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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 4, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m. >>pam: a pitiful state to celebrate the for the july. a beautiful-day to celebrate the fourth of july! it got hot! >>jacqueline: it got hot but it will be comfortable this evening. a good it clear forecast for the fireworks. first, the fifth high temperatures. 90's inland. still very warm. with an increased sea breeze and temperatures close to the coast were also cooler. with a 65 degrees in half moon bay 75 in oakland and look at the difference! if you are closer to the coast? san francisco, redwood city, 14
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degrees cooler. and just a few degrees cooler in inland. current conditions are very mild. and especially for the inland valleys. in antioch and 92 degrees. 76 in san jose and the 73 concord. the fog along the coast but it will not stay that long. 60 degrees in oakland. '70s elsewhere. a pretty mild forecast. will talk about your fireworks and warmer weather. >>pam: san francisco. 39. pier 39 ready? >>reporter: absolutely people are still beginning ready to enjoy the
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festivities. once this show starts there will be a bar-. ge this barge will set sail out into the water and then the those fireworks will descend from thei ascent from t >>pam: continuing our coverage with charles clifford. live with the berkeley marina. charles? >> yes they're getting ready for the fireworks show and right now the main that stage. this bandit just stepped off a this taking a break but it is not slowing anybody down. this crowd is just getting bigger this began at noon and it is testing going strong all day. >> with the sun shining it was a fantastic afternoon
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for the fourth of july celebration at the berkeley marina. for the children there is plenty of games, even pony rides. along the waterfront, vendors set up shop with a wide variety of great food. >> quite successful. tavarez truth. >> we've not had any trouble and we get about 100,000 people here by the time the fireworks began. >> as the afternoon progresses, the crowd began to swell. latecomers began pushing towards the water. they are watched towards the berkeley marine up here. >> those fireworks start at 9:35 and 1.5 hours if you would like to catch these? please keep in mind that berkeley police are keeping all vehicles out of the berkeley marina and 11:00 a.m. he will have to walk in and remember that this is a
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dry event with no alcohol permitted. and you cannot bring your own fireworks. charles crawford, kron 4 news. >> one person is dead and one person is also still missing. a boat capsized in to the gulf of california. these still pictures of some of the survivors transported to a hospital. there were loaded onto a helicopter and distraught. this cell from a. thissan felipe and capsulized not forfar from san felipe. survivors along the charter yacht, 'erik' this was supposed to be a seven day event. however, if this was
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short that sank completely after being hit by a storm. it happened it too:a 30 a.m. near mexico after a flash storm at 2:30. most of these passengers were men from the northern california with 16 crew members. this has been on the california waters since 1989. their president on board says that i am relieved that i am on this- resident on board. provided that statement. he is still worried about the people still on board. and as search crews have not found anybody in the water but relief has continued to continue this search. >> kron 4 spoke with one of the wives of a tourist on that the vessel. this is a photograph. his wife says
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that he decided to go at the very last minute. and as soon as one last spot opened he said yes. he was and the water for 12 hours. >> with a hard time talking about it he was very emotional. for me, that must of been very traumatic. he had his own life jacket and that is what saved his life. his friend also had a life jacket some people did not. apparently there were no lifejackets. it was every man for himself that as how i found it. just got off the boat and get out. another one shore going to go down with that. all of these heartfelt feelings go out for the families that are still wondering. and we are all grateful that all our
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people are okay. not everybody is that fortunate. >>pam: stay with kron 4 as we continue to follow the latest on the capsized boat and the search for the missing americans. violence in the east bay with six people some shot in richmond. so far, no arrests. authorities are trying to piece this together the want to determine if these shootings are connected. dan kerman joins us in the studio and has a look at this rash of violence. >> not only are we speaking of the separate instances but this first happened at ohio. and a south 39th street. one person was wounded at 8:30 p.m. last night and then 3.5 mi. north near second street. this was the second location at 10:30 p.m. one person killed. one person and
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wounded. the third shooting happened at 11:00 p.m. along center ave. we are talking about one person being shot to death while sitting in a car. from there, we go further to the west. through first st. this is the location of the fourth shooting. one person killed. one person wounded. this is surveillance video from this location. first street/mcdonald street. victim's sitting in a car and not quite sure if these are all connected or gang related. they are looking into that possibility. >> and the time we have a shooting we are wondering that if anything were if there is any retaliatory shooting. with the gang units coming in. and also officers that work in the community to get an idea of what is going on in their
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beach areas. we are doing all those things at this time. >> you were looking at video from the center ave. and even though there is close proximity these are not linked and no suspects in any of these shootings. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>pam: this is kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m. just getting started with first jury deliberations. >> if anybody is thinking that an officer is going to wake up and >> board and chief of police sounds of about a recent officer involved shooting. we will show you what happens coming up. >> a dramatic rescue during an apartment fire in the san francisco that left 26 people homeless. kron 4 took a look. >> signs of change in oakland hills wife fire officials are raising the
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>>pam: new details civic center bart station deadly confrontation. they received of the call of a drunk person. they were confronted with a man with a knife and had no choice but to shoot him. this is video. and haazig madyun shows us what happened. >>reporter: a bubbly person that appeared to be drunk. at the san francisco bart station a wobbly person that was the call that two different police officers
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responded to on the sunday night. bart officials of the two officers rode into the civic center station was on the millbrae pound trained getting off on a platform no. 1 at 9:45 this was in one minute of coming into contact with the allegedly drunk man. and thone of the officers shot the man dead >> the man had a knife and even using a bottle as a weapon. >> the chief of police is saying that this drug man was using a knife and a bottle with those brief but violent confrontation. >> war officers was injured. we had to use the precautions necessary to maintain the safety of the officers. >> one of the officers had a taser but the investigation will continue as to why it was not used. in addition to several
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witnesses being on the platform and video evidence was also recorded. >> most of the confrontation is caught on tape. haazig madyun kron 4 >> jacqueline: clear skies expected. in less than one hour. clear skies a bit cooler through san francisco and mild in concord. i will have your full forecast coming up in just a bit. it's really delicious, mom.
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back, relax and to entertain your guests and not have to constantly however. it will send you alarms when it is time to attend to the meat. some old-timers if you'd like to grow out. and you can even use this as a safety temperature. you will know for sure when you have cooked this long enough. this clue to ranges predicted a 200 ft.. right now it is only available for ipod devices but it should be available for an toward tablets, soon. it is free to download. this gadget is a $100. it is new. hopefully it will come down. keep slate, kron 4 news gave
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slat gabe slate if (music) >> jacqueline: patchy fog along the golden gate but temperatures are still torn to be on the cool side. 60s. jacket. still-corn to be on the cool side-- >>jacqueline: still going to be on the cool side--default on the coast. with fog on the coast. a quick warm-up expected with 90's! a bit warmer than today. taking a look at neighborhood by neighborhood. in '96 in clear lake 97 in fairfield and 97 close to the coast with 73. 77 in richmond, and 80s and low 90s for the bay shore. to half moon bay is
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>>pam: and in national news
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at the trial finishes its first day of deliberations without reaching its verdict. casey and the is charged with killing her two year-old daughter. casey antony. >> members of the journjury deliberate. >> the 22 year-old mother did not admit the daughter was missing for 31 days instead she posted picture of herself on the wine drinking and competing in " hot body " contests. she told her parents that the two year-old was with a babysitter or with her home of the rich boyfriend. neither of those people existed. finally the mother called police. >> there's something wrong i found my baby's body today. >> a body was kept into a car trunk. a surveillance
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video shown her on the day that the daughter disappeared. >> when it k c anthony when casey anthony was on blockbuster walking owith her boyfriend tony kv was in the trunk of her car in the early stages of the composition of the baby k. le caylee. she was indicted for lying to the police. >> let me tell you for certainty that everything the of said it has been a lie. >> not everything that i've told you. >> in december, the search ended. >> i am done by the school and i is found a baby skull. the police found just a few yards from a high with the cause of death was not determined. this trial started an elite, the man with blockbuster allocations
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for the water. >> this began when casey was 8 years old at her father came into her room and began to touch her, in appropriately. >> jose cela baez is claiming about the baby was crownto the family poand then te baby was disposed of. after the baby had drowned in the family pulled. their defense also went on to say that this was a family of lies and incest. >> have you ever sexually assaulted your daughter? >> no. >> they also painted the picture of a tattoo that she got on the day before that kelly was reported missing that " beautiful life " in italian on that tattoo when
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before keeley opening cayley was missing. --in addition cayce anthony is charged with lying to police. they will continue to deliberate tomorrow. >> what the coast guard is doing and what it will look like with this constant party.
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>> three people killed, three people wounded. all one and a 3 hour. investigators are looking in into any gang related or interrelation? so far, no arrests. >> this man was killed yesterday of the bart civic center plaza station. a knife and broken bottles were used as weapons for the drunk person. he has been killed.
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>> a mexican boat fishing boat husbanhas spent capsize. it was carrying 43 people when it hit bad weather and a sink sunday morning. all of the rescues or expected to be okay. still, however people are still missing. (music) >> jacqueline: comfortable on the coast with patchy fog. and briefly into the bay shore by noon temperatures are warming up to the '90s. and into the four p m our sunny skies with a slight chance of thunder down and the south bay. 52 on the coast. the reason for that thunder in the south bay is tropical moisture. right now we're in the clear but in southern california we are seeing severe weather and the thunderstorms. with tropical storms rotating. this will
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shift to the north and after that a chance of thunder in the south bay. it looks like wednesday we could see that. with the extended forecast a cool down to this week with the founder. it looks like wednesday and possibly thursday with-founder-- >>jacqueline: 26 people without a home. thunder possible on thursday-- >>jacqueline: 81 >>pam: 4 units are being deemed as on and habitable. what could have cost this? not habitable in this apartment building on mission street in san francisco. by the time firefighters got here that neighbors said the garage was fully engulfed in flames. if this is amateur
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video of firefighters trying t break down a crotchet doo and me forr maid who saw that smoke before 6:00 a.m. call the 911 and banged on the doors to wake everybody up. some of the tenants a meter maid- a alerted attendance. this 36 rolled woman was too heavy. >> i tried to drag her. this 36 year-old woman was too heavy. and paramedics took to a nearby hospital. for smoke inhalation and the rescued her two dogs. >> we were lucky that we just got away with our lives. >> still looking for the ahead becausthey are still looking for the cause-- however, electrical outlet
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is to blame garage. the landlord was alerted but it still was not fixed. many tenants came back to sell much what was left. looking for important documents. >> i still could not believe that this was happening. i think it is a nightmare. >> this night reluct 26 people homeless on this holiday. in san francisco, da lin >> 45 cars were damaged. this hurts rent-a-car over core parking lot from hertz rent-a-car. overflow parking lot. they heard fireworks right before the fire started. police believe that fireworks could have played a role. in fact that is exactly why fire crews are out in force today. as grant lotus reports the oakland
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hills are drying out. that is why fire crews are making sure that everybody is siefert. >> you can see how to drive this grass is that is why fire crews are out making sure that everybody is-- safe >>reporter:even though the rainy season was significant the oakland fire department is still raising the danger danger level from a moderate, too high. mainly we have a lot of people visiting. and besides fireworks there are barbeques and want to get the message out to the public that there is a high fire danger. and what all of these storms coming together to just be very careful. >> this 2,000 ft look out is a popular spot to watch fireworks. the want to make
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sure that this dry grass does not ignite with illegal fireworks, barbecue or anything else. >> leave it to the professionals. >> they're fully staffed for this holiday. this crew roamed the hills. >> roaming the area is looking for illegal fireworks. >> so far, no confiscations all fireworks are illegal in oakland. they are still out and about trying to prevent fires that not even started. in the oakland hills, grant lotus, kron 4 news. >>pam: firefighters brought able to knock down a fire that started at the el toro elementary school at 3:00 p.m. it got near the elementary school in el dorado.. they're investigating the cause not sure if fireworks were involved.
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>> santa cruz county no fireworks are welcome the beaches. rob fladeboe shows us the people that are trying to get a round of the rules and what is being done. >> no alcohol. >> no fireworks. >> no beer. >> >> jacqueline: >>reporter: thousands of beachgoers are passing through checkpoints with everything getting chart. everything is bit of the beach. alcohol, and fireworks. >> in previous years, people have blown off parts of your hand they've had to go to the emergency rooms. other people have been hurt so you mix fireworks and alcohol and you can never have a good combination. >>reporter: as soon as the sun goes down checkpoints are still not foolproof. people are burying their
8:37 pm
fire works. >> this stash of roman candles was found in the sad at twin lakes beach. this park ranger was found-- tipped off with this in the sand. >> these ice chests were treated as gravestones, and underneath, loose sand. with bags full of paraphernalia and illegal fireworks. >> the find that they face? to $1,000. rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> we are only just 30 minutes away from pier 39 and is quite dark enough? >> corrected is not quite dark enough. they're
8:38 pm
supposed to be let off at 9:30 in less than one hour. take a look of how many people left gathered at peeler 39. many people are closer to the water which is where a better view could be. many people are standing on the bridge to watch these fireworks and this year, the fog should not be a problem. >>reporter: it is known as the biggest fireworks show in northern california people troubled state-wide just to see it. this is video from last year. people-travel state-wide, this is launched from the submerged in the embarcadero. last year, fog. it was the vocal to see. however, this year, that fog bit difficult to seat last year. however, this year, it could be a clear night. so it will not be difficult to see like last
8:39 pm
year. aheawe decided to drive off for the holiday and check it out. it is usually over que--overcast and cloudy. >> this family troubles from fresno this travel--family troubles from fresno. >> i like it because this family travels from fresno each year. >> we enjoy the cooler temperatures. >> we will be right back
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>>pam: now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. (music) >>stanley: this is ski beech in san walking aboujuaquin, couy
8:42 pm
people descend on as privately owned island weather or not the owner likes it or not. even of the no trespassing signs are posted, the tear them down and yes it gets pretty crazy at ski beech. this is a straw poll, on the water, on the beach. and this is a lethal combination of alcohol, and water sport. this woman this woman in the delta. >> hello? >> and she decided to go into one area were speedboats and jansky's, whizzing by. >> hey! >> jet skis. >> she is not responding to anybody. >> hey! >> for the amount of 10 minutes she kept swimming and the deputies kept offering her help.
8:43 pm
>> to view the any help? >> issue was still not quite sure if she needed any help. >> issue was not quite sure. >> i do not need it >> she was not sure. >> she was not doing so well and she was struggling. >> we will take you back to your boat or we will not take you back. >> i do not meet that life preserver. >> thank you. >> ferry providen >> this have a happy ending but all too often it does not have a happy ending it and, tragic. in san uaquin,
8:44 pm
stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> stanley roberts talked- about what it takes to win a two is opto win a u.s. open. it ♪
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b >> fourth of july baseball with the giants 4-3 road trip. the padres tried to keep their streak with a
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commemorative cap. already three-nothing in the sixth. somndoval with a two-run homer that hit the water. the guy in the water just got ran over by the guy and a paddle boat. in the cognac. look at that. >> a solo job at this high school and that would be and not the padres left at at&t park. it will lead the giants and the seven of last 10 games 5-3 = final score we will check of the a's hosting the mariners the first of three games, today. a woman was hand sewing an american flag and kurt suzuki. this single brings
8:48 pm
home the first looking pretty good, tide. with the justice smoke. tied--branded mccarthy making a two-one, a marginal difference. the a's are 12-19 and 10 run 2-1. final score. seattle. >> pala kramer, the pink streaks in her hair pala screenepala kramer she will repy on thursday. all through those locks of hair those pink streaks. >> i was in noticed. la >> and hold up your fingernails travels also
8:49 pm
pink? your fingernails? >> kind of. >> and how much does your title help? >> and a major championship 95 percent of it the most vocal part about a major is that 1920 under par it will still not win. that is the big part to that you have to remember, 19-20 under par will still not how the victory. >> off this san francisco or b i is a program designed for city kids. san francisco r. brf is a program designed for city kids. san francisco r b r i . mammal of six games of a noncompetitive tournament >> we will have a six came noncompetitive a tournament
8:50 pm
payinplaying with students from joplin, mississippi or the have lost, everything. >> the boys are in for a retreat. >> joslyn, missouri-- >> these are going to be treated like major league users. the suspended in use for 20 years, the san francisco rbi, a great tool to get enter city children a nice inner-city children a nice experience. >> the toward france stage five tomorrow. and this is
8:51 pm
like no other, the nathan's hot dog eating contest in a coney island, new york. for the first time, ever the had the women's division. if you are looking at the world record holder. son of " black widow " sonja thomas and 40 hot dogs for $40,ooo and on the san jose's tony chestnut his top competitor, was not there. chestnut had 52 hot dogs, the fifth straight winner, joey, jaws' the trophy in one hand
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>> i did not know how they do that. >> wheat will be back with more news, to come. we will be back fax /+ /+ f /+ i want to crush more cars. ♪ i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package --
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