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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> a double homicide on international boulevard. both pronounced dead at the scene. >> missing student. >> kaiser hospital nursing student is part of the program she is and rolled in with samuel merritt university in oakland. according to police that she is-and rolled and samuel merritt university. she
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left class planning on contriving to reno with a classmate and never met up. they have not been able to find her, reach for and they tracked down the front. she told police that she never showed up to go on the trip. >> she did not repeat any calls to campus police.. and that is a curious point of interest for us. we do have tracking it on her phone is not current. perhaps the phone is off? the batters are dead? she could be out of range. i do not know why we will are tracking it any longer? but we still >> family, friends, are looking at any clues where she could be. 5 ft., 4 in.,
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black hair, brown eyes. >> she may not be from the car originally bay area of but j.r. stone also tells us more about the student was last seen on friday. >> i did some digging and found out more about michelle lee. she was taking nursing classism was also she was takig class's- >> she never
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received any calls for completion of plans. to go to reno. that, obviously is curious, suspicious for us. we have some tracking on her phone is not current or perhaps the battery could be dead? she could be out of cellphone a range. i really do not know why we are tracking but we were. >> police have interviewed dozens of family members to find any clues where she should be. 5 ft., with 12 0 lbs., black hair, brown eyes. in hayward, kron 4 news. >> team coverage continues with j.r. stone. tell us about the students. >> i did some digging and found out more about michelle lee. she has been taking nursing class is and a graduate of san francisco state university. and on our facebook page there are dozens of photos showing michelle lee. . good looks, and a girl was not afraid to show off her body. she said saddened by her missing status. the brother, lives in the bay area. i asked officers it michele what could that perhaps committed suicide? there is not ruled it out or still not searching for corps. the laptop recovered from the stone, kron 4 news. >> c h p will continue to be please pardon the delay.
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earlier, the d one report of>> c h p will continue to be white until midnight on monday so far, 897 people and arrested for drunk driving. that is down from the bay area has seen 129. they're 150 in 2010. and what are the safest largest cities? with this san jose police responded to the 2014 murder of the year. 20 homicides all of last year. da lin has more of, cites the killed a mother of five children. >> on our facebook page ... said that her five kids were pride and joy. they were her life. she is survived by those children after her life was taken the saturday night at 10:30. police believe that while she was sitting at her car at sacramento ave somebody shot her. a stray bullet hit the pick up truck. they were managed to drive two more blocks before the mercedes benz, to stop. next to this tree. this neighbor came out and saw paramedics performing cpr. they could not save her. she died at the scene. >> shocking, devastating. >> scary. >> you can see the small memorial. shortly after she was shot a 20 year-old man checked himself into a nearby hospital the gun shot wound. the leader announced that he was also shot in the
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same area. it is believed related. sandoz a police to not have the motive and they're not releasing a lot of details. san jose police are not releasing a lot of details. her family is very angry about the shooting. they told me they're not interested in talking to the media right now. in a san jose, da lin, kron 4 news. >> two different mammal covers blue off at. three of the embarcadero. manhole- covers---a cable connector failure causing pressure to build up in the cover is getting pushed off. 20 customers lost power at 8:30 p.m. no injuries but pg&e is in the process of replacing the mammal covers. so there will not blow off under similar circumstances-the manhole covers. >> the new a manhole covers have a pressure release system. they will regulate and safely you regulate the pressure from underground.
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>> here is what the covers look like. there are 1000 mammal covers in san francisco and 100 have only been swapped out with 100 manhole covers that have been swapped out so far of the 1000 manhole covers in the san francisco. >> it turned out to be a pretty nice day with 60s and low 70's. 73 in fairfield, concord, upper 60s for san jose. 60s in san francisco. tonight, the wind is picking up once again. we will see it once again with 50 m.p.h. they are beginning to diminish for tonight. right now, 28 m.p.h. at s f o and largely those are going to also subside. for tomorrow, or more of the looks okay that dry weather could
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change. a storm system in the pacific will bring chance for showers on tuesday and wednesday. in the meantime, brief showers tonight and precipitation after midnight. sunshine with high clouds i will tell you more about your memorial day forecast. >> obamas visited joplin. how he was honored? and the rebuilding begins. >> buster posy is officially out for the rest of the season. we will give you a time table and carnival take to the street of san francisco.
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>> hundreds of the victims of the deadly trap tornado area. it toured the area, barbara hall reports. >> the community of joplin
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came together to honor cornell victims on the sunday president barack obama spoke offering hope and healing to honor-tornado comes. -- >> every family i met here i am going to be here until as long as it takes. we are not going to stop until joplin is totally back on its feet. >> this tornado of 200 m.p.h. with 140 fatalities. dozens are still missing as family members anxiously await the fate of their loved ones. >> throughout the night troopers are making the most difficult notifying them of the loss of their family members. >> please join me in a moment of silence. >> sunday evening they have a moment of silence for the exact cause. 5:41 that the
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tornado tore through and changed so many lives. barbara hall, kron 4 news. >> a programming change to tell you about. dr. phil is moving a times. 8:00 p.m. if there is going to be a new prime time. that is this monday. the more wet weather this week futurecast is showing their is great and when it is going to be here, coming up. gray-- we spend a lot of time together.
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>> there was a massive party in san francisco the and it will the annual carnival. maureen kelly shows us the site, the sound. (music) >> reporter: for me, carnival is the celebration dance and i have had people that have had divorces, and
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even the danced through them,illnessess dancing to breakups. breakups, breakups it is a good way to get through breakups. to forget about all your troubles. it is a great time to get together with all of your best friends and dance all day. >> it is absolute pure plus, july. bliss, jewelry. a time to dance and to celebrate life. enjoy the crowd and just go crazy. >> look at how colorful we are. >> from the festivities to the clothing. we wear, it is so awesome!>> it is great to see different cultures. and the with the dance, the beautiful ladies. >> it is representing everybody, every culture. everything, not just latin, it is african, it is
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caucasian. it is good for everybody. we love it, we loved it. (music) >> it was a gorgeous day out there for carnival. with all sorts of activities. here's a view from mount tam. with wind speeds up to 30 m.p.h.- 40 m.p.h. tensor even in the 50s. concord, and san francisco at 51 degrees. the appeal from the golden gate bridge right around and sunset not any clouds. a great day and tomorrow is looking okay. with the best of the three weekend. extra clouds tomorrow so tonight, actor clouds moving in. those clouds will give a wait-extra clouds with high
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clouds with the next weather system of writing. the futurecast is showing a clouds, gray. notice that as this weather system is-are arriving coming from the north. that storm will bring a chance of rain. after midnight going into tuesday. the best chance could be for the north bay. relief light. nothing significant as far as accumulations' with relief light. tuesday, bay- area wide a fair amount of clouds and cool temperatures. with only low mid-60s for tuesday and wednesday. " weather pattern. that will be the difference for tomorrow, with ocean beach, 60 degrees. redwood city, palo alto. 70 degrees for the east shore. low-mid-60s with partly cloudy skies. clouds at times. sunshine at times.
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look for a 68 degrees. concord, 70. the warmest place in the bay area with upper 60s in the santa clara. and 69 degrees and looking ahead. some cool weather coming up with tuesday, wednesday, not only the chance of showers but temperatures on the cool side. 50 degrees below average. a warm up and next week and is looking pretty good. >> of sausalito j.r. hildebrandt nearly got his victory at the most auto famous race. this is why he did not have the victory. >> all know! he hit the wall all know oh no! that is
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unbelievable. hildebrandt took the lead but the final turn on the street wait and of the victory, he crashed. dan wheldon took the checkered flag. bad news for the giants. buster posy broke his leg from a collision last weekend he had surgery with three torn ligaments. two screws installed and they're confident that to be ready for opening day in 2012. the giants could not get much going on in milwaukee 6-0. san francisco did not even have a runner. the giants are in second place in the nl west. behind the arizona diamondbacks. the giants lost five of the last six games. >> now, sweeping the orioles just got a three-on homer
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to the baltimore these will host the yankees. >> coming up the secret of selling be rated movies. while others feel at the box office. dad, i was wondering if you've --
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only in the network of possibilities.
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at the box office, pirates of the caribbean. with johnny depp. $39 million. >> vicki: the cartoon kung fu movie. $52 million and even higher. that is no where needy hangover, part 2. that is also from thursday. with $118 million. it is one of the biggest memorial day weekend movie
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because it is usually been slow. however, one of the jungle that is never lost money. here is how the asylum looks be fairly good movies into big box. >> the asylum is a film studio much like universal studios, with out the cheap mascots. >> action! >> we've never lost money because it is quite simple. we only make films where we know that the budget is at the end of it. reno at the end of the day we're exactly going to make a certain amount of money on the movie. >> we do not really release the films, theatrically. it is intensive in terms of marketing each will be and would not market our films, at all. we do the cover art.
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we do the title. that is one major difference. and of course our budgets are astronomically different. but probably 100 times. >> basically you have to live with only getting two different takes. and not getting maybe we you shoot two different pages a day. and you try to get 70 percent of what you envision. however, we have to live with 20%-30% of what we envision. >> rolling! >> were first started we struggled to look for new venues. made blockbuster and hollywood video rest in peace. and we did not expect them to exit as soon as they did and we started to gear
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our efforts towards the on demand. we saw the writing on the wall. international sales have always been a big part of our sales. the 40- 50%. video on demand companies have confirmed that almost all of their rentals is made in the first one half of the alphabet. for americans are very lazy. they cannot get past the letter l so we tried to title come with a number because those could come first or even certainly put the first one half of the alphabet. >> who was talking about a crocodile? >> we're not going to make a documentary. we're not going to make an independent festival film. i would imagine that there is a buyer's market at the other and saying that how much money for this particular content? if this makes sense? we would do it. >> it is difficult to beat
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