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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 6, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> at 8:00 p.m. she his cap perched were quiet for nearly two years but in one week her book will be released, jaycee dugard is the woman that was kidnapped at the 1991 when she was 11 years old. she was been found alive 18 years later with two children of her own. and during those years she lived in a tent, she was raped and on some nights she was handcuffed. j.r. stone is hot on the story and joins us live on what jaycee dugard is saying. >> those from people magazine of actually giving me the article that will be on friday it magazine. i can tell you, some of what is in here really does she says
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she even remembers the morning that she was kidnapped in wishing have-- had for breakfast, instant oatmeal peaches and cream. it grabs you as a reader. >> you have seen her picture over and over again through the years. jaycee dugard, now a picture can be found the magazine when she talked about for kidnapping, the rapes that she was subject to and how she made it through 18 years of her life. the data she was kidnapped off of this road in south lake tahoe, she said she was forced to undress and take a shower with a look garrido along with his wife were part of the kidnapping. within one week, the raids began. an excerpt from her book she writes about it been forced to wear handcuffs when she went to bed in an area behind his house. she says the city puts handcuffs on me and the gaffer on them so they won't hurt so much,
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within weeks she was being raped, repeatedly and he eventually bear to children as to why she did not escape, she says he gave her the image of the world as a scary place made up of pedophiles and rapists. i have come to realize that this is not true. looking back at her time in their household she writes i would do all again, the most precious thing in the world came out of it, my daughters. it was old daughter says she set up to make it through the ordeal one for daughters and 13, one of the miss 163 we do not have their names and pictures of that is for their own privacy. >> are phillip and nancy garrido in jail? does she say anything about them? >> i believe sections of her book she talked about them quite a bit, but in the people article that comes out she does not talk about the much. >> more to come in the coming days, not to a developing story on the rear of drawings by picasso that was stolen right off
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the wall of the union square art gallery in san for cisco yesterday. pacifica tonight we're learning more details on the investigation. >> i am standing just outside of the checker cab offices and managers have confirmed that one of their drivers was questioned and senses the police have impounded a taxicab in connection with the highest. ticket that this, this is a picture, what you can see is a man that is holding what appears to be a frame. it is believed to be the picasso drawing that was stolen from the gallery. managers would not say much, but they told me that the driver was the first half in line outside of the hotel. that is where it is believe that the thief got into the cab. i am told that the cab and made two, to three stops on they would not say exactly where. shot the driver suspected that something was fishy. the manager said that the driver is a vladamere and independents who has been with the company for a few
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years. they do not believe that he is connected with the highest, and he is currently working. the police have in town this cab and checking the surveillance video. and >> this is video of someone investigators say may be connected to the crime. how did the daring and daytime heist take place which ticket that one possible scenario. >> in and out that is how the sexes police describe how fast ap stole a one-of- a-kind drawing worth several hundred thousand dollars out of this union square art gallery. san francisco police say that one of the possible scenarios regarding this deft involved this man that you see here. the police say this man appears to be a possible suspect based upon witness descriptions. investigators say that the drawing was on display on the main floor of the art gallery on gary strieker, earlier this week just before noon, he walked in the front door, to draw an awful the wall and turned
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around and walk right out. this man was seen walking this way up geary street shortly after the picasso drawing was stolen. just as he was passing here when he reached this thought, the surveillance cameras caught this image of him with what appears to be a picture frame in his hand just before he hopped into a nearby cab and drove away. and >> our team coverage of the stolen picasso continues as kron4 charles clifford sit down with a private investigator for some insight on what the crew would do with such a well known stolen piece of art. >> they have two important parts, one is the theft itself, the where other is getting rid of the goods. >> of private detective rick smith believes that the alleged thief is one of two things. >> one is amateur hour in the person the stolen is not well versed, he does want to
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get rid of it, the other is a professional highest where the per--a professional heist with a person that stole it is not the one who wanted to sell it, he issues and meet--mediator. this will not be on craig's list. these are so famous, oit is hard to pass them off because they are stolen. unless you have private citizens that really want these, and there are people that want these, people in this business know that it is stolen. so whoever buys it is in possession of stolen car ready. >> couldn't be sell this to a museum? >> all of the museum's know what this is worth it is worth about $200,000 and all of them, the picasso paintings are count for so that is not really a point
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to happen. >> could he keep it for himself? >> i do not think so it is a professional job it is someone else involved. >> he says whenever he tries to do, law-enforcement will be watching the fbi has a special team dedicated to tracking art theft. >> they will have sources throughout the world that will be tapped to provide information as to what has happened to this. [music] >> a live look outside, this: you can see the fog is really think about 1,000 ft. deep, it is moving into the bayshore as we speak. now, it definitely did help to keep things cooler closer to the coastline. even our bayshore sought a little bit of cooling. the temperatures and and were still pretty warm in the upper 90s through out the inland valleys. 98 livermore, 96 concord. also on in the north bay. down in the south
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bay it is 89 degrees the temperatures were cooler than what we saw yesterday even if it was just one degree or two of warming. it was 10 degrees cooler and oakland, 10 degrees cooler also in hayward. the cooling trend will continue as we can to the weekend i will have details coming up in just a little bit. >> here at sfo and airports across the world, new reasons for concern federal officials are warning air carriers that terrorists may now be considering surgically implanting bombs and of human beings and then putting them on aircraft bound for the u. s, that story's coming up.
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>> a new cause for concern for air travelers, federal officials suggest a new method of attacking u.s. bound planes is in the works. from >> federal officials say that this new threat comes
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from intelligence, but there will not be more specific, air carriers are being warned that terrorists could be surgically implanted with a bomb overseas and then board a flight that is down for the u.s.. >> we see this as the latest in the evolution of what terrorists are trying to do to circumvent our security layers and to perhaps 80 ft. our society norms. >> it is a chilling thought and one that does not sit well with travelers at the sfo international terminal. >> it is something to think about. >> while it calls for the concern is not seem that it will alter any future travel plans. >> i travel every month, for my job, i doubt it will affect the amount of travel that i will do. >> they will get around it one way or the other is a concern? absolutely. what do you do? be stopped traveling? you cannot.
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>> i think that is an impossible way to live to worry about all of the threats that could happen there are a million things that could happen to us. i would rather not spend my life being a friend of of the things that could happen. it down a metal detectors and bystanders like these are not designed to detect explosives. certainly not once planted in the body. they believe technology like this is in use at to imports of around the country, and passengers may begin to notice additional security measures including what it called the use of enhanced tools and technologies. regardless what the tsa does in this country they have no jurisdiction over foreign airports, and that is where it is expected to originate in flights bound for the u.s.. that leaves them with just talking to here carriers and foreign airports in giving them the best advice possible. >> a look at our extended
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forecast, cooler weather for the rest of the week into the weekend and next week. i will have details coming up in a few minutes. i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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>> i met facebook where they just announced that video calling is coming to facebook. >> they did not allow video camera so this was shot off of my smart phone. and
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facebook seem really proud, they call the easiest way to video chat through the web, i might have to agree, i did a demonstration and it was really quick and easy to get a chat up in morning. there are two ways to make a video call in facebook if you're chatting as someone at the top chat box and the camera icon just click on that to initiate the video chat. or you can go to someone's profile page and in the upper right-hand corner click on the call button. the other person will receive the request and if they accept it, it's that is when it's the--this shows the person, and you can see the camera of yourself in the upper right-hand corner, skype and the hon video
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chat, and the ceo was there to unveil this new feature. skype very excited that they will have a lawyer access to all of the facebook user. they will announce that they have 750 million users, video calling him in facebook and rolling out to all facebook users next week only 1% will have it right away the do not worry if you do not see it in your face with you should in a couple of days. your >> i will make history as the first president to live tweet. all right, i think i have done this properly. but here is the test. how about that. not that. >> today president obama of host and the first-ever twitter town hall from the white house. he was responding to questions about the economy submitted by americans on twitter. kimberlee is here with a look at some of the questions and the answers.
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>> before he even got a chance to talk about what he has accomplished and what he hoped to do. president obama had to answer what he would do over specifically regarding the economy and the housing crisis checking out. >> one would have been too explain to the american people that it would be a while for a kid out of this. i think the housing market has not bottomed out as quickly as we expected. >> the gop was looking for answers, the president answered a question about federal debt and jobs from the speaker brainer. >> ran after embarking on the record spending binge that left us a deeper in debt, where are the jobs? >> what he is right about is that we have not seen fast enough a job growth
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relative to the need. >> today's event follows similar even some of the president he has held previously at facebook and youtube. >> fog will be an issue out there tomorrow. back to the low fifties in san for its fiscal by the noon hour it pushes back to the coastline antipater's not too warm out there tomorrow afternoon although it to the 4:00 hour worked it will get pretty warm in places like san jose in the inland valleys will be in the upper 80s. take a look at that fog still in into bayshores. the peninsula and most of the north bay road and highway 1 01 by the 11:00 hour it moves back to the coastline but still hovering over san francisco and there on the coast line it will stay through the afternoon tomorrow we will get more extensive fog as we head through the rest of the week. we will look for the
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temperatures in just a little bit. >> bart police are willing to reduce the platform video that was taken on sunday night when a responding officer shot and killed a man at the civic center station in santoses go. the bart police deputy chief says between 35 and 40 witnesses have been identified and there are still some that have not been interviewed by the police. the chief says releasing the video before of the witness gave their statements could interfere with the investigation. >> as soon as the investigation is completed and then turn over it is our intent to release the video as long as there's no objection from the d.a. offices. the next steps are dependent upon what the findings bring out in this investigation. room san francisco police department is in daily contact with the bart opd, i spoke with the lead investigator tonight, the most recent information is witnesses from the schema
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are providing clear and active information. >> of the name of the man that was killed by police will be released by the san for cisco coroner's office once the next of kin have been notified will be back after the break. [ bell ringing ] ♪
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>> don't ask don't tell will no longer be in force, a federal appeals court barred the ban on openly gay service members. they said the policy must be lifted immediately now the the obama-care administration says that it is unconstitutional to treat gay americans differently under the law. new details tonight on the southwest airlines a project that was for to make an emergency landing after a five-foot hole appeared in the cabin ceiling. it was a scary sight for the passengers from phoenix to the bay area as you might imagine. the decompression force them to put on oxygen mask, you can hear how the highly reactive groupon lee release tapes from the federal aviation from abroad car care
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>> they determined that the structural failure may have been halted by the reasoning when the plane was built 15 years ago. if hijacker is dead after being mauled by a grizzly bear in yellowstone park. for this is the first fatal incident since 1986 and. it happened after the man and his wife surprise a female grizzly and her cubs of this morning. details on the victim will not be released until thursday. the park officials have not taken any action against the bay area wide the search for seven bay area missing men continues after the fishing boat that they were on capsized on sunday. coming up will have the latest on the search efforts and your from family and friends as they await word of their loved [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family.
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memo people magazine says an upcoming issue have an excerpt from jaycee dugard will. she was kidnapped when she was 11 years old that in 1991 by philippine and nancy garrido. new details about a stolen picasso santa's the police say they're looking into a taxicab that they believe a suspect used as a getaway car after stealing the artwork. the tactic has been counted and the driver is being questioned the suspect was caught on the restaurant surveillance video bray was taken. a real transition from the sun did not fatal officer involved shooting has been released, and recording you figure the police officers, about dealing with a man that appears to be strong, holding a knife in a bottle he was shot and killed in the park police say he started attacking them. >> missing for 90 hours as the desperate search for seven bay area fishermen continues. sklar is powering the sea of cortez and we now know that the rescue mission will go on for
8:30 pm
another 24 hours. tonight, kron4 has a team coverage as family and friends away word of their loved ones. >> as long as they're looking there is hope. >> we will hear from the daughter of the santoses go native that died in the accident. >> i spoke with him right before he boarded the ship in mexico. >> there are both to disembark from san felipe de and the sea of cortez and sank on sunday about 60 mi. south. we have been tracking the story and have the latest. it's >> the urgent search for the missing bay area boaters in mexico entered its fourth day on wednesday. crews are looking for boaters that went fishing on this boat when it capsized after a storm hit early sunday. this c-130 coast guard plane that you see from sacramento is assisting the mexican navy in their search efforts and rescue efforts are now heading down south because that is the way that the current is going. they say dive team to head down at least 200 ft. where the boat
8:31 pm
capsized but that divers will not happen until later this week when the rescue mission has ended and the recovery mission begins. i'm greg lewis with kron4 news. >> the families of two of the missing men spoke out today. here you can see don lee of san ramon the left- hand side of your screen on the right we have dublin residents and their families safe waiting for word is painful, but they remain hopeful. >> who will get them back. we know we are. >> we keep getting conflicting reports, conflicting information but when we get the good news is great wounded a bad news, we prepare. but it has been a roller coaster. >> if there were any with possible for them to survive, they have the tools, they have the will, and they have the know-how. >> my dad, spoke donna everyone we know there they repair they prepare the best they can and he's always the
8:32 pm
one that is over cleared. which is bought a new life vest last weekend before he went and it was an automatic in a fladeboe vest and i knew he would where to sleep. so they're out of there somewhere, and they are together. >> when there is an accident or something an emergency happens by that act fast. he isn't looking for, it is very resourceful. so that is, room that is what i am reminded my mom and my sister about at this point in time. >> the families are also taking comfort in the fact that two of the missing man are a vietnam veteran and former boy scouts. the families is that this gives them the survival skills to keep themselves and others alive. four of the men on that boat came from navato. today kron4 spoke with one man's wife jackie who says that her husband called her on sunday to say that he was alright. he then told her how he and another friend's husband jumped into the dark ocean without a life jacket.
8:33 pm
she explains how the two of them managed to survive. >> they only had time to put their pants on, they jumped, and i separated him and joke. then some coolers quoted by so they hung on to coolers. so he told me that they've were in the water for 13 hours area and they saw, during that time, i cannot know how long they ran their with coolers. they probably did not know exactly but the boats and that they go out fishing with are called tunga boats well, everything was coming to the surface from the boat that sank, so the two of them jumped on the tunga boat and they drifted in that, they saw two more guys and those two more guys got on and they drifted in this bold i think until the mexican navy or the coast guard said that helicopter in to pick them up it was a
8:34 pm
pretty scary. jackie's says her husband and the rest of his friends are all very active and physically fit and she believes that help them to survive this ordeal. >> officials have recovered one body, lesley ye was 63 years old when he died, he grew up in san for cisco that is him in the yellow shirt. he recently live in central valley works are the chronicle's circulation department his daughter says that he was an avid fisherman. >> i actually spoke with him right before he boarded the ship and mexico. he was very excited, he was just an extreme workaholic and really dedicated to his family and never put time aside for himself. >> his daughter says she encouraged her father to go on the trip because of his love of fishing. [music] >> a live look outside from the golden gate bridge it is
8:35 pm
our visibility is cravat. you can see the traffic is disappearing here in the distance, fog will be an issue as we head into tomorrow morning, temperatures will be a little bit cooler out there. 56 in san francisco, '60s down in the south bay temperatures not nearly as quick to warn into the afternoon, getting into the 80's in the south bay. '70's in the north bay until the later afternoon hours take a look at the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood significant cooling because the fog is expected in the morning. 797 rosa, 68 san francisco, also will see much cooler weather on tap for the delta and the inland valleys. 90 except for antioch, 91 in antioch and 86 livermore and our bayshores. 61 along the coastline. fog is expected throughout the day through the south bay, temperatures in the '80s. we will take it with your extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> the tragic shooting
8:36 pm
death of a three month old baby isaac garcia has become the catalyst for a new effort to fight gangs in east palo alto. the baby was shot dead last month in a gang-related killing that was blamed on a growing feud between rival gang members. kron4 rob fladeboe tells us about the result of the summit meeting that was held today to crack down on the gangs. >> clearly the murder of a three month old is completely beyond humanity. >> east palo alto police chief ron davis has a message for gang members. >> we are saying that we will go after the shooters, the chain of command, the structure and everything about to hold them accountable. >> the chief invited the fbi and gang experts across the country to a summit meeting on wednesday where to local game were blamed for the recent rash of gang violence. parole and probation sweeps like the ones conducted last week will continue targeting known gang members based on
8:37 pm
intelligence from the streets and inside prisons. >> we are concerned about how much the orchestrated organized from the prisons. we try to plug in with the gang task force and the intelligence in the county to understand what role street operations, criminal street operations are being controlled from the prisons. >> most welcome the get- tough approach, some residents remain skeptical. >> every year with summer coming in, you hear that this is a probability of something that is about to happen in the last few years it did not happen. >> even if they say they will do it, they always say they will fix the problems and it has never been solved ever. >> bids--we are not naive, but we think that we can send a clear message that this can never happen again it will not happen again, we will not accept violence, and we will still use all of our resources... >> in east palo alto rob
8:38 pm
fladeboe with kron4 news. >> a representative of the state department of justice's for many agencies, gang suppression dollars on the chopping block. a dumb but unfortunately it is like the perfect storm that is building. it is a lot of local law enforcement that is suffering to one thing that we know with the games is that they follow the path of least resistance, and if there is not the same level of law enforcement response, many departments are struggling with the ability to cover the essential services so they're not putting people into specialized units to go out and investigate these kinds of crimes. therefore, the criminals will be very quick to take advantage of that and fill the void. unfortunately i did not think i will forecast a very safe environment for california's citizens. >> for example they at the recent budget cuts will likely mean the end of the state bureau of narcotics and gain suppression and enforcement program. >> coming up if you were e- mail takes me to grand
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>> this just into kron4 news room, one of the six injuries and a helicopter crashed today at camp pendleton military base in southern california has died. you're looking at video from the accident and helicopters based at camp pendleton but it belongs to the third air marine wing division that is based in miramar. the impact of the crash sparked a small fire, you're looking at pictures of that fire the exact cause is under investigation. the five other marines are still in the hospital tonight, their conditions are not known. >> now here is stanley roberts 2000 people behaving badly. >> you are looking at a temporary disabled parking packarplacard carried out it--if
8:42 pm
you look back to see the month that it expired. i'm around caltrain building in oakland, according to a viewer tip there are a lot of placards, there are so many that every car on this side of the street has one. when the street again, every car including the one that is parking with the placard already in the window. this is you she has a placard, and it also has a parking ticket. the ticket is for parking and loading zone, they do not work there, not to mention that a placard expired back in june. , this able the placards in a perfect world are supposed to make it so that people with disabilities do not have to worry about parking. they have become get free parking all day passes. even with all of the stiff fines for the misuse of a placard, the problem still exists. i have received some e-mails telling me that they know of people that use
8:43 pm
their friends and relatives placards just to get free parking. you know, in some states having a plaque role only give you a couple of hours of free parking that might be wors something worth considering war. when >> if you have a comment or story idea you can e-mail us at people behaving badly at carey is up next with the latest on the giants and padres game plan ceases down with not one, but to pro athletes. oakland natives, the seahawks running back marshawn lynch and the buccaneers quarterback josh johnson.
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>> the evening everyone, a great college player passed away too early. you may remember from 1987 armon was the best player on the team, set off in the 1987 draft. he played for six teams during a 13 nba career died today at the age of 47 collapsing while playing a pickup basketball game in his hometown of pittsburgh. the cause of his death is undetermined pending an autopsy. at the ballpark
8:47 pm
tonight giants continue to have trouble with san diego is 5 to 3. published trying to keep his hatred alive. over one with a walk in there in the sixth inning, the a's had 19,000, hey, did not get to see if suzuki. did not mix the all-star team the first time in his career, scott did not make it either but no one expected it. it is one nothing oakland. seven innings, and the a's win final two to nothing. they snap a four game win streak. oakland now heads to texas for four with the rangers. the world cup soccer, usa and sweden were. it free kick, sweden has one to nothing. the usa is trying to hang tough looking to score off of the corner kick. lauren cheney will
8:48 pm
cross the ball, and abbey will hit it and it is in. but that was it, 221, usa beat the u.s. corn and rice and they do a little dance. you never hear about or sportsmanship and showing people up in women's sports? it is always a demand that do a little, >> what about when the the young lady took off her shirt and? >> you met brandy before and never has anyone just taken off their shirts and made a career. she is now broadcasting the games, she is ok on the air, but by taking off her shirt that was not showing... >> there was a lot of commentary on it. >> yes but as a red blooded male, and someone takes off their shirts, you know i am joking. alive and i think it's that were showing, i am just one of these guys that as long as you do not get in my face and yell profanity or say in your face, nothing
8:49 pm
bothers me, why would that bother me? >> warhead but you? >> you know, but physically, is the point is a you know guys that talk loud like this,... [laughter] and >> if you ever seen on the street in phil like beating someone up you say that i talk loud on tv just come after me. if you are here i would go like this, but if you are not your i would go like that. anyway, no one even played sports, everyone talked tough. now couple of these eight products made good. marshawn lynch was an all-american running back at cal, maybe the best run of the last nfl season playing for seattle. he is up for any is the award that coming next week. he joined it josh johnson they both went to oakland tech and josh was one of the quarterback for the tampa bay bucs, they both attended oakland tech high school. we
8:50 pm
want to start with marshawn, you played for years and buffalo and now you are in seattle and. you are in the nfl and making a good check, but are you happy? >> i have always been painful. >> even buffalo when you had on snow boots. >> i did not get into the snow boots, but even with the snow i was still baffled. >> you know in a town like that without basketball, without baseball, you probably got treated like kings during the season at least. >> yes, we sell out every week, fans and they know you, they will speak to you on a day-to-day basis and they were acting like they are in the house with me. it is a small community like that. everyone knew each other. they definitely knew who you were when you stepped outside. >> that could be good and bad. you know what i mean, that is true everyone knows you and you cannot go anywhere without them scoping you out. >> is kind of weird and you
8:51 pm
are walking through a grocery store and someone says marshawn, then you turn around is that my brother? no, who are you? and they're like a great game. and i'm like ok, thank you i appreciated. >> but i do not believe you have many cousins in buffalo. >> know,. >> now joshed you were quarterback before as san diego puc--in san diego, and you would see him and think that this guy will shoot to the nfl? >> yes, and when i actually got to play for him and see how he related to his player so well. >> it helps that he played 15 years in the leak. >> because you can believe him. >> yes if someone was going to yell at me, you better be able to do yourself. now you saw pam come over the anchor
8:52 pm
just came over and handed me this, she says a fellow down in the news room says that joshi johnson is one of the best duckers that he is ever seen saw him play in the charity game in fort myers florida a couple of years ago you play hoops? >> i try to get back a little bit. >> this is from grant lotus and he cannot even talk to the net. but he was excited about what you are doing that is terrific. >> marshawn love this the human cannonball, david smith says that he is 68 years of age and he launches himself at a red sox farm game over the fans. when asked about this is that he has 11 children and he is teaching six of them to become human cannonballs. dave epaulet smith another chance for people in this world, get your college degree and go be a human cannonball. >> that is pretty amazing at 68 years old. >> i will say this in a really nice way, if you're a
8:53 pm
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>> and kimberlee sakamoto here with the latest tech talk. new details emerged about apple's highly anticipated iphone 5. people familiar with the situation the wall street journal says that apple planned on shipping 25 million units by year's end. the new version
8:56 pm
will be thinner and lighter and include an eight mega pixel cameras the current one is five epistles. ticking yet another page from facebook, to is announcing that after july 31st it will no longer allow private google + profiles, facebook took a similar approach. another day and in other high-profile hack yet today twitter was hacked and posted--hong into a paper towel rack--yesterday payout was hacked. >> we will see cooler weather and the next several days. the will fog -- the fog will become more extensive. cooler weather will stick with us to the weekend. >> than for joining us tonight at 8:00 p.m. will be
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