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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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from in hiding to the front page, she's talking about her 18 years as a captive to sex offender. a federal judge releases a sugg federal authorities poorly survived during the kidnap. tonight, we show you what she says in her new book about life in the backyard and we'll tell you what the judge had to say about government's failure to
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monitor him. it's described as some of the disturbing details released earlier in the magazine. >> these are newly released pictures of her in people's magazine. she was abducted in 1991 when she was 11 years old. that first night she was forced to undress and take a shower with him. after the shower is over, she says, i must be very quiet or i will get in trouble. if i'm quiet and a good girl, everything will be fine. i ask him if i could put my clothes back on, he chuckled and said no. in another excerpt she rights, he says he has to put handcuffs on me. i shake my head no and say i won't try to get away. the reason she didn't try to escape, he gave -- as a scary place made of ped files and
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rapists. i've come to realize this was not true. the most precious in the thing -- came out of it my daughters. a portion of the sales will go to jay see's foundation. a federal judge released a confidential report regarding the supervision while he was on parole from 1988 to 1989. it was during that time that he kidnapped dugard. here is the team coverage tonight with details of that report. >> reporter: the report conducted by the administrative office reviews philip garrido's federal -- federal probation supervision. it was during this period that he kidnapped dugard who was then 11 years old. it concludes the federal probation office failed to
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garrido. home contacts were rare. collateral contact with neighbors and local law enforcement were never done. his frequent positive drug test and submission of diluted urine samples were largely ignored. it goes on to say the probation officer appeared unconcerned that they expressed fears about his demeanor. it also says the officer allowed garrido take a job as a salesman going door to door in the community. the report say it is there's no evidence it would have uncovered the evidence of jayceedugard and her children if the officer would have searched the premises. when they fairly questioned whether he could have been deterred from the acts attributed to him and his -- had his supervision been conducted properly from the onset. it's not just this case.
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this office has a track record of poor supervision but it also says this office has remedied the problem, the federal officials plan to keep an eye on things. kron4 news. he started serving prison system in june. nancy is serving a 36 to life sentence. philip garrido is serving 431 year sentence in kings county. the man accused of stealing a picaso drawing is talking tonight. he faces five charges. he's being held on $5 million bail. >> reporter: in a developing story friday i sat down with mark, he's the guy that you see in this mug shot, the man suspected of stealing a picaso sketch. i asked him point blank, did you steal it, are you innocent
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or are you guilty. he will not respond to anything about the case other than saying that this has been blown way out of proportion. he's from the east coast, specifically new jersey, at this point he has not hired a lawyer. he will be fg for now reporting in san francisco jr stone, kron4 news. a follow up tonight in a story. family of four died when their plane crashed into medical building. it caught fire, the -- the building was empty at the time of the crash. the mexican navy and u.s. coast guard will continue searching saturday for 7 men lost at sea. they are all from the bay area. they were part of a group of fishermen whose boat capsized over the weekend.
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the coast guard says it had already searched 1400 square miles of ocean and land. tonight some of the survivors who recently returned home are criticizing the captain and his crew. why some survivors and families of missing fishermen are upset. >> reporter: some of the survivors get choked up. for hours they spent floating on the high sea. >> said we've got too many guys out here. >> even though they're back in the bay area, their hearts are still in mexico. they keep praying for 7 missing fishermen. they're saying he was not well trained and that there was no emergency plan. the survivors say the captain did not send out any distress signals calling for help. they say the fishermen were not given any advance warning that the boat was in trouble. >> i asked the captain, have
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you put out any call to the coast guard to get us here. he didn't say anything to me, he just staired at me. >> reporter: and that angers the family of don lee. lee is still missing. >> to think the fact that the captain didn't drive properly into the storm. he should have been driving away from it. he was more negligent than we had ever ever ever imagined. >> reporter: his wife is now asking search and rescue officials to send a dive team down. kron4 news. a etching from the golden gate bridge, you can see a little bit of a cloudy visibility here. we do have a little bit of fog, that's going to be spreading into bay shores pretty soon. here is a look at the current conditions, temperatures are lot cooler. for inland vallies, it's definitely more mild out there.
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63 in liver moore as we head into tomorrow, the fog is going to take over close to the coastline. as you move back to the coastline at noon, we'll be seeing sunny skies in the afternoon, breezy conditions, but much cooler with the cool air. i'll have details on how cool it will be tomorrow and the rest of the week coming up in just a bit. still ahead, a former first lady passes away. the royals arrived for a busy week in california. there's a brew -- five guys moved in about a year ago. in and out burger is striking back with a one two punch. the giants welcome the new york mets to san francisco.
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the royal couple arrive in beverly hills today. a crowd cheering them on. prince william and kate will spend the weekend in los angeles. kron4 reporter tells us what's on the docket. >> reporter: the couple is coming off a 9 day tour in can d. they wrapped up their trip friday in calvary. kate had on jeans and a big belt buckle and a white blouse. it was a quick change with the queen's make believe broach for their finally venue in canada at the zoo before they head today the airport to take off for lalaland where they'll be greeted by governor jerry brown and his wife. there thereby a reception
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hosted by british consul. they'll stay at the don lat. the resident is more than 7200 square foot mediterranean style estate with 7 bedrooms and baths. on saturday they'll track up the california coast to santa barbara for a charity polo match. vip tickets are $4,000. then it's back to downtown l.a. to walk the red carpet. this may be their chance to mingle with hollywood royalty. sunday begins with a private breakfast. an organization that raises money for african wild life. after that they head to downtown l.a. skid row to watch performance by inner city arts students. well they'll meet military veterans transitioning to
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civilian life. then they'll head back home. former first lady bety ford has died. her husband became president back in 1974. betty stand on president and social issues were unheard for a first lady. she admitted she had an addiction to prescription drugs. she established a bedty ford substance -- betty ford substance abuse center. we'll have the details of the forecast coming up in just a bit. i want to crush more cars.
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a new in and out burger is going in at pleasant hill. it's good news for in and out fans. however, the owners of five brothers are just down the street are not happy. >> it's the biggest east coast
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west coast rivalry. five guys is from washington, d.c. and in and out burger is from southern california. both have been expanding over the years that is until about three years ago, five guys started creeping into west coast locations including this one in pleasant hill about a year ago. in and out burger is not taking the invasion light down. they got approval to build a restaurant here about 2 miles away from the five guys to the north and has applied to build another one about another one about a mile away to south. if there was going to be a show down, i wanted to be involved. it was time for a taste test. >> reporter: we're going to take a taste test to see how well it is. it's very thick. it has pretty much everything, ingredients look good and here is the moment of truth. now it's time to try the in and out burger, one thing i notice is that the five guys burger
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has sesame buns. this is more relish form. we'll try the in and out burger. both were excellent burgers but the five guys burger won my taste test. your taste my differ but my new friends agree. in and out burger does some things bet. >> they've got the fries man, in and out. >> reporter: in and out burger continues to dominate in california and it set up shop in other states but has not expanded any further east than texas. in pleasant hill, jeff bush, kron4 news. foggy and cooler forecast is through the weekend. fog for tomorrow morning, much cooler is the sea breeze. winds start to penetrate our inland valley. wind is influencing our temperatures. the -- dense fog
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expected. here to look at fog tracker before tomorrow morning, fog pushing into inland vallies, also down into the peninsula and also the shore. later in the morning the fog a little bit cooler. and then back to san francisco into the early afternoon, we'll see -- along the coast out there tomorrow and it's definitely going to be cool coast side. here is a look at temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. 62 in san francisco. cool down in the valley. 85 in antioch. 70s for the most part for on bay shores and 70s low 80s down in the south bay. cooler weather through the week and again into next week. drizzle close to the coastline, monday tuesday of wednesday all through next week until that fog starts to die down a little bit. temperatures are going to get into the low 70s by thursday.
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looks like we'll rebound back into friday. the giants battle the mets in a game that was in the 9th inning. highlights coming up. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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for the all star break, that's the giants deal, the baseball network, bob and al broadcasting the game. we'll hear one of their calls in a moment. the two of the best and they know it. angel, two run homer to right. >> the bay bridge, deep drive. it's a tie game.
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>> you can actually hear it, that great shot he did during the earthquake cover in 1989. great job doesn't apply to brian wilson. i guess take him out after giving up a home run to scott and another tally, mets score 3 in the 9th and beat the giants by 2. a very distant second tonight in arlington texas. a moment of silence and both teams wore black ribbons to honor the firefighter who lost his life after falling from the second deck trying to retrieve a ball tossed his way. flags flew half staff. and tarp was placed between the stand and scoreboard. on the field mike, on geo gonzalez, a grand slam. rangers lead them 8-5. oakland left with two left before the
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all star game. they want to keep a heartbeat for playoffs. they better win one this weekend. yao ming can no longer take the pain. after 9 seasons, eight of those as an all star, the 7-foot center has retired. he played five games last year after suffering a broken bone in his foot and stress fracture in his ankle. yao ming will no longer be manning the middle in the nba. ohio state football now officially 0-13 in 2010. in cahoots with the ncaa, ohio state administers, hey, i'll tell you what he recollects we'll forfeet all our games just go light on us. all the stuff about illegal memorabilia, one of the great college football programs in america, not so great right now. they forfeeted every win.
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a bear in a tree at the course in colorado spring. camer, with e see it every time. we've got a few bunts, moved to florida. she's -- stacy lewis is 4 under, one shot ahead of the field. we show these highlights this week comprehensive. they didn't finish the first round. pile up, seem to be the rule in this event. the ride got the worst of it today, bradley forced out of the race with a broken collarbone. and concussion sprint to the finish. wins today. and of course bay area story is levi, he's 5th in place. 4:29 back in the leader. 50th place for the bay area. rider followed me this weekend. i'll be tweeting on the tour defrance. >> how nice.
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>> i'd rather just sit there like most people. doesn't look good to me. >> have a good night and a good weekend.
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