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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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year-end is a disturbing video outman that falls a his death as he was trying to catch a baseball >> and an airplane that slammed into a california hospital. was >> the search for seven men that are still lost at sea we will have more details and a live report >> and a live look at the
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shuttle atlantis is scheduled of hours from now. >> it is six a m fog and son trying to break through happy for writinfriday. >> i will show you that picture once again it is not is an intense as it has been. you conceive the rising sun . coloma warmer than yesterday we will still
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have a cool weekend. the temperatures will dive at tonight a quick look at traffic >> earlier this morning we had our hotspot southbound 101 we had a jackknifed big rig that is long gone. we have no other hotspots to tell you about. the toll plaza of metering lights are still off. i will have a full bridge check what when we come back. >> the search for the seven bay area man will continue in has been five full days
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since the boat capsized the coast guard and the mexican navy will extend the search. what they found was a lot of debris in the water and the mexican navy confirmed their raft, and did come from the capsized boat >> some of the survivors will be back in the bay area where in >> the man that organized the trip is name is don holy he is still lost at sea. once he returns we will try and get an interview with kempethem. this is video they
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posted on the men are good friends and went on many of fishing expeditions before to kroger always came out of nowhere and it only took minutes until the boat went down. he never saw don lee after the boat capsized his family is still holding out hope the mexican navy and the u.s. coastguard are still continuing and there search the makeover down 200 ft. to the boat perhaps at the men
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are still trapped at sea. >> you said a few days ago that if the search was suspended the family was going to take action to let her begin their own investigation. >> they have surged over a thousand square miles they know the search cannot go on forever they will hire a private company to go out and search they want closure that torture is not knowing what happened to their friends.
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>> other stories we're following in watsonville what happened to a small plane that crashed into the watsonville community hospital it had taken off from watsonville municipal airport it slid 50 ft. into the medical building it is not part of the main hospital two people on board were killed. dan amos have not been released. terrible story to tell you about this morning at the oakland a's texas rangers game a young man a fell to his death from the stands 39 year-old shannon stone of
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firefighter buries him just hamilton tossed him out ball he leaned over to catch it and felt overwhelmed he was a firefighter for 18 years he was awake when paramedics took him away he said my son is in the stands please watch over my son. there is a small area behind the scoreboard. and there is his son on the left-hand side. it was a year ago and one day another firefighter fell at the same stadium kidnapping a
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the government's report " was a house close to an almost stand still. it added the fewest number of jobs in the last month 18,000 net jobs in june. we will see how the market reacts this when they open.
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the kron 4 morning news will take a break and we'll be right back
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>> the release date for casey anthony has been reset. it turns out it will be july 17th as opposed to july 13th. the florida mother was acquitted on murder charges of per to year- old daughter. she was convicted of four counts of lying to police while investigating the death. sentenced to four years in jail. after they calculated* surf and credit for that she will be released on the seventeenth. >> one of our facebook topics discusses her extended release. a lot of people have things to say about back. here is
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what one viewer had to say. go to our facebook page and like us. my reader comment on the year. we will be right back.
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>> we are waiting on the launch of space shuttle atlantis. nasa is preparing to make history today. all four astronauts are aboard atlantis. forecasters are sticking to their prediction of a 70 percent chance of thunderstorms or grain which
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could keep atlantis on the launch pad. it does not launched by monday it will have to wait until july 16th. we will continue to monitor these live pictures. 8:26 a.m. our time is when the shuttle is due to launch. >> onto bay area weather, we are in store for our own cool down. this is a look at the mt. tam as the sky is lighting up, sunrise at 5:55 a.m.. we do not feel a warming yet but will enjoy last fall and cloud cover. slightly more this afternoon in some communities. we will have a few more inland locations getting into the low-mid-90s and in the cooling trend kicks in tonight, back into the 50s. tomorrows highs are much cooler. let's take a closer look at the fall.
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or temperatures are still on the mild side. 55 and now but. 60 in antioch and fairfield. not enlightenment the numbers get. our highs, once we get in here will look like this. >> everyone east of the east bay hills, low-mid '80s90s. here is your 7 day forecast. a cooling trend kicks in with inland highs getting into low 80s on sunday in keeping it cool as we head into next week. 6:18 a.m., let's
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check on traffic. >> we do not have many hot spots to report, everything looks good. definitely enjoying friday light but we are seeing ms track delays. -- we are seen amtrak delays. 10-15 minutes. the roadways are in good shape. here is a quick bridge check. the bay bridge toll plaza still looks good. there are no metering lights just yet. pretty quiet on the toll plaza flats. no delays or accidents. the san mateo bridge is move in both directions. no problems getting to the bridge on the nimitz or highway 101. the golden gate bridge, southbound 101, you may have some false but it looks like that may be lifting. a lot of space between >> the family of michelle le le
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is inviting everyone to a fund- raiser the event at sizzler. 20 percent will go towards efforts of finding the missing nursing student. it is this sizzler on this. boulevard in hayward. any time from 11:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. tonight. if you have dinner, lunch, edt something there, 20 percent goes towards search efforts of michelle le. >> this 28 year-old teacher was charged of sexually abusing a student. she was charged with committing lewd acts with a
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strafford student. she has been teaching at the school in san jose for five years. arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse last month. >> joseph naso can have and it buys read council even though he is representing himself. he wants a public defender as his adviser, at the public's expense. nato has been acting as his own attorney since may are doing that he knows the case better than anyone else. he is charged with killing four northern california women between 77 and 94. in new jersey man is being held on $5 million bond on charges that he was the one who stole a valuable picasso drawing from a san francisco gallery. 31 year-old mark luga was arrested wednesday in a hotel in napa. accused of stealing the drawing from the wine scene gallery near union square. surveillance video showed him walking with the artwork under his arm. the
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drawing was valued at two wonders of the $5,000. they believe he was working alone and that he planned to ship the piece to someone unknown. -- to the drawing was valued at $275,000. president >> obamas meeting with congressional leaders to hash out a budget. there is a looming deadline approaching. we will tell you what will happen after the break. here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. a nice shot! there is the sunshine.
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>> the jury recommends death and unique project be scrapped. officials say the central submit would fill a need in chinatown. >> the u.s. government is getting closer to defaulting on its debt. republicans and democrats are still far apart on a resolution. the president met with both sides to discuss the debt ceiling. president obama wants to cut four trillion in spending. republicans have said it will not raise the debt ceiling of tax increases are included. the u.s. government faces an august 2nd deadline to raise their 14 trillion dollars debt ceiling or the government will run out of money and start
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defaulting on debt. we are waiting for the opening bell on wall street. quite a rally with the dow wilof over 700 points. e june numbers were very weak for the number of jobs added to the u.s. economy as the unemployment rate has climbed. right now we're watching dell futures. they are down 130 points right now. we will bring you the opening bell on wall street coming up in a few minutes. the set close down a donation channel to which few weeks after they briefly accepted we are back with more in a
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couple of minutes. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving.
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>> , and the opening bell on wall street. we will bring you the numbers on wall street crowd the morning. it >> a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. the sun is peeking through. >> the reason we are seeing the sun so soon, the fog and low cloud cover is not as intense as it has been over the past couple of days. less clouds and fog tops our morning headlines. this afternoon we will be nice and warm. breezy with a northerly
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wind. that is what will increase our temperatures slightly inland. low-mid-90s today. we're still on track, a cooling trend for the weekend. inland spots we should shave 10 degrees between today and tomorrow. it looked your extended forecast coming up in a little bit. >> kind of a rough start your morning commute, we are tracking hot spot 45 30 a m. the good news is we do not have any of that. nice conditions around the bay area. we are seeing friday lights. the bridges and look good. you are looking at the golden gate bridge, there are no accidents to tell you about. a full bridge check in just a bit. >> a man at last night's baseball game between the oakland a's and texas rangers died after falling from the stands. you may find this video upsetting. the man that you see
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in the video was tossed a ball up in the stands by an outfielder, josh hamilton. we will have the video and more on the story coming up. a man at the ball game with this young son falls from the stands and dyesies. >> our discussion this morning is about the tragic death, comments are streaming in with people expressing sadness over this and their condolences. here are some comments. >> here is what another viewer says.
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>> to join the discussion, go to our facebook fan page and like us. we will be discussing this and many other topics on our facebook page. >> in other stories we are falling, in the search for seven bay area fishermen, they remain missing in the sea of cortez and this search for them will continue today. it has been five days since the fishing boat overturned in the sea of cortez. the coast guard and mexican navy to extenour extende search. the two men who survived from the capsized boat are expected to return to the bay area this morning. they are taking a greyhound bus set to arrive from san jose. here is
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video of the search bar from a c-130 airplane. >> will tran it is continuing our team coverage. the two men who survived that boating trip are expected to return to the bay area this morning. lee i kigami and michael ing. will tran is in on our team coverage. he is live in san ramon at the man who organized the entire trip. we are waiting for some of those men to get home as well. >> a third man is expected to arrive, the owner of the yellow jeep. he and two other men left from this house to go on the fishing expedition. here is a video that we got from one of
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the man's family, this is from youtube. they had gone on many fishing trips before. very experienced. the latest is that the mexican navy will coordinate with the u.s. coast guard. they're going to hundred feet below water to look at the boat capsized and perhaps the seven men that they have been searching for, perhaps they are still trapped on that boat and it becomes a recovery mission. the family has said, no matter what happens, even if the coast guard and the mexican navy called a search they will hire a private company to continue the search. we are waiting for bruce mar to arrive. by the way, he is driving the car of don lee, the organizer of the event. copper all supposed to return in one car, instead, he is returning alone. once he is back will have a live interview. >> that is horribly sad.
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>> just into the kron 4 news room, we are following new unemployment numbers that came out for june. hiring slowed to a near standstill. unemployment is now at 9.2%, that is up from 9.1%. lieberman says that the economy only added 18,000 jobs in june and that employers added the fewest number of jobs in nine months. president obama is going to deliver a statement on this report. we plan to bring that you live coming up at 7:30 a.m.. >> the dow is off 100 points right now with that unemployment is. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. another developing story we are falling, space shuttle atlantis is getting ready to lift off. they are finishing the fuelling process right now, in just two hours we are expecting blast off if the weather coordinates. it is a 70% no go right now. we
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will bring you the latest from cape canaveral on the final space shuttle mission.
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>> live pictures as atlantis is waiting to go. you can see that crewmembers are during out in astronauts are already on board. will launch is iffy. a 70 percent chance of thunderstorms and rain. they will reassess the weather clothes to lift off. james has a look at the radar there. >> it is a dicey. if we take a quick look here, we will show
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you the satellite here in a second. if you look at the weather out there, we have a lot of activity going on in the florida area. cape canaveral is just east of orlando. that is where the two launch pads are. you concede the instability in the activity. all of this is tracking their way. scattered showers and thunderstorms during the morning in continued after the noon hour. the forecast looks a little better after noon, but at this point it is pretty tamara looks like a better day, but we will keep an eye on this. >> we hope that it is a go for nasa. as we go to the break a live look at mt. tam. we will be right
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today, we will bring things down by morning, afternoon and overnight. '50s and '60s is the general temperature range right now. we have a few locations getting into the low 90s. this evening, partly cloudy and temperatures will drop back down to the '50s. the cooling trend will take into night as your sleeping. you will see that in our 7 day forecast. here are your current temperatures.
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>> here are eager temperatures specifically by neighborhood. >> today it is going to be worn,
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but look at tomorrow, and temperatures only getting into the mid-low 80s by sunday and then mid-upper 70's by the middle of next week. an interesting cooling trend as we head towards the second anhalf f july. >> the good news is we do not have any hot spots on the radar. excellent conditions around the bay area. that includes your bridges and your approach to the day bridge toll plaza. there have been no major problems to report. at last check, the metering lights were still cycles off. that was indicated in the camera shot. we are seeing similar conditions on the incline and across the upper deck. on the san mateo bridge, we are good to go. traffic is building westbound. traffic is getting heavy towards foster city. the chp logs do not have any accidents to report. and
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overall drive time of about 50 minutes between 80 and 101. the golden gate bridge, slow approaching the toll plaza. we are not seeing any significant delays. your entire ride to out marin county is in the clear. friday's like her out most of the bay area. -- friday light throughout the bay area, your usual slow and go. >> " the hook the time is 6:40 a.m., we have new details at the shooting at the civic center bart station in san francisco. charles hill is the man that police shot and killed after police say theand he cut an officer armed with a knife and a broken bottle. we have no information other than that. police say they are still interviewing witnesses. and man accused of shooting a man outside a san francisco
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nightclub is arraigned today. this is video to wrote from the scene last you're on february 7th. when wheclub suede has been permanently closed since the shooting. an oakland, police union members have approved new concessions to save money and jobs. officers will now pay 9 percent more of their salaries into their pension. where over all, this move is expected to save the city 35 million over the next four years and allow them to rehire 22 of the 70 that were just laid off. >> how outdoor dining in berkeley to become more common. the berkeley city council is considering pricing for outdoor
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dining permanence to $350 and granting approval within weeks of the application being submitted. one city council member says the current process costs too much and it takes too long. >> we widen the sidewalk in front of peat's coffee, it was a perfect place to put tables and chairs, and not interrupting accessibility at all. it took us almost three and a half years to get that work through the process. >> it will make the area more quaint and bring more attention to the businesses in the area, give people the opportunity to enjoy the weather. and the businesses concerned use the health. >> this city hopes the new rules will bring in more tax revenue by bringing more dining business. persons with disabilities are expressing concerns over accessibility.
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>> a preliminary investigation has been opened after a french writer claimed that dominique strauss-kahn tried to rape her in an empty apartment back in 2003. the investigation could take months or years and may not result in a trial. we are far from knowing that at this time. dominique as head of international monetary fund after being accused of rape in new york >> a man accused of killing a south dakota woman claimed that he also planned to kill president obama. james mcveigh say that he broke into the home of a 75 year-old woman in sioux falls, stabbed her to death and stole her car. police track the vehicle for on start and are rest of the man in wisconsin. he has been talking to police and the media saying that he planned
6:52 am
to go on a cross-country killing spree eventually killing the president and washington d.c.. he was recently released from prison and he said during this time he built up in there against the president's economic policies. there is no decision of any federal charges will be filed. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look from our roof camera in san francisco.
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ho >> talks are that maria shriver will get $200 million in her divorce settlement. >> here are william and kate going country in calgary wearing
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white hats. this was a reception at the calgary stampede. >> that is a lot of fun. paul, i did not have a fancy hat. >> or a lot of people are wearing those white hats. i would tend to wear the tan, traditional. kwoand it will be interesting to see what they wear when they come to l.a.. for >> i recommend to the calgary stampede >> . > he is a little bit country. can >> hand a little rock and roll. [laughter] >> a live look from cape canaveral as we are waiting to see of spatial the atlantis will lift off. one hour 28 minutes
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weather permitting. be sure she still works year
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