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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 18, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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suspect, kenneth harding took off running. there were forced to use their weapons after he opened fire. he died at the scene. caught on you tube. he is wanted for the murder of a pregnant woman in washington state. despite that, people are still upset. as police accused of using excessive force. >>reporter: they came to speak out about this a neighborhood shooting. they believe the police should have had a less violent solution. >> we are really shocked about what happened. we saw it on the you tube. by the time i got here. is.. painful to see. >>reporter: most of the people are anchored by the severity of how he was- anchored. kenneth harding did not have a gun. people
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are angry. - >> i do not know the entire story that perhaps he had a gun or he did not. there are a lot of stories going around of the match, he still lost his life. >>reporter: he has a criminal record, wanted in eight murder for washington state they did not know that when he was shot. >> i doubt the officers knew that and when they opened higher. it is not shoot first and ask questions later. >>catherine: he is being linked to a seattle murder. they held a vigil for the 19 year-old victim when she was killed. kenneth harding was the first one of interest in her roncalli in seattle. that is not the only run in. he was the first person of interest-in that woman's 19 year-old killing and the
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seattle. she was pregnant. >> a been on the phone with people in washington state and washington d.c.. they say that he has an extensive history. some of what i found during today. most recently he was in jail for promoting prostitution. picking out a 13 year-old. he was convicted. - prostituting out a 13 year- old. also needed to help time for assaulting a bus driver in seattle. the bus driver walked back to warn him to stop the obscenities but he followed him back to the bus seat and punched him. also in 2009 of first- degree robbery. these are three cases in the last three years. >>catherine: you spoke to the seattle police?
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>> i did. you mentioned that murder case. they said that he was not necessarily a suspect but he was the person of interest. with the only person they were looking at in that case. >>catherine: that 13 year- old that is disturbing. >> only 13 years old there is an entire file. in particular you are talking about prostituting out to this girl for i will have more of this at 6:00 p.m. >>catherine: thank you, j.r. investigators have a person of interest with a burned body. this woman's body was found thursday on ivanhoe. she suffered trauma before her body was burned. they have not been able to identify the suspect. >>catherine: richmond police are investigating a double murder in the golden triangle. it is possible
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this is in retaliation of the previous shooting. 30 minutes earlier in the 30 minutes in the northern section, rivalry gang activity could be the root of this problem a richmond activist, and her schumacher spoke to kron 4 by phone they say that drugs and crack cocaine could be related. >> it traces back to that of addiction. the pain that those neighborhoods have experienced over the years it is devastating. as well as the south side. if we know that hurt people hurt people. the word on the street is that it is not over yet. we also condone
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that. to not condone that, they are serious and they are hurting. weather we are pushing that pain, respecting that paine webber is, that pain is still real. that pain-is still real. >>catherine: rev. says that still people are getting stigmatized by the violence created by small groups in either part of town. the san francisco naacp says that the racial profiling of a passenger because of saatchi pants and the month of june. 20 year-old was asked by flight crew to pull up his sagging pants he refused. the airline had them removed. today the naacp's staged a protest outside the u.s. airways ticket counter.
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they want an apology. churls clifford was at the airport. details. charles clifford-- >> we're not dealing with just threats. >> the president of the naacp says the u.s. air was removed the show on not because of this clothing because he was black. >> this type of profiling african american males must stop and this nation. there is why there is a disproportionate number of locked up. >>reporter: the airline has maintained that he was removed because was being disruptive and is failed to follow the flight crew instruction. brown is not buying it. >> this is inconsistent. theological and insensitive this entire issue started around his sacking pants it is illogical. u.s. air has committed a white cross dresser to fly from florida to phoenix, arizona. nobody
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arrested him. >>reporter: later this week will pass the national naacp to boycott u.s. airwaves. >> until the commit themselves--u.s. airways--to sit down with the naacp to discuss their dress code and also the issue of issuing an apology. >>reporter: charles clifford at sfo, kron 4 news. (music) >> jacqueline: a live look from the golden gate bridge. they little bit of a fog on the coastline and to the north. the latest satellite picture is clearing along the san mateo coast. as you can see it is also among the north bay. clouds approaching and even over santa rosa. temperatures harp are warmer and
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specially-temperatures are going to be warmer. 80s in fairfield, livermore, and '80s in napa. the bay shores 70's. upper 60s along the coast. it's taking a look of the difference in the past 24 hours warming several places. we will continue this warming trend i will let you know mid-week coming up in just a bit. >>catherine: cisco 5600 employees this was announced in the month of may. 6500 cuts will become at or above the present level. 2100 employees will be people taking part in an early retirement program. the people being laid off will get severance pay and also help in finding a new job. and the official word of one they're going to be cutting in august. >>catherine: borders had
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over 1000 stores. the 400 are getting closer to extinction. they did not get any new bids an auction process of the and the opening bid from two different liquidation firms. all 11,000 employees of the impact. >> borders just like this one and palo alto could soon be in no more. after speaking with the president of the cou company the liquidation proposal the details with no acceptance the stores are going to be closing. no exact time frame but they did say that employers be let go and individually each would get a " package ". and if they could expect to see those sales of going out of business. in palo alto, kron 4 news. >>catherine: they piled for bankruptcy protection in february they filed. san
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francisco, palo alto and sunnyvale. >>catherine: still had the san francisco superior court is making cuts. what is being cut and how could impact you. it cellphone package including one person connected found dead. and the the the results of the monsoon flooding. a report on the rare play to an extra inning giants for a victory. (music)
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the best friend of oscar grant is it that every shooting on friday. his friend was found dead in january. the not--july 15th. >> did not think that this was a random act. he was with his friend oscar grant when oscar grant was shot. >> a late night shooting
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triple shooting toward them off to adults and one teenager suffered serious injuries on the sunday night. it took place to run the 11:00 p.m.. the woman had no comment on the shooting. they're trying to determine if this is gang- related. and if they heard the gunshots? a fatality was here about nine months ago and that is where they've moved away from here. >> unheard pop, pop. >> are you going to move out? >> yes. >> police said the injuries are not life-threatening but they're trying to figure of one this shooting happened. it details are sketchy. in san jose, craig sklar, kron 4 news. >> taking a look things on warming up portable the details coming up on your full forecast.
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>>catherine: programming notes. we will have nbc programming on a p.m. with america's top talent. followed by " law and order criminal intent " and then a special edition at 10:00 p.m.
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>>catherine: the nation's credit limit is maxed out until the government can decide what to do about it. lawmakers and the president are getting any closer to a deal. >> on capitol hill and no major progress yet on raising the debt limit. part of the reason is that democrats and republicans are vastly different. >> the president continues to insist that we should push for the possible budget deficit prep package. >> that the before trillion dollars in reduction but that is unlikely to get through the republican controlled house. >> if they continue--if
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obama continues to increase taxes on workers that is not going to work. >> that would limit future spending in at a balanced budget amendment to the u.s. constitution. in exchange for raising the debt ceiling but it is unlikely to pass the democratic controlled the senate. >> these amendments not just balance the budget but the increased spending limitations forcing to cut social security and medicare more deeply them of resolution. >> there is a resolution that is gaming momentum. mitch mcconnell would give the president to power to raise the level in increments with no major overhaul but a smaller scale compromise could be the only compromise government can make. coral a seuss, kron 4 news. if (music) >> jacqueline: a live look from our have-- reporting that was carl jesus.
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>>jacqueline: a warm-up today and to continue to see that warming trend for the next couple of days. '70s for wednesday and thursday. also warming and the south bay! with 86 degrees by wednesday. thursday, temperatures will also be calling into the 80s through santa rosa. also 88 later this week cleaning to 80s- cleanin-clang off clinging--to e south the, the fog could push back fairly quickly by 10:00 p.m. just a little bit through san francisco's co and the golden gate gap. perhaps along the coast tomorrow as well. as far as the temperatures, they're quick to warm up with much more 80s through novado, napa, the four in concord. upper 70's in richmond, san
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francisco, 70's for the bay shore. 76 and mountain view, 80s and the south bay. 80s in mountain hill and los gatos. your kron 4 7 day around the bay the warming trend over the next several days. tomorrow should be comfortable but it is going to be hot, inland. temperatures in the mid-low 90s depending on where you are. will cool down a lot of of one of fog returns but warm right back up as we go towards the weekend. >>catherine: in world news reporters will help break the news with the wide spread hacking. he told the new york times that they encouraged the hacking. including the royal family and the celebrities. families of dead soldiers' families of a debt 13 year- old girl. several editors of the scotland yard have designed the just-resigned and even accused of being
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bribed. more developments letter this week. >> taking a look at this tragedy they were in the middle of the river. they were having a picnic when the river rose it happened so fast. for support eventually there were swept out of the water. only two of those members of the family survived. >> looking at this foggy traffic. the san mateo is much more clear. cars headed east bound towards hayward. stay with us. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs.
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>>catherine: new a 5:00 p.m. san francisc--both governing boards waste the pay and
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raising student fees. --both governing boards proposed a law to halt the fee increas-halt the salary increase for high executives for campuses. in-state tuition will pay $600 more per year. the administrators are blaming a 20% cut in funding for these increases. last week a 9% increase was approved in top of 88 percent hike that was approved earlier these increases mean that-session 8 percent hike for earlier. helps bridge the gap. >> kimberlee: perhaps students concerare able to rent
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text books electronically. amazon is getting into the college renting of textbooks from just 30 days to one full year. students can save as much as 80% on textbooks. by renting them from kendall. taking a look of this video this is a large video. amazon purchase price would be about $110. when you look to the left you can read it for a little bit under $40. you are receiving by printing i you cant and save approximately $40.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>catherine: the budget battle is having an impact on the san francisco
5:30 pm
superior court. announcing that a cut 40% of its staff. 25 court rooms. that has $30 million in debt. they're taking drastic steps to fill that budget hole. even longer lines trying to do with the legal system. maureen kelly explains the impact. >>reporter >> a reduction in service that is so severe that will all for practical purposes it dismantle our court. >>reporter: katherine feinstein says of these are going to be vigorous tax of paper work at the san francisco superior courthouse. several cases that need to be filed before seen by a judge it is already getting backed up. and in the end of this would span a football field and it is on the going to get worse. a big chunk of this lose their jobs. >> these papers are going to
5:31 pm
sit on the shelves, piled high and not make it to a court room for at least five years. >>reporter: lest clless clerks behind the window. they are expected to be having to wait " for several hours. the lines are out the door. >> obtaining a report will take months. obtaining a remorseful take at least 1.5 years. >>reporter: criminal cases will not be impacted or child custody will also not be impacted because the law requires them to be given priority. most everybody else needs to muster through the weight. >>catherine: more cut backs of the sentence oto the san frao court system. a follow-up to
5:32 pm
the firefighters said there getting reinstated to. a retraining course this is the first step of cutting 22 firefighters back on the job. 49 have been laid off because of the fema grant that now they can rehire them. the deal means that they cannot be laid off again for at least two years. the firefighters are getting two weeks of training before starting their jobs again. the city of san francisco is investigating a string of armed robberies. police are warning people to be careful but not on the street talking and the cellphone, they say that robberies robbers are caught- target---in people on their phone. they take advantage of the fact that people are distracted. even taking their cellphone by force or a weapon. >> they will see an opportunity to take an item. city-wide, not just one area. again this is an opportunistic item. they
5:33 pm
sell it on the black market for these types of devices. >>reporter: these are happening at different times of the day. and they're suggesting that the only use cellphones and considered to be a safe place. families and gilroy had anicholas young after spotting him loitering. a fight broke out june 12th between east 8 and on every street. one man was stabbed and another one was beaten and they suspect that he was involved in the stabbing. several other suspects are still on the loose. >> freshman at san as a university will have a unique accommodations because it will not be staying in dorms. they tell us about their housing opportunities. >> it is all full of the yen at least it will be at this semester with storms also at
5:34 pm
the--dorms. they are finding themselves having to room at a nearby hotel but the surge in attendance. 4000 first- time freshmen like when you see here:to orientation this past week that is up from 2700 just one year ago. the requirement for living 30 mi. away to live on campus the lamp the lack of campus means that the----several of them will have to should share meal plans, and still use the warm facilities such as housekeeping but not live in the dorms. living in adjacent hotels. >> these temperatures in the midwest from texas to minnesota taking a tour of the scorched states. >> water! >> with the heat index over
5:35 pm
100 degrees. the minnesota twins game fans did what ever they could to stay cool. >> portal! i have probably lost 10 lbs.. >> several needed medical attention of this had severe dehydration. across the country is been a brutal summer with dangerous heat waves sizzling and 40 different states. oklahoma, 27 days over 100 degrees. it is plain for this water main break and for this section of this buffalo freeway that sent motorists to a hospital. fifth was so hot that this man frightene fresh egg on his-was able to fry an egg on his dashboard. also this woman in houston summed it up in a cnn and report. >> we are sweltering and we're just asking for some relief, here. houston as hot
5:36 pm
as pleases. stay put, stay cool. >> as experts say. your body develops heat. when it is hot out side you can overheat easy and that will lead to heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. >>jacqueline: to give you an idea just how bad it this heat wave is a take a look of the orange representing heat advisories. extreme heat watches. for virtually the entire midwest is under a heat advisory. the orange is a combination of high temperatures and high humidity. temperatures are in the low 90s in triple digits. you are going to just fill measurable and with the heat index is going to feel like 105 with the committee factored in. depending on where you are, with that--humidity factored in. f with temperatures in the upper 90s. nearly triple
5:37 pm
digits with 98 in wichita, 93 in kansas city. the further north you go a bit cooler. still tense and the '90s with omaha, minneapolis. and '80s in the other areas brutal conditions in the mid we st. >>catherine: the james lick it is going towards the south bay fairly well but it is a bit slow. check and the bay bridge is looking great stay with us with more news, coming up. (music) it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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>>catherine: the giants continue with their stride continuing their victory in dramatic fashion. vern glenn is here to talk about a rare
5:41 pm
play. >> it is like a bald episode of maciver some of the giants were able to find a way it was an odd--anomaly. the 11th inning thereat at san diego. chris stewart was not a very good punter. they take a 4-3 lead. he did his job. after laying down of that boshort hit. stewart had blown a couple of previous opportunities for the coach said will i will never use him again in that situation. so here we are back into this situation. >>catherine: it worked! >> yes. >> visiting with chris stored about 1.5 hours ago and this is what he said.
5:42 pm
chris stewart. -- >> we try to do it anyway we can a round here. we are getting runs anywhere we can. yesterday the situation was trying to get a run anywhere we can. squeezing it out, and luckily a man came across and closing out for the big win. >> it is kept getting better and better for them, catherine. the giants, they are going to meet the president. if the night before the game they're going to meet with joe montana. he is going to meet with the boys in the locker room and talk about what ever they talk about. being championships and what to expect and also when joe montana speaks. super jell. >> they're having a great time. >> super-joe montana thank you, vern glenn. >>catherine: jacqueline?
5:43 pm
>>jacqueline: warmth which your entire forecast. programming at 8:00 p.m. we will have " america's got talent " and all law and order and then kron 4 news what this special edition at 10:00 p.m. stay with us. fat
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(music) >>jacqueline: a live look from the san mateo bridge a little bit of sunny skies with the current temperatures are pretty nice to the san mateo area. low 60s this evening upper 60s overnight and back into the 60s tomorrow. current conditions are pretty mild. 76 and in san jose, and also upper 70's for the inland valleys. 72 in hayward. we
5:47 pm
are born to see warmer conditions as we go towards tomorrow and for the next couple of days. tomorrow at a glance with some patchy fog for the bay shore. and moving back to the coast by noon. temperatures are overdue warming up at concord. by 4:00 p.m., clear, warm with the ease and at a number of places. bay-area wide what we have in store are plenty of 80s. we are going to see 80s through the east bay, the south bay, and also to the peninsula. to the north bay, 78 degrees in petaluma. 80s through napa. a lot of the fog in the morning to clear out quickly. for the coast we could see a few warmer spots. for the east bay temperatures warming into the 70's for a number of places. 71 in hayward, 75 in fremont relatively will for
5:48 pm
the inland valleys with only temperatures in the 80s. mid '80s in pleasanton, antioch and the south they still comfortable with the 70's in morgan hill is 87 degrees. it is going to start to get pretty hot as we go towards the rest of the week with wednesday, thursday. back into the '90s with a brief cool down. the fog returns but will warm back up. temperatures back into the '90s for the inland valleys. >> kimberlee: take a look at this. a frightening moment at a cheap trick concert and ottawa this blues festival is showing this complete stage giving way. the entire stage not just a part of it collapsed! amazingly, nobody was seriously injured. one person was pierced but everyone has been discharged
5:49 pm
from the hospital. >> what does this burning television tower in the netherlands they saw this collapse but quickly moved out of the way when they saw that they could not get the fire out. no injuries, no word on what caused this. communications were down for awhile. >> as bald eagle is going to fly high. a quick resuscitation this stopped breathing while under anesthesia. this veteran erin was able to get it breathing. it was hit by a car about one a month ago. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> thoughyour trip eyes are not deceiving you that as a driver heading the wrong way. i was riding with the chp who happen to be on a traffic stop on highway 92
5:50 pm
when this happened. while i am shooting this another officer is heading over to stop the driver before something bad happens. just to let you know the driver is riding on the shoulder but still, going the wrong way. she drove quite a long distance at some point she slowed down and even stopped. now, it appears that she has run out of road looking to try a u-turn and to the c h p are right. apparently, the driver was going to cost about mr. exit. she had no intention of crossing the bridge so she turned around. if you are like me and if she was aware of driving against traffic? >> i waited until the policeman came. >> she said that the issue was insisting not that the issue is not going the wrong way and if you're
5:51 pm
wondering? she did get a ticket. normally it is a misdemeanor. because she was on driving on the shoulder. this was only considered an infraction. this is numerous. this was only the first time i was able to catch it on tape. for the record, she missed the san mateo exit bridge to turn around and he were cheated out what to do the bridge toll. it is 20 mi. round trip. in foster city, kron 4 news. >>catherine: taking a look of the traffic conditions 6800/24 interchange at walnut creek. stay with us 60
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plus, get up to 132 channels, with hbo and cinemax free for 3 months. [ male announcer ] u-verse tv lets you record up to four shows at once on a single dvr. and you can record and play back your shows from any room. [ female announcer ] call now to get at&t u-verse tv for only 29 a month for six months. hd-ready dvr receiver included at no extra charge. plus, get up to 132 channels, with hbo and cinemax free for 3 months. [ male announcer ] with u-verse tv, you get the ultimate viewing experience with 100% digital picture and sound. u-verse tv is ranked highest in residential television service satisfaction by j.d. power and associates three years in a row. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. >>catherine: the dow jones fell. nearly 100 points. rob black. one of the winners,
5:55 pm
one of the us losers cisco. those are going to be pushed into the retirement, 5000 jobs and juarez mexico getting shipped out. it is a bad day for cisco. it was one of those downsizing that nobody wants to talk about. >>catherine: and a trio of of the losers. >> yes. i am a stock person that bank of america, goldman sacks. these are practically bleeding. i do not have a good football analogy but if you are just 100 yds away your almost a winner. these financial stocks are two year low there is something wrong. bankamerica has gone from $14 to the amount of $9.50. and with no blood, we die as
5:56 pm
a there something wrong with these guys i cannot quite put my finger on it but it has been contained dress. >>catherine: it is kind of chilling. cantankerous-- >>catherine: and charlie sheen. he looks to make 40 million-100 million a signing a new television series with lions gate kind of based on his movie. a character that mistreats women. and with 10 episodes could be 90 episodes. if that is how he is going to make so much money. >>catherine: he is recovering despite the odds. the loser is the borders. no light at the end of the tunnel for them. i thought there were already dead.
5:57 pm
>> me too, this is great for amazon but not a good day for mom and pop. borders but mom and pop out of business but no borders is kidding shot down. with no white knight at the last minute. it is-and getting a shut down. cisco, nine dozen gone. border's 11,000 employees gone >>catherine: bp? >> off a great example toyota gets into a problem with their accelerator. japan has a nuclear meltdown and literally a tsunami/earthquake and their stock market is outperforming the entire world. it has gone down so much that it is are performing so much. >>catherine: thank you, rob. picketing against u.s. airways from the passenger kicked off for wearing sexy
5:58 pm
pants. halt the pastors feel about the mounting controversy. as a passenger speaks out entering the great recession. another great lawmaker also a hot date if she just says the word that the white betty
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>catherine: tonight's big store a teenager killed by san francisco police. tonight we're learning that he was the only person of interest in a murder case in seattle. 19 year-old kenneth harding ran from officers when he boarded a unique training. there were looking for fare evaders. he ran away, opened fire and that is when he was shot and killed. he is connected and a murder with a 19 year-old pregnant woman in seattle.
6:01 pm
teresa estacio talk to zynga cisco police about this shooting. >>reporter: san francisco police chief says of the facts prove the officers had no choice they had to use their weapons. in the shooting this weekend were a man was fatally shot after a confrontation with police officers for allegedly evading a fair on the muni. on a news conference they laid it all out. cameras recorded this. >> at one point he turned and fired on the officers. under the arm. the officer returned fire striking hurting striking kenneth harding fatally injuring him. witnesses i invite you to come forward. to confirm that the suspect fired upon the officer. >>reporter: in addition there was an audio recording
6:02 pm
the first shot is the suspect. >> from the very beginning ultimately this led to the death of the suspect. >>reporter: after the shooting the by standard grab the gun but they received a tip were able to retrieve the gone and now testing yet. testing it. >> now, they're not limited but looking at gun shot casings. contamination, dna, >>reporter: teresa estacio, kron 4 news. >>catherine: this sparked a rally in san francisco's bayview district. this is video with 100 people showing up. they say that there are conflicting stories whether or not of the suspect had a gun which is causing a concern. they are a sign that he should have been a rested instead of shot. they are holding a
6:03 pm
discussion on wednesday. to talk to people about what happened. the officer involved shooting victim is linked to a seattle murder. they held a vigil for the 19 year-old victim. she was pregnant when she was killed. police say that harding was a person of interest on that this wednesday seattle murder. can that harding is no stranger to the law. he has been in and out of jail since he was 17 years old j.r. stone did some digging. continuing our team coverage. >> new information in our newsroom about canada harding. the shot killed a man shot-kenneth harding. his long rap sheet in fact he was released from prison three months ago after serving 15 of a 22 month old sentence for promoting prostitution. court documents show that was prostitution a 13 year-old rule. charging $50-$100 but
6:04 pm
that is just one of the crimes that is been linked to. 20 08, 60s until after being identified as one of the attackers speeding up a metro bus driver. the were using foul language on the bus drithe driver was then beat up. and then robberies. three cases for a man that was only 19. reporting, j.r. stone. >>catherine: more pressure on u.s. airways of responding to racial profiling. 20 year-old was removed from an airplane for measuring pettipants cardiff they want t--they want changese
6:05 pm
naacp to sponsor a boycott of the airlines. earlier we spoke to several travelers at sfo to get their opinions on this. >> i do not realize.. >> one could argue that there was racial profiling going on in. >> it does in some like it is racist but it sounds like it could be interpreted that way. >> i think it be happening on any airline i think it was a personal issue. >> if i had to dress a certain way? maybe i would look at >> i think that is what they
6:06 pm
need to do because people where bizarre things all the time. >> they should have had a sign posted saying now pettipants. >> a case by case. >> whenever it is the safest and most efficient is probably the best way to go. >> they are maintaining that he was removed from that flight in the month of june because he was failing to of follow cruel instructions. >> kimberlee: today with a facebook fan page asking about this secchi pants incident. it's the first comment. do you think that this will influence u.s. airwaves? you can see about 54%, the majority said that their answer was no. meanwhile, 20 percent said yes it makes me less likely to fly with that airline. you can see other people said it also yes. making it more likely to fly. and
6:07 pm
another one not quite sure. would like to know what you think. go to our facebook fan page to vote. >>catherine: richmond police are investigating a double murder the seventh of late last night >> police in richmond are >>catherine: an officer accused of using excessive have had a less violent time i got here. is.. painful to see. gun or he did not. there are later. >> a been on the phone with three cases in the last >>catherine: thank you, j.r. >> we're looking to see if there's any connection between a shooting with a few weeks ago on july 3rd.
6:08 pm
we're concerned of a retaliatory shooting and spending these officers out as much as we can with a working units of trying to keep people informed. who want to stay informed of both groups and working with the shares to foreign, deputies because a lot of that entails the unincorporated county area. >> richmond police say that that section are not involved with any of this dispute purify off its >>catherine: off have not been able to identify the suspect. triangle. it is possible this is in retaliation of the previous shooting. 30 we will be back after this, your full forecast coming up.
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i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. >>catherine: a live look in arizona this is near phoenix. a huge dust storm
6:12 pm
has covered part of the city. this has reduced visibility to about at 0. and the dust cloud is 1 mi. high. stopping flights. knocking out power and turning swimming pools into mud pits. it is not often get this a big. arizona had a similar problem on july 5th. >>catherine: getting to the bottom of a horrific crime. a woman was set on fire and left to die in east bay city. the police telling kron 4 haazig madyun that they're closing in on a motive. >>reporter: starting to a good idea of who was responsible for the murder of 21 year-old monica they are saying that after several people that knew her over the weekend. in fact investigators say that the motive is beginning to take shape regarding her body being set on fire and left to burn the last week on a
6:13 pm
sea city and rockridge. --for her funeral is at st. elizabeth's church in fruitvalle. in oakland police headquarters haazig madyun kron 4 >>catherine: a programming note we will have nbc programming beginning at 8:00 p.m. with " america's current talent " and kron 4 news will of a special edition at 10:00 p.m. stay with us.
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
]s >>catherine: new details on the whistleblowing he was found dead in not consider foul play. also another resignation in the wake of that scandal this time one is assistant police, mr. commissioner, john gates also from scotland yard and
6:17 pm
another resignation. the past decision of not to reopen a former investigation. >> i have this complete integrity and my conscience is clear. i look forward to the future where my role will be examined in a proper and the environment and where my actions will be judged on the evidence. rather than on innuendo and speculation as they are at present. >>catherine: testimony expected from the news editor, rebecca brooks a restive over the weekend. rupert plants on testifying tomorrow we have more of what to expect he plans on the testifying tomorrow. if the off (church bells)
6:18 pm
>> 1 big ben strikes all three will be appearing before a parliamentary could be the most important hour of their entire career. the big political beat is that there is perhaps she is not able to shed light on what really happened if she is arrested. with former deputy prime minister promised of the things murdoch has a lot to answer for. everybody is scared to death to do anything. and the spider in this web is about time we took him on. >> the chairman of that will be in charge previously told him that phone hhacking was normal reporting and it later that was not true.
6:19 pm
>> which took international sources saying that the parliamentary body was misled. and how long has he known about this? with live misled? >> this is not a court appearance but it is going to fill a key is on trial. for years, rupert murdoch is the man behind " to avoid headlines now he is on the front page himself. that is a pretty awkward place for a press baron suddenly the gutter press. target. cnn, london. >>jacqueline: a pretty nice day temperatures in the south they were in the upper 70's. we're starting to cool a bit. 69 in hayward. again starting to cool down to
6:20 pm
the inland valleys 75 in livermore. and 60's in the san francisco. as we go towards the next several days. notice the warming trend. in oakland 72 degrees. upper 70's by tuesday. keeping it warm with seven is all we can san jose. concord warmer weather expected with 96 degrees on tuesday! 94 degrees on wednesday. a hot summer weather is returning for the inland valley. taking a look of the futurecast quite mild. upper 50s, low 60s and we could see a quick warming. 81 degrees by noon. we will continue the warming trend with plenty of '80s into tomorrow afternoon. 81 degrees in santa rosa. upper 60s for san francisco and richmond 84 in concord. 83 in livermore. '70s with the bayshore 78 in redwood city
6:21 pm
and '80s into the south bay. the warmest location at 87 degrees. your kron 4 7 day around the bay take a look your the bay a warming trend for this week with wednesday, thursday, hot conditions. especially in the goldea specially with a slight cool down on friday but a warm-up for the weekend. >>catherine: up in just a bit. 6500 is getting employee>>catherine: cisco 5600 employees this was announced--6500 in the month of may. 6500 cuts will become at or above the present level. 2100 employees will be people taking part in an early retirement program. the people being laid off will get severance pay and also help in finding a new job. and the official word of one in august. >>catherine: borders had over 1000 stores. the 400 are getting closer to extinction. they did not get any new bids an auction process of the and the opening bid from two different liquidation firms. all 11,000 employees of the impact.
6:22 pm
signs offering bordobargain prices however >> borders just like this one and palo alto could soon be in no more. after speaking with the president of the company the liquidation proposal the details with no acceptance the stores are going to be closing. no exact time frame but they did say that employers be let go and individually each would get a " package ". and if they could expect to see those sales of going out of business. in palo alto, kron also adjacent buildings and businesses could be impacted with the closing. such as this indian restaurant. sunnyvale, palo alto and stores and going out of business. >>catherine: a huge dust storm in phoenix, arizona.
6:23 pm
this wall of dust that hit the downtown area is still there. it moved in from the south east and they're concerned. in another dust storm is capable like an plenty of damage. with swimming pools transitioning into mud pits. stay with us, more news after this.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>>catherine: and a national news president obama announced that his choice to head the consumer financial bureau was official created under the wall street journal reform bill from last year. and also what he is causing a great recession. >> the fact is that the financial crisis and recession one not see cause of the normal economic cycles or just bad luck there were abuses. and a
6:27 pm
lack of smart regulation. so we're not going to just shrug our shoulders and hope that it is not going to happen again and status quo could not get protection that they deserve. we're not going to go back toward time when the entire economy was under a massive crisis. that is why reform matters in this bureau matters. >>catherine: tonight the debate on this continues and the president says that the progress being made. one lawmaker is making his own input that he can put nine trillion dollars over the next 10 years. he is proposing a combination of spending cuts and tax increases. and this was also issuaddressed they >> this debate about taxes proposing of eliminating one trillion dollars of wasteful tax spending. people who
6:28 pm
call this a tax increase in are defending earmarks' fort ethan all, stimulus package breaks, tax breaks for eskimo whaling captains and deductions for vacation homes. in a time when we are near bankruptcy. >>catherine: his plan would and special-interest tax breaks that the indicated. even he is it meaning that it will not get anywhere the president and republicans are still negotiating in trying to work a deal to cut spending and increase the debt ceiling. stay with us, more coming up. first let me look of this this is amazing this is that huge wall of dust in phoenix. a giant wall of dust ball into the air returning the sky brown. he was looking live it is creating dangerous driving conditions. delaying airline flights for obvious reasons.
6:29 pm
with lower visibility and they say that 3,000 ft. high. they're concerned about this on july 5th. they had another a dust storm knocking out a lot of power causing cancellations. this dust storm in the phoenix is causing some flight delays and a lot of really dangerous driving conditions. stay with us. with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. hey parents, it's going to be a see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude! if your kids want to sound cool, they have to look cool! so, here's what they'll need: denim, graphic tees, leggings and tunics, more denim, backpacks, headphones, hair gel,
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san francisco police chief speaks out about the officer ray herbalif--officer involved . >> kenneth harding has an extensive criminal history.
6:32 pm
he was in prison for promoting prostitution of a 13 year-old girl and it has served chilled time for a bus driver attack. a circuit-until time--and has served jail time for attacking a bus driver. reporting live, j.r. stone. haazig madyun this recent shooting killing two people and one person and wounded the bridge from police to not know the routes of the north of richmond and the central portions or th however--, when crack cocaine was introduced into the city. at sfo, the naacp had a protest of the u.s. airways ticket counter the are guilty of racial profiling when they remove a 20 year-old from a flight in
6:33 pm
june. they asked him to pull up his saggy pants when he refused to was taken off the planes in handcuffs. the naacp is requesting an apology. and requesting employes to take a sensitivity class. they say that he was being disruptive. charles crawford, kron 4 news. >> in san francisco bay are being warned to be extra careful with that extra spike and smart phones being the target. robbers are looking for people distracted on their cellphones. five just this weekend these robberies or have been all different times during the day in different parts of the city. in san francisco, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >>catherine: the budget battles having problems and challenges cutting 40
6:34 pm
percent of its staff closing 25 courtrooms. the superior court is millions in debt taking drastic steps to close that it that. maureen kelly spoospoke to a tran williams. >> she is wearing a ribbon of solidarity with the other 480 workers to keep the will of justice of turning at the san francisco superior court. 200 of them that the last day will be september 30th. the dream has been on this job 16 years and has six children. >> off by to not even realize how concerned are was going to be. >> a big chunk impacting the justice system. considering there is already a backlog of cases after
6:35 pm
these cuts it could take some civil cases as long as five years to get to the courtroom. >> that is the scary part of the uncertainty of how we're going to make this work and still provided excellent service to the public. >>reporter: maureen kelly, kron 4 news. (music) >> jacqueline: the big weather story is warm weather. aha the real woman will occur in the middle of the week. temperatures are already at 70 degrees in concord. by 4:00 p.m., concord in san jose could see even more 80s out there tomorrow. 82 novado with upper 60s in san francisco and richmond. low 80s for the delta. in an antioch 83 degrees livermore, 70's for the bay shore and warming up to the 80s out there in the south the with our warmest location at 87 degrees. that warming trend will continue to this week with lincecum
6:36 pm
other 9 is for the inland valleys! those fault on both of those days--with 90's on the inland valleys--with those warmest days on the inland valleys. >>catherine: 6 in. of rain fall and just a few hours in new orleans. cars and pedestrians struggling getting through their deep waters. it is expected to last a lonthrow today. frontier airlines fleet through denver airport cancelled. crews are working to repair the damage. frontier is picking up hotel charges were stranded passengers and united airlines was also
6:37 pm
impacted by the was hail storms. >>catherine: you are looking at a huge wall of dust in phoenix area. it is turning the skype barone and creating a lot of dangerous driving conditions. this is where according to a weather experts. it is about 3,000 ft. high and creating wind speeds of 30 m.p.h. this is a problem in the phoenix area. a lot of flights have been rerouted. from oakland. a programming note to tell you about kron 4 will of nbc programming at 8:00 p.m. and then the " america's got talent and then criminal intent and then a special edition tonight at 10:00 p.m.
6:38 pm
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>>catherine: off ivanka trump is a new mom mothe baby
6:41 pm
is named erabella this is the third french are a for donald trump. ja' rule is in tax violations holding the government $1 million. he is already behind bars on an unrelated incident. attempted criminal possession of a weapon. the two whit betty white was inviteo an inaugural ball for the military. >> the 93 year-old birthday
6:42 pm
today. they spent sang a happy birthday to " to nelson mandela. today is his 93rd birthday. >> a preview of the giants and a former teen usa kelly wagner the woman's world cup. --ali ..
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: how good evening everybody. what is left with rivalry was left in the san francisco because a scientist could hope to get to the table. the battered and bankrupt in the giants fans are now looking down at the dodgers not looking up.
6:46 pm
three of four from the padres. it giants are in very good shape. >> it is a rivalry. we are out to win every game. not concerned with who is in the visiting dugout. it is a question of putting a squeeze on us and we're trying to win every game. will have to prove ourselves in the next one-1.5 months >> gary: already, against this is a fun time as you are looking at brian wilson. again, this is a fun time. perhaps he is turning into the team spokesman. >> and 2009 where not able to meet the president but we still love the opportunity to look around. >> it is part of being the world champion to meet the president. it would be great to meet him. he made history when he made his presidency.
6:47 pm
if would be great to go out there and shake his hand it would be an honor for most guys. >> gary: the giants will be at the white house on monday. that will be some wheat the will play the best team in baseball in philadelphia. the giants have to get through the doctors in milwaukee, obamas, and the philadelphia. i love to watch u.s.a./japan the u.s. women's soccer. in fact it was the highest rated a soccer game, effort. japan had victory from a penalty kick. easily topping the men's viewing world cup match. the 1999 women's world cup finals for the women beat china. still the most watched simulcast ever. you could not take your eyes away. >> this is a new thing for us. in the past 12 hours it has been a little difficult
6:48 pm
but the outpour of support. it has put us all back and we should be proud of what we brought back. >> we are obviously devastated for not bring it home the cup that is what we wanted that is what worked so hard for. sometimes things do not happen in life as you plan and you have to live with it. that is okay. >> former world cup valley wagner alley--and wide to keep her husband in the lobby? why? and he says that my wife does not let me and when when i do interviews. >> i do not know what your talking about carry aloft >> gary: a couple of players [laughter]-- >> gary: rebel a renin july
6:49 pm
25th. chris run allows tand bob leading with 10 assists and lake tahoe aaron rogers and jerry rice and rice was on the dance floor first to was dancing with the stars and job sacik, he was not excited until somebody told them that hey, you just one $1 million! jack wagner was the winner. scary looking at
6:50 pm
this, he got separated from his bicycle in mid-air. 50 ft. before landing. what is more incredible. but he got back on his bike and finished the race in fifth place. the lucas oil motocross event chad agreed. when we return former a international soccer scarfli wagner, her thoughts on the u.s.a. is the feet against japan
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> gary: abby waumback, u.s.a. head of the 21 lead. and people were starting to ready u.s.a. have the 2-1 lead. the penalty kick and u.s. state missed three out
6:54 pm
of the four penalty kicks. japan beat the u.s. for the first time and 25 trice. the young lady that has a 25-a temperatures--japan beat the u.s.. 25 of temperature, in 25 >> this is it the exact same scenario about brazil. this game, this does not happen against the u.s. they came back from two different goals of downed they wanted it more. >> gary: the first half it was all u.s.a.. and you were thinking that it was eventually a breakthrough? >> that is something they do consistently to create opportunities. but by the end of the game we put more
6:55 pm
and. we do not have to go to overtime. and yes they blew that window of opportunity but they have to do better. >> gary: we argue about this one a somebody says that they choke. to me that is a little bit tough to stomach but not using that term choked do things got tight down the stretch? >> if japan was playing very well. the stock to their game plan the u.s. it just happened to be in a shoot out and in this tournament it worked against you. usually the pressure is on a goalie. >> what is more difficult? the olympics with a world
6:56 pm
cup? >> great question i think the olympic gold medal is something you dream of. that to me takes precedence. but in terms of soccer the world cup is, by far the greatest tournament on earth. >> they're played it 10 times and u.s.a. against japan how would many times with they play or victory? >> i was a six-four = u.s.. >> they were the better team on this date they have the best performance by far. japan had a something greater there were planning for the were not planning just for the world cup the reply for the country. >> gary: what their country was going to for this tsunami to think that as an athlete that kicked in? >> yes they're the most passionate. >> it was great to have you on. and you can see how good you are and next time we should see your husband. >> husbands know their
6:57 pm
place. and you are good. [laughter] >> thank you. see you later tonight. for
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
did "american idol" break up j. lo's marriage? and casey anthony's prison release on a private jet. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. >> did you hear that angry crowd shouting, killer, killer, as casey walked free? >> will she visit caylee's grave? >> the midnight getaway in hot pink. was her mom used as a decoy? the million-dollar payday. >> an offer to do an interview strapped to a lie detector. >> plus, the chilling photo of casey with a bullet hole through her head. then, j. lo on the move after the separation announcement. marc's weekend concert without his ring. >> i think marriage needs to be worked at every day. >> who will get custody of emme and max? plus -- will marc


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