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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 8, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> >> jaycee dugard book is days away from being released to the public she writes about her ordeal held captive for 18 years by phillip and nancy garrido. people magazine release excerpt from the book.
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reggie kumar is here with a look at her what she has to say. >> jaycee dugard is now 31 years old, these are new the recent pictures of her inside of people magazine. she was adopted in 1991 when she was just 11 years old. their first night she says that phillip real force her to undress and take a shower with him. after the shower is over, jaycee dugard says that i must be very quiet or i would get in trouble. if i am quite in a good girl everything will be fine. ask him if i can put my clothes back on he chuckles and says the nook. in another excerpt she writes the he says he has to put handcuffs on me but they have a tougher on them so they will not hurt too much. i shake my head know and i said i will not try to get away but in this dugard says the reason that she did not try to escape it was because phillip gave her an image of the world as a scary place made about pedophiles and rapists. i have come to realize that
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this is not true. she says i would do it all again because the most precious thing in the world came out of it, my daughters. >> her book will be released on tuesday a portion of the sales will go to her foundation that provides support for families recovering from objection. >> meanwhile if federal judge has released a confidential report regarding the supervision of a look garrido when he was a federal parolees from 1988 until 1999. during that period that he kidnap and started sexually assaulting jaycee dugard. she was just 11 years old at the time. dan kerman this year with us and has more details on this report. >> the judge decided to release this report because he believes having an open to public scrutiny and all of this all criticism will help to improve the system.
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him it is during this period between 1988 in 1999 that he began kidnapping and sexually assaulting jaycee dugard who was then 11 years old. the report concludes the federal probation office in the northern district of california failed to adequately supervise the look garrido. it says that home contacts were rare. collateral content with the neighbors and local law- enforcement were never done. garrido frequent positive drug tests and will be diluted and urine samples were largely the - ignore-. it goes on to say the probation officer was unconcerned when someone at a nursing home expressed feelings about his demeanor. it also says that he was able to move get a job as a salesman going door to door in the community. they say
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they may not have even found jaycee dugard and her children even if they search the premises. but it goes on to say maybe he could of been deterred from the horrendous act at his federal supervision been done properly from the onset. reports from this office were not just efficient and the garrido case that has a track record of being deficient in the past. >> i have things improved? >> the report suggests that things haven't proven been remedied but the federal officials say they will keep their eye on things to make sure it stays that way. >> i hope so. now the search for seven men lost at sea in mexico continues. they are all from the bay area, they were part of a group of fishermen who is boat capsized over the weekend. one american was killed in the incident and more than one dozen others rescue. the coast guard says it has already search 1400 square miles of ocean and land. tonight the family of one of the missing
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fishermen is asking for search officials to go down to the sunken boat. we talk with the family not long ago he is live in san ramon. >> we are standing in front of donna lee's home--don lee's home, let me show you some video of what i shot earlier that is his wife, around 6:30 p.m. she says after hearing from the survivors who recently returned to the bay area if he learned a very important piece of information regarding how the boat went down according to the survivors of the boat went down the way that the titanic did which was the back of the bo went into the water first and that tilted the front of the boat straight up. and then it went into the water like a straight line. if his wife says that given how the boat went down the rescue officials should send a dive team to search them both. --
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that boat >> . the we want to talk with the officials, the president of the united states, we beg you to please, please approve the dive that we were hoping to have happened earlier this week. we are thinking that there is a possibility that there's an air pocket down there purely because of the way that the ship went down and this is what is being told to us not by the media, but by the survivors. the way that it went down, so, we feel like we have done an injustice to our husbands because we did not press it hard enough. we should have pressed it harder. we really should have. >> and what you can hear from that interview the lee family feels guilty they did not do more but at the same time they remain hopeful tonight. let us commit live, they have set up a facebook page for the search and rescue of don le ande the
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six other missing fishermen the hope that the public can join them and put pressure on the government, government officials and also the search and rescue officials to send down a dive team. at their house there are a lot of family and friends to support his wife and his children live in san ramon kron4 news. >> new details in the case of the man expected to have stolen the picasso sketch that was worth a quarter of a million dollars. that suspect talked with j.r. stone today and he is here in the studio to tell us we had to say. >> not much. he really did not say much. the big thing that he did say in appointing he got out there was that this was blown way out of proportion. he called it a pretty crazy i said what are you referencing when you say this has gotten out of proportion. but you
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still the picasso sketch? are you guilty or not guilty? he said i'm not ready to answer that question without an attorney. >> his name is mark lugo, a gift from the east coast and why hasn't he got an attorney? >> it is hard to say he says that they have confiscated his cellphone and that has all of his numbers he does not have any numbers of others that live out east. i was just trying to get a thing about this case, and he just would not go there. >> what were your impressions of him? >> you think that he would be nervous if he did not touch his hand and face at all. he did not even touch his hair, even said to me at one. what are they saying about me out there? i said well, they think you told a picasso. then he said there and at one point he said this is just way out of proportion. >> he was found at home in napa, the police discovered him there any word about that situation? >> at this point we know
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that those were some of his friends would as to what he was doing out there he says he was not from this area that he lives out east. but again he did not get into detail we even talked and i said i know that you have worked as a high-end restaurants in new york city but he would not enter those. >> he has a $5 million bill, what is next? >> he will be in court on monday at 1:30 p.m.. but that arraignment made happened because it does not have an attorney so it may have to wait until another week. >> and live with the outside this evening the fog be the big store for the next couple of days. take a look you concede this rolling in for the weekend, fog will keep the temperatures cooler. fog and much cooler for tomorrow. the inland valleys dropping down from the low 90's that was sought today to the low 80s. we will keep the cooling trend going into sunday. that school marina
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air will move all the way in dropping 80 degrees. a cooling trend will continue i will have details on the extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started first, a family of four killed after their plane crashes kron4 has it that the victims and what went wrong. >> when people pick up the phone to call the oakland police the parma because their lives, or property are in danger we want to be there, we need to be there. >> several recent violent crimes in east alton put the spotlight on the department's reorganization plan. >> i am charles clifford and alameda would be fire department is beefing up its water rescue capabilities will have that story coming up at 8:00 p.m.. >> lift off, the final lift off of atlantis, the shoulders of the space shuttle america will continue to dream. >> the end of an era for the space program as nasa
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launched is the last shuttle mission. >> there's a war and grew when here with the burger chains, i will tell you what that means in my story coming up. >> prince william and kate and landed it just hours ago and we have the details on their three day l.a. began coming up.
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>> this is new cellphone of video of the crash that happened last night at the watson community campus. the 4 people wall in the same family, this is david ho ughton his wife dd and their two young sons.
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>> the single engine airplane took off from nearby was an airplane that just after 7:00 thursday evening. when it left and went down in the hospital parking lot in getting into an unoccupied office building before bursting into flames. the inspectors will be looking at everything from mechanical failure to pilot error. >> we live in the man, the machine and the environment when we look at the man, we look at the pilots, their training, their experience their experience in the aircraft type, things like that. >> no one was hurt but the offices were full of people an hour earlier. >> i left shortly before it happened and i got a call from my boss that sent by the way... so i am just a little in shock. >> the weather was clear but there was a fog bank fast approaching and other pilot says that could mean a tricky departure. >> the runway is a little
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to the left of this light. if they ended up here, they were turning back east to and maybe it was too steep to climb, maybe it was too steep a of a turn. >> david l. long with his wife dd and his sons ryan and luke were going on a family vacation he was a local businessman and he had a service company at a local man dive shops. they say the investigation of that-information from the investigation should be available in the next four to six weeks. >> i will have details on your forecast coming up in just a little bit.
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>> liftoff! the final lift off of the atlantis. >> the last space shuttles and thundered into orbit today. it is a cargo run it will close out three decades of triumph and tragedy for nasa. despite some last- minute concerned about the weather and technical fix,
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it went off without a hitch. kimberly is here with details on how you can track the space shuttle's progress on google earth. >> right now you are looking at the space shuttle launch of earth live real- time. ticket look at the first video that i have. nasa has posted two files that you can open in google earth. and you can see the replay, you can click on the little notes for more information about it at certain points and the trip. take a look at the second video, it was what we just look at, it tracks the progress of the space shuttle. you can see where it is right now. the yellow line is the trajectory that represents the past that it has flown so far. if you like to check out these intricate for yourself, visit our what is on the web section on >> pleasant hill is the
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latest california city to see a showdown between two rival burger restaurant. five guys a burger and fries set up shop there recently and as jeff shows, in and out burger is responding in a big way. >> this is the biggest east coast/west coast rival greece since 2pac and biggie both have been expanded over the years but kept to their own turf that is until three years ago five guys began to creep into west coast locations including this one. in and out burger are not taking this lying down they recently got approval to build a restaurant here, about 2 mi. away from the five guys to the north and has applied to build a another one about 1 mi. away to the south. if there was going to be a showdown i wanted to be involved it was time for a taste test. >> we will give the taste test to the five guys burger first, to see how well is.
8:21 pm
you can take a look and see, it is very thick and has pretty much everything the ingredients of look good in here is the moment of truth. now it is time to try the and now burger--in and out workers. the five guys had sesame seed this one does not, five guys had pickles and this is more of the relish. both were excellent but the five geisel won my taste test. yours may differ, but my new friend agreed. >> five guys. >> but they say that in and out berger does something better. they continued to dominate and have even set up shop in other states but have not expanded any further east than texas. >> fog be a big story out there, we will start today in the '50s by the afternoons of fog will clear
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back to the coast. 82 degrees tomorrow but we were in the '90s out there today i will have more i want to crush more cars.
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>> princess catherine walked off the plane in her first ever visit to the united states now. we will not be strolling the hollywood walk of fame, the royal itinerary is all about charity and good will. >> the couple is coming off of a nine day canadian tour. they wrapped up their trip friday in calgary where they launched the city stampedes parade. it had on jeans and a big belt buckle and a white blouse. then it was a quick change into a cigar lit red coat dress with her maple leafs a brooch, then they had their final even at calgary's two before they headed to the airport to head off for california where there will be greeted by the mayor and his wife. first they have a business event at the beverly hills hilton. followed by a reception, are they will stay at the consulate in
8:26 pm
hancock park close to western trendy hollywood. residents is more than 7200 sq. ft. mediterranean-style estate with seven bedrooms and baths. on saturday they will go of the california coast to send a barbara for a charity polo match. the vip tickets are $4,000. that includes a gourmet lunch, then it is back to downtown l.a. to walk the red carpet for a black-tie gala at the theater. this may be their chance to mingle with some hollywood royalty, nicole kidman, jennifer lopez and tom hanks are all expected to attend. sunday begins with a private breakfast for an organization that raises money for african wildlife. after that they had to downtown l.a.'s skid row to watch inner-city arts students perform. the last stop the sony studios where they will meet military veterans transitioning to civilian life. then it is back to the airport to board a flight to head back home.
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>> ship wrecked and stranded at sea, some bay area families are still anxiously awaiting word as the search for seven missing fishermen continues, more after the break. [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family.
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>> a new report says federal parole agents failed to properly monitor the look garrido the man that kidnap raped and held jaycee dugard captive for 18 years. that report questions whether and now her ordeal could've been avoided or cut short if his parole supervision had been properly handled. the report also talked about home visits been rare and his drug use being ignored. the man accused of stealing a picasso from a san francisco art gallery is speaking out from behind bars. he would not say much about the case, but did say that he is looking for legal help. mr. lugo faces five charges including burglary and grand theft in being held on $5 million bail. family of four was killed in watsonville when their plane crashed into a medical building. the parents are both 44 years older sons
8:31 pm
were ages 12 and 10. the crash caused this fire that a witness recorded on a self on the building was empty at the time of the crash. >> the desperate search for the seven men lost at sea in mexico is not over there were missing four days after the fishing boat capsized over the weekend to that they have the latest on efforts to find them and speak with survivors from that trip who are remembering the heroin or dill. >> the storm was ferocious about 20 minutes to an half an hour later it was, and beautiful. >> tonight some of the survivors are criticizing the boat captain and his crew. we are live in san ramon with why some survivors are upset. it >> not only are the survivors critical of the captain and his crew, but the family of a missing fishermen is also very troubled by what the survivors are telling them. i am standing in front of don lee's home in san ramon. he is one of the seven missing fishermen she is troubled by what the
8:32 pm
survivors are telling her how the crew handled the situation. they said the captain did not send out any made a signals to call for help and the fishermen were not given any advance warning that the boat was in trouble. >> i knew how strong i felt about how bad the crew was. how and caring they were. to >> they say that the captain was negligent that he should know about the storm, the fact that the captain did not drive properly into a storm he should've been driving away from it he was more negligent than we had ever imagined. as for us, and the crew, and the fact that the crew was more focused on saving themselves as opposed to assisting the passengers. we are very very disturbed about that. >> as i reported about 30 minutes ago, may lee don lee's wife, is pleading with
8:33 pm
the search officials to send a dive team down to the sunken boat. here is a live look at the family's house, the family and friends and relatives are coming to his house to rally around the wife may lee to support her, there still remain hopeful that they will be able to find don lee and the six other men of live that is the hope. >> right now you will hear more from greg hansen, the former chp officer who spent 15 hours in the water waiting to be rescued. he says that he had been asleep for a couple of hours when he awoke and realized something was terribly wrong. >> we were taking water over the top of the boat, the back end of the boat was under water when i came out my door and i saw the water was coming up fast and i entered the cooler that was sitting there next to me and i jumped over the side of the boat with the cooler. then i saw the boat to stand
8:34 pm
up on end, and then about 15 unless the that, maybe five seconds it just stood there by itself for a while and then it just slipped under the water just like the titanic. when dawn came, we were expecting to see a c- 130 come in. we thought it would drop flares and survival equipment but nothing happened. 9:00 when by, at 10:01 by, a 11:00, 12:00 nothing. by this time we knew that no one had put out a signal. he started to swim and swim in the tide was too strong would get about 100 yds toward shore and then you walked out again. after 15 hours are trying to yell at people on the beach because i was being washed out again and did not would suspend overnight out there. i turned around and saw this aluminum boat... [weeping] ... i got into the boat and
8:35 pm
he said you want me to take you to shore and i said no, we have too many guys out here let us go find some more, let us go find some more of them. >> stay with kron4 and kron4 don, as we continue to follow the very latest in the search for the missing fishermen. the alameda fire department is beefing up its water rescue capabilities the department was heavily criticized for failing to save a suicidal man that drowned as author of the alameda shoreline on memorial day. charles clifford was in the east bay today and shoulders with the department is doing now. >> that is for water rescue. >> the alameda fire department says the 20 fire fighters have been trained as rescue swimmers and 60 more are scheduled to receive training the also unveil the 15 ft. shall rescue boat that they say will be kept hitched to a vehicle and on standby 24 hours a day. >> the purpose is for quick deployment anywhere around
8:36 pm
the island to is for rescue swimmers that may be engaged in an emergency incident on the water. >> this comes just a few weeks after a memorial day incident in which 52 year- old raymond kazakh committed suicide by wading into the frigid waters here at the beach. the fire department came under intense public scrutiny because several firefighters watched from shore as he died. they say that they lack the equipment and the training to save him they said that because he was suicidal and possibly violent it was unsafe to attempt a rescue. the fire the promises the new week women and the training that they have received the system better prepared to handle any future problems in the water. they also say that this is a part of an ongoing effort. >> if we need to add more resources like the inflatable boat, that will be a part of our work in progress to see if we need to expand the program. >> arraignment zack foster mother delores barry was devastated when she learned
8:37 pm
that emergency workers stood by while he died. she says that she could not explain how to describe how she felt how the situation was handled but she feels some relief that they're changing their ways. >> i think it is marvelous, like i said the mayor promised me that this would be happening and he would see to it that they got their act together and that they would be training people and this would never happen again to anyone else. >> four violent incidents last night in east oakland left six people shot and one of salted all of this happening within a 90 minute. --90 minute period. to more violent incidents followed shortly after ending at this will work.
8:38 pm
hollyhock explains how reorganizing the police criminal investigations division is designed to reduce violent crimes. >> our criminal investigations division right now is broken up into an older policing model where we have investigators who are highly specialized, they specialize in homicide for example or robbery or felony assault. but what we will do with take those investigators and broaden their abilities. we want to make sure that those investigators have the skill set to investigate whatever violent crimes come their way. we will also implement a team approach to violent crime investigation. historically we have had to officers respond to investigate homicide with this reorganization and the team approach we will have four officers at least respond to each violent crime. we believe we will be able to gather more evidence, locate more witnesses and to a tighter investigation of the front in that will help with our clearance and solve ability
8:39 pm
rates, and that of these issues in the to the root cause of some of this violence on the streets so that we can prevent retaliatory acts of violence. >> also staged one of the planned launches this weekend stage to that address is how the it department response to violent crimes is not take effect until later this summer. in napa county police arrested a man after finding two people murdered in sight of a marijuana growing operation. carlow's whose picture that you see here is charged with cultivating the marijuana but has not yet been charged in the murders. police say they found 3000 marijuana plants in the field just west of warsaw for--west of rutherford, the owner of the land says he has no knowledge of the crime. >> the fog is pushing into our no. day. --pushing into
8:40 pm
our no. bay. in the later afternoon hours we could see some clearing but we will see foggy conditions on the san mateo coastline. 82 santa rosa, 82 concord is about 10 degrees cooler than what we saw today. 85 antioch also much cooler than today and upper '70's and low 80's down in the south bay. i will have your extended forecast coming up. >> coming up, to separate homeless encampments in the same city with one thing in common i will show you after the break. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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>> i am vallejo where the homeless encampments seemed to pop up constantly i am here with the vallejo city code enforcement officer and a member of the vallejo out read offering assistance to the homeless. >> if you can use any food
8:43 pm
or hygiene items we have some toothpaste. >> the problem the conditions at some of these places are deplorable. this one on sonoma boulevard a shopping cart full of raw meat. i mean more than 50 lbs. are running in the sun and trash everywhere. the city and private outreach programs try to offer help and food to the people here which they are quick to take. >> this is yours, this is yours. >> just off highway 37, in other income at this one is due to be cleaned up again i say it again because i was here about one year ago for a different clean up but now, they are back at it again. for all the years that i have been showing you encampments, i found was something that really surprised me. i will let one of the residents explained. >> at times, people come up to the street right here and hawk air horns, and there will be backed of what
8:44 pm
looked like--trash but it is not because it looked like clothing and we do not even one it and it ends up being stored here as trash. >> they say yes to have a lot of trash and debris, but some of it comes from illegal dumpers. what these two places have in common is a while most of the people are quick to except handouts many will not accept the services the city or the private our research organizations are offering because they do not want to conform to any rules. and vallejo i am stanley roberts with kron4 news. >> coming next gary is joined by his lovely wife and they open up the kron4 mill back and answer your e- mails. it baseball returns to arlington tx one day after a tragic fall to the fans' lives. --fan's life.
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>> i believe and honesty in some of the young people on staff may say you are so wise, twice what sitting there i was told by a young person that could be my granddaughter whatever crap you are doing does get it done so we can have kenny sokamoto do her full story. for just zero people do not think i am making this up,
8:48 pm
you heard that right? >> i did, let's go. >> kim sakamoto, as soon as she walks in here... >> you are wasting time the to sports. >> now can may be happy to know that her giants are losing two to one, a serious the tragic moment, the a's and rangers had a moment of silence to honor shannon's bone a stand that died after falling from the second deck trying to catch a ball last night. goe gonzalez got tattooed early going the distance of eight to five the a's are now 10 games back and here we are in july and their season is pretty much over. yao ming has retired, he was supposed to change the face of basketball. he played just
8:49 pm
five games last year with a broken bone in his foot, a stress fracture in his ankle and said i cannot go on anymore. 7 ft. six yao ming has retired. and for 2010 they will forfeit a 12 and one record including a win over arkansas, major scandals that cause the man and a sweater vest to resign and there it is, the school also placed itself on a two years' probation and now awaits more for the ncaa, the with the work that out is that they would tell the ncaa would place ourselves on probation and go from there. we have the no. 188 year-old athlete in the u.s. his name is charlie ross, he trains in atlanta and is in number one in track and field in his age group 88 and over. he is a former ranger has served in three wars and won eight gold medals and five silvers at this year's nationals. kim, i will go through this as fast as i can.
8:50 pm
>> ok. it >> radio and tv e-mail list do it. >> i know their pitching is great to do you think the giants can go all the way with maybe the worst hitting team? >> , people think we are making that up but statistically, they are. all that talk, go out that another player, did another batch, but if you have chemistry that has you in a close position i would not rock the boat. i think they do not want to spend money either. they're still paying off a couple of other higher contract so, there is something about this team. i think they can go all the way they did last year. but i do not think that they need to at anybody and the pitching will overcome the bad planning. >> martha says i love the giants but now it's hard for me to afford a decency. >> no question about that that is one of the sad parts, the people who supported the team it at candlestick, they move to the new ballpark and that is the double-edged sword, everyone wants your team to
8:51 pm
win, but once you win a lot of people get priced out. will you tell the giants? i can get $100 for a seat that used to cost $50, that is capitalism but i feel sorry if you really love this stuff it but, watch it on the radio or tv. >> and for years you talked about how bruce the you to sleep the night you say he is one of your favorites what gives? >> i was wrong, specifically i was talking about when he is interviewed on radio and television he just goes on and on and then i got to know him a little bit and he said the magic words to me about two weeks ago i said you ever get tired of talking all day entering the same questions time after time he goes i do not know why the this sent me over the moon he says i am so lucky to have this job and the in this position if i have to answer the same question to 100 times per day i know how lucky i am. you know again when you're older you appreciate stuff, i wish some of the
8:52 pm
ballplayers and certainly there are some but i wish more of them will realize you know without baseball you know what i would be doing what my family would be doing? if but when he said that, and if he tells you he will show up at a certain time he always shows up. >> i was impressed with your marshawn lynch interview with did you learn to relate to everyone? >> you know what it is i like guys that just do their thing. he may do it too much, but the point is, you know what i mean, there are too many robots in the world, i just like people. speaking of robots, kim, where are you? come here, we have 23 seconds left in this is really embarrassing i want my wife to see, she is the one that sent it done with that. what is the last one? >> you always talk about not rooting for guilty, maybe you are wrong. >> i do not know what is right or wrong. now kim, how old are you 24?
8:53 pm
>> should i tell you? i am 27. >> you are a baby. an intelligent young lady let her do her thing. >> this story better be good. >> it is fantastic. >> kim sakamoto is up next. ♪ i thought it was over here...
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♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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and >> the search for the census go giants world championship baby is on, kimberlee sakamoto is here to tell us about a new contest. >> this is gary's a
8:56 pm
favorite story of the day take a look at the first video that we have for you this is being put on by comcast courts. a quick recap on nov. for slashing the giants beat the rangers in game 5 of the world series so now there are planning on rewarding the first baby born on august 1st of this year exactly nine months after the giants to calm the title. the have the countdown on the web page, to a look at the next video over 100 people have injured you can see some of the pictures here, to have a shot at winning you have to enter by july 31st. the prize packages fun, it includes an outfit in the paper, a brick with the baby's name on it in a park, and if you would like to enter to have a chance in winning the world championship baby contest visit and looking out or what is on the web section. >> at a look at our forecast, it will be cooler out there the cooling trend continues on sunday and all through the week because we have that dense fog.
8:57 pm
>> we will be back at 11:00, thank you for joining us everybody see you later
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