.
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>>pam: a bold prediction by the leader of the oakland base it radio network, carl sparked a protest today he said tomorrow is the start of judgment day in the world will end. to date outside of the family radio building a small group of christians gathered to protest the prediction. they say the 89 year-old radio evangelist is a false profit and they hope people do not judge their religion based on this claim. >> to the people watching and to not judge my face, the christian faith by carlos ball's calculations. he made a similar prediction
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back in 1994, he now said the rapture will begin at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. with that prediction with the world and then there are a few odd items for sale associated with the rapture. stanley roberts gives us a look at them on line. >>stanley: if you're making plans for judgment day on the 21st, he might want to take out some of rapture insurance. for the low price of 1999, you can leave your family members $100,000. all you have to do is go to the bay. there is a disclaimer. if the rapture is postponed or cancelled by mr. can't in there are no refunds. i searched the internet for rapture deals. here's what i found, rapture ready diapers. these kuipers' are supposed to dissolve upon levitation. they come with i
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pod and cellphone pockets if needed. this website called eternal earthbound had sought offers post rapture care for your pet. however, as of now they will only accept money for pay pal. for all others it will get back to an 24 to 48 hours. i know which of thinking in 48 hours the rapture will be over, no need to worry they're atheists so they will still be here. on facebook there is supposed to rapture the defense were apparently more than half of a million people are attending. to look because the screen, so that's nothing new. this fine a web page is also a facebook. it's one the raptured doesn't come you an audit carl. my personal favorite. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news.
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>>reporter: how quick look at your weather headlines, slightly cooler conditions had been into monday an expected low clouds and fog in the morning of loan the coast. temperatures will range from the high 50s to the mid-70s. as we head over night, it temperatures will dip down mostly into the forties. 43 santa rosa, 48 san francisco, hayward 50 degrees, 45 fairfield, 48 in antioch. tomorrow afternoon, we will see similar conditions to what we saw today. temperatures in the '60s for the bay. upper '70's inland. getting up to 75 napa, 65 san rafael, 66 oakland ended 60s for the immediate bay area.
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antioch 75 degrees, 58 for half moon bay. if you're down in the south they expect temperatures to get into the lower '70s, 70 san jose, 72 morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, mild conditions on tap for the next couple of days. temperatures in the low seventies for inland, and mid '60s in the bay and upper 50s along the coast. we will have partly cloudy and breezy conditions, morning fog of the goodness we keep that wet weather out of the forecast. >>pam: affirmation seized from osama bin laden compound. hopper the department of homeless security has sent a warning to law enforcement agencies across the agency saying that refineries and other facilities may be targeted. eight days the for christmas
10:22 pm
1976, the los angeles harbor is turned into an inferno has a massive explosion takes place on the oil tanker. the explosion killed nine crew members and a dockyard and breaks the 800 flip chip into. the cause was accidental but according to documents found in the been law in the compound, al-qaeda planned to sell oil tankers into western ports and load them up. they found the best way to sink an oil tanker was a high jacket and detonate their explosives from the inside. >>pam: last summer a japanese tanker suffered a mystery as collision while traveling through the streets in the persian gulf. the ship was dented but there was no sign of whatever caused the damage. now the new intelligence suggests it was a trial run convincing al-qaeda to abandon plans to grant the tankers as in the attack on they tanker in 2000. today
10:23 pm
president barack obama visited cia headquarters to thank the agency for its work to bring down the law and and for leading navy seals to the biggest find of terrorist materials ever found on the war of terror. >> were going to review every video, faldo is read every page and pursue every lead, we are going to go wherever it takes us. we're going to finish the job. were going to defeat al- qaeda. >>pam: the choice of tankers was aimed at striking a crippling economic blow but the terrorists may have miscalculated because even the biggest tanker only carries enough fuel to power the world for 30 minutes. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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>>pam: a deadly explosion and in china into fights with police caught on tape. kimberly is here with tonight's edition of take a look at this! >>kimberlee: will start off with that explosion in china, look at the black
10:27 pm
smoke and big crowds and outside of the planet. this plant builds i phone to his aunt i pad. please and not sure what caused the explosion but two people killed and 16 injured. in south carolina, a man tried to find a police officer. eventually he was dazed but that didn't stop him because the person driving the car was the suspect making off at speeds over 100 m.p.h.. eventually he did stop and he crashed into a truck. the man taken into the custody of police and faces serious charges. another police fight captured on camera, he jumps over try to attack the police officer. eventually the officer is able to put him and show " to make sure that the other officers come in and help him out. take look in mississippi an amazing scene of lightning strike, you could see the
10:28 pm
light and then it hits a tree right next to the ambulance. it lit up like a firecracker. fortunately nobody was hurt and no damages sustained. stay with us more news right after this. ♪ you'll run outside
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>>pam: rare glimpse inside a hospital with a violent history. today the doors were open to the napa state hospital where last october a patient sprinkled a therapist. in december and other therapists beaten and in april and inmate died while being restrained. the incidence of lead to a number of worker protests. they say the conditions insider to dangerous for the limited staff. kron 4 to reset take this on a rare tour through napa state hospital. >>terisa: cameras captured this video inside the hospital home to more than 960 patients including murderers, rapists and serious offenders to. officials said the offered the view to show new safeguards. for example, the
10:31 pm
courtyard of this is where staff member donna was fatally strangled. there used to be a large cinderblock wall here. it has a new security measure all the walls were torn down to provide better visual access for police. trees were trend, more areas market out of bounds. also, officials say they plan to increase the assessment of patience to remove a least 100 patients here at now but that are considered too violent to be here. on the tour officials wanted to show us a typical room. this is a call would win or 80 people live. this is where two female patient call home. a music area and the tv room were nearby. officials say their mission is to treat people and not house them, all the windows have bars and this wire you see here is a round in the entire 1.6 mi. that's around the perimeter. locked doors
10:32 pm
are everywhere. theresa, kron 4 news. >>pam: family of the man killed by oakland police is demanding to know why their loved one was killed. matthew was shot by oakland police back in january during a domestic violence investigation. today his family members made their case public saying they only have one document that speaks to matthew's death. >> at death certificate listing the cause of death by multiple one gunshot wounds, multiple times with handguns and rifles. it confirms the cause of death. it doesn't tell me anything about the circumstances under which he died. >> the police did not get to kill somebody on the streets of this country and not have to explain the circumstances of that killing. >>pam: the family is seeking police and a corner reports among other documents. an oakland school
10:33 pm
teacher will not press charges against a student who is suspected of putting dangerous fluids into the teacher's coffee. the school administrators say a student at oakland international high could try to raise cleaning fluid in her teacher's coffee cup. >> there was a situation at the high school which is being investigated as an attempted assaults. between a student and teacher, the student who is under suspicion of being involved in this act is currently not in school pending the results. >>pam: teachers about the coffee and was not injured. >>erica: temperatures were a few degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday because the low cloud cover was slow to burn off. your 7 day around the bay shows similar conditions to what we saw today, we will be mild. temperatures in the '70s, mid-60's around the bay and upper 50s along the coast.
10:34 pm
we will have to contend with partly cloudy and breezy conditions but we will see sunshine in the afternoon. we don't have a drop of rain in the forecast. >>pam: in national news, an outburst in court in the case of an orlando woman accused of killing her two year-old daughter. casey and his jury selection was halted want to a woman yelled " she killed someone in any way ". a 25 year-old if he is accused of killing her daughter who disappeared back in 2008. the toddler's body was found five months later near her grandmother's home. a florida man dead tonight after a freight train hit him and for lauderdale. police said the victim was trespassing at the time, they do not believe it was a suicide. nearly 200 wounded warriors returned home to houston today. this was the scene that george bush intercontinental airport as the battle the injured soldiers arrived. families
10:35 pm
and friends cheered and waved flags welcoming them home. the troops say they are happy to be back and many are looking forward to a weekend fishing trip to relax. the shuttle endeavor conducted a five hour space walk today to pick up experiments that of been set up a outside the space station in 2009. back on earth, nasa is reviewing photographs of the damage to the endeavor heat shield tiles. it to want to make sure there is nothing wrong that could cause problems. pilot who guided the u.s. airways jet to safety by landing on the york's hudson river saving dozens of lives is the newest addition to cbs news. the captain will join the network as an aviation and safety expert. he lives here in the bay area. this a bit excited to work with him and are looking for to his insights on how range of safety and leadership issues. a newly released the
10:36 pm
gallup poll released the most americans believe same-sex marriage should be legal. this is the first time the majority has supported the issue since gallup started tracking in 2004. 45 percent of americans still believe same-sex couples should not have the same rights as those in a traditional marriage. currently in marriages are allowed in five states and the district of columbia. if lawmakers and tennessee will vote on a law that will prohibit elementary and middle school teachers from talking about homosexuality in class. kimberly tells us about an actor who is taking on this controversial proposal. >>kimberlee: and sure a lot of you have recognized him, and george better known from star trek. they're calling it the don't say game measure. --gay.
10:37 pm
>> and lending my name to the cause, at any time you need to say the word gay you could simply say, you could simply proclaim you are a supporter of gay marriage. even homophobic slurs still seen as hurtful somebody says that is so tecay. >>kimberlee: was to lend his name to a code term if the measure does pass. if it does pass, teachers who violate the measure would be prosecuted for a misdemeanor. stay with us more news after the break. our planes start flying when it's dark.
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>>pam: new details tonight in the story you see only on kron 4, about a passenger who was kicked off a flight at sfo on sunday for questioning but rudeness of of the attendant. dan curman said the airline and one of the passengers have now been
10:41 pm
talking. so far there is little satisfaction. >>dan: sandro look and his girlfriend sarah were boarding a flight sunday which was delayed due to bad weather. he said after a flight attendant on the intercom numbers * and rudely told passengers they had to get in their seats as fast or face missing their connections, he remarked to other passengers that the airline should take responsibility for the delay. >> the board as one hour late, you're accountable. she said you're gone, you're going home. she kicked me off the flight. >>dan: he wrote u.s. air ways depending apology, but late friday afternoon they said they would call him and said it would be no apology. u.s. airways confirmed an airline representative spoke with him and a company spokesperson told kron 4 news we are supporting the crew's decision to remove
10:42 pm
the passengers in the interest of safety if they thought there was sufficient cause. >> i'm more disappointed and angry. at that of a large airline like that, the one i chose to fly on would be accountable. >>dan: he said this is not the end of it. >> i am motivated to get something out of them as far as an apology. corporations can often take advantage of people like this. it is unfair. that's not the american way. i'm not going to stand by that. >>dan: said he's either going to seek legal counsel or he might start an internet campaign letting people know just how u.s. airways streets passengers. dan curman, kron 4 news. >>erica: a full look at your temperatures outside, widespread '50s around the bay holding on for low 60's up to the north. a full check of your forecast after the break.
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>>erica: welcome back to kron 4, a look a chair weekend forecast. mild conditions and to the start of next week. have the jurors in the low '60s for san francisco, mild conditions and breezy into sunday. oakland it mid-60s, upper 60s for those in san jose. overnight, and temperatures will fit down into the upper '40's, low 50s, 50 k ward, 47 san rafael, 48 san francisco. chile and fairfield coming at 45 degrees. tomorrow afternoon were going to see temperatures similar to those that we saw today. temperatures in the '60s for the bay and coastal locations. 71 santa rosa, 75 now, 74 fairfield, mid-60s
10:47 pm
and round the immediate bay area and chile in half one day at 58 and low '70's in the south bay. 714 los gatos, 70 san jose, 72 for morgan hill. finally will take a look pitcher here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, a string of partly cloudy and breezy conditions for the next seven days mild temperatures tomorrow and temperatures in the low seventies inland, mid-60's for your bay area, upper 50s along the coast. we don't have any rain into the forecast, look at friday fully sunny conditions. >>kimberlee: in the buzz, wrestling fans from the world were shocked to learn the death of former wrestler and randy macho man savage. according to a police report he had a heart attack while driving which led him to cross the medium and hit a tree. the former wrestler
10:48 pm
was 50 years old. lindsay lohan has won a temporary restraining order for a man who has covered her with half with phone calls and messages. he believes he has set a relationship with the actress. rapper turned businessman sean combs changing his name again. check out the video he posted on youtube. >> i'm going as cough, coffeepuff, puff daddy, and now you can't go by my new name, swag. >>kimberlee: is commonly used by teams in use of the word ". justin bieber said grading of fragrance
10:49 pm
is a way to come closer to his world. in >>pam: supports the giants and the a's square off in a pitcher's duel at at&t park. the sharks try to keep their stanley cup hopes of live in a must win game 3 against vancouver. gary is next with all the sports.
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
>>gary: good evening everybody, the sharks are back in it. the giants with the big story. patrick scored twice in the opening period. the sharks are 3-0 lead. vancouver came of in this series with two wins. at this point in the third. if you figure the sharks have one. back comes vancouver, they score a couple of power-play goals and their appointed needed under a minute to play dog
10:53 pm
was out in front to help. that is it, ended up with 27 saves, 4-3 san jose. the canucks lead the series 2-1 gary next up sunday at high noon. >>vern: has a goal and four straight games now. patrick marlowe heating up and that proved big time tonight. >> he signed a lot of good games. this was a big one for him. it is hard to pick his best because he's played a lot of good ones. or playing with good players, the best in the leak. >> i know that he's a good hockey player, he does won through a street there. he's turning around. >>vern: the sharks had 10th power-play chances, for off the team record. let's hope
10:54 pm
this energy continue sunday at noon. back of the tank, in san jose, kron 4 sports. >>gary: vern glenn in the parking lot. the giants and the a's have completed. that's where you want to get married. when beautiful place to get married in the field. trevor of the bays, six innings, one had come home one run allowed. this was a real pitcher's battle. a defense to get his man, who very strong six innings only allowing one run. 10th inning moments ago aubrey huff hitting 217 and the liver is the winning hit. that said the giants at home, they're fantastic with the game. it is 2-1 san francisco be the a's. jerry
10:55 pm
west he is the logo of the nba, one of the all-time great players of was of course i key executive, general manager of the lakers for for championships. he is an out of the game for a few years, coming back as an executive with the golden state warriors. there will be marketing involved, you spend money with the warriors and he will shake your hand. he will have a hand in picking the next warrior coach and he will still maintain his residence in southern california what will be a good sounding board for the new warrior ownership. jerry west now on the golden state warriors. randy much of a man savaged by today. statehoo >>gary: if you're wrestling
10:56 pm
fan and you know that i know we have very well. fluoridate highway patrol say he lost control of his sheep this morning and dyed it as a result of the auto accident. we see him with a elizabeth savage, he was a great showman and started his athletic career using the st. louis cardinals before turning to wrestling. randy savage was 58. a trial started today in california, it took him 30 minutes and 35 seconds, he is that a santa rosa finishing second today. he did not take the overall lead but he did cut it to 38 seconds so he was right behind the first. tomorrow
10:57 pm
to stage seven. tyler hamilton will get a lot of publicity this week and particularly when the 60 minutes internet video hits. he accuses lance armstrong for using performance enhancing drugs. he said he also did. he handed in the 2004 olympic gold medal after denying the allegations, the 4 year-old and finally admitted he had dough during his career. he said he may not shove all over lance armstrong, most of the top bicycle riders are using some form of performance enhancing strokes. >>pam: he talked about that a lot of the radio this morning. >>gary: yes, on flights to do a search for those here at kron who used performance enhancing drugs. >> (laughter) >>pam: alright carry we will look for you at kron 4 news
10:58 pm
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