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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. tonight police are asking for the public's help to find a 16-year-old boy kidnapped during a robbery. kron 4's reggie kumar is live at the police department where authorities just released new information in the case. >> reporter: police just released this picture of hasaan ford. you can see him right here. he was running an errand and the owner says he had no idea what was about to happen to him. >> reporter: investigators say the abducted walked in to al's barber shop armed and demandded the owner give him on l the
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money in the shop. hasaan ford walked into the shop. he describes what happened next. >> he told him get in the car, start it up. if you do anything wrong i am going to shoot. he pulled a gun and put it to his face, chest and hasaan ford was scared. >> reporter: the suspect forced him to drive his car, similar to this one. 4way944 license plate. those who know him thought he dropped him off. >> why did i see him walking down the street. i said down the street, where he said on "c" street. i left here, jumped in the car and tried to find him. i was told he was walking right here. and we jumped in the car and he is not to be found.
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>> reporter: police haven't received any information that supports that claim. they don't know if the suspect and hasaan ford know each other. >> when he was forced, he was wearing a cincinnati reds hat and red jacket and blue jeans. here is a description of the suspect. he is a black male, 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 110 pounds. he was last seen wearing a red jacket and a red cincinnati reds baseball hat. again that license plate number of the suv, 4way944. live in antioch, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. homicide today and three others over the weekend in oakland. you can see where they happened here on this map. the latest incident marks the 64 murder this year. that is compared to 50 last year. police say august and september
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are the busiest months for crime and just in time the department just retired two dozen police officers. how those officers are expected to have an impact. >> reporter: some of the officers will be patrolling the streets and others will rointroduce the crime reduction team. on monday 24 officers were rehired orphthey were laid off last -- after they were laid off last year. once everyone is up to speed, they will be out on the streets next week. a spokesperson says these resources make an impact. look at these numbers. last year at this time there was 50 homicides. this year 64. in oakland, kron 4 news. tonight we have new details in the attack on san francisco giants' fan bryan stow. prosecutors are linking one of
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the suspects to four other assaults that took place on opening day. kron 4's jr stone has the new information. >> this is louie sanchez. one of two suspects behind bars in connection with the attack on san francisco giants' fan bryan stow. court documents allege he was involved in four assaults on opening day at dodger stadium. they believe he threw a soda at a woman inside the stadium and then assaulted a group after the game and two separate assaults on brin stow. -- bryan stow. the group walked off and was followed. later, court papers say he was punched in the head by louie sanchez. court papers say when his head hit the ground witnesses heard his head impact the concrete. louie sanchez kicked bryan stow
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several times in the head. the documents show these pictures. a rifle, a pistol shot gone and a pistol. guns all found in the second suspects house who belong to louie sanchez. the arraignment has been delayed for another week as they sit in a jail cell bryan stow is still in the hospital. it has been a very tough week says family members. jr stone, kron 4 news. in news around the bay, the woman charnelled with breaking in to the room of alex trebek entered a not guilty plea today. lucinda moyers faces felony charges. police say she stole items from alex trebek hotel room. he says he chased her out of his room.
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a 7 alarm fire scorched 60 acres. this was the scene earlier today. firefighters struggled to contain the flames. thatbroke out after 4:00 this afternoon in cordelia. heavy smoke forced closures of 680 and 80. fourth grader saved the life of a young girl. the near drowning happened in san jose. a three-year-old girl wasing a ride from her grandfather when they went below water. a boy sprung into action, tracking the girl to safety. it appears the grandfather had a medical condition. he is in critcussion condition today -- critical condition tonight. the fog cleared off it coast line and temperatures warmer. 66 half moon -- bayh.
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75 san jose75 san jose. -- 75 in san jose. tomorrow at a glance. we will see fog for the bay shores. fog back to the coast by noon. 4:00, warmer, i will have details in a bit. >> resolution of the debt ceiling crisis is down to the wire. coming up, what is next as congress races towards the deadline.
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. national news, after 40 years there might be a new lead in the famous cooper case. he is a suspect in a hijacking of a passenger jet over washington state. he made a parachute escape with $200,000. now the fbi says it has what it call as promising lead. the tip led to the testing of
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something that belonged to him that he left behind. the body of a girl who disappeared has now been found. her body was in a river. divers found the body near the dam. she was last seen alive on july 25. her death is considered suspicious. the coast guard released this video showing the interception of a drug ship. agents found $180 million worth of cocaine on board. the coast guard managed to detain the crew. the dive team were able to salvage the drugs as evidence. this happened a few weeks ago. we will be back, there is more news after the break. turn left. you have arrived. sweet belt.
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. you are looking at a live picture of the capitol building after months of biggerring the debt ceiling bill got support in the house of representatives today. the house vote was expected after president obama announced the deal last night. and as kron 4's grant lodes reports, there was a big surprise today on capitol hill. >> the bill passed without objection. >> reporter: with that speaker of the house john boehner installed the house convince -- signaled the house vonsed the bill. the u.s. avoids a government defaults that would have crippled the economy. >> process worked. >> we all want to welcome back congresswoman gabrielle
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giffords. >> reporter: the only voter that over shadowed the vote, the return of gabrielle giffords. she voted for the first time since she survived that january assassination attempt in arizona. >> we honor the obligations of our country is important. throughout america there isn't a name that stirs more love, more admiration, more respect, more wishing for our daughters to be like her than the name of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. thank you. >> reporter: i am grant lodes, kron 4 news. no one is calling this a perfect compromise deal on the debt. the clock is still ticking but the bill survived a big hurdle. kron 4's kathleen heenan has more.
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>> reporter: it would cut spending and raise the debt limit in two phases. the first part reduces 917 billgen dollars. the government debt ceiling raises by 900 billion. removing the immediate threat of default. in addition the bill sets up a committee to recommend another trillion dollars in cuts by end of the year. if they adopt the recommendations the debt ceiling goes up by the same amount. if they don't, but does dopt a balanced budget ma'am to the constitution the debt ceiling still goes up $1.5 trillion. if congress can't agree that will trigger a $1.2 trillion spending cut and the debt ceiling would go up by that amount. the pentagon is getting hit the
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hardest. $350billion in immediate cuts and another 600 billion in cuts over 10 i don'ts. nondefense spending will be rolled back to the levels during the eisenhower administration. medicare, medicaid and social security will not be touched. but made care payments to providers will be reduced. kron 4 news. another deadly day at yosemite national park. the latest victim is hailey laflamme. officials say she was climbing half dome on sunday with friends and clicheed in the rain. falling 600 feet to her death. it is the 14th fatality at the park this year. after a clear afternoon the fog returns tonight into tomorrow morning. coast and bay fog.
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temperatures mild, upper 50s. by noon the fog scales back to the coast line. 4clerk, temperatures warm up, back into theithy in the south bay. fog tracker tomorrow morning, fog spilling in to the bay shores. 7:00 down the east bay shore, down the peninsula, north bay and inland valleys briefly. by 11:00, over san francisco, down the coast line. few sun breaks tomorrow. fog off the coast again tomorrow afternoon. temperatures warmer out there tomorrow. meiny in the 80s in the south bay. 90 in morgan hill. 87 los gatos. in the 80s for inland valleys. 90 in antioch and pleasanton. 86 concord. 87 livermore. east bay 70s.
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couple 60s. 69 in alameda. 79 in fremont. 60s for the peninsula. 60s along the coast line. if fog sits through the early afternoon. few sun breaks in the afternoon and 70s for the north bay. 80 napa. 75 in mill valley. seven day around the bay forecast, warmer weather the next couple of days. thursday and friday the fog returns and so will the cooler temperatures. coming up in sports, good news for 49er fans concerning star running back frank gore, more on that and the giants start well, but could they finish well? gary is next with that answer and all the sports. it's really delicious, mom.
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carlos beltran, biggest blow as a giant. there it is. 4-6-3 double play. he had a triple and a single but did not deliver tonight. best game as a giant, giants lose 4-2. lincecum on the mound tomorrow. nothing for the a's in seattle. bob, scoreless and ichiro makes a nice play in right field. both these teams have been out of it for two months and saltantance dropped off 25%. that beautiful pall -- ballpark. ryan sweeney goes to the wall. mariners win 8-4. so this is a battle to see who stays out of the cellar. 49ers lose manny and he signs
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with the bengals. and frank gore, the doors were open and he showed up. after missing the first four days, he has been fined $90,000. gore has a salary of $2.9 million, sounds like great money but running backs, you play a few years and limp the rest of your life. gore has a bad hip, he is trying to come back and the 49ers will deal in good faith. one of the all time greats is retiring. randy moss. 13 years in the league. man, he can make plays when he felt like it. came out one year for w the raiders, stole money and left. he just -- again, they looked at potential teams, and nobody was there. at this point in time it's hard to believe that randy moss will
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go sell cars. indeed, he is going to to probably, probably wait a little bit. sharks are spending money. one of those deals, always nice to know that brett is well compensated. signing fan for the sharks, five years. jackie, good signing? >> seems like the sharks are like switching rosters. >> yeah. 7 seasons with the minnesota wild. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> been a while since we talked hockey. brett burns is rich. is he good or not? >> i haven't followed the wild closely so i couldn't tell you about him. >> nice to be talking hockey again. >> already. this summer. >> looks good. all right. have a good night, everybody.
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we will see you tomorrow.
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