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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 14, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> a stolen picasso was apparently just the beginning, $500,000 worth of artwork has been found and stashed in a new jersey apartment. officials say it was all stolen by the same man that was accused of taking a picasso from the census will gallery. we show some of the other artwork that was found in what is next for the accused thief. [music] >> police say the guy that stole the picasso last week is a seasoned art thief with good taste. mark lugo is accused of stealing this picasso from a san francisco gallery just last week. new york police say after searching his new jersey apartment they found nearly a dozen other stolen
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piece of the heart, most came from high in manhattan galleries. i will use this board to better explain how fast and furious these heist work. june 6th of this year, checking out a painting stolen from this gallery. june 14th, five paintings go missing from a hotel to days later, june 16th a painting stolen from the opera gallery. one taken from the foreman gallery on june 21st, and other picasso was stolen from the william bennett gallery. there it is, it is kind of hard to see, but the very next day we are still in june and other one goes missing from the carlyle hotel on june 28th and on july 1st, a photograph is stolen from the gallery on west 20th street in new york. j.r. stone is on wine lugo may have been a wine before.
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>> you talked about how busy things were and how many different cases there were, these are just two of the paintings, pictures and sketches that were found inside of his apartment this is the picasso and this is another, but that is not all there are several other things according to the security guards in new jersey these are surveillance pictures of mark lugo according to those of the store he went there and stole three bottles of wine, that may sound harmless but when each bottle of wine is $2,000, that is $6,000 worth of wine that he is believed to have stolen. i asked the security guard what happened and we talk on the phone earlier this week in. >> i was having my morning coffee and i was looking through the paper here and i see the article and i see the name, and i see ho bokin and i started filling
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--started spitting out my coffee i saw that he was in the store about a week later and then he came back for another and then i had an employee chase them out to the parking lot and have some words with him. he had expensive tastes and apparently he knew he was looking for because in the wine room he was looking and looking and those spots were not tagged are priced with a marker, or a price so he knew what he was looking for it will be a happy ending if i get my wind back. >> i talked with the lawyer for mark lugo, he tells me that he was his client to get a psychiatric evaluation keep in mind, mark lugo is in court tomorrow morning i will have the latest in a you know what happens in this case. reporting live in the studio, j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> a neighborhood was in shock tonight after a body
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was found burning on the street police arrive just before 5:00 a.m.. the burned body was at the corner of these roads. when talk with one woman about the shocking discovery. >> i saw the body underneath the park. >> she says she did not witness what the police say was a female body being burned in front of her home are around 4:30 a.m. but she told me that when she later learned when the police arrived that it was a woman's body being covered by this yellow car, she became overwhelmed by her thoughts and emotions. >> i have a daughter, and she was someone's daughter, she was someone's friend at some point, so you know it is just awful. i would like to be able to pray for them and think about them, and keep them in my thoughts. >> she says that this quiet rock ridge neighborhood will forever be changed as a result of this
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gruesome incident. >> i guess it will bring us all closer as neighbors, and we will have that. >> the burned homicide victim in front of her home also triggered her thoughts as a mother. >> you have to constantly reassure your kids about the world, being a safe place even though bad things happen. >> police are trying to figure out why the victim was murdered and then set on fire. we went inside the homicide department spoke with the detective on this case. >> there are a number of reasons why it could happen, generally may be to send someone a message as far as do not cross me or you will pay. the other angle, maybe they wanted to hinder the investigation to destroy evidence to prevent us from finding anything. a fire can be very destructive but at the same time there are also problems to where we can find leads even with all
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that going on. >> this is oakland 57, side of the year. [music] >> it is a beautiful evening right now over san francisco, take a look sunny skies in pretty mouth out there right now without the wind. take a look at our high temperatures today, mostly in the '60s. we saw a few '70s out of the temperatures cooled down around the bay area except for places like half moon bay. half moon bay was warmer about four degrees them with saw yesterday. cooler and oakland, for degrees cooler in san jose and cooler up and this then rosa. we will start to warm up as we head into the next few days. upper 50s and low 60s still 69 degrees in antioch and here is what you can expect tomorrow. we will have fog and drizzle and the morning, breezy and cool to mild, but we will start out or warming trend that will
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continue into next week i will have details coming up. >> kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started the hayward police department is now investigating phillip garrido as a possible suspect in another case of a missing girl. we have team coverage as we sit down with michaela garret's mother. >> of a san francisco police cause this intersection a chronic problem. >> the contributions of lesbian, gay, transgendered people can no longer be excluded from the classroom legislation signed by the governor means that this will become a part of the curriculum in that story is coming up. >> shutting down one of the busiest freeways in america the most part dependent city they are calling this carmagedon. harry potter
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>> california is the first day in the nation to require schools to teach students about members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trends gender community. governor jerry brown signed the legislation today. >> martin luther king, cesar chavez, harvey milt all three are associated with civil-rights the only two are mentioned in the california schools but now that will change with the legislation signed by the governor it means a contribution by gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender people can no longer be excluded from the classroom each district will
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decide what will be taught and how it will be taught meaning what is taught in san francisco will be different than what is taught in modesto. while different, it will still have to be taught in the classroom. >> all students will feel safe in all students will feel better included and get an enriched learning experience. >> he is a recent high- school graduate and a member of the gay and straight alliance network he explains about hearing like people about harvey milk would have helped him when he was in school. >> it would have showed me that it does get better and i can get better for myself and that there are people that i can look forward to being like and people whose footsteps i can fall to help make it better not just for myself but for everybody. >> the legislation takes effect beginning next year but the new textbooks and california will not roll out until 2015 and 2016. they expect education about the lgbt community to begin
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long before that time. >> a look at our extended forecast it will stay cool for the next couple of days but it will warm up into next week i will have details coming up in just a little bit. barbecue sauce, sweet and smoky all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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>> students and colleagues are mourning the loss of a doctor an associate professor at uc f department of psychology mac was killed in a shuttle bus crash early this morning. and we take a
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look at what some are calling a very dangerous intersection. >> you can see cars are practically flying by on octavio boulevard and oak street. >> the cars turn right here if you do not wait for the like it is pretty dangerous. >> up after today's fatality this sanford's as a supervisor said that he wants the municipal transportation authority to do a complete evaluation of this intersection. >> of potential hazards which claimed octavia boulevard being one of the most dangerous intersections in the city several years ago. >> in 2006 there were 14 injuries collisions on octavia boulevard and all street. in 2007 there were seven and the latest numbers shows that there were four in 2010. a spokesperson says improved signal timing better signs and red light
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cameras have reversed this spike. >> i think it is better than just setting different timing sequence is for the lights themselves that is not the essential reason that i think it is one part of the menu. >> of the transportation committee says there were not aware of this but they will recall address any concerns. >> the wrong way driver was arraigned on murder charges this morning. he is in court with his hands and feet shackled, accused of intentionally driving the wrong way on highway one on monday. he collided head on killing a 48 year-old woman of santa cruz outside of the courtroom her daughter spoke on behalf of the 30 relatives and friends that were in court. >> i just want the community to know that we appreciate everyone helping us. it is very hard for us at this moment. we just
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missed her right now and i want everyone to know how much we love her and how important she was in our lives. i know a lot of people know that she was an amazing moment. but whoever does not know this, i want them to know and she was loved by a lot of people. >> eric faces 15 years to life in prison if he is convicted he will enter a formal plea later this month. he remains in jail in lieu of $1 million bail. the police have a dimly lit surveillance photograph of a black issue the that they believe was involved in a hit-and-run. at the intersection of san paulo avenue this happened early tuesday morning that left a 22 year-old woman in a hospital in critical condition, the detectives are hoping that someone will come forward to help locate the suv. >> it appears that this was an accident we are hoping
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that the person that hit the female may be was friday in and we're hoping that we can actually talk with them and get their side of the story it was a dark suv that hit the female so we're asking for the help from the public if they saw anything at that time to contact the police department. >> the severity of the injuries to the victim could lead he--leave her permanently impaired. >> we just looked the picture from the roof camera looks sunny, but the coastline is where we see the fog at this hour ticket and a satellite picture, we see fog from ocean beach to the pacific up. it is close to the san mateo coastline already starting to push back towards the bayshores. as we head into tomorrow and even into saturday we will still see some fog and a forecast it has been a fixture bringing the cool sea breeze wins. it always
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brings that cool more rain gear and the temperatures to mar 60 degrees in san for cisco, 63 oakland and low '70s for san jose, santa rosa and concord as we head into saturday was still keep it cool warm up a little bit. a couple of degrees a warming in san francisco the same thing in oakland. i will tell you more about the warming trend into next week coming up. >> one of the busiest freeways in america's most car depended this city will be shut down that is what people in los angeles will be dealing with this weekend. caltrain is closing a 10 mi. stretch of interstate 405 for more than 50 hours. the more than half a million people that normally drive that freeway are facing something much worse than the normal gridlock. >> this is bigger than any hollywood production the shutdown of the 405 freeway. >> just like every big production this one has a name.
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pam >> and it has stars. >> i am erica estrada i'm here with a real motorcycle police officers to remind you of the 405 freeway will be closed from the 10 to the 101 freeway. the three day shutdown will sever the busy artery connecting west l.a. with the san vern and show--with the valley. jet blew offered for dollar flights from burbank to long beach. the tickets sold out within three hours. there are free bus and subway rides, hospitals are providing sleeping quarters for some doctors and nurses, some people are wanting to use the freeway as a party vnu, one group is urging bicyclist to take
8:21 pm
over the freeway sunday night in a film producer when on craig's list for to seek volunteers for a 405 /mop, the police say they will have plenty of officers on hand to make sure that does not happen. >> there have been other predictions of gridlock on the 404 that was during the 1980 olympics, and during the visit from the pope but both times that did not materialize because most drivers decided to stay home. we have a programming note to tell you about starting at 8:00 p.m. will run the series finale of friday night lights, then date line will be at 9:30 p.m. followed by kron4 news at 11:00 p.m.. monk will be seen at 11:30 p.m. that is tomorrow we will be right back.
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>> increases mean that students will have to pay about $1,800 more this fall
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than last fall. it is to help with the $1 billion shortfall that they are facing. students protested about this. >> i think it is discouraging a lot of students from continuing their education they felt it was too hard, they did not think it was practical at this time you need to get a job, it is hard enough on my family i need to help my family out at the same time go to school but i'm not making as much money as i could because i'm not going to school full time. >> they are trying to not take responsibility but enough is enough, we will start organizing students and we are going to tell them that they will not do anything about it we need someone else. >> this follows the decision by the california state university to raise its tuition by 12 percent on top of a previously announced 10% increase. the groundskeepers at at&t park
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have not had much of a restaurant based-- at&t part have not had much of a rest because they had to convert the baseball field into a soccer field this is all for the soccer game between club america and england. it has taken more than 48 hours to get ready. >> we have spent a lot of time on our hands and knees literally putting it together and dressing up appropriately. but we could have a game right now today. so we're very confident that it will hold up. then of course it will be to get back for baseball. >> that is right, the groundskeepers will have to start working immediately after saturday's match, to have a ready for the las angeles dodgers visit on monday. >> coming up, how corporate thieves can prevent you from senior doctor it
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suspect accused of stealing a picasso from a san francisco gallery. we have learned that investigators have found about $500,000 worth of stolen artwork in his new jersey apartment including a another picasso. mark lugo is scheduled to be arraigned on a san francisco case tomorrow, he is expected to plead not guilty. it burned body found in the street in the rock rich districts, officials say that the first priority is to identify the body they admit that will be difficult because of the extent of the burns. the body was found near the intersection of ivanhow they believe the victim was killed elsewhere and then burned on the spot that it was found. governor jerry brown signed a bill today making california the first in the nation to require classis to include the contributions of people that are gay, lesbian,
8:31 pm
bisexual and transgender. >> jaycee dugard is safe but now police are looking for clues of more of phillip garrido possible victims we know that he secretly videotaped other children in the bay area hayward police want to know if one of them was michaela garrett snatched off of the street by a stranger more than 20 years ago they say they could be sisters. mchale of --michaela's mother believes that the investigation should happen years ago. >> i just want peace. >> take a look on the left is a picture of a missing michaela garret when she was kidnapped at age 9. on the right is jaycee dugard when she was kidnapped at age 11,
8:32 pm
as you can see for yourself they look similar this similarity is why hayward police have been waiting to interview the garrido. >> there are similarities. they look like to be sisters, and there was time between when jaycee dugard was kidnapped and the composite sketch and they're all pretty similar. >> there was more than to live link him to garecht's disappearance. >> there is circumstantial similarity the fact that he was paroled the not too long before she was adopted and the fact that he was, we know him to have been in this area. >> he mcallister says that
8:33 pm
barrett's disappearance is personal with the department including himself, he was on duty the data she was taken. >> i was working the day that she was kidnapped in it has been on my mind for all this time. >> in hayward, i am teresa estacio with kron4 news. >> here is a look at the order of events, michaela was snatched november 19, 1988 and then it two years later jaycee dugard was kidnapped from a bus stop on august 25, 2009 jaycee dugard was found by the uc- berkeley campus police and that is when multiple police agencies doug up the garrido backyard looking for any clues to other missing persons cases including michaela's but once dugard and garrido went to court, they placed a freeze order in that order was lifted
8:34 pm
when garrido was sentenced. michaela's mother has been anxiously waiting for hayward police to interrogate garrido. >> i really believed on the day that jaycee dugard was found my daughter would be found. i just had no doubt. >> that hope faded when the hayward investigators failed to turn of evidence at definitively linking her to phillip and nancy garrido when they search the compound back in 2009. her mother says despite the lack of evidence there are compelling reasons why he is one of six persons of interest police are looking at in her daughter's disappearance. one reason is how closely he resembles the sketch of the suspect which can see in comparison of a photo of him taken back in 1976. >> i even heard from her friend was an eyewitness, she really thinks that it could be him. she really thinks that it looks like the kidnapper that she saw. >> another revelation that the real family were
8:35 pm
videotaping young girls which they say started around 1989. one year after her daughter was kidnapped. >> that obviously means that he was out patrolling for kids, i understand that he was in some sort of a halfway house in 1988. i am not sure if it was all of 1980 but i know that he had freedom to come and go and i know that nancy was in the house in 1988. i just want peace, i just want to know where my daughter is. >> these are the newly released videos them by the garrido family. the two on the bottom are examples of trolling for kids, phillip garrido shot the video on the bottom left of a teenager in jean shorts. the video on the right is up filigreed applying the petard near a children's playground while his wife shoots over his shoulder capturing the children. the video on top is of the two of them trying to distract a
8:36 pm
parole agent during his visit to their home. with the price of metals reaching historic highs, car thieves have been very busy and those steps are now having an affect on potentially life-saving procedures. in a story that you will only see on kron4 news, stanley roberts uncovers a rash of copper thefts and multiple locations around san francisco in this edition of people behaving badly. >> copper theft in the bay area has gotten so bad that not even hospitals are immune to the problem. mount zion in located in san francisco it back in august of 2010 experienced a power outage because of thieves. even though the hospital had backup generators to power outage caused an electrical surge in the hospital resulting in the canceling of some surgery's. across the street at post orthopedic in sports medicine, they had to send some patients home. >> all of our phones when
8:37 pm
down you cellphone to call patients an end to cause, we cannot receive any calls and the patients calling in did not know the we had a blackout. >> copper thieves are hitting pg&e and not swiping pounds but tons from the underground vault. like this one on how word screed according to a sanford's as the police report this was not hit once but twice. in fact in the past year, there have been close to 40 reported vault deaths including four in the past 30 days mostly overnight but sometimes in broad daylight. another location, just outside of the at&t building at 555 pine street in san francisco it was also hit twice. and get this, these copper cables were energized when the theft took place so apparently, these thieves and knew what they were doing. >> to give you an idea of what the cable looks like this is one right here a imagine stealing 40 ft. of this. >> i noticed that some
8:38 pm
manhole covers had been welded shut, but in many cases the damage has already been done. in the case of mount zion when the thieves struck it damage six transformers and cost them more than $150,000 to fix. but you can help, pg&e is offering a 15,000 reward to anyone that has any information regarding the death, the thieves usually operate early in the morning but here is a hit, if you see someone in a pickup truck inside of a manhole lead to a 30 in the morning is a pretty good chance that he is behaving badly. in san francisco i'm stanley roberts with kron4 news. [music] >> similar weather expected as we head into tomorrow that means fog reforming and will see a little bit of drizzle. by the 4:00 p.m. hour the coastline will have breezy conditions and cooler temperatures, 60s and low '70s are expected. let us get a look at that fog out
8:39 pm
there tomorrow. fog in the north bay and the south bay but it will scale back from those locations. we still see fog over the east bay. it is not willing to budge over san francisco so i would least expect it will see cloudy conditions through the early afternoon. 60 in san francisco the same thing in richmond, low '70s for the inland valleys. i will have your extended forecast including a warm-up coming up in just a little bit. >> a program note to tell you about tomorrow kron will air nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m. we will run the series finale of friday night lights which concludes the highly acclaimed series and then date line at 9:03 p.m. followed by kron4 news at 11:00 p.m.. monk can be seen at 11:30 p.m. that is
8:40 pm
tomorrow we will be right back.
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>> this is the main suspect in the beating of bryan stow back at giants stadium in march. now at 3 this morning, the crew started work on this
8:43 pm
sinkhole that close to one lane during the morning commute as well as one off ramp. gary takes questions from our audience in this segment that we like to call a gary. the giants are back on the field while their field is being converted for a soccer match, it is all of next do not move.
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8:45 pm
>> the giants are under
8:46 pm
way in san diego is one nothing san diego in the seventh inning meanwhile, the giants returned to at&t park to host the dodgers on monday that is after soccer will be played. they have the baseball field in for club america verses manchester city that is for soccer. brent anderson has been on the designated, on the dl since early june with soreness. today he underwent tommy john reconstructive elbow surgery. his season is over, his numbers were not that great this year but he is one of those guys that you hear time and time again for his future is very bright coming back from tommy john surgery is never much fun.
8:47 pm
but at the very least, he took care of the problem for now. roger clemens appears to have caught a big break. he was signing autographs moments today after a u.s. district judge reggie walton put his trial to bed by declaring it a ms. trout. it appears that he was facing jail time had he been convicted of perjury he is off a look because the judge said it was a miss trial because the prosecutors showed the jurors evidence that he had already ruled out. the judge told the jurors that he was sorry that they wasted their time. they will have a hearing on september 2nd to decide whether not to try him again. fines from a brawl david ortiz got hit today along with the pitcher from the orioles. both were suspended four games and that means four games without pay, that is pretty stiff. again, back and forth
8:48 pm
they go and as we like to say no one died. both benches were empty but that is how you do it, someone was holding them back. >> that is what i do with you all the time. her [laughter] re >> exactly and is no one is holding me back then i hold me back. now this is the british open. you know mac elroy's story, he shot 71 today not that he is still very much in the hunt. the pga has not had an ace in a couple of years. their ideas, he is even par after 70. tom lewis is an amateur, how about this 820 year-old amateur. r >> we always enjoy this.
8:49 pm
the audience is to talk back with a man on tv question no. one... >> can the giants hang on for the second half of the season? >> and yes, i would not bet against them, i think first and foremost they have great pitching, and second in that division there is no one that jumps out at you. i think arizona is ok but we will see what happens. if they were in the division with philadelphia or atlanta you'd think they did not have enough heating, but in their division they should be ok. >> and gary, is it the same old oakland a's? >> that was cute. [laughter] >> i am sorry that was cute, it was the first musical accompaniment that we had. yes, it is the same old a's until they get a new stadium that will allow say
8:50 pm
and to say hey, i will wait for the team to get a good i will come out and enjoy myself at the ballpark and just enjoy the scenery, enjoy the new list of the facility it will be a pretty tough for the oakland athletics to be good again ran they do not have the resources because they do not bring in the fan's. and you know, these owners do not want to lose money in there you go, number three. >> gary are you ready for some football? >> and you, yes by all accounts, this lockout will end, now where they get the first week of exhibition games in, that remains to be seen. but i think they will be ready to go in the september and that certainly again is the one sport in this country that you can laugh at the fan's, it can do what ever you want and they will come back to this is a football crazy country. no. 4.
8:51 pm
>> of all the athletes out there which one do you just stop you are doing in pay attention when they are on? if the >> and all my gosh! i used to say bond it for years, but there are not many guys like that anymore. in my ear jason says tiger woods committee often are may--be all of the golf course i will watch what he is doing report her to but that is the best answer i can give. before i get out of here here's a guy that used to make everyone stop and watch them, shaquille o'neal would join charles barkley on the tnt basketball coverage. everyone wanted to kill o'neill on their program but tnt said we are not afraid to have 2 guys fighting for the limelight, they should be pretty good because their friends, their mothers are
8:52 pm
friends. in yield tnt they get over at a 11:00 our time is 2:00 a.m. and those guys have fun to have an open ended o'clock and they are joshing each other unlike this segment are i have to stop at a certain time. [laughter] and >> we will be back. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >> the final chapter of harry potter opens in theaters in just about a few hours from now. tons of people are already crammed
8:55 pm
in line to try and see the movie. i just bushes out there live in san jose to tell us what is going on. >> that is right, they have their costumes on in some of these people have been waiting in line all day long here at the tech museum. they're here to see the final installation of the very potter film. you can tell they're very enthusiastic they have been waiting to see this film. i talk with a couple of them earlier today to find out why they're here. and >> harry potter. >> it is because harry potter has brought me a whole group of friends that are awesome. >> i have a tape, i have a wand. >> it is the last one and we have to go all out because i still like $150 on my costume. >> we love harry potter is the end of an era. pergamon it allows people to dress up and looked weird. people do not think we're crazy, i
8:56 pm
mean they may still think we are crazy but... >> this is definitely the movie series of our generation, we grew up with it so it is release special to be here. >> no one wins we are trying to kill each other. >> i can kill you better. >> o no my bird! [laughter] >> we have been excited about this for a long time so was worth the wait. >> you are so lame. >> the one girl that i talked with said that harry potter was just a part of their generation, many of the fans grew up reading the books and seeing the films, they will see the final installation of harry potter tonight at midnight. reporting live i am jeff bush with kron4 news. >> at least the weather was not too bad for the can thing out. >> it will be back, we will have fog and cool weather but a warm up into next
8:57 pm
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