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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 25, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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look at the cemetery bridge chance of rain today i and the force gas--the rig are right now showing where the bulk of the root of whether it is elsevier along the coast were getting some heavier downpours as well. we're starting to pick up a few sprinkles in the napa valley as you head into a level of few sprinkles there parian. not much in
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terms of what whether but we are expecting more whether to continue in the area. as we tend to the afternoon of work and be barely scraping into the 60 degrees. corn to upper 60s in most of the bay area partly cloudy conditions and more information as we take into the memorial day weekend. >> this the last time we will are bridge checks you got oil normally trouble-
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free and from maureen downey bought it was deleted because of late wrote work some construction equipment breakdown and it took over one hour and half to get off the bridge. all lanes along below are now open in the southbound lanes. and the bride to the cemetery bridge is light east and was on >> 7 02 n.m. lee to have more information on the missing how the end till teenager her bike and
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helmet were found at four. is anyone milling around you >> i was told by the public information officer if anyone at is searching right now are just volunteers appear in this is where they found her bicycle horn yesterday morning. every of all the official agencies will be getting together they have to regroup and go over what they searched yesterday. in the meantime you have a lot of volunteers that helped out yesterday most of the danville area came out and searched and
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after they did some of the search they did some city posting. today they are growing to recruit because the covered so much toward territory yesterday the need to search for other in the area carry an. >> the latest in the bryan stowe case jill vining ramirez will appear in this suspect in the alleged attack ramirez as attorney
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states or an attorney for the still family have how lawsuit in los angeles coming with the dodgers could affect the prevented more. a lawsuit is sinking 45 to $50 million to pay for bryan stowe is medical expenses >> we ask you on all-black page. if you like to
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participate in on-line discussion and you could kron 4-on. >> the financial problems in libya will with a loss to the president spoke this morning in a news conference was the these people yearned for freedom and basic human rights that's one of the reasons we're working together in libya dottles along with our nato allies to baldwin's will continue until khadafy's attacks cease >> and i've got to look outside the cemetery bridge
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a crippled right now >> a quick look right now at the temperatures in the area. >> 8 people are now known dead and a picture of as the
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a tornado approached the town and this is the aftermath of a turnip or tearing through homes overturning cars. two people were killed when an oil and operated a tree that crashed into their van carrying in joplin missouri this is the latest pictures and the death toll continues to rise profound 17 people and nine more today 122 people had been killed in this twister in joplin. >> timeout is 710 and a quick look at outside at
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walnut creek. we'll be right back >>
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>> 739 now and please as we check out this video of the volcanic ash in iceland they have closed the airport in
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berlin 700 flights had been canceled today there is good news. that ash is starting to dissipate. >> here's a shot right now at our rate are right now we are taking a closer look at the rain in santa rosa heavy downpours in part. we are getting this band of rain renown and we are taking a closer look rain now.
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no delays rain down on the golden gate bridge as you can say it's a pretty good ride there is trouble in walnut creek area and an accident has been reported in it may block alain and we will check to see if it is a hotspot >> the gas prices are coming
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down just a little bit and craig is live in san as saying >> as you can see the prices are down from 425 per gallon down to 4 09 per gallon the price of a barrel of oil has gone down. an optimistic outlook as we head into the memorial day weekend. the main reason gas prices have spiked and now they are living off. gas is coming down little by little we will see no major increase from now to the memorial day weekend in a
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>> when the price of a barrel of gas goes down goes down at the palms very small slowly your only saving a dollar to at for a tank full of gas. you will save as time goes by. >> the burlingame police have a new police chief captain ed wood is the new chief he's been serving as the active chief since december. he lives in san carlos the father of two lives with his wife. we will be officially sworn in on june 6th >> if no formal d y chargers
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will be found he was pulled over on may 12th his. 07 now, all carrying client group withdrew his name was for the run for mayor of this town. >> the nation's visit wholesale club costco has reported with a 30 million increase. >> one of the development stories were watching is
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coming out of london as president obamas addresses parliament in london. we'll be right back >>
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,, >> to combat it is now 723 in wheat and we are waiting for president obama to give an address to parliament ago when he is set to >> any moment we know he has just arrived. obama and
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prime minister cameron have hurt. we'll wait and see what obama has to say to parliament and we will keep posted on this. >> the canucks have done and it took two overtimes to look at seven minutes in the second overtime for the canadian team to score >> on the baseball at at&t park for a game, last fall the florida marlins quieting the giants. alaska closed
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out five of the giants all gary and the slide is over for the a's rig drove in four runs as mir amal was called the end of his first win making a oakland snapped there's will be back in just a few minutes >> and a look at mt. tam but
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the showers in the area. dr.phil now 4:00 p.m. weekdays chronos begins at
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a live look at parliament and we will go back live as just a few minutes. ou1
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>> this is a bit on president ford president obama to >> to both houses at once it's usually for the mod id. >> where will we watching what is happening where the weather while we see what is going on in london clearing >> to shots outside and at
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the golden gate bridge scene a few showers in the north bay and we gradually see the shift south. : date today as we get into the afternoon temperatures in 10 to 15 degrees below the average the northern portion of the state all the wet weather. santa rosa picking up some of sprinkles right now and have your downpours in other areas where. another band moving into i e d quarter resulting was some showers right now i parian
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and a lot of this increase that is showing up on radar. current temperatures in the 40's and '50's 51 in santa rosa right now and these will are the temperatures in the area right now. low 60s for highs this afternoon in the bay area. 7 day forecast as we look " into the memorial day you we can. >> not much traffic today on the bridges of the back of
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does not read-out the 80 the golden gate bridge experience some early problems this morning and no delays in the southbound lanes that. his is a look at 101 could not find no any problems to the front won all one on northbound. getting slow from south creek parian >> developing story of a 16 year-old danville girl palomino and costa county bears cowering the grounds around and golden gate national park the only sign
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of this world bayless is her bicycle was found earlier when yesterday morning >> according to the public information officer they are just part in their meeting to regroup and to see where the search mixteco next. they did not finish their search until 9:00 last night they went far have been when from the west to the east side of the golden creek bridge will be covered every trail a and beachside that they could not using the coast guard helicopter and helicopter. they did all
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they could do yesterday and a they are going to map out where they're gonna search of next. we hope to get an update at 8:00 this is where they found her bicycle yesterday morning. >> police still do not know the a deadly of all little girl in the was abandoning and this is a picture of the little girl she was left in a stockton hospital table police believe she is either to or three years old she is about 2 1/2 feet tall brown eyes black hair she's been in foster care anybody that knows of this child is asked to call the stockton police.
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>> the husband of the former housekeeper of arnold schwarzenegger is now speaking out he just found out last week that he is not the boy's biological father. >> sorry back in a few minutes
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>> more rain of shortstop was as we look at the map and were keeping an eye on a late storm. taking that all look at the news
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>> sony says it the names and the encrypted passwords may have been stolen but no personal credit card information was stolen just a set security breach. >> it's the battle over the brats' doll. mattel is asking the federal how judge to throw out over brett said about. >> a multimillion-dollar racketeering the oaks card club and a cab each paid
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$750,000 in fines or because a card rooms. special agents raided the guardrooms. they were accused of using their ties with her for a little after city. you >> with the jury deadlocked on all three accounts only his doctors injected him he said we are not sure if they're going to retry bonds on these accusations >> we are continuing to monitor the live shots coming out of london where
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president obamas is to >> to this special session of parliament woe
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of 744 right now is the time and we want to listen in as president obama is stressing parliament. the prime minister is speaking right now. >> few places reached so far into the hearts of our
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nation until today no american president has stood on the steps to address our nation it is my pleasure to welcome you statement showed is the cement that seals are ideals. this is up of core of our close alliance. to protect the health of those without wealth and to seek the prescience of balance between security which is
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too often threaten and human rights and too often denied. history is not the burden of one man or woman, some are called to meet those challenges it is with dignity that you surf. if you want to test a man's character give him power during ladies and gentleman the president of united states brock obama.
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>> thank you thank you very much. my lord chancellor mr. speaker mr. prime minister my lords and members of house of commons i have known few greater honors than the opportunity to address the mother of parliaments in westminster hall. i have been told the
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last spot three speakers have been the pope to clean and nelson mandela but here. i come here today to reaffirm upheld one of the oldest one of this drama alliances the world as ever known is belong said the united states and the united kingdom share a special relationship. that relationship is often analyzed and the slightest hint of stress and strength.
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all strings have their ups and downs outside of that sort small scrape of tea and taxes. it has been smooth sailing ever since. we share history and we share heritage and a strong partnership between our two governments. you have united our people throughout the ages centuries ago when canes and emperors and warlords rain over most of the world it was the english who first spelled out the
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rights and liberties of man by the man a quarter. courts were established here in this hall and citizens came to petition their leaders. people long ago want to be stronger than the government. perhaps no one.
7:51 am
as winston churchill said the ins in english, long. for both incarnations living up to the ideals and shrines of these founding documents has sometimes been difficult. it has always been a work in progress the work has never been perfect. to the struggle of slaves, women, ethnic and minorities perhaps that is
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why fewer nations >> louder than the united kingdom of we are the allies that sacrifice side- by-side marcher to any unrest prosperity to flourish and with the founding of nato the british idea we joined a transatlantic trading. when the eye and a curtain lifted we expanded our
7:53 am
alliances to expand to know where bridges. we work together in the balkans also today after a difficult-paid. our nations have arrived at the paris of difficult--the goal. after years of conflict united states has moved a hundred thousand from iraq. in in 10
7:54 am
years we have thrown the al- qaida a blown by killing their leader osama but laudanum. as we enter this new chapter in our history the new challenges stretch out before in a world where prosperity for all. with new threats spread across borders and oceans. we need to stop the spread of nuclear weapons in. as a revolution rages through this treatise or
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>> were going to take a quick break you been listening to the words of president barack obama in front of parliament but will take rig to break and we'll do the cutback ♪
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>>: in the middle east we stand united front our support for a secure israel planned a sovereign palestine >>: the president is talking about worldwide concerns as he continues his address to both houses of the british parliament. he is declaring the transatlantic alliance between america and the british to
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remain strong. we will be right back. her art your
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>>: >>: we are watching more severe weather and equipment to the nation's heartland, eight people
8:12 am
have died in severe storms across oklahoma. a storm chasers video captionepecan after the ft tornado as it approached. we have new video of some of the aftermath coming in. rescue teams near piedmont in northwestern oklahoma city are searching through debris. these homes are completely destroyed. three people missing including a three year-old. the death toll and arkansas, kansas and oklahoma stands at 15 from the storms last night. about 500 people have died in tornadoes across the u.s. this year making it the nation's deadliest year report tornadoes since 1953. the joplin missouri as we see the videos, the cleanup efforts continued. the death toll continues to rise. nine survivors have been pulled out of the rubble on top of the 17 yesterday. the death toll is now at 122. look at the cars cost
8:13 am
about by the tornado. 8000 buildings destroyed, this is the deadliest single tornado since 1950. >>: 12:00 a.m., back with more in a couple of minutes and speak to gary about a lot of stuff. as we have a programming note as well, dr. phil has moved time slots, it is going to be starting may 30th at 4:00 p.m., a special kron 4 newscast prime- time weeknights at 8:00 p.m.. this was so easy.
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>>: 8:15 a.m.. the sharks are out. >>: they distinguished themselves as a great game. >>: what about that goal? his name is kevin, probably the ugliest goal of his career but the biggest, that is what he said, no one knew that the puck went in. >>: if you're watching the game warden, the company is coming down, people are coming on the ice to celebrate pay, listen, they had a couple of bricks and did not go their way, as you played into overtime against a team that could win the stanley cup puree in pre are disappointed, paula there is no disgrace in what happens. >>: just plain hard brick.
8:17 am
hawker-pure-heartbreak. >>: last night he could've been easy to cave in, but they did not. >>: another piece of developing news, did you hear about barry bonds? we knew then he had gone to see the giants fan that was the net in the hospital. now, there is worth serious offer to pay for a college education of rich children of bryan stow. panetta >>: i knew that he was involved in a college >>: what about the heat.
8:18 am
>>: people like you and i get in for the television comedy of the giants, the a's, chicago bulls against miami and then of course hockey, it was a great night it's a lay on >>: it was my birthday. it was like christmas! >>: her i wonder which give to you opened. >>: yes. >>: it did you watch one second of anything?) capital-letter approach papaw hoare what are you doing between the hours of in five and her her ninth? >>: i ran 7 mi.. progress toward this white dress for you.
8:19 am
>>: paducah run on a half or through town? >>: rose. hi >>: you are more of an athlete and i am >>: i am playing golf this weekend although i said. i am fascinated it with my love of sports surroundings. i did not
8:20 am
watch the games, what interests me are the side things, not how i saw the eagles and then i saw, the dallas mavericks, a guy has a new reality show, he is doing a show, marion. >>: yes. see >>: is called the ladies in my life. it is about the women behind the man, his mother, his aunt's. >>: he went to maybe you'll abroad or to wayne wade, but this shawn?
8:21 am
>>: this is his family tree. do you know this is? his family tree and then he has people how, is that sweet? >>: this is a different generation. pour as long as he is good, he can get away with it. if you went in to apply for a job, trying to sell insurance, pear that is a different story. that is the thing about pro sports.
8:22 am
>>: monte ellis. >>: it stops right there? is that the drughot hike hertrunk? >>: 0 yes. this is a mysterious house in new york city. it is on sale 9.5 ft. wide. they are asking for 0.3 million. it is 9.5 ft. wide. it is in new york city. kerry grande used on this. it is a skinny as house in manhattan has. three bedrooms. are you interested? >>: that would be five bedrooms here. aaron heck >>: on my vacation i am going to
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decline in mexico. ♪
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>>: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, here is storm tracker 4 show new-line drops on your radar, in some locations appel also we will have more to come as we head into the latter part of the morning and afternoon, details on that straight ahead. >>: the nimitz freeway, southbound in san leandro at marina boulevard there is an
8:27 am
overturned that blocks the offramp. emergency crews are blocking the right lane, traffic is backed up to davis and a slowing the ride into hayward and northbound out of san leandro, a complete check coming up. >>: sony is reporting and other online security breach, this time to thousand customers of the 200sony erickson venture wih canada. no credit card information was taken. there have been no reports of damage from this region discovered yesterday. the sony play station network system was attacked last month, that affected more than 100 million people with their online account worldwide. attorneys for the toy maker mga and retain it will argue for damages and court costs against mattel and the trade secrets case, this has to do with the bratz, dolls. mattel asking the
8:28 am
judge to throw out the guilty verdict. the multimillion-dollar argument is over who owns the bratz doll line. >>: back with more and a couple of minutes. there is san francisco looking good on the james lick. tonight nbc will air the giants and we will air nbc programming. manitoba and it is on from 8-9 in the kron 4 news and sent him.--kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. period raise
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>>: right now we have light rain as you can see from the mt. tam cam, some sprinkles certainly coming down. a lot of the moisture evaporated before
8:31 am
it reaches the ground. as we head into the afternoon is conventicle. you certainly need to bundle up. temperatures well below where we should be this time of year. you have the right to complain about this leather. here is your radar, drying out as we head into the evening. " there is a band of rain extending out into the specific, all of this expected to sweep in mcdowell 101, he is third and santa rosa, along the peninsula a few sprinkles.
8:32 am
>>: we'll hold on to the '50s and the low 60s through out the day, overall really chilly period rose 63 east bay and, 65 for san jose. your 7 day around the bay, today is the last of the wet weather. partly cloudy conditions continue in temperatures remain on the cool side. 8:32 a.m.. >>: the overturn cleared from the nimitz freeway. traffic is still slow getting out of oakland and san leandro. that is taking pressure off of hayward and union city. has a scene of the crash, slow going northbound. on the bay bridge, much nicer conditions. it has not been backed up and beyond the east
8:33 am
parking lot all morning. as a san mateo looks good both eastbound and westbound, no delays. the golden gate bridge is still througclocks move throh marin. the marin writes for the county, not bad. there are some pockets of slow and go traffic but no big backups for the southbound 101 ride. >>: hot more news on the missing 15 year-old girl, the only sign they have found of bayless is her and banded bicycle that was found yesterday morning before 5:00 a.m.. let's get the latest from yoli eceves live in san francisco. >>: good morning, not the same kind of activity we saw yesterday morning, i am here at fort point, this is where they found her bicycle yesterday, even though it does not look
8:34 am
like any activity is going on, plenty is. they're searching for her, they have been searching for her as soon as the sun came up. there they have already had a meeting in the scattered into the areas they are searching. starting anywhere from christie fields to the other side, baker's speech our and near oceans crazily, the search keeps going. they were out here all day yesterday up until 9:00 p.m.. they started again this morning and still no sign of her. they are not giving up hope, they will stay out here as long as it takes in order to find her or find any clues that lead to her. >>: police still do not know the
8:35 am
identity of a young girl abandoned in central valley months ago. they are asking for the public's anyone who knows anything about this job is * of the stockton police. >>: the estranged husband of the housekeeper that had a child with arnold schwarzenegger as r ohelio baena says that he feels betrayed by the formal governor, he said that he just learned last week that he was not the biological father but concluded by saying he would always regard the boy as his own. >>: aback in a couple of minutes, let's take a level at san francisco, a lot of clouds. we will be right back.
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>>: the san francisco public utilities commission has decided not to take down a tree, they will be tunneling under the tree, signature will cost about five of thousand dollars. >>: the burlingame police department has a new police chief, captain and ed wood has served as acting chief since december. he is now a permanent chief. asked to head the department of the city was considering merging with the san mateo police department. why would served in belmont from 1986-2007. he lives in san carlos. this appointment is
8:40 am
effective immediately. he is the chief, thatthe bad spinnings ceremony on june 6th. >>: of the d.a. has got the results from a blood alcohol test on in decline for may 12th, they found that his blood alcohol level was 0.07, that is below the legal limit of 0.08. he pulled off of the shoulder hough of the highway to make a phone call. when offers is approached, they smelled alcohol. klein withdrew his name from consideration for mayor. >>: costco has released their third quarter results, a top performer during the down the economy. 324 million of from 305 million a year ago. >>: 8:40 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
8:41 am
here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is a very grave. the deck is dry but it is great, you can see the clouds in marin county. traffic is heavy and has been all morning long on the golden gate, we will be right back.
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8:44 am
>>: 8 line of tornadoes tore through several midwestern states including oklahoma, kansas and arkansas. this is video of a tornado just outside oklahoma city. >>: it is a half mile wide, a killer tornado. >>: several killed, dozens hurt. the mayor said this series of
8:45 am
storms is unprecedented. >>: i have been in office 20 years and seen a lot of natural disasters, i have never seen this many in a short period of time. >>: in joplin in a tornado warning put in place tuesday night, high winds and lightning were in the area, fortunately the worst of the weather past to the north of the town. rescuers are still picking through the rubble, survivors in joplin are still sharing their experiences. >>: it was like armageddon. >>: this catholic priest took shelter in the bathtub as the storm ripped up his church. >>: i just prayed and said, let that will be done. >>: back here in the bay area where watching rain coming down, here is louisa hodge with a forecast. >>: --the bulk of that north
8:46 am
bay. you can see the wet weather in the northern portion of the state. on the peninsula, isolated showers. as we head to east bay, we have been seen raindrops' there along i 8 as you head towards central valley. right now, 10 bridges in the '50s, as we head into the afternoon is going to be cold. but temperatures are 10-15 degrees below the seasonal average. we will be struggling to climb out of the '50s. we could reach 64 in redwood city, 60 degrees in haywood and 65 in san jose. here is your seventh day, after--after today we will
8:47 am
dry out. it will stay fairly cool but the good news is a this is the last of the wet weather. put your umbrella of the way, dry through the memorial weekend. >>: a pretty quiet morning in the traffic department. our bridges look good. the bay bridge westbound, light traffic, no longer a need back up. your ride to the san mateo bridge has been good all morning long. lighter than usual. some early morning problems for the golden gate bridge. other than that a breezy ride in the southbound direction. no. now the 101 around silver avenue at the 280 interchange there was some paper debris blowing around a roadway. caltrans decided to go out and clean that up, now there are a couple lanes closed down near the 280 interchange backing up traffic along the cavils a
8:48 am
causeway and slowing the rise coming in from interstate 280. >>: san jose city council voted to move forward with an analysis of the pension reform. san jose is facing a budget deficit, the mayor's plan would cap contribution that the city pays for new retirees and 9% of their base salaries. it would raise the retirement age to 60 for sworn public safety and 65 for other employees. it also raise the eligibility for retiree health-care benefits to 20 years of service. the proposal does not reduce retirement benefits for current employees and retirees who have already accrued those benefits. in sonoma that are being forced to make big cuts in the budget battle, they have to eliminate two to 23 positions and lay off 63 employees to balance the 2011-a 2012 county budget. the
8:49 am
county currently has around 3800 employees. county departments grass in january to identify places where they could cut 25 percent of the budgetth. >>: dear laughner is in court on whether or not he is competent to stand trial the shooting spree where he killed six people and injured congresswoman- becaus gabby giffords. if he isd mentally unstable he could be kept in custody overunder psychiatric investigation. >>: bryan david mitchell is said to be sentenced today. the former homeless street preacher faces life in prison for the adoption and sexual assault of elizabeth smart in 2002. smart was 14 years old when she was forced out of her bed at knifepoint and taken away by
8:50 am
mitchell. nine months later she was rescued. smart says she does plan to be in court when mitchell is sentenced. >>: kristina the guard is announcing her bid to become head of the in-a monetary fund today. this is after dominique strauss-kahn resigned after being accused of raping a woman in new york city. >>: then-president of, and the first lady flew to europe, who knew that the first lady's hair
8:51 am
would fly in the air as well. >>: a new hairstyle, windswept. her hair was flying no matter how many times she tried to subdue her of do. hon the winds that swept the airport follow the 0 ball must to the palace. the hair of prince charles stood at attention mr. 0bama had eight -- which is blowing here in the blowing dress.
8:52 am
>>: certain habits are susceptible to a stiff breeze, the pope is always losing his hat. larry king landed on a web site called that freakin hair. to avoid that fate, hillary clinton had this solution to avoid what michelle obama, the queen wore a hair net, it caused a fashion hawk's storm.
8:53 am
>>: when it is windy, everyone knows, where a baseball cap. that is all you can do. [lsughter] >>: we are back with more and a couple of minutes. we have a programming change. dr. phil is moving to 4:00 p.m. starting may 30th. we will give you a brand
8:54 am
new newscast, kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m.. that was spo
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8:57 am
>>: 3 of the nation's four largest of things have a system that allow customers to transfer money using an e-mail address or cellphone. the system will be available nationally to customers at bankamerica, chase and wells fargo. >>: five major cities in the u.s. including san francisco are getting the electric cars and charging stations that will be used by federal agents in those cities. 116 of these cars are expected to cut gas usage by 29,000 gal., $116,000 in taxpayer savings and reducing 257 metric tons of greenhouse
8:58 am
emissions. >>: the look outside right now at the golden gate. e.
8:59 am
9:00 am
as for local weather we have the clouds in the centrist isabel area as you conceal
9:01 am
left both clubs and son of a little bit of sun on the mount m campbell. if you're in downtown san francisco you are right on the cost of sunny as well as rainy weather. light rain throughout the morning area. we have a cell that is just pushing its way in irian another little band further to the east had taken towards antioch. for the
9:02 am
rest of the morning into the afternoon temperatures will stay at mostly in the '50s. low 60s in some areas as you can see on the map. here's your seventh day what is bill look-alike a little bit of showers today and that'll be warming up and be nice for the memorial day weekend. >> time now 9 02 a.m.
9:03 am
hotspots 101 and to 80 as we have a backup. some paper was dropped in the lane several hours ago and they sent a couple of sweepers' out and it jammed traffic to a backup. it is now slowing along the candlestick park away. they bridge westbound is good and the golden gate bridge are all in good condition.
9:04 am
>> 9 03 a.m. and are continuing story on a 15 year-old missing girl her picture on the left alison bayless and on the right all the searchers, or present yesterday. they went through the grounds that the national recreation area and the only thing they found was her bicycle >> was to proceed failed this is a challenge for the family and volunteers and searchers that are involved and we are hoping for a good outcome >> there will be a candlelight vigil tonight. >> now the latest on the
9:05 am
bryan stowe beating case this is a sketch of the suspect there of the man that is believed to be the prime suspect. they do believe he is the main person in his day in the attorney for ramirez is saying he has an alibi he was babysitting that night and was not involved. his mother is speaking up and that they do have the wrong man not her son. the mother for bryan stowe has filed a lawsuit against the dodgers
9:06 am
for medical expenses 45 to $50,000. on our fan page people are adding their comments as to what they feel. if you would like to participate go to our fan page and post your comments. we will be right back to look at weather and traffic
9:07 am
9:08 am
9:09 am
>> 9 09 right now and we're
9:10 am
watching as president obama is finishing up addressing both houses of british parliament. he brought up the challenges that both nations 6 seeing. it will require difficult chores and both past for both of our countries. we have faced these challenges before. we have responsibilities to one another. and i believe we can do it again. as we do
9:11 am
hope this is assesses and failures and the possibilities to grow are not loaded. >> the president also expressed working together rig john edwards is looking into misappropriation of funds out during his role when he was running for president perrin
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
for our viewers out there which you recommend. i do not think people should take pills beacon train the brain to do what god made it to do. it works at any age.
9:15 am
>> the morning and welcome back its 9:15 a.m. and this is a video of a monster tornado in oklahoma eight people died the was crossing the state this is a video had her storm chasers caught in oklahoma to see all the homes of the word destroyed in cars overtone eight people dead in oklahoma in kansas they had rask whether two people died when a tree taken out of its road collapsed on their land. twisters were
9:16 am
reported in dallas and other texas counties. and then there is joplin. crews are still looking for survivors nine survivors have been found top and pulled out alive. the death toll now is 122 " and just look at the piles of twisted card and junkies and this is new video that is was recorded as the winds blow when stewart more than 2 09 miles per hour security camera
9:17 am
caught things coming through the windows when everything swirling a bombed the desk as you can see right there look our weather right now rob we have a little bit of storm and nothing like kerosene in the midwest. >> a look at them mountain camp a.m. showers are actually a shabby rating before they reached the ground light sprinkle out there like rain in the north bank cold temperatures today as we head into the afternoon and we are drying out as we head into the evening. through the
9:18 am
northern part of those state wet weather will continue light rain will continue for most of the morning. a little bit more going into nevada and summer fell. sundown pleurisy earlier here and there. current temperature in the '50s right now to 53 degrees and 56 in mountain view we could hold on to the '50s for a high afternoon
9:19 am
today we will be struggling to get out of the fifties and into the 60 earlier. we're trying to be beating in out later on today were really not warming up and where we should be at this time of the year but we are still staying cool. here is a look at the seven day our including the 72 and memorial day weekend >> here's a look at the back got from the paper was. and the new hot spot is a thought about 80 who we have a big rig accident and more
9:20 am
than one line in all eastbound direction east lot bound 580 as a cut next to westbound here's a picture of the bay bridge was bound first time this morning we have seen it backed up the toll plaza flats is backed up almost 2880. this is a large as back up this morning and from marin county we have problems earlier in the morning it but is now problem free >> 9:20 a.m. is the time renown the burlington plan is to have a new chief he
9:21 am
was asked to hand the apartment he was acting as chief would served in the belmont police department he lives in san carlos and his appointment is effective a immediately a badge pinning sir mon-khmer will be in held in june and no charges will be filed claims blood alcohol was. 07 just below where illegal appoint all eight he had pulled over to make a phone call and when officers approached at they could smell alcohol he did pull it would draw his name rig for mariposa
9:22 am
>> the mayor's plan would cap contributions at 9 percent of the salaries retirement will be raised to 60 and age 65 for all other employees and health care benefits to after 20 years of service. sonoma county is asked to make it big budget cuts came may have to eliminate 283 positions to balance the 201120 tel
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>> and what well-kept isla
9:26 am
kron 4 lien news have will to the freeway at the richmond san rafael bridge there is a big break involved in this accident will in the left-hand lane and most of the traffic is squeaking by on the right-
9:27 am
hand side. it is backing up the ryde quickly to the toll plaza. >> the sharks did everything they could to keep their season alive but they could not overcome the vancouver canucks. this is vancouver's first truck.
9:28 am
take a look at the golden gate bridge it looks like it's sprinkling and we will be right back . >> kó
9:29 am
9:30 am
a hot spot that just happened on 580 from the richmond san rafael bridge the reports indicate this big break it might be on top of another vehicle and as you see it seems like all lanes are blocked right now. some traffic is trying to
9:31 am
squeeze by in the right hand lane. no indication that this will be cleared in any time once the emergency vehicle show up it might be cleaned up in no little bit. paramedics are now in attendance. this is the location of the crash in the eastbound lane at the centers felt bridge bearing
9:32 am
>> we're picking up a little rain from marin county here's a weather update >> were watching this celtuce we pan over the peninsula we a been dealing with what other sock and over cloverdale and santa rosa. right on through oakhurst the sunset point showers are in the area. still some showers over antioch and redwood. temperatures sitting in the '50s, another big story
9:33 am
today oil will beat the cold weather. " beazer unseasonably cold temperatures for this time of year in the area. here is your seventh day of around the bay partly cloudy conditions and a little bit crazy over the weekend but memorial day weekend it'll stay ride so of few raindrops today and we will try out for the weekend. >> 933 is the timer in mount pleas want to know if you ever seen this little
9:34 am
girl she was a banded several months ago and they are asking for the public's help in identifying this young child our brown eyes black hair she was left at the hospital january 6th and has been in foster care anyone that knows that about this child is asked to call the stock and police where. the former husband of patty of via the former housekeeper of arnold a source near stated he just found out last week he was not the biological father of the boy, ala all along the child was his and now he knows the truth.
9:35 am
time now is 934 and more information on the missing danville teenagers. we will be right back [ woman ] everybody's looking for deals these days,
9:36 am
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9:38 am
♪ >> welcome back to the kron morning news as you concede and virtually all lanes are blocked just on the right- hand shoulder. the chp are confirming that there are injuries. at special traffic advisory is in effect and we
9:39 am
doubt if they will be able to get these lanes open for while. again big delays coming from the sun or felt bridge ought aiding >> where also following day to in the massive search for the 15 year-old devil girl palace and bayless. yolie as the fizz has been out there all day. tell us what we're looking at right here i am at the end of cressy fields and about 2 minute ago to police cars parked police as a regular san francisco police were getting other cars after patrolling the
9:40 am
area and walking around the area. they got back into their cars and went on to the next section. doesn't seem like very much activity at this time but lot of local agencies are searching for allison. they are retracing places that they had surged yesterday was. there are led trails throughout the area. the search parties are constantly moving looking for signs for her. a lot of volunteers have showed up all searching for allison asking if anybody has seen her.
9:41 am
>> are we hearing anything more about the family had heard anything more? >> not this morning darya they had a family friend and said that they were still in high hopes of finding her. >> 9 at 40 1:00 a.m. brian mitchell is being sentenced today gary smart said she
9:42 am
will be in the court room when mitchell is sensitive. >> this is video from the scene where a lot of nerve is accused of shooting dead be deferred. competency hearings are being held to see if he can stand trial. and now look outside as you can see traffic is starting to back up will be right back in just a few minutes
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> welcome back is now 4945 and an remorse storms devastated the midwest
9:46 am
again oklahoma, with kansas or. several people as hysteria of storms or in the area rescuers are still picking through the rubble looking for survivors in joplin survivors are sharing their stories. >> everything you think is real and solid and then it blows up. >> is catholic priest talk
9:47 am
shelter in a bathtub at laid there and just prayed led by will be done >> 946 is the time renowned we want it to traffic right now. the entire roadway is not now blocked malty crash malty lanes this big rig is confirmed on top of another vehicle. traffic is now backed up all away to the bridge over. no indications that this is going to be cleared at any time soon.
9:48 am
the bay bridge got back up with a stall the was reported on the upper deck of the bridge. there is a pretty big back up their san mateo bridge no problems got a little bit heavier on the west bound side. and you're ride on the golden gate bridge is little bit wider now. >> an update on the weather as you can see just the talent and overcast conditions by afternoon we're going told on to a
9:49 am
pretty cold temperatures here's your radar and and you can see where all bulk of the bad weather is is certainly well to the north of us. as it continues to sweep in our area of showers continue to sweep through the area. right around the golden gate bridge you are seeing some very light rain. it is now working its way into san francisco very very light stuff right now. at temperatures in the '50s for most of the area and afternoon highs are and be pretty chilly clear of the
9:50 am
'70s today today. here's your here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. bank after today it's going to warmouth and be in the low 70's. cool temperatures for your memorial day weekend >> christine the club guard has now announced her
9:51 am
candidacy but for the minister of finance for france. president mirada obama address of both houses of parliament today and expressed the importance of the two countries working together. when been president barack obama got a standing ovation at the end of his speech
9:52 am
>> in news around the bank including san for cisco are receiving an electric cars and charging stations hamas a hundred and 16 cars are expected to cut gas a hundred and $16,000 savings for the year. six 9:52 a.m. and kim kardashian announcement will be right that aren't you a my hour
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
. >> randy tecate is now sporting a crew 20 care at diamond ring we will exceed her sister tweet dead my sister is engaged i couldn't be happier my sister has found her prince. queen latifah is now launching her new-line clothing line for hsn ho from size to two all way up to size 24.
9:57 am
a live look outside at traffic and we'll be right back
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> president barack obama making a speech in from both houses of british parliament today and a possible indictment in john edwards with misappropriation of campaign funds when he was
10:00 am
running for president. >> of our hot spot right now is 580 in richmond at the center of a valid bridge. the last 45 minutes chp has been working to clear this accident it might take more time it is reported that the rig is on top of another motor vehicle. it could be and as you being. and not much has been going on since we last looked at this view. traffic is always backed up to the richmond san raphael
10:01 am
bridge bearing here is the bay bridge as it goes through the macarthur maze the petering flights were slow. cemetery bridge no delays here in there is enough case that the we really cannot tell if that dec is wet yet are not we cannot tell of the rain has reached that far south as yet. let's find out more in just and see how this thing rain is going to affect the bank >> we can see the weather is
10:02 am
now working its way and you can see some of the struggles on the camera. cool temperatures for today and dry conditions out during evening hours to sprinkles in the afternoon hours. a quick look at the track kerf for a raider or as we take a cobourg look at this rain. storm cell sitting out over them and over a interstate
10:03 am
880 temperatures outside is mostly 50 and most of the area. as we take it into the afternoon hours we're not trying to warm up much there are no '70s on the board in the '60s for most of the area. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. de forecast we will deal with the rain for the rest of the day and as we head into thursday and friday cloudy conditions for the first part of the weekend by sunday we experience a warming trend low '70's upper 60s around the bay. >> were falling the latest
10:04 am
efforts in the search for the 15 year-old allison bayless and they had to call off the search at dusk last night and we have one of our reporters live on the area labs. >> i'm at anna christie field about a half an hour we saw an officer from that danville police department patrolling this area has officers were just looking out over the pier. it's hard to catch up on the search parties as they are scattered throughout the area. they're searching
10:05 am
every place they can think of even places that they had searched before they are looking once again a lot of volunteers yesterday and we have them out again today, but there are smaller groups today. they're all searching for allison bayless and asking as anyone has seen her >> a federal indictment against two-time purred presidential candidate john edwards for misappropriation of oil campaign funds to cover up his affair with his
10:06 am
mistress attorneys are working for a plea deal on and they say he did not violate any campaign lost. >> date to of president obamas visit to great britain who president barack obama is the first president where to visit parliament when and to address both houses at one time. you we
10:07 am
have been always in her be able to balance history i believe we can do this again as we do with the success of rules and failures are like from our past the lasting prosperity comes not from what because treat consumes but its infrastructure. a campe
10:08 am
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
>>: liard continuing to track the hotspot in new richmond.
10:12 am
>>: >>: relate this in the bryan stow beating case, 31 your old jew on ramirez is expected to be part of a line of today in front of witnesses. the suspect has an alibi, his attorney says ramirez was babysitting the night of the attacking and never went to the game. the lawyer for ramirez says that three of people can confirm that story. " the mother of ramirez says that police have the wrong man, her son did not attack transco. >>: an attorney for the family of bryan still is going after the dodgers. a lawsuit was filed yesterday in l.a. stating that the dodgers could have prevented that attack. to the suit claims that it took 15 minutes for personnel to respond to the scene of the attack. the owner had cut back on securities since purchasing the team in 2004. the
10:13 am
lawsuit is seeking 40 million- $50 million. we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues right after the break.
10:14 am
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you are ready to and calling them currently right now like the beans were crying because of lycopene but when it be proven to work called wrote mark
10:16 am
visage or >>: >>: a tornado warning in effect for downtown kansas. a tornado is imminent. tornadoes have been spotted spinning on the radar. everyone watching in kansas city right now, a potential tornado.
10:17 am
in johnson city, kan., a tornado warning under effect for this major city as well as we are following the latest was severe weather moving through the area. more severe storms right now in the aftermath of tornadoes yesterday. here is the view from oklahoma. we have a video to show you of a tornado during to homes and overturning cars. eight people killed in oklahoma yesterday. and kansas, to peak fertility and when a tree slammed into a van and car 2 people died in arkansas. tornadoes touched down in dallas and several other northern texas counties. family is out of the joplin, missouri, the death toll continues to rise if as crews look for survivors. they found nine more of people alive today, the death toll is now at 122 from a single a tornado or that struck on sunday and it tore through downtown. repeat thousand buildings and
10:18 am
destroyed, the deadliest single to a little since 1950. here is a video as the tornado hit in chocolate. people are hunkering down and they ducked behind the area, the windows get blown out and look at how what the tournedos the window out and then close to break through the shock hot as glass and goes,, the national weather service classified this tornado as f5 woodwind's of 200 mi. per hour. --and with winds of 200 mi. per hour. >>: 200 mi. per hour, that got my attention. in richmond, is there is any good news, the word is getting out on this accident that has for over an hour been blocking leans eastbound on
10:19 am
interstate 580 @ central ave. if even though it is still a mess of the backup is actually diminishing slightly. look at this a big rig, the cab is tilted forward, it overland's one of the vehicles in front of it. westbound on 580 was backed up nearly to macarther maze,
10:20 am
traffic has been so light all week long and and this morning even with that back up it cleared out fairly quickly. whether the slowing begins at the end of the east lot. or ride on the san mateo bridge has been a problem for all morning. if the golden gate bridge is now contending with a brain in the wet pavement. we have been incidents free since the early morning hours because of delayed construction work on getting traffic to the bridge. hawkins come less head over to the weather center.--less head over to the weather center. >>: it wet deck on the golden gate, we have showers in the north bay and east bay. carry an umbrella with you. a quick look at where we see their green light on storm tracker 4 along highway 1 01. showers through clever dale even for those of
10:21 am
you in navato. the wet weather has not reached san francisco yet but it will soon. we have a wet weather along interstate 880 as you drive down from vallejo and to richmond in berkeley. current orders outside, 50s across the board, 54 for san francisco, 56 for oakland, of 56 for those of you in los gatos, 59 in san jose. as we take it into the afternoon with on a warming up by much. 10 degrees cooler from where will our yesterday only getting up to 63 degrees, 64 for those of you in navato. low-mid- 60's in the immediate the area, a pretty chilly and half moon bay only getting up to 55 degrees and mid-60's for those of you south bay. 66 degrees
10:22 am
expected in morgan hill. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows what other stretching into the afternoon mostly in the north bay, we see it in the east bay as well. as we head into thursday and friday, partly cloudy conditions. as we head into sunday, we bring temperatures up slightly, in the '70s for inland, low 70's and upper 60s around the bay, low sixties for the coast. >>: we are going live to menlo park or a neighborhood rally " is to save a tree. craig skalar is live in the north fair oaks neighborhood. >>: chris is a 65 ft. tall belly of that has been around for 300 years. we will show you some close-up pictures. who got folks did not want public utilities
10:23 am
and to take this train down to make room for a pipeline. last night the commission voted to build a tunnel underneath or to look at the feasibility of that. it would cost about a half- million dollars but they are hoping this would be the final word and then the tree will survive. : this and valley oaks looks like it is going to survive, at least for the moment. >>: it will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues, a programming change to tell you about, starting this monday, doctors still lose to a new time slot, weekdays at quark 4:00 p.m.. that means he will be bringing a prime-time newscast weeknights at 8:00 p.m.. that
10:24 am
begins this monday, may 3rd. rober kk g kk
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10:27 am
>>: bu >>: hot the giants lost 5-1. they were going for their tenth straight home. the oakland a's snapped losing streak. with a 6-
10:28 am
1 win. we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues right after the break. a look at our hot spot, 5 edt east end, a big rig overran another vehicle. this made clear in the next 20 minutes, an update from george in a moment. art " defense but woulwith
10:29 am
10:30 am
>>: and welcome back to the kron 4 learning news, 30 a.m. as we continue to track this hot spot if in richmond.--are 10:30 a.m.. 580 heading east down and back towards the lower east shore freeway, the chp moments ago said they thought they might be able to get an additional lane open rear where and within the next 20-30 minutes in they may have the accident report cleared. there is the toy truck in front of the degree that
10:31 am
overran the smaller vehicle, there were four vehicles involved. they are tying up all of the lanes. more people are getting the word about the accident, there are not as many people backed up behind it but there have been as much as 40 minute delays reported. is it is an area to avoid for sure, 583 richmond. here is the san francisco, oakland bay the san mateo bridge is a problem free, on the golden gate
10:32 am
range is the number one factor. reduced visibility as the north tower has also disappeared. they do not know if those are rain clouds or fog. >>: a live look outside from the roof campus overlooking downtown san francisco. there is no rain on the camera lens yet, but that could change soon. here is a look at what we have on tap for the next 24 hours. showers in the north bay, north of san francisco, as we head into the afternoon, legal and showers and temperatures only getting into the 50s and 60s. as we head into the overnight hours we will see cloudy conditions. and look at where the rain is, i will 101 and the north bay her. light
10:33 am
showers out there for your right, use extra caution. temperatures right outside the door are still pretty chilly, currently 52 in santa rosa, 55 and half moon bay. almost 60 in hayward, 56 for those of you in antioch. as he headed afternoon hours we will not see any 70's. temperatures will stay in the '60s for the most part. 8 chilly 57 for those of you in san francisco. low-mid-60's for those of you in the bay her area. south bay, degrees cooler than yesterday's hot her your 7
10:34 am
day forecast shows whether on tap for the rest of today in the rest of the afternoon. asked as we head towards sunday, you can see a warming trend on tap. temperatures getting up to the mid-70s and land. low sixties for the coast. >>: more on a developing story, the search for missing 15 year- old danville girl, allison bayliss. she is considered at risk. big call off the search at dusk last night, they found her bicycle at 4 points yesterday. yoli eceves is near christie field as the search continues. >>: good morning, it does not seem like much research groups are off on trails, hillsides and on the beach side. i did catch up with a danville police
10:35 am
officer and a u.s. park police officer earlier this morning, they were out here towards the last parking lot of doing their rounds. they walked to appeather hot speaking with people. that is where we are at, they have not given up hope. they're still calling this is search and rescue operation. there are several agencies involved. coast guard, park police, the chp is even helping out as well as the san francisco police department and the rangers here. they said that they would call us if they find her, if you see anything, called a danville pleased to partner right away.
10:36 am
>>: 0 for updates on our web site, john edwards faces an indictment, accused of using money from a supporter to cover of his extramarital affair with a campaign staffer. the justice department is moving forward with this case. they have focused largely on donations that eventually went to to keep his mistress and aid in hiding. his attorneys are reportedly working on this week although there, and edwards did not violate any campaign finance laws. today is the second day of president obama state visit to britain. he started date meet with david cameron, the prime minister. the president spoke earlier from westminster hall addressing both houses of the british parliament. >>: i have known few greater honors the the opportunity to address the mother of
10:37 am
parliaments with at westminster hall pot with. i am told that the last three speakers here have been open, her majesty and nelson mandela. that is either a very high bar or the beginning of a very funny joke. [laughter] >>: president obama received a standing ovation. they're calling thisciti of the president's sixth day european trip. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look from san francisco. the rate is coming down.
10:38 am
10:39 am
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10:41 am
marked kerrigan was convicted of assault and battery in the january 27th in 1997. prosecutors say they grabbehe gs father by the throat and cost him to have a heart attack. mitg after the kidnapping elizabeth smart at knifepoint and sexually assaulting her. prepare laughner spent five weeks getting a mental evaluation, if he is will the mentally unstable he could be kept in custody under
10:42 am
psychiatric evaluation to see if he can stand trial for the shooting when hope that injured, congresswoman gabby giffords. 580 east town in richmond to and central avenue, a big rig and a car in an accident. traffic is barely getting by. we are waiting for the clearing and to have an update on this hot spots and other stories coming out.
10:43 am
10:44 am
10:45 am
>>: the quick recap, they were then john edwards could be indicted soon, accused of using campaign donations to keep his mistress and aid in hiding. if attorneys are working on a sweet deal. president obama addressed both houses of parliament today. he touched on the alliance in the u.s. in the united kingdom. he also met with the prime minister in britain and pork or to discuss
10:46 am
libya. 20 and all warnings in missouri and kansas as we take a look at some of the video in joplin. newly released a video showing people scrambling for cover has a breeze stirs flying in the windows, the death toll from this: it is and to cap at 122 people. the national weather service classified this as an f five tornado with wins her of student miles per hour and truck distillate yen buying in the regular lanes hundred three lane into the right shoulder. if history is single file. that is what traffic is still backed up to the least twenty third a in and he's done direction of 580. where this is heading from the
10:47 am
richmond and san rafael bridge. if the chp is hopeful to get it out of there but i would avoid this area for the next speaking of bridges, we will show you the bay bridge westbound, not too bad. the commute is much better system installed on the upper deck that nearly backed up traffic to the maze. if the san mateo bridge is a problem free was light traffic in both directions. the golden gate is still a web ride, but no delays as you come from the waldo into sentences go. 10:47 a.m., let's get a weather check. >>: on the golden gate bridge camera to definitely saw what whether on the deck, not necessarily the case and the
10:48 am
approach, that could soon change, we do have what in the area. " light rain expected for today, " kantor to choose on attack of the rest of today, about 10 degrees cooler has a and warmer areas and they. in the evening we will try out that he does of the is with us. how storm tracker 4 tells you exactly where the wet weather is. additionally drives with caution. another still approaching just off of accents and beach. clark tried caution common good this is--drives with
10:49 am
caution. hot >>: mid-60's south bay. hugh 7 day around the bay forecast shows what weather in store for the afternoon hours through today, as we head into thursday and friday, partly cloudy and parties and conditions back into the forecast. as we head into the end of the week and we do see a drop in temperature is getting into the '70s to england spots, low 70's and upper 60s around the bay, low sixties for the coast. attorney >>: is granny, she is a century
10:50 am
old treat as craig skalar tells us, residents in the neighborhood where the old oak tree since have some good news, the tree may survive a water line project but at a steep price. >>: there is a thank-you card on grannies truck, or the 65 ft. tall valley 01 a to be chopped down to make room for this new waterline pacific cisco public utilities commission, of that cut per through the fair oaks ave. where they are now looking at a $500,000 alternative, a tunnel that goes miles under the tree. as their residence hope and this will be the answer. renault >>: new this morning, three of the nation's four largest banks are launching a system that lets
10:51 am
customers transfer money from a checking account or someone else, you only need their mobile number or e-mail address. the service is called clear exchange. it makes payments easier than traditional money transfers. how this system would be available nationwide to customers of a bankamerica, j.p. morgan taste and wells fargo. the number of costco memberships is increasing. there reportedly were poured this is coming out. costco is reporting and earnings of 324 million. we will be right back as a prop for morning news continues. tournedos in earnings in the nation's midsection, a live look from johnson's and the chances. >>: 68 programming in a
10:52 am
reminder, tonight, nbc programming, while the giants game is on nbc, two hours of minute to win it at 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. followed by a special edition of the kron 4 morning news.-kron 4-evening news.
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10:54 am
10:55 am
severe weather blamed for 14 deaths in the last 24 hours asked twisters plowed through neighborhoods and oklahoma, kansas and pour suomi's jury. >>: more destruction across the midwest, and line of tornadoes in several midwestern states including oklahoma, kansas and arkansas. this is video of a tornado was captured just outside oklahoma city. several people were killed, dozens hurt. mary found, oklahoma governor says this series of storms is unprecedented. >>: i have been in office for 20 years and have been your natural disasters but i have never seen
10:56 am
this many in a short period of time. in >>: joplin missouri in a tornado warning put in place briefly tuesday night as high winds and lightning moved into the area. unfortunately, the worst of the weather and passed to the north of the town. rescuers were still going through rubble, these images inside of st. john's medical center show the scale of the damage. survivors and joplin are sharing their experiences. r >>: all the sudden a reindeer-- all of a sudden, the wind started rolling, it looks like a freight train was coming through. >>: in this catholic priest survived by taking shelter in a bathtub as his rectory was ripped up by the storm. note >>: i just prayed and said, let thy will be done. >>: or a massive cleanup effort done today, a small sign of progress in a broken city, reporting from joplin missouri i am jim spellman. >>: here is the look at traffic
10:57 am
hot spots, 580 east town coming off a bridge had to be short freeway, a big rig and a car were in an accident. several plans are blocked, and traffic is getting by on the right, the highway patrol is hoping to have this clear in the next few moments. as you come off of the san rafael bridge in cantonese down, watch out for delays. when will look for this and any other raw traffic issues on our web site, our next newscast is at 4:00 p.m., we will see you then, the day. [ male announcer ] you never know when,
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