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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 26, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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sa >> memorial day falls on a
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first birthday for migraine is, we are traveling to mississippi, and leading the beautiful weather to go to a tornado and stormed the 90 degree humidity. it costs a little more, but it is worth it because of his family. >> a 4% decrease its expected in travel this weekend through thursday. airfare is not expected to continue to climb. >> it was pretty expensive but i got my flight a while ago. >> higher air fares impact some passengers, but it does not affect all of them. >> i think we do more traveling in the past. >> we do less traveling. it is just too much. >> probably the same, i usually go east for a festival concert in july, ...
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>> air fare does not play a role, i will still travel, my family is in the south, so i try to do the best i can will ever air fare i can find. as >> there is even better news, not sf xo specs the number of travelers to increase at 4%. at sfo, kron4 news. >> your drive over the bridge will be changing, there will be a detour, here it is outlined in green, exactly where the changes will take place. this is what it will look like. >> the bay bridge has been under construction for some time, but driving delays are coming, not now not tomorrow but memorial day weekend at the end of the month. >> i am shocked that they will close a bridge that people cannot travel on memorial day bridge, is one
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to be hard to get around. >> this will happen saturday may 28th and sunday may 29th. this is a simple the tour, but equate to eastbound lane closures, possibly all of the lanes. the spokesperson has yet to release the exact time of the closure, but tells us that it will happen in the middle of the night. those may be off hours, this takes place on a holiday weekend. the reason why so many drivers are concerned. >> memorial day weekend will be tough. >> bottom line, a trip from san francisco to oakland on the bay bridge could set you back more than a few minutes. j. r. stone, kron4 news. >> it was sunny and warmer this afternoon the temperatures were pretty nice, especially since we did not have the wind like we did in the past couple of days. 65 in napa, low sixties in the bay shore, an
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upper 60s in the south bay. we will see changes as we head into tomorrow. there is a storm in the north, a steady stream of moisture feeding into it. slowly sagging to the south, moving into the northern california area. this will move into the bay area over night, spotty showers are expected as we head into tomorrow morning. a gorgeous day out in the bay, into tomorrow morning, the showers but then dry air, and some partial clearing. there will be some fault into friday night, another chance of rain this weekend. >> the police in san jose have not ruled out the possibility that the city's latest homicide may be gang- related. >> san jose police said they received a call about a man down on the street about
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10:00 wednesday night. a short time later, the dispatcher received another call reporting gunshots. the neighbors say that they heard five or six. >> it sounded like pop, pop, pop, it was pretty fast. it was not like individual jobs. it was like one after another really quickly. >> the police arrived and found a man on this street that was shot, he was rushed to the regional medical center his name has not been released and no suspects are in custody at this time. >> we have not ruled out the fact that this was gang- related, we do not know the identity of the suspect or what suspects were involved. she >> they will not say whether this vehicle belonged to the victim was related to the crime in any way. this was san jose's 20, site of the year, equaling the number recorded in all of 2010. >> oakland police are releasing surveillance video
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they say is involved in a murder investigation of antonio torres, a 42 year- old gardener that was fatally shot while working on a landscape project last week. teresa as partial reports that this may be possible for people in the video may be involved in other crimes. >> take a look at the surveillance video, this is one of four videos that was released that show forepersons of interest. this video shows the four of them running from the crime scene located on the 1600 block on 34th avenue in oakland. this is another video that was released, the police say they hope that someone will recognize in one of the young adult males as they try to solve the murder of a young antonio torres. here is another video, we froze is so that you could get the best picture possible. one person shows up at the bottom of the screen, and another one right here in the upper
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corner of the video. the last one is this one, this is the business that captured their actions. they say that the victim was a 42 year-old gardener. the motive? attempted robbery. >> it appears that the victim was in front of someone's home, he was and ducting gardening work he was approached by four men black, i believe that an argument ensued, i believe he was robbed, and items were taken from him. this was a senseless crime, he was is working doing some gardening for someone in the neighborhood when he was attacked. >> and this just in, there is new evidence against some san francisco police officers according to the public offender but we also hear that some of the charges will be dropped. he says that tomorrow he will reveal new evidence against the officers including an arrest of video that sharply conflicts with the police report. this surveillance
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video related to the case, there is also a new allegation of deft and an illegal search. prosecutors are expected to dismiss 26 felony cases tomorrow morning. all of them involving mission station officers being involved with theft and illegal searches. >> new details about the woman that was accused of kidnapping the baby that you see on the screen. her bail has been increased to $5 million. this was video from monday when the child was returned to her mother. the baby's grandmother that was expected of kidnapping the child and then taking a taxi to southern california over the weekend. the grandmother is still in jail and is expected to be transferred to the other county in the next few days. today, the bart board of directors voted unanimously to purchase taser for each officer on the police force.
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coming in the wake of the officer grant tragedy and two independent studies of the department, the purchase of the 130 additional tasters will be accompanied by training that exceeds the state law enforcement standards. >> following the tragedy on j. murray first 2009, we took a hard look at ourselves and we found that we met all of the minimum standards that this date set for us, but we want to do better than that. we have tripled the amount of training for the officers, part of that will be additional training. they will be required to carry taser is and go through additional training. >> bart will spend $140,000 on additional taster's that will be delivered to the police by june 30th. unsolicited yellow pages will be a thing of the past in san francisco, that is because a new law that was signed by the mayor. >> the internet has made the yellow pages of each useless
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except for a booster seat for kids. i typed in the who will all parts store, i got a list of tin although parts stores, the phone number and address. the problem is the yellow pages still shows up every year. that is going to change in san francisco, the mayor signed into law it will ban yellow pages into the city. the idea is to limit the waste generated by the book. the lawyersof the yellow pages and threatened to sue. if you want to have yours delivered, just contact them and it will be delivered. and san francisco jeff bush, kron4 news. >> a big accomplishment for a high school in east palo alto everyone of the graduating seniors are going to college. >> it as you can see, hundreds of people have showed up to watch her 38
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seniors graduate from east side college preparatory. i spoke with one girl about an hour ago, she talked about what life is like and the challenges that she expects in college. for the last time, charlotte, the tall girl in the middle will walk through the school where she and her friends as did the past several years. after graduation she is headed off to colgate university in new york state to study international studies. she grew up in east palo alto and said that life is filled with distractions. >> a lot of people my age, they get pregnant or in the up dropping out of school, or they are involved in drugs, gangs, >> being except to college is an achievement for anyone, but now they're faced with rising tuition costs, and a tough job market. >> it scares me a little because that means i have to
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stay more focused on what i want to pursue in college, just to make sure that i want to get a career right afterwards. i just have to stay focused. >> even after graduation, e site prep helps to help its alumni. they say that they have invested a lot of time into the kids and everyone wants them to succeed. >> we followed their progress even when they get to college, i goal is not just to get them to college but through college. >> charlotte is excited about the future. >> yes, it has been seven years. seven years of long hard work. i want to cry. i am just kidding. >> this is actually the 12th graduating class, and of them, 100 percent have gone to college, 80 percent are still in college or have graduated from college. >> what great news. we have a programming change to tell you about, dr. phil is
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moving time slots to 4:00 p.m., that means at 8:00 p.m., there will be a new kron4 prime-time newscast. the changes begin on monday may 30th. more news ahead. hey marcel, watch this!
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>> in world news, violent clashes in the country, the government meant it when it said it would not put up with any interruptions of the annual military parade. hundreds of people were beaten and arrested, this has been labeled the silver revolution because many people accuse the president of corruption and want him to go. >> in japan, people were allowed to visit the no entries on. they made the brief visit home in order to offer prayers for family members had died. one person read a part of a prayer
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outside-out-loud, they said we are trying the best to continue with our lives, rest in peace. >> in india, all seven people on this private jet were killed including the two pilots. it was carrying a patient headed for a hospital in new delhi, the pilot lost control in a dust storm, it caught fire after crashing, three people on the ground were killed. stay with us, more news coming up after the break.
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>> in honor of memorial day, arlington national cemetery in virginia will be adorned with american flags, every year since 1938, the third infantry, also called the old guard, they place a small american flags in front of each headstone. a celebration is in the works for the 75th
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anniversary of the golden gate bridge that is memorial day weekend 2012. the party plans will be revealed tomorrow, that is the bridges 74th anniversary. a spokesperson says that a celebration will be called the opening golden gate bridge fiesta. >> of a live look outside from the bridge, mostly sunny skies, temperatures look worn out there today as well. sunny and warm, but big changes as we head into tomorrow. spotty showers expected for your morning commute. taking the but the storm tracker 4 radar. we will have a stream of moisture moving slowly to the south. it will clip the bay area, spotty showers into tomorrow morning. here is a look early morning
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hours. this is the 4:00 hour. as we pay it--as we head into the later morning hours, a few spotty showers. much of the same in the 6:00 hour. we have some showers on the coastline, continuing in the 8:00 hour, it will start to taper off in a later afternoon. temperatures will be cooler and the winds will pick up as well. 63 in richmond, 59 in san francisco, upper 60s for the delta, the upper 60s down in the south bay, 57 along the coast and half moon bay. here's a look at the seven day around the bay forecast. spotty showers for the morning, breezy and cool for the afternoon. by saturday, a better chance for a widespread shower activity. that will be in the afternoon, we will keep you posted on that one. into
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next week, we will see temperatures warm up, some mild temperatures expected through the week. >> this just in, authorities in san francisco say they have rescued an infant from sexual abuse. the suspect has worked as a california professor of justice and studies. kinnock martin pile. he has pleaded guilty today to travelling across state lines for the purpose of engaging in sexual acts with a child under 12 years old. he is 46. he admitted in august of 2009 he went to st. louis and had sex with an infant girl, he was an assistant professor of justice studies at california state university east bay, that is in hayward. the fbi came aware of him because he was sharing child pornography on-line. more news after the break. @
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>> and 8 year old california boy cannot stand the tattered flag. passengers talk about their brush with danger and a costume dog is creating a buzz. take a look at this. >> take a look at this, coffee, the panhandling pooch is seen up side of new york mets or yankees games, she makes her owner about $75 a day. animal rights activists claims that the dog is being mistreated. thousands have joined the facebook page that says stopped abusing coffee. the owner says she rescued her off the street five years ago and denies the allegation. the spca says they have not found any neglect. they will monitor the situation. and they said the plane skidded off of the airport after it landed in arizona, the passengers made it off live the cause is
5:58 pm
under investigation. and a year-old california boy took extra steps to make sure that the american flag was in good condition. if he was participating in a 5 k run, something caught his eye. >> i was standing right under here, i was at the starting line, i looked up at the flag, and i notice that it was all tattered. he reached out to the city leaders and they replaced it. he says that he wants to be a marine when he grows up just like his dad and his 21 year-old brother.
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>> giants fans are devastated. the star catcher may be lost for the season following a violent collision at home plate. the have teen coverage tonight, we will show you all of the things that resulted in his
6:01 pm
broken leg, hear from players, coaches and fans, as they are left without a vital player. >> the san francisco giants have now lost three games in a row, but the loss of buster posey has the team and the fans really. it all happened last night when cousins and plowed into the catcher at home plate. today he was placed on the disabled list with a fractured bone in the lower left leg likely ending his season. we are live at the park with the marlins and just finished a sweet but it is--sweeep but it is buster posey who is on everyone's mind. >> it was last night, after three mri us this morning on the lake, the ankle, the knee is ok, but the the ligament damage on both sides of his broken ankle,
6:02 pm
that is the big issue. let us roll this up, the 12th inning last night, scott cousins he was trying to win the game, so he plowed into buster posing. if he slid around him, posy my tag him and he would be out. but he made that decision. now as the slow this down and stop it to show the left leg was pinned back. all of his weight fell on the ankle. it caused it to break. the trainer said today that it will be quite some time before he recovers. in fact the team could not recover. they ended it in that half--in the locker room after the game. >> everyone's thoughts are with him. it is hard, it was hard. >> this will certainly be a test for all of us. it is a key part of the rotation, he
6:03 pm
is a big leaguer on the team, so we will definitely miss him. we will definitely have to step up and find a way to push on. >> no one knows that better than matt came, as they depart they go to st. louis, and it will be tough to recover three straight losses by the giants. the light is the starting catcher that played today, i saw this as we went back in the studio, my wife had the same exact injury in january. here it is in june, and she is still not 100 percent. >> all right, we want to give the viewers a new look at that collision at home plate. >> cousins is safe, posey is down! >> we will slow down the video, as you can see scott cousins he comes crashing
6:04 pm
into home plate. coming from a different angle, this is from behind the plate. now and even slower view. the highlighted bowl stay on the left leg, that is the one that is fractured. see what happens, it really snaps back to bring the impact. that is pretty hard to watch. we continue the coverage of buster posy injury. we are joined live from the at&t--at&t park with more on how the fans are reacting. >> this is a tough day for the fans, they use words like nightmare to describe how they feel about the situation they are very disappointed. the list to say, they're very proud fans out here supporting their team. the news is that posy might be out for the season, that is a big disappointment, but there is still a lot of hope and optimism in the air. many fans are coming to the game
6:05 pm
in their posy gear. many people are hoping that the team does not miss a beat. >> fortunately he is young and in great shape, with his determination and work ethic, he will be back sooner than most people. >> i hope he is not out to long, and he can get back into the lineup and we can get back to where we were. >> back here live, the florida marlins player was out of lineup today, he was so distraught, he could not talk on camera. last night he told reporters that he lost sleep. he was unable to speak about it he is tried to call posies, he wrote him a letter that will be hand delivered. everyone upset about the situation, but hold--hopefully the giants fans can stay positive about this situation. >> new details tonight in the bryan stow story, the
6:06 pm
giants fan that was attacked outside of dr. stadium. we now have an actual picture of the primary--he was attacked outside of the dodger stadium. the police say a lineup has helped the case all the charges have not been filed. >> lapd chief as charlie beck considers it successful. >> i consider that it went well. will show our results to the district attorney when we seek to file them. >> giovanni ramirez remains in custody on a parole violation but he is not been formally charged in the beating of giants fan bryan stow. they consider ramirez the main aggressor, and despite his alibi that he was not at the dodgers and giants game the day of the attack, the chief things that they have the right guy. >> there are standards for rest, we have met the standards, we have exceeded the standards. i am sure to
6:07 pm
make an arrest and pursue prosecution. >> that is a confident chief, one that knows the case is far from over. another male suspect in the beating has not been arrested and the police are still searching for the female that drove the getaway car. >> i have a very difficult case. this is a case that is not solved by immediate arrest. it occurred seven weeks after ithe incident, we still have a lot to do. >> something that has been leaked, this picture, it does bear some resemblance to the police sketch. take a look at his neck, it is "planking" to with tattoos. i will draw an arrow right here and you can see a teardrop attack to right under his left eye. meanwhile, bryan stow remains in a coma, i and grant lotus, at kron4 news. >> of we had a special
6:08 pm
surprise visit to stow yesterday, he talked with us about the visit. >> i grabbed his hand, i talked with him, i prayed with him, he looked at me, kiss it seem like there was some stimuli going on. for me, it was something to take in because there was some pretty good damage done. i had to kind of absorber that as well--absorber that as well. it was good it put a lot of things in perspective. i wanted to meet the family because i did not feel like i could speak on behalf of the family like i did and not meet them. i met his kids in plate with them in the family room it was good but also dramatic. >> stay with kron4 for continuing coverage on bryan stow condition and any development in the investigation. >> sunny skies and warm for
6:09 pm
temperatures out there today, a look at the high temperatures in the '60s, a lot of them in the upper 60s, 69 in concord, 67 in mountain view. temperatures were warmer than yesterday. take a look here. up six degrees in napa, five degrees in fairfield. this warming trend will be short- lived. this evening increasing clout coverage expected. a storm will come in from the north tomorrow morning. we will look at the cool afternoon temperatures coming up. >> we have a programming change to tell you about, dr. phil is moving time slots to 4:00 p.m.. that means at 8:00 p.m., there will be a new kron4 prime- time newscast, the changes will begin monday may 30th. more news ahead. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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>> bay area home prices are continuing downward especially in east bay. the median price is now $259,000. that is down 5% from a year ago. here is what you can buy for that price. >> $259,000 will get you into this condo in walnut creek, two bedrooms into full bathrooms. the listing says the kitchen has been totally updated and the complex has a pool. for $1,000 more than the county's median, you can get six outs and--600 square feet more. this is a foreclosure that has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a fireplace. check out this home on concord. the price on this home just dropped $13,000. it is now on for the county's median
6:14 pm
price. it has hardwood floors, a another selling point is that it is on a big lot that is more than 15,000 square feet. take a look at the four colder in discovery bay, you get a lot of house for your money, this is nearly 3000 sq. ft. five bedrooms and three full bathrooms. this is listed for a few hundred bucks over the median price, but the seller will credit the buyer $5,000 to cover the cost of new carpet in pain. maureen kelly, kron4 news. >> we have more changes on the way with wet weather and possibly on saturday. we will see the future forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> he was a target, that is what police say about 17 your old became franklin. he was a few blocks from where he attended high school. this is a picture of the
6:18 pm
crime scene taken after the shooting, they found his bicycle nearby. the neighbors say he was riding his bike home just before the shooting. earlier today the principal oakland leadership repertory spoke with kron4 about franklin. we caught up with her when she was addressing the school over the p a system. >> i just wanted to take this moment to say how sorry and how deeply, um, painful it is for us to have to go through this tragedy. the initial reaction was total shock. because when you, um, look at to detain, you never made any connection with the fact that he would be at all connected with any strategy of this sort. he is a student and had no discipline record at all. he was just mild mannered, respectful at all times, has
6:19 pm
succeeded against all odds just the challenges that our kids deal with coming from home to school every day. then being able to focus in class, and focusing on, um, a future. it is phenomenal. he was a great, great kid. >> the principal said that he was scheduled to graduate two weeks from now. he had plans on attending college. catherine. >> we have some to spectacular pictures from last night for metals. look at this, here is one of them, but at least three funnel clouds touched down, the damage farm buildings. in the midwest, the search for survivors of this week tornadoes is nearing an end. authorities are now focusing on finding bodies in identifying the dead. in central oklahoma a father learn the fate of his three year-old son.
6:20 pm
>> he was floating in the water on the west side of the lake. she it was a bad day, i lost both of my boys. i was hoping that we would find him today a line. >> hundreds of miles away in joplin missouri, 16 year-old tiger was identified in the county morgue, four days a we after a tornado ripped him from his mother's arms. a teen-ager's father desperately keep calling his son cell phone. >> i cannot stop i do not know why. i do. suffice that up until 2:00 last night in that is all i did. >> you call the cell phone, does it ring? >> yes, may bring for the first day and a half and now goes straight to voice mail. suggested case he gets it, i want him to know that his dad loves him. >> state officials have narrowed the number of people missing. >> a list of 232 individuals that we have actual reports that individuals have come
6:21 pm
in and said that they were missing. if >> more than 125 bodies are stored in the county morgue. if federal disaster team has brought in sophisticated equipment to identify them. as the corner explains why families are no longer permitted to search for love one. >> a lot of the people are recognized, a lot of them have injuries at the very least. a lot of them have blood on their face, they do not look like what they lose to look like. sedan and the first case we had a false i.d. and from that--in the first case we had a false i.d. and from that point on, we decided to do a dental exam to match them with their records. >> joplin residents have to lineup for permits, the access was cut off after some people were caught stealing from strangers homes. the governor says that the national guard military police are controlling the city. >> of no one will come in and take anything we are in the show me state, not to
6:22 pm
take me state. >> reporters managed to find some people after this date posted the lying--names online. date raise the number of known dead to 126. >> sunny skies and warmer temperatures, big changes for tomorrow. the storm will clip us from the north. spotty showers expected, but it will be hit or miss. as we head into the noon hour, cloudy conditions, reconditions but no more rain. partial clearing and slightly warmer conditions, more cooler than what we saw today the temperature is bidding up to the '60s for the 6:00 hour. storm tracker radar. the tale in is draping over the west coast and sagging ever so slowly down to the south. tapping into a steady stream of moisture, we see some showers in the north bay and early morning hours. light showers are right in the
6:23 pm
north bay, notice that it becomes very spotty into the 4:00 hour and especially into the later morning hours. by 5:00, a few light showers, and the east bay. but not a lot of rain. not a lot of rain throughout the bay area. in the 8:00 hour we have the same thing and later in the morning and early afternoon the showers will taper off. temperatures will be cooler than what we saw today. 59 in san francisco, upper 60s for the delta, 57 in half moon bay, upper 60s down in the south bay. look at the extended day forecast. tomorrow is not the only chance of rain for the next couple of days, a chance of rain into saturday afternoon. as we head into next week, warm and milder conditions are expected. stay with us, we will be back after the break.
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is >> seventh american troops were killed today after a bomb exploded in a field that they were in, this was in afghanistan it happened 12 mi. from the palace and order. the taliban is saying they are responsible. now this is a victory for supporters of immigration reform, the u.s. supreme court ruled in favor of an arizona law that punishes businesses that hire illegal immigrants. the five to three ruling is the first high court challenge to several recent state laws cracking down on illegal immigration. president obama was opposed to the law, he says that it steps on federal authority. in louisiana and president of the university has been found alive after missing for four days. he was taken off to do birdwatching and got lost in a swampy park. his family is elated by the news that he is alive but he was lucid and joking around.
6:28 pm
the rescuers say that the 65 year-old to the right thing by staying in one place and waiting for help. he has bug bites, has not had much to eat or drink but the doctors say that he is in surprisingly good shape. more news after the break.
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6:30 pm
>> and san francisco, giants fans are in shock and in this belief that they may have lost buster posey after last night. fans and players and even his cousin have expressed their disappointment. now they're wondering how the team will survive without one of their star players. >> and another big story in oakland, the oakland police department has released this surveillance video of a
6:31 pm
recent murder. it shows four people running away from the crime scene. investigators hope that someone will recognize the four young male adults and call the police. the victim antonio torres was a gardener, he was fatally shot in what could--police claim to be a robbery. >> students here at the preparatory and academy in oakland held a vigil in honor of detain and franklin that was gunned down while riding his bicycle in east oakland. >> take this as a lesson learned, there is nothing that will bring him back we all miss him i know i will. >> we have to cherish each other we never know when the time will come. >> here in san jose, the police are investigating the 20th homicide of the year to date. equaling the number recorded in all of 2010.
6:32 pm
investigators say that a man was shot and killed near this intersection of off of the road in east san jose. the name of the man has not been released. they're saying very little about a possible motive for the shooting. but have not ruled out the possibility that was gang-related, in san jose i am rob fladeboe kron4 news. as >> directors voted unanimously to equip each officer with a taser is. the decision to purchase additional taster's comes as a result of them investigating the death of an officer in 2009. in oakland, jeff pierce with kron4 news. >> of the summer travel season is under way, over the memorial day weekend beginning today through tuesday are expecting a 4% increase in flyers. that is compared to last year, despite the increase in
6:33 pm
airfare, they're expecting over the full list of the summer, 4% increase in travel will continue. >> in san francisco, the back-to-mass delivery of small yellow pages will be here and the band. the mayor signed the paperwork that will ban the delivery of yellow pages. the idea is to stop the waste. there was a tool that every household pink on for phone numbers, but the internet has made them obsolete. if if you still want one, contact the distributor and they will deliver one to your door, in san francisco, jeff bush kron4 . >> home prices continue to fall around the bay area. it is now 303 $8,000 and now me the account, taking a look at websites i've found for that money, you can get it one-bedroom one bath condo while for just a few hundred dollars more, you can get this three-bedroom 3 bath condo in oakland, and in
6:34 pm
castro valley, this one single-family home is selling which has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, maureen kelly kron4 news. >> and here it is graduation day, 38 seniors from the psychologist repertory are getting their diplomas and all of them are going to college, it has been a long road for them and they're now facing rising tuition costs and a tough job market. but the graduates know that the road will be a long one and it means that you have to work even harder. in east palo alto, charles crawford screen with kron4 news. >> now the latest on bryan stow, the las angeles police said wednesday night's lineup that included their main suspect giovanni ramirez went well. despite his admission that he was not at the game, they still say that he was the primary aggressor in the beating. this picture of ramirez is now circulating, the 31
6:35 pm
year-old is in custody but has not been charged. the police are looking for two other suspects. gramm lotus @ kron4 news. >> our big weather story tonight, big changes mostly sunny skies, increasing clout coverage overnight. that will bring up spotty showers for tomorrow morning. take a look on future forecast. light showers are approaching right in the north bay coast line. this is the 4:00 hour, notice at the 5:00 hour we will see some spotty showers down near the golden gate. this will continue through the 6:00 and 7:00 hours. by 8:00 a few scattered showers the later in the morning the rain will taper off cooler and preconditions into the afternoon. >> do not forget about the upcoming changes to the bay bridge, role--maureen kelly shows you the new details
6:36 pm
and what to expect. >> the most important fact, the bridge will remain open, there will be no fool bridge closure while the work to create a new deed to work. there will be some lane closures and the overnight hours on saturday may 28th and sunday may 29th between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.. the closures will affect the lower deck, but the eastbound traffic will be able to get through. westbound lanes will not be affected, they are shifting over the east bound approach to the toll plaza. this animation shows with the lanes look like now and this is what they will look like window role dark--when the roles are finished. here is a simulation of what drivers will expected to look like it will expected be easier to manage than they s kirby. --maureen kelly was kron4 news. >> new details in the case
6:37 pm
of a kidnapped child. the bail has been increased to $5 million for the woman accused of taking the child, she is accused of kidnapping her granddaughter over the weekend and then claiming that the child was hers. prosecutors have added a charge of residential burglary to a complaint against her. this is the baby with its mother after their reunited. the grandmother to a bus and a taxi from southern california and then went into her son's home. we have a programming change to tell you about, dr. phil is moving time slots to 4:00 p.m.. fact that means at 8:00 p.m., there will be a new kron4 prime-time newscast. the changes begin monday may 30th. hey marcel, watch this!
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>> as much as i tried to be everywhere to catch bad
6:41 pm
behavior, sometimes people find it for me. >> there is not a single no parking signs, it looks like there may have been one there. >> this video i found on was from oakland and the person taping is not the one that was behaving badly. >> i just got a $66 parking ticket. >> he appears to be making a case to find a street sweeping ticket where there were no signs posted even show where he was parked so he basically said that the oakland parking enforcement was behaving badly. the people you here are in seattle, they're making fun of the san francisco a driver that is trying to get out of a parking spot. by using the cars in the front and behind as bumper cars. >> oh my god! >> this was shot in oakland the driver is trying to squeeze into a parking spot for that according to the person shooting the video.
6:42 pm
and this driver was trying to park in a red zone over in chinatown, i love it when i find this type of videos on the web. if you see something like this, it hit me up on twitter, i may use it on my set of people behaving badly. in the news room, kron4 news. >> coming up next, how gary is a joint by a great-- joined by a great. now we will hear from him coming up in a little bit. california should be proud.
6:43 pm
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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
6:45 pm
>> could evening everybody, but suppose the his season appears to be over. take a look late last night, the collision at home plate. x- rays and mri is on posy showed a factor, that he
6:46 pm
fractured a bone in his lower left leg had three torn ligaments on his left ankle. the giants are trying to get him into surgery within a week. we are here with bruce with his thoughts. >> i am sure that he feels that, but not as bad as we do. we lost our cleanup hitter. our picture, he helped in winning the world series last year. >> i said i love him, he is a good friend of mine. he is a great player and he is frustrated, but he also understands there is nothing he can do about it. >> this will be a test for all of us. he is a big leader on this team, we will miss him. we will definitely have to step up and finalize--find ways to push on. >> demand that minister of the blow was caught cousins, he played a little at usf.
6:47 pm
here is a 160 hitting a man on the florida roster. he finds himself a semi dirty player. >> when i saw him secure the ball and look towards me i had no choice but to try and knock the ball loose, i hope he is ok i really do, i am not trying to end any one season, we are trying to win ball games i have to score that run in any way i can. i hope he is all right. he is down there for a while, i will he immediately went down there to see if he was ok. for when the manager came out and said some things i decided to walk away. >> the show goes on, posy prior to the game left at&t park and then goes to eli white side big shoes to fill, aaron will make giants fans smile early. a lot of good pitching in this game.
6:48 pm
look we have some help from rowan making the catch. back-and-forth they go. logan to the shallow center, and that will be if, one nothing florida. eight innings, eight hits and one run. his era is below two. they shut out the giants, nine innings on five hits and that is it the florida marlins come in and sweep of the giants by a final of one to nothing. colby ross, the final of the game, sanchez the first opposing pitcher to throw to shut out at at&t park. the first three games this week of the giants in 16 years here and said francisco. the giants after the game took off for milwaukee, they play the brewers and the st. louis cardinals. now the a's hung
6:49 pm
on today. they have not looked to that. conner jackson,, jackson, all right, it is one nothing. and he will give them a three nothing lead. oakland, they're playing in a division were none of the teams are that good, at least for the first few months of the season. hamilton is back. for nothing a's. --4 nothing a 's. wow! every a's hitter, all eight men that started about a base hit. the sharks said their goodbyes this morning. someone said a rather emotional time.
6:50 pm
staying away from the media after being eliminated in vancouver, five games is what it took to end the season, the sharks their fourth western conference championship could not get it done. >> it is still tough, i am sure that it was doing for a bit, but we have a great group of guys. how are optimistic about the future. >> when we return, you may have to go back to joe montana late 1980's back injury. more concerned about a bay athletes health, here is a man that has seen it all. next. [ jerry ] look at this!
6:51 pm
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>> you like that when art? we had all this concern for a bay area athlete. remember joe montana. that was always leave his line, he
6:54 pm
said the only reason i came was because i thought that joe's back would fail him. >> now before we talk, what you think that posey is so popular? >> he represents the giants, the giants won the world series. i have been and 46 years. i never thought i was see this town act like cincinnati or st. louis. it is fantastic. everyone in town, oakland, san jose are wearing giants paraphernalia. posey is this young guy, they credit him with his admission being the difference. >> do you find it a dirty play? >> no, i know the argument is that he was not blocking the plate he was off to the right side, but this is the history of baseball. i was at the game talking to charlie still thereof, he is in his 80s, he was telling me that he remembers a guy named jack e. tobin, the plate for the portland team,
6:55 pm
and he said that he knocked me into the second game. [laughter] >> wow! >> but i mean, you are talking about ballplayers that have been doing this for years. i know that they want a change in the rules. he says that we have this popular guy and baseball loves them. you get hurt. >> with eli white side, the backup catcher, you think there will be all of this is for him? >> no, but if tiger woods is not do what he did you think anyone would care? if kobe bryant did not play like he did would anyone care? >> what you want posy to switch positions? >> snow. they're talking for days ago when he had near concussions, that was his condition he wants to play. >> but if this guy is
6:56 pm
crestar all offensively? why ask for all of the bumps and bruises? >> he likes to do it, johnny did it, there are other great catchers. >> so do you think they will sit him down? i think they will move him to the outfield. >> eli whiteside is 185. i think the worst part is there back in it is failing them. if i would've told do that three months ago, brian would be a great pitcher with the giants you would say they would run away with the pennant. >> you think that they will collapse without posing? >> i am not sure that they will be in first place without him. >> ferry enough. you still have it after all of these years. you are good. >> ucla gave me the
6:57 pm
professional achievement award last weekend. they treated me like i was somebody. the other guy into the internet and all i do is write sports. >> and click bragging or we will have to pay you next time . [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. "the insider" has the most detailed report behind today's all new star headline. i'm kevin frazier. >> i'm brooke anderson. >> "the insider" is on. >> maria shriver goes public. where we just found the embattled mother as the family of arnold's former mistress goes on the record. >> i know my mom. she's like a super woman, pretty much. >> then -- exclusive >> more of mistress patty in party mode. dancing, singing. >> and -- >> did anyone ever say to you, that's arnold's child? >> what you haven't heard from arnold's mistress' ex. >> what is oprah doing today? >> brooke, she's doing absolutely nothing. i'm thinking she may not even get out of her pajamas today. >> winfrey's bff with us. behind the scenes "insider" secret and home video of the


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