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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 4, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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shot in four different locations. we will tell you what the police believe they might be connected. >> bart police issued a man that had a knife, it should down the civic center station overnight. we will let you know what the situation is this morning. >> the fourth of july and we will tell you all the best place to catch the firework displays tonight. >> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m. on the fourth of july. we will get a check the weather and traffic. >> pretty much the most important thing today. most people are not working and want to know about the weather, the fireworks. >> temperatures will be hot but not quite as high as they were yesterday. you're staying out of the triple digits but we will warm up into the '90s. 76 in san for cisco, south bay temperatures in the 80's and 90's and into antioch as well. i will have your fireworks forecasts and you know you can expect around 9:00 p.m. when the fireworks are expected to be in full effect. george.
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[pause] >> the developing story that we want to talk about right now, the fire that we have, the two alarm fire in the mission district. this is where jackie is, and he has been live there this morning, we have the latest. >> right now it is in the cleanup of old, we first got here we thought was a to alarm structure fire but it turns out to be a three alarm structure fire. there are three units that have been affected. the central one has sustained the most damage, the other to obviously also sustained a lot of damage. it is all because of this, when i ride a little after 6:00 p.m.,- 6-a.m., it was heavy smoke. huge flames started shooting out of the third story building apartment complex. this was obviously around 6:00 a.m. on the fourth of july. there were people
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inside the building is sounds like everyone basically got out without any issues. one person was transported to a local hospital is what we are being told with what is being described as a smoke inhalation injuries expected to be fine, but you can see the amount of flames shooting out of this building and obviously all the houses are wall-to-wall. basically they share common walls. but the threat is that these things can continue to spread, it appears right now the firefighters have the upper hand on this for the most part. >> people are fine, how are about their pets? >> they brought out to animals, here is some deal the into the were doing their best to give the animals oxygen in the last five, or 10 minutes. a sense of fiscal animal care and control officer showed up the thing is, you can see that the animal control officer is there and he looked extremely nervous. that animal rights there is
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not doing so well. they put them on a gurney and rushed him out of this area. the ec officers are used to treating people but they took the oxygen mask on the animals hoping that they could save the animals. >> pour thing, thanks a lot. can't you later. >> the other developing story comes out of richmond. that is where as many as seven people were shot in four separate shootings overnight. this is a live view of richmond. we will push to the location of the very first shooting that happened about 3900 block of ohio. but that is where one person was shot at about 8:15 p.m. not killed, but wounded. the other one to place at about 10:15 p.m. on west ruby, one person was killed earlier we thought there were two people shot but we got an update only one person was shot and killed there. the third shooting have elected one hour later just at 11:00 p.m. at central ave. you can see on the map where that is located. one person was shot
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at that location while sitting in their car. another person may have also been injured. the fourth shooting at what we fly over to that location with west mcdonald, one person was killed there. police believe that another person was injured, so they are investigating that as well. lastly, we will fly to the richmond police department will we have will tran standing by live on the investigation and we are learning the identities of those that were killed. >> i have to of the three victims' identities. first let us talk about the mcdonald shooting, his name is there algonquin--daryl duncan and 26 year-old man is alive at this time. hopefully to get more information on the shooting. we also talk about the center shooting, his name is rashad bailey he was 19 years old. the third
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fatality happen on a west ruby. we do not have his name at this time because the rich in police department are not technically investigating that shooting since it was in an incorporated contra costa county. so it is being taken care of by-your department. there is also a fourth victim they believe the fourth victim is crying for his life--is fighting for his life. they thought he was a fatality but he is clinging to life. as far as the shootings are concerned, they do not know if they are somehow connected they have to still talk with the investigators. i did get a chance to talk with lt. bisa french and spokeswoman for the richmond police department here is what she had to say about the shootings. >> nothing that we have at this point indicates that there are any kind of arguments leading up to the shootings. >> are they connected in any way? >> we are looking into
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that, obviously we have to look and do a lot more investigation to determine if that is truly a fact. >> at this point is so early on they cannot even say this was a drive-by shooting in any of the instances, or does happened on foot were an argument broke out before and then shots were fired, that is why this is still a developing story handled by two agencies. hopefully we will hear more from the agencies throughout the morning because of those names are continuing to come out as soon as they notify the family of the third victim his men will be released and will pass along to you. for now let us send it back to you. >> do we know anything more about the victims have the police indicated whether not they might have had a criminal past? >> not at this time because the investigators had to work overnight they said that they hope the public comes out and helps, but a lot, a lot of the cases in richmond, sometimes they do not come out for they're not willing to give
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the full answers to some of the questions, so it is still so early and it happened so quickly with the last shooting around 11:00 p.m. last night or something like that which is why they have a full team of investigators out they're handling it. the even admit that this caught them by surprise simply because richmond has been quiet for quite some time, there was no intelligence as far as the gang task force that something would happen not to say that this is gang- related, they have been very quiet recently bought all of the shootings that happen is such a short amount of time or perhaps a somehow connected. >> thank you, we will continue to follow the story. >> 7 07 a.m., and a developing story a shooting that involved a bart police officer and one person was killed. they shut down the civic center bart station, that is where it happened last night around 9:45 p.m. police were called for reports of a drunk man that was near the platform they say that he was carrying a knife.
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>> it happened very quick comment within one minute, the officer responding the ut reported shots were fired was put out. the only evidence at the scene was the broken glass on the ground and the knives, the officers are currently being interviewed by the investigators. but they will be involved in the investigation starting with the interview and then they will be on administrative leave. >> a separate the police department is performing a criminal investigation and bart is determined whether proper procedures were followed. the civic center station was closed, the trend were going through without stopping and now at 7 08 a.m., we are about one hour away from the holiday service the in nothing to be affected when bart reopens at 8:00 a.m.. >> now we're keeping an eye on the forecast for the fourth of july good morning. >> certainly keeping an eye on a forecast for your fireworks we head into the
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evening in expect some pretty nice condition, dry weather, clear skies in most locations the only place that could see some patchy fog is right around the bay is an effort to slow expected to be about 50 degrees around 9:30 p.m. when the fireworks are going on, berkeley about 63 degrees, mountain view in the upper 60s and the same for san rosa. an afternoon high will stay into the '90s up in santa rosa, the '90s for several--mid-90s for sonoma. 76 degrees and sentences go along the coast, this could be a beach day. temperatures cooled off from yesterday. over in the east bay, about 86 degrees in castro valley through the san ramon valley to stand in bid to upper 90s. it looks like to get to 97 degrees in antioch and pleasanton and well. --well. we have 89
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degrees in san jose and your seven day around the bay highlights are warm weather over the next couple days. after that things will start to change by wednesday, overcast conditions expected the temperatures will cool off and continue to pull by the weekend, it looks like the hides are only getting into the low 80s. low sixties for the coast and around the base we will stand to the upper 60s, low '70s. >> still looking at a light ride around the area no commute, this is a holiday a quick check will show just how light conditions are at the bay bridge, the back up, no delay, the san mateo bridge is a smooth and easy ride with light traffic in both directions the golden gate bridge only has three lanes available in the southbound direction. we will open up the north bound before very much longer. they will take away the
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safety late in the middle the time is 711 if your heading into sentences today, the parking meters are enforced and so are a number of the parking rules and regulations will have details coming up. right now break and kron4 morning news will be right back. i tell ya, i work a long day, every day.
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>> welcome back to the kron4 morning news the time is 7:18 a.m., a lot of sunshine you can see a little bit of cloud coverage. this morning we expect a lot of sunshine similar to the past couple days keeping the to is just a tad cooler than what we saw yesterday still, we will call it high into the afternoon in some of the inland parts and, we will start to cool off as we head through midweek but today it is a pleasant for the july forecast. here's a look at some of your numbers right now. we're in the 63 napa
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valley (fairfield, 71 in antioch and mid-60's for livermore. by about noon, it looks as though we will warm-up into the 80's and bring the '90s into the mix by the afternoon. not as much in a way of the triple digits. we expect to see the temperature topped by the inland spots. by 9:00 p.m., the temperature will stay in the '60s and '70s. it was a warm and san rosa, temperatures in the low 90s, looks like we will get up to 97 in fairfield, it will be hot and vallejo. staying out of the 80's is still pretty pleasant warming as we go down to the peninsula. 75 for berkeley, 81 oakland and about 81 degrees in alameda. mid-80s through fremont and san ramon valley temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. will climb to 97 in antioch and stay in the '90s in places like concord, what a creep, down in the
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south bay to bring temperatures up to about 90 and milpitas, 94 for cupertino. los gatos and morgan hill. for the next couple of days we will provide ample amount of sunshine with high temperatures but it starts to change by mid-week. you will notice of bit of a cloud coverage overcast conditions expected for a good portion of the day, the cooling trend will continue as we get through the end of the week in into the weekend. morning fog sea breeze and much cooler weather expected by next weekend. >> like traffic around the bay area in the early morning hours, mid they could get a little heavier. people will be heading into the city for the fourth of july festivities, right now it is an easy ride. like traffic in both directions, no problems at the bayshore freeway and 92 interchange or at age 80 and 92 either. only three lanes will be available on the southbound side of the golden gate bridge. but that is enough.
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the north bound looks good and there will be adding a third lane a little earlier than usual to handle the ride into morin county this morning. >> thank you, now on to an unusual story. something is wrong with this picture. you see a plane and you see freeway traffic usually do not go well together but this is the scene near were redwood city last night the plane had to make an emergency landing about 7:15 p.m. and actually made its landing and then collided with a vehicle but no one was hurt, no damage to the plane. >> extremely lucky, it was very fortunate for everyone tonight that this ended the way that it did. >> fortunate to say the least, it came to a stop on the side of the road so did not even block traffic except for those slowing down going what is going on here. >> i heat and the planes do not emerge, they do not let you in. now the biggest
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fireworks display in northern california is happening tonight this is the scene as they were getting ready to dance and francisco for the independence they show, it looks so windy. but we will see what happens tonight for the big show. the actually put on hundreds of these for july 4th, but they say that this was san francisco is special. >> this is the biggest show in northern california for sure. >> not only do begin to blow up things, we blow them up all pretty. the crowd often loves it, there is nothing better than after a show hearing all the cheers and the clapping. >> the show starts at 9:15 p.m. and it will last about 20 minutes the best place to watch is pure 39 and aquatic park. >> along with fireworks and other fourth of july tradition is the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest on coney island.
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they're already getting set up, dancing hot dogs for everyone. as we know, the reigning champion san jose native joey chesnutt will be there his record is 68 hot dogs and buns contestants in this contest try to scarfed down as many hot dogs and calories as we possibly can. he is looking to win his fifth title we're rooting for this san jose native. absent this year is his competitors will have his own unofficial contest to eat as many hot dogs as he can. as you are in your fourth of july festivities barbeques just think, you could be having 70 hot dogs instead. the kron4 news will be right back.
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>> a great looking weak, perfect for the fourth of july barbeque plans. tomorrow a little warmer and then we begin a gradual hold down that will bring the ticket down to low 80s. it now twitter for fox and news was apparently packed with six of tweet reporting early that president obama had been shot twice and i where restaurant while campaigning. tweets were posted between 2:00 a.m. eastern from the fox news politics account. they ran a story in acknowledging the attack, saying that they regret any distress that the false tweets the have created. >> apple has their own hack they say that a group stole more than 2000
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passwords and they posted the information on the web site, called to apple have not been returned. her now monday july 4th, you can get outside and enjoy it, it is gorgeous out there today another live look outside a slight breeze, plenty of sunshine we will be right back.
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>> the morning welcome back 730 in is the time, pliny--plenty of sunshine. where is everybody? well, they're sleeping right now. >> here is a the the the giants forecast if you're going to the game today, pretty pleasant conditions a lot of sunshine. the game starts at 2:05 p.m.. temperatures should be in
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the upper 60s. braid that to about 76 this afternoon. i will have details and what you should expect for the fireworks displays coming up in a few minutes. >> you expect light traffic that is what we have around the bay area at the toll plaza, did not expect any delays. no metering lights, probably will not be active all morning long. >> thank you very much, on to the developing story this morning out of san francisco, a three alarm fire erupted in the mission district. to give you more news faster, less reconnect with one of our reporters. jackie has been giving us this report all morning keeping an eye on the scene, what is the latest? >> the latest is that they have knocked down the flames in the multiple unit structure fire. you can see the heavily damaged fire right there, that is the unit at the fire started in. that is the one that sustain the most damage. it took firefighters about 45 minutes or so. this is why
7:32 am
my first out here it was heavy heavy smoke. that was the report and then once the firefighters out on the roof, he started ventilating the structure. at that point, the flames started erupting out of the third story complex. adjutancy the firefighters are standing back, you to see them on the roof at that point. this happened before 6:00 a.m. this morning on the fourth of july. obviously there were people inside, six units in all, all three of the buildings, two units in each building. it appears that everyone that are relatively safely. according to one of the fire chiefs out here, firefighters sustained minor injuries to one of his eyes, one of the residents were transported to a local hospital with what is being described as smoke inhalation injuries. >> i guess they pulled out some animals as well, you caught some of that live last time we talk with you. >> yes, it is pretty amazing here is some video of one of two dogs that were
7:33 am
taken out of the residence. you did see the e and t out there giving the animals of oxygen,--emt out there giving the animals oxygen. an animal control officer from census showed up, they took the dog on a gurney and rushed them out of their no update on the condition. you can see the animal with the oxygen mask on, that is the one that sustained most of the damage obviously smoke inhalation. we have not gotten any informational on that, but it is an amazing scene to see the empty--the emt's who are used to working on people, they got the oxygen mask and put them on the animals and help to rescue them as well. >> it looks as though the firefighters are still on the scene, any idea as to how long this will take? >> it will take the better part of the day, as hot as this fire was, and the real
7:34 am
problem out here you can see the houses are basically wall-to-wall. literally and the problem, the threat is these fires can spread from house to house, and they want to make sure that any hot spots are completely knocked down they are releasing some units out here but they are calling firefighters out here for the better part of the day. >> of the time now is 7:34 p.m. i want to tell you about the developing story we were talking about as many as seven people were shot, and we will soon into rich and to show the layouts as to where this happened this is the scene of the first shooting 3900 block ohio, one person was shot at 8:15 p.m. last night. the second shooting was at 10:15 p.m. that is where one person was killed. then there was a third shooting that happened about one hour after that about 11:00 p.m.. this is in the 3200 block
7:35 am
of centers street. one person was shot and killed while sitting in their car. another person could been injured and there was a fourth shooting that had been a short time later at fourth and mcdonnell. this is where one person was killed and another was injured. now we wanted it to the police department as that is where will trend has been all morning in richmond following the very latest. if he would tell us exactly what is happening in the investigation so far. >> so far, no arrests in any of the shootings. we do have the two fatalities, and their names. we touched upon the mcdonnell shooting so let me talk about that his name is daryl duncan he is 26 years old. we talked about the shooting on centers, his name is rashad bailey he is 19 years old. the third fatality happened on west
7:36 am
ruby. the police department in richmond is not handling that investigation because it happened in unincorporated richmond so they are dealing with that in working with their investigators bear. there is a report of the fourth fatality but even the investigators admit that possibly jump the gun too soon because simply that person they thought he died, but right now he is at the hospital fighting for his life. his name is also not been released. we do not know any motives behind the shootings. but because they happen in such a short amount of time perhaps they are gang related, the are hoping that witnesses and survivors will come forward and let them know what is going on as far as the fatalities, they do not know it to, or three fatalities it knew each other. hopefully the one person survived in the shooting on first and mcdonnell, that person will be able to tell the investigators. this caught them by surprise because they said for quite awhile, it is all relative, but for rich men is been
7:37 am
very quiet lately. they did not believe the shootings had anything to do with the fireworks show. it was very peaceful, everyone dispersed and then the shooting took place. the investigators are still working on this hopefully will get an update on the fourth victim in this case, the one fighting for his life coming up at eight o'clock. >> ok, we will talk to you later, >> and more pleasant subject, the fourth of july people out on the water barbeque plans, will the weather be on our side? >> i will get to be very important forecast, as we headed to 9:30 p.m. when most fireworks will be going on it looks like we will have clear skies in most locations, the one place that we are keeping an eye on is right around the bay, at sanford does go about 58 degrees. berkeley about 63 degrees. we should see a little more a clear conditions, mountain view 67. santa rosa in the upper
7:38 am
60s and at a comfortable 74 degrees. the upper nine become more '90s we expect into santa rosa the upper 90s right through the delta. it looks as though we could want to 88 degrees in vallejo and through the peninsula but yet into 76 and set francisco. warm into the 90s in redwood city and palo alto. hopping over to the east bay, it looks as though we will keep the '70s and '80s around. 80 degrees for alameda, 86 in castro valley. right through the san ramon valley, will bring the temperatures to the mid to upper '70's. 88 in martinez, 94 in concord, temperatures in the '80s and '90s, years the seven day around the bay. check it out, too hot days with temperatures in the upper 90s, triple digits for the next couple of days it will start to cool off by mid week. by the weekend, it will be significantly court. will be back to the pattern, the sea breeze and the morning fog cooler temperatures and upper 60s and low '70s around the bay.
7:39 am
and joy the heat while the last. >> if you will be driving today you will enjoy a great ride. no traffic to contend with, take a look at the bay bridge west bound. we will not see any metering lights are crowding through the commute hours this morning. your san mateo bridge ride is also a smooth, certainly no delays with light traffic in both directions, it is very light on the bayshore where it meets 92, the golden gate bridge ride only three lanes on the southbound side, two lanes north bound and as soon as the traffic starts to get aheaheavy they will open up another lane. we will see more cars traveling northbound and we do south bound. >> thanks a lot, 7:30 a.m. news this morning the lawyer for a french novelist says that she will file a lawsuit accusing the dominique
7:40 am
strauss-kahn of attempted rape. she will file the lawsuit tomorrow in paris, she has described in encounter several years ago in which she says that he sexually assaulted her. he was arrested in new york in may on charges that he attempted to rape a hotel maid. he denies any wrongdoing and was released without bail last week after question the merged about the maids' credibility. >> a quick break, 740 on the clock, let us go back out citing you a quick break. this to the coastline are around san francisco looking pretty good, blue skies, we will be back with more in just a minute. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done.
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>> this is a live picture of casey anthony is father george. the lead prosecutor has told the jurors that she and her colleagues have backed up every claim that they have made in their opening statements six weeks ago. the florida mother is accused of killing her two year-old starter caylee anthony. the liberation are expected to begin later today. that is the very latest in a kron4 news room, we will take a break and be right back.
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>> had been forced into a lot of men to the kron4 morning news. here's a shot from mount tancam. mostly clear conditions to start your day off. a lot of sunshine for us, it will cooler than yesterday but to get hot especially in live. overnight a little breezy, but over all in pretty good looking forecasts were your fourth of july. how to
7:48 am
design are actually staying into the fifties for sensitive, but we are slightly starting to warm up. as we can enter the east bay, we actually see the temperatures warm up in a little bit from napa valley, 64 degrees 67 for concord, about 75 for antioch 65 in livermore. by noon, notice the 80's in the '90s and turn to feel in by the 4:00 hour. we will warm up again into the '90s, but it looks like the triple digits will be contained to the central valley. by 9:00 p.m., firework's expected to be going off, temperatures stay in the '60s and '70s as well. here's a look the the numbers, low nineties for san rosa, could want to 95 in sonoma. about 97 degrees in fairfield, 81 in mill valley. pretty nice weather there. along the coast, will cool off a little bit today keeping the today in the upper 60s 82 for san mateo, and over to the east bay, but in the '70s and '80s as well. pretty nice weather
7:49 am
for san leandro today. how --97 it antioch, it looks like we could want about low 90s in cupertino and what it will be hot today and how tomorrow. once the middle of the week. overcast conditions. who entrance conditions--cooling trends continue into the week. let us check out our ride it went to georgia. and >> and no delays around and drive around the bay area this morning and the rollback of that many of the bridges. will was started the day bridge toll plaza. this is a smooth and easy ride, over the san mateo bridge, very much the same conditions. no problems were 92 weeks will 880 or 101 see
7:50 am
the key of will 101 a this is the golden gate bridge drive. now as you can see, we're picking up more traffic in the northwestern abound direction. we will keep with a three and three lang configuration for the golden gate bridge. heading to san francisco we mentioned a that been the department of parking and traffic is not giving you a break today. parking meters are in force today. one hour and to our time limits are enforced today. street sweeping is in force today. yes, you may have to go outside and 10 minutes and move your car, the only place you'll catch a break is on residential parking permit, those are the things that are not being enforced along with the tollway zones, commute traffic when there, when they have no parking on the streets from p.m. to 6:00 p.m. over not being enforced either. i
7:51 am
>> think a lot, in national noon, cleanup efforts continue after the will still the they had had a tight line ruptured. her there were 600 bar. of crude oil that were dumped into the yellowstone river. this happened over the weekend, they say it is between 751,000 bar. of oil out there still. the flooding has been handling the cleanup efforts, but today more people are expected to be out clean up. >> on to do some of the news, it is being called a ground breaking others call it a game changing advancement, dan simon reports on a new technology coming to a camera near you. >> the point and shoot camera as we know it is becoming less important. many of us are content with the pictures that we take from our cellphone clinton a new silicon valley startup calledlytro is poised to shake things up with a revolutionary new camera. right now, lyt itro just
7:52 am
80's. you can only check out pictures of the company's web site not impressed yet? watch this. you can change the focus of the picture after it is taken. is he this mom in the background? the babies out of focus, click on him and becomes crystal clear. check out the cafe but if you want to see the man in the window, just click on him and he becomes a charcoal. the technology was developed volume and was working on his phd in stanford. he says the camera is able to capture more light than others. >> the key to the court, is such a powerful technology breakthrough this will change how we take inexperienced injured. rotterdam much as how much of the game changed, we spoke with richard hernandez a professional photographer now teaching at uc-berkeley they gave him a camera to test, but because of lytro
7:53 am
is still in stealth mode, they put it in a protective case so he is not actually seen it. >> read it is like a brick of plastic, i do not know what idiot. i really cannot tell you for what is inside there. >> but he says he was instantly killed after taking his first picture. >> my job pretty much dropped on the floor. now there was no question about that, i knew immediately what it would do, it will be a whole new ball game for for charter fee, to be which to shoot a picture and refocus it later and not have to worry about that i think it is a big deal. >> they set up shop in this nondescript improves the office building near mt. view mirror google is so secretive that would not let us shoot inside. they're not sure what the camera will cost the say that it will be competitively priced so that they can get widespread adoption the company could
7:54 am
have sold this patent to the time camera makers like nikon canyon, but decided to hold onto their cells and bill what they call a revolutionary product. >> wow i hope that is out soon. i just buy back from vacation and trust me, your kids do not take good pictures. rural revival have to say that and then take it to camera and refocus it all. now let us to live look, a gorgeous day for july 4th. we will be right back.
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>> 7:57 a.m. and everyone is getting excited for nathan's annual hot dog eating contest about a half hour from now. joey chesnutt from san jose will be defending his title as world champion. who will be following it bringing you some of that face stuffing
7:58 am
highlights coming up in a little bit. we will be right back.
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>> good morning, happy july 4th. our developing stories, it was a violent night in richmond at least six people were shot at four different locations. will tell you why the police believe they may be connected. >> the berkeley shot a man last night, will tell you where the investigation is right now. >> this fourth of july is about the parties, the parade and fireworks. will tell you with the best displays can be seen tonight right now on kron4 news. [music] >> a good morning, it is 8:00 a.m. on this fourth of july. >> everything seems to be
8:01 am
cooperating on july 4th, you have the day off this should be very nice day. >> cooling-off just slightly. in the inland locations and gives it a little bit of a release. staying in the '70's in san francisco but coming up just a little bit, we will talk about the 9:00 p.m. hour when the fireworks are expected to go off. we will let you know what the weather looks like in your area and what you can expect. >> you can expect light traffic all around the bay area that is what we have, no waiting, no back up, no metering lights, do not expect them through broadcast hours. >> 8:01 a.m. are developing story a fire in the mission district and kron4 jackie has been out there all morning long as they eat all the investigation. >> i am on mission street 4000 block where we can see the firefighters are a lot of them are still out here. they believe that the fire
8:02 am
started right there and bottoms for roger area of this century unit. --center unit. it was likely before 6:00 a.m. when they got the call. when they started ventilating the building you can see the flames of town to shoot out of the third story of the center complex. now the threat and the worry of firefighters were since the houses were so close together they were afraid that this would start to spread from house to house and indeed it did. in all, three buildings were affected. two units in each of the three buildings which means that there are six units in all that were damaged. the center once sustained the most damage. there were people inside of them i am not sure how many but i can tell you the one firefighter sustained as what is being called a minor eye injury. one of the occupants also sustained with is being
8:03 am
described as a smoke inhalation problems. it appears that they are in a mop up mode, it took about 45 minutes to stop the flames. >> they had to rescue some text to? >> yes it was amazing you see the firefighters go inside of the building to rescue people but they also go in to help pets if they can. you see that to dogs were brought out, and they will quickly went to work one was in worse shape than the other they were giving them oxygen which is usually set aside for the human kind, but they decided to put the mask on the dogs. you can see that animal control officer to arrive on the scene and quickly bit with the animals onto a gurney and took them out of here, we have not had any condition updates but obviously that was a big concern of the firefighters and even tease out here, they want to do their best capitalize on the line for people, the also try to go
8:04 am
in and help the animals. >> they are part of the family you have to get everyone out ok and everyone was taken out ok. another developing story, one man shot dead by the bart police. this was an officer involved shooting that should down the civic center at bart station. the police when they first went there responded to reports of a drunken man with a train platform around 9:45 p.m.. they said the man was carrying a knife. >> it happened very quick with in one minute of the officers responding reported shots for fire were put out. the only evidence at the scene is the broken glass on the ground, and the knives. officers are currently being interviewed by the investigators as were the witnesses. there will be involved in that investigation starting with the interview, after the interview is done there will be on its initiative leaves. >> there are a couple of investigations going on this as the police department is
8:05 am
performing a criminal investigation and bart is investigating whether the proper procedures were followed. the civic center station was closed up trains going through and not stopping right now we're into five minutes of the holiday schedule trains just starting running and no report of the train service be affected this morning. >> and other developing story, six people were shot in for overnight shooting. this is an overview of richmond. we will fly into this location of the first shooting that happened at the ohio block. one person was shot and wounded about a 3:00 p.m. the other shooting happened about 10:15 p.m. on western ruby. one person was shot and killed now we have a word of another person and wounded at the location. the third shooting happened after 11:00 p.m. in the 3200 block of center. that is where one person was shot dead while sitting in a car. the fourth shooting as we fly through the maps have been a short time later at first and
8:06 am
mcdonald. that is where one person was shot and killed, another one was injured. how will trend is standing by at the richmond police department has been at modifying the latest. let us visit him live and find out what we have learned so far. >> right now three fatalities, the fourth person just got off the phone with the richmond police department spokeswoman says that he is still fighting for his life, hopefully he will pull through at this point, there are three fatalities. we talked about the mcdonnell shooting, we learned his name over the past hour, his name is daryl duncan a 26 year-old man. the center shooting his name is rashad bailey he is 19 years old and not have the name of the third victim that was shot and killed on western ruby that is because it is being held by the, the contra sheriff department. no word back from their investigators. they do not know if the shootings were related. a fireworks show
8:07 am
last night and according to the spokeswoman it was very peaceful everyone disbursed, it is no point to believe that violence would break out a short time after that. i did get a chance to talk with a spokeswoman neighbors where she had to set all the shootings. >> nothing that we have a this point indicates that there were any kind of arguments or disputes leading up to the shootings. >> are they connected in any way? >> we are looking into the possibility that they may be connected. we have to do a lot more investigation to determine if that is truly a factor. >> the shootings to be rich in police department by surprise because the city has been relatively quiet for richmond, his been relatively quiet for them over the past few months for this to break out suddenly overnight, it caught the investigators buy supplies. they're working on this novel and that the survivors can somehow step forward and let them know that yes, we do know the shooters in this case, yet there was some friction before this. this still a developing story she
8:08 am
is inside working the case and hopefully will get more information from heard throughout the morning. let us send it back to you. >> that you very much we will continue to monitor the story, any information we will bring it to you throughout the day on our web site and >> the big news that affects everybody today, you are picking up say how would be for the parade? what should i wear? less is better, shorts and tank tops? >> absolutely will be hot today getting up into the '90s but everyone is in for a cool down if you're headed for the beach, you will hold down sentences go little bit cooler as well by 9:30 p.m. right when the fireworks are supposed to be in effect, most locations will see clear skies. we are getting a really great view of the fire run this place. around the media bay, we are expecting a little bit of fog are to settle in as it does on the fourth of july, but it looks like it may be patchy at times the a good view of the far consensuses go about 58 degrees,
8:09 am
berkeley 63, mountain view about 67 degrees and upper 60 percent rosa, and about 74 degrees for concord. here are your numbers, low 90s in santa rosa, about 97 in fairfield, it will be hiked through the delta once again today. it looked like will not see as much in the way of triple digits. yesterday 80's in santa to school, today in the '70s. through the east bay, temperatures in the '70s and '80s. 80 in alameda, but 86 in castro valley to get through the san ramon valley, looks like a turkistan the mid to upper 90s. down in south bay, it looks like to have a mixture of the 80's and 90's as well. the seven day around the base so the heat wave continuing for the next couple of days. the changes by midweek, that is will kick into gear with the cooling trend. we will be back with more news after thisafter
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> we are back, at 8:12 a.m. here is the seven day forecast, july 4th monday the weather looks perfect. a lot of sunshine, warm temperatures inland. we will warm up even more tomorrow and then began a gradual cool down headed for next weekend. back with more in a minute.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> the lawyer for a french novelist says that she will file a lawsuit accusing dominique strauss-kahn of attempted rape. she will file suit tomorrow in paris. she described in encounter several years ago where she says he assaulted her, and he was arrested in new york in may on charges of raping a hotel maid but that case seems to be unraveling. he has denied any wrongdoing now he has been denied without bail after questions emerged about the maids' credibility. >> me while a search under way for the 11 people are missing after a boat capsized in the gulf of california. this happened
8:16 am
here san felipe de the boat was carrying 44 people most of which were american. 43 have been accounted for. the u.s. coast guard is sending helicopters today to assist the mexican navy in the search. >> it is all about the fourth of july, today what you will do, how you keep cool because it is another hot one. the us go to pray to is in san jose and went to cool off would be to take a dip in the fountain are you allowed to do so there? >> yes, i do not want to deal with it is not quite hard enough, but this is the fountain and cesar chavez and square. this is where many people come when it gets hot. we will show you some pictures here of kids this is what they do, they run around to stay cool, it will be in the 90s today for the third or fourth day in a row, maybe not as hot as it has been in recent days but hot enough for kids to want to do something like this to stay out of the hot weather. bring your kids here, the
8:17 am
parent certainly enjoy it. as you can see, coming back here to the fountain this is something that you definitely want to run into and around as much as you can. you can see above that this is a sunny day will be hot as well. certainly tailor-made for coming out to the fountain here as people often do in many cities where they have public fountains. >> clint, do not be such a pooper!! >> we have loyal viewers. it is the fourth of july give them a reason to watch, get in the >> ok, my feeder getting wet. >> what i have let will of f? nope. the morning still is young. >> ok i put my finger in there. >> now look at the seven
8:18 am
day around the bay, it will stay high today and how tomorrow mostly cloudy conditions expected for the wednesday as well. we are expecting to see things change as we head towards midweek and towards the end of the week also. by year saturday and sunday looks like partly cloudy conditions, temperatures down into the low 80s and lends--low 80s inland, low 60s along the coastline. we will keep the sunshine around cooling off just slightly but still enough to call it hot. >> a look at your ride around the bay area shows like traffic just about everywhere. we have no problem with back upset any of the bridges. the hot spots currently, where is that? there is the picture that we're looking for for your west bound bay bridge ride. an easy-to-use, no metering lights, no problems, no delays. your ride looks good as we head in down towards the macarthur maze. and the san mateo bridge is problem free with light traffic as you can see on the right side of
8:19 am
your screen almost looks like a normal commute east bound. a ride to the golden gate bridge, we are king word that there are about to start adding a third lane in the northbound direction because you will see that there is already more traffic and more cars headed northbound and there are south bound this morning. that is why they will open up the extra lane a little earlier to prevent the back up on doyle drive >> here is an interesting story a plane landed on to 80 last night and no one was hurt. that is the good news it was forced to make an emergency landing about 7:15 p.m. near redwood city it landed, but it did collide with another car on the freeway but thankfully no one was hurt and no damage to the plane. >> extremely lucky. it was very fortunate for everyone tonight that this ended the way that it did. >> no kidding, the plane came to a stop on the side of the road, no one was hurt, did not even block
8:20 am
traffic. >> back to the show tonight is fourth of july and you will probably be looking for the closest one to you, the biggest one happens in northern california and santa school. the crews were getting prepared for that yesterday the annual independence day celebration a fireworks display. this group's puts on hundreds of these across the nation. they say this one in san francisco is particularly special. >> this is a very big show, the biggest in northern california for short. >> not only do we to blow up things, we will stings all pretty and the crowd tends to really love it. there is nothing better than after a show how hearing all the cheers, and the clapping. car >> that will be a fun job. and it will be fun for you to watch tonight at 9:15 p.m. it starts monday and last about 20 minutes. the best place usually to watch this.
8:21 am
>> we should be in store for a good show tonight. we will take a quick break by looking at the golden gate bridge, blue skies and sunshine out there starting off to be a wonderful fourth of july. [music]
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> had the fourth of july to they will be a hot one. 98 degrees, were your sunscreen today. it will be hot for the fireworks tonight. at least to get a pretty good view, it should not be too much in the way of clouds and fog that hot weather continuing getting a few more degrees for tomorrow. then we start a midweek cool down. mostly because clouds rolled in. finally the big time fog and sea breeze. that happens friday through the weekend and by saturday and sunday we're barely into the low 80s. >> not that we have some cool video to show you,
8:25 am
watch what happens. he attempts to open the door and boom! there were reports coming in that car was left in the no parking zone. watch him, he gets back up. he survived the blast and walked away with only minor injuries. that is how protective those suits are. they can withstand a blast of a car bomb. look at that from another angle. everyone standing by watching and he gets up and walked away. amazing video and later on they looked and saw a bunch of nails on the ground it was a car bomb that had shrapnel inside. begin he survived, we will show it to you here. or >> can you imagine minor injuries is all he suffered. meanwhile the twitter account was fox news was packed, 6 and tweet reported that president obama had been shot twice and i will restaurant while camping. again, it was a false
8:26 am
report at the tweet were posted between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. eastern by the fox news politics account. fox news ran a story on their website acknowledging that the hat was there, it was not them it was a false report saying that the news agency regrets any or distress the false tweet may have created. >> of the group and thai sex says that is no more than two dozen names and passwords that belong to apple employees. this group tweeted about the hack night and they posted it on their web site they're trying to get a response from apple but they're not saying anything right now. 8:26 a.m. back with more in a couple of minutes. on july 4th is about how many hot dogs you can be especially if you are a professional eater. here we are the coney island nathan's hot dog eating contest. these are some of the contestants and the people lining up, there is no way that she is
8:27 am
a contestant really? she is a contestant? >> yes. >> car and they're able to eat dozens of hot dogs. we will see what happens. they have a little catch up their next to them, even some order to give the but into helped shove that into their mouths. we will be right back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> unlawful is headed to the fourth of july game starting at about 2:05 p.m. temperatures to be in the upper 60s not too bad. it looked like we will warm up even more than that breaking into the seventies by the 4:00 hour. coming up in a little bit i will bracket down for you they know what
8:30 am
to expect right around the time the fire work should go off. >> things a lot, we have a developing story out of richmond that we're falling. as many as six people were shot in four different shootings that happen overnight. we want to zoom into the area over richmond and show you where this happened. the first shooting was right here. this is the first at ohio, it was in the 3900 block this is about 8:15 p.m. where one person was shot now let me tick to the second shooting. it is happening right over here in this area of west through be in second street. that was at 10:15 p.m. two people were shot and killed there. now what to look to the third shooting. this happened about one hour later was about 11:00 p.m.. 3200 block of center ave. one person was shot and died while sitting in a car. there is a fourth shooting. this happen later at first and madonna. one person was killed right there, another person was injured. we want to fly over to the police to permit because kron4 will
8:31 am
tran has been following the story. he said the police department right now, we was a alive so that he can tell us more about what happened. >> 4 fatalities, possibly four fatalities, one person is still fighting for his life. the jump the gun a little earlier this morning but did not its three fatalities the fourth person his name is not being released. so far have not received a phone call from the sheriff's department on the third victim that happen in unincorporated region. that is why the rich in police department is not handling that investigation. i have two names, we talked about a shooting on macdonell, that person's name was daryl duncan a 26 year-old man a second shooting at the same location, that person to be okay and survive his injuries. the center shooting that person was 19 years old his name was rashad daily. at this point they do not know of all the shootings are somehow
8:32 am
connected. the not even have a motive because they believe that before the shootings took place think of very quiet in richmond as far as their intelligence with, they say that it does not seem to be any friction among any of the gang members at this time than i even know this was a drive- by shooting. this investigation caught them by surprise that the shootings happened with a three hour window. the investigators, some of them could possibly get on how they leave. but because of the shooting, they have been called in to investigate this. hopefully i will hear back from the county sheriff's department spokesman is handling two of the cases here including one fatality hopefully i will hear back from the spokesman and if so i'll pass on a possible names, or maybe any motives as far as the two shootings are concerned. back to you. >> thanks a lot, now wait, come back actually i want to know are any of these active crime scenes this morning? >> , no they're not an active crime scene that did what they had to do the
8:33 am
arnold were there investigators are going from door to door talking to any possible witnesses. they realize that it could be very hard for people to step forward and give them information that tends to be the environment around here, they're hoping that the survivors could possibly tell them on the shooting the fact that it happened so blatantly in so quickly, they tend to believe that they knew each other that will not come out until later. >> thanks a lot, we will talk to you later. >> live from the kron4 news room right now, we're getting the final instructions from the judge in the casey anthony murder trial. so far, what i've heard is that the judge explained that in order for the jurors to find her guilty, the state must approve the on a reasonable doubt that she killed her daughter that is the difference between the death penalty. let us listen in there are some interesting things that the judges pointed out because this is a high-profile case. >> in doing so, caused a
8:34 am
great bodily harm, permanent disability or permanent disfigurement. no. to rot, --no. 2 came every and any was under the age of 18 years. willfully means intentionally, knowingly, and purposefully. child abuse means the intentional infliction of physical or mental injury upon a child, or an intentional act that could reasonably be expected to result in physical, or mental injury to a child, or active encouragement of any person to commit an act that results in what could reasonably be expected to result in physical, or mental injury to a child.
8:35 am
>> you are listening live to the judge in the casey anthony murder trial giving the final instructions to the jury. one more thing that he will quit out he is warning the jurors are about being booked for television interviews. there are lots of people from popular tv shows in the orlando area off and the judges letting them know what the rules are for talking to the media wants this case has reached a verdict. those of jurors will be expected to begin their deliberations later on today as you know, casey anthony is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her daughter caylee anthony. >> thank you very much, a 30 5:00 a.m. a paycheck that the forecast a lot of people have out there plans what can they expect? is it >> it will be warm was identified as coming down just slightly from yesterday. but at 9:30 p.m. time frame, clear skies in most locations could get a little fog right around the bay.
8:36 am
>> 63 in berkeley, said rosa, concord run around 74 pretty nice and some of the inland spots. afternoon highs will stay into the 90s and a lot of locations. 92 for santa rosa, 95 degrees in sonoma and the peninsula. in the '70s for san francisco, san bruno warming up into the '90s. it looked like the east bay will be at about 75 in berkeley, 80 degrees in alameda. the in the spots once again will be hot. temperatures in the '70s could warm up >> down in the south bay we should want to about nine degrees and 89 degrees in santa clara. tomorrow another hot day on tap, but by wednesday we will see some change. overcast
8:37 am
conditions expected wednesday. that is the beginning of a cooling trend we will notice the temperatures coming down by the end of the week and into the we keep a very different forecast highs in the low 80s upper 60s and low '70s around the bay and low sixties for the coast. >> thank you, now we have been watching the traffic this morning and of course it is very like all around the bay area. not a commute to really, but here at the bay bridge right now it is an easy ride as has the >> for the san mateo bridge is an easy drive we see only a slight increase in traffic for the west bound side. for the golden gate bridge they have at the third lane now in the northbound direction. adjutancy, if you just account the cars, more traffic headed into marin county then headed into sensors is go from iran. of
8:38 am
course and no delays on 1 01 south bound. that is a light and easy ride. >> now to our developing story were of following that fire in the mission district. jackie has been our solo reporter on the scene. looks like they are still in moscow--of a mold. >> yes, and dozens of firefighters on scene. the call went out around 6:00 a.m. this morning when the firefighters got your they said they saw heavy smoke. i got here soon after that. then they started inventing the building and at that point the flames started to explode out of the third floor of the middle unit. >> these buildings are
8:39 am
literally wall-to-wall. the threat and the worry of firefighters was that the fire will continue to spread from house to house and it did, it went to three of them all total. they were able to put out the fire quickly but you can see how heavy the flames and smoke work. according to firefighters, one sustained what is described as a minor i wound. one of the occupants of the units also had smoke inhalation expected to be fine. but they will probably be in mop up a mold for most of the day. it looks like there are still some hot spots in their kind of clearing out the building as we speak. >> earlier in the day you captured the rescue of a pet from inside, have you heard any word of the condition of the animals that there were able to pull out? >> i have not heard any word yet, it is kind of miraculous that these firefighters do what they do. not only do they go to the burning buildings to rescue people, but they also take their pets. i saw one
8:40 am
firefighter carrying a dog out, another was off to the side already. the paramedics began to work on these animals just as they would humans. they started giving them oxygen and soon after you to see an animal control officer arrived at the scene. they quickly to the animals away hoping that they could get in to some emergency treatment as quickly as possible. one animal seem to be doing better than the other but they are both moving, and we have not gotten a condition update of these guys do a made to work out here. >> absolutely, thank you very much, will keep an update on this story as it continues to develop. firefighters continued to work on the street, we will keep you updated throughout the day. >> 8:40 a.m. is the time in back with more in just a couple of minutes.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> a live look at 8:44 a.m.
8:44 am
a great looking morning out there today will be a beautiful afternoon as well. we have high temperatures on tap for your july 4th. a full looking forecast coming up in just a minute.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> welcome back, 8:47 a.m. the top stories at this hour we are following the latest investigation into four shooting that happen over night in richmond. six people were shot, three people were killed. police are trying to figure out of those are connected. there was a shooting at the civic center bart station last night a bart police officer shot and killed a man that was wielding a knife, there and investigations into whether that was justified or proper behavior by the bart officer. also, is the fourth of july there are fireworks all around the bay area and that will be the big story tonight and today of course the rate
8:48 am
>> they have found these seaplane that crashed into the water. there were able to the passenger in the pilot of that aircraft. we have the story. >> after more than one day with no luck, guys cruising equipped with sonar finally found they were looking for. they manage to fish up the seaplane the capsized friday while taxiing in mission bay. david was out of the border when it went down. - test data was out of the water when it went down. >> my friend says something does happen that turn a minor saw the plane crashed into the water and two guys on the wings. >> he says it looks like a plane hit a wave and then took a nosedive. the pilot and passenger will pulled off in time. >> you have one on the plane and one under water. >> they say it was a merger between an estimated 20 to 40 ft. of water as to what
8:49 am
caused the crash in the first place, they say the pilot seemed in shot. >> he was sad because it was a very pool playing. he was glad to be alive and i think it was just a freak thing, just a weird gust of wind causing it to lift, then it crashed down. >> neither the pilot of a passenger were injured, the police say alcohol does not appear to be a factor because the plane was taxiing when it crashed, the faa will not be investigating. >> the us go live, we have pictures available out of canada. look at that, it is a boat, it is a helicopter, what is it? this is a live demonstration for canada, that is a course where the newlyweds royal couple are visiting. this is a water rescue demonstration of the sea king chopper. it has the ability to land on land, or land in the water. >> they develop this in 1957. they have the technology, is this all
8:50 am
whether amphibious helicopter. it would continue on to be used and not just in the united states also in countries like italy, japan, they're using it as well. >> and canada with the royal canadian air force on. precooled and will be following the couple's movements as they continue through canada and eventually here to california. >> i would just keep saying it they're only going to l.a., they're missing the best. especially look at the shot around the bay, it is useful out there. >> i know, i would want to miss this is a gorgeous shot, the golden gate bridge, free of fog dry and a lot of sunshine. eight other high they certainly feeling like summer once again today. slightly cooler into the afternoon to get a little bit of relief in some spots especially around the coast and on the peninsula. inland, it was a pretty hot out there but iwill not see as much as when it comes to triple digits. a look at
8:51 am
your current temperatures take a look at antioch, we are only in the 8:00 hour, '70s for fairfield, upper 60 for livermore. the south bay to the jurors in the mid to upper 60s. we're just starting with the degree mark in seven hours ago, by noon, you'll see a mixture of '70s and into 80's as well. by 4:00 p.m. we will want into the '90s. triple digits look like they was they contain to the central valley. by 9:00 p.m. when the fireworks are in full effect, it looks like we will see temperature is mainly in the '60s and '70s. hear your afternoon highs, low nineties for san rosa, could get up to 95 in sonoma today. at 81 degrees f for mill valley, 76 san francisco, as we head down to the peninsula, it looked like to warm up to about 93 in redwood city. through the east bay, it looks as though we will stay in the mid-70s in berkeley, about 86 degrees in castro valley.
8:52 am
94 for concord and temperatures in places like antioch could climb up to 97 degrees today hopefully you have a pool if you live in those locations. in the south bay, to riches in the '80s and '90s coming here is your seven day around the bay another couple of five days for you. by wednesday, overcast conditions are expected. we will see the temperatures come down and continue to drop so that a cooling trend this into here by the end of the week expect the fog to get back in the picture, cooler weather into the weekend. it is 8:52 a.m. let us take a look traffic. >> we have been looking at like conditions all morning long, no backups or delays. certainly no hot spots for your drive around the bay area. at the bay bridge toll plaza you are likely to see traffic later in the day than in the morning hours. right now there are no problems. your ride to the san mateo bridge is a pretty easy one. i have hardly seen
8:53 am
any changes since the 5:00 hour for the west bound ride, or the east bound ride. at the golden gate bridge, the only changes that they have added an extra lane in the northbound direction. we have stayed with three on the southbound side since the overnight hours. if you are thinking of heading to san francisco today, if you are thinking you know what, i would do some sightseeing, maybe some shopping and i will not have to feed the parking meters, you are wrong. parking meters are being in force today. one hour to 2 our time limits are being enforced today. street sweeping is being enforced today. so, if you do that drill when you run out ahead of the street sweepers and move your car to the other side of the street, no break for that today. the only break that you will get it on the commute hour tollways zones, and they are not enforcing residential permit parking otherwise consider it a normal day.
8:54 am
>> alright george, thank you we will go live to canada where there are doing the helicopter water rescue. this is the chopper that we showed you earlier. >> the royal couple is there and why are they displaying this because prince william is a route rescue helicopter pilot. if it thought might be fun for him to see what they do. now you can see is plowing through the water like a boat. i did not know helicopters to do that. i do not know why they would need to get that low, but there is a need. >> the sea kings were in first use in 1959 in the u.s. i was reading they say they use them for antisubmarine warfare that was the primary use. there you go. >> now it is taking off that is so cool. >> amazing it takes to pilots i not sure if the prince of flys sort of
8:55 am
aircraft but i am sure he is getting a kick out of this. that is it, do not go away.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> >> at before the july this hot day we will be right back
8:59 am
9:00 am
it's 9:00 a.m. and the top story for different shooting spots in richmond stocks they might be connected also a shooting at a board station and we will tell you about the investigation it
9:01 am
was an officer involved shooting and also a fire broke out in san francisco the firefighters are still there cleaning up the damage will surely of the rescues of not only people but animals also paper weigela see the fireworks that is the biggest thing on your mind. >> we're trying to keep the summerlike weather around. we are really gonna go aloft by midweek. this is all look of your fireworks forecast. we're expecting clear skies and olive above fog around
9:02 am
the coast san francisco will be 58 degrees santa rosa 69 degrees concord 74. this is year-old look it your current temperatures 70 degrees in fairfield upper 60s in livermore. into the afternoon we will keep the flies into a '90s 97 degrees in fairfield today. 75 degrees in berkeley 86 for
9:03 am
castro valley. it is already up to 80 barry 80s and 90s in the south bay area. cooling trend starts on wednesday >> it may be a hot out there in the weather department but it is the complete opposite in the traffic department l hotspots to report no delays at the toll plaza their freeways are very very light. we will see more traffic later on in the day because we have a giants game and if you're heading to the city remember parking meters are operational and they will
9:04 am
be enforced. golden gate bridge more traffic heading northbound and southbound now promise in either direction >> developing story we're following a fire in the mission district. pier following the investigation tell us of all played out >> good morning dozens of firefighters are still on the scene. multiple damage to these multiple units. at 6:00 a.m. firefighters responded and then soon after that bay started
9:05 am
sending out the account. it was the third story of the center unit all these buildings are basically a wall to wall. they were afraid of a fire which continued to spread their worth two units in each of these units those six units affected altogether one- person sustained minor smoke inhalation and a firefighter suffered an eye injury. it took about 45 minutes to get this fire under control right now they are in the mock up stages. keeping only buses are getting through.
9:06 am
>> matt to tell about the pats and the rescue >> these firefighters go into the building and save people and sometimes they have to save pet you can see one of the animals here they rescued two dogs and the tree of the annals just like they would treat a human being they gave the dog oxygen soon after that animal control officer showed up and they put the dogs on gurneys and rushed the model year we have not received word on their conditions use of the firefighters and you saw the flames and these fire fit eiders brought these animals out. red cross is going debt
9:07 am
of about 30 people in all. >> this is tough for a lot of people 30 people. >> a deadly shooting at a board station an officer fired the fatal shot this is that the civic center bart station police responded to reports of a drunken man police said the man was carrying a knife >> it happen very quiet did within a minute after officers all you see is broken glass on the ground and the knife. they will do an investigation with the witnesses as well as the officers that were involved
9:08 am
they will be on administrative leave once the investigation is underway. >> in bart is also investigating. civic center station has been closed overnight and it resumed service at 8:00 a.m. this morning. >> will we back in just a cover minutes and this is a live look up in richmond because they are investigating of several hamas incidents that happened last i.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
in san beautiful all zero concerns story in richmond i will resume in to the area as we go through the shootings the first one was in a 3900 block of off i'll that happened a around a
9:12 am
3:00 p.m. and the second option shooting one person was killed and one was wounded than a third shooting was at 11:00 p.m. in a lot centered. a person sitting in a car were shot and killed and then allow but later another one was killed on the west mcdonald avenue. he has been following the investigation and see if we did find out the latest. what are you hearing from the police department this morning question my >> we have learned the last half an hour the name of the third fatality and 28 year-old man his name is ray hudson jr. he was shot and killed on the west ruby shooting. first and
9:13 am
mcdonnell was sterile duncan he was a 26 year-old man and also those shooting on sending it was a 19 year- old man his name was rashad and bailey. they thought he had died from his injuries to anybody is still alive. three fatalities in multiple shootings karen the agencies are handling the investigation they do not have a motive for the shooting they don't even know if there were any arguments before the shootings at 931 a year from richmond police department
9:14 am
what they have to say on the latest of this investigation. >> that is well on we will talk to you later we will be back in just a couple minutes.
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
and the biggest worry of the day this is the key story of the day is gonna be extra hot and everyone is going to be out. they will want to cool off fireworks anyone even touched the water. >> the sundial and it's gonna start getting we will have a lot of fun at this plaza. temperatures will be
9:18 am
reaching into the '90s. no one is actually in the fund in that but it will eventually and the kids will be i hear there in. >> it is gonna eat up pretty fast ride always done? >> as we head into the afternoon temperatures are gonna be soaring into the '90s we're gonna be slightly cooler them we were yesterday and in san
9:19 am
francisco as well. overall is a pretty nice forecast for it before the july. temperatures are starting to warm-up. 60s for oakland a wider range of temperatures you see 80 in antioch right now there in as you for ahead further inland it'll be in the '80s. in the conceive the rig filling in by the 3:04 p.m. hour by the 9:00 hours are right around fireworks time it was go back into the '60s and '70s.
9:20 am
today we're gonna come down. san ramon valley will be in the upper 70's. south bank will stay in the '80s. another hot day tomorrow we might even see triple digits in land and then wednesday we start the cooling trend. >> are starting to see a little bit of
9:21 am
trafficabilit. . we have had no hot spots and we have not expected to find no metering lights but later on through the day it'll be heavier ride a could start as early as this afternoon because of the giants game. at the san mateo bridge no problems very light traffic. golden gate bridge we have as many a at rains north, as we do southbound parian the
9:22 am
traffic is higher in volume on the northbound side. >> i now 9:22 a.m. and we will be back in a couple minutes where on this beautiful for the july an this'll look out and are mt. tam cam just the picture- perfect day.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
new this morning we have some hard stopping video out of thailand have member of
9:26 am
the tide bombs or approaches the car and we see a much protection his suit gives him therein it not seem to the ground that he is able to get there in thanks technology for the protective suit. and a lawyer for a novelist is going to file suit on the attempted rape of dominique strauss-kahn. she will file a lawsuit in paris she had an encounter with him several years ago when he insulted our and that case will now go forward meanwhile he was arrested in
9:27 am
new york when a hotel maid in manhattan. he was released last week without by all. a search is underway for 11 people after a boat capsized in happen that in san felipe de ride off of the baja peninsula in mexico. 33 have been accounted for it sank immediately the u.s. coast guard is sending helicopters out to help with this search. and we're going to take you live to canada is at prince william that is participating in a dam and castration without water or as real. we think that the
9:28 am
prince is violated team is playing very he is participating in this body is on vacation they will finish up in canada and move on to california. this thing lands right on the water. we will be right back
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
lots of sunshine and their game sunday the game starts around 2 of 5:00 p.m. at at&t park the temperature will be 69 for the first pitch and more money to 76 degrees later on in the game. >> and your details around the bay light traffic almost everywhere in we have not seen any metering lights activated arid >> 9:31 a.m. a fire in the mission district and concede there is still a lot of cleaning up to do. jackie sissel and has been out there all morning. seems like there's a lot of guys out there with going on? >> there is still doing cleanout this was a big fire it went to three alarms it was early in the
9:32 am
morning you can see all these houses are wall-to- wall it could've caused more damage. friday firm got the call at 6:00 a.m. once they started chanting the building flames started shooting out of the third story of that building all three buildings were affected. it spread from building to building their word to units in each of the three buildings 06 units in all. everyone got out one person had a minor smoke inhalation and one of the firefighters had a minor in height injury. there were
9:33 am
probably honor and 10 firefighters on scene in. you can as the american red cross is already air therein you and see a lot of fire damage as well as smoke damage. it is good that some people are working and we are bringing it to you live. the weather should be terrific and fireworks to 9 we have information about
9:34 am
the fireworks as well as the weather coming ups >> this is a look picture fireworks forecast for today we will sell have clear skies one plays we're keeping our eye on is san francisco there might be allowed a fog into the afternoon the evening hours 63 in berkeley. pretty warm in concord as 74. upper 60s for napa a degree is currently in antioch. this orange shows you the '80s and into the afternoon it
9:35 am
turns red and that is the '90s it is still going to be a hot and we will still keep the temperatures in the '60s and '70s. high-temperature in santa rosa will be 9093 in redwood city today. it'll be pretty hot in those in lancelot's.
9:36 am
>> we building at a great ride of a drought the bay area no hot spots. report i quick look of the brigid traffic is very light no problems or delays expect as the morning wears all on the traffic might get a heavier as the people head over to the giants game. the san mateo bridge is a this easy one we do not expect conditions to change your. and our golden gate bridge more traffic in the northbound direction heading
9:37 am
into marin county in compared to the south bound side. >> are develop big story is out of richmond where six people were shot in four different shootings in four different locations. the first one was on ohio's second one adult plays of was rudely bart shooting happened an hour later 3200 block of center one person was shot and zero on their a little bit time after that on mcdonnell avenue now we are going to the police station in richmond we want
9:38 am
to go to will for the latest in the investigation carried >> when nell rest so far the mcdonnell shooting his name is daryl duncan therein he will survive his injuries the one fatality is rashad and bailey and the second shooting on west ruby it was a 28 year-old man and his name is ray hudson jr.. they body had died it 6:00 this morning but upon further investigation he is still fighting for his life that way will be able to tell the investigators if the shootings are connected.
9:39 am
they don't even have a description of the suspects. the shootings happened in so many areas it is not only being held by richmond investigating but also conjure cost accounting. >> we are looking into the possibility that they are connected we'd need to do more investigating to determine this as a fact. >> the reason they think it could be connected in happened in such a short period of time they held witnesses will come forward in giving information a, a richmond police completely off guard. what they have
9:40 am
been lucky it recently bit as it has been quiet then all of the start starting at 0 8:00 p.m. last night and hopefully they will get to the bottom of this. >> will be back with more in just a few men's yñsñkékékióç]s]s
9:41 am
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9:45 am
9:46 am
>> combat to the kron 4 route morning news today clear skies are expected little bit of fog along the coast later on in the evening temperatures expected be and 70 and 80 degrees. 67 degrees from now until therein we're already in the '70s 83 in antioch right now. 61 degrees for a
9:47 am
san francisco. we will have a abundance of '90s. yes today we're in the '80s in san francisco but we are going to come down all little bit today. in these bay admixture of '70s and '80s. it could actually warm to 97. 93 for morgan hill. lots of sunshine certainly gonna feel like summer tomorrow. overcast
9:48 am
conditions by it midweek and we will continue with the cooling trend as we head into the weekend will be back in the pattern of morning fog. time now 9 of 40 8:00 a.m. >> and this holiday traffic has been incredibly light so far still no delays to be found no problems this san mateo bridge is as smooth and easy ride puert. more traffc heading a northbound then heading south bound into this afternoon it may shift because of the baseball game. if you are driving to
9:49 am
san francisco parking is very much in forced we will have a to feed the meter all over town remember the two hours zounds and street sweeping is being enforced. while you will get away with there are no commuter tollway zones. they will not be in force today >> the twitter account for fox newt was tapped when they falsely reported that president barack obama had been shot twice in an idle restaurant. they were
9:50 am
hacked fox news ran a story and said that it was hacked and they apologize for any stressed this story might have caused. they boasted that lacked information on their website from apple. >> and also the casey anthony trial in the death of her two year-old daughter closing arguments have begun the prosecution said she was a selfish woman and wanted to have a fast party in lifestyle. we take a look at how this all
9:51 am
started >> this is a picture of caylee with her two year-old daughter casey's mother cindy anthony call the police report did she had not seen her granddaughter in two weeks. dad thought car was discovered abandon a and was towed to a lot she told authorities she had not seen in the child's and she dropped her off at a babysitter a month before and that story turned out to be untrue. police arrested her on suspicion of child neglect and started the investigation a cadaver dog picked up the scent of human decomposition. casey anthony
9:52 am
was indicted for capital murder charges and pled not guilty in case lee's body was discovered in december in the woods are filing late was finally able to say goodbye. but casey was not at that memorial service she was sitting in a florida jail cell it is a lead she killed her daughter with chloroform and that day and then went on a party story after two years she finally got her day in court jury selection in our capital murder case began in may of 2011. >> will tell you about the buzz in your hollywood news
9:53 am
and a picture of side of san francisco lots of sunshine we will be right back
9:54 am
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9:56 am
and the bus just like high- school saffron was a scene frolicking and they all started together in the high school musicals. he was giving her a piggyback ride because it was her 26 birthday. rapper snoop dog is going introducing its own range of ice-cream and food snacks. and also extra-large hot dogs and his new scoops are coming soon. prince
9:57 am
william and his wife catherine, will be coming to california soon they are in a prince edward island today he would showing off his military training and a helicopter landing exercise they will wind up their trip on friday and then they will head to l.a. for three days. this is all look of your here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the bay forecast will be perfect today panel and will start cooling off on wednesday and then that the fog might be selling yen for the weekend. it is just gonna be on a hot one. and the winter of a coney island hot dog eating contest is just not carl
9:58 am
local one once again.
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