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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  June 30, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done.
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>> please pardon the delay in our closed captioning. >>pam: welcome back. the alarmist over the water bridge. take a look at this. >> longest--
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>> take a look this one is to bridge stretching over water. these photos are amazing! with a 26 mi. bridge stretching! it looks like it is just floating. the estimated cost was $2.3 billion. >> kimberlee: this man walking with a child entering this circle k purchased items and they returned a few minutes later just after that little boy walked out. the father appeared to pay something else before you rush is behind the counter and stole about $90. police were able to arrest that man and the clerk gave a accurate description. >> kimberlee: take a look at this restaurant in north carolina that shouldn't
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never caught fire. video shows that the span is-video is showing that the-snag is starting this fire out side of the restaurant.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: tonight cutting ties with california because of a new rule taking impact - effect tomorrow the california affiliate will be kicked out of the system. governor jerry brown has signed a lot requires sales tax to be collected, like amazon. in response? amazon took a big protest by severing ties with over 10,000 sales affiliate that are based in california. keethegabe slate's tech
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report has more. >>gabe: for now, you will not be charged with the sales-tax. this was a risky move, for amazon continuing i caught-up with cnet affiliate and how this could impact california? >> basically small businesses, can leave a log could sand amazon send people to amazon into the small cost. it is actually a
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pretty impact business relationship it was severed. and from nevada of all the way over to the state line. in net effect is not going to impact consumers but it will impact the state revenue. perhaps state revenues will decline. >> also a retailer of the coast through a subsidiary and and the california association with that business? must collect sales tax. in palo in the cupertino, and if they try to enforce that part of that new law? it will probably tied up in the courts for years and amazon improbably currently when. >> amazon will win this fight. there is a big
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difference between the subsidiary and how the difference between a state subsidy. >>pam: a ellis and gough st shooting wanted a parolee after he was wanted. j.r. stone attendance at meetings. >>reporter: and anytime that a police is involved with the peacpublic shooting? he will hold a meeting they found in the assault rifle in side of the suspects' vehicle. 2.5 ft.! a huge or handgun. what we are seeing
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is a model shop that was actually shot in this case, the suspect in this case. he goes by rosalindo and he is in stable condition expected to survive. when this happened, we were there when up officers pulled the weapons out of the car. he also had a handgun, the chief says that it is important that people to know that a dangerous man is off the street. >> this guy is a parolee, a weapon skyey. and did you look at these pictures behind me. even more substantial he was willing to use them on the officers. to carry that to the extreme? it is great but we got him, when we got them. >>reporter: this area where the shooting happened. he was in a car when he was shot. even the ammunition.
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they are being the very hands on the making a lot of this available to the public. i did speak to some people in attendance. the community members heard the gunshot you will. their reaction at 6:30 >>pam: in santa cruz the june 12th shooting that left one person injured this is a sketch whose identity is still not known. the victim was found shot in the abdomen on california avenue. suffering several injuries but he has been released from hospital. >> and the east bay, this left happened in danville over the weekend paper work is being offered. the workers are rob on monday it
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to extract copper wiring. there is a $5,000 reward for the nation's leading to this case. >>pam: board officials it jumpe that a woman jumped in front of a ongoing train. she is safe. having cuts and bruises but as that train rolled right over her? she was lying down. this is what they saw. the issue was not pushed. >> issue was not shoved. >> issue was not pushed. >> issue was not shop. >> she was not pushed. >> she was not shoand she was not pushed. you are not able to stop a train on a dime! >>pam: a major delay experiencing this recovery. at least one hour this
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morning for the a.m. commuters. (music) >> jacqueline: the skies throughout the bay area. temperatures to the inland valleys with 15-20 degrees warmer. back into the east today. 83 in concord. and also warmer in the north bay into the south bay. 80s and los gatos. we will see that continuous fog but only along the san mateo coastline. . briefly into the bayshore. 80s and in los gatos. fog towards hayward, fremont, and it could still beck, quickly. by the morning's hours, it was killed-back quickly. plenty of sunshine with warmer conditions it will scale back, quickly. even your fourth of july forecast, coming up. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room a crab boat
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subsided on wednesday. this is a live. the tug boat is bringing that crab boat to shore. it capsized yesterday it three men were thrown overboard. there were very shaken up. there were not hurt there were ample to get onto a life raft. nobody seriously injured there were able to get onto life raft. the >>catherine: flames reaching at sacred native americans. sites. this scene pre-dawn with flames eating away with 4500 square miles since sunday. firefighters are exhausted! they've been dealing with a strong, erratic winds. and a difficult task of dealing with the los alamos.
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practically everybody that lives at around this town has evacuated. that is roughly 12,000 people. thousands of homes of burned and thousands of homes are threatened. that chemical weapons and close cents monday with thousands of experiments been put on hold. the safety of the hazardous material stored here. >> we believe that we can protect them and if they have fire? there's even a have a filter with no release of the toxic air. >>catherine: the people that were evacuant will not be allowed back home until monday at the earliest. more news coming up after the break. (music)
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>>catherine: and world news the first official visit to
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canada of the duke and duchess of cambridge is their official title. with a lavish welcoming going to las vegas on july 8th. >>catherine: thousands of public employes went on strike including teachers, air traffic controllers and police officers. marching in larger cities they are upset about cuts to their pension and higher retirement age. >>catherine: a large--sir niclolas sarcozi visiting a town in the south of france body guards immediately scrapped that plan. he was not armed. >>catherine: the austerity budget of italy has been approved through a $68
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billion program. department budgets will be slashed a public hiring freeze will continue to italy has been moved worst levels of debt in the world. more news, coming up (music)
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>>pam: the national basketball association locked out players until the new collective bargaining can be reached kron 4's vern glen what should we expect? >> the n f l to be wrapping up and now the nba the official deadline was supposed to be at 9:00 p.m., this evening. the lockout has already begun. derrik fisher, tony parker, officials, continuing with
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negotiations. happened in 1998 some of these top players have millions of dollars in the bake. however, some owners have other thoughts. and even million dollars in the bank- debt from top players. here is a rookie of what he had to say. >> right when you walk in the room. somebody has something to say but i have been working my butt off all summer to clay and i, both will be ready. >> for some of the new guys they pretty much rely on their agent, and even a line of credit to flout them. in the long run the those are going to be hurting. credit otwo-sustain them. and $23
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million fine, kevin but how about that 100 million you have and the bank? the latest players' proposal is that the average salary is $7 million. >> do think that this is going to last longer? >> they're so far apart. >>pam: thank you, will keep in touch. good community news of the oakland athletics raising $29,000 today at what annual rate pure flout day benefiting juvenile diabetes. of our very own stanley roberts! mug reporter de is sponsored by-month war. day mug root
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beer day sponsored by pepsi. (music) >> jacqueline: earlier fog this morning. looking to the golden gate cap that it has cleared minimal fog close to the to the coast even off the coast by noon. by 4:00 p.m., temperatures will ranging from hot to. even low 90s for the inland valleys. looking out for tomorrow, mild with wide spreads 60s and climbing with places like fairfield near 90 by noon! 86 degrees in fairfield, and even warmer toward the later afternoon hours. 89 degrees in livermore. taking a look neighborhood by neighborhood. 85 and
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britain, a bottle, and towards the delta and inland valleys. 89 in livermore and even a better warm up. for the rest of the weekend. to the south bay, upper 80s and low 90s. 90's and morgan hill. plenty of 90's for saturday, sunday and even towards monday with the fourth of july holiday. the fireworks forecast. always a big brawl. by 9:00 p.m., clear skies and mild conditions with a big-crowd. even more mild towards marin on monday this continuing trend will still be hot for the weekend but a slight cool down on monday. thursday more comfortable
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for the inland valleys at upper 80s. >>pam: a flesh eating disease with cocaine users. laced with an additive used to de wrom farm animals- used to de-worm farm animals. >> these lesions are caused by cocaine the least with this farm de - worrming >> people get pretty panicky when the kerstin starts to turn black! >>reporter: her and her colleagues about treated seven patients. sentence can impact and the users, quickly! this started in 2009 but april the u.s. drug enforcement agency reported
5:53 pm
82 percent of the cocaine contained levamisole it is believed that it enhances the temperatur effect. >> not so much the skin lesions but the white cell count can be compromised >>reporter: the increased risk of infections similar to it can be treated the people with dark, purple patches cannot stop using? the sid side affects could be fatal. reporting live, kron 4 news. alenjdra ecrebal. i want to crush more cars.
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>>pam: now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >>stanley: you are looking at a hypodermic needle and the ground at clark read section of the golden gate park. this is a can of four loko, and a broken liquor
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bottle every morning and city employees cleaning up bottles, needles just-in- time for the children in the morning. this is from overnight and the other problem or dogs. they are allowed inside the park if they're on a leash but most times they are not. and also these are not allowed inside the playground for obvious reasons but it is often ignored. in fact just walking your child to the park could be sometimes, challenging. not to mention that when you return to your car there is a possible chance that it could got broken into. this backpack was found inside the men's room, taken from their car. but wait! another one found. >> the scan cha contains items h
5:58 pm
as baby wipes, this was also taken from a car, found in the bushes. >>stanley: from golden gate. >> jacqueline: what a gorgeous day of there today, it will be warmer. from our roof cam outside with the sunny skies and more about the warm weekend coming up in just a bit.
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at 6:00 p.m. >> in san jose, police officers experiencing major budget cuts. >>reporter: in oakland city hall there are two different city budget proposals being argued. which one? coming up. >>reporter: childrethese animals
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with malnourished. details coming up. >>pam: amazon tax wars with the budget battle. live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news at 6:00 p.m. >>pam: 67 police officers were removed in san jose critics the cannot believe that that they are letting this happen. however, the city has 15 emmenthaler's in the red if there is no other choice. but this was the scene, with $50 million budget red $50 million in the budget. these layoffs one forward. the union agreed when to pension reforms, and some of these cannot have, at the worst time with homicide and gang violence on the rise. >> the word on the street is
6:02 pm
that every day encounters with gang members and citizens that they think that crime is going to go up. even the sense they know the we have been laid off. the homicide rate is almost 50 percent more than 2010. it will probably at least double. fifth city council should have their city's interest safety at heart. it is going to backfire the better on this when this gets violent. >> some people have been attacked from gang members in the jokingly say that july 1st, you guys are not going to be about a year or two going to get laid off? it is scary that the gang members already know this. they are well aware of the fact that police officers are getting laid off.
6:03 pm
>>pam: in a show of solidarity 100 uniformed on duty. farewell. words of encouragement and one officer was saying that " they deserve better ". >>pam: in a budget battles with the city of oakland the are making it easier but the city council's agreement has become difficult. dan kerman is live at this hour the council is still meeting. dan? >>reporter: they have been and a meeting for 30 minutes considering two different proposals. the council, and the city of oakland is facing a $58 million budget deficit. the employee unions have tentatively agreed to concessions that would save the city $23 million, annually. the question is what it we spend that extra 20 criminal dollars? some say police, the mayor says
6:04 pm
that if she is thinking the employees for taking other cuts that will make a lot of things, better. >> i do not know if people in the city can appreciate the fact that for a couple of years and wrote the employs several a given back. with 60 percent of their pay. they have saved libraries, and many other programs that could happen lost. i want to thank them all. taking a 16-percent cut. >>reporter: they have agreed on other things but they cannot seem to agree on the big zero coul differences. the y difference is about 20. the mud to rehire 20 police officers and others are saying to us to leave things alone. --some people want to retire the 20 police officers, someone to just leave things how they are. by 8:00 p.m., we should have more updates and details about the big
6:05 pm
meeting. reporting live, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>pam: the state budget has been signed into law. this is video. -this $86 billion passed without republicans approval. it can just pass with a simple majority instead of a two-thirds vote. also motors' need to also whey and voters--need to weigh in. >> this pace town of three- quarters or structural deficit it release supports our fiscal housing but we're not finished. tough decisions and before we get finished we might have to go back to the people and get their vote on how we're going to go and move
6:06 pm
forward. >>pam: this is a state budget that was special passed on time. several months beyond the deadline is used to the trend in years past. including last year's record that was in october! >>pam: 21 rabbits from the lake merritt home by oakland animal services. there were packed inside wire cages. they were standing on top of each other. they had no access to food, water. many had lost patches of four because of their poor living conditions. the animals were only fed white rice which cannot be digest. even poorer nutrition. the city of oakland is concerned during the zoning changes with urban farming continues to grow. the lambs of the rabbits were very weak. -
6:07 pm
test the >> everybody wants these animals of course to be treated humanely. when the issue comes of raising animals they want this issue to be included i. >>pam: three of those are in the worst conditions been fostered. 18 others are up for adoption. >>pam: 1 amtrak is suing! with 20 injuries, six fatalities. this is amateur cellphones video. the truck drivers employer is negligent saying that the driver was not properly trained. amtrak employees are also suing the truck company. >>pam: this bernanrdo
6:08 pm
ararao, has been captured and now has been killed by officers. >>jacqueline: your complete forecast, coming up. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary.
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when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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>>pam: san francisco is the greatest city in north america! receiving top marks. aubria? >>reporter: against 27 major metro areas, denver, boston, running the top five. this
6:12 pm
in the recognition for good work such as composting and plastic bag banding. carbon emissions, energy, land use, water, environmental policy the freezing of building standards and high marks for transportation. also major to those in the waist with category faz with mandatory or recycling. and high marks. with and low levels of pollution in san francisco. it rose to the top of the list because of a strong showing across-the-board. the mayor believes that it is the green is because of people from san francisco are willing to go to the distance for stability for sustainability. aubrai keeno
6:13 pm
>>pam: some people have other thoughts now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >>stanley: san francisco has been the greatest city in america. that title. really? apparently, whoever did this raking it did not consult with me, first. if they did? with this-rating >>stanley: about what i show you and let you decide if san francisco is the greenest city in the nation. coming up in the next edition of people behaving badly at kron 4 news it 8:00 p.m. >>pam: the city of oakland wants to make sure that everybody remains safe especially when it comes to fire works. fireworks of any kind are illegal in oakland including sparklers. they have an anonymous multi-
6:14 pm
lingual hot line. that phone number is available when koch? even chill possible when caught--one caught. >> jail time even possible. >> every time every year, we find some we tried them in advance to get them off the street but we wanted to make a concerted effort to be the eyes, the years because we cannot be everywhere. >>pam: the police officer are making and working together for crowd control and illegal fire works. wheat will be right back. we will be right back.
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>>catherine: that wild fire in new mexico is one of the biggest in history reaching native americans sacred sites. pre-dawn with the dawn fires eating away at
6:18 pm
canyons. 145 square miles sense sunday. firefighters are exhausted. with strong, erratic wind and it is been a horde, difficulit is been a dt time per protecting los alamos, the original nuclear power plant. with 12,000 people, dozens of homes have burned and more are threatened. as for the national level it is been closed since monday. 10,000 of experiments and put on hold how the big concern is the safety of the hazardous material stored here. >> we believe that we can protect these areas and even if there is a hazardous, catastrophic event? the air was still weak protected. the air will still be
6:19 pm
protected--with hvac and hepa filters >>catherine: more evacuation's, and 1/5 no known time for their has been no set time for people to be able to return to their homes. >>jacqueline: your entire forecast for the fourth of july is going to be hot! by 6:00 p.m., the spot has already scaled back to the coast. it will focus back onto the coast later morning. and early afternoon. temperatures are going to be warmer tomorrow. 85 in santa rosa. and 90 degrees in concord. 92 through fairfield. and as
6:20 pm
that fog clears 55 in half moon bay. upper 70's, low 80s for the bayshore. 85 in redwood city. we will continue to see this warming trend. and toward shore fourth of july forecast a very warm holiday monday. the fireworks forecast continuing to be quite mild. 62 degrees and clear skies because i will not have fog in the forecast for quite some time. if you're planning to be in other areas of the bay? temperatures in the 70's and san jose in the evening. taking a look a your extended forecast a little bit of a cool down but sunday near triple digits! perfect to enjoy the outdoors but be careful with areas of a fireworks were they are illegal.
6:21 pm
temperatures, with the dry conditions could present a fire hazard for those locations. a cool down slightly by wednesday. >>catherine: and a man is in custody after using an expired boarding pass to fly from new york to los angeles. he was arrested when he tried this several days later when he was trying to fly from los angeles to atlanta. this nigerian man is raising questions about the safety and security of the ntsb. >> we are investigating this, the early part >> shockwaves all the way to the white house. last week a passenger from new york to los angeles on for an american flight 415 notified it that the man was sitting in a seat that was supposed to be not occupied. later he was identified as 24 year- old nigerian man he
6:22 pm
produced a boarding pass but it have a different name on it. the calkins notifie the cap- notified the authorities-- this same man tried to go through security, with an old boarding pass, and a and identification was not valid. once searched? they found 10 different phony boarding passes. snow, he is being charged as a stowaway. and he should have been screened the same as other passengers but the former head of security for is really airlines says that all of the pat downs and body scans are not going to make these airlines any safer. >> nobody can tell me that
6:23 pm
they have security this is the illusion of security we do not have security. this is proof. it is an illusion. >> he could be facing five years in prison if convicted. >>catherine: the american airlines wants to increase its fleet. increasing 40 percent of the current american airlines fleet retiring older planes that would cut down on maintenance and save fuel. >> am s nbc has suspended halbreet, making an off color remark about president obama. after that seventh segment that delay he has apologized to the press and
6:24 pm
the united states i want to crush more cars.
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>> kimberlee: tech talk july
6:27 pm
6th president of , live town hall on twitter. answering questions about jobs if you have a question you can even submit them. at or 3 twitter. >> kimberlee: virgin america wants to hand out laptops for free! a partnership with google the would make these available for passengers on certain flights between san francisco, boston, chicago, zero here, dallas, fort worth. july 1st-september 30th of the can take a left take a laptop. and even free why fight during the flight. >> good newt-free wifi-- during that flight. for
6:28 pm
those laptops. >> kimberlee: skype available for and right! the and for application for e android application forwith skype.
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6:30 pm
now at 6:30, our top stories. more news, more crews, right now our top stories. >>reporter: 67 officers turning and there patches because of what budget cuts. the contentions battle betwee the state budget, the city budget, and that the police unions. >> police were called to
6:31 pm
this senior center at 11:3055 year-old bernardo ernarudo said that he was " on assignment " he was no longer at this senior center and that taken off on a bicycle located and police told him to put the gun down but officials say that striking him in the chest. kron 4. >> in san francisco the police chief held a public meeting about the officer involved shooting on wednesday. detectives say that this assault rifle was 29 in. long! 2.5 ft.. this mod shot of the suspect shot in the head enlist in stable
6:32 pm
conceit condition. pictures of the crime scene and ammunition recovered during this case. the chief says that any time there is an officer involved shooting? there will hold a public meeting for anybody to ask questions about the case. reporting in san francisco, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> open the city hall is meeting to debate two different budget proposals. the council split on what food to with money returned to the city with a 40 employees union concessions. the one to rehire 20 police officers and others month to spend it on the other things. in oakland, kron 4 news. >> nine other big city mayors with jean quan eliminating redevelopment funds. they paiwould like the city to challenge the
6:33 pm
lawsuit with a ruling at the end of july. the supreme court wing anto weigh and >>pam as a reminder, fireworks are not legal in oakland to even that s sparkler are illegal. an anonymous multi- lingual hot line has been set up. they could even be thrown in jail, or a monetary fund. >> a home in lake merritt were living in squalor conditions with mainly just too small cages. these were malnourished bodiebunnies. the worst are being fostered
6:34 pm
the other 18. are up for adoption 22 found in just too small cages cages of 2- wire cages. 22! >> amazon has severed ties with 10,000 sales affiliate's based in california. with businesses, blogs, linking people to buy amazon from the website but they're cut off! how this could impact your shopping experience with amazon tune in at 8:00 p.m. gabe slate's tech report >>reporter: in san francisco restaurant employes could get a food handler accord. there will need to take a test even online and cover issues like food borne illnesses, food safety and preventing food contamination. employes will have to pay for this it will only be $15 but it is good for the amount of three years. managers say that the
6:35 pm
customers prices will not go up. this law goes into effect july 1st. >> of the family of enrique alvarez, died in december at the shilo cementary they buried him in the wrong burial plot they became a emotional distraught when witnesses had to dig up and move the casket to a different parasite. they were well into their right to move the body of the numerous attempts to work with the family. in windsor, kron 4 news. >> and in san francisco that the greenest city and north america of receiving top honors of the aspen ideas festival receiving the number one rating beating new york, seattle. the
6:36 pm
strong showings for transportation, composting and recycling and air quality and building efficiency standards. this is the first year for the north american greens to the index. aubria keeno, kron 4 (music) >> jacqueline: temperatures are back into the 80s. 85 in antioch and 83 in concord. also in the south bay with 80s and will scuttles, napa 82 in the santa rosa. as we go towards tomorrow temperatures will get even warmer with 90's in some spots. 90 in concord. 80s for the north bay. '70s in richmond, 70's for the bayshore and upper 80s, low 90s also into the south bay. i can quite warm this weekend this warming trend will continue saturday,
6:37 pm
sunday the inland valleys are nearly triple-digits. we will stay hot for the fourth of july. and even calling for the rest of next week with more comfortable temperatures inland. stay with us, will be back after this.
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>>pam: this just in to our newsroom. a live picture from sky 4 police action involving a suspicious package. j.r. stone has details. j.r.? >> pamela we are on fillmore this is all happened in the last 10 minutes. and from as i show you firefighters in the distance with the oxygen packs. right now they do not know what they are dealing with but there are white packages on the other side of that fire fighter. they are looking at the white
6:41 pm
packages try to figure out what is inside of those white packages. we are out here doing a story because the police chief spoke this afternoon perhaps two hours. the location of where they were we were part bright at 20 ft. from there. we were rushed out of there that they had a report of a suspicious package. to me, it looks just like a sandbag. and another small package next to it. i could not tell what it was put fire crews have been perhaps 10 minutes before the cleared about the streets. i spoke with a lady. she was speaking to firefighters and she said that people were getting sick. but that is not a confirmation. the park enough is telling the-fur department as saying that they do not know what they have. -the fire department
6:42 pm
is saying that this northern substation for the san francisco police department will let you know when we get new information. we will bring it out and bring you the latest. reporting live in san francisco, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >>pam: these a three their longest standing player and the cubbies coming up!
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6:45 pm
>> gary: good evening everybody for the first time in nine years. the a's have gone-handing out root beer floats at the coliseum today even after he learned he had been treated to the cultural rockies. as for mention, nobody in the a's uniform
6:46 pm
law for the market ellis. batting 213 this year! and when jamul started. he is going to the starting second baseman for the call rubble rockies. he has been traded to the caller rockies. he has been traded to the call rockies you he has been traded to the cholera rocki:a r colorado rockies. >> he has been one of the best players that we have had here. we are happy that mark is going to be going to a team that is giving him a chance to win. >> gary: original questiothere o question for when he came
6:47 pm
off of the disabled list he was expendable. however, extending him to a team that will help. >> every time i have been a second baseman are was wondering who was playing first? and with a double- play, giving him close. and he has done this so long it is just natural and i appreciate. one >> gary: more thinone more thins with mark ellis leaving. the marlins had a great turn out for the game today. in florida, with five-0. a line drive. two-one making this 5-4. and weeks with the pressure on to bring that he's back but it was all there is and that was it.
6:48 pm
falling short a's are 10 under 5 under jack mckeon for a marlins victory 5-4. to finish this about. if there is something there? the family and the a's are pretty much going to be three of the and dollars the remaining of this salary. to let him go to a contending team and try to keep his career alive mark ellis is gone after nine years in oakland. >> the giants had two different opportunities in chicago. with a strike votes. and if the giants to not score a lot of run but they are scoring it so good. now, with one-nothing giants the bottom of the ninth. brian wilson for the third time this year blows a safe. ramirez, tying it with a home run. castro shopping it to second. making those
6:49 pm
from the koch and his rear ended! giants, zero hits for a 10-third inning. some wastand pulse en deand paolpopal given this up to ramirez, some local, and c puck giants 13. 5-210 day lead by two games the giants are off to detroit the oakland beginning it just gets worse and a southern california. after just two days a good the bankruptcy filing employees' paychecks
6:50 pm
have been bounced. according to abc, the team throughout $60 million to maintain payroll operations including today's payroll. obviously a very difficult situation. this check bounced but the dodgers covered it. they are just waiting to pounce and seize control of this once, proud franchise. >> in preparation with the all star game they have announced people being in this contest. it looks like prince fielder will do his thing representing the walkie to writand representing a little bit of a different deal. david or to ortez, will represent this team and it
6:51 pm
is as if you get just certain players from certain teams. >> we are counting down to the nba lockout beginning at 9:00 p.m. pacific time if you heard david stern today? they just want a change the salary structure and they do not want to pay a benchwarmer $5 million any more. >> we are not in any way diminishing the contribution of the players make. it is time for them to make them a return on investment that is being made. >> gary: i hope it is to speak every day during a lockout that will put us to sleep. this is the first time in american sports
6:52 pm
history and a football, basbasketball lockout. what is nice is that what we are doing is a consistent tradition. and even jackie is wondering? before you are going to los angeles. and i will help you jackie will not celebrate her 30th birthday with us. i'm going to get a cake with 30 candles right not to get it out of the way. >> of wimbledon as pam and i always say there is no insurance like mcgee insurance a lot it is a different world. and hello, i am live from tripoli. there is no insurance like you still of dignity. ..
6:53 pm
>> gary: when you come back, women's soccer. weather, sports continues. reporting live, from the belgian congo line. [laughter] kron 4 news we are back with women's, world cup soccer. (music) (music) that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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>> gary: my producer, jason applebaum has an international flavor about them. here we go, france. and he looks at me and says how could you have never been out of the country? france wince 4-0. and here's something-for-0 france victory! and take a look! >> how cute. that is dan
6:57 pm
ruben having some free time. instead of a woman, thank you, >> see you at 8:00 p.m. at from at&t can get you there. like the at&t all for less package, starting at just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better.
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"transformers" superstar shia labeouf, paparazzi run-in, we have the confrontation captured on video. i'm brooke anderson. >> "the insider" is on. >> heard you and megan hooked up. shia. >> pounded, instigated in front of his girlfriend. did this megan fox comment cause a new york city face-off? >> you lost your mind, bro? >> william and kate land in canada. look who is targeting princess di. >> she's anorexic, bulimic, narcissist. >> why ann coulter is taking sides over the royals. >> kate middleton is head and shoulders classier than lady di. and hank overhunk, bradley


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