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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 2, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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[music] manama a hot day in the bay area, so high that outdoor seating was empty, but the beaches were packed, people found any way they could to beat the heat. ryan has details. >> it was really hot especially inland, we were close to 100 degrees in antioch. san jose in the mid-80s, with the sea breeze was pushing through the golden gate and that kept things cooler for san francisco and oakland in the '60s and '70s. tomorrow, things will heat up just about everywhere across the bay area including by the bay. reading will go up
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about 5 degrees in sense of fiscal and oakland, oakland making up to the mid-80's for sunday. looking and '90s for san jose and back into the '90s for santa rosa and concord, close to 100 degrees in some of the inland spots. for monday, for the fourth of july the sea breeze will come back again. that will cool things off a few degrees bayside. it will still be hot was 90 is on tap, look for '70s for san francisco and oakland. patchy fog in the morning but a sunny day. for the nighttime hours on the fourth of july, just in time for fireworks. about 9:00 p.m. it is looking locate the question is the fog and looks like it will be hovering at the coast. in may pushing toward san francisco we will be watching that. temperatures in the '60s and '70s at 9:00 p.m.. it is looking good i will have more updates coming up in a few minutes. >> with temperatures on the rise, people across the bay found countless ways to have fun in the sun. here is how
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people enjoy today's gorgeous weather. >> absolutely beautiful i'm here for members, the weather out here is great today. it could not be better. >> it is probably one of the most beautiful day to the year that we have had out here so far. >> i wanted to stay like this i really enjoy it. i like to be outside now to stay inside. i want to go a place of soccer with my friends. >> it is the place to be. >> absolutely, i went the extra early when the sun comes up, i get all and up to in joint some waves. >> i can get back with my boys, and a couple of years, the sandwich and into a mother nature. >> we are just walking up and down in the sun, we stopped for lunch. it is been really great to admire the scenery and what privacy. >> meanwhile crudes continued to search for a seat plane that crashed into
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the richardson bay today the police and divers searched for that plane. it was carrying two passengers on ride from the accident with no injuries. now today some that what is the crash told us what they saw. >> the wings ride on top of the water, yet some pretty good speed like 30 mph or something. he was trying to lift, he hit a little wake or something, like a wave in the water. he tried to pull out from that and did not make it totally nosedived. >> a very odd situation. one of those sites that you rarely see. i never saw one like this before my life. >> crews will continue searching tonight with a sonar scanning devices the plan--with the plane is not found to my crew will continue searching. the cities like livermore and
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hercules were forced to drop their fireworks and parade this year. oakland and san leandro did the same in recent years. in vallejo, the tradition continues thanks to a couple of longtime residents. will we learn why two local businessmen provided the spark so that independence day festivities would not go dark. >> the sky over the vallejo waterfront will lighten with fireworks banks to private donors. >> this is my lives been back to the community >> he is a private donor their return to his own pockets over the last two years to make sure that the show will go on. >> it is a racial pride, we go and they are blankets down and sit among the crowd, everyone is here because of our efforts. there's a lot of pride that goes along with that. >> ingersall along with others to rally local business owners and collected donations on their own because they cannot bear to see their local fireworks
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display cease to exist. >> in 2009 we did not have fireworks it was a very sad day what do we do now? go to another city? i wanted to go down to the water from because that is where we always went. >> three years ago the city of vallejo that was paying the bill had to cut it due to budget problems but this year there will be fireworks and people can come down and enjoy an all-american fourth of july light show. >> coming up at 9:30 p.m. we will show the communities that have banned personal fire workers. this week in millions of americans will fire up their grills. in alameda county, one group is going for a record on the grill with the world's biggest hamburger. it just shows as the massive amount of meat. >> it is a fourth of july weekend staple at the fair on saturday the tradition was taken to new heights as the attempt to set a new
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guinness book of world records was undertaken. >> we will take this hamburger the see right behind me this big patty is about 600 lbs., will for lifted off, put on a bun, and this will be one big hamburger. >> we are barbeque in this baby, it is the fourth of july weekend and we are grilling. >> to grill this massive berger take some serious preparation. >> we figure it will take about 10 hours to cook. we have calculated how much the meet will look down, the bread, how much confidence. she is a mathematical question. >> a burger that weighs more than 600 lbs. is not something that you would just slap on the grill. >> for as a decent level of creating this size berger, we had to come with a large scale engineering programs of steel and welding and actually create a jig that will actually spend the burgers so we can turn it over. >> fleet it will take more than a giant statue of.
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>> when you go to split this thing, every time it will start to flex and hop, and the grease at starts up. >> 1, 2, 3. >> real nice. >> curley the record holder is in canada for a 590 lb. burger. >> we are hoping this independence day we can bring this record for the world's largest hamburger back to the old red, white, and blue. >> just moments ago when they said it once again, the burger is just not quite done. but i will be waiting. at the alameda county fair, jeff pierce with kron4 news. >> still ahead on kron4 news and talk with students that will have to pay more for college next fall. we joined republican presidential hopeful michelle bachman on her campaign to. we need a group of kids that will spend their first fourth of july as citizens. the check out a new camera technology that has been called game
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stan has details on the bus tour through the hawkeye state. >> the gop presidential candidate michelle bauman chatted with locals and i was city diner this morning as she kicked off a bus tour through her home state. >> it is so wonderful to be back in iowa i was born and raised here. >> she stressed how vital beach state is to work and pain. >> i think i it is very important to do well here we will be working toward a carcasses that will be coming up in august and then on to january, february and beyond. >> hurt were of the state comes less than one after she officially declared her candidacy. she is preparing for the straw poll in august.
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>> i was the first in the nation it is important to be here because of the values and the opinions that people have and i will account for the nation. this is the breadbasket of the world for a reason. >> not all spent presidential candidates are participating in the straw poll. to governor's are sitting it out. >> coming up we are looking into a new camera technology that is being called game changing. >> we have a nice day for tomorrow, but more warm weather temperatures in the '50s and '60s i will you know what it will be like for the afternoon coming up.
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>> three marines are facing jail time for getting married just for financial benefits. they say it cost taxpayers about $75,000. at the center of the controversy is a lesbian couple that said the one is live as a family off base.
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>> jamie murphy and purple-levite's of him tettleton marine met and began dating about three years ago. >> it was like i have known for my whole life. >> about six months later, of will corporal device and decided she wants to live also--live off base with jamie so since she could not afford it, she found a straight official jeremiah griffin and married him right so that she couldn't receive the stipends and that the marine corps gives to heterosexuals couples living off base. a year later a jamie did the same thing and then february 1st corporal vice was questioned and three weeks ago serious military chargers were handed down to her and the other two marines involved. >> i did not try to hide it, i said this is what is going on. they ask me what it is, i told them. >> there was no conspiracy,
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there was no we wanted to steal from anybody want to be together and she wanted to serve her country. >> the three of them involved serve--0 about $75,000 to the government and they will probably spend one year in the brig and since they do not have any of the money to pay the government back. >> i am probably facing like one year of jail time. >> was it worth it what you did? >> i would say yes. it to be with her every day and to be able to live our lives a somewhat like a normal couple. >> the marines are charged with conspiracy making false official statements, fraud and adultery. they're not only facing jail time behind bars, but they could be looking at a possibility of this honorable discharge a reduction in rank and a forcible lose all pay. >> a beautiful day for the fillmore jazz festival taking place tons of people about our having a great time. even though it is
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sunny, the sea breeze was blowing today kept things nice and mountain sansom's is go. to catch a glimpse of the food right there? i did not know what it was but a look tasty. right now live, in san francisco, be careful out there this evening. the dui checkpoint, so drive safely this holiday weekend. right now we have to bridge and the 80's. campbell checking in at 75, mill valley at 68. golden gate park is cooler at the coast. in the mid-50s right now. it will be a really nice day at the beach tomorrow, i think the temperatures are coming up. sunshine and sacral, 85 degrees upper 60s and low '70's from upper beach to stinson beach, the sea breeze at about 20 mi. to 30 mph. a lot of sunshine after a little fog in the morning hours. a nice day to get out and about across the bay area. temperatures for sun they're getting up into the '90s for the north bay. the
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east bay, and the south bay as well, notice a couple of pink spots, we could see a few locations that reach the triple digits. 80's closer to the bay, then for monday, the fourth of july the sea breeze will push back into the bay, that will cool things down and will see some '70s for sanford's is going oakland. then everything comes back up for tuesday. warming up, the sea breeze will back off and the temperatures will rise and possibly more triple digit heat into the east bay. for tomorrow, in the '90s for sonoma, close to 100 degrees at fairfield, san francisco going up to the mid-70s we will have 80's in the san mateo, '90s for redwood city. sunshine all day long blue skies in a great holiday weather. 80's for hayward, union city, fremont closing in on nine big degrees. --closing in on 90
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degrees. a hot day for the south bay with a san jose reaching 91. low to mid 90's into los gatos, campbell and cupertino. here is the seven day around the bay and for the fourth of july is still pretty high. we'll see a slow cooling trend into the middle of the week but still very warm, finally the upper fog the sea breeze return. it will strengthen and that will make for cooler temperatures. but we will have to wait until thursday and friday before we see some seven days around the bay. >> if you are a slave to fashion heads up, what you wear a cap more of an impact than just turning his at a party. a symposium by global action to fashion, they met in santa does go to show off at the school fashion wear and a dog got issues like sweatshops, reusing and recycling
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clothing and the importance of purchasing clothing made in the usa. they say the global market generates more than one trillion dollars per year, and only one- fourth of that is sustainably made. now it is called ground breaking, dan simon reports on new technology coming to a camera near you. >> the point and shoot camera as we know it is becoming less important. many of us are content with the pictures that we take ourselves. play a new silicon valley startup called lite pre is a ploy is to shake things up. right now is 80's. all you can do is check out pictures on the company's web site not impressed yet? watch this. you can change the focus of the picture after it is taken. see the mother in the background? the baby is slightly out of focus, click on them and it becomes crystal clear. the check out the cafe, the sand which looks good, but you want to
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see the man in the window? click on him and he becomes shark. he developed the technology while working on his phd in stanford. the breakthrough is that the camera is able to capture more light than others. >> the key to this is such a powerful technology breakthrough that this will forever change how we all take and experience pictures. >> how much of a game changer? we spoke with richard hernandez a professional photographer that is now teaching at uc- berkeley. lytro gave him a camera to test of because they were in stealth mode, they put the device on a protective case, so he is not actually seen it. >> it is like a brick of plastic. i did not know what it is, i really cannot tell you what is inside there. >> but he says he was instantly sold after taking his first picture.
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>> my jaw dropped on the floor, it there is no question about that. i knew he me the lead when i saw what it could do is that it was just going to be a whole new ball game for photography. to be able to not shoot a picture and be able to refocus it later and not have to worry about that it is a big deal. >> lytro has set up shop in mountain view california near google it is so secretive still they will not let us shoot inside. they have not said what it will cost of this say it will be competitively priced so they get widespread adoption. it is worth knowing that they could of sold or licensed this company to a big camera maker but it opted to hold on to the technology itself and build what it says is a revolutionary new product. dan simon c. in in that sense of cisco. >> the price of education could give you a sticker shock coming up will talk with students that may have to pay more for college next
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fall. we will visit a children's playground where the planes can be hazardous to your health.
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>> you are looking at a hypodermic needle that i found partially buried in the ground at the children quarters and golden gate park. now this is an empty can of a strong alcoholic drink also inside of the playground few feet away from where children play. what about this broke and liquor bottle? this again is inside the playground. every morning city employees have to clean empty liquor bottles and needles and that are sometimes left in the playground overnight. and the other problemovernightdogs. they are allowed inside a park just as long as they're on a leash. absolutely no dogs are permitted inside the playground for obvious reasons the this is a rule
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that is obviously ignored. in fact, as walking your child through the park can sometimes be rather challenging. not to mention that when you return to your car, there is it possible chance that may have been broken into. these people found their backpack inside of the men's bathroom. it was in sight of the car, the weight they also found another backpack. >> we have not even looked in it i found in some bushes. >> it contained baby wipes and other things from a child stolen from another car. if you go to a free pardon it ends up costing you. at golden gate park, i am stanley roberts with kron4 news. >> a tough lesson for new students, we will look into the high price of getting a college education + we will meet a group of kids that was in the first fourth of july as citizens. and green is not always mean clean. we checked to sanford cisco's dirty little secret. ♪
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>> we have 80's and 72 in san jose, but the sea breezes cooling things down for san francisco and oakland in the upper fifties and low 60s. a gorgeous day at lake tahoe. here is the view, heavenly clear skies. the lake is looking beautiful, we have high temperatures this afternoon 86 degrees. we will stay in the 80's for the next few days and possibly lead to some thunderstorms building up for the middle of this coming week. the sun set shot for mount >> about a half hour ago. we have clear conditions it is warm. accept a ride by the coast, we will watch temperatures cool off. tomorrow we warm up, temperatures going to the upper 90s and possibly triple digits for the east bay location. he did 53 in effect for tomorrow. as well as the spear the airdate. will you know how much longer the hot weather will
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last coming up. >> , the students said their parents will bear the burden of cuts the california state system is looking to raise tuition by 10% to 50%. we're learning that the uc system is also considering another 10% increase. >> the date to hire education could soon cost more, a lot more. that is because the newly signed budget is slashing an additional $150 million from the uc system. so, use the officials are turning to a undergrads' to make up the amount. the uc board will look--will meet in a couple weeks to increase the tuition by 9.6% that goes through, it will go on top of a previously approved a percent tuition hike that is set to go into effect this fall. >> with the increase i am definitely going to take out more loans than i expected it will be hard on me as well. >> many uc-berkeley
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students say the state is putting too much of a financial burden on them. >> it is difficult to play price on education and i think in terms of tuition increase it is unfortunate that the cost is being imposed on the students rather than being funded by the state. that i cannot even imagine how will pay off all of the loans. >> they have raised tuition and nine of the last 10 years. the latest proposal is approved, and steak, undergraduates with pay more than $12,000 per year. is that does not include room, board, or campus fees. the amount is three times what it is paid a decade ago. in berkeley to kron4 news. >> corp. holiday weekend means more office and on the road. that includes dui checkpoints like this one happening right now on lombard street in san francisco. officers are trying to crack down on drunk drivers. santos go without the only city try to keep citizens safe. here we tell you which town and
9:34 pm
cities are cracking down on >> so what--sobriety checkpoint are planned for several other counties listed. and these are just the ones we know about. law- enforcement tends to not give specific details about where or when the checkpoints will be. drivers can expect patrol in numerous locations such as the following. there also be increased police presence in other counties as well. again, no matter where in the bay area you live, expect to see police presence on the roadways. chp and others are asking anyone that is thinking of drinking to plan ahead. finding a designated driver, calling friend, to cap, or a bus home. they won a one that sees a drum driver to
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report them by calling 911. that my ancestors as, charles clifford with kron4 news. >> police will be stepping up both patrols, a record number of people are expected on the recreational waterway is. it just like the car, you can get a the while on a boat. alcohol is the cause of most fatal bolt accidents. now-- both accidents. now we come up with a group of children that will beat our newest citizens. >> they are truly children of the world, a dozen young children receiving their certificate of citizenship, four of them came for thailand, to from yemen and the others from canada, cambodia, pakistan, and i want. the historic school house museum in sacramento, the kids aged nine months to
9:36 pm
11 years became citizens to their parents or through adoption. >> is getting his citizenship is a great day with this as the start of a bright future. >> the citizenship ceremony is one of 350 coast to coast and oversees all part of america's 2305 per day. >> she was born in canada, she was born canadian now getting the u.s. citizenship. >> by being a citizen, they are qualified for better benefits, able to travel abroad with a passport they are able to vote, it is a big deal for the families. >> the u.s. citizenship and immigration department post days like this to make the day is memorable for the kids and their families. >> thousands of people across the country gained their citizenship on friday. the white house and going after tax breaks for the corporate jets, coming up we look to see if it is just
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politics or is really making a dent in the deficit. if you are a film buff and cannot get enough, there is a cool application that will let you watch your latest movies for a fraction of the cost. ltant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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>> critics are saying that her to the obama comments are more about politics than cutting the deficit. >> private jets are the stuff of music detectives. [music] and >> of a tax break for a corporate jet owners, scored the tax break for corporate jets, the >> of the president mention corporate jets and the tax breaks that they enjoyed six times during his press conference on wednesday. >> you will still be able to ride on your corporate
9:41 pm
jet, you'll just have to pay a little more. >> corporate jet owners mostly companies not individuals can write off the purchase of a plane on their taxes for over five years. is what is a slightly sweeter deal than the commercial airlines did. they write off the purchase of a plane over seven years. some of the president one is proposing that they did the same tax break as the airlines. how much money will this bring in? each about $3 billion over 10 years. compare that to the two to four trillion dollars that the congress and white house guards but to save over the same time period. >> the president basically outlined the equivalent of 800,000 out a problem and his solution will raise less than one penny. it >> and says that they are being unjustly vilified, corp. to use private jets to do business in hard to get to cities. can try to persuade companies to not
9:42 pm
purchase the planes will cost jobs. >> these are products that manufactured in the united states that are maintained in the united states in any small town mayor will tell you are critical to the future is hot and of our small towns without a good airline service. >> he also wants to do will eliminate his fund and gas companies. there is another tax break at the president wants to pare down. that is limiting deductions that wealthy americans take on their taxes. this will bring in hundreds of billions of dollars. you would have heard him refer to this during his press conference on wednesday as a tax break that benefits millionaires and billionaires. the fact check is it will actually affect americans earning $260,000 or more. arguably a lot of money, but many of those people are not millionaires or billionaires. >> san francisco's one of the cleanest cities in the u.s. so why is it so dirty? coming up we will see what
9:43 pm
is being done to clean up the city. >> a warm day on a holiday began with temperatures getting close to 100 degrees inland, 80's and around the bay. i will let you know what it will be like on sunday coming up.
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>> fireworks are illegal in most bay area cities, we show you where you can and cannot use fireworks. >> many of you are enjoying your fourth and july holiday weekend but be careful, police and fire crews are out and about looking for those that have set out fireworks. not see my map of the entire bay area there are just five cities where safe and sane fireworks are allowed. one of them being san bruno. then we have pacifica, then the east bay newark, union city and finally dublin. stock and talk about safe and sane fireworks. he may ask yourself what is that? these are safe and sane fireworks that you see, some sparklers, the mad dog
9:47 pm
fountain. often it safe and sane means that fireworks you can live in your hand, or on the ground they do not go up in the air. if you say i will let off my fireworks either way, the police have a message for you. they say you could face a five and the dollar to a $1,000 fine, or a year in jail. if your fireworks cause a fire like what you see on the screen, that means up to $50,000 in fines. the bottom line, most of the bay area fireworks are illegal. reporting in the newsroom, j.r. stone with kron4 news. [music] >> big blue skies over the golden gate bridge today, a little bit of haze out there, but a gorgeous day. the sea breeze was out there, you can see a bull and around the vegetation keeping things a little bit cool. we were in the 60s today, tomorrow a little bit warmer. live right now looking at berkeley, a little bit of smoke in the
9:48 pm
air. i saw some fireworks taking place over there. they have stopped for tonight but more fireworks on the way for the rest of the fourth of july weekend. right now is warm inland. walnut creek checking in. we have a '60s and for berkeley 62 degrees and other areas, for tomorrow look for even warmer temperatures that what we had to date. 9 these inland, warmer for sand francisco and oakland. the sea breeze that plays a big factor in how warm it will intensify a little more for monday. it looks like right now the readings near the bay will drop down monday, the fourth of july the state prewar inland when the nine bids once again for concord, livermore, fairfield, antioch. we shall '60s in the green, but that turns into 80's and 90's very quickly. even purple indicating that there could be locations closing in on
9:49 pm
100 degrees for our sunday. '90s at the north bay, there is not temperature really close to 100. 99 for fairfield, 60s and low '70's at the beaches. it is to be a gorgeous beach day for tomorrow. 76 santa as on 90 at redwood city. look for sunshine and some high temperature is as we go from castor valley into pleasanton with 80's and 90's and even some triple digits like its bergen antioch. 99 livermore, and the south bay, we will have some ideas as well. san jose, into the low 90s, mid to upper 80s in sunnyvale. here is the seven day around the bay. we stay hot inland all the way through the middle of next week. the heat wave will stick around, warm temperatures out by the bay. finally cooling off towards the end of the week by thursday and friday. >> sanford cisco has the name north america's greatest city. aubrey has
9:50 pm
the rundown of the city's no. 1 rating. it >> san for cisco rains green when put to the test against other major cities, new york, seattle, denver, and boston round out the top five. yes, this city that mandates a composting and has a plastic round that it. now car remission, land use, water when it comes to building they praise sanford's is go for their energy efficient buildings standards. we got high marks for transportation thanks to muni and parts extensive systems. we are in major school those in the waste category due to be mandatory composting and recycling laws. and props for air quality. they found low levels of pollution in sanford's is up. >> sense as a star rose to the top of the list because of strong showings across the board. the mayor
9:51 pm
believes that this city is the green is because those in sanford's is always willing to go the distance for sustainability. >> green does not always mean clean despite the designation sad physical still has its share of dirt and grime. stanley roberts digs up the dirty details. >> in san francisco, apparently we recycle everything which is probably why it is called the green is city in the nation. for a city that is supposed to be sobering, why on earth is is so dirty? get this, most of the stuff is recyclable. for instance, this mattress and this one, and this one could be recycled instead, it is dumped on a street. this and not so full-scale cut out of the trans america building could also be recycled. how could san francisco beat the green is the city when we still leave our oil containers full oil wherever we please? when at least we
9:52 pm
are composting. but wait, this is not an approved containers. look, an outdoor toilet. couches are left on the side of a hill. i can see that we are cutting emissions will lease for this car, or what is left of it. but who knows, maybe the missing parts were recycled. to all the people that have got into the recycling bin i applaud you. but for the others, you still have a long way to go. for the record, this city would be a lot cleaner if some people would just stop trashing our streets. which begs the question of san francisco is the greatest, how dirty war the other cities?-jazz is set for cisco was the green is, how dirty were the other cities? >> a way to catch your favorite movies for the fraction of the calls. --
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we believe small business is a big deal.
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the >> a new services launching in the bay area before it hits the rest of the country is really interesting is called movie pass. it worked rear smart phone he is like net flicks for movie theaters. it sells plans to moviegoers, you pay them per month and then you are allowed to go to the movie theater a set amount of times. you end up saving money especially if you go a lot to the movies because they have an unlimited plan for $50 per month, you can go to a limited movies. if you will more than four movies per month, you are saving money. >> go to web site download the movie pass application to your phone. pick up a monthly plan, right now $50 per month for unlimited movie to. they will offer a few are plans that cost less room for those that do not go to the movies as much. not search for movies by title or theater, reserve your ticket is stored on your smart phone with the
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redeeming cold. in the future will be will not have to wait in line you will be able to hand the ticket taker your phone for entry. once you have it your movie or a ticket on your smart phone here is what you do, go to the movie theater and go to one of the machine key oscar, give your code to one of these changes to your ticket printed out. if you prefer, you can go to the traditional ticket when the counter and it will print out a to get there. you can use this for newly released movies at the theater. i was shown a demo of it working for transformers three which just came out. only one movie is allowed per day, you cannot see the same movie twice and you cannot transfer a ticket to another person. for more information on movie pass, logged into kron4 stock, look for my tech page, they played with kron4 news. as of >> so were people at the movies or the beaches? >> i am sure there were some outside is the place to be. now you may want to go
9:58 pm
watch the movie and antioch mark to capitalize on the air conditioning. 100 degrees tomorrow. >> that is amazing, have ignited see you at 11:00 p.m..
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