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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 26, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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>>: 6 we have a triple live look around the bay to shade conditions we are waking up to. on the left--the golden gate bridge. same thing in walnut creek, 680 look terrific. on mt. tam which are above, there are a few clouds that need to clear out. before we look as the weather we have a--, we have a hot spot of sports. >>: in the good news is the medical emergency that created this problem has been resolved and our service is getting back
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to normal. hot greased it was at the powell street station in san francisco where a person in a wheelchair fell on to the trackway. painfully they were not struck by a train. they were injured but or police and paramedics or able to get that person off of the trackway and her we open this passengers entering the system now could still encounter 10-20 minute delays in but the biggest delays are behind us according to linton johnson. hot no trains were getting through for a while
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but that is all resolved. trains are back to normal probably just a bit behind schedule for a while her according to bart spokesperson linton johnson. traffic on the freeways has not been bad. here at the bay bridge toll plaza there are no delays getting to the upper deck. as we continue our bridge check the san mateo right looks good las angeles or problems, normal volume on the right side of your screen. the golden gate bridge ride is very light with no delays in orrisroot, marin county. let's get a complete weather check from louisa hodge. >>: a pretty nice morning, we are still seen cloud cover. or, getting a little bit of coastal fog and cloud cover, a mixture of clouds and sunshine, that is what we can expect for the majority of the day but we will stay dry. we have a slight chance of rain into the early hours of tomorrow. it looks like the best chances in the north
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bay. here are your hind to redress this morning.--here are your current temperatures of this morning. monday afternoon and abundance of '60s. that is where we will stay for the most part. 70 degrees for concord. temperatures in the mid '60s for the east bay, working our way up to about 72, los gatos at 73. if you to task for takes us through the wet weather chances. face crinkled or to just south of the golden gate bridge, there is nothing compared to what we
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saw yesterday, we're keeping that chance in the forecast but it looks like we're one to dry out, a pretty plaza forecasts for the weekend. and we are cooler than where we should be for this time of year but we are dry. no need to cancel your outdoor plants. " >>: in a wild 24 hours, at least three tornadoes reported in northern california. you can see the tornado actually touching the ground and kicking up some debris up hitting royal farmland 90 mi. north of sacramento, this happened around 630. the weather service reported just to the south of the chico and the sparsely populated dairyland. this is near durham. pure is more aerial video. this twister you can see dropping down the and just touching down. the second one to hit in the to area, some scary moments from people in the area, no major damage or injuries reported. this is cute county. her rather you can see the
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debris being picked up and thrown california averages about seven tornados a year. >>: her eighth fatal shooting in this neighborhood, craig skalar is live this morning. let's go live out to the scene. >>: the checkers and schulte is still blocked off, this is the site plate glass site where the shooting occurred. we will show you some pictures from this morning, this is a 2001 volkswagen theof that police
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believe belong to the victim. rebeccpeople are saying that thy heard shots in rapid succession. >>: it was a pop, pop, pop but it was pretty fast, they were not individual shots. >>: police say that they have not released the name of the victim pending notification of the next of kin. there is a possibility that this is gain related but there is no confirmation of that. that is one of a number of possibilities. the police of metal detectors at and examine the car very closely before hauling it away. they're trying to find any beads in this case. >>: or is there any indication that these two people, the shooter and the victim knew one another? >>: not at the moment, the police are not saying that they
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knew one another, that are not sure if it is a gang-related. hprop open or hot there are no witnesses that we know so far that have seen interaction between the two. >>: for the latest in the attack of a giants fan bryan stow at dodger stadium, the las angeles police department will be holding a news conference this morning with an update. lapd's says they are satisfied with the results of yesterday's police lineup. they put their prime suspect, 31 year-old to giovanni ramirez, they put him in front of or witnesses who identified him as the attacker. ramirez says he has an alibi for the night of the attack and remains in custody on a parole hold. his attorney says police have the wrong man and ramirez was never and the dodgers game. bryan still remains in critical condition. to giants catcher
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buster posey, a big news as he is knocked out of the game and knocked out of the lineup. the top of the twelfth inning, the play at the plate " and there you see posey nod to the ground by former usf player scott cousins. this happened in the top of the twelfth. that turned out to be the winning run. " it appears at he has an injury to his left foot. we are waiting to hear results of x-rays revealed looks like the reigning national league rookie of the year has been knocked out of the giants' lineup. big blow to the team. >>: [ç
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>>: it has been a cold made. but more people have applied for unemployment benefits, the first increase in three weeks. this is evidence that the job market is still sluggish. the labor department says the number of people seeking benefits rose by 10,000 to a seasonally adjusted her for her to 24,000. let's take a look and see how wall street is doing, the dow is down 63 points. >>: of a quick rate as the kron 4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m.. or the san mateo bridge shot, sunny on this thursday morning.
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>>: it doesn't people heard with not life-threatening injuries--a dozen people hurt,. non-life threatening injuries. heavy winds and hail in as the weather brought down buildings
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and toppled trees. neurologists say that the weather is very unusual for the area. a tornado touched down and elsinore misery, no injuries reported. here is a look at some of the damage. there were five homes destroyed in this latest storm. bad weather hitting arkansas, oklahoma and kansas overnight. to joplin missouri where some 1500 people are still accounted for as they try to track down their location from the monster tornado that decimated the town on sunday. gary tuchman reports. >>: hundreds of people still missing, that does not mean they are all dead. it does mean that a few of them are dead because we know for example, one little boy who was missing for three days was found. " actually interviewed his father, his father was also injured in the tornado. police interviewed him in his hospital bed, he hoped his son was alive and we just got the sad word that he was
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identified in the morgue, now one of the victims of the deadliest tornado in a report and whether history in the united states. in addition to the search for the missing, people are going back to their homes. they have not been able to for three days. emergency officials allowed people to go back to their homes provided they got a permit. it was not organized or particularly compassionate. we counted more than 525 people in line in a parking lot waiting for for people to deal with the permits. people waited for hours in line just to be able to the back to their homes. in some cases these people lost relatives, their houses were destroyed, and other cases hothouses were fine but they just want to go back. we see during this disaster, a lack of organization. emergency officials have a lot to deal with but they could be handling
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the situation more compassionately. for this is gary tuchman, cnn >>: or chocolate missouri> her we ask on our face of fan page if you would rather live in tornado country or earthquake country coming here are a couple >>: of >: marcia and commented, it does not matter, anywhere you go there are natural disasters. samantha rights and, even though we do not have for earthquakes all the time, we feel most of them. my vote is earthquakes. you to like to comment, go to our facebook page and i guess. hotfacebook >>: , we have a hot spot on highway 4, is not in the kidney direction. here is the reason why, highway 4 was down is always slow through antioch and outward cents per, that is enormously. if a house bought is any unusual delays that you would normally encounter or in
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major incident. here, it is in the eastbound direction. eastbound like going home commune. we have late road work, it was--it was supposed to be picked up as 6:00 a.m., that was extended to 7:00 a.m. and now that had been extended to 7:25 a.m.. this is in the eastbound direction of highway 4. probably have usual delays in the westbound direction in this unusual delay on the eastbound side. right here is a bridge to check, on the bay bridge westbound, there is no backup or delayed to speak of, just a little slow in the center lanes. pure ride to the san mateo bridge looks good, the volume is fairly normal although a little heavy in the westbound direction. the golden gate bridge ride southbound, very light with no delays. in our experience a medical emergency
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earlier this morning, at 6:20 a.m. a person in a wheelchair fell on the tracks at the powell street station. that's stopped service and found. that was restored at 60 5:00 a.m.. bart may still be recovering from those earlier problems, there might still be delays from east bay in san francisco. those should continue to clear up as the morning wears on. let's had over to the weather center, here is louisa hodge with the weather of day. half >>: and mild forecast in disguise. we have a different picture today compared to yesterday. and we are going to remain cool into the afternoon that there is a slight chance of rain and forecasts. kick right now temperatures are sitting in the '40's and 50's. or in the upper 50s for santa rosa. by the afternoon, for the most part we will stay in the '60s. as a
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crack house about 70 degrees in concord. in linton and could climb to about 73 in antioch. in terms of the what whether in looks like we will see a weak storm passes north of us. as we head into the early morning hours on friday, we could see some of those raindrops south fork. they will be threatening the no. 8 for the most part in it may be squeezing out a few showers just south of the golden gate bridge. here is to your look at the 7 day around the bay. after today and tomorrow we will dry out. memorial day will be a dry one. where a and cool and breezy for saturday and sunday. memorial day will stay dry in, and you'll see sunshine. >>: 7:21 a.m., the three days search for the missing danville teenager has come to an end. authorities believe allison
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bayliss to occur on life. she disappeared monday, her bike was found near the golden gate bridge. hundreds of people gathered in danville to attend this a vigil. it has affected the entire community. >>: scimed allison and six grade, she it seemed like the happiest person, you wouldn't expect anything bad to come. >>: it is a pressing inside that someone would take their lives rocks to is because they feel like something is happening abroad where they are doing something wrong. >>: they have had counselors, i see people that are upset, i feel for them, i feel bad, i did not know her home and i feel horrible about it. >>: this incident has affected everyone in the immediate area, all the way down to my friends in fremont, we all went home in spoke with our kids, we let them know passion that they need to talk to us, no matter how they feel. no matter what they have
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to say, they have to talk to us, it is really important. >>: they can also talk to counselors, that is what the school district has put counselors on the school district since this has happened. >>: alive look outside right now in san francisco, traffic moving slowlsmoothly on the james lick.
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>>: it oakland a's lost last
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night 4-1. a's have lost 2-34. cocoa chris had an rbi double in the fifth to the a's. fiske the oakland a's have lost seven out of eight games. a lot of dissatisfaction with manager-- bobby garrett. how about soccer in at&t park? it >>: that is happening in july, international soccer. manchester city will face if club america for the mexican as premier division. the first match since march 2005. they read in the fields to suit soccer. the giants and the other town that weekend. the progress of the infield in the soccer will run from the first base line towards the left field wall. at 7:27 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at walnut creek, traffic is bogged down on 680
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south. we will be right back. pop-up ashes are cashing kava a the : 4
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marilyn as follows your volatile of " all roof the all middle of all electric week of a
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we might pick up a few raindrops in the area and there are morning hours friday lower not ruling out getting some showers.
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>> tracking of hot spot on 680 take a look at our camera just hot south of highway 24 traffic is almost there is an accident stone at valley road and this is causing the delays the bridges are doing very well this morning the fast- track lanes are little bit backed up at this time. 880 distillate up a good approach to bridge no delays in either direction. the
7:33 am
golden gate bridge ride higher volume but no delays through marin county. harbor bay ferry back in service this morning. there may be delays on the tree station ran a >> or following the pictures of the three tornadoes that touchdown north he conceded twister there in the background while he see the tornado to touching down in the field in chico its solo populated area some minor accidents in the area. do people looking at the
7:34 am
tornado very little damage " scary moments for people lift a around chico area during here's another look at the dramatic images that happened during the past week.
7:35 am
>> sound of wind and hail >> sounds like a waterfall >> it's in a more populated area >> and my gosh, my gosh that is a monster to a middle
7:36 am
>> very large tornado. it went across highway 1 at almost the us it is right on top of us >> this is a violent tornado
7:37 am
>> washed lettuce as it comes in to hold a 01 >> right there whoa begot a final. >> turn it on the ground or >> now for the latest is for that giants fan the was beat at dodger stadium with police are going to hold a news conference later on this afternoon why this is pertaining to the beating of bryan stowe. police said
7:38 am
they are satisfied with the police lineup they had yesterday. this is a picture of geobotany where mayor as
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>> police are still looking
7:42 am
for a suspect in the overnight shooting they heard the shots in rapid succession it was like a pop pop pop >> hard times in making people will make bad choices. >> as you can see the car is being put on a talk truck
7:43 am
this is an item of evidence they went over it at with a metal detector they have not released the name of the victor as they have not notified the family. they're not sure if it was a bank related action any it is still closed off right now and it will be closed off for the next hour or two >> 7
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7:46 a.m. a look at top news the police are going to
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hold a news conference concerning the beating up bryan stowe. yesterday in police held a lineup with my mayor as. >> uc were posey was taken out at home plate by usf cousins. we're waiting for more information on the x- ray of posing. he might be out of the game today. >> 32 natives were reported and 90 mi. north of sacramento it mostly
7:48 am
dairyland. incredible shots. >> we have been watching across the country at the tornadoes and this was a big surprise for our area. this is a shot of downtown san francisco very nice out there compared the yesterday, crane is they call this afternoon. we have a slight chance of rain later on this afternoon a steady stream of cloud cover coming into the area. but
7:49 am
the afternoon same most in the '60s as you consider. after that rain thread for overnight it will move out here and we will have something tasty tomorrow stretching ollie into memorial weekend. >> hotspot on 680 at the back of leading into walnut creek there was an accident at stone bellaire road at the location of the problem. and he conceded not hiring or backed up. continuing
7:50 am
with our bridge check everything looks good there was an accident reported on the upper deck but it doesn't appear that they have activated the metering lights. san mateo bridge ryde no delays in either direction. >> foldable bikes will now be permitted on buses. the
7:51 am
bikes need to remain with the owner cannot take up room on a seat. >> free trial discussions with the lawsuits against p g and e the lawyers representing the utilities and the lawyers representing the victims are going to have a case conference call with a judge to officially navigate how the trial will proceed. >> oakland police are looking for the person that shot a 17 year-old student
7:52 am
who was going to graduate this weekend a few blocks from the school. they saw the body lying outside his home and called police. piquancy the shots that were fired into the home. police are looking for a motive they're not sure if he was just a bystander. dr.phil moving to a new times slot at 4:00 p.m. starting monday may 30th >>
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welcome back the crew on a spate shuttle are looking
7:56 am
for any signs of damage to the heat shield before that the shuttle returns back to earth. the 3-d images of the shuttle are being reviewed back on the ground. >> endeavor commander kelly has been talking to his wife's daily and this will be the first look at his wife after her most recent surgery >> is being nice to see her on video and see how she is doing and enjoy her our visit on the space station. i really have not taught
7:57 am
them what to expect. it might be 20 to 30 minutes hopefully it'll be good views of the earth. >> the views of the building outside of your right or a woman dropped off a mysterious bag with grenades.
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>> good morning a minute before 8:00 the latest in the case against the giants fan expect a news conference where witnesses have identified geobotany ramirez was in the lineup. he says he has an alibi he was not even at the game. still remains in critical condition >> this is the collision at home plate where former star from usf scott cousins.
8:01 am
doctors your checking out the ankle and revealing x- rays. they are short of three players. >> while the weather with three tornadoes touching down north of the sacramento area these are videos of the tornadoes touching down and debris being picked up and thrown around. no injuries were reported in the area in chico. you can see the tornadoes touching down on the ground. this is the one
8:02 am
north of sacramento some of the debris being picked and thrown around. three tornadoes touching down. >> look at our conditions outside a lot of difference between today and yesterday. >> we have clouds out there from our shot of the golden
8:03 am
gate bridge. still colt we reinstate dry most of the day. chance of rain overnight and early hours of morning. right now temperatures are in the '50s. in santa rosa temperature will be in the '60s. a look at temperatures around the area right now. the chance of getting sprinkles or early in the morning over the bay area.
8:04 am
overall but we will remain dry in most of the area. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the bay looks like we will be trying out and it'll be a dry memorial weekend monday the sunshine comes out. law >> let creek is still a hot spot chp is not providing much of the details whether the crash has been cleared. look what is done to the ride is jammed well before highway 24. also not north abound to lace into danville and a look at 680 southbound. in the westbound
8:05 am
direction in the mid and but bound an accident as you head into the toll plaza. another bridge check on the bay bridge nothing much of a back up. no problems in either corrections here the golden gate bridge is that packwood easy trip southbound won a one slowing little. harbor bay ferry back in service after being down three days due to the damage done at the dock. >> in san jose a man was shot and killed around 11:00
8:06 am
p.m. last night. >> police are still in the area for the street is still shut down officers are going door-to-door and in the apartment complexes that are in the area. earlier this is the 2000 white volkswagen that was taken away by a tow truck. >> all i heard was pop, pop, pop. it was one right after another real quick. hard
8:07 am
times are making people do bad choices >> they haul the volkswagen away about an hour and a half ago after police skyrocket with metal detectors. they still do not know who this man is an have not released any further information. people say this is a quiet neighborhood a lot of people with children going off to school are surprised at what is going on in their neighborhood. people are rather shocked as this intersection is still being blocked >> also police are still looking at a staten that
8:08 am
happened in the year suspect remains at large. we'll be right back as we look outside at the mt. tam chem. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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labor department said the number of people seeking benefits rose to 224,000 >> today's of talks on economic issues on his european tour in the middle east and north africa. this is a picture of president obama coming out of a meeting. >> will be right back in just a few minutes another look at the golden gate.
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happened. >> my boys are fans of the giants and fleur amazed of what happened at home plate.
8:16 am
>> it looks more like football and baseball. . the runner was going at full speed and the catcher is just standing there. >> the catcher has all the gear on her >> i don't feel was a dirty play this is a guy who was trying to win the game >> those it was blocking the plate and this is his job
8:17 am
>> if the rules stated you had to go into feetfirst or spikes first at home plate >> have not heard anything more about his injury looks like his ankle just folded under him >> tow at hockey or you can block but the collisions at home plate to make me love baseball. the guys to play
8:18 am
every day and this is not good >> how about the long 19th inning game and the phillies played where reds told 1:20 a.m. and then have to turn around today and play it 1:00 p.m. >> they really earn their money last nine
8:19 am
>> hourly enough i can watch baseball like this every nine >> my son watches with me
8:20 am
now >> at 2:00 on saturday, morning oil and you're watching expert and kansas which to still be watching. >> the wife doesn't want to sit there and watch all my >> my wife washes american idol >> now basketball if it's going to be the key to rid it means nothing heath's
8:21 am
>> and lost to miami before when they had shaq. >> i want to see at the shack difference now and brawn. >> and the new coach with the lakers easy to be able to handle kobe >> the coach said he had not talked to kobe is very busy with his family ran out. the kobe in him will be buddies.
8:22 am
>> all in all this is the hot scout for the lakers had your of padua when an unusual spot for a woman she was the first nba scout who >> why would you for a picture like that >> maybe this list please tell >> is it unusual for a woman
8:23 am
to be as thought? >> i see on tuesday am taking the weekend off.
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8:27 am
>> to sell large tree day search for the 15 year-old danville the teenager has been called off. and last night hundreds of people joined a vigil. the death of the teenager is affecting very many people in the area.
8:28 am
>> very depressing inside that somebody would take their life because something is happening wrong or that they were doing something wrong i did not >> it has affected everyone in the immediate area and will set an talk to our kids the need to talk to us no matter how they felt that are no matter what they have to say they need to talk to us >> the dental school district will continue to have counselors time now is a 28 >> a little bit of a warm-
8:29 am
up and we will be right back [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>>: for more on our hold a story that touched down in the bay area, to the north at least three tornadoes touched down to the north of sacramento. if of the tornado touched down, some of the debris was picked up, this was just to the south of chico. the area is sparsely populated, no one was injured. this touched down near term. here is another tornado, there were four minor accidents as reported round the tornado, but no lateas major injuries. with r a third tornado as well, this one in butte county, you can see debris being picked up. the tornado is just starting to form in speaking of that debris. no damage or injuries reported with this one. if california gets about seven tornados a year.
8:32 am
most of them are >>: partly cloudy conditions this morning, and temperatures in the '40's. the evening brings a slight chance of rain overnight. more likely tomorrow morning, the temperature is sitting in the 50s across the board. 53 in san francisco, 52 in santa rosa. hayward in the mid-50s. the afternoon highs will stay contained to the '60s. as you head inland places like concord could creep up to about 70. 10 degrees cooler as ahead towards the coast. along the coast, 50 unexpected for half moon bay. off 71 degrees in morgan hill. in terms of what the weather, the chance of rain actually sets in as we head into
8:33 am
the early morning hours. by 10:00 p.m. the bay area is dry, wet weather to the north but a weak storm. it looks like it could bring a few sprinkles into the north bay as we head into the early morning hours tomorrow. green chances continue until 4:00 p.m.. it could begin to seek sprinkles. your 7 day around the bay, we will dry out for memorial weekend, hot partly cloudy over the weekend. monday looks nice. sunshine comes out, a fairly pleasant forecast for memorial day. >>: 680 southbound is jammed up on a hot spot. is improving ever so slightly. there was a stone belly road accident that jammed of traffic. we're still reeling
8:34 am
from the effects. also still jammed his eastbound highway heading out towards with this bird and antioch. late road work back at the traffic in the early morning hours. even though they were supposed to be out at 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., by 7:30 a.m. they were cleared of the traffic is still stacked of heading eastbound. the westbound a bridge, no backup or delays. you're right on the san mateo bridge has also been pretty good this morning with no problems. it has been an easy ride in both directions. for the golden gate bridge, 101 northbound and southbound is a problem for a with intermittent pockets. >>: page 30 4:00 a.m., the latest in the case of the giants
8:35 am
fan who was beaten at dodger stadium and the rest of the police made. las angeles police will hold a news conference this morning. after a line of yester day, the witnesses did identify the man they're arrested as the one of the bryan stow. here is his picture, 31 year-old giovanni ramirez. identified as the attacker in a line of. he says that he has an alibi for the night of the attack. he remains in custody on april hold. bryan still remains in critical condition. >>: one story everyone is talking about, giants catcher ron oster posey was knocked out of the games open against florida following its collision at home plate with scott cousins. giants' medical staff rushing out to oppose it, he was helped off of the field, the reigning national league rookie of the year appears to have injured his left foot although there has been no immediate reaction from the team. if the giants were down 6-2, they scored four runs in the bottom
8:36 am
of the ninth to tie the game with the marlins went on the score by scott cousins. jackie sissel is getting reaction this morning from giants fans. >>: about 35,000 people wish they had not scored those four runs last night, trying to underplay how courts appear important posey is, he is their cleanup hitter, rarity of the year, he is their catcher, if he is her for any length of time it is a huge deal. there is a game at 12:30 p.m. against the marlins, i have been talking to people out here and everyone is on pins and needles. they are upset, they think it was a clean plate for the most part, but they think about buster posey is going to be difficult for the giants to repeat. when this is the foremost topic on the
8:37 am
table. the game has taken on a second nature, i think everyone is starting not to want to hear from the medical staff. there is supposed to be an mri to see the damage and how long he's going to be held. from everything i have been reading and hearing, it does on the good, it is probably going to be an extended stay on the disabled list. >>: 8:37 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the james lick in san francisco. a lot of sunshine, and distances. we will be right back. her and and i are
8:38 am
and what it appeared. aardvark of work and love o
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8:40 am
>>: it more harmful storms moving to the midwest, this time in indiana, a tornado destroyed homes in bedford indiana. for several homes, barns and other buildings or flattened. families
8:41 am
a dozen people were hurt the the injuries are not life- threatening. if thousands of customers without power. if it takes a look at this damage, a straight line wins. there is also heel in the area of heavy, large heel. for the very unusual and in the end of. in northwest missouri, severe weather has a number of towns and arkansas, oklahoma and kansas. >>: we ask you on facebook if you would rather live in a tornado country or earthquake country. her melinda says or earthquakes. she said tornados are seasonal the significant of goods only, and once every few years if you like to have your
8:42 am
comments in red on the air go to our facebook engage in like us to participate. >>: 8:41 a.m., we're back with more and a couple of minutes. we're keeping our eyes on the weather. traffic is still very sluggish on 680. mark up and
8:43 am
with a of the world like this and we have
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>: police say giovanni ramirez is violent deeds the giants then at dodger stadium. he was identified in a line up with witnesses yesterday. require >>: with are waiting to hear how bad things are for giants catcher buster posey, he was knocked out of the game last night. an mri to date. the
8:46 am
reigning national league rookie of the year. >>: at least three tornadoes reported in northern california, here is one of them in the chico area. >>: of things have calmed down a lot since then. >>: look at the pictures from mt. tam, still dealing with cloud cover and we will throughout much of today but also getting these nice it breaks of sunshine. he is going to warm us up slightly. testers are below average however we will stay dry drop the day. if face light chance of rain as we head into the early morning tomorrow. in the north bay you have the best chance, they you could stay dry packet overnight. here is a book ought to celebrate our show you what
8:47 am
leather for mr. diller brought us rain, on the bay area into into tornadoes near chico. a steady stream of cloud >>: skin most members in the '60s through the afternoon. asked billy held at 67. heck we could squeeze out a few 70 degree readings today. your 7 day around the bay, shows unit print paula really kenya are staying dry. recondition
8:48 am
saturday and sunday. >>: 680 is backed up into the rhone valley and out of pleasant hill itself bound. " >>: if an accident southbound on 101 that francis drake boulevard. " after that it is slow in gold towards mill valley. case lower than usual right on 101 from marin. when an accident was found at howell street on interstate 80. best of all the way into san
8:49 am
>>: 8:49 a.m., the space shuttle crew will inspect and ever one last time to check for any damage. the astronauts are going to hand over the laser to tool to the into nasa space station tomorrow. and the 3d shuttle images are being analyzed at the same time but experts on the ground to make sure that there is no damage before they clear the shuttle to come home next week. >>: mark kelly will get to see his wife congresswoman gabby giffords. kelly said he will have a half-hour video conference with his wife, the first time you will get to see her following her most recent surgery. i >>: i am looking for talking with her. i have been speaking
8:50 am
with her every night before bed. it will be nice to do it by video, to see there she is doing in for her to join us on board the space station for a little bit. hot and and i think she still has on bandages. i have not thought about what to expect. it is about 20-30 minutes, hopefully it will be in a day pass so that i can show her some great views of the earth. give >>: france had a piece of personal replace after being shot in the head in january during that mass shooting at a meet and greet with constituents or six people were killed during yesterday's a judge ruled that jarred laughner is not competent to stand trial. >>: security guards for arnold schwarzenegger are denying reports alleging that they helped to cover of his extramarital affairs. the former california governor who separated from his wife maria shriver and been price admitted
8:51 am
earlier this month hot that he had fathered a child at an with the family's housekeeper around newark 13 years ago he and kept it a secret. recent reports suggest that as schwarzenegger' s highway patrol officers felt him to hide his infidelity. there is any picture that has surfaced that shows are killed with his family in the area alongside the housekeeper and the baby he had with the housekeeper. >>: we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. pale lot of clouds and sunshine . preparing change, dr. phil will be moving to 4:00 p.m.
8:52 am
beginning monday it is made 30. that means at 8:00 p.m. there will be a new kron 4 prime-time newscast. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use.
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>>: welcome back, it is 80 5:00 a.m., a new car stereo looks to connect you to your phone what you drive, gabe slate takes a >>: look> pioneer unveiled a new type of radio that can be installed into any vehicle. the app radio. the purpose of this gadget is to blend a smart phone with a car burning the popular world of smart phone applications into the car for the driver in a safe way. the app radio replaces an existing car radio, it gives you am/fm with and so much more. splendor iphone or ipod touch into the connector and the app radio allows internet to with the abs and your phone. basics and a touch screen -- it has a six
8:56 am
into the touch screen. with the touch screen user access point to your phone or ipod touch, it is safer using this and in trying to work your phone while driving. only certain apps work but they expect there to be hundreds pans thousands of bonds this where does the market. pandora radio was easy to use. you have an up for up to manage traffic conditions. you have gps pass as well. bill 10 blue to, make phone calls to your car's radio. are with it also acts as when an ipod and plays music. it only allows you to access apps that are relative to driving. you cannot watch video, look at
8:57 am
pictures or play games while your car is in motion. a great way to work your smart phones from your dashboard. the app radio is under $500 and hits the market in june. having this install will cost another $100 or so. right now it only works with the ipod and ipod touch but they may expand prince court abilities. can >>: we are back in a few minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues. here is a look at mt. tam as we see sky is starting to clear.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>: we have more on the attack
9:00 am
of a giants fan and bryan stow. giants catcher buster posey has been introduced in a beautiful " -- has been injured in a brutal collision. we are waiting on an update on his condition. some unusual weather in the west coast, northern california tornadoes, we will show you the video from outside of chico. a quick update on area weather and traffic. >>: are pretty impressive pictures from yesterday, a pretty impressive pictures today as well. a lot of sunshine. and nice forecast ahead and a look at your memorial day weekend cast. shapiro we have some hot spots on 68. i will update those for you in a report coming up. >>: the latest in the case of an attack on a dodgers fan at per
9:01 am
dodger stadium, lapd's says they are satisfied with the results of yesterday's police lineup.. with the prime suspect, 31 year- old giovanni ramirez, project witnesses identified him as the attacker. ramirez said he has an alibi for the night of the attack and remains in custody on april cold. his attorney says police have the wrong man ran and threw harris was never apps the baseball game. >>: past the top of the 10's, a major collision at home plate with key florida marlins player her and posey is the reigning national league rookie of the
9:02 am
year, he is in pain on the ground, he may have injured his left leg or left foot. we're winning from an announcement from the team. -- we are waiting from an announcement from the team. the marlins went 7-6. friends were gasping as buster posey went down in pain. >>: we are hearing all kinds of reports, one web site in san francisco is reporting it is a broken leg and torn ligaments. that has not been confronted by the giants. not only is he the remaining rookie of the year, he is the best hitter parker, a fan favorite.
9:03 am
>>: you were at the game last night? " >>: yes. >>: was a clean slate? >>: it was a collision at home plate, i cannot really see, how is he? has he broken his ankle? >>: have not said yet. he >>: is a good player, we are lucky to have him. >>: can they win without him? >>: yes. bring up brand in build. hough >>: that was jackie sissel getting reactions from francfan. corporate other stories that we are following, three tornadoes touching down in northern california, here is one of them captured by a sacramento station talk to. palmeor here is 120 nou
9:04 am
can see the funnel cloud starting to touch the ground. this is in a rural area. no reports of any injuries. in butte county, here is another week interest and that is just as the tornado picks up degree, that is when the tornado becomes visible. tornadoes are rare but they are not too unusual, calif. experiences about seven tornadoes on average, most of them are very weak. all eyes are on the memorial day weekend forecast. >>: luckily i get to say there is a dry weather, otherwise i might get some text messages,
9:05 am
tweeds complaining about that. james lick, partly cloudy conditions expected throughout most of the day, we are born to stay dry into the cool into the afternoon. a chance of rain convenient early tomorrow morning. we are starting out with the satellite and radar, showing you know whether the data caused the tornadoes in chico. you can see a continuous steady stream of club ever picked or clout -- cover. a slight chance of winning this initiative for the north bay into the early morning hours. rain and temperatures in the '50s. we are already in the upper 50s in places like fairfield, san jose, livermore is run up 56 degrees. an abundance of '60s tomorrow. your
9:06 am
7 day around the bay highlights a 20 percent chance of rain. weakness gain by not seeing any " would but her you cannot rule of showers. your memorial day weekend, nearly : 70 countries the saturday and sunday, monday, seven is around the inland spots, upper 50s for the coast. >>: for the first time in awhile, more than one hot spot. in an accident in the san ramon valley that started to back things up and we are still slow. any time is backed up after 9:00 a.m. and 680, it is a rough ride. let's go to the maps, the
9:07 am
right in marin county is still behind schedule. almost a solid stretch of below a 25 mi. per hour traffic purity and gain back up on the west of interstate 80. " " the bridges are slow, a slow ride dunton told was that. there was a motorcycle accident ron paul street. kwan kron 4 marino's will be right back. quick
9:08 am
9:09 am
1/2 been a white volkswagen, police
9:10 am
9:11 am
believe that the global oxidant and called for a suspect. " " they're a victim died at a hospital. neighbors >>: and i heard a pop, pop. they were not individual shots. if they are 1/2 to another, they were acquitted.-route corporate 80 days in her what people are coming to nowadays, hard times are making people do bad choices. police >>: took the volkswagen away, it
9:12 am
is being treated as a key part of evidence. police have not released the name of the victim. they are looking for suspects and a possible >>: >: a stabbing and being investigated in san jose, the 700 block of course 0 drive. non-life threatening injuries. -- crucero drive. we are right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. here is a live look at and on a creek. sunshine,, 680 southbound traffic is bumper-to-bumper.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>: part of this second floor gone and a wall with awaridgway >>: rather live in earthquake country >>: or in the tornado >: one of your says why choose, chico's seems to have it all. if you like to participate simply go to our facebook and page and like us at >>: or this is not the weather that we usually expect, let's
9:17 am
find out what is in store as we head into the holiday. >>: tornadoes in northern california? it will feel more like the weather we're used to, still a bit cool but it will be dry. here is a shot of walnut creek. sunshine this morning. fit by noon we are working our way to the mid-60s. " 50s by the 8:00 p.m. hour. here is it looks at satellite radar showing you the wild orchid whether that has pushed well away from us. in the northeast, dry conditions. we're still continuing to see a steady stream of cloud cover. a mixture of sunshine in clouds today. if as we head into late tonight and early tomorrow there is a slight chance of picking up a few raindrops mainly for the no. 8 but since south of the golden gate. certainly not a big storm by any means. here are your current temperatures. the
9:18 am
afternoon highs will stay into the 60s, we could work our way up to about 70 degrees in concord. where the temperatures might climb to the low 70's and places like antioch, los gatos in antioch. here is your 7 day around the bay. her her we will dry out tomorrow, partly cloudy conditions. reconditions saturday and sunday. monday, a lot of sunshine. >>: we are finally seemed to a breakup of our hot spot. monica creek into the san ramon valley, it is taking a long time. traffic will remain sluggish all the way down to stone belly. that is not our only hot spot as we continue to track delays in marin county. another accident reported southdowns, this one near the civic center. look at
9:19 am
the right. roth and slow going from navato south to the civic center. are you will encounter sluggish traffic beyond or. look at interstate 80, almost backed for the west down right. a late crash, that is why it is still slow coming he's down on interstate 580. there was a late crash of an with injuries that occurred westbound at powell street. that is what really backed things up although it is not slow at the bay bridge. the west down and they bridge ride is not that. this is about the biggest backed up and we have seen for the morning with a campaign to the upper deck. the san mateo bridge, the commute is over, there are no delays was down and leslie your golden gate bridge ride is trouble-free. >>: new details, the three days search for a missing danville teenager has come to an end.
9:20 am
authorities now believe 15 year- old allison bayliss per took her own life. she disappeared monday. her bike was found near the golden gate bridge. or last night, hundreds of people gathered in danville to attend a vigil for allison. >>: her to i knew allison in the sixth grade. she seemed like the happiest person, like you would not expect anything bad to come of it. >>: it is depressing it is sad that someone would take their life just because they feel like something is happening wrong or that they are doing something wrong. >>: or they have had counselors, i see people that are upset, i feel that, i do not know her, i feel horrible about it. >>: this incident has affected everyone in the immediate area, all the way down to my friends in fremont. we all went home and
9:21 am
spoke to our kids to let them know that they need to talk to us in a matter how they feel, no matter what they have to say, they have to talk to us. it is really important. >>: the dental school district will continue to have grief counselors on campus. -- the danville school district will continue to have a grief counselors on campus. sunshine the traffic is bumper-to-bumper 101 northbound at the 87 interchange.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
they hav
9:25 am
>>: this is the president's third stop on his six day european tour. here is a live look at the d.a.'s summit as a political uprising in the middle east is top on the agenda. we
9:26 am
are following the latest developments occur volcanic ash with disrupting travel across europe. iceland's midyear a logical society said the direction of this indicator of, it is not a spewing anymore- right now. 1100 lightflights hao be canceled. the airport is now reopened. as we take a quick break, and other programming reminder that things are changing next week with our weekday schedule. dr. phil is moving to 4:00 p.m.. that means at 8:00 p.m. we will have a prime-time newscast. look for the prime-time newscast at 8:00 p.m. starting monday, memorial day. it looks right now at traffic moving slowlsmoothlye
9:27 am
time now is a 20 6:00 a.m.. ha hal how old it along here before it
9:28 am
this year or longer he compared the public a the isle of the blond and nato, and with up or less as a contact lens of living down when up with religion and move the listed separately specialize in leave division collection using the most intense technology available off in europe elihu debate area
9:29 am
location the of the appointments, human life at seeing is believing >>: and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, a quick update on bay area weather and traffic. >>: a lot of sunshine as we look at the james lick. a different issue than yesterday. it will stay dry today but we still have a chance of whether to talk about. >>: currently no hot spots to tell you about, and as a 680, to improve, no longer a problem spot. let's check on the bay area bridges straight ahead. >>: the latest in the case of the attack on a giants fan at dodger stadium, las angeles police will be holding a news conference with an update, lapd's says the dissatisfied with the results of yesterday's police lineup. it with the prime suspect, 31 year-old giovanni ramirez, in front of the
9:30 am
witnesses. they identified him as the attacker. ramirez says he has an alibi for the night of the attack and remains in custody. bryan still remains and san francisco general in critical condition. >>: her on to the san francisco giants catcher buster posey. knocked out of the game last night against the florida marlins following is a nasty collision at home plate care with scott cousins. this happened in the twelfth inning. the medical staff rushing out to posy to help him off of the field. posey is the reigning rookie of the year, he injured his left leg were left foot. with the giants were down 6-2. they scored four runs in the bottom of the ninth and then,
9:31 am
the marlins and up winning where scott cousin scores. or a jackie sissel getting a reaction. >>: most giants fans are wishing they had not scored those four runs in the ninth, buster posey was knocked out of the game and maybe for the entire season. multiple sources are reporting that buster has a broken leg and possibly the torn ligaments. there is a game this afternoon at 12:45 p.m. but everyone's minds will be on buster posey, not on the game. the reigning national league rookie of the year, the cornerstone of disfranchised. i talked with people to get their reaction. >>: i was listening to the game on the radio. i think it's part
9:32 am
of the problem is with buster posey has not been a catch a very long. he does not know how to make the play at the plate and get out of the way. >>: can they still win without him being in the line of? >>: sure. technically. " >>: the big question now is, where did they go from here? the question is how long is he going to be out into a zone to replace him? those are a lot of big questions. he is the cornerstone to their lineup. without him is when to be very difficult to repeat. >>: we have a shortage on the roster, and i think some players from the minor league will be coming up. >>: brand in gold is coming back up to date. a rookie first baseman. hal1/2 the catcher position is a position they're looking to fill. >>: where following the wild
9:33 am
weather from yesterday, three tornadoes touching down in northern california. one of them was 90 mi. north of sacramento. or the twister is making its way over a field in it to go, one of two twisters that his south of chico inn and a third in butte county. pretty amazing pictures to see tornadoes touching down in a big california. there is no major damage or injuries reported. >>: some incredible pictures there. in today it is going to be tamer weather for you. we see a lot of sunshine, we are still holding on to quite a bit of cloud cover. which diffuse 70
9:34 am
degree readings. most centers staying in the mid-upper 60s. watch as we head into the early morning friday, the chance of cyclicals continues to shift southward. corp. up here is your 7 day around the bay. saturday
9:35 am
will be clearly cooled the weekend will be dry. a bit of a freeze on saturday and sunday. monday, the sunshine comes out. 70's inland, '60s around the bay. memorial day is shaping up quite nicely. >>: we are not tracking this as a hot spot, him but a slow spot for sure. no accidents to tell you about, slow and go bumper to bumper conditions are still backed up on the 87 and change. her her pocket back, or print your print a quick grin to check, an approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, backed of 80 companies during lights are still run. the san mateo bridge has been a nice easy ride. a lot
9:36 am
of space between cars. they're not prepared pure golden gate bridge ride southbound 101 looks good. drive outside in the sunshine. easy to go conditions. the slow traffic has cleared out. as you make your way into san francisco, the drive time is about 26 minutes. he and more than 150 victims of the pipeline blast will convene, time to sit down with the judge and attorneys candle. oakland police
9:37 am
are still searching for suspects in the murder of a 17 year-old student about to graduate. ditiyan franklin jr. in your was riding his bike guest today when he was gunned down near ritchie and all of st. in oakland and just blocks from castlemont high school where he attended. residents in the neighborhood say the teens body was lying outside of their home. gunfire hit a fence and a wall. you can see some of the bullets here as well as the backbone of a car that was shattered. police are still searching for a motive. it is unclear if the teen was an innocent bystander caught in the middle of a battle between several other people. >>: we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
9:38 am
and of m of our group and a whole lot o
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>>: the for the shuttle is cleared for reentry. short kelly will get to see his wife get real difference if the congresswoman from orbit tomorrow. kelly said he will have a half-hour video conference with her, that will be his first chance to see his wife following her most recent surgery. has >>: i am looking for talking with her. i have been speaking with her every night. food and into union will be nice to do it ideal and to see how she's doing if it went for her to join us above o whereon the space stn
9:42 am
for a little bit. she still has her bandages. and we will have about 20-30 minutes. hopefully it will be during a day passed so that we will show her some need to use the work of years. ho >>: the giffords had surgery to replace part of first call after being shot in the head in january. in a shooting rampage that killed six people. yesterday the accused shooter jarred laughner was rolled out to not stand -- -- was ruled incompetent to stand trial. it snowed in this year yesterday, a live look, you can see the snow on the side of the room. we will be right back.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>: a quick recap of the top stories we're following, las angeles police are holding a conference in about an hour with an update on the attack of bryan stow. lapd's says they are
9:46 am
satisfied with the results of the police lineup, 31 year-old giovanni ramirez was put into the lineup in front of witnesses who identified him as a maid attacker. the giants catcher aaron buster posey will be having an mri today after he was injured in a brutal collision at home plate after the twelfth inning of the florida marlins game. posey collided with former university of san francisco player scarreas got cousins. reg player of the year, closing the books have an injury on his left leg or foot. as at least three tornadoes were reported yesterday in northern california, here is one of them outside of chico. the weather service says two of them in chico, one of them in butte county. here is a helicopter captured in one of the structure tornadoes, no reports of any major damage or injuries. it has
9:47 am
been a devastating week of weather across the midwest and the south. more than 100 people killed by tornadoes. here is a look at some of the dramatic images from this past week. her ha
9:48 am
9:49 am
whe >>: this was a violent a tornado. hougpick up that is the water tower. watching this as it comes into gold be. a lot of
9:50 am
people left town and in their safe spot. homes were obliterated. >>: the worst devastation was in joplin missouri, the death toll still stands at 122. we heard news in the last hour that there were still 230 people missing. pat here in the bay area things are starting to clear up whether whites. let's get the latest on the holiday forecasts. kirkcal >>: much different weather today as compared to yesterday. dice
9:51 am
breaks of sunshine, but notice the cloud cover. that will hang around for a good portion of the day. partly cloudy conditions throughout the day but dry and cool. temperatures below the seasonal average. a slight chance of rain as we head into the early morning hours. let's start with temperatures right now, they have warmed up into the 50s across the bay area, 57 in santa rosa, 58 in san jose. really, not much variation this morning in temperatures. into the afternoon will hold on to the 60s in most locations as well. 64 for san rafael. four degrees cooler in downtown san francisco. along the coast is in the '50s. 59, 58 in san jose and livermore. ha we are talking a 20 percent chance of rain in the early morning hours. the best chance of rain might squeeze
9:52 am
out hawker heact breezy saturda. monday is looking pretty nice for memorial day. >>: things, lisa. i wish that traffic looking nice. we are tracking hot spots and slow spots. the ride on interstate 80 is still backed up. it is almost backed up high into the tunnel. a state like this the last hour and a half. there was a motorcycle accident. injuries were involved. " traffic is still sluggish all along the east shore freeway trying to get down to the macarther maze, no longer backed up on 580 coming over from the richmond sandburg retail bridge. not much of the backed up, slowing in the last
9:53 am
45 minutes. that is the worst it has been all morning. at the san mateo bridge a pretty good ride into the commute is over a period, the golden gate bridge ride is not bad at 9:53 a.m., kron 4 morning news is going to take a break, we are with you until 11:00 a.m., we will be right back.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>: lynn c. lowe have confined to her town house, she surrendered to authorities this morning serving her house
9:57 am
she must also complete 480 hours of community service for allegedly stealing a necklace. steer a pale and purchasing this home in arizona for $1.4 million. it has a home theater, a billiard room and cool. the rumor mill is turning on what this means for her political aspirations. the home is less than one hour drive from her daughter crystal. pailin has not said that she will run for president in 2012, a new poll says that she and ms. romney are at the top of potential gop candidates. we're back in 2 minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look at walnut creek. traffic is clearing out on 680.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
first will i did check of the weather outside >> site conditions today awful weather chest full
10:01 am
head >> hot spot 880 it's improving for the s curves out update the hot spot this and the >> bridges when we come > > the latest in the case of with the bryan stowe case the police are going to have a news, friends within the hour lapd says harris satisfied with results of the lineup yesterday. ramirez was identified in the lineup are he still states he has an alibi.
10:02 am
were waiting to up and for an update on cluster jose with a collision that happened at home plate last night this happened during the game with the florida marlins last night he was going in for the home winning run and they just crashed issue concerning we ever did he have his injured his left ankle. the marlins beat the giants 7-6
10:03 am
>> with their down three bit players today jackie there are multiple sources out there this is very bad news for the giants or are reports that he possibly a broke his leg and torn ligaments. he is the corner stone to the franchise was the rookie of the year. poster child for this franchise and it would be a significant hit i was talking to the fans of what this means to them and the giants' season >> it was a real bummer he
10:04 am
got run over and and the way the ball game bounces he really dropped the ball he in even have the ball >> you think they can win without a >> or something so is a good man >> he might be out for an extended period of time in a few hours we will have a game won without luster. >> it might be his last game as catcher tonight have to look for another star >> tel 4 right now
10:05 am
incredible on video of tornadoes touching down north of sacramento this was captured about 6:30 p.m. last nine near chico. there are no homes in the area and the news helicopter caught this video near dorm more aerial video out of chico their work minor accidents from people watching the storm. this tornado from the ground and you can see how the wind is circling on the ground pretty incredible
10:06 am
>> much calmer conditions around the day to day or pretty pleasant conditions for today and i will have more on that in just a few seconds more sunshine if you're closer to the inland spot is we are going to stay dry for most of the day with slight chance of rain overnight will rerun the 50s across the bay area issue concede in the '60s had in the south bay area and as we head into the afternoon our we're going to stay in the '60s. half of chile's
10:07 am
thought all along the coast low 70's in the south bay area. >> here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. bank as we head into the overnight hours and friday morning we keep the slight chance of rain in the forecast. >> it's not often the we have hot spots at this time
10:08 am
but 880 is still about three the as curbs near albany there are almost back to pinole san jose traffic picking up a bit back up north bound and it is not often we see at this low at this time bridge check right now on toll plaza of of about 15 minutes not a bad a backup it is the cash customers better waiting rain now. san mateo bridge no problem right now. it's
10:09 am
to know a new and we will take a break
10:10 am
10:11 am
10:12 am
>> sent: the at right now and san jose police are still looking for who was responsible for killing i unman. witnesses said they saw the victim on the ground after hearing rapid gunfire >> it was like a pop, pop, pop. one of right after another. may she think hard times will make people do bad choices this all happened around 1130 last
10:13 am
nine >> they have not released the name of the victim or. a live look outside at top lower some resorts there are struggling to be open for this memorial day weekend we also have a program note dr.phil is moving to 4:00 p.m. and news will be now at 8:00 p.m. we will be right back
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> we have new reports coming out of this jobless 3232 people are still unaccounted for as of this morning. this is some video
10:17 am
from a cnn reporter. it you can hear the wind in the videocassette. another look on the inside of a home where the roof was slow off look inside still looking at the death toll to rise. it is now 10:17 a.m. and will look with that our weather out there and you can see the flags of blowing out there belittled cooler than the normal average we will be right a >>
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news temperatures are about 10 degrees cooler than what they'd normally should be 54 degrees as you step outside the door in sacramento and our high afternoon high of 60 degrees. the temperatures out the door or in the '50s and '60s. as we head into the afternoon our we may see a few '70s in the area. chilly along the coast as
10:22 am
you head into the evening hours we have a slight chance of rain the chance of rain lenders until 4:00 a.m. in this area drier conditions which you wake up and head out the door a quick look at your seventh day around the bay we will be dry for today and as we head into tomorrow were adding that 20 percent of rain. as you get into the weekends you will see chilly conditions but mostly sunny.
10:23 am
>> the east shore freeway is no longer a hot spot that is why i think we your backup at the traffic coming from the 80 or 580. will will have to wait along with the folks from 80. cash cow customers are holding the line up parian we're now and the 10:00 hour and as you can see the bridge is
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
>> welcome back to kron news authorities and now a film that 15 year-old allison bayless to crown life. hundreds of people attended a vigil at the congregational church >> i new alley in sixth grade in she's always seemed like a happy person and never expected anything bad to, then >> barry said that somebody would take their own life if they feel like they are wrong or doing something wrong >> have seen counselors and i feel bad for them i feel horrible about it >> this has affected
10:27 am
everyone in the immediate area we all went home and talk to our kids and let them know they need to talk to us in no matter how they fail and no matter what they have to say they need to talk to us >> there is been counselors at the school as well we will have more information on the news conference about the giants fans will will be right back ♪
10:28 am
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prefer at&t u-verse tv picture quality. even upgrade to over 160 hd channels. that's more than comcast. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. >> welcome back is now 10:30 a.m. we're still waiting for a news conference about the beating of that dodgers' plan. police said they are satisfied with the outcome of the lineup that was held
10:31 am
yesterday. witnesses said how they remember him jill conway said he has an alibi he was even at the game >> and posey is having all kinds of pam our eyes and x- rays after the crash at home plate with the fall, florida marlins gary arraigning nfl " rookie of the year they have been talking to fans outside just to see how fans feel about us >> good morning as you can
10:32 am
see fans are starting to line up out here not too many people are worried about it right now there are multiple reports on the internet that it is bad a bad situation. this guy is like a cornerstone of the franchise he sits right in the middle a lineup for these guys. we did talk to some fans and they have to play today was repaired
10:33 am
reports state they have called up the with three minor league players. the fans are very concerned >> 1033 right now how about those tornadoes did you see them they were caught on camera about 90 mi. north of sacramento. these twisters hit just south of chico now houses or hit it is mostly dairyland. wonderful video.
10:34 am
now to our local whether erika >> much, conditions out here today and we are still dealing with some low cloud cover all look for what's on tap for the memorial day weekend the good news is that we are going to remain dry and a little bit cooler than the seasonal average and as we head into the evening we have a slight chance of rain in the forecast for your toes in the north temperatures outside the door is mostly fifties in the area of only 60 degree reading is at los gatos conditions mostly in
10:35 am
the '60s for this afternoon where the warmer spots like antioch comes in at 73 degrees and 71 for those of you in more and now. dry conditions or for most of the day. we still have that 20 percent chance of rain showers a in the north bay which area the way not and will recede in into the weekend we will see preconditions up the '50s and along the >> coast. not because the east bay freeway it was a hot spot now the traffic is still working its way to the
10:36 am
bridge. and this affects cash customers along the bridge will no longer any commute or on the golden gate bridge most of the heavy traffic that will linger on most of it has cleared up by now >> 1036 which will be back in just a few minutes and a look outside at the breeze blowing and we do have a program change to report dr.phil is now going to be on at 4:00 p.m. and starting on may 35th monday kron 4 news will be on at 8:00.
10:37 am
10:38 am
10:39 am
10:40 am
>> 10:39 a.m. and let us look at some of the dramatic images that have come in over the past week. >> it is going to be big rig
10:41 am
bay >> sounds like a waterfall there's a tornado >> there it is there it is that is a monster to a middle
10:42 am
>> very large turn nato >> it another killer tornado >> this was a violent or tornado and you conceive of the cloud as it makes a sway bar crossland.
10:43 am
>> without a final >> tornado on the ground arkansas >> pretty incredible looking back what at this in joplin they are still trying to hill and are looking for survivors and victims' of the deadly tornado now we're going to go to the latest how about the dodgers fan we
10:44 am
know this is going to happen in just a few minutes. we do not have allied feed into the news conference hall we do know is that they are satisfied and happy with a lineup that happened to yesterday. ramirez hit was identified as the person involved although he has an alibi and said he was babysitting at the time oil. the witnesses do say that he is the main attacker. it will be putting
10:45 am
the pieces of their case together and we will monitor the news conference and report on that later. more people are put applying for unemployment benefits it just shows or that the job market is still sluggish. president obama is meeting with foreign leaders. how he just arrived in france. they will be talking security economy and this is his or
10:46 am
her fourth stop along his trips. we will be right back
10:47 am
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1050 right now and we do have all looked at the news conference and uc charlie back the chief speaking at a at this briefing the rebel >> the chief has made it
10:51 am
clear we're not going into details we're not going into detail with your question. >> well looks like this was the tail end of the news conference we will check out all latest information and give you an update at 4:00 the and when the astronauts did an
10:52 am
inspection of the shuttle the 3 d shuttled and images are being analyzed right now on the ground before they returned next week commander kelly said that he will have a half hour conference with his wife and today. >> i have been speaking to work every night this is morning for harper i think she still has bandages on i'm not sure i have not thought about what to expect. i hope it is a day
10:53 am
pass so she can see neat accuse of the earth are more talks schwarzenegger's former security guards are saying why. now they did not lie to the in try and cover about his extramarital affair. they say they did not try to hide their bosses in a fidelity.
10:54 am
estate inspector general says well that it was a mistake the prisoners were released >> office of the inspector general reviewed over 10,000 inmates that were released in july of last year they had a high risk of offending the inspector general states this was the pattern
10:55 am
>> we dispute this how we had picked up a lot of offenders and put them on supervision. yes they went back and refuted but this was prior to their assessment. >> they had to put 400 people back into supervision there were still out a lot of people unsupervised which created a problem. >> most pedestrians are killed at dangerous intersections in this edition of people at beating badly this is the
10:56 am
intersection of fifth and bradley notice watched the driver of this cargo across multiple lanes of traffic while the woman is trying to cross in the crosswalk her drivers often ignore the pedestrian white away this crossed what it should be clearly marked in in one area there are no markings at all good. see this person ready to cross see they get the signal to
10:57 am
crossed but watch this i've always said this is the work intersection in oakland >> lindsay lohan is now finally confined to our town house lindsay arrived at the facility in her for her electric monitor she has pled no contest in the theft of a necklace. she also has to perform 480 hours of
10:58 am
service that is that for now we will see you later on in the day or cover a great day there it.
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