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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 27, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> the memorial day weekend, people hitting the road, we are here with the house the day forecast. >> pretty unusual for us to see this late-season rain. we have snow in parts of the west coast. this will continue through the weekend, see the spot the shower activity through the north. you will see showers and possibly snow, see the band of clouds sitting offshore, that will feed into the bay area as we head into the overnight hours. now what is more likely that we will see the snow in the sierra this week end. temperatures are quite cool out there today, they have been for the past couple of weeks and will continue to be. the showers will continue to move through the pacific northwest. 60, 61 in san francisco, 63 in oakland, temperatures are about five to 15 degrees below what they should be for this time of year. when
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speeds are in the teens right now, when will pick up tomorrow, the storms will continue to pressure the bay area here is a look at what you could expect. she is first in the north bay this evening and then overnight for the rest of the bay area. the winds will be tested in the hills, but tomorrow afternoon, we will see the wind bay area wide. half cloudy conditions, a slight chance of showers. the winds will pick up in the 20 to 30 napa hour range. the temperature was they on the cool side into tomorrow afternoon. we will look at the cool saturday temperatures coming up in just a little bit. >> bart riders may experience delays up to 40 minutes because the crew has to shut down half of the trans bay tube. >> regard crews will be performing maintenance and repair to electric cables that provide power to the track. all riders can expect
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some delays. here is what you need to know if you plan to take this in either direction across the bay. the pittsburgh-based 0.9 will be the only one traveling through the tube. if your on any other east they train, you have to make a switch at oakland, the 12th street station. clear is a look at the time, expect delays for the fourth strain saturday until 730. and then on sunday and monday, there will be delays, what from the morning until 230 in afternoon. >> and a reminder on monday, memorial day will be running on the holiday schedule. how do not forget about the upcoming change to the bay bridge this weekend. maureen kelly showed the new detour and tells of drivers what to expect. south >> of the most important fact, the bay bridge will remain open during the holiday weekend, no full bridge closure while they work to create the new detour. some lang closures
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on saturday may 28th, and sunday may 29th between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.. the closures will affect the lower deck, but he's bound traffic will be able to get through. westbound lanes will not be affected. what they're doing is shifting over the east bound approach to the toll plaza, you can see in the animation what the lanes look like right now. this is what they look like when they are finished. all five lanes will be moved to the south to make room for construction on the new eastern stand. here is a simulation what drivers should expected to look like, it is expected to be easier to manage. here the speed limit will remain the same at 50 m.p.h.. the new lanes are expected to be open to traffic by monday. >> a handful of seniors and santa cruz county have been suspended for wearing clothing associated with a white supremacy group. they are also suspected of
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involving with a rash of graffiti including swastikas, and making the not cecil at school. officials took action after they were wearing white shirts and bandanas during a senior class photographs you. >> our schools like other schools around the state have rules about gain identification and clothing about gang the identification. that applies to both groups with a white power, or east side white pride. or any other game that is affiliated with other elements of our community. we have had incidents of children wearing clothing with gang affiliation, we have had some graffiti, we have had some incidents of intimidation of individual kids. >> school officials blame the behavior on a white power gain that is recruiting within the community. officials have sent a letter to parents that such behavior will not be tolerated. as punishment,
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students will not be going to the prom, and zero suspended students may not be able to attend the graduation ceremony. >> updating a developing story out of oakland, a police chase earlier today that ended when police say, there is the scene. you are looking live, see the car on the right-hand side, they said the driver let them on a chase. they had a suspect in custody, we are learning more about why they were after the driver. reggie kumar is live at the scene. what are they saying? >> at this point, the investigators are saying that this man is responsible for two robberies allegedly in the east oakland area that occurred at a couple pharmacy's earlier today. at this point they cannot confirm if this is the same man that was involved in a sexual assault that happened in the oakland hills this morning. again, the suspect is in custody at this point. the witnesses say that this all ended after a high-speed
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chase. i want you to taken look at this area. this is where it actually ended. the suspect lost control because this is all graveled. as he lost control, he slammed the car into this post at the gas station and he kept sliding his left front tire popped and this is where he ended up. he was driving this silver accurate. investigators still at the scene gathering evidence and talking to witnesses. we still do not know if this is the same suspects that was involved in a sexual assault that happen in oakland hills. we're supposed to be getting a briefing at any moment from authorities. we will bring that information as soon as we get it. >> thank you, and as he said, we may learn more about that driver exactly if he was involved in too early morning breeze and a another crime, we will bring you those developments as we get
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them. >> checking traffic in walnut creek on memorial day friday weekend. as you can see north bound, things are moving slowly, 680 and 24. and we have a programming change to tell you about, dr. phil is moving to 4:00 p.m.. that means at 8:00 p.m., there will be a new kron4 prime-time newscast. the changes begin on monday may 30th. we will be back with more news ahead. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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>> and world news, president obama is in poland. this is wrapping up his week-long to european tour. he placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. he also met with veterans that fought during world war two. the secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan, she
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is trying to rebuild relations after the raid on osama bin laden compound. question continue to be raised about how he was able to hide out in plain sight in how much support he might have had from pakastani authorities. she new details on the crash of the air france flight back in 2009. we now know a malfunctioning speed sensor caused the plane to fall into the lentic. this is video from earlier this month, that is when they found the plane. they said that it was giving false readings, that led the pilots to reduce speed and led to the plane stalling. all 228 people on board were killed. >> checking traffic in san jose, south bound is where there is back up, the traffic is moving slowly. northbound traffic is moving well. no problems in the guadalupe overpass.
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>> in new steadiness suggest that san francisco residents have positive perceptions of the cleanliness of the sidewalk. some people serve a were satisfied with plenty of the things that failed the city survey. they focused on cleaning later, glass and feces. stanley roberts were not on the street to see just how clean they are. >> correct me if i'm wrong, a recent study says sanford to residents and think that the streets of san francisco or she--are cleaner than the city's standards. apparently these people have not walked down the street into behaving badly. while there are a few clean streets around the bay, there are a few that have a lot to be desired. while some streets are graffiti covered, some have the jury issues. see the parking meter? below it
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is faeces. this man in the black shirt just finish using this street as a public toilet. so he has to chat with the man. some people think that the city streets are clean enough to take a nap on. the city of san francisco had a firm conduct a study to see well long-term residents thought of the street. by doing this, they hope to reallocate the millions of dollars spent yearly to keep the streets clean. let us hope that the areas that need to be clean actually get cleaned up. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron4 news. >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at people behaving badly at >> and live look outside this afternoon, mostly sunny skies. we started with a little rain. we are left
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with cooler conditions this afternoon. in a chance of light showers as we headed to tomorrow, the winds will be the bigger issue. 20 to 30 mph. the temperatures will be a little more coal tomorrow afternoon. just a few clouds in the morning, mostly cloudy conditions in that afternoon, the temperature is warm up on sunday. continuing tusis body shall activities continuing into the north. moving into northern california. we will get skirted with this, but not seeing much grain locally. taken look, at the forecast tomorrow morning. it will be increasing at this hour, mainly in northern california. take a look into the evening, no rain, just snow in the interior. that includes lake tahoe. that snow will fly all night long. a political storm. we will see snow levels pretty low. three to 4,000 ft..
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plenty of snow continuing into the 4:00 hour. locally this is what we will see tomorrow afternoon. 60 trouble--in to get into the '60s and a couple of places. places like antioch, and a little warmer down south. 57 along the coast that half moon bay. the temperatures run well below average for this time of year. a look at tomorrow just 68 in san francisco, but this time of year, we should have 66 in san francisco. 15 degrees below where we should be in concord tomorrow afternoon. take a look at the kron4 seven day around the bay forecast. continuing with the cooler weather. even though we will warmup on sunday, the temperatures will still be below average. as we head into next week, the temperatures are up and
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down, it does not look like blue was the rain, but cooler conditions will stick with us through the extended forecast. >> a 5,000 lb. later cake, and one olympian trying to hawk her way into the next summer games. take a look at this. >> take a look at this, the long-distance layered cake in malaysia, ignitions nearly 100 ft. long and weighs more than 5,000 lbs.. it was made from a heritage recipe passed down for generations, it took 15 bakker's 15 days to complete. pieces were sold to benefit orphanages here. take a look at this, the waterfall is our expected to attract large people to the park this weekend. visitors are pulling out their binoculars and cameras to get a good view. the two of--silver wedding anniversary.
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>> they have all been corp. is. >> with an above normal runoff from winter's heavy snowpack, the waterfalls are getting the visitors a lot to see. >> now she's taking her talent to new heights. she has won medals at three consecutive olympic games. now she's focusing on the next competition, the 2012 games in london. that much to be a three-time olympian, >> she made her debut at the 2000 sydney games. >> take a look at this, high school students and minnesota set a world record, a colt geyser is created when dropping a mintos candy into a bottle of diet coke, it results in a foaming eruption. their goal was to set off 3000 that would eclipse at the
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current record. we will be back more news after the break. [ male announcer ] try sizzler's new value menu!
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>> this memorial day weekend, a couple of big- name sequels are debuting. his eighth prequel of the hand over part to and conflict and a cartoon. >> cheers. >> the bachelor party is not quite over, and the hangover part to, stew and his groomsmen hang--head to thailand. and they want to enjoy some brunch, but of course things get out of hand. >> where are we? >> this is a real tattoo! what did you? >> i did not do anything. >> it is a monkey. >> the furious five are hard at work in protecting the valley. but there is a secret weapon that is straining to take over china and destroy,.
5:55 pm
>> jet black, and in a deli and dustin hoffman all lent their voices to this from gen. --to this project. >> kung fu panda part to is rated pg. >> it is getting really bad reviews, but expected to make a lot of money this holiday weekend. and they're feeling over $100 million. when it appears the head of microsoft may have said too much too soon, ceo steve ballmer, you said in tokyo that windows a will go on sale next year. shortly afterwards he said not true not yet, microsoft is probably concerned that he was stopped by and windows 7 software if they know that something better is coming soon. and they also said
5:56 pm
that employees are hard at work on the next version of windows, and it will be released on slate, tablets and pc. now take hal is suing to will, they say that two of their former executives told confidential misinformation from the mobile payment unit during a came just hours after will unveil wall-to- wall it. that let people pay for things using their cell phone. a for two years, how is a pal and google have been taught for them to provide the payment system but then they stop the deal and build their own system. the facebook founder mark a circle burn-home market observers were--mark zu ckerberg and was they the animals has sacrificed their lives. and will deal
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wouldn't thinks that a killing the mistake of them. now we want to know what you think of his diet plan. what do you think about this? where one person says the key is going crazy with a power line howard hughes. another said our respect for the cycle of life could for him. he we j. lopez says that is weird. next he will make his own underwear i recycle things. >> if you want to leave a comet, head over to the facebook fan page, the news at 6:00 p.m. is coming up next.
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is >> oakland land list of the most dangerous cities in the u.s., as crime dropped
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around state will show you with a troubled city ranks. in san francisco, more than 30 criminal cases are dismissed, after a string of video show alleged police misconduct while another video surfaces. [music] >> at 6:00 p.m., a developing story out of oakland, the police have arrested a suspect in connection with crimes that happen this morning. kron4 reggie kumar is at the scene. >> it is still a very active scene, you could see that the investigators are still here gathering evidence. we have learned some new information, they tell us that the suspect was involved in to farmers in robberies, the first occurred at the 4200 block at macarthur boulevard. the other at the montclair district of oakland. they have not released the names of the pharmacies. it is still unknown if the suspect
6:01 pm
is the same suspect, that allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in oakland hills of early this morning. the police say they have to do more investigating and possibly a full lineup to determine that. this all ended after a high-speed chase. they said it was going up to 100 mi. per hour, he somehow lost control in the gravel of the intersection. at that point, he hit a post, that was located at the gas station. that white post a bit over near the u-haul truck. at that point, the car came to rest right there in that area. at one point, the suspect jumped out of the car. police officers then had to chase him down, they finally did arrest him. at this point, they're still trying to determine if this is the same suspect involved in the sexual assault. >> and east bay neighborhood is on it, after a woman was
6:02 pm
sexually assaulted. it happened during an early- morning home invasion robberies. i want to show you where this happened, at 6800, all in the 6800 block of wilton drive. in oakland hills. hazzig manyud was on the scene as the police sort-sir-urged for the suspect. >> heavily armed, they were searching around the screw raj behind his home on which wilton drive. an early warning home invasion escalated to a woman being sexually assaulted. >> it appears that 38 year- old female victim was awakened by a dog barking. she went to investigate and was confronted by a suspect. at that time, she was robbed of some personal items, some cash, and a sexual assault
6:03 pm
did occur. there were two children in the house, there were not harmed or in danger, they were asleep. outfits >> they said the victim's husband was also home when the crime occurred, but the investigators would not say much more about that at this type. they say the suspect appeared to have fled on foot. the only have a general description of the person responsible at this time. home in oakland, kron4 news. >> continuing the team coverage, we want to show you exactly where wilton driving is and what the neighborhood looks like. >> wilson drive with this assault a person to the top of old glenn he your heels. downtown oakland over here, highway 13, here is my clear, and it is right up here near the summit. zoom in and take a closer look. as you can see, is it right next to redwood regional park. a very remote road,
6:04 pm
one-third of a mile long, very quiet. i shot some video out there earlier today take a look. >> wilton is very narrow, barely enough room for two cars to pass, the trees are very thick. the heavy treves probably keep them from being as bright as they could be. it is obvious that people that live along here are concerned about safety, they have the neighborhood watch a video surveillance signs posted everywhere. almost all the homes have security systems and many have lights with motion detectors. >> the police and piedmont are investigating a report, a 70--17 year-old girl said she was a salted by a man that worked as a substitute employees for the school district. it allegedly happened here as you can see on the map, this is that a wider field. in a statement released today, here is with the superintendent had to say. i must stress that until the investigation is complete we are dealing with
6:05 pm
the allegations. oakland is ranked no. 6 on the list of the most dangerous cities in the nation. this according to a study by the wall street journal. it used information from the fbi on the number of murders, rapes, and robberies. jeff bush explained why oakland made the list. >> oakland has had the reputation for violence for some time. the reason that they made the list was because of the fbi crime statistics. overall, crime went down from 2009 to 2010, but there was some startling things that cause oakland to make the list. it had the ninth highest murder rate in the country, and the 10th highest in rate. but they had the second-highest rory rate in the entire country according to the fbi. that is an average of seven robberies for every 1000 people and the city. city leaders have been struggling with the issue and have tried all sorts of things, but with the budget in shambles, and an understaffed police department, this seems like
6:06 pm
an uphill battle. they conducted informal survey of oakland residents, and there was no shortage of stories of violence. >> i have seen people get shot. people walking up to them shooting and walking away. >> i saw the may attack a man. it was a strange occurrence in my mind. i saw no basis for it. >> people being shot, stabbed to death, different things like that. >> my father was killed, so i can relate to other people. >> in oakland, jeff bush kron4 news. >> new details tonight on the san francisco police misconduct and drug cases. one drug cases have been dropped. a new surveillance video has surface, this is all on the alleged misconduct of more than one dozen san francisco police officers. we take a look at the new video and what it means to go forward. >> this surveillance video from april of last year
6:07 pm
showed that an undercover officer, the one in dark clothing and the hat, is trying to buy drugs from the person on the phone in the white shirt. but the public defender says that what you see the video is not what police said happened in this police report. >> these are complete fabrications. completely untrue. >> the police report says that a suspect raise his right hand to his mouth, he's been out white rock wrapped in plastic. suspected, based rock cocaine into the palm of his hand and hand it to another suspect. >> these are not things that happened at any time during the transaction. >> public defender jeff adachi says that the video shows that the suspect never took the video--rocks out of his right hand and never took his hand out of his pocket. >> this opens up a whole new pandora's box. we are talking about buy bust
6:08 pm
operations involving narcotics officers weather reports are clearly being falsified. >> public defender said that there were red flags about the conduct of officers and truthfulness of officers going all the way back to last year. he says that the police in new about it, prosecutors know about it and did nothing as the officer's testimony continued to put people in jail. at the hall of justice in san francisco kron4 news. >> because of the misconduct allegation, another 28 cases were dismissed today, this brings the total of dismissed cases to 119. the district attorney spoke out today, he tried to turn the focus towards what the police force must do now. >> the reality is, and the police business there will always be times when people will do the things where there will be allegations of things that are done inappropriately. what is
6:09 pm
important is that we within the criminal justice system have the right to live in this area very quickly and take appropriate action that is what we are doing. >> and state that was released by the san francisco police says that the officers in the videos have the same rights as any other citizen. they are assumed innocent until proven guilty and we are operating under that assumption. if it is to determine through the investigation that any officer is proven to be dishonest in any way they will be disciplined. we have a programming change to tell you about, dr. phil is moving to 4:00 p.m. that means eight, 8:00 p.m. there will be kron4 newscast. that change begins on monday may 38th. more news ahead. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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>> new details of the crash of air flight 447 this was
6:13 pm
nearly two years ago. a investigators have answered some but not all the questions about why the plane fell into the sea. >> you may remember that this to three hours into the flight from brazil to france, it disappeared over the ocean. although some parts of the plane were found on the surface, the black boxes containing flight reports work thousands of feet down on the ocean floor. they were not found until earlier this month. tonight we know what happened in the final minutes, the plane had flown into a storm, causing the air speed indicator to malfunction. there were simple devices mounted on the nose of the plane and the air flows through here, the pressure is measured to calculate the plane's speed. but they can ice up, they can sense false information. the crew got conflicting information and said that
6:14 pm
the crew increase the speed, they brought the nose up, that is the exact opposite of what they should have done since the plane has slowed down. this sent the plane into the coffin corner that is when the air flow over the wing is reduced so much that the aircraft literally falls out of the sky. it plunged downward in the nose of position dropping 38,000 ft. in three and a half minutes. it pancaked into the sea at more than 100 mi. per hour killing all 228 people on board. >> today's clad women marry report--today's preliminary report did not enter the final question, why weren't able to bring the nose down? the chief investigator aasked if crew mistakes were to blame and he said that it was a combination of both.
6:15 pm
>> tomorrow afternoon, cool and windy weather, we will recover and to sunday, i will have details coming up.
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>> new video of a high-speed police chase that just happened in los angeles. this was the scene just a while ago, the suspect ec racing through the streets of driving a stolen as uv led the officers on a chase near the street near hollywood. the patrol cars kept their distance, he sped down city streets missing cars and pedestrians, the chase lasted for some time. even though at one point, the chase went down a dead end street and then headed on the past the police cars. he was taken into custody in a surprisingly the one was hurt. now joseph in a cell, accused of murdering some california women entered a
6:19 pm
plea. he argues that the evidence being used against him such as photographs of scantily clad women and does not show that he committed a crime. >> joseph naso entered a not guilty plea, he is representing himself and asked the court that he be released from jail. claiming that the evidence against him is inaccurate. in a hand written note that he read in court, he said boxes of photographs, writings and list taken from his home did not indicate names, descriptions, or the intended fate of the women. adding that no photographs in the defendant's home show women in forced positions, forced bondage, or being nbc is. investigators seized and nearly 4000 pieces of evidence pictures of women in scantily clad outfits,
6:20 pm
and compromising positions. again in court, he told the judge that the photographs were posed under free will. the judge told him to properly present his motion to the court in writing and did not rule on whether to dismiss the crop items, but ordered him back to jail. roerich's said that the preliminary trial began on july 11th. >> a live look outside from the golden gate bridge this afternoon, mostly sunny skies. we saw a little rain out there this morning, clouds are coming back overnight tonight, we have a cool and windy saturday, a slight chance of showers. here's a look at satellite and radar picture, a lot of spotty showers up the west coast. this will start to push down south east overnight. a chance of light showers, but we will see cool temperatures and gusty
6:21 pm
winds. the afternoon is when the winds will pick up. that is when a gust in the 20 mi. per hour range. along the coastline, we see them in the 20 may be 30 out--now per hour range. this will make the temperature fell even cooler than what it is. we are in the low sixties for the most part tomorrow. it is a little warmer along the delta, and 68, a little warm in south bay, 68 in los gatos and morgan hill. kron47 there around the day forecast shows a windy and cold. tomorrow a very slight chance of showers. sunday will be the better of the two weekend days. we have a decrease in clouds, the temperatures will be looking down in the intended forecast, but they will be five to 15 degrees below what they should be for this year. >> and national news, the
6:22 pm
astronauts on the shuttle endeavor made their final space walk today. this is the second to last shuttle mission before the program is wrapped up. during that walk, the crew moved inspection equipment to the international space station. endeavor is expected to be back on earth wednesday. five people were heard in a chemical explosion in senate san--to tennessee. they criticize the plan because of two explosions earlier this year, when those blast, two workers died and another was injured. in washington state father was attacked by his daughter after being shot with a bow and arrow they found her hiding in the woods behind the house. the father ran from his home with the arrow lodged in his side, a neighbor said that the father told him the 15 year-old was upset because she was grounded and the father had taken away herself on. stay with us, more news after the break. [music]
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>> in joplin missouri, the search for survivors of following the tornado continues. they now say that 90 people on the list have been located alive. at least six were identified among the dead. that still leaves more the 150 other people still unaccounted for. there are 132 confirmed fatalities. meantime a farmer has played a small role could solely a family that has lost two young children in the tornado and oklahoma. pam howard founded picture of three year-old ryan, at the time he was still missing but the next day his body was found in a lake near the home. his 16 month old brother was also killed in the storm. neither spoke with the woman that discovered bryans' picture. >> pam howard has found a lot of tornado debris in this field surrounding her home. >> it is still pretty white,
6:27 pm
it is not match, it smells fresh. >> the she was out feeding sheep on wednesday and ran across a rare treasure. >> i thought oh my gosh! someone lost their baby's picture. i turned it over and up at the very corner in said ryan and drew hammel is five months. it broke my heart, i thought oh my gosh! this and the boy that is missing. >> she contacted us to see if we can get the picture back to his family. she is not the only one, toward a little debris is littered across oklahoma. many of those who find pictures and other sentimental valuables are anxious to turn it--to return it to its owners. to facilitate that, and facebook page called a tornado ok, missing items has been set up. town hall has also set up a place where people can drop off
6:28 pm
things that define. many people like pam hoping that a family that has lost almost everything, this will be something to help ease their pain. >> this is in really good condition and i want to give it back to the family. >> that family expressed their gratitude, they provided her with their address in order to stay in touch. we will be right back. the count on chevy event is here. your ticket to a cruze eco. 42 mpg and over 500 highway miles a tank. one of our 9 models over 30 mpg highway. fuel up, rock on. very well qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on a chevy cruze eco for around $159 a month. or qualified buyers can get no monthly payments for 3 months. fuel economy based on epa estimates. deferred payments offer ends may 31st.
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>> at 630 tonight, the big story and one big pot--of bills. more stories right now. >> we are live in oakland right now, sergeant don covington will update us on the incident that happened. do we know, it is he the man that allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in the oakland hills area? >> we do not know that, we are doing an investigation involving someone in a
6:31 pm
sexual assault earlier, but i have no information that he is right now. >> how would you determine if he is or is not a suspect? a photo lineup? >> i will not be doing that and i am not familiar with the details, we have investigators that will be working it, and they gather all the information that we provide, during the investigation, they will make the decision whether or not he is involved at this time i dunno, and neither am i familiar with the case to make a call. >> this suspects has only been arrested and in custody for robbery of a couple from the seas? >> exactly, it appears that he was involved with a couple robberies occurred in the city earlier, and that is what is then taken in custody for. >> tell us what happened at the end? i know that it ended here, what did he do afterwards? >> the office's work-- pursuing him on west street, and then he got
6:32 pm
here, and apparently, it appeared that the suspect was trying to make a left- hand turn heading eastbound on macarthur boulevard. he lost control the vehicle, a poll right here behind us. he lost control of the vehicle, after he lost control of the vehicle, the stock jumped out and then ran to the arts. we had already been setting up a premature area because we heard them on the air pursuing him. several officers responded to the location, they chased him into the yard and then took him into custody. >> thank you so much for your time, that is the latest in oakland. >> here is so cal, a handful still lent--a handful of students were suspended wearing clothing associated with a white supremacy group and writing graffiti including swastikas, they were seen giving a not cecil in days. one official says
6:33 pm
that it is a white power gang that is a recruiting in the community. >> here at the county courthouse, naso who was charged with murdering four california women entered a not guilty plea, he asked a judge to release him from jail saying that the evidence does not show that he committed any crime. he said photographs taken from his home do not show women in bondage, or deceased. that they were imposing on their own free will. the judge ordered him back to jail and set a preliminary hearing on july 11th. >> here at the sand francisco hall of justice, the district attorney dropped another two dozen cases in connection with the officers accused of misconduct at the same time the public defender releases a new video, this one showing a drug bust, he says what happens in the video complete contradict what the officers wore to in a police report. he says that this opens up a pandora's box,
6:34 pm
suggesting that the officers could have lied on dozens, or possibly hundreds of other cases. there are probably people in jail that should not be. >> investigators at the oakland police headquarters are looking into an early morning home invasion robbery that occurred on will to drive in oakland hills. it ended with the female in the home being sexually assaulted. they said that the woman's husband and two small children were in the home when the crime occurred. the oakland police say at this time they have limited information on the suspect involved in the case. >> path here in oakland, the 6800 block of wilton rd. drive there was at a sexual assault. is right next to redwood regional park. there are a lot of a neighborhood
6:35 pm
watch signed and private security on nearly all the homes. >> our big weather story tonight, big changes this weekend, tomorrow we have another chance the rain into the forecast into the afternoon. it is not look like it will see much, but we will see breezy conditions, winds in the 20 to 30 out for our range. temperatures only in the low sixties for the most part. as we headed to san become a see clear skies and warm temperatures, the temperatures will stay well below average for this time of year. and >> more big changes coming to the bay bridge. a new detour for the east bound approach to the toll plaza that will be constructed over the memorial day weekend. the bridge will remain open but there will be laying closures overnight this weekend. the new land --will be opened over memorial day. now we have
6:36 pm
what the detour will look like. >> here is a look at the bay bridge as it exists. you can see that the cars are coming off the have to make a right turn, then a left turn in order to get into the poll --toll plaza flats. i will push the button and show you what the new lanes look like. as you can see, the curves are much more gentle. it is a broader sweep in turn, it should actually be easier for motorists to navigate. that is the old one, here is an example of the new one. here is exactly how looks and now, as you are headed east down. we are at 50 mi. per hour, that is the recommended speed. even with the lane changes, there will be no reduction in speed because now we are approaching the area where there is new construction, and this is exactly what it will be like after memorial day weekend. there is the
6:37 pm
new asphalt, we are farther to the south, we are driving in a gentle curves. any sort of change is liable to have a different type of impact on drivers. it is likely that it could take some time for people to get adjusted to the changes. >> checking traffic on this friday, the golden gate bridge, things are moving quite well, northbound and southbound right now, it is a nice evening out there will be back with more news ahead. @
6:38 pm
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>> and a new study suggests that sentences for residents have generally positive perceptions of the cleanliness of the sidewalk. some people--the most common complaint were smells, cigarette butts and trash. they recommended that this city focuses on clean litter, trash, and feces.
6:41 pm
>> correct me if i'm wrong, a recent study says sanford to score residents think the streets of san francisco are cleaner than the city's own standards. apparently, these people have not walked down the streets of people behaving badly. grab a seat and let us look around. while there are a few clean streets around or debate, there are a few that have a lot to be desired. while some streets are covered in graffiti, some have bigger issues. the see the parking meter? below this is feces. i this man in the black churches use the street as a public toilet. to be frank, some people think that the city streets are clean enough to take a nap on. the city of san francisco hired a firm to conduct the study. it wanted to see what long- term residents of all of the street. by doing this, they hope to reallocate the
6:42 pm
millions of dollars spent yearly to keep the streets clean. well, let us hope that the areas that need to be cleaned actually get cleaned up. and san francisco stanley roberts with kron4 news. >> coming up next, vern is joined by a super athlete, a woman that has ran marathons on all seven continents. and buster posey speaks out for the first time for the injuries that likely ended his season. ow#ç3
6:43 pm
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>> i am vern glenn, i like to fancy myself as the eli whiteside. it is true i get my 30, 3540 shells per year and that is it. >> you sell yourself short. >> now speaking of buster posey, what is up with mr. posey? home plate collision
6:46 pm
and the aftermath is still a topic one around the league. buster posey spoke with the press for the first time today he says it is highly likely that he will not be back this year. surgery is soon to be expected on the broken left ankle. about the play at the plate with the florida marlins outfielder scott cousins, and this is what he had to say. , i think there's a big difference if your completed from the plate camped out the runner does not have a choice at that point. he had a choice to slide or directly come at me and he came directly at me". in speaking with cousins, i do not know if a really matters if it is something that can make him feel better. i imagine if i was on the other end, that will be just about as difficult to know that a player that you were involved in has more than likely put someone out for the rest of the year, but again i am kind of indifference. now for scott cousins i want to make this very clear i do not know
6:47 pm
cousins, i am not out to vilify him whatsoever. it happened and it is over with. that is buster posey from today. now kevin will not be coaching the golden state warriors, the rockets haven't decided to hire at the former celtic, it mentioned as a possible candidate for the warriors but no. we came the top 50 greatest nba players in 1996, and he will put this to the test next year because houston has suffered major injuries and has missed the playoffs for the last couple of years. a former teammate of michael jordan said someone other than michael maybe the greatest nba player of all time. no one knows michael jordan's game than scott a pimple--scottie pippen his wing man. they said jordan is probably the greatest scorer but look ron james is maybe the greatest ever to play the game because not only is he so potent
6:48 pm
offensive lee, but his ability to keep everyone else in the game. no word from what michael jordan thought about that one. now used to be that the gearhart name men stand for football because of tobey gearhart, but speaking of stanford softball, there are some gerhard sisters, iraq they were against the second seed alabama crimson tide. look at that, carried a no-hitter into the fifth inning. check out this, you do not think they are tough? watch this. that is a runner taking ashley of stanford. hanson did stay in the game, but the 15th seed cardinal could not hold. item six, here is a triple down the line, driving in, that is all the crimson tide needed.
6:49 pm
stanford loses the game one to nothing. they lost earlier in the day, so on the streets of those losses, stanford comes home out of the ncaa playoffs. now the top seed, upset by danielle. 61, and 63. she had #one for 32 weeks the long as ever span of a woman without a major title. she joins the second seed to be bounced out. when we come back, arguably the best athletes on the planet his san francisco next week. the 31st escape from alcatraz triathlon is back one week from sunday june 5th, 1 mi. and half swim. 18 now bike ride, eight mile run on top of that. but the swim, and the san francisco bay as i
6:50 pm
turned to our guest, jennifer, she writes for the inside triathlete magazine. and not just the average swim. >> no, it will be a cold wind out there for the athletes, and definitely not for the inexperienced. >> jennifer and i will bring down, mostly jennifer, she is the expert. come on back. a little preview of the triathlon in a moment.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> i and vernon glenn. now the escape from alcatraz, we will bring in jennifer purdy but we want to sing her praises. gracing the cover of scottsdale health of magazine. how about that jennifer? but here's the thing, one of less than 400 people who have run seven marathons on every continent! wow! and that
6:54 pm
would include and arctic up. >> yes. >> what was that about? >> that was really hard. that was one of the hardest ones i have ever run. >> if i understand, you have read tweet marathons'. >> into a half years i have done all seven in all continents. i did one in peru, south africa, and china. in >> while! i bet you construct around and say i did marathons'. >> i am not the fastest but i got through it. >> let us talk about this yvette, it is not the iron man. >> but it is iconic. >> it is, just off of alcatraz island. as i understand, is not like a straight shot.
6:55 pm
>> now know, there will be swimming in an l shape, they jump off of a ferry, 2000 athletes will jump off of the ferry within six minutes. they will start the race, they will swim toward to the arena--marina and then sideways than they have about a half mile run into the transition area to get the bike. >> now give me the mind-set of an athlete. i don't want to send you have to be nuts, but come on? >> their varied type a personality and very self motivated there's not a lot of glory especially if you are not a pro, but is really about crossing the finish line and doing something that you love. >> but what is inside, what drives them? >> crossing the finish line, it is a challenge, you want to see what your body can do. so they sign up for a race like this that puts them in 55 degree water swimming a mile and a half and very cold water. >> now we mention that you
6:56 pm
are the senior editor for the inside track a lot magazine, you cannot just write about it, you have done it. >> i have not done is take from al--i have not done escape from alcatraz i'm very jealous of those who get to participate in it. but it is a fun sport. >> now where is a race like this one and lost? i would guess transition area. if you are one of the top people. >> yes, usually favors the strong cycle is because that is the use the it--that is usually the str--along this part. a mile and a half swim is really a long way for a triathlon. so swimmers have the upper hand in this race. >> now who are the ones to be? >> they will have the hunger to come back and defend the titles, so hopefully we will see them do it. >> lianas coming back she is
6:57 pm
a three-time champion and she's coming back for a fourth one. >> she looks really good. hopefully we'll see her do it again. >> june 5th, the 31st.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" is taking you in depth on today's big celebrity headline. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'mrooke anderson. "the insider" is on. arnold's estranged wife's imminent divorce filing. as she's seen without her wedding ring and with a star. >> what u2 frontman bono was doing by shriver's side inside this restaurant. >> i hope they have a prenup. >> the stars now speaking out on the scandal. >> i'm wearing my team maria shirt. plus -- >> we saw arnold's ex-mistress serenaded, now exclusive. what happened when schwarzenegger's love child took the mike? i didn't want to talk to anybody for three days. >> the kardashian's mom on kim's surprise engagement. was oprah airbrushed in her


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