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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 30, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> will not see any 70's
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this afternoon hawker complete check of the weather straight ahead on a quick look of traffic this monday morning. we still have strong winds and pfizer is in effect. >> police are now of searching began investigating but a double homicide. happened at eightieth avenue and international boulevard. when victor moore was transferred to the hospital with life threatening. search continues for the missing michelis which.
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>> she was last seen leaving her class and she is in world wheat. she told friends that she made itself on call and never returned to her car was fond of you hot blocks from hospital. they tracked down one of her friends mean, it was going to go torino with leave for the weekend >> she never contacted her and we have some tracking on her phone number and with which is not current she could be of of cellphone iii etch, we don't know why it.
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>> family and friends are searching for >> police said michelle is not are richly from last san jose police responded to their 24th murder in the area the latest on the homicide >> on her facebook page while. she was sitting in
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her car and come with a shot and she managed to drive to block storage rock before her mercedes-benz came to woodstock. ross and died at the scene she was 35 years >> it is shocking and devastating >> you can see there is a small memorial at the tree i young man holler plan to the hospital with gunshot grown to some, he he was also in
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the where rosh where shot. why her family is very meet and greet about >> it is memorial day-a lot of people are off today settled our work on the forecast. >> pretty deep breezy conditions today temperatures in the '50s and '60s and most of the area, as we head into the afternoon mostly cloudy. temperatures " are in the
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'50s and '60s due to cloud cover. by 3:00 p.m. we will be in the '60s and '70s as we head into the evening forrest we have a chance of showers. all liberal widespread under the shower is sent by 4:00 a.m.. your 7
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day around the bay forecast hovering partly cloudy conditions tuesday and wednesday and we also have the chance of showers. in the traffic center we don't have any hot spots to report as we look outside the metering replace are not on no accidents are to be reported with your golden gate to solve 101 not
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>> new details about. yesterday and he had surgery and also to screws where and so did when his lower leg him. we will miss some with to do on this memorial day weekend hon will get to that and just a minute the san francisco bay area "
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>> the time and knowledge for 10:00 a.m. we are about
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15 degrees cooler than normal for this time of year bucs. we'll check the chance of rain tuesday and wednesday as we get further along in the forecast hot. >> guest of many people were arrested for d new-line. hopper there were hundred and 50 for all the. hot 10:00 a.m. 90 as today
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memorial will be holding it molten and use the material and 1013 there will be a ceremony to honor all lost sailors to from the area and the uss hornet top. coming up to government news across the area is tournedos. look outside of the golden gate bridge when not much
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traffic out there because everyone has the date of. "
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holliston 1000 homes or rid of color across the state a lot of damage and self michigan historical and knocked out power to appoint hot over on hundred thousand people when. also poured cause problems in chicago law with a lot of flights
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canceled. president obama saw the devastation for the first time and again in joplin missouri. the presidents appoint visited one week after the. 40 people had stolen remained missing and unaccounted for. the national weather reservists said that the tornado cut a 6 mi. wide slot. >> the initial damage it was
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a working trailer this is kron zeroth why there is the first condoned the power lines when reason why joplin it is without power less than a mile into are churning houses without their route. power crews are working and this will be vital to the area we are not of 3 mi. into or churning and she conceived st.
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john's. >> it started out with health and i am used to the end of and then on i went >> this is the collapse home depot (her and she is a rich and for her father. paul, a fond but then buried in rubble >> we're no several miles east of the report of 6 mi. damage. >> " there's green had, screens, screen it was horrible >> this week they got their
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insurance settlement so they can rebuild will barnaul, about 12 mi. from where it began our journey that shows that the haft was twice bezel london has originally estimated >> the jobless tornado home owner survive when they found the flag >> we are going to be dry for the rest of the day slight chance of rain " will
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see that in just as we head into the afternoon hours we're are going to be above 15 degrees cooler. we have closely chance of rain and temperatures nile in the 40's and '50's. as we had in to the afternoon, hours copper 60070 for of the area. on it as we head into
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tuesday wednesday and we have a slight chance of rain closer to a center rosette of an alloy alum. hot temperatures on the rides hot finally seeing some 70's on the board. hot and no hot spots to report on traffic traffic is moving well. san mateo bridge nice and easy putt we do have high and when advisory's. south of 101 very quiet and
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no accidents to report. expect delays on department until of about 2:00 p.m.. they will be running honoree's sunday schedule. >> new list of most dangerous cities oakland is # 6. stockton tinian at no. 10 # one was flint, michigan police >> hot the reason oakland made it to list to was due
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to the fbi crime steps inman. this city at the high--his ninth highest murder mr. inman kron 4 conducted a survey in >> it was a strange occurrence i just saw hot dye attacked another guy for no reason >> hyoscine people stabbed to death by father was
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>> such charges memorial day weekend of nine by loading
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at. you can see 8 cell hanging over sent to rosa and we will have the complete forecast, and right of our reminder you will be expecting the lace on. >> police are investigating that happened in the oakland all little bit before 930 p m at eightieth avenue and international boulevard. one other victim was transported to the hospital
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michele lee was last seen friday night to after and nursing class. when >> michele lee had been taking and proper nursing glasses she is also a graduate on of san francisco university with. a girl that appears to be happy with her life her friendship of course saddened by and her disappearance. her brother lives in an and the. they
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asked if bush chocolate commit suicide not they do not believe that is the case. the laptop was fond inside r making police believe it was not support robbery motivated. >> two people were attacked in the 1700 blocks in. this is video of the scene of a woman hot there was foul shot to death on. >> her moving on to something later good weather for barbecuing and paladin's
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outside as a lot of people are >> as we head into the evening colors we have to worry whether on the rise in. when gusts up to 25 m.p.h. but if you drive along interstate 580 dry flat?. copper forties' low 50s and most of the bay area by 3:00 p.m. hot upper 60s lower 70's throughout the area. we will not see
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70's until later on in the week. a look our 7 day future cast. in wet weather making its way hot of north's moral center rows of. during the evening hours. no in wet weather when during the peak tomorrow. dry weather on tap for the rest of the danish and the chance of rain for their wit remained part of the day upper 60s.
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as for traffic a few cars on the road we have no accidents to report no cycle and preconditions no accidents and stronger and a revised three-year period set couple cars soft on 101 >> two men hold coverage blue of but year. it was an underground cable connector that cheryl will that resulted in the careers been blown off. no one was hurt
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they are in the process operation replacing and manhole covers >> the new manhole cover has a sprained loaded to block it would prevent the carter from coming off the ground >> there are 1000 manhole covers and san francisco and most of them have been swept out to >> president obama is set to introduce market adenosine to proceed damascene.
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hot recent study showed democrats have lost status throughout the area but. republican hot hot registration has also >> why l about buster posey last year's tour de of whittier broke his leg in the wild collision at home plate, yesterday's posey had surgery for torn napoli diamonds when surgeons insert it into screws opinions to lower left leg was they are confident that
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he will be ready opening day in 2012 take a look outside where lafayette said you can see how it crosses all lining that no such. we will be right back
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>> it is now for 40 a.m. cool weather for most of the date and politics in our 7 day forecast. hot take a look at all the smoker pick it is coming from dodger stadium fans work order to a evacuate.
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our officials said the flames started from paper products when. it lasted about 20 minutes and no one is hurt the giants lost to the verse 6-0 and other giants are in second place. the giants have lost five carter last six since her. oakland had a six for the victory in an over baltimore. the 200 running print of indianapolis 500 jason
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hildebrand almost claimed his first win. and here is a lock and why he did not finish first >> and he crashed in the final turn can walden when. all, but the cemetery ridge
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hunt. rorer witnessed on the road not sure witnessed we hunt. rorer witnessed on the road not sure witnessed we will check it l. ow#ç3
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we do have a chance for what weather in the forecast around nine p m monday evening we will see is that what whether it will interest on any tour of the area conditions look good as she stepped out the door. the 7 day around the bay forecast shows mostly dry weather for the bay area and
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a slight chance of showers. the weekend temperatures to warmups. the traffic nothing new to report no hot spots will accidence a few cars on the road right number. here's a look of the cemetery. she can see the camera shake your round because of the wind. south of 101 hot no accidents to report >> her recent study in how late since drivers would fare on the test
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>> i do feel like every time your honor roadie you are annoyed by other drivers about 1 n 5 drivers which failed horror. it is an improvement from less year. 85 percent could not know what to do not to see a flashing yellow light. in the area with the worst average score was washington d.c. followed by hawaii and merrill lynch has
4:49 am
massachusetts. and drivers age 60 to 65 had the highest course >> a new study by the city controlled on the sidewalk survey in the most common complaint is the smell moths cigarette butts and trash. >> our recent study sent san francisco streaks pocket
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park pond but cleaner than other cities. so let's proceed and lebrun, pop there are few street spent a lot to be desired. some stocks the streets are graffiti's government. paul this man just use the public street as a toilet. some people think the city streets are plain enough to take a nap on. proper repair they want to try and keep the city streets cleaned. happen let's just of the areas that need cleaned will be cleaned about. her
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>> coming up on the kron 4 morning news memorial day weekend with the cartoon movie, fluke panda box to o&y colin and a reminder that dr. phil will to be all and at 4:00 p.m. and corporate starting today in and the kron 4 evening news begins at 8:00
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>> it is not 553 a m a look at the bay area bridges hot few cars on the roads shows that most people how the day off. and all look at the golden gate bridge some delays are can be expected
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by bart riders. as it cruised into repair. " 10 minute delays nation quiet unique to transfer act of the street. at the box office parrish of the caribbean ... writing and a healthy 39 million for the week holiday weekend., food pan ... robin $64
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million since it opened on thursday. the hangover report to it opens thursday with of hundred and $18 million it is expected to be, the biggest memorial day. the festival parade scant. >> carnival is a celebration of life i have friends and that have gone and shelling members with illnesses
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whicker, it's a good weight to get over breakups. >> it's a great time to get together with all your best friends and countersigns join the parade >> > poor bliss and joined dense and celebrate life and just go crazy >> is so light >> you see different cultures and you see the way they dance beautiful ladies pro >> there represent every culture where every person, not just latin it's for everybody to enjoy but
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>> it good morning opening
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nafta hot stories this morning police search for a the. by the storms hit the nation and ancestor paid. >> quick check of weather and traffic only getting into the '60s and for those under have altered plans will of the full forecast in just a few minutes >> and you would not expect much traffic in the morning and that's exactly. >> top story this morning and police are investigating a double order is here. we're resuming in that the group will melt or near the east
5:01 am
bay dragons a motorcycle club. >> police do not have the motive for a description of the suspects they're trying to find out who did this in happen about eight hours ago high three people were shot. and other woman was taken to hospital hot. the woman is fighting for her life and remains in critical condition. family members said later she is only 28 years old. the watch commander says he is getting more information and is soon
5:02 am
as we get this information we will pass along to your >> did anybody know, or did any of the victims know the shooters? >> at this point they do not know why because it happened over the memorial day weekend some officers may have been on holiday in. i want to see if all three where related in some way. still very early on in the investigation. >> will check back with you in just a letter >> this island weekend and hasan hussein to people ardennes and 18 year-old was filed stabbed to death in the just graduated on wednesday. also of 35 year-
5:03 am
old mother was from shot to death and said sitting in her r no word of a motive in both of these deaths >> and then a word and nursing student to a still remains missing. lee told her classmates sheet risk planning on driving to reno . she left that night and never returned parker was fond part. officers did seat of laptop through the window of the carter hot. calls to her have gone on and answered. her friend and that was going with her to rico said she just didn't show of
5:04 am
>> pocket pita do have some tracking on her phone and you're not hot cell site cannot be reached we no longer can track it >> she is 5 ft. 6 with black hair >> hot weather forecaster scott for the holiday weekend >> pretty mild memorial day weekend less windy than it was yesterday and wind gusts up to 25) hours. temperatures can into the '60s. and if your plans are for the october we are
5:05 am
expecting showers later on this evening, mixed bag of 40's and '50's struck the area. upper 60s laura 70 struck eight area. taking military 7 day around the bay showers possible hues in an award of as we head into the week and >> traffic him polite right all grown there is no commute this morning there
5:06 am
was out of a window of tries to recoup earlier in the really doesn't look like a similar to a eldritch. when no problems on the roadways it will be an easy trip. >> a live look outside and at lafayette you can see all the crosses holland a hillside.
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>> its official buster posey giant scare the catcher is out for the postseason surgeons inserted into screws into his lower left leg. the giants team of doctors are confident that he will be back for opening day next year here is a list of some of the events better going to be taking place throughout the bay area.
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president obama is expected to introduce market key will 61 by: as the top military adviser damascene will still need confirmation our recent spat showed democrats have delos republicans have also received lower registration
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>> welcome back is not 515 hair and were taking hold that the storms that hit michigan what appears to be, and tornado touchdown twisted metal, roofs were killed off. the national weather service needs to confirm that and twister actually did touchdown that. in battle creek michigan stores they're never left a lot of damage with trees down and power lines down power outage
5:16 am
affected 39,000 people, also in the chicago area cancellation of flights in the chicago area. when a few trees or actually pulled a pot of the ground. >> president obama hadn't of first hand view of the damage on his visit to drop lemon's arena where yesterday. one and week after an eye disorder that touchdown. at least 142 people are dead. hot for more people have been added
5:17 am
to the list of missing. at the memorial day was held yesterday day for those that perished in >> there is no reduction in my mind what the people in this community can do there is no doubt in my mind and that this town will be, and i promise you that to your country will be with you every step we are not going anywhere the cameras may leave the spotlight may shift we will be with you for every step of delaying i told joplin is restored we are not going anywhere.
5:18 am
but the wins were recorded at 200 mi. per hour in the area >> we did have kind of crazy weekend it was storming lineups on saturday. >> paul less windy today in a mall memorial day weekend starting out with a partly cloudy conditions pretty mild this afternoon and greasy and a chance a pop-up of showers later on this evening. '40's and 50's throughout the area.
5:19 am
settlement rates dark reports shower is coming in the area. they have sprinkel said it in the bay area. all r expecting light sprinkles upper 60s lore '70s for most of the area of. kansas wrinkles tamara and into wednesday and hot and the war locked for the weekend coming of the look of
5:20 am
traffic >> it's all holiday there will be no traffic but this plant. will keep you live by as of mid it is as light is 18 deaths the wind advisory it on the san mateo bridge when your little bit east of the toll plaza of looking west we're looking at the traffic and a into the toll plaza and 101 soft, but no problems and lighter directions no traffic in either direction >> : it defies area and the cemetery bridge i can't
5:21 am
tell when of the bomb scene camera >> yes it is a bouncing camera as the wind comes in from the west is unpleasant your driving your facing i headwind if you're driving into some detail as you see that on cars coming into the the whole plaza this is not parallel roads it is just the day. harley wind at all on my drive of. hot. is: it's hard to believe it's memorial day issues.
5:22 am
>> continue didn't guarantee you i inject they never rested a reminder people prefer driving under the influence that they area has seen hundred and 29 arrests . >> will be back in just a few minutes. a program change we want to remind today dr. sheldon will begin at 4:00 p.m. and we have
5:23 am
been new prime timepiece news a starting at 8:00 p.m.
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>> morning 5:25 a.m. expecting and the rain today i was not expecting the ring on saturday. take a good look at your 7 day forecast 1/2 as we head into the week when we have a chance of showers clean urine and we are struggling to make 70. take a look at the shuttle endeavor and this is from last bangkok and every is onyx it should happen friday
5:27 am
morning cochran cents in morning. atlantis will take off later this summer >> yaws argument stick islamic militants with airstrikes columns of smoke as embattled militants and our rate of over nine and eight tried to clear the fighters throughout the time syrian troops have embalmed of tom at which new-line people have died. human rights say a word thousand people have died in attacks >> and you pull and ship
5:28 am
plan saying the garment is not forthright hot from the earthquake. 80 percent said and all they do not trust. they think the power plant disaster is being held up for late >> below, the debate branch " plaza. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ >> glowing hot air weather conditions is partly cloudy
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hot and of the golden gate bridge pier visibility is good a quick look at weather and traffic >> we will continue to see particle of conditions in the bay area copper 60's lower 70's for most of >> public transit are wrong the bay area all on a sunday schedule no service for a strange today, key part of training is on a sunday schedule delays of up to 49 minutes on some lines. >> police are unjust and in a double homicide that happened in oakland 930 + 9 at the east bay dragons motorcycle club or 887 new-
5:32 am
line international. >> there were is also a third person and in the hospital that is fighting for her life per around 4:50 a.m. this morning and there is an officer stationed in highland to the hospital that% ace in critical condition. men and a woman to an the other woman or a shot there we do not have a motive for the shooting. bayer is still talking to the investigators we will be
5:33 am
able to give you more information. >> one of the safest city san jose's highest reporting its 24 if homicide. this latest homicide killed, there of five to children >> her children were hurt pride and joy n.y. after her life was taken saturday night are wrong 10:30 p.m. while sitting in her car at
5:34 am
that intersection of amber waves she was shot when she was struck by one bullet when she managed to drive up to two blocks before risk mercedes-benz into a stock at the tree. under the when neighbors said he came on to the house and solve paramedics to performing cpr on the victim it is shocking, and devastating to >> you can see there's a small memorial entering >> 20 year-old men check himself into a nearby with a gunshot run the police also fond of the and the chairman was in the senate area s, this to the shooting. so far that you not have a motive for the killing. ross and
5:35 am
her family lived about three blocks away from your they are not interested in talking to the meat you're pregnant him. >> another developing story and nursing student has been missing since friday 26 year-old michelle lead when / seen leaving her nursing class friday night at size or cost for an inward laid had told her classmates that she was planning on driving torino for it for the long weekend. she left during the break and never returned police on her car and, a lot hot inside she does have a cell phone and calls to her front: unanswered are >> they weather forecasting
5:36 am
tool chilly of their arena and we're waking up to partly cloudy conditions some places started out in the 30's earlier this recurring breezy conditions and i hope your of your plans whether of the pop-up showers her that may be heading in the area celebrate are showing some showers popping up around and we've seen public sprinkles in the evening this agreement is indicating
5:37 am
lakeshores by 1:00 a.m. like to wrinkles in most of the year in action in highest her upper 60s to or seven days. >> which if you have merely drive this morning no delays around it. paul traffic will include an all directions at
5:38 am
the san mateo bridge between double message signed hot has been activated appear because of the high winds. " traffic on the north result. >> hey marcel, watch this!
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5:42 am
of the orioles a * free run homer in the 15 the age will knowledge of no-space the yankees. tickle the smoke coming from dodger stadium fans work order to evacuate this is over the weekend the flames roared sparked by saying that it's out in about 20 minutes and a photo of when that happened. >> j. r. hildebrandt almost one in indianapolis 500 yesterday and this is some video of what happened yesterday >> the is the wall and dan
5:43 am
weldon recalled lynn that that is unbelievable hot >> hildebrandt took the lead with five laps to go to dan goldin took the exchequer to flag. the walden new-line >> 553 right now kron 4 is
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welcome back to 5:47 a.m. two people were done in an overnight shooting the is avenue and international
5:48 am
boulevard and they have no suspects in this case and no motive >> hayward police are loping for a missing nursing student to get went missing on friday initially went missing hot after class she took a break investigators fonder curt parked a few unblock display herself always with her there was a laptop on the seed of record. >> green memorial day and nobody wins like we saw yesterday's mild temperature light winds sitting about 44 degrees right now. hot and upper 60s lore '70s for later on this afternoon.. a
5:49 am
look at so late and great number shows hot shower a stick to the north and with shows an increasing clout her when they see some popular struggles in the bay area will later on in the evening. by 1:00 a.m. or sprinkles. by morning we should be drawn in time for your commute into work. hot for 64 70's brought the bay area water of isaac brock to
5:50 am
date. what. but >> but if you have to commute to nothing much to report no delays and no hot spots on any free weights bonds, plus a mateo bridge has of hot wind advisory warning. pat the golden gate bridge for no such problems no traffic in either direction. >> our writers will expect
5:51 am
delays the day in poughkeepsie for maintenance work being done neck it expects to 20 to 40 minute delay somewhat all over 810 to 20 minute delay in it systemwide hot dog for get you have to transfer at twelfth street. >> moral is going to be held on for alison day list when it is called a celebration of life for ellison who they phil took her own life by jumping from the bay bridge. people attending are asked to wear blue and green photos of
5:52 am
policy and it. donations can be made to any wells fargo bank. >> the dedication came of the jonestown memorial it a cemetery were over 400 on unidentified members are very >> cold outside san mateo is deserted and enjoy it while the getting is good will be a great back >>
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
, 50 5:00 a.m. a look around the bay area it area of clouds hang around mason showers tuesday and wednesday tell end of the
5:56 am
week it starts to warm hot slowly it until we have to weaken cooler than what we expect this time of year. >> i knew studying it about the cleanliness of the sidewalks in the bay area or commonplace complaint is trash cigarette box and the smell it the focus is going to begin cleaning up last >> apparently people walking down the streets have not seen these people paving
5:57 am
badly pa. all there were few that have a lot to be desired " some streets r- graffiti covered so does parker makes purposes species this men and black shirt and just use the street as a toilet. some people phil the streets are clean enough to sleep:. papaya doing this for a are trying to react ... the millions of dollars debt report in the budget to the total aid actually do get clean double. >> is 5:57 a.m. ringel quebec in just a
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