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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 24, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> at 530, we have live pictures from the area of oklahoma city a series of tornadoes ravitch through the area. the area was affected by the storms, at least four people have been killed in oklahoma in that area. three children are critically injured tonight. the tonight watches over oklahoma and kansas. as we know, yesterday missouri suffered a series of tornadoes that were deadly as well.
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>> and gas prices are going down just a few weeks ago, they peaked, and now they're plummeting. just in time for memorial day traveling. >> statewide gas prices have fallen 105 per gallon in the past week. today there at $4.10 vs. $4.20 or one week ago. in san francisco, the fuel cost is more than the state average but the good news is that the prices have gone down 85 in the past week. and this was just at $4.20 but farther from the $3.20 per gallon one year ago. >> it each gallon, up 105 per gallon that is pretty solid. >> lower prices are putting smiles on the public's faces. >> i drive a lot, every i drive my job takes me all of the place a few couples since make a big difference
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to a bottom line anything helps. >> typically fuel costs go up during the holiday weekend with the aaa says not this weekend. >> the high gas prices that we have experienced over the past couple of months has been driven up by wall street and speculation that it has by supply and demand, that is why the gas prices have spiked so much in the recent months and now they're leveling off. crude oil has dropped. >> that is expected to hold. >> gas is coming down little by little. we will not see a major increase from now to memorial day weekend. >> cheaper gas to come at a better time. >> i will have more money to spend on other things. if you have a 20 gal. tank, it is 105 and 205 more, that adds up. >> five major cities in the united states are receiving elective cars, and charging
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stations that will be used by federal agents and the city. san francisco is one of the cities. these 116 cars will help to cut gas usage by 2,900 gal. of gas per year. that is a reduction of 257 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. some coffee drinkers will have to pay a little more. folders and dustin donuts plan to charge more for their package coffee. 11 percent more retell of will be charged, on average. the same company that makes the product already raise prices 10% february and 9% last august. new details about the bus crash that we sold a developing story last night. there are now investigating the brakes on the bus. it was a united coach tour bus headed for said francisco. it slid off the road and through a fence on highway 80. investigators say that
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this did marks indicate that the brakes may have locked up causing the crash--brakes may have locked up causing the crash. a day in court for a man that tried to break into the airline cockpit, last month, has been postponed. he was supposed to be arraigned today, but however he just retained a lawyer, so the judge gave the two of them time to meet using an interpreter. he is expected back into court on friday. he has been charged with interfering with the flight crew and being held with no bail. his new lawyer says that right now he plans on entering a not guilty plea. >> the family of the dodgers fan that was beaten outside of the stadium are going after the doctors. the team is already in financial shambles because of the owner going through a divorce. >> bryant's family is suing
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the dodgers. in a lawsuit it states that they could have prevented the attack. it also claims that it took 10 minutes to 15 minutes for the dodgers personnel to respond to the scene. it also says that the cash strapped owner frank mccord has cut back on securities since buying the team. this says that he misspent money trying to afford an extravagant lifestyle and the depleting the team of funds to adequate properly. it also indicates that it will take 45 up to $50 million to give brian stoll- stow a good quality of life. the family says they would like to repay hunters of thousands of dollars that have been donated to his fund. the doctors had no comment on tuesday, but the day after the beating, they said the attack was on preventable. although he has
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shown some progress lately, he still remains in a coma. >> now the latest on the main suspect in the case that was arrested this weekend. giovanni ramirez has an alibi. his attorney says that he was babysitting and never went to that dodgers game. the lawyer says that three other people can confirm the story. his mother says that los angeles police have the wrong man. her son did not attack brian. fence that witnessed the attack are expected to see a police lineup on wednesday that will include the main suspect. the las angeles police are still looking for two other suspects. this week, of bart's board of directors will look into purchasing more taser guns. those will cost about $1,085 each, a
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total cost of $140,000. the reports suggest that if each officer had a taser, there will be familiar with it and become more comfortable. guns are making their way onto the oakland school district campus at an alarming rate. school district officials say that they confiscate on average one gun per week from the open students. this is on the heels of a recent incident at oakland high school where a female student is arrested after a 38 caliber revolvers similar to this one on the screen was found in her backpack following a fight on campus. kron4 is hazzig manyud went to the campus to talk with the students and he found that the school was under lock down when he arrived. >> the lot with school campus was locked down by the police such four armed suspects in the area. it says that
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>> unfortunately this area has a lot of gun violence. >> so has the school district, it compensates one gun per week from oakland students. these three students are trying to make a difference by acting as a peer counselors for younger students on campus steering them away from gun violence. >> you do not need that, you can talk things out, you can have someone to mediate the two of you. >> they see the people with the drugs and i always tell them that is not good. >> i try to inspire them because i did not have a younger brother or someone in my family. >> in oakland, hazzig manyud kron4 news. >> a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, i see a few clouds. some indicating that the storm is on the way. we are enjoying warm conditions, in the '60s
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and '70s, 72 in antioch, is starting to cool down in the north bay. the wins were a lot less breezy out there today, but it is still a little breezy in some spots. plenty of places see the wind in the teens. the wind will increase again as the storm moves in. at the end of tomorrow morning that when the rain will push through. of course in the north and then through the southeast for the rest of the morning. grab your umbrella as you get out of the door. now into the afternoon we have a few things as the storm moves through. take a look this is coming up in just a little bit. >> a live picture from oklahoma city we continue to keep a --an eye on
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what happened today. this looks like the owner of a horse trying to figure out what to do right now. for people are dead, three children were identified as critically injured. more news just ahead. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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>> welcome back the kron4 news. this just in, we see live pictures of the destructive several tornadoes that touched down around oklahoma city. on the right-hand side of your screen, it looks like the roof was ripped off. as you can see the debris that was spread around the picture, that is a live shot. i have been tracking the video pouring into the newsroom. take a look at this one. the formal club is extending all the way up there. --the
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funnel cloud is extending all the way up there. here's another look at that. the next piece of video is even more explicit. look at the wicked of the funnel cloud. --look at the width of the funnel cloud. four people dead and three people critically injured. watch as it moves in the direction tearing up one is ever--ever is in its path. we also have this in the periphery of vision. the serious situation in oklahoma, for now i and grant lotus @ live in the studio. >> sports news now> >puck drops for the sharks. and these men hoover canucks in just a half hour. the sharks
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have to win tonight. >> yes, if they lose, it is over. the sharks are in a three to one hole. this is 513. they scored three goals. they tore the sharks apart. they have to stay out of the penalty box. joe will be playing tonight, he took a hard hit in game no. 4 but will it be enough? that is what is asked of the coach and player. >> we have a team that has worked extremely hard to get to the conference finals. we have a team that has faced a lot of adversity, external adversity. the only people that we enter to ourselves in the locker room. this team was able to challenge every year for the cup realistically. that is something to be proud of compound we are still in the position, we have to go out there and win a game.
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>> vancouver they're the no. 1 seed, they are the more faster and more efficient team. they have to find some way to get in front of them and get those pucks in the net it drops at 6:12 p.m.. >> tomorrow the rain will roll in, cooler temperatures. rebound on thursday but another chance to rain on friday. >> the developing story, the destruction from a series of tornadoes in the area of oklahoma city. you're looking at live video cameras overhead. people are out and crews are out trying to assess the damage. more news we will be back.
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>> tornadoes are ravaging oklahoma city and suburbs. look at his home, this is a
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large scale home severe damages from the storm. this house was hit by the series of twisters that hit the area. of course yesterday it was drop in missouri, 122 people registered were killed there. we are hearing that the latest numbers out of oklahoma have four people dead with three children suffering critical injuries. a series of messages forwarded to the news website called the day crawler showed the top aide to alaska gov. sarah pailin mocking the governor and her daughter. >> the aid her name is rebecca, she sent messages out from her personal twitter page the person that receive the messages sent them out to the daily call. check out some of the mechanism some of the messages. it
5:52 pm
says i wish they were the cleavers, but patti davis, ron reagan, billy carter, doesn't your family have one? check out the next video about bristletail in --bristol palin. >> when she was contacted about the messages, she said she was trying to calm down a cable and supporter--a separate patent and supporter. it only reflected her opinion and not sarah pailin. >> we see a few clouds in the north bay in sunny and
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and mild this afternoon. here is a look at the system here is the core, there is the tail end. at this hour, the rain will start early in the morning. this will spread to the southeast and fairly quickly. it would dissipate down to the southeast. there is broken rain in the 8:00 hour, lighter showers and the rain will dry up in the 10:00 hour. we may see a few isolated showers before noon. the afternoon look dry, but the possibility of in the evening having a little isolated showers in the north bay. this will be closer to the lower end, even less than that in the south bay. not a big rainmaker, but gusty winds and cooler temperatures.
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only in the '60s in a number of places, 59, 58 in richmond, her 52 degrees and coast side, we have upper 60s in the south. here is a look at extended forecast. the wins will accompany this, it will be a little cooler tomorrow as well. there is still a slight chance of rain in the north bay on friday. >> back live to a rural area use the more damage from tournedos that ravaged the area. look at the building just about everything is destroyed. you can see that the roof has caved in, severe damage throughout the area. the tornado swept through late this afternoon. people are trying to access the damage and get a handle on what has
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happened before liv--before nightfall. >> we will be right back. dad, i was wondering if you've -- what's up? oh, what's wrong with your hair? oh. i was cruising the world-wide-web. found this do. what are you wearing? dope, right? it's got a hood. want one? boom. done. [ ding! ] [ boy ] lookin' good mr. g. thanks, bro-seph. are you video chatting? with my boyfriend? yeah! hey, tessa! mom! [ mocking tone ] mom.
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>> back to the live pictures and oklahoma city, as you can see there is a great amount of damage hitting the homes in this particular case, some of the building is standing, you are not seen in this area many people. i am sure many officials have asked the people to get out of the area while they make an assessment. we continue to follow the story. kron4 news as 6:00 p.m. will begin right after this break. [ jerry ] look at this!
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what's in your wallet? what's this do? [ beeping ] >> at 6:00, a teenager missing her bicycle find near the golden gate bridge. >> this is been a busy day
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you can see the yellow tape. behind me, you can see all the different volunteers and the crews that have been searching for this young 15 year old girl. more details in my story. >> they're searching by the golden gate bridge trying to find allison bayliss. >> i am in danville at the high school where counselors have been called in to help the child classmates' cope. >> we are still in the search and rescue mode, and we still will be in the future. >> hundred are missing in missouri. these are the efforts and the threat of more storms. >> right now, we are tracking developing news of oklahoma, a deadly swarm of tournedos ripping through the state. right now we have pictures in the latest breaking details.
6:02 pm
[music] >> we began at 6:00 with a frantic search right now for the teenager. here she is, the crews that specialize in finding missing people have been called in to help local authorities fined 15 year- old allison bayliss. she was last seen in front of the high school riding her bicycle. it has been found near the golden gate bridge. that prompted the officials to expand their search. kron4 j. r. stone is live in san francisco. he has been following this story all bay long. >> many of the volunteers are out when door-to-door passing out fliers that you see right now hoping that someone recognizes that allison. behind me at the command center, you can see in the distance some
6:03 pm
volunteers have come out, some officials that are working hard to try and find the young girl. >> this is allison bayliss, the 15 year old girl that has been missing for more than 24 hours she was last seen monday morning at saher high school. her father that you see here actually found her bike this morning near the golden gate bridge toll plaza. since that time volunteers have called in. more than 150 at last count. , hoping to find a clue leading them to allison bayliss. it these are one of the many different trails and the golden gate bridge area. we sent to recess mustachio on one of the searches to talk with some of the people. >> several dozen people
6:04 pm
spread out over the golden gate bridge early tuesday morning looking for any sign of the missing 15 year-old allison bayliss. for some of them this was deeply personal and very emotional. >> she was a student of mine back in fifth grade she comes to visit me periodically. she is incredible, beautiful and smart. >> they carefully searched here, and hereby the deserted military area. >> i just wonder if it is her, why not anyone else? >> at one point someone thought they found a flip- flop on the beach, you see something yellow, but it turned out to be nothing. and friends of the family say that they stay hopeful. >> ideas dropped everything to come and help today. >> absolutely i think everyone here again. that is what you do, no one can do anything else. >> we all just want to find
6:05 pm
her safe and sound. we want to bring her home. >> near the golden gate bridge, theresa stock she'll kron4 news. >> there is a lot of concern with that missing teenager is a sophomore. we spoke with some of the district to see what they were doing to help her classmates ". >> i think that the students are experiencing anxiety. people are sad, very depressed that this is happening. >> we try to give kids the opportunity to express their emotions they make posters and do things that allow them to get things out and to get them out on paper, we have counselors in place on campus right now, kids and staff members are taking advantage of it, we know that a situation like this brings out of a lot of the motion for kids. sometimes if it is things that they do not necessarily voice, you have to recognize it, it could be a change in
6:06 pm
behavior, a change in appetite or acting out for another reason. what we try to do, we try to make sure that all the adults are equipped to recognize the signs and then refer the student to a counselor or a professional that can talk and through it. >> many students are showing their support by airing-- wearing blue ribbons which is allison's favorite color. stay with kron4 @ kron4 >> more tornadoes are being spotted. just north of the twister and other cool one, a weathercaster driving through saying the one that you're looking at is just one half mile wide. a third tornado also an oklahoma a helicopter camera was
6:07 pm
rolling all three of these storms are about four hours away from jobs in missouri. a new tornado watches an effect tonight. joplin missouri is now on the cross hairs of another tornado alerts. a map from the national weather service shows areas at risk. when missouri oklahoma and arkansas come together. you can see joplin and other high-risk areas. at risk for more tornadoes, hail, and high wind. just a short time ago, the weather service upgraded it to the highest category meaning that it had the sustained winds at more than 200 mi. per hour. the death toll is 150--hundred 52, 1500 missing. you can see the emotional scars on the faces of the survivors.
6:08 pm
new tournedos brain and numbness. >> when you hear the tornado come through, you have no place to go there is no place to hide. >> this family clung to the bathroom toilet as the house crumbled around them. >> he was crying. >> and minister was huddled in the hallway with his sister as the tornado ripped through. >> 1800 square foot house completely collapsed around us within 60 seconds. >> this moment grandmother was headed for the house. >> she was walking out of the door and a land grab her and said no! >> a one-year zero missing torn from his mother's arms and. >> when the tornado hit, then lost track of him and we have not seen since. >> this a hero was john home from his high school graduation his family turned to facebook hoping for a lead. some people could still be alive underneath cars and pulse of the greed
6:09 pm
and personal possessions. >> we have searched once as many as three times, and will continue that effort today and later today to. >> the weather has hampered the search. 2 of the rescuers were hit by lightning. one is in intensive care. the fire chief and lost his home or remains optimistic. >> it is really incredible that we continue to find people. >> we have one more to nato to show you. this is near kansas city--we have one more tornado to show you, it is near kansas city. the building is destroyed, but the security camera survived that capped the images of the twisters power. the force was strong enough to list the shop--lift the shot off its foundation. it destroyed 20 homes.
6:10 pm
>> most of the thunderstorms have been in oklahoma. we see quite a few thunderstorm activity through oklahoma and now through dallas. he is forming in the suburbs of dallas near fort worth. how this is calling for a tornado warning capable of producing soft " signs-- softball size hail. in other a tornado warning and available this hour. >> tomorrow, kron will air nbc programming and then a special airing of kron4 news at 10:00. our phil will be at 3:00 p.m. and burn notice we will be right back. sizzler's fall-off-the-bone ribs are slow-cooked
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just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. >> welcome back to kron4
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news at 6:00 p.m.. we're following the developing story, this is proving to be more destruction for the midwestern part of the country. this video was swerving all about, a look at the green, and the red, oklahoma just got pounded. it looks like scandals. so many different colors, the destruction has been pretty intense. a piece of video that really illustrates what you're talking about. not live, a look a path of destruction. obviously missouri got hit this past couple of days. but this is just as bad in some isolated areas. it looked like a house there, a truck up there, cars on top of each other. obviously, this was a more severe tornado as we did the actual word in a bit. but you can see the destruction, the house was totally leveled and ruined. a serious situation. there is a man they're serving
6:15 pm
what was left of his house just walking through it. almost aimlessly. we have a sound bite, you may want to listen to this, the storm chasers they follow this thing listening to some of them as the storm was hitting. >> just a half mile wide. a killer tornado. it intensified and it almost caught us. it intensified right on top of what it is one half mile wide. just across creek road. it is now groves the expressway and about one minute it is crossing the northwest expressway and about one minute right now. right now is crossing. it is a massive tornado one half mile wide. no doubt about it. it looks just like a deadly tornado. >> the midwest continues to get hit. four people dead, three children critically injured. the most intense
6:16 pm
and oklahoma but we are getting the reports that there are some in texas right now. jacqueline bennett will have more on that coming up. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me.
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>> take a look right now, some pictures from dallas. this is not dallas, is this dallas? yes, we see a tornado touching down outside of fort worth, this is oklahoma, this is a picture of a tornado touching down, now this is dallas, a tornado warning remains in effect. look at how dark the sky is out there. we are seeing a tornado warning in effect right now for that area. take a look at the radar, i can show you the areas that are in danger at this moment. we have been focusing a lot on oklahoma over the past couple of hours, but right now we see the super sales performing
6:20 pm
at the border. this is very dangerous. this particular cell is where the tornado warnings are in effect for. it is capable of producing soft ball size hill. this is right outside of dallas. we are seeing very dangerous super cells. upton to the border plenty of thunderstorm activity. very heavy rainfall, and this could be very behail. live at all the red boxes on your screen. basically in oklahoma, and kansas in tornado watch at this time. here, locally a much different story, we have a storm that is approaching. but thankfully in the coming days this would track towards the north, should not cause a problem in the
6:21 pm
midwest. as you can see the very well-defined till end system we will see rain into tomorrow morning. a light rain into the 5:00 hour. the rain starts to break apart later on, it will push south east. we will see broken rain at 8:00, by 10:00, we will be in the clear. but do not put the number low wage just yet. in the afternoon mainly dry conditions--it did not put away the umbrella just yet, into the afternoon there will be mainly dry conditions. now we will have 56 in san francisco, 58 in richmond, 52 degrees along the coastline. let us get a look at the extended-. with the rain, the wind, cooler
6:22 pm
temperatures, the temperatures will warm up thursday, and then cool down on friday. another storm will pass us. we will see cooler temperatures that we will rebound from as we head into the weekend. >> california state officials have issued new guidelines about how much fish that you should eat from the san francisco bay, what types of fish that should be off limits altogether because of unsafe levels. >> these guidelines have not been updated in 17 years, the state officials say that the level of contamination is about the same. but the data that they have collected is better. that is what the guidelines are more specific take a close look. these are for women ages 18 years old the 45 years old, those who are pregnant or breast-feeding. as with children ages 1 to 17. officials say that these
6:23 pm
fish are very low risk and can be eaten twice a week. the california halibut and the white croaker come with the medium risk, they should only be and once a week. and these are off limits altogether. for men over 17 yead and women over 45, you can ease several serving of this each week,... >> medium risk fish can be even once a week which include these. fish that are off limits for men over 17 and women over 45 include pr--perch and others in that family. >> they say that the data is
6:24 pm
better now and that is why dyou should pay attention when eating fish from the bay. >> a live picture from the area of oklahoma city that we have been telling you about all throughout the newscast. there were a series of devastating tornado in the area, violent thunderstorms. this is an aerial shot of the area that was affected part of oklahoma, that is the suburbs of oklahoma city. for people are dead, six people injured, three children in critical condition. a programming change to tell you about. dr. phil is moving time slot. that means at 8:00 p.m. we will have kron4 prime time news. the changes begin on monday may 30th. m dad, i was wondering if you've --
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only in the network of possibilities. at&t. >> and national news, there are two new drug for the treatment of hepatitis c.
6:28 pm
they have been approved by the fda. according to the center for to be easy to-- according to the center for disease control it kills many people per year. >> toyota has launched their own network. it is called toyota friend with the new network, if you are low on battery toppepower, your car can tweet you. beginning in 2012 in japan, toyota drivers will be able to access it from their mobile phone, car-, and the computer. >> keep you up-to-date with what is happening right now, there is one right in the backyard of the dallas suburbs. there is a deep shade of pink, to give you an idea of how intense as
6:29 pm
this is. take a look at the rain fall and the purchase it--and the protect --precipitation rate.
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>> our top story at 6:30 p.m.. these are live pictures were a violent thunderstorm and a number of tornadoes raced through the area today. many people have been moved out of the area of destruction, as you can see, there are signs of the tornadoes that ripped through the area almost nightfall there. 60 people have been injured and four people are dead according to the medical examiner. two people have been killed from
6:32 pm
storms in kansas, jacqueline has been be telling the storms, we will have more details ahead. >> in san francisco, a portion of the golden gate recreation area is surrounded by yellow tape. you may see the search crew and wonder why are they here? look far for and you will see a bicycle, that is of a young 15 year old girl allison bayliss she has not been seen for more than 24 hours. the search crew is busy at work with the case. >> continuing coverage here, they have been searching for any sign of allison bayliss. her friends tell me that she is a very sweet person and she loved sports especially swimming. she recently did well at a swim meet. they add that she is a very dedicated student. she recently closed the facebook
6:33 pm
account because she said it was taking away from her studies. another friend said that she spoke with her on monday and everything seemed fine. >> continuing the coverage, i am at danville. this is where the crisis counselors are on hand to help students cope. teachers have been put on alert to watch out for signs if other kids were pushowing signs. many students are wearing the color blue and wearing the blue ribbons which is allison's favorite color to show their support. >> officials at the school districts say that guns on campus and oakland are a big problem. they confiscate one gun per week from the oakland schools. to combat the problem they said that they started the anti violence counseling at grade school. it points out that
6:34 pm
it is the only school in the bay area that has its own police force dedicated to keeping students the safe. >> the family of the been the giants' fan is now suing the los angeles dodgers. it was outside the stadium last month where he was attacked. the lawsuit says that they could a prevented the beating. it says that the owner cut back on security since buying the team in 2004 it also states that it took 10 minutes to 50 minutes for the stadium personnel to respond and estimated that it would take 45 up to $50 million to give brian a good quality of life. the dodgers did not comment. >> police are trying to figure out who and why to suspect broke into the home of an 88 year old world war two veteran. the man woke up to a ruckus in his house
6:35 pm
and the men were armed. one of them beat the man unconscious. nothing was taken, he is recovering in hospital the police said that to other break-ins occurred at the same time and they believe that those are connected. >> in san jose, city council are trying to curb public pensions trying to close a million dollar deficit. whether to have a fiscal emergency that will allow the city to challenge a labor union contracts in court i am rob fladeboe with kron4 news. >> prices are getting cheaper, they have fallen 105 at the pump in the past week. that is just in time for people to hit the road for more day weekend. --for memorial day weekend. >> this storm is pushing
6:36 pm
into the bay area, it is very well-defined a late- season storm. it is pushing towards the coast line. it is moving towards california at this hour, towards the bay area tomorrow morning there is light rain it. and things will start to break apart. we was feet like showers down south near the golden gate bridge. before noon, we may see some isolated showers. most of the afternoon will stay dry, there is any chance of light rain and forecasts. not only will we see rain tomorrow, it will be cool and the wins will pick up. a rebound in temperature on thursday but then cooler conditions and more cloud cover and we will bounce back to the warmer side as we head into the weekend. >> today on the kron4 facebook page. a lot of
6:37 pm
people were talking about the missing teenager allison bayliss. leslie rights, this hits close to home. she goes to the same high school as my sister they were friends in junior high keep her and her family in your thoughts. you can visit kron4 don't come, or the kron4 facebook and page. >> we have a programming change to tell you about dr. phil is moving time slots. that means at 8:00 p.m., kron4 will begin the changes began monday we will be right back. [ jerry ] look at this!
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6:41 pm
hundreds of flights over all. look at this, the heavy gray ash covering everything. a little good news today, the scientists say that the eruption is easing off. queen elizabeth hosted a state dinner for president barak obama and the first lady. this was a big day for the president and the queen take each offered a toast paying tribute to the warm relationship between their countries. the ousted president of egypt is headed for trial. they will be tried in criminal court. during the january uprising they are facing other charges including corruption. >> the sharks are in action, carey has an update and straight ahead this is a
6:42 pm
three-time super bowl champion and one of the greatest a defensive lineman ever joined kerry next and the studio. tomorrow while we are airing the giants game, we will air the nbc programming. that means a special airing of kron4 news at 10:00 p.m.. vern notice within iraq 11:30 p.m.. we'll be right back.
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6:45 pm
>> good evening everybody. sharks and vancouver. the sharks it just came off a five on three power play. you have been keeping abreast of the situation. >> i am trying to get out of the way. >> look at the last game, then gave up three goals. with 20 minutes into game.
6:46 pm
>> hang on one second. nonetheless turned your on i do not need any help. >> know you did not. >> then when you get older you have to refer to a hockey expert. you'd think this is it tonight? >> i think so. >> stay with kron4 for all of your hockey news. jerry west to his first bout as a warrior today. his official title will be on the board. the 72 year-old holes with the two owners. i asked him on the radio if this was just for fun, let us face it, if jerry west says it tried this, pretty tough now the rest going to be here of vern glenn. >> i will tell you that i am no shrinking violet. if you
6:47 pm
do not want my opinion did not ask me. >> and jerry west will be asked to give a lot of opinions after five decades connected to the nba as a hall of fame player and general manager that built the lakers and united the grizzlies, after all he is the model for the nba logo. >> we want his help on helping to build a franchise. >> someone said how many days will you be up here, i said as many days as they ask me to be here. >> state tune, the nba draft is june 23rd. >> the giants are hosting florida tonight, they is our and anaheim. but they are making some news. they went after the manager last night, a bump, thinking that i and the closer, and he's bringing me in the eighth inning of a tie game. the owner said he does not know his role. there is zero
6:48 pm
communication there, no one knows what direction the manager is headed. he said is weak, you cannot throw the manager under the bus. we have the greatest closure in the universe, so isn't it. >> i think he is saying he is the greatest composer. --closer. >> when you retire, it is easier to reach everybody, because you feel like you know everything when you retire. >> yes, you sit back and relax in the lounge chair, and you make comments. >> i know when you sit on your couch it is so easy, that guy sucks. >> at least people that have done it before have more credibility. >> i was one of the great
6:49 pm
white basketball players in vegas. i think they're only three of us. >> not donna kilpatrick started 13 races in the nascar with a clear time. it is not donna kilpatrick-it is now down until patrick that could be one of the last major races on the circuit. before or william the refrigerator perry got off the line in carry the football, there was guy mcintyre making news. he is still with the organization he will join us next. [music] to help our money last. woman: so we can have the kind of retirement we want. now, you know how this works. just stay on the line. oh, yeah.
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>> , 40 niner fans remember the good old days. guy mcintyre played 10 of the 13 nfl seasons with the 40
6:53 pm
niners. he has three super bowl rings, five pro bowls, the 49ers third round pick everyone talked about tom brady, you were a third round pick. and then went on to win the national championship playing with herschel walker. when they drafted you in the third round, where your fingers crossed? usually in the third round your hoping he would make it. >> yes, nothing guaranteed not a lot of money, but you hope you have an opportunity to play in show you can do. >> i was talking to him during the break. now how you stay in shape? >> i try to eat right, i work are about five days per week. it is just eating right. as you get older, your metabolism slows down. >> this does not apply to you, but former nfl players
6:54 pm
when your body gets beat up like yours does, that is one of the things that is always out there. the players are not always compensated will approve the union--through the union, you think that today's players turn their backs on you all? >> i did not and think that it was today's players, i think it is the who is who, with up there now, i think it is just the way the game is today. they are trying to do things to keep things better and make it better for the players. >> we are looking at their first super bowl. if i can action this, but memory, your grandchildren say tell me one thing that stands above all else from your glory years? >> being down in miami during the riots. >> that is right, i remember that.
6:55 pm
>> and me and steve running to the stadium because the to the normal routine we try to catch up, then we found out that traffic was backed up and then we had to get out of the cap and run down to the stadium. >> that was in '89 around 90. i remember that. they had the riots going on and read this and i am announcing my retirement. and i am thinking there is writing happening and he was thinking what am i on. >> now what you think about hardball? will this be a quick fix? >> i do not know if this will be a quick fix, but we are headed in the right direction he is a great coach, with a great staff. i think it is the time, we do not have any great players right now but we cannot make excuses, we have to go at it full force. >> herschel walker always looks like this, he is
6:56 pm
almost 50. when you played with him in high school-- college, but did he always looked like that? >> i he was always a help free, he had great dreams, great metabolism--he was always a help free, with great jeans and a metabolism. >> there is herschel walker, now you have a big bowling event working with the 40 niners, you have something coming up on our web site you take it right now. >> we will have the 40 niners bowling event. they will come out and bowl with some of the alumni dwight clark, myself, steve bono, we will all be there on may 26th. we will have a great time, great food and wine.
6:57 pm
it will help some at risk used. i >> go to the site and meet some of the legendaries when the 40 niners working. see you at 11. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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did maria shriver hire a private investigator in follow arnold? >> and maria's oprah announcement today, i'm brooke anderson. >> i'm kevin frazier in hollywoo >> "the insider" is on. >> given me love, support and most of all, the truth. >> here's to the truth! >> winfrey's praise, gayle's whispers. >> maria's first tv appearance as we uncover more world es collusive footage. shriver with arnold an the other woman. >> how proud we are of her. >> maria's praise here for her housekeeper, arnold's mistress. >> showing up day in and day out. >> she's done an incredible job. >> then schwarzenegger's mistress, dancing with their son and drinking out of a wine glass. the story behind the video.


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