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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 8, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> applied look in florida, kennedy space center, we will see the final shuttle or flight if it launches this morning, they will wait until the last second to see if the weather will hamper this. >> a quick look at whether. our roof camera showing you low cloud cover in san francisco. inland communities are not seeing any of
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>> to the bridges and highways live good around the bay area. no major hot spots or incidents. we have slowing on westbound 580. i will show you the traffic map and have a bridge check straight ahead. >> more on the search for the seven bay area man who remain missing in the sea of cortez. the search will continue. it has been five days since their fishing boat capsized in the coast of california. the coastguard and mexican navy will extend the search beyond the usual 96 hour window. members of the coastguard search for of the
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six hours' debate in nazi-130 cargo plane. they were searching for any signs of the missing seven. -- the coast guard searched for six hours yesterday in that sea-130 cargo plane. they did find a brief in the water. there was also a raft found on that was confirmed from the boat. they have surged 1,400 mi. of ocean and land. the two men who survived the capsulized to both accidents are expected to return to the bay area this morning.
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>> will tran is live with more. >> the owner of the yellow jeep left with two men on the trip, but he is the only one heading back. here is to video that family posted on youtube showing their previous fishing expedition. the organizer don lee has organized this for about a year. his niece told the senate are holding out hope. it has been a difficult week -- his niece told me that they are holding out hope. it has been a difficult week. the u.s. military, coast guard and mexican navy, who knows when they will call off their search, they extended the search. come
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the family has decided to pay out of pocket once the search has ended, to continue searching for love ones. the next step of this expedition is for the mexican navy to go under water, about 200 ft. below to the boat that capsized to see if they can possibly find the seven people still missing. we hope that they are on an island at this time were still floating but there is a chance that they did not survive when the boat capsized around to 3:00 pm on sunday morning. bruce mar and michael ing are due to return today. once they do we will get a live interview. >> we are going back live to san jose, at the greyhound bus station, the bus is just pulling up with two of the men who survived on board. everyone is waiting to hear more from their
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harrowing tale as their bolted over at 2:00 a.m.. the men were sleeping down below, some were able to grab lifejackets, others were able to hold on to chests and flow in the water for over 24 hours. some were rescued by fishermen, others found their way to shore. there was no mayday call from the boat as it was hit by a strong storm in the middle of the night. it had just departed earlier on sunday for this fishing trip. many men from the bay area were on board. the buzz is just pulling up were enough. craig skalar is there >> hot in manhattan last night space all game in arlington tx between the raiders in oakland a's dyes well attention of all. this is very of sending video. you do not see the fall, but you
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can see him going over the rail and disappear into the gap. it is a very thin gas, there is nothing this other guy could do to save him. a 39 year-old firefighter, his name was shannon stones from brown with texas. he fell 20 ft. down below into the concrete. he was reaching for the ball that was tossed up by josh hamilton. he was there with his child. this was very sad. he was with his sons right there in the red shirt, the hat and the glove. the sun is just sitting in the stands after this, obviously he was shocked, upset and alone. after he fell, who he was speaking, we do not know for how long, and enough to say, i am with my son, someone check on my son and then, he died. they did
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not even know that this was a fatality during the game, the game continued. authorities in santa cruz county are trying to figure out why a plane went down next to the watts of the community hospital last night. here is video, the single engine plane had just taken off when it went down around 7:30 p.m.. it still downward and slammed into a medical office building. not a part of the main hospital. two people on board were killed. no names have been released. no one on the ground was injured. >> it is the final countdown for nasa. all four crew members are always space shuttle atlantis but it does not mean they will be watching today. here are live pictures of what they're doing to
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the launch is supposed to be at 6:26 a.m. our time. this will be last launch for the space shuttle program. they are carrying one year of supplies to the international space station. we will be following live pictures and keep you updated on whether or not atlantis will blast off. if it does, you can watch it here on the kron 4 morning news coming up at 8:26 a.m.. >> we are keeping an eye on the weather. you can see the instability going on in the southeast over k canaveral just west of orlando. nasa looks as five different criteria. temperature, wind, precipitation, x of lightning and clouds. right now everything except the temperature is in the iffy category.
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as we will keep an eye on it. they will check the weather was more about 30 minutes before launch and we will let you know if it becomes a no go. 708 a m, we will take a break and be right back.
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>> the release date for casey anthony has been reset. a florida mother was acquitted of charges in the murder of her two year-old. she will be set free next sunday, july 17th instead of wednesday as was first calculated. she will be a free woman as of next sunday after being cleared of the charges of murder but convicted on four different counts of lying to police who were investigating the death of her to your world. she will get out on the seventeenth, that is after they recalculated to her time served and how much credit she is getting for that. >> in one of our facebook topics or discusses her extended release date. here are some of the comments coming in this morning.
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go to our facebook fan page if you would like to contribute to any of our discussions. >> we will have more on that at 9:45 a.m. with our legal expert ivan gold. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look at the back of, already big and getting larger at the bay bridge toll plaza. over in oakland, a chilly 53 degrees, a high near 70 but sunshine this afternoon.
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>> to just into the kron 4 newsroom, the government's report on unemployment is out. the national unemployment rate went up to 920% and it shows that hiring is at a near standstill. employers only added 18,000 jobs, that u.s. # added in the past nine months. the u.s. economy needs a gain of about 150,000 jobs just to keep up with population growth. in
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about 15 minutes president obama will be delivering and address on this new jobs report. if it will be interesting to see what his response is. the markets are also responding. stocks are down 118. this hour or two 12,598, almost down 1%. >> " we are following severe weather across the nation. here is the scene in denver after monsoon rains came through the area. flooding on streets and pushing the banks of local creeks to forecasters say that more storms like this are possible for later today. in st. louis, missouri, flash flooding. there was so much water that many foreign drivers were stranded, leaving their vehicles behind. stores were bubbling over.
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>> take a look from the roof camera in san francisco. the fog is pretty sick this morning with heavy drizzle. let's get a full check on the >> here is what this guy's are like over walnut creek into the greater san ramon valley. blue and let's take a quick look at where we are seeing temperatures everywhere in the daybay. >> this afternoon, let's take a
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look at the temperatures. by noon, a mix of '70s and '80s to the east, north and south. the immediate bay will be dealing with 60's primarily.
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>> 8 czech on traffic. >> last report showed a basically empty toll plaza on the bay bridge. not the case anymore, traffic is a solid from all of the approaches. an accident before the incline that managed to block one of the left lanes for a couple of minutes. whorehouse to the metering lights were cycled on. the damage has been done. traffic is slow and go back up past the first over cross incurious expect delays positions as we make way out of oakland towards san francisco. the san mateo bridge is at the peak of this abuse.
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>> no delays reported on public transit. >> the family of missing in nursing student michelle le is inviting the community to a fund-raising event. this sizzler restaurant on experience boulevard will donate 20 percent of what is purchase between 11:00 a.m. and it is
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10:00 p.m. tonight. >> this 28 year-old teacher is accused of committing lewd acts with a stratford's didn't. -- strafford student. >> joseph naso can now have an advisory council. he says that his assets have been impounded by the d.a. claimed that his assets are accessible. nasal has been acting as his own attorney
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saying that he knows his case better than anyone. charged with killing four more than california women between 77-94. in new jersey man is being held on $5 million on on charges that he is the one who sold a valuable picasso drawing from a san francisco art gallery. he was arrested in a hotel in napa. his name is mark lugo. surveillance video showed him walking with the art work under his arm. the drawing was valued at $275,000. they believe he was working alone and plans to ship that art or to an unknown person. hooker we will be right
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>> n investigation for dominique strauss-kahn, it may or may not result >> , dominique strauss-kahn quit as head of the international monetary fund after a new york hotel maid accused him of attempted rape back in may. he has been accused again part in france. >> james mcveigh told police he
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broke into the home of a woman in sioux falls on saturday, stabbed her to death and a stolen car. police were able to track him down to on star on the vehicle. if they arrested him in wisconsin. the man has been talking to police and media telling them that he planned to go on a cross-country killing spree eventually reaching washington d.c. to carry out an assassination. he was released from prison and says during that time he built up a guard against the president's economic policies. there's no word on federal charges that might be filed against the man. we will be right back in 2 minutes. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge.
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>> of course a live shot from the roof camera this morning. 730 a m. a lot of clouds in san francisco, but not everywhere.
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in walnut creek, blue skies and plenty of sunshine. the weather headlines include fog and low cloud cover, but less than we have seen recently. afternoon temperatures will be a lot leges today except for the fact that we will have a few more locations was low-mid-90s. but we are still looking for a cooler weekend ahead. we will shave of 10 degrees from our afternoon highs between today and tomorrow. a quick check on traffic with erica. her >> i have to classify the bay bridge toll plaza ride as a hot spot. an accident just before the incline that has just been cleared by the chp her damage has been done. the metering lights are cycled at a slow pace into the back of is creeping to the foot of the maze. slow and go conditions out the toll plaza on the golden gate bridge. i will have a complete check on
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traffic in just a bit. >> a tragic story we have been falling, a man dies at a baseball game last night between the oakland a's and texas rangers in arlington stadium. he fell from the stands. you may find this video disturbing. 39 year-old shannon stone of texas, there he is, leaning over to catch a ball that was thrown up to him from of the above jobs hamilton. there is his son right there in the red shirt and red hat. he fell between the area where this stands are banned the scoreboard in left field. when he first fell, he was speaking to paramedics telling them that he was there with his son and to check on his son. he died a short time
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this happened a year and a day after another man about to his death at this stadium. ironically both men were texas firemen. everyone has been deeply saddened by what happens here at the stadium. square >> what the gap is nearly as big as that man's shoulders. i >> phil lot of people are talking that the that area should be covered. lisa has more. >> and one of our facebook topics is about that tragic death in texas last night. people are expressing shock and condolences to this morning. here are some of those comments.
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>> to a joint session, go to our face and then page and like us. post a comment and we might read that on here. >> search for seven bay area fishermen who remain missing in this seat cortes continues today. if it has been five days since a fishing boat capsized in the gulf of california. if your pictures of the missing men. the coast guard and the mexican navy horsemen in the search beyond the usual 96 hours if it becomes a waters are quality and
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>> will tran is outside the home of the man who organized the trip. there are three men returning. >> there were three men who left from this place, i got an update how from the family, " this is home of don lee, the organizer of the trip. the yellow car, the jeep cherokee, i found out that his name is bruce smart. kahane
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>> aren't all three people back in the area are too traumatized to speak with us at this point. here it is a video that the family of don lee posted on youtube to show you the friends that went out, and they have vast experience fishing. the family says it will pay out of pocket for a private company to go out there and continue searching for their loved ones. at this point, they do not even want to use the word past tense,
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they do not say don was, they say don i or becauses they believe he is still alive. >> members of the coast guard ships searched for over six hours in custody for any sign of the missing seven along the sea of cortez. here is a map of where the boat was >> this man gives you an idea of our search. a and we are going up and down this entire area, covering all the islands. >> members of the coast guard boarded the back end of the see-130 aircraft to see if they could find any signs of the seven missing fishman. the look for life vests, splashing water and debris.
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the mexican navy was contacted, the verify they found a raft from the vessel., wednesday optimal for the search. when asked about charges he said, they were not worried about that. so far, they have reached 1,400 mi. of ocean and land. flying over, you can see the islands are uninhabited. on friday another crew will return to conduct another search. >> kron 4 will continue to speak with survivors and family members of the capsized boat. join us on for continuing coverage. >> we are watching and waiting for president obama to address the nation about new-line inclement numbers that just came down. 9.2% hike. stocks are down one hundred eighteenth place to 12,600, almost down
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in the final lunch for space shuttle atlantis is supposed to take place at 8268 am. hurt a lot of planes, that could hamper the left off. nasa will reassess the weather as we get closer to that 8:26 a.m. hour if of for lift off. and this will be the thirty third flight for atlantis. the one hundred thirty fifth shuttle mission over all. this marks the end of the shuttle program. >> look at the radar, you can see instability going on.
7:43 am
canaveral is right there, just west of orlando. there is a lot of the activity going on. it is going to be a judgment call. six is in about 50 minutes they will reevaluate all the readings. we will know more about 15 minutes. 743, we will be right back. -- 7:43 a.m., we will be right back.
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>> space shuttle atlantis is
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waiting to go. " the weather seems to be a go for in a 26 a m blastoff, our time. which are also waiting for president obama to come out on the white house lawn does in the rose garden to address the new unemployment numbers that just came out. they are now at 9.2%. he is supposed to be making some remarks about that. he should be approaching any minute. as soon as he does will bring that to you live. >> in the meantime, an update on what it with james fletcher. report >> here is a look at temperatures around the bay. 50s and 60s, slowly warming but not quite. oakland is up one degree at 54. fairfield is now at 62, antioch at 61. san jose is at 60 degrees. we are beginning to warm and ultimately temperatures
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will settle in a pattern that looks like this. a mixture of 50s and 60s along the coast of t. in the south bay, low-mid-90s in some locations. the north bay will be in the mid-upper 80s. 80 in hayward and fremont. rock is
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a mild day to day, even milder come saturday and sunday. hot unseasonably cool for this part of july. it >> amelia as result of early on the bay bridge. the backup is coming from the toll plaza flags and stretches to the foot of the maze. faisal indigo conditions.
7:50 am
the 880 over crossing is your best bet. if we are seeing a slowdown on the golden gate bridge. hi there are only for cash lanes open. >> a continued details " on the bart's shooting at the civic center station. " art and charles l. is to manage a large police shot and killed to work after they say he print run cut an officer. police are still interviewing witnesses. >> 21 year-old diandre a. davis
7:51 am
is charged with the the murder of 19 year-old lajuan hall, he was shot multiple times in front of club suede. club suede has been permanently closed since the shooting. davis will be arraigned today. " oakland police union has approved new concessions to spare officers' jobs and save money. the officers will pay 9 percent more into their pensions which amounts to $9,000-$15,000 a year. that will allow oakland to rehire 22 of the officers who were laid off. overall the move is expected to save the city about $60 million over the next four years. oakland has lost 200 officers in the last two years. >> following these live pictures in the kron 4 news room, we are waiting for president obama to deliver a statement on the monthly jobs report. we will be bringing that you live. her >> we will be right back as the
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kron 4 morning news continues. here is a live look outside from our roof camera in san francisco looking westbound.
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>> to the 2011 calgary stampede parade, notice of the big hats they are wearing. yesterday we had a video of william and its kate when they were given their own hands preparing for today's stampede. more importantly, once they are done with this, the couple is coming to california. it is not a honeymoon, they have a tightly scripted agenda while they are here. people looks like they are arriving at lax at 4:30 p.m.. they have a lot of things plans hochheimer including a polo match, some celebrity hobnobbing and the normally very aggressive paperazzi has been told to leave them alone. if we do get live pictures of the duke and duchess, we will bring that to you live. >> can in the meantime, 7:56
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a.m., we are getting closer to the 826 a.m. liftoff time for shuttle atlantis which is fuelled. astronauts are inside and ready to blast off. we have a 70 percent chance of thunderstorms and plane. we have thick clouds and nasa is waiting to decide if it will lift off in time. james is watching and keeping an eye on the radar. >> we are also keeping our eyes on the white house. president obama is coming out to speak on the dismal jobs report that came out months ago, about an hour ago for the month of june. unemployment climbed up to 9.2%. only 18,000 jobs were added during the month of june. >> 757 a m, we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. her
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>> of the search for the seven men missing in the sea of cortez continues. three of the men arriving back in the bay area today. >> the final shuttle launch is set to lift off of 26 minutes, but the weather could hamper that. >> all eyes on bay area weather and traffic. we are starting the hour with a quick update with james fletcher.
8:01 am
>> here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. we have the fog rolling through. although the fall glass of beer in this shot, it is lighter than it has been over the past couple of days. a number of bay area cameras showing blue skies and sunshine. friday, sunny and warm today. here are the highs for
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>> after their boat capsized in the gulf of california, the search as been extended beyond the usual 96 hour window. coastguard members from sacramento were searching for any signs of the seven missing men yesterday. kron 4 was on this light as it left sacramento yesterday morning. they found degree in the water including a life raft with a line attached to it. the mexican navy confirmed that the raft was from the boat that capsized early sunday morning. so far members of the coast guard have covered more than 1,400 mi. in their search. two men who survived from a capsized boat are expected to return to the bay area this morning. lee ikigami nad michael ing are set to ride
8:03 am
at the greyhound station shortly. the two had been driving a truck from san felipe, mexico back to the bay area. the truck broke down near the border. box >> will tran is in san ramon at the man who organized the entire fishing trips. " >> one man already survived, for bruce mar it arrived here at the
8:04 am
home of don lee is organizer of the triple but was very distraught and returned to her walnut creek. i can tell you that bruce mar told the family that he did not seek don lee hooker bought a life vest as the boat capsized. there is still a glimmer of hope. he admits that it was dark at that time, to 50 a m. there was only new-line so perhaps it was a chance that they did grab a life vest before the boat capsized. in the meantime, the mexican navy and coast guard will continue to search the waters. the next step is to go down about 200 ft. to the boat to see of the seven men still missing happen to be trapped in the boat. at that point it would become a recovery effort. according to the family of don lee, they will continue searching even if the
8:05 am
coast guard called off the search and it will pay out of pocket. hopefully we will get a phone interview from bruce mar as the family continues to massage the situation and get him to speak to the media. >> " live pictures into the kron 4 news from out of canada. a royal couple is there right now in calgary bar. some of the stampede celebrations have already started. they are to the bidding in the country music show and a bull riding demonstration. but there they are. hon after this they will be coming to california. i believe the plane gets into lax at about 4:00 p.m.. they have a lot going on. live to washington d.c., president obama is speaking live on the new-line jobs report to
8:06 am
put the unemployment at 9.2%. >> new jobs and new opportunity are within reach. middle-class families know the security and peace of mind they felt this would be away for years. today's job report confirms what most americans already know, we still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do to give people the security and opportunity that they deserve. we have added more than 2 million private sector jobs over the past 16 months of the recession has cost more than 8 million. that means that we still have a big hole to fill. each new job was created last month is good news for the people who are back at work and for the families that they take care of. our economy tousle whole is not producing nearly enough jobs for everyone who is
8:07 am
looking. we have always known that we have clubs and downs on our way back from this recession and over the past few months the economy has experienced some tough head wounds from natural disasters, spikes in gas prices, state and local budget cuts that cost tens of thousands of police, firefighters and teachers and their jobs. problems in the country of greece, in europe and the debt limit here in the united states have also made businesses hesitant to invest more aggressively. the economic challenges that we face were not created overnight and they are not going to be solved overnight. the american people expect us to act on every single good idea that is out there. i have read the letter after letter from people who hurt by the economy. none of them ask for much. some of them poured
8:08 am
their guts out in these letters. they want to know that what they are looking for is that we have done everything we can to make sure that they are rewarded when they are living up to their responsibilities and in doing right by their communities, when they are playing by the rules. that is what they are looking for. they feel like the rules have changed. they feel that the leaders on wall street and in washington and believe me no party is exempt (...) >> president obama speaking to the nation about the new unemployment numbers. up to 9.2%. kron 4 morning news will take a break and be right back.
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every inflation comes in light toward josh call today. early in
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home consultation hall infant we of movemenhis
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>> , is 8:10 a.m., we are tricky and live in florida, and waiting to see is shuttle atlantis police off this morning. we have heard nothing as far as a delay from nasa. >> concerned about whether in the area, it was a 7% no go. -- 70% no go. they are continuing to go through their regular tactless. they are planning for a goal right now. -- the
8:12 am
are continuing to go through their normal check list. they are planning for a lift off right now. rex waldheim is a bay area resident on board. >> that is a cool shot. and we have a bay area astronauts on board. coming up, gary radnich.
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>> 8:14 a.m., when a horrible, deadly fall of a firefighter and a father who was reaching for the ball that josh hamilton through.
8:16 am
>> look at that really, look at what happened. this is a the third time that someone has fallen over. rathe >> bill how to plug date. shrill loss of life. -- they all laughed to pluck othethey will .
8:17 am
this was a loss of life. >> that gatt is not a very wide. >> either close that or put up a here is a man with his son. there were just there to enjoy the game. >> handle little kid looked like he was 5 years old.
8:18 am
>> get turkey signed a player. >> that is conditional if the nba is still locked out. >> now, they want to talk to kobe bryant. >> you run the risk of something going on. darren williams is probably 25. he had a 25-30 million in the bank. he started early. as if they go over there to keep its shape, if they love the game, ok, but if there were about the future, a lot of the last a year. a big guys will be ok. >> get looks like football is getting closer. copper colo
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>> we are going live in florida, the final twist off for the
8:25 am
space shuttle program. space shuttle atlantis lifted off in two minutes. let's listen in. >> t - 2 minutes. >> ls2 for preservation. >> solid rocket booster cameras being activated. >> the pressure and water system is being harmed.
8:26 am
>> t - 1 minute. >> oxygen and liquid hydrogen dolls are closed. >> t -40 seconds. handing off to atlanta's computers. t -35, 33. >> 30 seconds to good fire. >> rattle sequencer.
8:27 am
>> cape problem. the launch countdown has been held at 31 >> verify retracted. >> feel you're fully retracted. -- failure to fully retracted. >> press on. it >> very good. >> clear the hold, please. >> very good. >> you have clearance. go.
8:28 am
>> we have a no work. >> alright to guidance. >> our whole time is 3 minutes 16 seconds. >> we are ready to go. >> very good. >> we will proceed. there >> in good. >> copy that. >> on my mar. >> 3, 2, 1. mark. >> data sequence, starch. >> they have handed off to a atlantis computers. solir. the g
8:29 am
chain is armed. >> main engine start. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lift off. the final live off of atlantis on the shoulders of the space shuttle, america will continue to dream. >> rock and roll atlantis. >> houston is now controlling the flight of atlantis as the spread shuttle -- as the space shuttle spread its wings one last time. 24 seconds into the flight, the program is complete. proper alignment for the 8.5 minute ride to orbit.
8:30 am
4.5 million lbs. of hardware and humans. when the engines are standing by for the thrall of colupcall. >> atlantis a go at throttle buup. >> instrumentation only, no action required. >> atlantis is now 15 mi. an altitude, already 16 mi. down
8:31 am
range from the kennedy space center. one minute 40 seconds into the flight. atlantis flexing its muscles one final time. atlantis traveling almost 2,600 mi. per hour, 21 mi. an altitude, 21 mi. down range, standing by for solid rocket booster separation. >> booster officer confirms staging a good solid rocket booster separation. the main engines during the shuttle to preliminary orbit. two minutes 20 seconds into the flight, atlantis already traveling 32 under the most for our, 35 mi. an altitude, 50 mi. down range. the promotion officer reports maneuvering engines have ignited, cannot afterburners for one minute 23 seconds for the final phase of powered flight.
8:32 am
hawker but >> everything has gone off without a hitch, the final blastoff, the final mission of the 30 years space program.
8:33 am
seven >> under 50,000 people are in cape canaveral and in surrounding towns looking at this final launch. how everyone was there before dawn. at 8:32 a.m., atlantis is well on its way. that means the end of the shuttle program. it is pretty incredible that rex waldheim from san carlos high school, born in a redwood city is up there on this final mission. >> atlantis on a 12 day mission to close out the shuttle program. >> four minutes 20 seconds into the flight. >> we are listening to more control talk. >> 62 mi. an altitude, almost 200 mi. down range. four minutes of powered flight remaining.
8:34 am
>> coming up on the five minute mark. atlantis is not traveling 6,500 mi. per hour, 66 mi. an altitude, 250 mi. down range. >> atlantis, pressed to ato. >> that call indicates that we can make minimal horrible at targets in the event of an engine failure. atlantis will begin to a slow roll to the heads of position shortly.
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8:36 am
holiday if if
8:37 am
>> one minute of powered flight remaining for atlantis. three good main engines and other solar power units, three good fuel cells. approaching the eighth minute to mark into the flight. atlantis not traveling more than 15 of the most are.
8:38 am
standing by for external tank separation. atlantis of the tank. chris ferguson will be as maneuvering atlantis into an orientation. he >> the final lift off of space shuttle atlantis. we will continue to follow the space shuttle on its 12 day mission to the international space station. the thirty third flight for atlantis, the one hundred thirty fifth shuttle mission.
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8:44 am
>> the search for seven bay area man who remain missing in the sea of cortez continues today. it has been five days since their boat capsized in the gulf of california. the coast guard and mexican navy are extending the search beyond the usual 96 hours because the weather is
8:45 am
cooperating. members of the coast guard searched for six hours yesterday looking for any signs of the missing men. kron 4 was on the flight that left sacramento yesterday morning. they found a lot of debris in the water including a life raft with a line attached. authorities confirmed it was a life raft from the boat capsized. they have surged 1,400 mi. and have not found the seven remaining missing. will tran is live at the home of the man who organized the fishing trip. >> the home belongs to don le, his son and law fred hahn just arrived. he is staying with his mother-in-law to make sure her motions are in check. i did speak to the family, they're very emotional, but they still believe there are survivors of their including one man who returned home late last night,
8:46 am
he is the owner of the yellow jeep. his name is norsk mar, he returned at 10:00 p.m.. -- his name is bruce mar, he returned but when straight to walnut creek. he was so retired. price family of donnelly has released this you to the video showing that all of the men the glove and fishing and have a lot of experience going out there, this is from a previous fishing expedition. don lee organize this trip a year ago in order to bond with his friends.
8:47 am
>> authorities in watsonville are trying to figure out why a plane went down-a hospital. here is the town of watsonville. there is the airport and the runway that the plane took on from and then crashed into the hospital. we have the video from the scene where the plane went down. trade remains of the plane, to people inside the aircraft were killed. pan hopes the plane slid into the medical building of a hospital and exploded. two people were killed on board. no one on the ground was injured. >> macarena this morning, we are watching, the new unemployment numbers, president obama just addressed the nation. national adult women rates are now at 9.2%. employers added 18,000 jobs, that u.s. number added in nine months. the president
8:48 am
addressed the nation live. >> the government has to live within its means while still making the investments that helped put people to work and make us more competitive in the future. as i mentioned, we have had some good meetings, we had a good meeting yesterday with leaders of both parties in congress. while differences remain, we agreed to work for the weekend and be back here on sunday. >> the president also went on to say that the uncertainty over increasing the national debt ceiling has made businesses hesitant higher. that is one of the reasons he was pointing to. we will take a quick read of kron 4 morning news and be back with more in minutes. and a is my scrabble
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> >> to out of our three main bridges are hot spots this morning. the back of is
8:53 am
stretching toward the waldegrave. only four of the toll lanes are open. there are no problems getting to be detailed bridge from the nimitz freeway. we will be right back with more morning news.
8:54 am
he's accused of those we can use about his a yet a problem did pretty bad out and so they on ticket out there
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> arnold schwarzenegger will keep the family home in brentwood as a part of a summit with maria shriver. the couple is in the beginning stages of their divorce. there is no predictable, there are about $40 million to divide. mary is in escrow to purchase a 10 million- dollar home. >> the king of television will be honored a lifetime achievement award. larry king is going to be honored for his 50 year broadcasting career. larry
8:58 am
king live one of the year in september. 857 a m, we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look in calgary at the calgary stampede parade. there is everyone in those customary white hats.
8:59 am
9:00 am
nine a m on the kron 4 morning news the final shuttle lift. >> the search for the seven men and missing in the sea of cortez we will have a
9:01 am
live report >> and tragedy at the ballpark i young man and loses his life falling over a railing. >> we wanted get a quick look of the weather. a little bit of moisture on the lands could get all little bit breezy. i'll have a full and forecast in a few minutes. >> traffic is stopped from an earlier accident the meter lights are cycled on traffic is very slow the
9:02 am
backup is passed the world of gray we will have more >> it has been five days since the fishing boat capsized the coast guard and day mexican navy have expanded their search. the coast guard flew down to the sea of cortez and searched waters. then maybe from mexico confirmed of the raft was from the ship that capsized. we are joined now by one of the survivors he just arrived back into the bay area
9:03 am
>> tell us what happened that night? >> it was a very com day when we started out it got rougher and rubber until a was really hammered pretty bad. i notice that matches in the back were full of water. one of the guys in my room got everybody out aruof the room. we had floatation
9:04 am
of devices. i put on my best and walked into the pilot house and i saw that capt. was trying to steer the ships he askei asked the cal the coast guard and he did not answering. i found a cooler i emptied the water out. i swam off about a
9:05 am
hundred yards i could see guys running around with flat lightship'flashlights. thel whole back and of the boat go into the water i figured the water had gotten to the generator. the boats sat there for a few seconds and then went straight down i did not know if i was the only one out there or not. we had all these coolers and they are excellent flotation devices. i never saw any
9:06 am
members of the crew. when don are arrived at seven of us were on the cooler. then we decided to swim to the island. we could not make it into the island because there was about a 12 what i. >> did you love somebody was coming to rescue question
9:07 am
>> i wasn't sure if i made it was sent out. there were no flares that went off will we're in the water about 10 hours before it realize the boat had some. you kept on waiting to see the planes arrived but nothing ever showed. i was sure that eight new this storm was coming he had to
9:08 am
know the storm was coming. i cannot believe they did not send off some type of mayday. i want to thank the mexican people >> thank you very much for joining asks become imagine the ordeal you have gone through are you holding out and help your friends to be found? >> there is vast and there are plenty of islands. >> we thank you for sharing your story with us we hope they've find the rest to your friends.
9:09 am
>> one of his advisers from the boat that capsized on sunday morning. we will be buy back one the kron 4 morning news continues
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news only for toll lanes are open on the golden gate bridge we're seeing slow traffic. more on the traffic in just a bet >> a quick check of what is going on in wall street. the house has just passed a defense bill. dow is down i
9:13 am
hundred and 15 and president obama address the nation on the job report we will have that coverage in a few minutes
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
. the final list of all lattice a mario pickup will continue the dream. >> about hundred 35th mission took off earlier this morning. the final
9:17 am
journey of the shuttle. the shuttle was visible for 42 seconds. they are on a 12 day mission >> how man is dead after falling at the oakland a's and 105 ranger game we have video it is pretty upsetting to watch is a 39 year-old firefighter he reaches for the ball and then falls phasedown onto concrete wall. he died at the
9:18 am
hospital outfielder george hamilton is distraught over it as he was the one that threw the ball to the fan. >> just as the ball hit is the and keppel it looked awful you knew he was not going to hit land on his feet just the way he fell. >> it comes after a year in
9:19 am
one day when another firefighter lost his life. >> we are checking hot spots along the bay area a couple of minutes ago i showed you stop and boat traffic they were able to open another toll lane. also the approach to the toll plaza carried the back up is stretching to the foot of the maze this was due to what the earlier accident involving two vehicles. san mateo bridge
9:20 am
is a nice and easy ride. if you're taking public transit no delays. >> we still have low cloud cover in place. san francisco in the low 50s today high-temperature 67 this is a look of the temperatures right now by noontime warming up to the
9:21 am
'80s we could see a few 90s later on in the day this is look at your forecast for later on today. and this is your seven day forecast continued to see at the cloud cover and next week
9:22 am
cooler temperatures. >> the family of missing nursing student michele lee the money that is raised at sizzler 20 percent of all the sales will go to the effort to find that the missing nursing student. this is the address. she disappeared on may 27th from the kaiser hospital parking lot. plea hearing is set for this 20 year-old teacher she is,
9:23 am
charged with performing lewd act on a student >> new details on joseph nasos even though he is representing himself he can have out the public defender of adviser. the d.a. said his funds are accessible. nasos said he knows the case better than anyone. >> new jersey man is being held on $5 million bond for stealing a picasso painting from art gallery. they arrested him in of hotel in napa. surveillance video saw
9:24 am
him walking with the art work under his arm. investigators believe he was working alone and planned on shipping it somewhere.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>> this is a scene out of denver power was knocked out 2000 of residents. denver international airport had flight delays more storms are possible again today. now this is a louis some drivers were stranded had to leave their cars behind.
9:28 am
>> casey anthony's release date has been she will be set free next sunday the 17th she was convicted on four counts of lying to police were investigating her missing daughter. coming up we will be talking to our legal analyst about this. i work at the cable company, and i get to wear a hard hat...
9:29 am
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>> this is a shot of james lick coastal fog and clouds this morning temperatures will be cooler as you head inland it will be warmer. >> no more delays southbound 101. at the bay bridge toll plaza it we are still tracking id as a hot spot
9:32 am
heading into the toll plaza. >> it has been five days since the boat capsized the coast guard and the mexican navy have extended their search. coast guard flew down and joined the search for the missing man. as the flight went over the area they found a lot of debris in the area the mexican navy confirmed it was a rough time from the bishop that went down. one of the survivors just spoke to was several minutes ago
9:33 am
>> i was sure if a mayday had been sent outport. there were no flares. we're in the water about 10 hours before they realize the boat had sunk. kept on waiting to see that c-130 above. >> another survivor is back in the bay area he is the honor of this yellow jeep. he wanted to know why the media wanted to talk to him
9:34 am
he arrived late last night. this is video that was posted on the on a previous at fishing trip it was organized over a year ago he wanted to bond with his friends. the french ship was first the fishing was second.
9:35 am
9:36 am
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9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
look at the crowds of people that were gathered at the kennedy space center. they said 750,000 people were expected to be there. he
9:42 am
went to san carlos i school and got an engineering degree from the university of california berkeley. we'll >> be right back and i'll look out of our work whether >> when the fog will lift will talk about that and your afternoon highs we will be right back.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news we have sunshine over downtown san francisco the temperatures are slowed to warm-up. as
9:46 am
you have further inland it'll be higher. this is look of temperatures currently in the area. you can see the difference at noontime. and higher temperatures around 4:00 p.m.. these are the expected high is this afternoon. this
9:47 am
is your seven day forecast cooling off 10 degrees to morrtomorrow. >> we are seeing delays all around the bay area. slow and go conditions at the toll plaza metering lights are cycled on add an extra 10 to 15 minutes to your drive time. san mateo bridge
9:48 am
looks good. and southbound won a one a couple of the toll lanes were shut down know backups currently. >> casey anthony's release has been changed to sunday july 17th as they recalculated the amount of time she has served. >> they did not find her guilty of them murdered but they caught her guilty on four counts of lying to law- enforcement.
9:49 am
>> many people in the media thought she was guilty of murder. she was completely acquitted. >> people in florida and have continued their demonstrations. >> this case was played out more in the media then it was in a court room. >> the shows get ratings and they formed opinions without being in the courtroom. they were not even in the court room to year was sad. the
9:50 am
jurors sat there every day. i think casey anthony is a very attractive young woman the jurors might have connected with our and felt sorry for our it's not a perfect system they did not have done enough to nail ou. >> i wish shocked what you said about opening statements. >> what do you feel in your
9:51 am
gut right after those opening statements. the prosecution tried to make you hate her. >> what about going after the cost for the investigation? >> they can do that. you are liable for those costs. she's going to get a lot of money out of best. this
9:52 am
woman has a lot of marketing potential. that is our society we love these high- profile cases. >> 951 is the time right now we will be right back. have you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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9:55 am
stanley roberts found a lot of people misusing handicap placards you were looking at a man that is ready to start his shift at muni is so busy getting ready for her working does not notice me videotaping him then i asked him a question kind of curious unique employees have a lot of handicaps stickers my wife is going to
9:56 am
pick ups. >> just curious a lot of muni employees have and the cab stickers. >> this employee just confessed to me on camera that he was using his wife's placard and this is against the law. after i left he moved the car across the street and remove the placard. told to there were many placards on the street. lookit this tell iota in as a disabled placard it also has a san francisco official business perma-press. want showed me proof of ownership.
9:57 am
>> this is look of the seven day forecast. coming up after the news dr.phil talks about pageant parents it's just in a few minutes. >> we thank you for joining it us and we will see you back here on monday morning.
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