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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  July 31, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello everybody and welcome to the kron 4 morning news
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we will have an update on the budget crisis. >> the national economy turned down some people may not be able to a bullet at filing chapter 71 other story coming up. >> we are all but helping you today i brought some of my desk on how to get organized. a great news
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cervicitis government to get all those little tasks done and we will actually help you how to communicate better. >> this is a live look outside the center of this marathon is taking place today it started it by 30 a.m. this rate is taking runners across the golden gate bridge and back there are 25 mi. and runners in this race. >> a quick check of the forecast >> good morning to you yesterday if you remember we
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are going to have the same type of weather today. still lots of 50 degree temperatures in the area it will get into the 80s in the valley. eyes today around the bay area mid '60s san francisco, south bay upper '70's. low to mid '80s in a fairfield and antioch and we will tell you what it's going to be like for the rest of the we coming out >> new details coming up on ron the berkeley grads the word and jailed for spying.
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they appeared in iranian courts today they have been held in around for two years. they were detained for illegally crossing the border. observers believe because of all holy month of ramadan they will be releasing the prisoners >> congressional leaders are close to a deal there in congress and the white house are very close to a deal it would be no tax increases. it would last through 2012 >> we're not gonna have job
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killing tactic issues the problem american people sent us to deal with we have been spending too much and we're close to be did in the look and it and supported >> they are saying this is an unprecedented debate. >> in our history no one has ever connected the budget or budget cuts in decreasing the budget ceiling. this time republican said were sorry for not doing. >> it's not just about the debt ceiling that is also
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the enormous amount of debt we have >> that was one of the leaders of the departing. and up the cooler heads will prevail. >> a federal judge has paved the way for vallejo to file bankruptcy >> vallejo has our power delayed bankrupt they cut the police force in half 47% and a reduction of reduction in the fire department >> our citizens will be very
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happy to agree here that >> i don't think elsie and the a mini it changes >> the councilwoman is telling residents they will not see much changes in a while they are taking small steps they're looking to hire three police officers and five of fire hot fighters. her job is to increase business. >> we're not going to appeal to new business until we have a city is financially healthy and clean and free as crime as we can make it >> the emergence from brought rosie relieve the
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city and it will be a tough road ahead. >> another lawsuit has been filed with the deadly amtrak train crash of. details are ahead >> the runners are going bacchant forth across the bridge and we will be watching them throughout the morning.
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>> the truck up ready is now calling a lawsuit with amtrak that top driver crashed through i crossing gate and killed six people and injured 20 others allegedly filed lawsuit against the trucking
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company. >> a tank leaked liquid is in fact dead 11,000 gal. leaked out of that tank and it was reported yesterday afternoon >> those that use transit will have to pay a little bit more starting tomorrow a >> live look outside at san jose no delays the airport is free reporting and our delay in arriving flights due to the weather will be right back
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many folks that are on their way back during the marathon. weather is a little bit overcast. this will check on the weather and the full forecast >> good sunday morning two this is a look at 10:00 a.m. temperatures in the 50 and '60s that is where we are to start in the afternoon and we will have pin temperatures in the '60s and '70s below '80s. the fog will clear all little bit more quickly to morro then it is today. warm spots will
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be in land on tuesday whe. we are gonna see a lot of cloudiness leading into the afternoon hours temperatures will be in all low to mid set 60s this is fog tracker at 10:00 a.m. fog will slowly clear today and an anchor around. the fog well really hang on at the beaches i temperature is
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this afternoon mild low to mid san ramon weather 83 degrees oakland-71 it is not warming up too much this afternoon a couple '80s popping this is look of your here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. bay big story this week there. summerlike weather we will see the fog in the morning hours look for mid-70s around a bend
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>> now we had an overseas an earthquake rattled japan no tsunami morning was issued its truck saturday evening off the go coast of japan. the paper that were injured or not seriously >> in east bay the costar ride the bus will rise by 105. if you and purchase the adult monthly pass it will not be affected they will continue to increase fares over the next three years
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>> sampras's scope sent thomas neal to the minor leagues. he made the comment after of the game last night he is not going to the white sox he is staying with the team. there was a deal to trade a pardon for a first a's player ari. it looks like cardinal will not be making any moves of.
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>> congressional leaders announcing the debt deal will very >> check in with henry >> we're gonna show you something very embarrassing it is my desk i am totally disorganized and we are going to show you how to get organized. all my god knows there's no roo
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we have done and that is gonna solve your problems and the is the object of an stuff that your life the
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book deals with every aspect of your life that you for joining just for starters basic principles >> the organizational triangle is " the foundation of organizing. >> just for starters a one showed books my desk i took a picture appeared it is bad arid most of the stuff on their is stuff that needs to get done so where you start with some delight and? >> would sorted by like a whip like items and put all of them together i we get
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all of your office supplies together your pens with post this scissors. i have a bad shot it with an action item and we think will in that basket goes with me. when they all live in the action a basket. >> what is the most part " people have problems with? >> the top what would be even telling her paper filing and close.
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you have a piece of clothing that is two sizes too big or ordered to small var. to get rid of it. also if it is not something you want to wear. >> and what about organizing? >> shirts with shirts socks with socks shoes with shoes blouses with blouses " darks
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with clarke's latest with lights you should be able to put your hands on anything in 30 seconds will. and >> how many rules on e- mail? >> cannot be a slave to your e-mail if you do not have time to answer it. >> that you for joining us.
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welcome back it is now 8:31 a.m. at 34 and annual san francisco marathon is underway aho among them his apollo all known he was here in our studio yesterday. >> let's find out more about the weather. >> good sunday morning to you mild temperatures on the white paper today if you remember yesterday today is going to be similar afternoon of mostly sunny skies as of dannay and we still have all lot of fifties and going into the afternoon low to mid '80s in some areas. highs today
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police mid-60's san francisco 71 oakland 79 san jose bps warm as places to mid '80s in fairfield and antioch will add your seven day forecast and a few minutes >> we have word congressional leaders that are close to deal with the debate showdown. congress and the white house are very close to it deal that his members will support it will be a three trillion dollar cut and will be in effect until the end of 2012
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>> the president spoke with the speaker as well and the majority of the house we have to come together couple we have made dramatic progress the administration wanted us to raise the debt ceiling. >> while the clock is ticking pressure is on democrats and republicans have to reach a compromise i as representatives from both sides of the issue why the budget is connected to the debt ceiling deadline >> in our history no one has ever connected budget to the debt sit stealing this time
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republicans said we art sorry we're not doing this >> the debt ceiling is a bigger problem and that is concerned about the enormous debt we have. >> it looks like they are playing politics with this they will meet us halfway this is a made up prices and everybody has something at stake in this pair >> choruses fabricated is not real that is not a threat that we will default on our data. leaders from both parties irks hoping for some kind of compromise >> we need to cut spending
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and cut our deficit and a balanced budget amendment or we will continue down the same path >> i know for now cooler heads will prevail it is time to be governing. pit >> world knows new details of von braun on to berkeley grads that have been charged with spying they will have the verdict within a week they appeared in arriving in court today. cohabiting gel for the past two years. observers believe the men may wear released because of lollipop month of ramadan.
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>> arraignment is scheduled tomorrow for listen to moyers she is suspected of roaring alistair back east locales and i other items from the marriott hotel during the night she has been ordered to stay of modern 50 yds away from a trip back was injured when he was chasing repair he was hosting a geography program and you see the crutches behind tampa he questioned the woman and all she ran and he tried to chase her and felt and heard his achilles' tendon he will have surgery on friday and will be in a cast for six weeks. >> amazing story of compassion in our run a woman that was blinded seven
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years ago and her attacker that was said to be punished >> if you're heading out about along the siddhi there are hundreds of thousands of spectators pour the marathon and a lot of it road closures throughout the city.
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we're back at 831 they were stolen from an army facility was taken july 15th from a warehouse from the fort irwin army post they are questioning some of the employees at the warehouse $10,000 reward is offered
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for any information on the theft. >> compassion out of a run she was disfigured and blinded seven years ago after a man threw acid at her for rejecting his advances today dead man was to have acid dropped into his eyes as punishment and they had a change of heart. the world was looking to see a halt they would react. >> in southern afghanistan 11 people were killed with a suicide bomber and officers were killed along with one child a dozen people were also injured. they recently took over security in the
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country in syria military raids across the country had 52 deaths there they stormed the city of pompom and killed a dozen people 1 per cent of described the scene as a massacre. >> we are taken live look outside of san miguel mild temperatures at will continue as we turn the page into august we will be right back
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we're back with kron 4 weekend news it is not all 8:46 a.m. and as we look out they are taking part of the san francisco marathon
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>> it looks like the clouds are lifting and it is a good day for running and this is look at the rest of the weather >> mild temperatures was again for today temperatures are in the '50s and '60s and into the afternoon they will be topping out at the '60s and '70s further inland in will be in all low to mid '80s the fog will clear all little bit more quickly tomorrow than it is today. we have a gradual modest trend. this coming week a typical sunday winter patterns wilsummer pattern. we'g
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to see lots of cloudiness even in to the new-line hours breaks of sunshine. wind is not too strong as they come off the ocean of fog is loaded clear today officially clearing it by midday. the fog will hang at the beaches high temperatures this afternoon san jose club the mid-80s 800 in almost the east bay valley 60s and 70 berkeley richmond parent 65 san
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francisco not too much this afternoon. fairfield 84 degrees during this is a look of your seven day forecast the big story here of verity summerlike weather. fog in the morning hours and that wall, but the temperatures in land just a bit wednesday thursday friday lows '70s mid-80s >> a string of cases in belmont the latest incident happened yesterday morning we have more on that story >> to burglaries' and early saturday morning while
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residents, and that has police concerned >> it could be with us secluded woodland area and fairly dark at night might play into it also the possibility the suspect might live in the neighborhood we are looking at all opsins >> a resident heard the garage door opening and the intruder had access to the remote control east oil out like from the garage and fled will one street over a homeowner would to the sound of their dog on parking many items were missing from their parked car in the driveway they took the wallet and a set of keys neighbors nearby are not surprised about burglaries during >> i think everyone has to
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be more cautious >> please receive calls on other incidents on nearby streets >> small items were taken like change all those vehicles were unlocked. >> the one common theme the suspect targets unlocked vehicles so they're reminding residents all to always remove valuables from the car and lock your car doors >> belmont police said they have a description of suspicious characters that which cave in the neighborhood >> coming ups there has an update on those berkeley graduates and we will have more on that story during
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>> body language is almost everything it says so much about how you are feeling about the person you are dealing with. what about your boss is the ignoring you what about the body language we will talk about that in just a moment. .
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body language of war rubble bosses she is a business
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expert and an expert in body language. just for starters how about this questios ? >> in the boss can ignore it by checking his e-mail checking his watch and totally ignoring you. >> when the boss would get bored he would pretend to swing at a golf ball. when people are not paying attention. i told her to stand up and move if he is not paying attention to our.
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>> what about the boss that gets into your space? >> they infringe on your territory unless you're invited in horrible bosses are clueless or on purpose will get too close to intimidate and little you what i had one woman do i would have her take that paperwork and swell for her body and make a barricade with it hot. >> what about the use of touch?
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>> touch can be wonderful it be complementary indecent to the and it also can be power and i have heard this from more than one person tosses that pat you on the head literally happens durin. >> i told one man to put a lot of hair gel on and that was a last-minute you say your door is always open come into my office and then when you go in you get a stony stare. all whole
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status of people noticed a boss would do this. >> what about bosses that are clueless? >> allows is intimidate on purpose in they do not realize the impact they are doing. her book is silent language of leaders she has allot of insights.
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>> welcome back for a second
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live our the a economists and wall street are all holding their breath with a decision deadline just two days away the republican leaders are saying the deal is what started out as a hike and ended with a two year prison term. we'll have more on this story coming ups >> if you take a dog out for a walk like you because you are stuck at work. we have the word for you it is called task wraps. >> we are watching the golden gate bridge this
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morning because of the marathon burien. they started 50 this morning more than i hundred thousand spectators have been cheering on 25,000 runners. >> great were running out whether but we need more sun copper >> good sunday morning deal mild temperatures on the way today if you remember yesterday today is going to be very similar to its when afternoon mostly sunny skies appear we still have a lot of fifties and sixties and going into the afternoon low to mid '80s toward fair for outfielfairfield and antioch ".h
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bay upper '70's. antioch of high of 87 degrees today will have more in just a few minutes >> new details this morning out of dhahran the berkeley graduates jailed on spying charges will be in court today they have been held for two years. they were detained for illegally crossing the border they accuse them of spying.
9:04 am
observers believe the men will be released because of all holy holiday ramadan. >> congressional leaders are close to a deal senate minority leader said they are very close to a framework for a deal it would cut three trillion dollars in spending and the debt ceiling will be raised enough to cover until the end of 2012. >> we are not on and have job killing we are glad deal with the problem that the american people sent us to do that the government is spending too much appeal. we are very close hopefully i can recommend to my members to support it
9:05 am
>> a compromise might be near on both sides of the table this is an unprecedented out debate. we ask why that budget is connected to the deficit >> it all the years we have never had connected this time republicans and sad story we're not >> the debt ceiling is only a sense of a bigger problem that we have >> allot believe it is a made up prices allot want to see that cut-and balance supported >> the only u.s. city are
9:06 am
currently in a crescent because a federal judge allowed vallejo to emerge from bankruptcy it means to the residence >> city officials have suffered the last three years after filing for bankruptcy in 2000 and eight they cut the police board almost by half and the fire department had a 42% reduction >> there is a statement and our citizens will be happy and relieved of that i'm sure >> they aren't expected to emerge from bankruptcy >> i do nothing else see any immediate changes ipa. >> it'll be awhile before all the core services are returned they're looking to
9:07 am
hire three more police officers and five or more firefighters. her job is to attract new businesses and generate so much needed tax dollars >> they're not going to contact new business until we are financially healthy and free of crime is we can make it >> emerging from bankruptcy says at they are not free and clear there is a lot of work and had. >> we will have more on the chemical spill at a waste water plant >> and this is a look of san for cisco
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a trucking company is firing revilifiling lawsuits agt amtrak. the truck driver crashed through at a guard gate killing six and injuring other people they are elected for training >> there was a tank truck that leaked disinfectant into a water treatment plant 11th-hour san gallons leaked out of the tank. >> the giants roster changing and we will have that korean and a full forecast trade ahead. it is
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this is look at mt. tam we waffle check the weather for the weekend coming right up >> mild temperatures for today temperatures are in the readings in the '60s to start out the day and going into the afternoon 60s around santa isabel warmer places in land low to mid '80s on monday the fog will clear quicker than it is today. we had a gradual modest increase in temperatures. a basic
9:16 am
summertime pattern for the coming weeks '80s and a few 90s in land lot of cloudiness into the afternoon hours beads temperatures into low to mid 60's. fog tracker at 10:00 a.m. slow to clear still some fog clearing out in san francisco around noon and the fog will hang onto the beaches not a lot of sunshine coming through there i. look for '80s much in t
9:17 am
bay valley edition berkeley enrichment upper 60s there in 76 redwood city and redwood cit. not much in the waf change the big story here will be out normal sundammer weather. >> a strong earthquake rocked japan no tsunami
9:18 am
warning was issued it happened yesterday evening off the coast of japan those people that were injured were not seriously injured >> a monthly passes will be increasing. if you purchase the all local adult monthly pass you will be saving money the fares will be increasing in the next three years >> the san francisco giant have sent brandon crawford to triple a fresno and exchange they traded alice
9:19 am
neel to the red sox he is expected to take over shortstop. >> oakland a's retardant said he is not going to another team he told a starter deal is going to stay with the team there was a deal for harden and a boston red sox player. >> there is up in washington this is live look at the senate floor a new plan this morning to raise the debt ceiling details straight ahead >> it occurs to me folks in
9:20 am
washington could use our next guest to solve their problem. we'll introduce you to someone that can take care of problems for you. all you have to do is call task and rapids
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in all start with dog food ladies and gentleman. they were wondering why isn't there someone that would bring as dog food that gave them the idea for this new business called to ask a rabbit. they will do things that we don't not have time to do
9:24 am
>> pass rapid is an on line way of going and doing of the tasks that need to be done for real a job lead posted in their area. >> i have used these people and it works like a charm. i was so glad i had somebody you go on-line talent the task there in >> our workers will get an alert and will make the match. >> you had not spent as much as you are putting up to bed.
9:25 am
>> we have to bid in our travel time and our guest time and we take into account what we are worth. i have done a lot of pressure shot and taking people to the doctors and plant a 70th birthday party for someone. i would do it again anarchy . >> you have a lot of people that have already judged them an average views on them
9:26 am
>>, our task rabbits go through a bidding process is an on-line interview. >> at deal but have to do unusual things? >> you do not put yourself in a situation that you do not feel comfortable with it could be something late night.
9:27 am
>> will debt prices are we talking about? >> it anywhere from 15 to $25 depending on the job
9:28 am
>> this is going to be outbid success and make your test the many they give for doing less >> will be talking to someone that will tell you how to address the masses and coming right up.
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it is 9:31 a.m. we're sterling to video of thousands crossing the golden gate bridge they completed a 26.1 mi. course 25,000 runners were out
9:31 am
there >> overcast skies are still the rule of thumb and we will find out the forecast for the rest of the day. >> good sunday morning deal mild temperatures on the way for today. we have the fog in the morning and mostly sunny skies starting at 10:00 a.m. will still have a lot of '50s and '60s. in other areas it it into the mid to low 80s '70s for the south bay. mid-60's san francisco 71 degrees oakland 79 san jose not too
9:32 am
hot in land high of 87 in antioch. >> there is word this morning congressional leaders in washington are close to deal on that debt limit spread shut down congress and the white house are very close that he would recommend to his members a contains three trillion dollars worth of spending cuts and let the debt ceiling be raised to the end of 2012 >> we had a good president talk to the speaker as well we have to come together the
9:33 am
administration was asking us to raise the debt ceiling. >> what o'clock this taking the pressure is on dead at bureaucrats and republicans need to compromise i as representatives from both parties why the bid is connected to the debt ceiling deadline >> in our history no one has ever connected to the budget or budget cuts to increase the budget ceiling 89 times it has been passed this time republican said thomas r. were not doing >> the debt ceiling is only part of the bigger problem we have a a tremendous amount of debt already.
9:34 am
>> still there is no deal >> they will not meet us halfway this is a made up crisis and and everybody has something at stake >> of course it's fabric it is not real we are not going to default on our debt. >> how this deal and both parties say what they hope will happen >> a cut spending and cut the deficit and like a balanced budget amendment we have to continue down the same pathway >> it for now cooler heads will prevail there is a time
9:35 am
for politics this is a time to govern. >> news coming out of toronto to yes berkeley grads they say the courts will announce the verdict sometime this week. they appeared in court today they have been in jail for two years they were accused of spying. observers believe they will be released because of coming up holy month of ramadan. >> a string of cases that we reported on last week belmont police said there were invasions' last week.
9:36 am
>> the two burglaries or saturday morning happen while the residents were home and that has police concerned >> it could be a secluded woodland area and very dark at night could a played into it also there is a possibility that someone that lives in the neighborhood there in >> our resident heard their garage door open and had discovered an intruder had accessed their garage opener from an unlocked car in their driveway. one street over and, under what to is dog barking the suspect entered the house through an unlocked " rewrote window taking a set of keys there in >> there are lot of families
9:37 am
and kids and i think everyone should be of little bit more cautious >> police received calls on other incidents on other nearby streets they are taking small change and small items like that. >> the one common theme that's suspect are caught lot of it also they're reminding residents to keep those stores locked >> they do have a description of suspicious characters one man that was possibly casing >> a story about a woman lost her sight that by adding acid thrown in her face >> a live look outside skies
9:38 am
are overcast this morning will have a forecast coming ups
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
in world news of the story of compassion this woman was disfigured and blinded seven years ago after a man threw acid on her for rejecting his advances he was to have assets dropped into his eyes as punishment they had a change of heart she is forgiving of her attacker because the world is looking to see how all ronde will respond this is the beginning of all holy month of ramadan. >> 11 people died today in southern afghanistan 10 officers were killed along with one child dozens of other people were injured that afghan military. the
9:42 am
taliban is taking responsibility for that attack. syrian tanks attacked the city and one survivor said it was a massacre. >> get ready to make your sunday plans your forecaster in ahead >> we will check back in with henry >> there are a lot of ways that are bad to start a speech we are going to tell you how you is the most important word in speaking. coming up on the kron 4 news.
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we're back at 9:46 a.m. she is suspected of robbing alex re-bath and his wife in the marriott hotel. she is being held on six centered in $25,000 bail. her back was injured trying to stop that woman these are pictures of him you conceive of bridges behind. picture back said he questioned the woman and alway and she started to run a rafter and ensured his achilles' tendon. >> the golden gate bridge
9:47 am
and elect senator bridge underwrite and the marathon is pretty much over. a check >> of the weather >> it's 10:00 a.m. temperatures in the '50s that readings in the '60s ended the afternoon readings topping out in the six days per monday the fog out well clearer all little quicker and tuesday faster. perhaps 90 degree temperatures in land on tuesday afternoon
9:48 am
fog in the morning sunshine in the afternoon temperatures in the '80s and possibly '90s not a bad day lot of cloudiness into the afternoon hours peering age temperatures into the mid to low 60s when that 25 m.p.h. off the ocean. fox loaded clear today officially declaring in san francisco in midday. the fog wall hanging around the beach areas high temperatures san jose lotus mid-80s upper 70's today '80s much of the east bay area 60s and 70
9:49 am
insure oakland high as 71 degrees not warming up too much for the north bay fairfield 84 degrees and this is the look of your seven day forecast not much in the way of change the big story of very summer like all weather all week when. for the rest of the week lows '70s around the bay mid '80s in land. >> most people including me
9:50 am
are terrified of speaking in front of human beings. fortunately we have with it a matter that will star of robot as we >> it is full of terrific advice and tells you how to >> in front a large groups of people. >> after working with 26 countries one of the questions i asked whether one rider are the things that make you dizzy engage people just talk too much too much information to much is being drowned in data due
9:51 am
often we see people on a telephone and we ask how is it relevant to me. too often we have a lot of colombia's and we have not organized it into a way to make listeners understand >> interesting enough at the your message most people start out space-bar out with the word i and that is wrong >> our favorite topic is ourselves when we begin to >> we always begin with i appear we'll see all whole bunch of people get they get there that have left their desk. we start out by saying high i am really glad to see
9:52 am
you. i message is a great if you are in their pay out when you are speaking to the listener it is all about them and we change the id you were ratio whether it's a team or your kids. you see all lot of uncertainty and where we could go next tonight we're gonna answer that question you are speaking something that the indirect audiences interested in. >> beyond contact and delivering it is the fear of speaking to people. >> the thing that speaks louder than are words much stronger than that way you dress is your state your
9:53 am
psychological, emotional condition that determines what the impact will bay they are overtaken by and become so buried they can't control alex actors do what all the time. the way you use your body your breath and facial muscles and control your is your focus. asked a different question with of yourself how you are
9:54 am
going to make a difference. >> the book is how you >> your mind >> >> still n and the forecast there >> how fabio is taking on a new job will learn all about when we come back.
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that is heartthrob of fabio he is doing the weather in portland oregon he did not
9:58 am
win the position of the old spice spokesman added says the next week.
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