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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 1, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>pam: kick stories tonight police in antioch are searching for this 16 year- old. that was allegedly kidnapped during a robbery where he worked. and a violence and that to east bay cities with a six people killed in different incidences' to east bay cities. what are the police doing in these two different east bay cities? >> and also congress reaching an agreement on the debt ceiling live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. and a amber alert is in effect. right now. a missing 16 year-old that was allegedly kidnapped from antioch. reggie kumar
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has the latest. reggie? >> pamela, else barbershop al is still here. we're hoping that the 16 year-old will be returned. he is allegedly being kidnapped. he was abducted according to police last seen this 1996 gmc yukon. this is not the actual vehicle this is what the vehicle looks like. at this point it looks like the owner says that the abductor demanded cash from the barbershop owner. he gave him the money and forced them face down on the ground. he did not want to show his face for fear. >> at that point that boy
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who was coming in to the store and he and encountered the assailant. he said to get in the car, start it up or i'm going to shoot al. >> and he forced himself? >> yes. pushing the gun to his chest. >> the 16 year-old has been spotted a few streets away. that has not been confirmed by police. and al is not quite sure if that is also the case. this gmc vehicle was seen last going west of 18th street. reporting live, reggie kumar. >>pam: sixth deaths in under 60 hours. richmond police interviewed by our
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reporters. continuing our team coverage as the police department rehire two dozen officers on the heels of deaths in that city. >> homicide today and three this weekend in oakland. you can see where they happened on this map. the latest incident is the 64th murder this year. compared to 60 this year at this time last year. they say that october is usually the busiest. for homicides. and how these offices are expected to have an effect. >> the officers that will be rehired will go to the streets and of those will be on a task force of a crime reduction teen. that was cut last year. 20 were rehired after they were cut from last year in july. they decided to come back. once
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everybody is up to speak they will be back as early as next week. a spokesperson says of these added resources make an impact. take a look these numbers with 50 different homicides. this year, 64. in oakland, >> in the iron triangle. 24 year-old antoine is on the left police said that 25 year old is on the right. there were shot in front of the apartment building before 3:00 a.m. maureen kelly spoke to richmond police and found out the reason behind the recent spike in violence. >> the fatality is still not known to but police say that this happened well known for violence. and this is known as the iron triangle district. highlighted in yellow. for over 20 years
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gang violence has been an issue. >> every couple of years we see a spike and young people are involved. they probably have no idea what is happening with this game violence anyway. it is even more disturbing because it is so inconsequential. with perceived to disrespect. people interacting on facebook. that tends to shuffle things and be a catalyst. >> they have formed a car taskforce with a contra costa county and the need help with the community. >> the mentors, the family members, the people of reach these people. so the message of non-violence can get through to them. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >>pam: this woman leaves b five for children .
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>> what did she do to you? leaving the four children behind. what did you take herbalife? why? there are two minutes-wide to take her life? >> why? >> and they will tell you what type of a young lady she was. she was a beautiful young lady that would give this will fall off of her brow. the sweat off of her brow. i am really in pain right now. that was my baby. and i hope that please, please this is killing our babies. and i loved her. >>pam: together, the richmond total number of homicides this year is 23. last year there were 21
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homicides for the entire year. >>jacqueline: a live look from our roof cam over san francisco. still, crystal clear skies but it is going to reformulate overnight. conditions were very nice mild conditions. through 60s in san francisco, half moon bay. for the first time in a long time in the inland valleys. 72 in oakland. has to go towards tomorrow the fog will reformulate. dense fog reformulating. it will push back along the coast by noon. by 4:00 p.m. a little bit warmer and taking a look at those temperatures and a little bit. >>pam: we are just getting started still ahead the federal debt. kron 4 is dispelling myths. the impact on the stock market from rob black.
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>> this evening new details about the attack on brian stow. more on that just had. >> with one voice quick thinking probably save a three-year-old but was under this of swimming pool apartment complex swimming pool. >> the new iphone 5 from apple beef launched. and facebook application for new parents thank
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>> off another deadly day at yosemite. while hiking in conditions that were less than ideal. the huge granite rock showing you have dome she had climbed this part of this rock. she was with
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three friends and there were coming down when she slipped and fell. 600 ft.. i have a picture of this area. these cables came to when and. they are here to help climbers. with would in footing. yosemite spokesperson says that rainy weather made that granite slippery. this is the 14th person to die this year. typically, five or six people have died so far this year. >>jacqueline: a look at our extended forecast. dense fog returns later this week your full forecast and temperatures coming up ikea catalog today. t your annual
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>>pam: just hours before the deadline. >> the bill is passed without objection. >> this emotional day with representatives gabrielle giffords cast her first vote since being shot and the head in a january. the final vote is due at noon tomorrow. what the debt ceiling means to you and to to the economy. grant lotus has team coverage. >> after months of bickering of the debt bill
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finally has by-partisan support. how about that? it was not expected. but he announced the deal last night and a another big surprise. it was a pleasant surprise. >> 169-161. the bill is passed without objection. >> with that, john boehner signaled a republican to convincingly pass the debt reduction. a u.s. can avoid a government shut down. >> how do you feel? >> i kill great. >> we all want to welcome back-i feel great-- >> and the only person i could over chateau that event was the return of gabrielle giffords. that
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could over-shadow-- >> her presence today is to make sure that we honor the obligations of our great country. symbolic. throughout america this is the name that stirs more love and admiration and respect and more wising for our daughters to be like her than anybody, gabrielle giffords! (cheers & applause) in a statement she said that i had to be here for that vote. she did not want to take a chance of her absence. the mall nobody is calling this a perfect compromise and the clock is still ticking. meanwhile-- and catherine heenan examine the legislation that is going before the senate. >> the text covers 75 pages
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cutting spending and raise the debt limit. the first portion cuts $970 billion over 10 years and the government's debt ceiling of immediately rises by 900 billion. removing the immediate threat of default. it also steps up a bipartisan committee recommending another 1.5 trillion by the end of this year. if they adopt those recommendations? the debt ceiling will go up by the same amount. if they do not adopt that? but they adopt a balanced budget amendment. that debt ceiling still goes up 1.5 trillion dollars. congress cannot agree on either one. a 1.5 trillion dollars spending cut. the debt ceiling would go up by that amount. here is the actual fault is the pentagon is going to get hit the hardest. if the trigger goes
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off? another 600 billion in cuts over the next 10 years. non-defense will come back to the eisenhower administration era from the 1950's. medicare and social security will not be touched. medicare payments will be reduced. catherine heenan, kron 4 news. >> the democrats are the biggest losers for not including tax increases budget cuts could cripple the struggling autonomy. coming up with those statements could not be correct. with our continuing coverage of the debt deal. >>jacqueline: it is been quite some time since we've seen something like this with the golden gate bridge. that fog is going to return overnight. the fog tracker is showing that for the bay shore it will reach the
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inland valley briefly. 7:00 a.m., towards livermore, concord and a scaling back towards the morning hours. hovering through the san mateo coast line and a recent list of of sunshine. that fog pushing off the bayshore. heading out tomorrow whites. 50s a quick warm up. by noon,-heading out to march- widespread-'50s. with more 80s by noon. 80s in fairfield and san jose. your neighborhood by neighborhood temperatures coming up in just a bit. >>pam: a seven-alarm fire in solano county scorches several acres struggling to contain this place. it broke out right after 4:00 p.m. north of fairfield and cordelia. homes are no
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longer threatened. 70 percent containment. the c h p " closed 80 and 600 new the cordelia exit because of that heavy smoke. >>pam: a big rig recovering from minor injuries after the truck was hit by the amtrak train near fairfield. 8:30 witnesses say the truck pulled on the track as the train approached. the truck was porsche on its side, to briefly, traffic delayed, and that truck was pushed off on its side by that train- >> and the bart increases. millbrae station, from $1, to $2. also the south san francisco station. in the
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san for no parking increase. ac transit are now more expensive. starting today the adult transit 31 days pass increased. $151.20. the youth fare increase by $5. and the local monthly pass you are not impacted. >> kimberlee: the iphone five warmer mill is churning. sugitzmoto is saying that the iphone 5 will be late september. they are denying any of vacation requests. the only time this is done is during and iphone release. with everything digital. this will actually
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>>pam: and world news the united states is calling for an aand in syria. it was the second day in the city in hamma version for going to
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per with 74 people dead over the last couple of days. president obama is calling this an outrageous. the u.n. security council is discussing this situation. egyptian security forces are going to force the massive brick up in cairo. these are images as hundreds of pro- democracy demonstrators left this area. they have been calling for an investigation into the authority who killed the protesters. most of this group left without incident. security forces were useusing force for people refusing to beef. >> the final hearing of these two men. these three were arrested in july 20th 09. the three were walking along the border and charged
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with spying. sarah shourd was released last year. >> coming up at 8:00 p.m. the new case with brian stow attacked outside of dodgers stadium. you will learn about the prime suspect in what prosecutors are linking him to four assaults on opening day. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
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>>pam: and amber alert for counties a 16 year-old boy was kidnapped from antioch just before 4:00 p.m. they suspect with a sawed-off shotgun. the suspect was a black male 25 years old 5 ft. 7, 18 0 lbs.. last seen driving a stolen gmc yukon. the motive is not clear. oakland is bringing back two dozen police officers. this as the police seized four homicides in three days.
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the 64th this year. as opposed to 50 homicides last year. resolution of the debt ceiling is down to the wire. progress with the house of representatives calling for two different phases of cuts with no increase in revenue. also a congressional committee deciding on the additional cuts with everything on the table including entitlement and the military. they are slated to vote on this on tuesday. if the senate goes with the house? social programs could suffer big cuts. kron 4 catherine heenan reports that some democrats are quietly cheering and republicans are not. >> this is the no. 1 that the big defeat for democrats. certainly they did not get any tax increases but the agreement does not say anything about preserving bush era tax is. they could possibly be
8:32 pm
allowed to expire. also a bipartisan committee would, but for their spending reduction measures. also they gave up a lot of ground on defense spending. the pentagon could lose one trillion dollars over the next one decade. that is something the democrats have not been able to do since the fall on the berlin wall. the second, that this would cripple the economic recovery the first round is only $22 billion in reductions. the second is a larger round of cuts of not include any reduction to the physical year 2012 budget. instead those would kick in during 2013 and last until 2020 to. the immediate impact on the economy will likely be small. the long- term impact will not be felt until after the 2012 election. that could be the
8:33 pm
best part of the deal as far as president obama is concerned. catherine heenan, kron 4 news. >> banff news sent itself >>pam: you can see the markets were impacted with soaring first and then a big drop. with this plan was not approved the bigger cuts could have even happened. rob black. >> an interesting day on wall street with the debt ceiling in place. we knew what was for to happen. their record to manufacturing data could point the finger at possibly another recession. this could be also tied to the deficit if we lose jobs?
8:34 pm
will lose tax revenues and then a difficult cycle. and as far as these cuts? it is a bit of a joke on wall street. however, when wall street is also going to a to do with less public funding. >>pam: this evening in new attacks on brian stow. court papers show prosecutors are linking up one suspect to four different assaults that took place at dodger stadium on opening day. j.r. stone has new information. >> this is we sanchez one of the suspects and saucuncovered-- that he was involved in four separate assaults on opening day. prosecutors believe that such as through a soft drink at a woman and then also to the young a giants fan after the game. to
8:35 pm
separate assaults and of the groups of he was with in the parking lot. showing that the first shot and then punched and he was walked often followed. 100 yds battery was punch, side of the head. some just sacame up from behind. and when brian stow was head hit the pavement that the impact was heard. also the semi- automatic pistol was found in the suspect's house all been linked to such as who allegedly could not be keeping these guns at sanchez'home brian stow is still lead the san francisco general hospital. family members say that it is been a very tough week.
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>>pam: these men are accused of raping this woman. 5:40 fairfax a woman was attacked while walking to her car. the victim was found on the sidewalk as the two suspects fled on foot. police for able to catch the men and were booked in the marin county jail being held on $100,000 bond. this man is being held that the san francisco general attempted rape early sunday morning. the driver, had already needed a ride and she had accepted but he pulled over the car and attended a sexual assault. he was rested on suspicion of
8:37 pm
assault with intent to commit rape. >> thuhis keliee apartments. the heroic actions of a fourth grader. jeff bush has his story on a report you will only see on kron 4. >> this a year old was at the pool one this drama unfolded. >> the little girl was on a piggyback ride from the man. and the grandfather went under water. >> perhaps a medical episode with the old man and lost consciousness there were under water for several minutes. >> and people said that that girl was not moving! after that a woman pushed the man
8:38 pm
and the craft of the girl. >> san jose firefighters were called and the girls started breathing after she was pulled out of water. >> i jumped. i saw them. i did always want to help people. >> i am very, very proud of him. and i wanted to let them know what a wonderful thing he did and what an amazing boy and amazing man he is to have that strength to die in to the deep end of the pull and push the girl to the edge of the pull it was just amazing. >> i had to. i told my brothers and sisters i had to. >> the grandfather is still on hospital the little girl is still going to be okay. >> clear skies but the fog is going to returning overnight. patchy, dense fog. temperatures in the 50s to start. warming up nicely.
8:39 pm
warming with temperatures into the 80s in a number of spots. in the south bay, 80s in santa clara. 90's in morgan hill. 80s in los gatos. 75 degrees inland valleys with the 80s and 90s. 90 in antioch, pleasanton. 86 in walnut creek. 70's for the most part for the east bay shores. 69 in alameda, fremont and 66 in san francisco. 73 in palo alto temperatures in the 60s on the coast. that fog could be an issue for the late morning early afternoon. and towards the north bay your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. >> coming up the parking cabot's of drivers preventing people parting heavens--of some drivers preventing emergency vehicles from doing their job.
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>> this moving van is 10 ft. from the curb. the most important part is that week for eight it is right in front of station 8 in san francisco. >> and how and how all those fire truck is trying to kid into the station and cannot. if with trying to leave? if could not. this needs to move so that it needs to get in to that fire station and
8:43 pm
another example the driver parked in front of station 8 in the red zone. remember it is important not to park in any fire station because in an emergency? stations count seconds count. -- seconds count. the $65 fine if you are parked in an area. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m sports are up next with the diamondbacks. the as pedal the mariners. gary has highlights.
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>> a good evening everybody. the ballpark at a san francisco. carlos say hello for the first time. the giants of on a good fog kourocody ross leading off tonight. and an arizona they are pretty good. the diamondbacks. two-one = arizona. people talking at
8:47 pm
the ballpark now, 5-1. >>pam: let us hope there will do a little bit better. >> gary: a difficult start in seattle for the mariners. diego. right now they are in the middle of that game. 5- 0. seattle is trying to make a move and that is how they stand at this hour. we all enjoyed visiting with the hour. >> hey gary. will zito ever start again? >> i do not think so. if somebody is going to get injured but a very difficult one yesterday and even rumbling get the ball park. the giants it is
8:48 pm
difficult to believe that $55 million. you cannot send this guy down of the minor leagues or kick them on the disabled list. and i really don't think you are going to see barry zito start again. it is not of the realm of possibility. we will see how that unfolds. >> no. 2. >> hey gary. can rivera really make this better? >> they are both good players. and when you bring and new people then you have people that have got you in first place if. people are going to get shorted. the clubhouse chemistry. maybe not everybody thought that if they were going to get into the game feel good. if somebody is going to take to
8:49 pm
get back. if the are going to make him better? maybe but i would not bet on it. >> hague. what do think about the moves on the giants. >> i would say that i would say, pam. --hey gary. if they are doing well and then they brought and will tran and da lin and why it looks great but to get some of the other reporters that to not get thimany of report stories. >> and people that would say that i would have two an chors and most people would say that i can do nojust say yes to my boss. >> and i am grateful that
8:50 pm
you stood up for yourself. and said that i can do this myself. >> many people thought this was over for this driver. in fact, one a year after this serious injury he won . he is coming back later and asking about his given name givenwill power. >> i was named after my great grandfather, william. >> did you even surprise yourself? >> i was, actually. six months later. the doctors are also surprised how fast that bone healed. i guess i attribute that being in good shape. >> when you are going hundreds of miles per hour.
8:51 pm
i asked them and are you ever scared? you fractured two vertebrae. >> it makes you think. ahead and where i had to that on the track i always think of that, mentally. i got back into the car in the kind of got over that. you just have to get on with it and expect that this sport is really dangerous. >> men and you thought that was this it dangerous? >> when i was lying there a was thinking when will i get my career? >> our staff is working overtime. they say that you look like barry manilow. >> i have not had any work [laughter] >> has verbarry manilow? [laughter] >> and the 49ers training
8:52 pm
camp has held out. normally, having a contract and show up. with the money being thrown around here is been a good player coming off of a serious head injury. more than likely he should get more dollars coming from that hip injury. we will see if they impose that $90,000 fine. >> we will see you 11 and we will be back. sis, help me create my oasis. ok, romantic garden? oh, is there a castle nearby? no, but there's a charming farmhouse. right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. get your annual ikea catalog today.
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>>pam: august 1st is nine months since the giants won the world series. we are awaiting the birth of the baby. we have an update. >> for the past nine months at 900 and expecting parents have entered a contest to see whose newborn will be the bp sh borne closest to 754. wilt wind. everybody who enter the contest at to submit his birth certificate to comcast by august 15th. they will figure out who the winner is. a baby shower. hand great prizes. even if the
8:56 pm
winner gets a brick a gift certificate and a signed declaration that you are the giants beat the. there is one in the running. buster posy and his wife are expecting twins in august but apparently not until later. when we learn who the winner is we will let you know. in san francisco, charles crawford, kron 4 news. >>pam: jacqueline? >>jacqueline: and a little bit warmer. with a nice clearing and a nice surprise to temperatures warming up. white as the court dense. it will return thursday and friday. temperatures will cool down a little bit as a result. with the 70's for the bayshore that continuing pattern stay with us. >>pam: thank you for staying
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with us will see you tonight at 11:00 p.m. for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent. but anyone can help a foster child.
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