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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 25, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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poughkeepsie >> ramirez is the main suspect, later tonight witnesses want to identify the suspect in a police lineup. this is an alibi and counting year-old girl can make or break the case. >> giovanni ramirez remained in police custody for now he is being held on a parole violation and has not been charged, the police believe
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that he is the primary aggressor in the brian stow attack. he says that lapd has the wrong guy, and his 10 year-old daughter agrees. they said that he spent opening day babysitting his daughter at a relative's home. he says that the daughter remembers the day very clearly and she was adamant that she was with her dad all day. the attorney claims that there are friends and relatives back and back up his alibi. sucked in addition, they said that ramirez is willing to take a polygraph to prove that his story is credible. the also by these pictures that ramirez said are from the date of the game, including our his ex- girlfriend and other friends. he says since he is not in the pictures, that backed up the case that he was not at the game the. >> barry bonds volunteered to pay future college expenses for his children. he said that bonds want to
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make the news and the offer public. and also he stopped by the hospital and gave them 18 banner and joined them in prayer. they continue to search for the two remaining suspects. a follow-up to the suspected serial killer cold case. a judge decides if he wants to relieve--release information about doses naso he killed women between 1997 and 1990 for. they told the judge that the public has the right to the information, the d.a. is arguing that there's no argument to support the release of the document. in san jose, a scholarship fund has been set up in the name of the two people. two of the san jose students that were killed earlier this month.
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marcory "cindy" tarlit caliguiran and thomas kyle williams were gunned down the u.s--the school has to set up a scholarship fund for them. there were gunned down just three weeks before their graduation. now at the disney family museum, may 25th is national missing children's bay, the park officials say having a photograph identification and fingerprints of your child could be invaluable. >> the only people that will have that information want our doors closed tonight with the mother father, a parent and guardian of the child that was brought in today. my child is here at the event, she volunteered to come help. i have had her fingerprinted and her id card made as well. so if i'm not there, and something happens, hopefully we will have some identification to
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find her. >> they recommend to fingerprint elderly parents that may be suffering from dementia. if you missed the opportunity today, the parks will provide the service at their office during the week day. >> we continue to fall the developing weather story for you. a severe thunderstorm developing right to the west of the chico area we have been watching this on the radar. there is still rotation in this cell. the area has a tornado warning highlighted in red. very heavy rain, hail and the possibility of a tornado, it has been tracking to the east. moving 15 mi. per hour. throughout the entire tracking, i have been showing rotation on the radar. there is a possibility of a small tornado touching down if you know people in this area, tell them to stay inside, in
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a sturdy bathroom or closet. taking a look at a wider view, dry conditions after the rain this morning. we still see snow flying in parts of the sierra. scattered showers up to the north. this looks like we will stay mainly dry as we head through tomorrow and friday brings a chance of rain. here's a look at what to expect tonight and into tomorrow, a decrease in cloud cover tonight, we will still see some lingering cloud tomorrow night. warmer temperatures and a chance of rain into friday. i will tell you all about it. >> a new beach report is out. it targets a few bay area beaches we begin our coverage in san francisco. >> every year, "heal the
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bay"raises money and between 2004 and 2011, 84 percent of our beaches received an a or b. but two others received a d-grade. and this was ranked one of the most polluted shores, it came in no. 8 on the beach bummer list. it is because of this creek, it frequently test high for contamination. but the dirtiest beach waswas this one in santa cruz. the fact that this is the most polluted beach and calif. according to the recent study comes as no surprise to the officials in
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santa cruz county. here is a sign on the beach that says ocean water may be contaminated and unsafe by order of the santa cruz health department. last year, the 142 days when similar warnings were posted along the county, 128 of the days were posted for this beach cowl beach right here, it is very popular with the surfers and the beachgoers. he'll the basis that the polluted beaches often occur near places like this because a lot of time businesses and tourists, traffic cars automobiles, rainfall runoff and contributes to the bacteria account. if that is not the only reason, a health official says that there are many factors. there is also a lot of kelp that can contribute to the bacteria count. it moves into the
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shallows and starts to the cake. there is a high number of birds and sea lions in the area. that also contributes to the bacteria count and also water flow. there is not a lot of water movement in this particular area the water will get stagnates especially in the summer months. farther out you go, they said the better the water quality. >> a lot of people did not realize that" heal the bay" the update reports every week. you might want to watch out for the five beaches tehy--they all got f grades that means they are all polluted, each or range on wet and dry conditions. dry conditions at kyte board beach, at sunnyvale, and and
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>> a look at a developing weather story, 2 tornadoes have been spotted. the severe thunderstorm that you are looking at right now does have rotation. it is moving towards chico, the rotation rate is very strong. there is heavy rain and hail. it is moving about 15 mi. per hour, it will hit chico about 6:24 p.m. it shows no sign of losing rotation, if you know people in this area, tell them to look out for this. tell them to move into an interior closet or bathroom.
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[cheerieng] >> these are canuks fans celebrating. talk about a tough loss for the sharks. >> well, the core players are back, but how you improve on one of the best teams in the national hockey league? one of the last four in just 26 of the teams that would like to been in that position. >> as you said, they were giving it everything they had. >> this was like your dad's car against a high- performance machine. this is game no. 5, there is one of the things that went wrong the, the puck is against the wall, it goes off the glass, against a teammate, no one sees this, and then kevin
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blasted by, this is a double overtime in the game winning goal. here it is again, see patrick on the right, he conceded, but he is the only one that saw it in it was just too late to react. that is it. and another thing that went wrong last night, was robert roe,-- roberto he was just amazing. if they could not get the key one bye in double overtime. and then there's 13 seconds left. the sharks were up 2 to 1, and then ryan redirected through to send this game into overtime. the sharks were that close to hosting a game no. 6. who knows what would've happened if the 2 to 1 score game held but as a result what happens now? they have several free
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agents, on the left are the unrestricted and on the right are the restricted free agents. including seven who had eight goals last night. >> it was fun while it lasted. >> absolutely and this was what it felt like in the locker room afterward. >> basically, our core will be back but right now the process,.. >> can you walk away with this with a little pride? >> no. it sucks her to lose. >> he said it right. the sharks are back home, they will take a step back and then we will see what is on their minds tomorrow in san jose. >> we look forward to a brighter future. stay with us, more news after the
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break. [music]
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>> el we are starting with developing other news out of northern california. severe thunderstorm tracking towards the area. they have already spotted two on the ground, we see very heavy rainfall in the deep shade of red on the screen. the tornados are touching down and moving towards the chico area. take a look at the warning, the area is right here towards chico. that is where the warning remains into effect until 615 this evening. this is a dangerous tournedos thunderstorm. take a look that local conditions. we still see some snow flying in the sierra, scattered showers to the north, as this continues to move to the east, we could see some light showers. in the north bay, we could see showers
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approaching the santa rosa area. we have dry conditions headed up tomorrow, another storm on the way. it looks like we may see clouds and cooler temperatures. speaking of cooler temperature that is what we saw out there today. the fifties and low sixties for the most part. a little warmer and los gatos, 67 degrees there, 63 in concord, and the temperatures will remain several degrees below average this time of year. we have 73 degrees in antioch and here's the kron4 around the bay forecast. it will be warm tomorrow, but the temperature still remain below average. friday the storm passes to the north. a little more cooler temperatures and light showers into the morning.
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into the weekend the temperatures will warm up. the temperatures will still be a few degrees lower than what they should be at this time of year. [music] >> you do not walk into a room like that every day, the president continues his european tour today addressing the british parliament to talk about the warm relationship between both countries. he said that relationships are essential with going after goes like dealing with iran and working in the free world. despite her a few crumbling, the icelandic volcano is beginning to settle down a little bit. as you can see the interior is still bubbling. it is a far cry from the heavy smoke and ash that was sent billowing into the sky earlier this week. that eruption caused more
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than 1000 flight cancellations. the flights have now resumed. germany actually closed airspace to all of northern travel on tuesday. we will be right back more news coming ow#ç3
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>> continuing with our developing story right now near chico. a tornado warning in effect for this area right here on your screen. take a look at the precipitation. two tornados have touched the ground. one is just 11 mouse southwest of chico. --one is just 11 mi. southwest of chico. >> pioneer has a new radio that can be installed in any vehicle it is called the ap
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radio. it is to blend the smart phone with a car. burn in the smart phone application into the car and a safe way. it replaces the existing car radio and gives you a.m. and fm and so much more. once you plug in your car phones--once you put in your phone, you can interact with your radio on your phone. the touchscreen is your access point to your phone or the ipod touch. it would be safer to use this than trying to work your phone while driving. for now only certain applications work with this. but they expect hundreds plus thousands soon after that to be in the market. i got to test this like pandora, great for music. the gps drive, and the appstore is
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up and running for the radio, it also gives you access to music on the device, it has a built in blue tooth, you can make handsfree calls through the car speaker. think of the radio as a way to keep you connected to the smart phone while in the car. what i like best, it only lets you run applications that are relevant to driving when driving. it will not let you watch video, look at pictures are play games when the car is in motion. i think this is a safe way to work your smart phone from the dashboard. it is a good way to stay connected and run apps in your car. this will hit the market sometime in june, you'll have to have this installed, that will cost another $100. for now only works with the iphone and the ipod touch. for now but may be later it will work with others.
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>> now a big contrast of weather happening across the country. stay with us, we have a developing story coming up out of oakland. [music]
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>> now at 6:00. a sad development for a missing girl the police believe that she took her life. >> as the tornado tears kron4 states, kron4 has new pictures of the devastating damage. and how hundreds are trying to recover. [music] >> tonight we have new details in the search for a missing 15 year-old girl, allison bayliss. investigators say that the clues that they have uncovered reason to believe that allison took her own
6:01 pm
life. what investigators are saying tonight, j.r.? >> yesterday we had so many volunteers outside but a much different story. yesterday they were shoulder to shoulder, this is the same parking lot that they found her bicycle. a much different story because the search was called off after it was confirmed that she took her life at the golden gate bridge. the video that you are looking at are some of the emergency crews that can be seen walking around this morning and into the afternoon on some of the docks on the bay, they're looking for signs of the girl's remains. at the last report they have not been found. no family members out here a few volunteers came out earlier. everyone left after the authorities confirmed that the young girl took her life. >> i confirm that the search and rescue efforts yesterday provided us information as well as other investigative records as well as some
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providing us that information. i would be remiss if i did not think that that everyday citizens and the volunteers who showed up to walk all the land here in search for allison. >> i didn't ask the historic peace if the cameras along the golden gate bridge caught her walking along the path, but that was something that would not confirm, they would not get specific on only that she took her life. recording in san francisco j. r. stone kron4 news. if it >> the team coverage moves to the danville and we have teresa standing by live. >> of the danville congressional churches where there will be a ceremony held here. behind me are the church doors, it is blocked
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right now, the vigil is expected to get under--get underway at 7:00, there is no one here right now. but this is a flyer that was taped to the wall. i spoke with her friends, they said they did not want to be interviewed. they were too upset in too much in shock. the church can hold about 100 people, they are expecting this crowd to be to capacity. we will be here throughout the week in-- evening and report. >> the high school along with the district were talking out the loss of allison bayliss. >> everyone was talking about it the day that she went missing and then we were searching for her, me and my english class we wrote letters to the family. >> i am shocked, i thought that she would come home alive. >> it is just sad that knowing anyone of us could do that. >> we swam on the swim team
6:04 pm
for about five years, a lot of kids knew her very well and we will miss her a lot. >> our worst fears have been realized right now. we are trying to communicate with our community and support kids, supports students, staff members, parents, who now, instead of hoping for a rescue effort are now coping with the loss. >> the school district does have counselors on campus for students or teachers that want to talk about what happened. stay with kron4 and as the search continues for allison bayliss the missing teenager. the inspector general says that hundreds of prison inmates that served their time were let out on parole without supervision and they say that was a mistake, they're blaming it on a computer program that assesses the risk of prisoners.
6:05 pm
>> the office of the inspector general review 10,000 people out of prisoners--out of prison and this was in july 2010 they found that 15 percent should of been supervised, that is about 1571 inmates. they said they had a high risk of real fending, and others had a high risk of violence. the inspector general's office said that was the situation but the state department of corrections said that they are disputing the findings. they said that the risk assessments have improved. they say the numbers are completely wrong. >> in short, we dispute this, we have already gone back on active supervision just in an abundance of caution. as the inspector general office says yes,
6:06 pm
they went back to review this, but they say this was done prior to the assessment, they say that they reviewed this, and found that they had to put four people back under supervision but the bottom line is that their review is in july, the 1500 people that they found were still on supervised at that point if indicating that there was still a problem. >> this just in, oakland firefighters battling a blaze. take a closer look in looks to be a fairly densely populated residential area. no word on any injuries, we have a crew on the way, but a to alarm fire burning in east oakland, i and grant lotus, kron4 news. >> take a look at the developing story, we see the tornadoes touching down just outside of chico. it looks
6:07 pm
like the severe thunderstorms are dying down. we still see heavy rain, and large hail and tornadoes were about 11 mi. southwest tracking towards chico, but it looks like they are dying down. >> tonight what nbc airs the giants game, we will air the nbc shows. that includes a special airing of kron4 at 10:00 p.m.. california should be proud.
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6:11 pm
>> the old tree is still standing and might be saved. all of the heavy equipment is sitting quietly where this section of a 9 mi. pipeline is being installed. the department with--met with the neighbors and talk about cutting the tree down. they want to remove the tree out because they figured that the roots might damage the pipeline. the trenches have been dug except for the area around the tree. one option may be to bury the pipe deeper and go under the root system, the that might cost one-half million dollars to do and might not work after all. you can see why, each section of the out pipe are 40 ft. long and weigh about 20,000 lbs. each. there's not enough room to go round and the pipe has to be straight for the millions of gallons of water that needs to go through it. they say they will hold off any construction until next
6:12 pm
week. but the neighbors that love the tree will have to wait to see what will happen. >> out there was a major crash today on south bound 680 in pleasant hill. you are looking at the scene, there were a number of injuries, four people were hurt. officers that responded said that one car was on its side, another car overturned, another person trapped with a broken leg. the scene was cleared about one hour and a half later. investigators are still looking into what caused the crash. stay with us, more news after the break. [music]
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>> tournedos continuing to cause damage in the midwest. oklahoma and arkansas has neighborhoods that were torn to shreds. there have been many deaths, hundreds of people are missing. grant has been following the
6:16 pm
story. >> this is unbelievable, the picture shows storm clouds over newport arkansas, that happened this afternoon. this is one of four states, the tornadoes have taken lives making this year the deadliest since 1963. oklahoma is still adding up the damage from yesterday twisters. this was caught on tape by storm chasers. >> it is a tornado! >> one of oklahoma's a deadly twister's going down an interstate. a tractor explodes, pieces of thrown into the ear of the driver survived and helped some motorists who were hiding under their car. not far away, the storm chasers were there what turned out to be a brick home to a direct hit. >> oh my god!
6:17 pm
>> this is another killer tornado! >> this photographer had to dodge telephone poles. he said this is the first time that he was concerned for his own safety. >> the first time in my life i actually was a little worried yesterday. >> search efforts are under way. >> i have been office 20 years and through a lot of natural disasters but i have never seen this many in a short period of time. >> hundreds of homes in southwest oklahoma city were reduced to splinters. >> this is devastating. >> the total rose to 125 it has been revised down to nine in oklahoma. four people died in arkansas, two people died in kansas. >> and a tornado in joplin is the country's seventh million-dollar natural disasters six others ranged
6:18 pm
from a natural disaster, to a blizzard in the northeast have caused more than $1 billion in damage. >> wal-mart says that its pledges $1 million to help victims. it's said that it has already directed truck loads of water and food and other basic supplies to the area. it says that the store in joplin was badly damaged. an unknown number of people were killed and hurt, but none of them were wal-mart employees. >> a tornado affecting the midwest. with see a tornado outside of chico. severe thunderstorms that is the red part of the screen. this also shows a rotation. the tornadoes through the severe thunderstorms. 2 tornadoes have already touched down. if you know anyone in the chico area, make sure that they are aware of the
6:19 pm
dangerous situation, heavy winds, hail and a tornado warning has been extended by the national weather service. this red box is the first, that was scheduled to expire at 15 minutes after. but this one was just issued, it will be in effect until 6:45 p.m.. taking a wider view picture of this area, you can see the showers of to the north. the severe weather that we talked about in chico, but clear conditions down south. there is a chance that this could clip the north bay this evening. places like santa rosa. keep that in mind. we are dry as we headed to tomorrow, but as we head into friday, this will move over in the bay area, bringing cloud cover and cooler temperatures and possibly rain. here's a look at current conditions in the upper 50s and lower 60s. a
6:20 pm
lot more cooler than what we saw yesterday. 59 degrees in san francisco, 61 and napa, 63 in san jose. as we headed to tomorrow, the temperatures will warm up. 66 in santa rosa, 65 in richmond, 73 antioch, and 71 in morgan hill. take a look of the difference between the cool temperatures and where we should be for this time of year. we have been running below average for the past week. take a look at the temperatures for tomorrow. all in the '60s, but this time of year, we should be in the '70s and the low 80s. it will only be 68 degrees tomorrow, 13 degrees cooler tomorrow and it should be 80 degrees in concord at this time of year. the cooler weather will stick with us, here is the extended forecast. friday the temperatures will cool down. we will see the
6:21 pm
conditions warrant into the weekend, but this still remains below average for this time of year. >> at least 100 pedestrians are hit and killed by drivers every year in the bay area. most of them are killed in a few dangerous intersections. this is one in the east bay of people behaving badly. >> i always tell people that this is the worst intersections. >> yes there is an intersection in oakland for people say it is the absolute worst in the entire city. it is so bad that one person actually told me that someone crossing the street almost gets killed every day. it is an intersection where the city of oakland and drivers are behaving badly. where is this? i will not tell you. at least not now, the reason is because i am working on showing you just how bad it is so that you can see this for yourself. on a special edition of people behaving badly on kron4 news at 10:00
6:22 pm
p.m.. >> we have a programming change to tell you about, dr. phil is moving time slots that means that at 8:00 p.m., there will be a kron4 newscast. the change begins on monday may 30th. [music] dad, i was wondering if you've --
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this just in, in fatal shooting in oakland. you are looking at live pictures from the sea. police cars, caution tape, a 17 year old boy was shot and killed this afternoon. the police say that he was riding his bike home from school when he was gunned down. he is a senior in high school. we have the address and the google first match. as you can see, there are fields over to the left, and it looks like he was writing a short distance when the police said that ito was gunned down. this is a kid that was one to be graduating in a couple of
6:26 pm
weeks, he was a member of the school leadership of. it is still a very active investigation. as i said, he was a senior about to graduate a part of the leadership team, and when the police arrived, they said was a big group of people that left when the police pulled up. they believe that there were witnesses that may have seen something and they are urging anyone with any information to call the police if you know something. but again, a 17 year-old boy didian franklin jr shot dead in oakland. >> in national news, the man they kidnapped elisabeth smart was sentenced to prison for life. he was convicted of taking the 14 year old at knifepoint. after nine months of abuse, she was rescued in reunited
6:27 pm
with her family. the brother of former olympic ice skater nancy kerrigan did not play a part in his father's death. that was the decision of the jury today, he was acquitted of involuntary manslaughter. his sister was there when the verdict was read. he was accused of causing his 70 year-old father's heart failure during a violent confrontation last year. she defended her brother while talking to reporters outside of the court room. >> my family has never believe that my brother had anything to do with my father's death. my dad would never have wanted any of this. >> market kerrigan was found guilty of a lesser charge, assault and battery he would be sentenced tomorrow, he faces up to two and a half years in prison. >> stay with us, more news coming up after the break.
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>> @ 6:30 p.m. tonight is the story in one big block of lose. right now our top story. >> in san francisco, the area that was used as the command center to find allison bayliss, it is still there but no one else is here involved in what was a search, the authorities believe that she took her own life. she did that by jumping off a the golden gate bridge. reporting in san francisco j. r. stone, kron4 news. >> continuing our coverage, we are here at the east d holeanville--we are here at thedanville church in. her friends say that they're shocked and very sad about losing their friends.
6:31 pm
reporting here at danville congregational church. >> students at san ramon valley high school are over what some of the motions and knowing that the officials are treating the disappearance of allison bayliss as a suicide. >> everyone was crying about the news, when she went missing, and then when they stopped searching for her. >> i am really shocked, i thought that she would come home alive. >> in danville, hazzig manyud kron4 news. [music] >> in the big weather story tonight, the tornadoes touching down outside of chico. this indicates rotation, that means that this could be a tornado took down, 5 mi. southwest of chico. heading towards this area, there was a tornado warning until 6:45 p.m.. the area in red that is highlighted on your screen.
6:32 pm
the initial warning that ended at 6:15 p.m. did not include she felt but now it includes this area. a few lingering showers from this mornings. r it looks like we will stay dry, dry conditions for thursday, another storm for friday could bring a little more storm on friday could clip the north bay. we will see cooler temperatures, they will cool down slightly into the weekend and into next week. blue below several greens below average. >> here in california, the department says that the california department of corrections is releasing inmates without supervision and many of them should be. their review the records from july last year. they say about 1500 should have been supervised because they have a good chance of real offending, or they have a rand good chance of being
6:33 pm
violent, they say that the numbers are all wrong. >> a heavy commitment is static and silent, all the workers resent to other jobs size, the san francisco puc have stopped of the water pipeline that threatens a country that has stood here for more than 200 years. the puc met with members of the neighborhood and they express alternatives to cut in the tree down the problem is the work is already under way and rerouting this house line-this-pipeline could cost them millions of dollars. they will delay what to do until next week. >> the annual report card on the california beaches is out. 86 percent of the beaches received an a grade. we have some exceptions listed above. they had the
6:34 pm
distinction of being labeled the eighth most look-a-most polluted beach. now continuing our coverage the list of the most secluded beaches number one on the list, the cowel beach. there are signs slide is one warning them of the high levels of bacteria that as a result of a series of factors mainly because of the riding kelp and the high number of birds and sea lions contributing to the counter. i am on fladeboe with kron4 news. >> this just in, firefighters and oakland have control the fire that we told you about earlier this hour. for as you can see the video that we just shot, it happened at 9851 burr st. the see the flames, the one firefighter is
6:35 pm
battling this. no word on possible injuries, or any potential damage, but the fire is now under control. now in the newsroom. >> time now for tech talk.. >> of pioneer-- >> pioneer has introduced the new appradio being smart phone applications into the car in a safe way. this replaces the existing car radio. it gives you a and/fm in so much more. and once you plugged your telephone in, this will let you interact with the applications on your phone. it has a bit touchscreen like the one on your smart phone. from it it controls this and the bid touchscreen it is your access to your phone. it is safer to touch this than to touch your
6:36 pm
phone while driving. they expect there to be hundreds when this hits the market and thousands soon after that. i had a chance to play the pandora radio and the traffic application that gives up-to-the-minute traffic conditions. but gps drive, the most popular applications, and appstore was running through the radio. it also gives you access to your music. it is an ipod player as well, it has a built in blue tooth and you can make handsfree calls through the car speakers in. this is a way to keep you connected to your smart phone while you're in a car. he only lets you run applications that are relevant to driving and driving. it will not you watch videos, the pictures or play games on the car is in motion. i think that this is a safe way to work your telephone from year-board. it is a good way to stay connected. pioneers will
6:37 pm
cost under 5 $1, this will hit the market sometime in june. you will have to have this installed and that will cost another $100 or so. for now the only ones with the iphone and the ipod touch. but later they may expand its compatibility. >> tonight when the ear the giants game, we will air the nbc programming, and a special airing of kron4 news at 10:00 p.m.. burn notice will air to 9 at 11:30 p.m..
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>> this just in to the kron4 news room, we have the first images of the terrible storms pounding the chico area. this is video from the chopper. cloud are gray, the clouds and the sky is gray. there is a tornado warning for chico, a couple people have reported funnel clouds touching down that means that they are tornadoes. these are the first pictures
6:41 pm
that we have seen from the area. tornado warnings for chico, we get more video that is compelling we will bring it to you. >> in the buzz say retail in is the star of a feature film that will premiere in iowa, it is called the undefeated, a favorable look at her political history. her adviser says that the alaska governor is considering a white house bid. this came out on the same day that one of her former aids release a tell- all book calling her leadership style absolutely chaotic. martha stewart says that her company will welcome her back she was forced to take a five-year break after going to prison in 2005, she was convicted in 2004 of lying to investigators. the company shares were up 32% after
6:42 pm
that announcement was made today. with the sharks season over, the question is what about next year? the coach tries to enter the next. the lakers have a new head coach that is also a candidate for the warriors vacancy. gary tells you who straight ahead. hey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this!
6:43 pm
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>> this evening, mike brown will not be coaching the golden state warriors, the former cleveland cavalier buzz is the new coach of the las angeles lakers. 4years 18.2 $5 million, with look braun james in tow, he guided them to the finals, and a couple of wins. they
6:46 pm
will say he is right in las angeles and one of the most protected--prestigious jobs close to mr. brown. the warriors without a coach, but doing good work in the community as david lee and company today at oakland malls would park, bill russell and jason kidd once played on this same court in the city of oakland. david lee of course, it was not long before people said tell us about the logo. jerry west now a member of the warrior executive staff. >> one of the best players of all time one of the best executives of all time joining your team and lending his knowledge to making decisions about will get as a coach, who we will go after in the free agency,
6:47 pm
i think that will be enormous for us. >> we should say that bill russell and jason kidd and our floor director mike powe played there too. >> now this is the killer shift you do a 4:00 hour, 5:00, 6:00, and then 10:00 and then you have a half- hour at 11:30 p.m. no wonder pam , sick today. >> i am ready. but you say that i will not be so upbeat. >> i carried it pam out friday. this will ruin the anchors. are you the only good ones that we have? they'd rather kill you then put someone else in the chair? >> it does not seem so bad. how many hours in the morning? >> whenever they get tired they just they tell me
6:48 pm
about highway 1 01. all right, the sharks season is over. 2 overtimes. anyone who played any competitive sport know how great the sharks were in vancouver. the city of vancouver went nuts, everyone is still talking about the goal that nobody saw. sharks were unavailable to the media today. here is totter talking about what was ahead. >> we obviously did not get the win and that is what we came here for, the series itself, we got better as the series went on. >> is the window closing for this team as far as contending for the couple? >> that is ridiculous, we have some talented players under contract, we have a very strong core we have learned a lot of lessons along the way we have grown as a team. in my opinion
6:49 pm
there is absolutely no reason why we cannot be the lead team next year as we were the last three, four, five years. we expect to be there, that is the standard that we live by. our task ahead of us is to get our selves back here. >> of now giants are home to florida tonight, the oakland manager bob is taking it from all sides. you know the story about his closure for what they say he does not communicate, he does not know his role and here is a former a's play ear. for me personally, he was my least favorite person i ever encountered in sports from ages 6 to 27 i'm very thankful to be a place where i can trust my manager. for i think it would have been better if he played--if he said that while he was playing for the a's.
6:50 pm
>> he would never... >> we have had 31 news people in my years here and i have never seen anyone--a thing that about them after they left. i did not even to know their names. but you did not knock someone after they're dead right? >> it is better not to. >> knocked them to their face while they are here. you are happy now, i want to see you about 10:50 p.m. tonight. now the stanford tennis, last night, they had the 12 year winning streak snapped. they had 184 consecutive matches. to make matters worse, but florida won the marathon match but stanford nonetheless was the runner-up. one of racing's but bigger names to get to the streets literally, piled bush was pulled over going
6:51 pm
128 mi. per hour stint in a 48 now per hour zone in north carolina, bush was test driving a yellow lexis it topped out around 200 mi. per hour he said i was just a test driving a car. kyle bush 140 a mph on the highways of north carolina. such now when return a true college champion four times he has led cal the national rugby title. here is a sport that was at least support release-report-lead going to be done away with an adjacent lot is the king how are you doing? it >> very well thank you. >> i like that voice, i will not be teasing with jason. >> you better not. >> a programming change to tell you about, dr. phil is moving to 4:00 p.m. and there will be a new kron4
6:52 pm
prime-time newscast at 8:00 p.m.. that change begin to monday may 30th. sizzler's fall-off-the-bone ribs are slow-cooked
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>> jason loll only knows how to win, in national champion in high school and sacramento. saturday night he won his fourth college championships. the bears were 26 overall and you talk. a good friend of mine used to play rugby. they won the title over byu a hostile environment. you must've felt like my gosh! we're all of my friends. >> it was a high style game. >> 63 and 240 lbs. why not football why rugby? >> i played at the defensive in but to continue on at the collegiate level i was a little undersized, but
6:56 pm
honestly when i started to play rugby i fell in love with it. i was presented an opportunity to play at uc berkeley. >> why is cal dominant? what is it about rugby that no one else can touch? >> absolutely, i think it starts with the front office and that is all of our coaches. the kind of atmosphere that they build, it is unprecedented. it goes back to about 127 years to those before us, it is just a symbol. >> really quick, do you think you will lose the program with all the talk about knocking out baseball and rugby. >> we would worried at first, but one coach told us that he would take care of it we were sure that he will pull it through. >> now patrick connor he will be thrilled. he is a
6:57 pm
big rugby fan, and meeting new means more to him than meeting michael jordan. good luck to you, he will play abroad, the great basin l aw see you-chastened-law see you at 11. yeah! hey, tessa! mom! [ mocking tone ] mom. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. high speed internet is more affordable than ever with no home phone required. only in the network of possibilities.
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"the insider" has the most complete coverage of tonight's top star news. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. did arnold use taxpayer funds to cover up alleged affairs? has a criminal investigation just been launched. then -- ♪ happy birthday to you exclusive, arnold's mistress' sexy serenade. could arnold have any other children? did arnold try to stop this interview? >> plus -- >> -- arnold's flight attendant accused of having his love child comes forward. >> i respect him, i still do. >> where we found arnold and maria's eldest son. >> until we meet again.


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